At Vandom's Animal Kingdom, Animal was testing out some new dog treats, to see if it's not poisonous. A bunch of puppies ate some and liked it. Alexa sensed that they were non-poisonous. Peggy, Rayne, Isadora, Mahi, Addison and Donna were petsitting some puppies when an elderly lady with gym clothes comes in, "This is our gym teacher, Coach Cristina Coppola." explained Peggy, "She must be here to get some dog treats for her doggy and to pick her up."

"Where has she been" Donna asked.

"She was out visiting her friends in Tulsa." Addison explained, "She hasn't seen them in 10 years and thought it was about time she catches up with them."

"That's a relief" Isadora said, "Because if you don't catch up with your closest friends they start losing contact. I always catch up with my old friends from Guatemala through Splashface and writing letters. We need to write letters and cards, otherwise they'll start becoming nothing but a memory."

"Easy Isa" Peggy said, "You know you get carried away when you talk."

Isadora nodded her head, then she did a little morse code to control herself.

I can not wait to here what Coach Coppola has been up to.

Addison did morse code back

I'm sure you will.

"Coach" shouted Rayne, "This is our friend, Donna. She's helping us pet-sit."

"Will is paying me $80 dollars." Donna said, "Because I need to get some new sewing needles."

"I'm Cristina Coppola," greeted Coach Coppola "But everyone calls me"Horseygal"

"Horseygal?" asked Donna.

"It was an affectionate nickname her older sisters gave her as a teenager." Rayne answered, "She had a rough life when she was a child. Grew up in a low income neighborhood."

"Really" asked Donna, "That's sound tough."

"Uh huh" Coach Coppola replied, "While Fizzy Can and Darelle worked at a gas station," said Coach Copolla, "I had to do a paper route."

"Coach" Will said, "I think your getting ahead of yourself, why don't you start from the beginning."

"You mean back 60 years ago back in 1972?" Coach Coppola asked, "I may be old, but I still got it."

Note: Horseygal's first name is after Ponyboys's actor C. Thomas Howell and surname is after movie director, Francis Ford Coppola.