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Wally breathed in slowly. He let out the breath just as slowly. Everything was going great. It was alright. Wally just needed to calm down.

It wasn't like he was getting cold feet or anything. Wally was absolutely certain that he was incapable of getting cold feet for something like this. It was just that… this was big. This was big and important and Wally was so, so, so scared of screwing it up like he screwed up so many new, big things in his life.

Wally shook his head and clenched his jaw. No, he was being ridiculous. He was doing this with someone else this time. Dick wouldn't let him screw this up. He was too perfect for that. Wally slapped at both of his cheeks and looked at himself in the mirror. He'd gotten a fresh haircut for this. They'd waited until the stupid dye had grown all the way out (Wally had dyed the edges red because he couldn't stand to look at that caramel color the Light had dyed it) and then he'd gotten the undercut he'd been favoring for years. The sight of the familiar haircut calmed him somewhat. The small, classy lightning bolts in his lobes calmed him even more. Everything was going great. Wally had this.

Cameron burst into the room, Tara trailing hesitantly behind him, "Wally, why are you being so slow? Come on, come on, come on."

"I've got plenty of time," Wally grumbled. He pulled Tara into a hug and smiled at her, "You look lovely." She did, too.

Wally and Dick had chosen a lovely red for their main wedding color. The red was in the roses and ties on each of the groomsmen and bridesmen (Wally and Dick hadn't been able to commit to one gender each. Wally had proudly taken the side of 'bride' though) and it was the color of the dresses for each of the groomswomen and bridesmaids. Tara was wearing a rose red empire dress that draped over her flawlessly. She'd kept her hair short and simply accented it with a crown of roses.

Tara grinned at him, "Of course. I am incapable of looking anything other than lovely."

Wally rolled his eyes. Cameron snorted, "Normally, I'd argue with you, but we're in your country at the moment and I don't want to be kicked out." The two glared at each other. Wally rolled his eyes again. Cameron ended up being Wally's man of honor and Tara had been quite offended. She'd brought up, more than once, that since Gregor had allowed (pushed, cajoled, and practically ordered more like) Dick and Wally to have a destination wedding in Markovia, at the royal palace no less, she should be the maid of honor. Wally had pointed out patiently that he'd known Cameron for almost six years longer than he'd known her. Every time, she pouted but acquiesced. Wally thought it was adorable.

Tara turned back to Wally, "Do you remember what you're supposed to do at the end of the ceremony?"

"Yes, Tara," Wally grinned, "I remember." He'd been knighted fairly soon after his recovery. Tara, Brion, and Gregor had talked amongst themselves while Wally was out and had decided that his actions to save Tara were worthy of being knighted. It had been more than somewhat embarrassing, but Wally hadn't been able to resist feeling somewhat smug as well. He was a knight! Take that! As a kid, Wally would have killed to be in the place he was now. Still, though, being a knight meant that he was going to have to go through some weird acceptance ceremony at the end of the wedding where King Gregor, Crown Prince Brion, and Princess Tara questioned the loyalty of Wally and Dick to each other and to Markovia. Only then would Wally be legally considered married. Apparently. He thought it was a sweet idea, even if he mocked Tara for bringing it up so often. She was more of a bridezilla than Wally was, and she wasn't even the bride. Wally couldn't even imagine what her wedding was going to be like if she ever decided to get married.

"Good," Tara said primly. She glanced over at the clock, "Cameron was right – about this one single thing, - you are going to be late if you don't get going."

Wally sighed, "Alright, alright. I'm going. Jeez, excuse me for trying to look nice on my wedding day."

"Aw," Hartley cooed when Wally made it out of his changing room, "You always look nice, Wally. Even when you look awful. Which is always."

Wally rolled his eyes, "You are the absolute worst at insults, especially when you're feeling sappy."

"Can you blame him?" Jade asked archly, "You're the first of that sorry bunch of supervillains to get married and he's a hopeless romantic." Jade, Tara, and Lian made up Wally's bridesmaids. His bridesmen were Cameron, Hartley, and James. Tragically, Dick had stolen Will before Wally had gotten the chance. He'd wanted the whole Harper family set. Jade had punched him when he'd made the mistake of saying that in front of her.

"No," Wally sighed, "I'm sappy too. It's my wedding day! C'mon, be happy for me! Remove that lemon-sucking face!"

"I will stab you," Jade hissed. James snickered.

Tara laughed, "That's her way of being happy for you."

"You don't even know," Wally grumbled, "You should have seen when she was my primary trainer. I could only tell she was happy with my progress if she punched me and said, 'go grab more food' when we were in the dining hall."

Cameron snorted, "At least you got that much. I spent most of that time convinced she was going to kill me and burn the body." Jade rolled her eyes but picked Lian up and started walking with the rest of them anyways.

Wally leaned up against the wall as his bridespeople stood on their side of the line, waiting to go up to the altar to take their places. He smiled when he saw them pair of with Dick's groomspeople. Cameron stood at the front with Will sighing next to him. Jade and Kaldur were next (Wally was impressed that Kaldur managed to keep that straight of a face when Jade was glaring at him like that – both Jade and Will had wanted to be paired with each other). Lian was holding hands with Artemis, grinning up at her aunt with such excitement. Hartley came after that, sharing a long-suffering look with Conner. It was almost adorable. James had paired up with a slightly reluctant M'gann. They both knew each other and were something like friends, but sometimes James' enthusiasm could get to be a bit much for even M'gann. Then there was Tara, smiling shyly over at Jason. Wally was glad that the two of them got along. Jason was a shockingly good hand with kids.

Wally didn't realize he'd been staring so intently until Len clapped a hand on his shoulder, "You look like a creeper."

Sighing, Wally turned to face Len, "Why is everyone being mean to me? It's my wedding day. That means you're supposed to be nice."

"Who said that?" Len asked, mocking surprise, "As far as I'm concerned, you're shackling yourself to someone who's contractually obligated to be nice to you. You don't need us being nice right now." Wally rolled his eyes. In a rare show of emotions, Len tugged Wally in for a hug and whispered, "I'm proud of you. And I'm happy that you're happy. I hope this is the best day of your life up until now. I hope you keep having even better days."

"Len," Wally pouted, "You're going to make me cry and ruin my impeccable face."

"Impeccable face?" Len grimaced, pulling back out of the hug, "What impeccable face?"

"That's just rude," Wally sighed, resigned to his fate at that point.

He perked up when the bridespeople and groomspeople started walking into the room, slow, measured, practiced steps. There was something so beautiful about not only the intricacies of the steps, but also the formation they were in. Heroes were walking side by side with villains who were walking side by side with anti-heroes (who were walking side by side with the one civilian in the mix, of course). Wally smiled softly at the sight.

"Are you ready?" Len asked quietly. Wally glanced up, eyes wide. He hadn't even realized that the procession had made it all the way into the room already. Suddenly, he felt his nerves come back. What if he wasn't the absolute best person for Dick? What if something went wrong? What if someone attacked the wedding venue? Yeah, Wally had heard about enough superhero (and supervillain, though on a lesser scale) weddings being crashed that it was a valid concern. Len grinned at him, "Don't worry about it, kid. You're a Rogue. That means you're going to do great."

"Thanks, Len," Wally said. Len nodded back and then pushed open the door.

There was a quiet roar in the room. People whispered to each other and laughed and shifted and smiled so brightly Wally could hear it. It was a truly quiet roar, quiet enough that he could hear the bridal chorus echoing over the room. Wally took a second – a space of a second – to just take in the sight. Everyone there was happy. There was no crisis hanging over their heads. Half the superhero population and a large chunk of the supervillain population had come all the way out to Markovia for the wedding. Wally thought to himself that this must have been a nightmare for King Gregor and Bruce to arrange.

The wedding was being broadcasted because Dick was, in fact, a celebrity and any wedding taking place in the royal palace itself was cause for a commotion. Wally smirked at the thought of the headlines that had raged across both countries at the announcement. America's headlines had been something to the effect of 'Dick Grayson, Ward of Bruce Wayne, Announces Marriage to Unknown Man with Markovian Ties.' Markovia's headlines had been something like 'Beloved Knight, Sir Wally West, Marries American Cop.' Dick and Wally had both found the titles amusing.

But, because it was being recorded, Wally knew that Bruce had had to arrange for explanations as to why all the people in the crowd would know Dick and/or Wally. It hadn't been too hard for the superhero community because a lot of them took care of that as soon as civilian identities were introduced. It was easier to explain connections with Wally because no one knew anything about him, but it was harder to explain away the known criminals in the crowd. Wally was pretty sure that Bruce was just hoping that the camera wouldn't find any faces.

Wally relaxed his grip on time, allowing it to fall back into something normal. He was a speedster, yes, and proud of it. But for now? For this moment, he was going to take it in like a normal human, like his soon-to-be-husband would.

From across the aisle, Wally made eye contact with the love of his life. He couldn't help the probably ridiculous smile that overtook his face at the sight. Dick looked gorgeous in his sleek black tuxedo, a fantastic offset to Wally's pure white one. Wally barely noticed the passage of his steps before he stopped before Dick, breathless with anticipation, with love. He did notice, however, when Len squeezed his hand for a moment before carefully, slowly handing it over to Dick.

Wally didn't know if Len was supposed to say something there, if he was supposed to give some verbal signal that he'd passed off responsibility of Wally to Dick. He didn't need to, though. Len had always been a man of few words. Wally felt the action as much as he saw it.

Wally couldn't help the way his eyes threaded over with tears. They just brimmed at his lashes for a moment before dissipating but they were still beautiful. Wally was just – just so happy. And sure, being handed off to his fiancé was an emotional moment. It was the closing of one chapter of his life.

But that was the good thing about a book. He could go back and reread it as often as he wanted. His family was still there. His friends were still there. He was just moving forward, creating a deeper bond with the man he loved.

As Wally listened to the ceremony, he felt his heart swell. They deserved this. They had earned it. Life was going to be perfect now. They were happy and together and they had finally, finally, gone to tie the knot.

As the rest of his life began, Wally smiled as wide as he possibly could and said, "I do."

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