James goes out for a drink after a hard day at the court case.

Once he enters the dog the first word he says is "Oh I deftinely deserve a fuck after this hard day work"

Ste: James don't you want to spend your money somewhere that's oh more your style

James: This is my style I'm drinking their famous wine

He starts laughing as he exits

These couple of thugs come in here and start to make fun of Ste.

James was luckily feeling generous and helped Ste.

James: Don't you to have somewhere better to be.

Thugs: What you going to about it

James: It's just that your actually ignoring the laws of which you are doing to this poor man. So I suggest you run along.

Thugs: Oh really

The police start to walk in

And the thugs start to run away

Ste: Thank you for helping

James: Just don't worry about it, think of it as a way your going to pay me back

Ste: Right then let's go

After Ste goes back to James house so they can have the wine.

As soon as they walk in Romeo is prouding away in his boxers around the house. Ste can't help it but whistle.

As Romeo walks away

James: I'll get the glasses