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Chapter 62


'I'll show them Princess,' She thought, her eye twitching occasionally. Not only because of the annoying Satou and his equally irritating friend, but also because her opponent was proving to be more tricky than she had initially thought. He moved fast enough to avoid her attacks, even when she tried some of her larger techniques, evidenced by the now cooling pools of lava around them.

However, she had prepared for opponents specifically like this.

Sending another rain of molten rock towards the white-haired man, Kurotsuchi turned to regard her 'ally' and her other opponent's fight. The boy fought much like the Satou, but there were clear differences even when they used similar techniques. It seemed that he was having trouble though, because while fast, he didn't have enough strength to pierce through the woman's crystals.


"Was that series of seals a bluff?"

"It wasn't, I think. But this was a better outcome, if I'm right."

Maybe he had an ace up his sleeve. 'I better not need to help him out,' Kurotsuchi thought to herself with a snarl. 'He's the one supposed to help me here, isn't he?'

With a long wave of her hand, almost from the ground and moving up, she sent another wave of lava towards the white-haired ninja, who jumped over it as if it were nothing. 'Ok, that's it,' She thought then, with a victorious grin. With another gesture, she sent a spray of the melted stone at him. Predictably, he couldn't dodge mid air.

What he could do, however, was form a shield with the bones of his very own arm, blocking it, even as smoke started coming out of the improvised barrier. Kurotsuchi clicked her tongue, even more frustrated by the fact that the lavender-clad man looked perfectly fine even after doing that.

'Ok, let's change tactics...'

With that decision taken, she put her hands in front of her face and spat out the same quicklime she had used during the Preliminaries. It was most probable that her opponent knew what it did, but that didn't mean that she couldn't use it. Besides, it wasn't like the guy had come even close to touching her, so she had the time to set up some schemes. The last thing she wanted was to spend all her chakra trying to hit him, after all.

Suddenly, the sound of lightning, now almost familiar to her with the battle raging beside her between the Konoha nin and the woman, reached her ears much louder, much closer. She tensed up at that, her body readying itself for an attack of some kind to come her way. Instead of that, all that followed was the sound of something hitting metal a few times.

When she turned, she saw the Uchiha right there, holding a kunai in his hand and a bunch of crystal projectiles on the ground. Evidently, the woman had grown tired of her opponent and decided to go for her. That, or she thought that Kurotsuchi's opponent wouldn't win. An accurate assumption, if anyone asked the Iwa nin.

"Having trouble?" The girl asked the now red-eyed boy. 'Huh, almost like the Satou's,' She noted idly. She didn't spare him another glance though. She had a battle to fight, and it wouldn't do to get distracted. "Maybe I should help you?" She added.

Good thing she had turned around again, because her opponent was already rushing at her.

"Any chance you have a name?" She asked at the same time as she pushed him back with another Lava Release technique. She almost smirked when the boy paused for a split second, probably surprised by the sudden question.

That gave her an opening, which she took, managing to burn his lower legs slightly with another attack. 'That should slow him down,' Kurotsuchi thought with a grin. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. He was just as fast as before, she noticed with no small amount of shock. 'He uses bones...' She noted then, narrowing her eyes. 'Is his body better than normal?'

A volley of shuriken cackling with electricity flew past her, hitting the white-haired ninja just as he finished his dodging move. The girl then blinked, surprised by the support. She wouldn't complain though, the projectiles had hit her opponent and given her another opening to exploit.

"Thought you were having trouble too," The voice of her ally reached her from behind and she felt her eyes twitch yet again. 'No wonder we hate Konoha, are they all this annoying?'

Ignoring the irritating boy, she continued her fight, sending another attack, which was dodged this time, and then spitting out more quicklime. The plan was simple: keep him away, set more quicklime and take advantage of any chance that was given to her. She was sure that with just that much she could win.

The problem was, even after she won, she wouldn't be safe. Even if the Uchiha won, it still wouldn't be the case. There was an invasion going on in Konoha, and that meant that there was danger everywhere, evidenced by the fact that the distant sound of explosions continued to reach her from every direction.

As she went through the motions, however, following her plan to the letter, the white-haired ninja decided to change things up. His body started showing a pattern of black lines and Kurotsuchi felt a growing sense of dread. ''Oh, that can't be good,' She thought then.

When she tried to attack again, the boy stood his ground, blocking with a bone shield once more. This time not even trying to move as he had before. The girl then noticed that her lava seemed to burn through the bone much less than before.

'Not good at all,' She thought with a grimace.

Her battle and probably many more were interrupted as a cloud of smoke appeared and a literal storm of lightning seemed to appear on top of the balconies that had been used to spectate the Exam. Gigantic spiders appeared, and the Iwa ninja almost sighed in relief when it became obvious that they were on their side.

'I so hope that one's on our side too,' Kurotsuchi prayed then when Lightning continued forming and shaping where the spiders had appeared. She had enough to worry about with the guy in front of her. The last thing she wanted was to have to deal with someone even more annoying.


[Hiruzen Sarutobi]

The fight was disturbingly even matched. Hiruzen himself could have battled the two previous Hokage for a good while before they won. That is, if they weren't brought back with the jutsu they had been. After all, when one's opponent could fight forever without tiring, without suffering wounds, then what chance did anyone have? Especially when they were Kage level.

Young Mei's fight against Rasa was actually going in her favor, but that was only a matter of time. Soon enough, the strain would get to her. A battle of attrition that they were bound to lose, all of them.

Onoki, for his part, was having a remarkably easy time holding back A. However, that was to be expected, considering his terrifyingly strong Bloodline Selection and the more physical inclinations of the Raikage, nevermind the experience aspect. There was also the fact that the older man was particularly motivated now that his granddaughter had been threatened.

And Orochimaru… His student was simply spectating. Hiruzen couldn't fathom why A would join someone like that. Someone that didn't even deign to fight with him. The Snake of the Sannin was treating him like he was an underling more.

Would A really lower himself to such extents just to take out Konoha and deal a blow to Kiri and Iwa?

Hiruzen didn't have the time to consider that too much, however. His hands snapping together as he rose an earth wall to stop a water attack sent by the Nidaime Hokage, his sensei. He was almost happy to see the proud expression on the man.

It seemed that Orochimaru had forgone the part that Kabuto had mentioned about taking away the revived people's minds. Maybe he'd decided that Hiruzen facing his old teachers with them actually being those people was worse. The current Hokage certainly felt like that was the case.

"That kid," He heard Tobirama mention, almost conversationally which made the situation even more bizarre than it already was. Still, painful as it was, Hiruzen wouldn't deny feeling slightly… touched by the fact that he could talk with these two once more. A feeling that was largely overridden by the ache in his heart for having to fight against them, for having to see them turned into weapons used against the village they had given everything for. "Who is he?"

'Is he trying to make this less painful,' Hiruzen wondered then with a grimace.

"Eiji Satou, the most prominent Genin in the village," The Sarutobi answered before sending a volley of earthen spikes at the two of them. Attack that was blocked by tree trunks rising straight from the ground, courtesy of the Shodai Hokage.

"Satou..." He heard his sensei mutter and the thoughtful tone almost gave him pause.

As if on cue, all fights stopped when a huge cloud of smoke appeared not so far away from them. Hiruzen let out a grin when he heard his student's confusion. He had two theories about the origin of this…

It became clear when the wind took away the visual obstruction. Right there stood a gigantic trio of spiders. Hiruzen, however, paused when the central one, black as the night and with piercing red eyes turned towards them. He was equally taken aback by the look on his students face, and was one of the people holding up the barrier shaking?

"Orochimaru! Kidomaru!" The spider exclaimed, being heard from everywhere in the village. "You shall face our clan's wrath for your sins!"

What had his student done to manage to anger a whole Summon Clan? Hiruzen hadn't even heard of that ever happening, which was saying something.

"Change of plans," Orochimaru growled as he pulled out a sword in the most disturbing way possible. A snake came out of his mouth and from its mouth came the katana. "To think someone would contract the Spiders of all Clans."

"As the contractor said," Hiruzen retorted, earning the attention of everyone present. "Thanks for the power up," He paused then, delighting in the absolutely shocked expression on Orochimaru. "it's greatly appreciated."

"Eiji Satou," His student growled then. "I'm going to kill him."

"Oh, this Gennin summoned three elder summons?" Hiruzen was slightly taken aback that it was A the one that asked that, sounding genuinely curious.

"I'm more curious the more I know about him," Tobirama commented then before a slight smirk appeared on his mind. "I like him though."

"That's because he was imitating you, isn't it?" Hashirama asked with a raised eyebrow.

"You're just jealous he wasn't imitating-" The Nidaime paused, his eyes unfocusing as all the revived people turned sharply. "you, aren't you?" He finished then, although his body started running through hand seals. It seemed that Orochimaru was done simply leaving them to chat.

Hiruzen's student's attempt at restarting the battles was interrupted however, but something else happened outside the barrier. Roughly in the same place the spiders had appeared, spiders that were now battling with the snakes Orochimaru had summoned, now had lightning flashing into existence.

For a moment, Hiruzen wondered if Killer B had used some technique, deciding he was done fighting Eiji. It could happen, and the Kage had no delusions about the outcome of that match. The Satou was skilled and powerful, yes, there was no way he could do anything more than buy some time against such an opponent.

The jutsu that had called their attention was one that he recognized, however, and it definitely wasn't the Jinchuriki's doing. No, Eiji seemed to have unleashed his most fearsome technique to date, besides his Genjutsu, that is. The lightning cackled, jumped and twisted until it took shape. The technique's cries seemed to pierce through the invasion, as if everything else was silent in comparison.

Hiruzen wondered then, how would the Jinchuriki of the Eight Tails fare against such an attack. Sadly, he needed to turn back to his own battle.

And maybe, just maybe, he might get to talk to two people he had lost long ago for a bit longer, bittersweet as it would be.


[Hinata Hyuuga]

The first time Kumo was mentioned she had tensed up. Then, the worst, the one thing she had expected, happened. They came for Hanabi and herself. Hinata wasn't sure what she was feeling more, fear or annoyance.

It was good that her father was there, for once, and that he'd have escorts with them. The problem was that the Cloud had expected that, apparently. There were a lot of enemy ninja, so much so, that the two sisters had to fight to defend themselves too.

"Tch, so annoying," The girl Hinata was facing complained as she kept pressuring her with Taijutsu. The redhead had been using a sword and, from what little the Hyuuga heiress had seen, Lightning Release. Neither of which Hinata could afford to let her use. "And I thought I was finally done holding back."

At those words, Hinata took in the sight of the girl once more. She was young, that was for sure, probably only a year or so older than herself, if that. Dark skin, red hair, amber eyes. 'Wasn't that the description of one of Kumo's Genin in the Exams?' Hinata wondered.

It was good that she had her Byakugan on, because it allowed her to look at the rest of the battlefield that had become the balcony without actually taking her eyes off her opponent. Hanabi was facing, together with another Hyuuga clan member, a dark-skinned boy. He had short, spiky white hair and dark eyes.

Her father, meanwhile, was fighting an older woman. She had fair skin, which immediately set her apart from most of the Kumo nin around them, if not all of them. She also had blue eyes and shoulder length blond hair.

'Those are definitely the descriptions everyone gave about the Kumo team in the Exams,' Hinata thought to herself, unsure if that was useful information. Even if she remembered all that had been said about their fighting, she wasn't sure if that would be useful. The girl had said that they had held back, if she was interpreting it right, at least.

Maybe she was thinking about that to not think about how the people around her were starting to lose the battle. Hinata herself was having more and more trouble pushing back against her opponent. And, soon enough, the first Hyuuga fell.

That should have spelled their doom, the first sign of their loss. It didn't, however, because the cavalry had arrived. In a story, there might've been a huge group of allies stepping into the room to help. Or maybe some super powerful person that could turn the tides with their mere presence.

Here, it was just two genin.

Regardless of that, Hinata couldn't help the smile that formed on her face as she saw them. Akamaru rushed between legs, biting a Kumo nin here or there, giving openings to the Hyuuga members. Kiba ran behind him, immediately planting his foot on someone's face. Not far behind was Chouji, who used a downgraded version of his Multi-Size techniques to enlarge his arm, grabbing a ninja near the door with his now huge hand and throwing them straight at her.

She caught on in a split second, forcing her opponent to place herself in the way and get hit by the flying person. Good thing she didn't have a Byakugan or she would have seen that coming. Hinata wondered then, as she saw her people start regaining ground, if Kumo had underestimated her clan that much or if there was something else going on. They couldn't have believed that an almost even force would win hundred percent sure.

Then again, they almost had won and that was only because of the intervention of her friends. Evidently, the rest of Konoha's shinobi force was busy with the invasion. 'Too bad this happened,' Hinata thought as she continued fighting, joining another one of her clan's members. 'Hopefully Eiji and Shikamaru's plan can work without me there.'

She had been very frustrated when she had realized that she wouldn't be able to heed her friend's call for help due to the attack on her person and her family. It was good that she was sure that the group would understand. Moreover, it was obvious that they understood, seeing as they had sent backup for her.

"Hope we didn't arrive too late," Chouji said, a smirk in place that made him look quite assured of himself. A sight that Hinata was sure wouldn't have been there if not for the group. She would know, she had a similar expression and she definitely wouldn't have had it before.

"Didn't expect..." Hinata starts, before hesitating. Would it be insulting if she said that she was surprised by the Inuzuka's appearance?

"Eiji and Shika called for everyone," The Akimichi replied with a shrug before blocking a Lightning attack with her still very big hand. It was good that the technique also made him more resistant, or he would have done a lot more than grimace at that.

"You make it sound like there's more surprises lef-" Her eyes widened when needles flew in from the now open door. A second look told Hinata that they were ice needles. And if she was correct…

Indeed, in walked a boy - that looked very much like a girl - wearing a Kiri forehead protector. From what she'd been told, he didn't show many expressions, but that was either wrong or he was very annoyed at the moment, because there was a very prominent frown on his face. With a wave of his hand, a shield of ice appeared next to him to stop an incoming attack.

"Targeting people for their Bloodline Limits, disgusting," Hinata heard him mutter, almost growling.

"Yeah, don't ask me how Eiji convinced them to help. I'm not sure myself," Chouji told her before she could ask. Still, she would take the added help without complaining.

And she would make sure to thank everyone in the group.

Then, everyone, literally everyone, turned to the open wall on the balcony that faced the arena. There, on the other side of the coliseum, they could see a cloud of smoke appeared. Gigantic Spiders appeared too, threatening what some people considered a boogeyman for the Elemental Nations' ninja.

After that, came the Jutsu, one they had only heard about until that point. Lightning came alive, a mass of energy that would dwarf the room they all were in easily. The cackling electricity gathered in shapes that were almost indistinguishable from where they stood.

The cry they gave, however, was very easy to recognize.

"Eiji?" Hinata asked, momentarily distracted by the show.

"Eiji," Chouji nodded, sounding just as in awe as she felt.


[Eiji Satou]

'This was a bad idea,' I thought to myself as I 'fought' Killer B. Although calling it fighting was a bit of a stretch. It was all I could do to just block his attacks and not get caught by his blades. For as ridiculous as his stance and style looked at first, it was damn near impossible to fight against.

I couldn't believe it.

All my skills that could be of use were active. All that I had was thrown in this fight. I had Wielder of Nuibari and Contractor of the Spider Clan equipped, feeling that they were my best bets at the moment. From what I had gathered while all hell was breaking loose, and even beforehand, just the fact that I was working with the Spiders against this invasion seemed to count as fighting alongside them, which was a relief.

I had activated all the skills I could that boosted me. I had unleashed the Second Stage of the Cursed Seal right from the beginning. I was fighting with my all, the extra appendages in my back doing wonders for me as they blocked swords with the thread of Nuibari and some of my own ninja wire. I wasn't even sure how high my stats were at the moment with all the stuff I had activated.

And it just wasn't enough.

One of the swords nicked my cheek and I had to force myself not to flinch back at that. How was I supposed to fight this guy? How was I supposed to hold him back? He wasn't even using his goddamn Bijuu hacks!

I hadn't expected to fight this guy alone. I had expected someone else to be there with me. To fight with me against this absolute monster. Where was everyone else? Anbu, Root, Jiraiya, someone had to come…


Killer B twisted his whole body and I felt a sense of impending doom instantly. Then, all blades seemed to align in a wall coming my way. A wall that I tried to block with my own sword and the wire held between my left hand and my four extra limbs.

The force of his attack sent me flying, burying me inside a wall. The impact knocked the air out of my lungs and shook my determination ever so slightly. Then, the image of my friends, fighting just like I was, appeared in my mind and my resolution affirmed itself back in my mind.

Instantly, I planted a hand on the ground, taking advantage of the break in the fight to do something really quick. More smoke appeared around me, together with my summons. Kumohoshi, Kumoken and Kumoyoroi weren't the ones that helped my nerves the most, surprisingly enough.

No, the ones that did were the smaller ones around me. Those were the ones that I wanted to try and help me with my fight. I couldn't face Killer B alone for much longer.

"Help me with this, guys," I asked, almost desperately. I took a mental note to do something very nice for the Spider Clan in the future, because all of them charged at the Jinchuriki without hesitation.

As that happened and the gigantic arachnids engaged with Orochimaru's own summons, I called on my most powerful technique besides the Void Genjutsu. I would have used those on Killer B but I was 99% sure that they wouldn't work on him with his Bijuu on his side. That and those techniques required too many hand seals for me to trust it then and there. No, I needed something quick and powerful.

My second S-rank technique, coming right after Wit's End and before Eternal Purge.

Lightning flowed through me and out. It almost hit my own summons even though they weren't even that close to me anymore, it was that big of a technique, after all. The electricity gathered, shaped and came alive. The bird constructs cried out, spreading their cackling wings and taking flight.

The Sacred Flock had been unleashed.

The chakra animals charged towards Killer B while the spiders jumped away, partly to open the path for the birds and partly to escape the damage they would surely face if they didn't. Meanwhile, the dark-skinned man stood tall as he was enveloped by the technique. I felt hope well inside me, that was a clean hit, surely it would…

What little hope I had was utterly destroyed as the technique finished and the man stood there, unscathed. Dread was all I could feel as I saw the red chakra cloak wrapped around him and the three tails behind him. Fear gripped at my heart and numbed my limbs even more than whatever Iron Will could do.

"Help the village!" I shouted for the spiders. They would be next to useless here, I knew that. Maybe with a normal Killer B they might have been a distraction, but with the Hachibi to back him up? They would be casualties at best.

My hand gripped Nuibari's handle tighter and I charged back in. More lightning birds came out of my body and I was grateful for the large boost to my chakra reserves the First Stage of the Cursed Seal. I would need a hell of a lot of chakra for this fight, I knew that much.

That, and a miracle, probably.

[} Chapter End {]

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