Sorry about how amateurishly this is written. I just really got in the mood to write a quick "Ronniecoln but just friendship" one-shot after seeing the new episode The Horror-Scope this morning. It's the 2nd (maybe 3rd) best episode of The Casagrandes so far, by the way.

Lincoln and Ronnie Anne were video chatting with one another on their smartphones. You wouldn't think two people who are friends and nothing more would do that as much as they do. Weird.

Ronnie Anne: Hey, Lincoln. What's up?

Lincoln: I called to tell you about this new episode of The Casagrandes I saw today.

Ronnie Anne: Well, you obviously don't need to. I was in it.

Lincoln: No, I'm not talking about your reality show. I mean the Nicktoon of the same name from a different universe.

Ronnie Anne: You're able to watch TV shows that don't exist in our universe? How?

Lincoln: I have my ways. Anyway, the original you thought the original me was in love with her and the episode was about her trying to prevent him from confessing his feelings.

Ronnie Anne: But he actually wasn't in love with her at all?

Lincoln: I didn't wanna spoil it, but yeah, it was all a misunderstanding. That wasn't revealed until the end though, so it was kinda a pain to watch, especially this one part where you started imagining me saying that I love you while I had hearts in my eyes.

Ronnie Anne: Ooh! That sounds awful. In fact, I'm so used to us being friends, the thought of you feeling differently about me sounds straight up not right.

Lincoln: That's what I was thinking. It's just like what happened to Lana on Halloween, except not an actual problem because it was all imaginary.

Ronnie Anne: I feel sorry for that other me. But at least she's not real, right?

Lincoln: Well, it kinda depends what you mean by "real."

Ronnie Anne: At least I never have to worry about that happening to me. Have I ever told you that I love the fact you're gay? Say, how did it feel when you found out? 'Cause, didn't you used to think you were straight?

Lincoln: Yeah. A part of me kinda always knew. I kept thinking that I would start liking girls one day, but I never did. Then on that night when Bonnie kissed me, I was so tired, shocked, and emotional, I didn't even realize what I was saying. "I never thought my first kiss would be a girl" just kinda came out. Then that fateful day in September last year happened, I kissed Clyde, and the rest is history.

As Lincoln was telling his story, getting caught up in it made him look away from his screen. When he looked back down at it, he saw that his friend was close to falling asleep.

Lincoln: Hey, you okay?

Ronnie Anne: Yeah, I'm fine. And I'm totally with you on that first thing you said. I used to think for sure that I would be interested in boys by now, but I'm still not. I'm definitely not gay though. I think I might be aroace.

Lincoln: Oh. Really? Well, I know a certain person who looks like Lana would be very happy to hear that. Or, maybe she'd hate it. Her feelings are pretty inconsistent and I don't understand her 90% of the time. So anyway, why are you so sleepy?

Ronnie Anne: It wasn't because of your story, it was because Sid's been practicing for Little Shop of Horrors non-stop. Even when she's not rehearsing, I can still hear her singing 'cause it's stuck in my head. When I try to go to bed, it feels like she's still being loud and it keeps me up.

Lincoln: Hhhm. I wish I could say I feel your pain, but that's never happened with Luna before. But speaking of Sid, how is it that someone I hate is friends with someone you love?

Ronnie Anne: What do you mean?

Lincoln: I'm just saying, you'd think they'd be total opposites, but they like each other despite the age difference.

Ronnie Anne: No, that's not what I meant. Who are you talking about?

Lincoln: Oh. Sid and Izzy.

Ronnie Anne: Yeah, you're a little off. We actually each have a girl we can't stand who we're forced to live with. 'Cause unless I didn't get the memo that "love" has a new definition, you should know that I actually hate her.

Lincoln: ...Wait. What?! Really?

Ronnie Anne: Yep.

Lincoln: ...But...but...Why would...If you...How?

Ronnie Anne: Nice job saying complete sentences there. And here's the thing. I hate her for the same reasons you hate Izzy, she's annoying and doesn't leave me alone. Although, unlike Izzy, she didn't suddenly move in right as a family member chose to leave, so you still have it worse in that regard. Sorry. I just pretend to be her friend because her stupid parents make me.

Lincoln: Huh. She...she's not there, is she? 'Cause now I'm a little worried she might be overhearing this.

Ronnie Anne: It's fine. She's at work.

Lincoln: Okay, that's good. But why do you let her parents tell you what to do? Stand up for yourself.

Ronnie Anne: Because when two vampires want you to do something, you do it! Just trust me.

Lincoln: Why don't you threaten them with garlic?

Ronnie Anne: Because that would be threatening them with murder!

Lincoln: Oh yeah, I guess it would. I still haven't gotten used to this whole "vampires are real and they don't like being seen as monsters" thing.

Ronnie Anne: I'll bet. It took quite some time for me to get used to it too.

Ronnie Anne noticed that the boy in the orange shirt was now staring down at his bedroom floor and frowning.

Ronnie Anne: Something wrong?

Lincoln: Oh, no. It's nothing. I just...Sometimes I wish the world we live in wasn't so crazy. I wish we could live in a normal one.

Ronnie Anne: Well, I don't know about living in one, but we could at least visit.

Lincoln: As in?

Ronnie Anne: What else? Let's go to that other universe, the one from that cartoon about the two of us you were watching.

Lincoln: Whoa! That's kind of a spur of the moment thing to say, but...Sure, I guess. I've already met that universe's version of my family, but it would be nice to see them again and learn more about how their lives are different.

Ronnie Anne: Sounds good. So, are we doing this right now, or...?

Lincoln: I'd like to wait until some other day. There's a new episode of Henry Danger tonight and I really need it after what Izzy did this morning. You wanna hear about it?

Ronnie Anne: Sure.

Lincoln: After The Casagrandes was over, she made me watch Total RamaDama or whatever her stupid show's called. It was the worst thing I have ever seen.

Ronnie Anne: What was so bad about it?

Lincoln: For one thing, two of the characters were under the impression Leni is evil. I have no clue where they got that idea. But other than that, it's just a bunch of kids screaming and being annoying. That's why I need to watch that new Henry Danger. After watching such a bad show, I feel I need to watch a good one.

Ronnie Anne: Yeah, 'cause screaming and being annoying is suddenly okay when it's teens and adults doing it instead of little kids.

Lincoln: ...Touché. Well, my show's about to start, so I'll call you tomorrow and we'll pick a day when we can go to that other universe.

Ronnie Anne: Sounds like a plan. Smell ya' later.

Lincoln: Please stop saying that. Bye.

"And that was an exact word for word recreation of a conversation I happened to have with a friend one time," an adult Lincoln said while looking up at the ceiling and reminiscing. "I wish I could see her again. It's been decades."

"Sir, this is a Wendy's."

So, should this just be a dumb/cute one-shot, or do you want to see their visit to the other universe? What that means is my versions of Lincoln and Ronnie Anne are going to go see the original Lincoln and Ronnie Anne from the actual shows. For now, I'm gonna have this marked as complete. But if anybody wants to see me continue it, I'd be happy to.