Most of this one was written by my brother (BradyIsCool15). I came up with the plot and then asked him to write it for me, which he agreed to. He did most of the work but then I edited it and added a few things.

Izzy: Hey, Gwen. wanna hear about something stupid that happened recently?

Gwen: Not at all.

Izzy: Well I'm gonna tell it to you anyway. I don't know if I remember every detail exactly right, but I'll try.

Izzy told Gwen everything that's happened in this fic so far. Gwen ignored literally all of it. She will now narrate the rest of it.

So then the day after those three alternate universe kids showed up, Lisa still couldn't get her machine to work by high noon. Lincoln called the other Lisa, but she wouldn't pick up her phone. Thanks to my psychic abilities, I know that it was because she was distracted by that new SpongeBob video game. And speaking of video games that have SpongeBob in them, here's the next part of the story.

Lincoln was in his room with the tall kid and...

Lincoln: She's not answering. Sorry, but it looks like you're gonna be stuck here with us for a little while longer.

Blade: That is just fine!

Lincoln: In the meantime, would you like to play a video game with me?

Blade suddenly grabbed Lincoln by his shirt and angrily held him up to his face.

Blade: I do not want to play a game with you! I don't wanna do anything with you! YOU RUINED MY LIFE BEFORE IT EVEN GOT STARTED, YOU STUPID SON OF A BITCH! I am being 100% genuine and not exaggerating in the slightest when I say that I can't stress enough that I with every fiber of my being HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATEEEEEEEEEE YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU!

He then dropped Lincoln on the floor. Lincoln's mouth hung open in shock for a few seconds until he was able to collect himself.

Lincoln: ...I can see you wanna get home.

Blade: Maybe I don't wanna get home. You can't read my mind. Wait. Can you?

Lincoln: No, but one of my sisters, more specifically, my BEST sister, can.

Those were his exact words. I did not just lie to you about what he said in the slightest.

(We see Lynn on the couch, eagerly watching a football game while doing one of her sports rituals, when Lincoln and Blade walk into the room.)

Lincoln: Hey, Lynn?

Lynn: Yes?

Lincoln: Are you busy right now?

Lynn: Kinda.

(The sport ritual she's doing is she stands on her hands while wearing a viking helmet and reciting Weird Al Yankovic's 2006 song "Polkarama" backwards in a German accent. Whatever the heck works. It's only weird if it doesn't work.)

Lincoln: Well, since you're busy standing on your hands while wearing a viking helmet and reciting Weird Al Yankovic's 2006 song "Polkarama" backwards in a German accent, I guess I'll just find somebody else to play my game with me.

Lynn: Wait. What?

(She then gets back on her feet.)

Izzy: How... how are you not dizzy right now? No one would be that a-okay after standing on his or her hands through 2 hours of football. My teacher Chef once got a migraine and all he did was lay on the floor for a bit to clean underneath his desk. But it could be possible that it's because he's old.

Lynn: I'm just that good.

Izzy: That's fair. Overstepped.

Lynn: Anyways, what is this game you're talking about, Lincoln? Is it hockey? Lacrosse? Water polo? Extreme ironing?

Lincoln: Umm... Maybe I should've specified what I meant...

Lynn: What do you mean?

Lincoln: Well... You see... The thing I was talking about was Nicktoons MLB.

(Lynn then starts to look very, very confused.)

Lynn: What in the name of Mike Trout is Nicktoons MLB?

Lincoln: This isn't the first time I've asked you to play it and I'm not surprised you don't remember what it is. I would tell you, but if I do, you'll break everything in the house and then set it on fire.

Izzy: Wow! What was the harsh version like?

Lincoln: Yeah, it's something that would make the dialogue in an R-rated movie seem tame.

Lynn: Just for the record, I would never intentionally burn down the house. I'm not X Universe Lynn. And it's a video game, isn't it?

Lincoln: Yeppers.

Lynn: Why would you ask me then?!

Izzy: For once, Lynn's right! If you want to play it, don't ask her!

Lincoln: I need one more player, but everybody else I know is either not available or doesn't care.

Lynn: Well, Stinkoln, if you only need one more player, just ask Izzy.

Izzy: Oh... Sorry, but I have the one thing to do... at the one... place.


Izzy: I'm going to leave now.

(She then leaves.)

Lincoln: Well, Lynn, you're the only person I have left to go to, so...

Lynn: Sorry, but I too also as well have the one thing to do... at the one... place.


Lynn: I'm going to leave now too.

(She then leaves now too.)

Lincoln: Well this blows.

(Meanwhile, in the It's Pony universe, Pony and Annie are on a walk.)

Annie: Pony?

Pony: Yes?

Annie: Why are we taking a walk again?

Pony: What? Is it so wrong that I wanna get some fresh air?

Annie: You did something to make Dad mad again, didn't you?

Pony: I don't know what you take me for, but...

Annie: I know you, are always getting into trouble like this.

Pony: Fine, I admit it. I broke the chicken house.

Annie: Oh, no... We're dead!

Pony: Why?

Annie: That was Mom's most precious family heirloom! It belonged to her mother's grandmother's second cousin's father's step-sister's ex-wife's refrigerator repairman's uncle who re-gifted it back to Mom's mother's grandmother's husband!

Pony: Oh, sorry. I wasn't listening. I was busy thinking about ducks. You said something about Mahjong, right?

Annie: Ugh.. The point, Pony, is that that chicken house was super important, and now, thanks to you, it's broken. How does this kind of thing even happen?!

Pony: Well, you see, there was this flamethrower...

Annie: On second thought, I don't even wanna know. All I know is, we have to fix this somehow.

Pony: Hmmm... I might have a plan...

(We then view Pony's brain as the whole process of baking the idea like in the boot episode is shown.)

Pony: I have a plan!

(Annie is then shown sleeping due to Pony taking so long to come up with his plan.)

Pony: Annie, are you okay? Annie! Annie, wake up! I have a plan!

Annie: Oh... Sorry, I dozed off. So, what's the plan?

Pony: We change our names and move to Mexico! Here's your passport and fake glasses with the nose and mustache. I was gonna change my name to Shalamar, but it's too obvious. Any suggestions for another one I could use?

Annie: Do you have another plan? Mainly one that doesn't suck?

Pony: Well, I did have this other plan we could try...

Annie: What is it?

Pony: We should enter this horse race where the prize is 15 grand! If we win, we can just buy a time machine and prevent myself from destroying the chicken house!

Annie: That's a brilliant idea, Pony! Let's do it!

(But, just as soon as Pony and Annie are about to sign up, Annie gets her foot stomped by Pony on accident after she and him jumped up and down in excitement.)

Annie: Ow!

(Pony gasps.)

Pony: Annie! Not again! I'm so sorry!

Annie: No, no, it's okay, let me just...

(She tries to walk but fails.)

Annie: Ow! Ohh... oh, it's no use... I am far from okay... Oh, what are we gonna do now, Pony?

Pony: Hmm... if your leg is broken... and we need to enter the horse race to earn the money... I got it!

Annie: Yes?

Pony: Wait, actually, I don't. Never mind.

Annie: Ugh...

(Back at the Y Universe, Lynn and Izzy are at that one restaurant that has the super long name that's a bunch of scrambled letters. You know the one. Zieajctpbpwhojzsbxygvnjciypdgguaoyiowwvfrngmxlytevymqzhbzejgcgqswuhcuruiuullobvpzwysaarkshlitkmqnuotlktjdnahtckosgzmqhcnsfjetjrb yukwckzidizpvoelebefxlrtverfnnamqfwxfwbbxvdmqfsjpdvkafsomqlddahprxyxpirgcndhmqxk.)

Lynn: There has to be a way to get out of playing that lame baseball Nickelodeon game with Lincoln, but how?

Izzy: Go to the It's Pony universe and make Annie and you switch places with each other. She's broken her leg and can't compete in a horse race that she and Pony need to be in to earn 15 grand in order to buy a time machine.

Lynn: What? Oh, sorry, I wasn't listening. I was thinking about air hockey, but not necessarily in a positive light. Anyways, what did you say?

Izzy: Just... just follow me.

(She and Lynn then teleport to Reflection Cave and find a portal to the It's Pony universe where they meet up with Annie and Pony as they explain everything to them.)

Annie: That's not actually a bad idea! Good thinking, Izzy!

Izzy: Thank you! And here's your tip.

Izzy shoved three Rattata carcuses, one of which was shiny, into Annie's face.

Annie: Aaahh! Umm...No thanks.

Pony: Where did you get those? Those are the biggest rats I've ever seen.

Izzy: They're not rats, they're Pokémon.

Lynn: That's not important. Let's move on with the plan!

Pony: I preferred my plan where we change our names and move to Mexico...

Lynn: Well, I don't know what in the hell Mexico is, but I'll do anything to get out of playing a video game.

Annie: Mexico is a country. How on Earth do you not know that?

Lynn: There's no such thing as countries in my universe.

Annie: Then you're universe is super weird.

Lynn: Yeah, and Bulbasaur are green. Let's proceed with the plan.

(Annie and Lynn then change clothes and they dye Annie's hair brown and Lynn's hair red to make them truly look like the other.)

Lynn: I'm lovin' this! I may keep my hair this way. Red's my favorite color.

Annie: And I might get to be on your family's reality show. I'm so excited!

Lynn: Hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa. Being on TV, especially reality TV, isn't as glamorous as you think.

Annie: Really, it's not?

Lynn: No. It is awesome!

Pony: But, wait... What if people catch on to this ruse?

Izzy: Don't worry. I have this flawlessly calculated. And... break!

(Back at the Y Universe, Annie knocks on the door of the house. Lori, who lives with Bobby now, is visiting.)

Lori: Yes? Oh. Hey, Lynn.

Annie: Wait, this actually worked? Uh... I mean... Hey... Sister Lori.

Lori: Why did you pause in the middle of the words "hey" and "sister Lori" like it was a question?


Annie: Yes.

Lori: Okay. Come on in!

(As Annie heads inside, she finds Lincoln's Wii and turned it on.

Blade: Hey, Fake Dad! Fake Aunt Lynn and she's doing something with your dinosaur of a game console.

Lincoln: WHAT?!

Expecting her to be destroying it, (This wouldn't have been the first time Lynn destroyed one of Lincoln's consoles.) Lincoln ran downstairs to protect his precious Wii. When he got to the living room, he caught sight of "Lynn" and could tell it was really Annie wearing a disguise. He decided to just go with it.

Seeing Annie must've got him thinking about her show, 'cause while I was reading his mind, he suddenly started ranting about how FFN doesn't have It's Pony as a category.

Lincoln (in his thoughts): I wouldn't mind so much, but whenever I type in "It's Pony" on the search, all I get is stories about My Little Pony.

Annie: You wanna play that game now?

Lincoln: Oh my goodness gracious! Lynn?! You wanna play Nintendo with me?! This is a truly shocking moment. I am not convinced I am even awake.

Leni: Yeah, I know! Anything can happen in the dream, so how are you supposed to tell the difference?

(Annie and Lincoln start to play Nicktoons MLB against each other. Lincoln chooses the Orioles and Annie picks the Pirates. Blade is surprised that they're holding Wii remotes to play it.)

Blade: You mean you have to use your hands?! That's like a baby's toy!

Lincoln: No it's not. What, are video games in your time period voice activated?

Blade: No, there's still controllers. But we push the buttons and stuff with our feet. That's the way it always has been in my universe.

Annie: ...Why?

Blade: ...None of your busy Ness.

Lincoln then rolled his eyes. He noticed something about Annie's hair at silently giggled about it.

Lincoln: Hey, Lynn?

Annie: Yes?

Lincoln: Have you always had a tiny bit of red hair?

Annie: Wait, what?

(Annie then starts to notice that the hair dye is starting to come off.)

Annie: Uh-oh... The hair dye is inconveniently coming off!

Lincoln: The what now?

Annie: Oh, uh... Sorry... but i have to go to... the one... place.


Annie: I'm going to leave now.

(She then leaves in a hurry.)

Lincoln: What is it with everyone having to go to that one place today?

(Annie then goes back to her own universe to alert Lynn that the plan is starting to come apart at the hinges, but something has gone terribly wrong at the race tracks. Lynn, due to her overly competitive nature, broke like 23 rules of the horse race, 16 actions that would get her arrested, and 7 health code violations somehow. She both didn't win the race and got her, Pony, and Annie kicked out of the stadium.)

Annie: Great!

Pony: At least things can't get any worse.

Since Pony said things couldn't get any worse, the unnamed Bramley mother (who I'm going to refer to as The Foot since that's the closest the show has given us to a name for her) happened to show up.

The Foot: Annie! Pony! There you guys are!

Annie: Mom! We can explain! Pony did it.

Pony: What? You can't pin this on me!

Lynn: But you did actually do it, though.

Pony: Well, yeah, but that doesn't mean she can blame all of this on me.

The Foot: What are you guys talking about?

Annie: Why aren't you mad about Pony smashing the chicken house?

Lynn: Yeah, Smash is always something to be mad about.

Pony: yeah, the green and red one, the one that's the Bramley family's most precious heir thingie!

The Foot: The chicken house is fine. It's not broken.

Annie: It's not?

The Foot: No.

Pony: It was last I checked. Did it fix itself or something?

Lynn: Oh! I see what happened. It cartooned itself.

The Foot: What does that mean?

Lynn: Things that get damaged in cartoons can get undamaged without any explanation.

Pony: So?

Lynn: Don't you dudes know we're all cartoon characters?

Annie: ...Excuse me?

Lynn: Well, yeah. Did you really think we'd be able to go back and forth between our universes and so easily if we were real?

Annie: ...Just give me my clothes back and go home.

Lynn: Gladly. I hate having to wear a shirt with the Colts logo on it. And why is it yellow? That's like if someone had a Seahawks shirt that was black instead of blue or green.

Lynn and Annie found a bathroom for them to swap clothes back in.

Lynn: After this, can you guys help me find my little sister?

Annie: You're only asking that now?

Lynn: Hey, can I help it if I forget things?

After they changed, all four of them came across Izzy who had stolen a bunch of random souvenirs from the race track's gift shop.

Lynn: Izzy, you big liar! You said this plan was flawlessly calculated!

Izzy: You should know very well I can't be trusted.

Everyone except Izzy: True...

Lynn: Now what?

Pony: Let's all get massages!

Everyone: Yeah!

Izzy: Woo!

Lynn: Alright!

Pony: Yeah!

Annie: My leg is broken!

The Foot: Wait... What?

When we had dinner that night, Lucy noticed Lynn's hair was a different color.

Lucy: Lynn, why is your hair blood orange?

We were filming an episode of The Loud House when she said that. Later on, Lynn had something to say about it to the confession cam.

Lynn: Lucy is so pretentious. *scoff* "Blood orange." It's fucking red!

Izzy: Okay, so that's what happened that day at my house (and the events not at my house that are still relevant to the story). Now let me tell you what happened with the two Jordans.

Gwen: NO! I don't care! Either find someone who does or leave me the hell alone.

Chef: Gwen, I heard that! Swearing gets you a timeout!

Izzy: OOH! Can I have a timeout too?!

Chef: Sure. I don't care.