There's a couple of things I'd like to apologize for. Back when I tried to be a part of the The Loud House fandom, I handled the fact I dislike Ronniecoln very immaturely. Something I hate being popular was no reason for me to write a story (this one) depicting it in a negative light. I didn't need to include that scene where Ronnie Anne beats up that other her. Saying people are wrong for liking something I don't was never my intention (Shaming people for that reason is an awful thing to do that makes no sense and I don't approve of it at all.), but that's essentially what that scene was. I'm sorry.

I'm also sorry for whining over and over again in these about The Loud House being, in my opinion, not a good show. I should've just stopped watching it instead of being a big baby about it. The problem was I thought what I was doing was funny, and I let that get in the way of considering how it would seem from other people's point of view.

Months and months after the kids from other universes were returned home safely, Ronnie Anne was hanging out in The Anne Cave with Gwen and Adelaide. The fun they were having was ruined when Ronnie Anne got an email from Diancie.

Ronnie Anne: Well this is the dumbest thing I've ever seen in my life.

Gwen: What?

Ronnie Anne: You know that annoying Pokémon who thinks she's hot shit and her stupid friend who wears a helmet all the time despite not being a boarder at all?

Gwen: No.

Ronnie Anne: Well, that Pokémon just sent me an email. She thinks that since they became friends on Halloween, we're breaching on her copyright or something like that because we became friends on Halloween too. She wants me to go back in time and change it so Gwen and I met on a different day.

Adelaide: So? You don't think she gets to tell you what to do, right?

Ronnie Anne: Of course not.

Gwen: I think we should do it. It be nice if we met sooner.

Ronnie Anne: Nah. Too much work. But we at least gotta do SOMETHING about this, or she'll never stop shut up about it. We're gonna need to offer her something in exchange for letting it go. And not only have I already thought of something, but it solves another problem I've had. You wait here. I'll be right back.

Ronnie Anne left. Once she was back, she was now holding an unfinished screenplay. She showed it to the others, revealing the title on the front page. It was Three Kids, Three Ships.

Adelaide: What's this?

Ronnie Anne: It's a movie I never finished. It's based on a true story but I didn't want it to be about me. I'll bet Diancie would love to have a movie made about her, so I'll make it about her if she agrees to drop this dumb Halloween thing.

Adelaide: Yeah, I'm not so sure that'll work. Diancie hates humans even more than I do, so I don't think she's gonna wanna work with one.

Gwen: Why didn't you want the movie to be about yourself?

Ronnie Anne: Ever since I got fired from MTV for destroying Lumiose City, it's been pretty much impossible to find theaters that'll play my movies. There's no way in Hell they'd ever show one that's also about me. I tried to think of some other characters to re-theme the storyline to, but pretty much every fandom only has one ship per character.

Adelaide: Okay, what are these ships?

Gwen: Actual boats or that whole "pretending two characters are in love with each other" thing I've heard about.

Ronnie Anne: Not boats. It was me & Adelaide's sister, me & a friend of mine, and then them with each other. Some kids from other universes got stuck here and we had to take care of them until we were able to get them home. And then we... Oh, wait.

Adelaide: What?

Gwen: Yeah. What?

Ronnie Anne: The end of the movie is how I got my superpower. That's not gonna work if we replace me with Diancie.

Adelaide: Just come up with a new ending then. Duh.

Ronnie Anne: Yeah, duh. I will. But it's still annoying having to do more work and I feel stupid for never realizing that problem until now.

Gwen: You weren't born with your shapeshifting power?

Ronnie Anne: I was, but I never learned that until the parents of one of those kids tried to use some weird machine on me to try to make me think I was in love with my friend. I stopped them by transforming my heart into a black hole. Once they x-ray'd me and saw I had a black hole for a heart, they gave up and let me go.

Adelaide: 'Cause a person with a black hole for a heart couldn't possibly love someone?

Ronnie Anne: Yeah, exactly.

Gwen: That's not the only thing a person with a black hole for a heart can't possibly do.

Ronnie Anne: Very true. But I survived somehow, so let's just move on.

Ronnie Anne got her phone ready and sent Diancie a video chat request. Diancie accepted it very quickly. When the chat started, Diancie and Whatshername could be seen on the screen.

Diancie: You had better be calling me to let me know you did what I asked.

Ronnie Anne: Even better. How would you like to have a movie made about you?

Diancie: I'd rather you do what I asked.

Ronnie Anne: Actually answer my question.

Diancie: I fail to see how what I said isn't an answer.

Whatshername: I wanna hear about this movie idea. Lay it on us.

Adelaide: BEHOLD!

Adelaide held up the script, showing off the title.

Whatshername: Three Kids, Three Ships?

Ronnie Anne: Diancie, it's about you and two others having to take care of kids.

Diancie: I hate it.

Whatshername: Come on, come on. Let's hear her out.

Ronnie Anne: Before I get into the plot, there's a couple things I gotta know. Diancie, do you have a best friend?

Diancie: Yes. The Pokémon who was your teacher in kindergarten.

Ronnie Anne: She's your best friend but you don't know her name?

Diancie: Of course I know her name! I was testing to see if you do.

Ronnie Anne: Ummm... Celebi, right?

Diancie: Correct. What's the other thing you need to know?

Ronnie Anne: Who do you hate more than anyone else in the multiverse?

Diancie: Either Emolga or Marshadow.

Ronnie Anne: Which one likes you more?

Diancie: Oh, that's easy. Emolga. Marshadow doesn't like me at all. He hates me more than I hate him and Emolga combined!

Ronnie Anne: Then here's the plot of the movie. You're at a restaurant, whichever one you want, with Celebi and Emolga. But three kids from other universes come here and can't go home. One of them is the son of you and Celebi, one's the son of Celebi and Emolga, and one's the daughter of you and Emolga. What do you say?

Diancie: ......I'm not in. But there is something else you can do for me.

Ronnie Anne: And if I do, you'll leave me and Gwen alone?

Diancie: Yeah, sure. I don't care. There's a science fair that's gonna be at your old school.

Ronnie Anne: Cesar Chavez Academy?

Diancie: I think so. Is that what they said it was called, Whatsy?

Whatshername: It sounds about right. And please don't call me Whatsy.

Diancie: That school is owned by the same company, or whatever you wanna call it, as the school I teach at.

Adelaide: You're a teacher too? I didn't know that.

Diancie: Do now. The teacher who was gonna judge the science fair is going on vacation and they forced the job on me 'cause my name is next alphabetically.

Ronnie Anne: I see. And you want me to be the judge instead?

Diancie: Yep.

Ronnie Anne: I'm up for that. It sounds kinda fun, actually. Diancie, you've got yourself a deal.

Diancie: Super. I'm hanging up now.

Diancie abruptly ended the video chat.

Adelaide: Umm... I wouldn't be so sure about it being fun if I were you.

Ronnie Anne: And why's that?

Adelaide: All eight people in it are different versions of my sister.

Ronnie Anne: Seriously?

Adelaide: Seriously. It's even called the Sid Invention Duel

Ronnie Anne: Well, that actually makes it sound better. I'll get to roast them if their inventions suck.

Gwen: Is your actual sister in it too or just other ones?

Adelaide: She's in it too. That's why I know about it.

Ronnie Anne: Perfect! There's something I've been meaning to do for a while and that'll be a great time and place to do it.

Ronnie Anne began to leave the room.

Adelaide: And what's that?

Ronnie Anne: Let's just say I've got a surprise planned for your sister.

Adelaide: Ooh! I like the sound of that.



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