A/N: I'm sorry if all this uploading comes across as spam, I'm currently transferring fics onto here that were previously only on AO3. I'm going to try to spread it out over a couple of weeks, but this current batch are all from the same time (May 2019) so I thought it made sense to upload them all on the same day. This one was written for RealLadyJaguar on Tumblr.

It's been an incredibly busy day on Keller, and Henrik's beginning to feel somewhat exhausted from rushing from patient to patient. It's nothing he hasn't dealt with before, but the job can still get tiring even after all these years, so he hopes to seek a few minutes of refuge in the staff room while the ward is relatively quiet.

When he opens the staff room door, he doesn't expect to see John already standing in there, alone, but that's what he sees.

John has taken his scrub top off, Henrik realises. Blood makes its way to his cheeks and he finds himself feeling almost embarrassed at the sight of John without a top on.

(Especially as it's such a rare sight – in Henrik's experience, John hardly ever goes shirtless, regardless of the circumstances, even in the hottest of weather.)

John had his hand on his back a second ago, but after he flinches at the sound of the door opening, he starts fumbling for his scrub top without even turning to see who's just entered the room.

Henrik averts his gaze at the realisation that John's bothered to have been seen like this. "Apologies, John, I didn't realise you were – what were you doing?"

John seems to relax slightly at the sound of Henrik's voice. "I've got this itch," he sighs. "On my back. Can't quite reach to scratch it."


"Um, I, uh – would you mind?" John stammers out. "It's – there, but a bit lower." He points to the part of his back he's referring to.

Henrik finds the whole situation utterly ridiculous, but gives in anyway, moving closer to John and lightly running his fingernails over the area in question.

John lets out a sigh of relief. As soon as Henrik moves his hands away, John quickly pulls his scrub top back on, murmuring something that sounds like thanks.