No words were said in the Happy Hotel. As Niffty and her latest new and quiet cleaning partner, already earning his keep in the passing months, got to work spurcing up the sparing rooms. Following the demanding and odd orders of Alastor's vision. In anyone's other right mind, they would complain and call out to Alastor in not using his magic to simply; lend a hand. Niffty knew of how the deer demon could be like. Unaware to most cases, so did the new worker did as well.

"Oh, Hesy!"

"Hesediel is fine, Miss. Niffty."


Hesediel caught the pout and with a sigh, let the other win the silent battle.

"Very well, what is it?"

"I'm going to check on the sheets in the dryer, okay Hesy?"

"That's fine. I got this."

"Great! I'll be right back!"

The being known as Hesediel went on dusting. Pausing when fixing up the busted flowerpot that rest on the tea table the room came with. Brushing off the dust, running his fingers over cracks and chips, slowly having the spider lines and aged mildew fade. Looking over the simple black pot before setting it down. Rejusting it a few times before tapping his fingers on the pot's rim and array of flowers bloomed and long, kinked vines spiral out in a haunting matter to stick to the table to keep it from falling over.

"My, my, aren't you being fancy, my boy!"

"Hello Alastor, is there something you need? I hope not, I already have an appointment with Mr. Dust-"

"As much that is enjoyable to see you get tangled in that feminine fellow's blue fantasy for my time well spent. You know well why I am here."

"Again? If you have a problem, as I guess. Take it up with Luicfer. I'm just following orders. Now, please move, the rugs need fixing." Hesediel said, toying with his suspenders to a low shimmer at his finger tips, while his back is to Alastor.

"Clearly. Given that's all you ever been good for, my dearest eggplant."

"And your insults are just as childish as before. Whatever you want from me, Alastor, you're not getting it. I'm sorry." The vacant face being said, turned to the other, adjusting his glasses.

"Aren't you just being an honest dove here?"

"Have I never been before?"


"Alastor, what is it you want?"

"Oh, it is very simple, little dove."

"State it now. I need to finish this room and four others. Plus this day's worth of-"

The shadows around them warped, Hesediel not moving an inch when some of the dark tentacles wrapped around his neck, left arm, and right leg. Trapping him, yet, made no flitch through it all. Eyes boring into each other.

"I think some stuff is overdue. I'm done with you to make the first move. Now. Fight back. Do it. Just as before, make the first move, go on." Alastor smiled with empty eyes, having the shadows squeeze while hardly yielding to some of the holy wears on the being before the deer demon.

The other said not a word. Waiting for either Alastor to get his fill or likely surcum to passing out. Whatever came first as dull pale eyes looking through shades eyed, unaware to the deer demon.


"I forgive you."

The shadow tentacles recoiled back as if burned, likely to the sizzling that faded into the abstract shadow lines. Alastor having his cane speaker out and up in front of him like a shield or sword. Even as the smile stay long and sharp, those eyes of the deer demon bored fires of hatred.

"What are you up to?"

"Thought it best to say while we were alone. I know how you can be, my friend."

Alastor's wide grin twitched and eyes zoned into a deep and hollow view. "Your goodwill is a sickness, I hope you know that. And we are far from being chummy."

"Between you and I, agreeable. Yet, Lucifer and you are the same as ever."

"Maybe in your dilutions, it's quite sad how far you fallen into this to make yourself better."

"To each their own, Alastor. I'm looking but your jest do not help." Hesediel said, finishing the drapes spread even, minding not of the heated stare on his back.

"How admirable to think you think I would."

"I call it just being modest. How did it go again-"

"Your words don't mean anything here, my boy. Stop it. Nothing but a hollow curse from your so-called Almighty."

"I don't see-"

"What happen then is in the past. Wake up."

The other rubbed his neck, a sign for the other to see as the face couldn't do so, before answering. "I know. But I never got to say it to you before-"

Alastor was suddenly inches from the others. The crooked point of his cane jabbed deeply into the other's side. Awaiting for the moment to do a finishing blow.

"It's meaningless."

"Still... I forgive you, not by the holy vow but as the past once there long ago. What happen is in the past, yes. But it doesn't stop the guilt and a lot of wondering."

A burst of laughter came and went, that smile splitting wide as eyes burned when saying. "Guilt? What guilt could you ever have? I mean really. A Dominion groveling? Priceless! Best joke I have heard in a while."

"It is guilt. The fact I was useless to you and Luicfer. You guys did so much for me and when I tried to return the promises... I'm sorry and I forgive you. Please know that."

A brow on Alastor twitched by the words and the loud humming of Niffty returning. Though the wide smile was forever in place.

"I guess your luck haven't run out, yet. Until next time, little plum dove."

The warning did not go unnoticed. And seconds before Niffty enter the room. Hesediel was bussing away as if nothing happen. Miracling away the mark's from Alastor with ease. Finishing up last touches as Niffty enter the room.

"I'm back! Oh wow, look at what you done, Hesy! Lovely."

"Just following orders. Like the flowers? I know to most will be off put by them-"

"Oh, stop it, Hesy. You're too hard on yourself. It's flowers, daisies and cosmoses. I do love them! We should have the main hall decorate with these. Charlie would love them, too! Liven this place up. After we rid more of the dust, bugs, and shambles! This place going to be spotless!"

"Be sure to run it by her, it is her hotel after all."

"Spoiled sport."

"Sorry. It's just in my nature to keep some order here." The words were said in bland, but it was enough to get the other to laugh in understanding the meaning.