"I must say, Miss. Charlie, I'm impress on your wills about this. Rook to knight." Hesediel said, mindful in his words while he straighten out his office. The usual picture fixing and book shuffling.

"Just doing what a boss should do and keep an eye on her employees. Even the most behaved ones."

"Do I still count as that?"

Charlie gives a tinkle of laughter, eyeing her next move with a kind smile in place. Letting the silence roll between them. Neither adding more to it, as they carried onward. She finds herself tapping a finger on her chin, thinking, puzzled in debating her next move. Leaving with her Bishop in the open.

"You're turn."

"Miss. Charlie, be honest... do you like playing this?" Hesediel asked, standing near to removed his loss two Rooks, and setting his Knight in mirror distance.

"Umm... well yea-okay. Maybe? No. But you like this." Charlie jumbled, until finally staying with an answer.

"I do, but you are clearly bored."

"No. I'm good. It's what? Three to fourteen. I can handle another round." Charlie said with glee, the wholesome cheery smile as ever.

"We can do something else. You won't hurt my feels, this is your appointment after all."

She shrugged at first, posing gently on the couch as the princess she was raised. Trying to think of a new topic, eyes wandering the office to do just that. Hesediel watched as his boss lays back on the couch, pouting and arms crossed. Brows arched in thought, while he cleaned the coffee table. Soon, she finally found her voice.

"Yeah... oh! Maybe books? I haven't gotten to all of your collection, but maybe we can talk about that?"

"Whatever you wish, is fine."

"Right. So, I won't beat around the bush here. How come you don't have any... umm, how to phrase this." Charlie spoke with confidence, though midway had the words fall, upon when Hesediel looked her way, that despite his stale expression, it felt remorseful.

"Love stories, I take is what you mean. Given the sources of books you and I have. We certainly favor genres over others. So lends to the ideas behind that and why. Is that your question?"

Charlie let a soft chuckle pass her lips, in saying. "Not as formal, but yes."

"Well to be frank." Hesediel started with, inclined his head when hearing her snort. Shaking his head to her wordless jest, in going to say. "Not that I don't mind love stories. More to say romance isn't ideal to me. I find the weight of love differently and many of my stories I enjoy reflect that."

The smile once wide and cheerful upon Charlie's face, dipped to those words. Pounderment clear as her brows arch up in worry, a slight frown, while her body stayed relaxed against the plush couch. Hesediel added nothing to her actions, as he rose from his seat, making a hush comment on making tea for them.


"It's not that I don't find it pointless in anyway or a major in anyone's life. But from the books and common knowledge, nothing can hold a candle to it." Hesediel answered, placing the small tea set on the table. Fixing his cup while Charlie did the same.

The silence was far from being deafening.

"What kind of love have you seen or heard, Hesy?"

"Boring. I doubt those are tales you wish to hear, in all honesty."

"Well, it is my appointment. So, you know?"

"A sneaky ploy of yours, Miss. Charlie?"

"Of course not. Perish the thought, Hesediel."

Hesediel peeked to his boss, catching the coy smile hidden under the rim of the cup. Joyful eyes staring back. Awaiting in jittery patience. Letting loose an airy breath, in answering with. "I believe I know a few stories. Tales of figures you may not name to and some lost to history. One's my mentors would tell. Well maybe not Jetrel. Love was more a cathedral death trap to him. More so when one of own fell in love with a mistress of night."

That rose an invested arch brow, Charlie following with. "Forbidden love?"

"The most classical of its time. I only met her a handful of times. Breathtaking for how close her image was to the first woman of creation."

"Must have been a big fanboy moment for you." Charlie teased.

Hesediel waved off the comment and continued. "How smitten the one I called teacher and brother, to act like a child around her. Yet, she saw nothing of it and soon her flirty rejections became a sirens bell to my brother's ears. For the time, it was all harmless and he, them both, were happy."

"I feel like this has a sad ending."

"More bittersweet tis really, Miss. Charlie. Though I have lost on how long the courting went. The realms outside were beyond anyone's control. My brother did much he could to keep the higher ups pleased. Challenging any who questioned his stance. For you see, Churbs are not meant for the simple pleasures of what my brother and the mistress wove. They never mixed their lives more than needed. To put it simply... they made it work and that alone creates envy."

"What was holding back the mistress?"

"Hard to say. I never found the words to ask her when we chatted. From the mortals weaved was either her humanity and limited time, or how the night was more home to her than most believed... though, I think it was more of jealousy from akin to my brother's rank. Rules have reasons. Yet, still leave much for one to desire. One I knew enough that neither wanted."

"You really think that?"

"Call it a hunch, Charlie."

Charlie sat her cold cup of tea down, unknowingly for how long time passed. Eyes wandering around the room. Once or twice landing on a painting or the stain glass window. Lost in thought.

"The kind of jealousy in this. Is not which you think of. From last I saw of them, they're happy. Strained because of their new lives but wouldn't change a thing."

Charlie felt her lips curved into a tiny smile at the thought, saying. "That's good. What kind of jealousy though?"

"The kind where pride and greed are what we wary the most. Too much of it and taints one's thoughts. Thinking by all else the Almighty won't notice. No one can hide their true means from The Great Dreamer, the other title to Almighty. Heeds all and knows all. When desires and hope are shown, one's purpose will change. If they want it or not. The Almighty does well to correct and balance it."

"Which means?"

"They go where they are most needed. My brother's place was not in heaven. Nor the actions that followed could have been stopped. Fate, destiny, choice... call it whatever pleases one. It doesn't take away the loss."

"Love and jealousy broke your family... I-I... oh, Hesy."

"When cutting to the bare of it. Yes, it does sound very petty."


Hesediel reached out with one hand, laying on top both Charlie's much smaller ones. Given just a gentle pat, when seeing the shivers break through the young demon and was kind to let Charlie pull away to loosely tangled their fingers together. Silence hung until Charlie spoke again.

"It's not blue and gloom, right?"

"Among other things. Sometimes even the smallest things leave the biggest dents. Though in this instance, there was more. But I doubt you want to hear politics in this love story. So, we'll leave at that. What your parents had then and still, is by far simply... remarkable."

"They sure don't show it now."

"Yes, something I had to grown used to as well. To a degree. I believe that maybe they are just being wary. More so now of a noisey and cheerful spawn of theirs."

"Sounds like you're humoring me here, Hesy." Charlie said, wary of a laughter while the normal shine her eyes dimmed. To respond on lifting the slipping arches that wrapped around Hesediel. Soon adding. "Would apologizing on their behalf mean anything?"

"There is nothing in need in that. What's done is done."

"Still, I feel a but in this."

"Yet. It has not made me bitter. Wiser if anything, Charlie. My brother and sister-in-arms are happy. My other mentors and fellowships are in peace as they can be. I may not know where all of them are or their thoughts to it, and I will likely never get an answer. I feel enough to know to not linger on doubt or anger of the unknown. I may question some things, comes with the turf if you will. But seeing my ascha pash od ol lorslq blans makes things a little easier that all this was worth it. So, in the terms of love. I feel romance can't hold a blazing fire to that of family or friendship. Childish as it may seem. But it's more than enough."

"Yet, my dad would never speak of this."

"You're father has his reasons. Miss... Char - Charlotte, as I might, I can't tell you everything... that is something for them, your mother and father, must do. And believe me, their love for you is something that can't be said in words."

"Yet, they won't even tell what happen by then. Not even you... I thought... well, you know."

Hesediel moved to sit by Charlie, caring a soft hand over her shoulder. An odd attempt of a side hug. Though, Charlie returned it in kind, mindful of his wears and hid her face in his long sleeve.

"Those tales are not meant for me to say. I couldn't nor would I tell you. Let the truth of what you know now not break your faith for the betterment of your people, Charlotte. Remember, for every idea thought, it has to been given time, care, and hope."

"But, I have been running this place for almost felt like a human's decade on slow motion. And it's been barely a scratch."

"Neither was the paradoxical realm of my home when I started. I'm one-sixthteenth of the mortal's unrecored world age and I'm still finding things to change and fix. Nothing is ever done by a snap of the fingers or a catchy number, Charlotte."

"How many times are you going to say that."

"Until this song and dance is more than phase to you. You may as you are an adult, doesn't mean you ever outgrow a lesson."

The little demon smiled, with a playful annoyance that twitched her cheek. Nicking a little moment, as she looked off away in thought. Letting the moment come and go, by the recall long ago.

"They'll never tell me, will they?"

"I can't say. Ask again and again, the result won't change. Love between parent and child is different for every family from what I have witnessed."

The statement peeked Charlie's interested to have her look upward to the tall being.

"Yes, even mine." Hesediel said, before adding quickly when she was about to speak. "And no, for personal reasons we are talking about that life."

"You called me Charlotte. You think I will let that slide. Really?"

"Curious little blue bird you are. Spry as a little chick looking for feed, honestly." Hesediel sighed, catching how the once redden eyes of the other's were clearing from the dry humours tone.

"Not going to get out of this one."

"Actually, your time ran out about fifteen minutes ago. Might as well call a day for. Least I be struck by those love you dearly because you leave my office in tears. My pride and wellbeing would be at stake, child."

Charlie titters in laughter.

"How wonderful you find my suffering amusing."

Charlie tries to calm herself, guilty with a wide grin much to the subdue amusement of the other. Trying as she might to collect herself was all in veins.

"Hesy, come on. You promised more than one story. Please." Charlie pleaded, watching Hesediel clean up the tea set and straighten the already persistent room.

"I might just leave you hanging, as they say. Come now, dinner is starting soon. Let us not keep the others waiting." Hesediel said, having the cups and pot soak in the tiny sink, glancing over his shoulder to catch not an ounce of sadness in Charlie's being.

"I'll go willingly if you promised another story later." Charlie pleaded once more.

"I make no word to that... but we'll see. Alright?"

"Like what?"

"Ever heard of the story of when a star stolen the morning. Or when a lord of defeat was gifted a feather from the clouds. I'm sure you must have heard the tale of the youngest chard of Aegipan raised by Cepheus and Cygnus..." Hesediel listed as they headed out, catching Charlie paused in step.

"The last one. My mom told me that story a lot when I was younger." Charlie answered, with a slight pout when continued with a slight. "It was mostly after I had a fit with dad. Saying that any family fall but it takes time and understanding to patch things up... how..."

"Picture if you will of a soul being unfit to be a father but tries to be for a boy that needs love because the world unkindness didn't stop at one strike. One of the few things your father and that fable have in common."

"Wait... wait. Wait! Are you saying that-"

"There you two are. Niffty has been waiting for you two. I say, laziness is not of either of you. Hurry now, her dishes are simply divine."

Charlie looked to the of the hall, spotting Alastor with a well nature smile. Saying in kind. "We're on our way, Al." Sparing a glance to the tall being, with a obtuse smirk, adding. "Another time, Dr. Hes?"

"I love nothing more of that, Miss. Charlie. Our time together is not something I like to waste on." Hesediel answered back, elbow out to her in kind. Saying softly. "Shall we?"

"Of course." Charlie replied with more sass on her rebellion back.