Romeo and Juliet in the hood

Los Angeles, California, 2005. « Gangland » known throughout the world for it's movies studios, it's basketball culture and it's magnificient landscapes is mostly known for beeing home to the two most famous gang : The Crips and the Bloods.

Our two Protagonists are Romeo and Juliet.

I'll introduce first our OG MC Romeo, he's part of the Crips, he joined them at only 10 years old and is now at the head of a set. Cold-blooded he never hesitates to shoot down an opponent of his beloved gang. On the other hand, we have Juliet who is basically the doppelganger of Romeo. Beeing the head of a Blood's set she is drastically opposed to Romeo, however we will see that sometimes even sworn ennemies can change their fate and their relationship.

Or not.

It was a hot day of summer, as usual Romeo was hanging out with his crew at his friend's crib.

They were planning on the next assault on the Crips. Actually they were for the most of them smoking blunts while swearing on their opponent.

While listening to 500 degrees from Lil Wayne ( s/o weezy ) they heard a car pulling up near the house.

Romeo looking by the window saw a mac 10 appearing over the car window and recognized a blue bandana. That's when he realized. He shouted to everyone to get on the floor but that was too late

Two of his friends were shooted down and their corps were laying on the ground.

The drive-by was on point indeed, they waited until Romeo and a part of his set were alone and without any means to answer.

Romeo was boiling up with anger, they cleaned the mess, and once again, Romeo had to bury his friend.

Some days after the drive-by Romeo had taken some decisions.

The plan was simple yet dangerous.

They had some intel from a certain someone that in a week the Crips will hold a little party with an independant gang in order to recruit them, thus, upgrade their firepower.

Romeo and two of his friend had to sneak up in the house, shoot down the guests, murder the set leader and get out by the backdoor where a car would wait for them.

The day before the main event of the week Romeo was all pumped up. He was ready to take on anyone who would hurt a friend. They knew the locations the hour, the car was set-up and the guns ready to shoot.

From dawn until dusk Romeo sought only one thing : revenge.

The day finally came, his mind would only be at ease when he had Crips bloods on his hands.

The sun was setting down, the air was fresh but Romeo didn't felt anything on his skin, he was fully focused for one week but he forgot one thing.

The leader of the set in the house was Juliet. He saw her before and ironically thought that she looked neat and pretty. Suddendly, the cold angry Romeo turned into a child with a soft heart.

Nevertheless he didn't forgot why he was here and went on anyways.

The house was actually a mansion so they had to split up. Romeo's two mates would look for the guests kill them and wait for him at the car in 5 minutes.

In fact he decided that so he could have some chat with Juliet even if he didn't have any ideas of what to say.

Like a shadow in the night he hunted down his pray his heart full of worries.

He heard gunshots, that was surely his friend, everything went according to the plan.

That when she appeared on the balcony above him. She was wearing a white dress stained with bloods. In fact she looked exactly like the crimson moon in the sky.

Loosing himself in the attractive figure of Juliet he forgot what he came for and the context of his presence.

He realized his mistake too late. He suddendly felt really cold and looked at his belly, full of bullet holes.

Dizzy he gently fell on the ground his eyes turned where the beautiful Grim Reaper was standing, smirking at him with a feelling of satisfaction. What a cruel cold world our OG lived in.