To think that it all started with a toilet. Both Mario and Luigi knew that they were different and to prove it, they had strange powers that would be described as otherworldly. In fact, both brothers were stronger than the average person and they could jump at incredibly high feats which led to rumors from their peers.

"Did you hear what Mario and Luigi did today?" One would say.

"I knew that those Mario Brothers were freaks." They weren't nice rumors and some were even downright cruel. It was why they usually kept to themselves since they didn't want to cause trouble. Their cousins Wario and Waluigi made things worse and to top it all off they were bullies who liked to make their lives miserable, especially at home. You could even say that Mario and Luigi were what you would call the black sheep of the family. It seemed that even their own family thought that they were weird.

"Since you two are men than you are going to have to learn how to fix things." That was their father and both brothers were in the middle of eating dinner when they said this. They always knew that he was a cheapskate.

"So Mario, tell me about this dream you had last night?" Luigi said trying to change the subject after realizing that his older brother was beginning to feel uncomfortable.

"It was awesome!" Mario exclaimed. "I dreamt that we were both superheroes saving these two princesses who would give us cake afterwards. The people their loves us and we had these awesome mustaches!"

"Of course, your dreams always involves food." Luigi sighed feeling slightly embarrassed but he was still glad that he was able to help him out. Mario helped him out with his panphobia which was the fear of everything. Although it has gotten better over the years since his brother was able to help him manage it. Despite that, Luigi was very smart and because of his phobia he was overlooked which gave him a bit of an advantage.

Mario on the other hand, was the opposite and had average intelligence but he was more athletic. Mario would never admit this but he could actually win the olympics if he tried. There was a brief moment of silence until the mother of the family finally spoke up and said,"You know I have been looking for speech therapists for Mario and Luigi but so far I haven't had any luck."

"You know, our Italian accents could just be speech impediment." Luigi suggested while trying to make conversation.

"Oh come on, listen to the boy and besides, therapists costs too much money. Money doesn't grow on trees you know." Said the father.

"Hey dad, this might be an odd time to bring this up but the toilet broke. Think you can get Mario and Luigi to fix it? Beats getting our hands dirty and it's supposed to be their job anyway."

"You know what, that is a great idea son! I like how you think and I think that you have a bright future and besides, fixing things build character as I always say so why don't you two hop right to it and get to work." Their adoptive father said laughing at his own pun. Both brothers cringed at this since they both did not like to be reminded that they were different. They then did what they were told.

"And they never speak about Waluigi's speech problems." Luigi muttered under his breath. That was when Mario noticed his behavior and said,"Ah, don't think like that Luigi. I bet one of these days we would find a place where we belong."

"Sure Mario, like there would be a place that would accept freaks like us."

"Oh come on, sure things are bad right now but you gotta think positive."

"Alright but let me get our tools. I don't want to deal with another one of our father's fits again."

"That's the spirit! I'll wash my hands and meet you there." Replied Mario with a heavy sigh. Deep down, Mario knew that they were not related to these people. In fact, both brothers felt like they never belonged with their family. He knew why his parents always made them do the chores seeing how his father's mindset worked.

Because of this, they mostly wore rags and apparently it was another thing that people liked to make fun of. The only thing that was actually nice was their signature red and green caps. Both of them were a little bit dirty since it was mostly plumbing that they were forced to do. However, it wasn't all bad and for a while they dated two girls named Peach and Daisy before they had to move away. In fact, it was the highlight of their day even though that it was brief and they had no choice but to break up. They had not seen them since and what was odd about the whole thing was that no one remembered them but deep down Mario knew that they were real.

"Ok, I got the tools." Said Luigi who saw his brother in the bathroom. In fact, Mario himself was just about finished washing his hands.

"That's great, now let's take care of that toilet and we can finally go back to eating dinner." Luigi agreed and then began to start washing his hands before getting to work. Mario then grabbed a plunger that was nearby and began unclogging said toilet. It was difficult and Mario was a bit surprised by how stubborn it was. He then decided to use some of his super strength but to his surprise, he began to fall in. Luigi was still washing his hands and once he saw that his brother was in trouble he rushed over to help him not bothering to turn off the still running water.

"Don't worry Mario, I got you!" Luigi said while pulling onto Mario's arms. Despite all of his efforts, Mario was flushed down the toilet along with his brother who was accidentally flushed down with him as well. Deep underground, was a whole other world. The sky was blue and everyone was just enjoying their day. Well everyone except for two princesses who were being harassed by the evil Prince Bowser. The dictator was trying to flirt with them even though they had now interest and he just would not stop his advances.

"Why don't you just go out on a date with me. We all know that the heroes are dead."

"That is where you are wrong Bowser! We saw them back in the real world!" Said one of the princesses who slapped him in the face. "And our hearts only belong to the heroes and not some creep like you!"

"You know for a flower princess, you can a real pain."

"Get you grubby hands off me! I am not some stereotype unlike some people." The princess said giving her sister the stink eye.

"Daisy, I think that was uncalled for." Said her sister feeling a bit offended.

"Sorry Peach, I am just frustrated and usually when I am angry I say things that I don't really mean. Things were a lot easier when the heroes were still around. I guess I could say that I am attracted to strong men with strange accents." Peach snickered at this forgetting the situation that they were in. "Honestly, I thought the green one was cute. I wish that we could still remember their names. It was so long ago." Daisy sighed completely forgetting about Bowswer who appeared to be angry that he was being ignored.

"That's okay Daisy, we were babies at the time. Who remembers things from when they were babies? If you ask me, I liked the red one and once I saw their signature hats back in the real world, I knew that it was them. It's too bad that I never got the chance to ask them their names since the portal was about to close." Peach sighed until she remembered that they were about to be attacked. They screamed not realizing that they were hugging each other.

Meanwhile, Mario and Luigi were having their own problems and while they were being sucked down the toilet, they were screaming for dear life. They did not realize that the sewage system could go down so deep. It was almost like magic. That was when the two finally hit the ground.

"Mario, I think that my entire life flashed before my eyes." Said Luigi who was still a bit dizzy while the older only gasped. "I don't think that we are in Brooklyn anymore, Mario." That was when the older brother saw that he was right. They were no longer in Brooklyn. In fact, the air was so much cleaner.

The skyscrapers were replaced by small homes and they seemed warm and welcoming. There was no pollution in the air and their was a bunch of green grass instead of roads and sidewalks. Not only that but everyone seemed friendly. A few of them even waved hello. It was a nice change but the brothers worried that if these creatures knew about their powers, they might think differently about them.

"Hello, you look a little lost. I am the mayor of this fine establishment and I was wondering if you two need any assistance. It's not everyday that we see humans running around."

"Hello, Mr. Mayor. My name is Mario and this is my younger brother Luigi. We were wondering if you could tell us where we are."

"Of course, this is Toad Town and the country we are in is called the Mushroom Kingdom. Although, things have been a bit boring since the Mushroom Kingdom's beloved heroes mysteriously disappeared. The only excitement that we ever get is when Prince Bowser harasses the princesses. Poor things, everything has been so difficult ever since the heroes left." As if on cue, they heard a scream coming from a small distance.

"What do you suppose that scream was all about?" Asked Luigi who suddenly found himself inside Mario's arms who was now carrying him bridal style. Luigi then saw what he just did and smiled nervously when his older brother decided to drop him.

"Oh boy, that must be them. Well, I hope that you boys stay safe at least."

"Thanks and we will try to be careful. Come on Luigi, let's help whoever called for help." Said Mario who tried to wake his brother up. Luckily he did and the older brother was actually relieved.

"What are you insane? The mayor just warned us to stay away!"

"Luigi, both you and I know that we can't just abandon a girl who is in danger!"

"Mamma Mia! Okie dokie but sometimes you can be so stubborn sometimes." The two boys the left not realizing the adventure that lies ahead. However, what they did not realize was that the mayor was still watching them and said,"I swear that those two look like the missing heroes."