It has been at least a week since the Mario Brothers have arrived to the Mushroom Kingdom and both boys were sound asleep in their rooms. For the boys it has been a crazy week since they were preparing for school and while Luigi and great at Math and Science he still needed help in other areas since this was a completely new world that they were in. Not to mention that they spent the second day searching for school supplies. The third surprise was definitely a shock when Toadsworth appointed them to be Princess Daisy and Princess Peach's body guards. Then there was the paparazzi, thankfully Toadworth had advised them both to use a different name when going out in public. Both boys thought that it was weird using their real names for their alter egos.

Toadworth even picked out a name for them both to use while they were had school. While they were discussing names, they learned that humans were very rare in the Mushroom Kingdom and usually that they were considered royalty. As a result, there were many questions running through their heads right now. They even wondered if they used to have their own kingdom or if they had any family members that were still alive. The thought of having possible family here excited them both. It would explain a lot but their slumber was interrupted by the sound of the alarm clock.

"Mario, it's time for school." Said Luigi after being startled by the sound of the alarm. The young brother then sighed knowing how his twin was not a morning person. The hero in green only rolled his eyes. That was when the young genius remembered that he requested a few things from Toadsworth and one of them just so happened to be a blow horn. The younger brother knew that Mario hated that sound and Luigi wondered whether or not it was a good idea.

"Maybe I shouldn't." Luigi thought out loud. He then looked at Mario and then at the horn. He then sighed and said,"Okie dokie." The green hero then pressed the horn waking up the red hero without fail.

"Luigi, why on Earth would you think that blowing that horn was a good idea?"

"I'm sorry, I had no choice and you wouldn't wake up."

"Fine but you are lucky that I am forgiving you this time." Mario replied feeling a bit grouchy after his extremely rude awakening. The twins then got dressed for school. Mario wore a light red jacket with a few zippers and pockets. There was also a black shirt underneath said jacket. He also wore a pair of jeans and brown shoes. The only thing that he did not bring, was his hat because Kamek said that it would be a dead giveaway but Mario could not part with it and decided to sneak it inside his backpack.

Luigi wore the same exact thing as his brother except that he was wearing green. Mario was excited to be in a new school because that meant creating a new image for himself. Luigi on the other hand was a nervous wreck because he was afraid that people might make fun of him for being smarter than the average person. In fact, the younger brother remembered that it was a total nightmare until Mario reminded him that being smart was cool.

"So are you ready for the first day of school bro?" Mario asked as an effort to calm his brother down. He knew that his brother had the first day jitters and he could not blame him for it. During breakfast, things were a bit awkward and Luigi was a bit uneasy since he was sitting next to Daisy. For the past few days Daisy had both punched and kicked him while occasionally putting a "kick me" sign on his back. He was still nervous being around her even though that he was supposed to be her body guard in case Bowser decided to attack.

Still, Luigi was not aware that Daisy would blush a bright tomato red whenever she thought that he wasn't looking. Unlike Peach, Daisy had a harder time showing her emotions. That's was when Mario finally broke the silence.

"I appreciate you helping us out but don't you think that this is a bit much? I mean Luigi and I have been doing fine on our own for years." Mario protested but Toadsworth immediately shot down the idea.

"Nonsense, you guys are underage and I decided that I should be the one to take care of your personal needs, which is why I insisted that you should go to school with my daughters." The two boys sweatdropped at this seeing how Toadsworth was a perfect example of a helicopter parent. "That reminds me, I need to get a camera in order to commemorate the occasion." The boy was beginning to become uncomfortable until a servant dragged him away due to the fact that the king has duties to attend to.

"Oh don't mind Toadswroth because I know what you are thinking and yes he can be a bit overbearing but that just means he loves you even though his way of showing it is a bit odd." Said Peach.

"Now that that episode is over, let's walk to school shall we?" Daisy suggested while giggling a bit. It was a good thing that the castle was close enough to the school so that they could walk.

"So Mario, Luigi, what was it like in Brooklyn? Do you miss your family back at home?" Peach asked out of curiosity. Luigi shook his head while pleading his brother not to with his eyes. That was until he said,"It's fine Luigi, we can tell them and besides they would find out sooner or later."

"Is something wrong?" Daisy asked out of concern.

"Well, our life in Brooklyn was something that one wouldn't call desirable. In fact, we kind of came here in an unfavorable type of transportation." Mario admitted.

"Oooh, do tell." Replied Peach now curious.

"Well as we said before, our life back at home wasn't exactly charming. You see when we were toddlers, we were left on the doorsteps of our cousin's house Wario and Waluigi. Our parents favorited our cousins because we had usual powers. I had fire powers while Luigi had electric type abilities. We were both usually very strong and can jump at extremely high feets. In fact, I am the athletic one while Luigi here is the smart one and has impervious skin.

You see our father is a bit of a cheapskate and once he saw how good at building things Luigi was, he made us do all of the plumbing in the house. Our mom at least tries to be a good mother to us even though she is a bit on the lazy side and can sometimes be a bit insensitive. We had our own rooms that were pretty decent and we had everything that we needed in order to have comfortable living but that didn't stop other kids for making fun of us since we wore rags."

"That is so sad Mario. What about your cousins?" Peach asked who appeared to be crying while Daisy cried as well but tried not to show it.

"Our cousins pretty much hated our guts and we never knew why but they were something that Luigi and I like to call: evil incarnate. Then of course you know the rest."

"Have you ever thought of using your powers on those that made fun of you?" Daisy asked.

"No but sometimes we can't control our strength and we were forced to change schools because of it." Luigi admitted feeling a bit embarrassed. That was when the group finally reached the school and Mario was beginning to feel nervous. Once Mario opened the school doors, everyone turned to their direction and for a moment there was some tension going on due to the fact that it was so quiet. Not a moment too soon, everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at the new students that were with the princesses.

"Just like Broklyn." Mario said to himself as the group continued to go down the hall while trying to avoid eye contact. Luigi was not doing much better since he was too busy cowering behind Daisy.

"I am going to go to the principal's office to get our class schedules."

"Good idea." Replied Mario before Luigi left. While the group was minding their own business, they did not realize that Kamek was spying on the group. He was in his chambers trying to find out how she could get rid of the Mario Brothers. That was when she had an idea and called Bowser on her mirror.

"Kamek, this better be good!" Said Bowser angrily.

"I can assure you that it is your impatientness." Said Kamek bowing down before his master. "I saw that Mario and Luigi has just attended the same school as the princesses. Once I saw them I had an idea: what if you kidnapped the princesses and forced them to marry you?"

"That… is a great idea! I'll come by later to proceed with the plan. Hopefully those Mario Brothers don't interfere and as long as they don't find out about their heritage than we should be untouchable at this point since princesses are only allowed to marry royalty meaning me!" Bowser laughed while Kemek was a nervous wreck. Outside the palace there was thunder and lightning indicating that something evil was about to take place.