"C'mon, just one little taste."


Adora frowned at Catra's continued refusal. She knew that she would probably like it if she tried it, but trying to get her thereā€¦

At this point, it wasn't even about her trying it necessarily. Adora's pride was on the line.

"If you try it, I'll let Entrapta study my sword." Adora offered. "And if you don't like it, I'll never make you try it again."

Catra leaned back with a thoughtful expression on her face, but Adora could see right through her. This had become just as much about Catra refusing to try it in order to annoy Adora as it had about Adora making her try it just to know she could convince her.

It was a weird stalemate, but it was pretty typical of them.

Adora hoped she hadn't shown her hand too early though. Or maybe should have kept this bargaining chip for something more important. After all, Entrapta had wanted to properly study her sword for ages, but so far Adora's first experience with Entrapta's experiments and the whole Horde thing had made her wary of it. But Catra did like making her friends happy, and if she could tell Entrapta that Adora had finally agreed, Catra would be just as satisfied.

So now it was just Catra weighing if the satisfaction of helping her friend do something she wanted outweighed her need to annoy Adora and prevent Adora's own satisfaction.

Adora considered herself lucky that Catra was so loyal to her friends as Catra muttered out a "fine," reached out her hand -

And promptly grabbed the mini cupcake from Adora and shoved it in her mouth, her expression clearly conveying disdain.

However, Adora felt her grin grow as Catra blinked rapidly and slowly hummed as she chewed.

"See, not so bad, huh?" Adora smirked as Catra swallowed.

"Eh. Not bad." But she still took another cupcake off of the tray.

"I still can't believe you never had cake before."

"You know as well as I do that we didn't have this sort of thing in the Fright Zone."

Adora held back a shudder at the thought of the rations they had back then. Sure, it had seemed fine at the time as they hadn't known any different, but even the stuff Bow and Glimmer would turn their nose up at tasted delicious in comparison.

She hadn't known food had flavor before she'd left.

"I assumed you would've grabbed some while at Princess Prom."

"I think I did. But Entrapta stole it for herself."

The laugh was out of Adora's mouth before she could stop it, but luckily, Catra just grinned back and laughed with her.

"You do realize that you have to let Entrapta take a crack at your sword now right?"

"It's worth it."

And it really was if she and Catra could just hang out like old times, despite everything that had happened.

As Adora playfully fought Catra over the remaining cupcakes, she could only hope that more moments like this would come.