After a new appointment with his Juliet, Romeo doubted enormously, the sporting abilities of his love had cooled him somewhat, he finally found her too slow to relax and her unbearable laugh exasperated him. He was thinking, perhaps too much, on his condition and even wondered why he had fallen in love with Juliette, and especially wondered whether love at first sight existed… But passing in front of a stone pier, he noticed a beautiful young man with long, silky hair sprinkled with light drops of water and an atmosphere of general beauty. In the sight of this boy, Romeo understood that love at first sight really existed, and that he had just suffered it, for real this time. He dared not approach him at first, then after a moment of misdirection, He was enough courage to go and talk to him. He didn't need to call him that his angel turned to look at him, leaning on a small wall, the young stranger stared at Romeo who could only utter one word, "sir" before being too shy to speak. The boy replied "Joseph" in a calm and rested tone. This word had the effect of calming Romeo immediately, with his soft voice and the perfect scenery our hero could only feel good. He settled next to Joseph against the barrier to admire the landscape and chat with him. Joseph was not a very talkative person, which didn't suit Romeo, too shy to speak much in front of his love. But after a long discussion, Romeo dropped his tissue on the ground that Joseph picked up, but when he got up he slipped and fell on Romeo who just caught up with him. They was with their face close, their hands at the waist. The moment was perfect and Romeo couldn't help but kiss him. To affirm what he want but also to make him feel his feelings. Joseph blushes. Romeo also blushes. And after a long moment of waiting, they kissed again, the love of our hero was therefore reciprocated, he was relieved, but he thought of Juliette the limp who was his true love just an hour ago. No, he had to forget her for his love with Joseph, for Joseph. For their happiness, he had already forgotten her to leave with his beloved.