Chapter Two

Are you Noble?

Link, Zane, Linkle, Hoviri, Karal and Fornea were now sitting in a circle before the Great Deku Tree, trying to decide what their next move should be,

"What do you know about this artefact?" Hoviri asked

"I know what it does, I heard music on the way over here" Link said, "Maybe playing it back will lead us to it"

"Link!" Came the messenger' voice, "A child below a certain age will become entranced by the power of the artefact"

"Am I to understand it that they can reach these towers but would't be able to get inside?" Link asked

"That is correct" The messenger said

Linkle looked around in confusion,

"Yiga can't get through either, it won't work for them, they're plan was probably to sell it and then use that person until they had access to the gateway to the House of Cards" Zane said

"Will I be able to access the towers?" Linkle asked

"Don't for one second think I'm going to let you do this on your own" Link told her

"I got the artefact"

"If I might, I have a worthy aid to go alongside, the process has begun, we have to see it through now" Fornea said, "A young Gerudo I've been working with. She's a good fighter and a friend to Linkle, she will serve you well"

"It isn't all about strength" Link said, "None of you have asked her why she stole the artefact in the first place, what she thought it would achieve?"

"It's in my nature" Linkle said

"To steal? Then you will die very quickly and painfully...unless I can find some noble blood in you" Link said

"Link...what are you suggesting?" Zane asked a little nervous

"I want to see if she has the mark on her hand" Link said

Fornea grabbed Linkle' hand,

"She is not your Linkle" Fornea said

"That mark of my sister' will only show when faced with a real challenge"

"You don't think the Yiga a real challenge?" Linkle asked

"You walked into something you did not need to willingly, for the sake of your Gerudo nature. If, on the other hand you walk into the unknown, and require a strength only my kind possesses then that mark will show. Meet me at Hyrule Castle tomorrow morning, with this aid you wish to accompany us and if you have the mark I will concede" Link said

"That I am Linkle" Linkle said hopefully

"No, that you have a power the Goddesses wish to use in this never ending fight against the forces that forever try to destroy Hyrule" Link said and with that he left.

"Linkle...I want you to come to the castle before sunrise tomorrow, I want to hear about these dreams of yours" Zane said kindly

That night Linkle and her best friend, Korlorel, the aid Fornea had suggested, were sat up in a tree overlooking the clearing that would one day become Kokiri Village.

"What trouble have you gotten yourself into this time?" Korlorel asked with a playful nudge

"I rescued an artefact off a merchant, who turned out to be a Yiga" Linkle said

"What was this artefact?" Korlorel asked her

"It's called the Eagle Eye" Linkle said

"Wait, I know that...has something to do with a gateway to the House of Cards, Linkle do you know the kind of power you could have if you passed all those challeges?"

"I wasn't thinking about that, though it would help" Linkle said

"I know what you're trying to do" Korlorel said, "You want to do what you couldn't back then, you want to find that Molduga that killed you"

"Yes...not just that, I'm torn Korlorel" Linkle said, "I'm torn. No one believes I was Linkle and no one will unless I can find that compass I lost. Link and Mya should have it...I know I belong with them and yet I love my family here too...what if by me staying they're in danger? I've cost us Gerudo Desert and now the twins"

"Linkle, I believe you and Link will too one day but getting yourself killed, going after the compass and the Molduga again is not the way to go about it"

"If only there was something distinctive about the horizon that day...what if I was at the gate when I was attacked?" Linkle said

"Something in you recognised the artefact for what it was and something untapped kicked in, you knew you had to get it off the Yiga" Korlorel said, "Looking back and realising a subconscious meaning is a great thing but we both know you wouldn't have activated that artefact yourself or handed it over, your mother would have sold it to the highest bid"

"Do you think we'll be able to find the twins?" Linkle asked

"We'll find them Linkle, don't worry"

The next day, right before sunrise Linkle and Korlorel arrived at the gates to Hyrule Castle on the back of Korlorel' sand seal, where they were met by Zelda,

"Wow, you look like her" Zelda said, stroking a strand of flaming red hair, "Accept for hese strands. Could it be possible?"

"Zane asked me to come early so we could talk" Linkle said and then she hugged Zelda. Zelda laughed and hugged her back, "I've missed you"

"If it's you, tell me something only we'd know" Zelda said as they parted

Korlorel looked up and realised Link was watching from a window high above, it made her uncomfortable,

"Link knows I wasn't supposed to die and is going to tell Robin to marry Mya instead in the hopes that the Goddess will bless her daughter with her power instead" Linkle said, Zelda' eyes widened, "I don't only relive vague memories from that time but I have projections. Something I know only happens in Link' family"

Zelda led Linkle up to Zane' room and left her with him, taking Korlorel down to the kitchens for some traditional Gerudo breakfast, something Korlorel greatly appreciated,

"I expected you to be intimedating" Korlorel said as she sipped her favorite beverage

"You must be joking, I wasn't exactly the popular kid in the class" Zelda said

"But you're Zelda"

"Exactly, they all wanted Link"

"What did Link want?"

"Parents" Zelda said

This took Korlorel competely by surprise.

Zane had lit a fire and made Linkle some hot chocolate to drink as they talked,

"Hyrule' warriors, their protectors, Link and Zelda, are cursed to become the same person over and over, so there will always be someone here to seal Ganon or his many guises and the followers he gains with each incarnation. Your arrival was not foretold and yet Linkle' ending is meant to come from events in Skyloft. At this time Skyloft has yet to ascend. There for if your memories are the same as hers then she, you, were not meant to die. Having the Gerudo on side would be a great advantage to us. I will not feed you words, I want you to tell me what you remember" Zane said

"There was a battle, in Hyrule. All had been quiet for a time and then Zelda had nightmares, she senced an unease and then all hell broke battle over I made my way home only I got lost, I ended up in the desert. I lost my compass and then it went dark. Just rescently, I learned to view these dreams, these memories in the third person, that's how I know...what killed me. It was a Molduga" Linkle said

Zane smiled,


"Link won't accept this truth, even though he himself has reincarnated dozens of times" Linkle said

"Yes but unlike you Linkle, he doesn't get to keep his memories" Zane told her

It wasn't long before Linkle was being lead through the castle and out into the courtyard, within the centre of which was a replica of the stand Zelda had once had in her Earthbound home Hi-Range. She was led up the steps and to the centre, where Link was waiting for her.

"You'll be perfectly safe. I will step in if I have to" He told her

Linkle nodded,

"I am ready Link"

With a nod Zelda activated an orb stand and Linkle and Link were lowered down to a chamber and doors with sand pouring out of them,

"You have Gerudo in you, it is believed Linkle' last known sighting from above was a desert not even the Gerudo will venture across. It is only plausible there for that she got lost"

"My compass is out there" Linkle said

"Even if it is you're not going back to get it" Link said

"But if we found it..."

"Linkle, if we establish that you have a mark on your hand then and only then will I tell you what I believe would happen, should that compass find its way back here" Link told her not unkindly

The doors opened and they stepped through.

Within this room was a shrine and something moving beneath the sand. Linkle was scared as she took a step across and then screamed as the Molduga rose from the sand and up towards the ceiling.

Link ran to her aid as she crumpled and the symbol of the Kokiri' emerald appeared on her hand.

"Pay attention little one!" He called as she backed up to the doors.

She watched Link hide in the entrance of the shrine. The Molduga didn't seem to be able to get him from here,

"I didn't know how to kill it!" She called, "I see it in my sleep every night since I can remember!"

"If you encounter one of these again be sure you're near a shrine or oasis" Link called. The Molduga had gone back under the sand, Linkle' eyes were scanning it, "Take a round bomb to entice him out of the sand" He said, using the round bomb rune and rolling it onto the sand. As it exploded the Molduga rose up, "Now quickly throw a square bomb directly beneath it, if there's something underneath it when it lands it will not attack you!" Link told her, Linkle was astonished to see he was right, "Blow it up and while he's in shock, spin with your heaviest sword!"

Link did this and repeated the action two more times. It wriggled and then exploded and the sand vanished from the room.

"But that's easy" Linkle said, tears in her eyes,

"Word of advice, take a supply of fairies with you anywhere you go so I don't have to wait so long for you to come home next time" Link said

They laughed and embraced in a long hug.