Chapter Seven

The house of Cards

Linkle looked at Dew and Zane,

"I will be called soon" Dew said, taking his leave

"What happened to Link and Korlorel in the last tower?" Linkle asked

"He faced his toughest challenge" Zane said, "Your father"

The Western Tower:

Link and Korlorel looked at each other as the door to the boss as the King had called it moved across the floor to them like a ghost,

"Guess she got the right answer" Korlorel said

"I guess so, are you ready?" Link asked

"I'm a Gerudo, I'm always ready" Korlorel answered

Together they stepped through the door

Korlorel was held back by a light barrier. Link looked back in surprise and then turned as he heard a sword being removed from its cabbolt. Link was stunned. He was looking at his father only his father was now at least 7 of him,

"How're we doing this right here? Do I get to ask what's going on or?" His father launched at him and threw Link into the barrier of light, "Or we could just do that?"

Link jumped to his feet and dodged until he could find something to trip his oversized father up with. He hot one shot in with his sword before Link found himself tossed again. Link got up and dodged, then grabbed at the chain around his father' waist and pulled,

"Useless!" His father yelled

"If you have the strength of every Link in history then I do to and then some!" Link yelled putting his father in stasis after dragging him down, then using a staff on the floor and hitting him as he performed a spin attack, doing damage to his father as the stasis wore off.

Link prepared himself for the next stage of attach. His father floated up with a laugh and produced a ball of lightening I his hand,

"And Ganondolf" His father laughed

The match was on, back and forth they went. Link dodging when he couldn't hit back fast enough until he could get to his father and bring him down. Link then used the light arrows on him. Only now as his father changed tactics did he realise there was an upside down Triforce on his head, and once he knew his father' third stage of attack he knew which piece of the upside down Triforce to go for.

He got the better of him again and then for good messure sliced the Triforce into his father' chest until he exploded into light and became the father he had known.

Link cried,

"Not fair"

"I have nothing left to teach you son" Link' father said, "In truth, the Princess wasn't the only one shattered that day in Termina, you have much to do but you have done all you can in this time line. Well almost. You still need to face the challengers in the House of Cards, they house the power Zelda needs to create the portals and the links between worlds. As above so below and a seat at the right and left hand of your creator"

"I understand" Link said

In a flash of light Link and Korlorel found themselves outside and the gate was rising. Link explained all Korlorel had not heard but before they could step through the gate there was a evil scream. Korlorel was captured by two the Yiga, who then barged Link to get through the gate, using their powers to take over the House of Cards. The House of Cards' defences kicked in and one portion was severed from the rest of the building. This was all the Yiga could possess but they didn't care. It was a start.

Link then got thrown back as 7 lights shot up into the sky and 7 faces appeared within the light pillars. Mya in green, Borak in red, Ruler, Zelda' Earth friend, in blue, Zelda' mother in purple, Riju in gold, Nana in Silver and Drew in orange. Some of them screamed in terror, others looked accepting of their fait or determined not to be gotten the better of.

The battle was on and Link nodded before passing through the gate.

The doors opened for Link and Link stepped inside. Directly in front of him was a door and three jars. He smashed these and caught two fairies, obtaining a key in the third jar. He used the key to open a green wooden door.

The door slammed shut behind him and hovering above him was an unconscious Mya. Link grabbed his sword and made his signiture distress noise. A light trained up from the ground until he could see what he was facing. A plant like creature with poisoned vines that reached out.

Link tried to use his bombs but was unable. He'd have to use the bomb plants but the vines followed his every move to put the bombs out or make them explode on Link.

Link shot one bomb then quickly ran to the other and used this on the plant. As it exploded part of the vine attached, holding Mya slipped. The plant' second face of the attack was to pick Link up, suck on him and spit him out. This cost him valuable health. There were no bombs on this side of the plant. Link used fire arrows to set the vine' on fire and Mya was dropped. She didn't move when she landed but the plant did. It burrowed up out of the ground and spun around.

Link but it in stasis and then did a spin attack until he had done significant damage. Twice more and the plant exploded into smoke. Three jars appeared. Link found arrows and a key. He used one of the fairies he'd just obtained on Mya and she came round,

"Link!" She cried happily

Link gave her his signiture laugh, helped her up and together they ventured through the red door.

Here They found Borak holding the Goron hammer. He was in a cage high above and his guard was wrapped around the wall with its tail holding onto the cage firmly. Two eyes snapped open and soon Mya and Link found themselves going toe to claw with a phoinix.

"We need that hammer!" Link said

"I can't get it to you!" Borak called

"Sure you can!" Link called back

Borak tried but gravity worked the other way and Link realised with horror that he and Mya were the ones that were upside down. They hadn't even noticed. Getting the bird to them long enough would there for me impossible.

"Send the bird Borak' way!" Mya said

Link used his light arrows to shoot towards Borak. The bird went after it and Borak reached out and hit the bird. Then in shock as the bird flew up and around Link pulled the bird to them with his clawshot and Mya hit him with normal arrows.

They had to repeat this three times but they didn't expect what happened to them when the bird exploded into smoke, they were flipped back, this time they didn't notice and they dropped like lead weights, past Borak.

They turned the cage the right way and used a fairy to tend to his wounds after letting him out.

Three jars appeared. Two fairies and a key.

Together they ventured through the blue door.

Here Link, Mya and Borak found Ruler underwater in a pool.

Borak was suspicious,

"I don't think that's water Link"

He was right. The water became fourty Ruler, all with red eyes. They all tried to drown Lik, Mya and Borak, sending them to different parts of the room.

"We have to find the real ruler and snipe her" Link said

"Yo! That's savage Link"

"We have two fairies, one for one of us if we need it and one for her. We have to prove we'll do what he have to when it come down to it" Link called back

"This one has no gils!" Mya called pointing as she avoided an attack

Link used the hookshot to pull her out and Borak found three gems embedded in her back, he took one out and smashed it.

Ruler forced Link into the wall and then threw him across the room as she released herself from the hookshot. 10 of her doubles vanished but it didn't make it any easier to find the real one.

This went on until the last ten and she became a black finned Zora, that tried to escape through a vent but Link caught her and Mya helped Borak smash the last gem they had missed the last three times.

Ruler returned to normal, as did the room and she lay there naked, scared and embarrassed. Especially when she looked up and saw Link and Borak.

Mya took off her long coat and gave it to Ruler. It looked like a T shirt on her but it was better than nothing,

"Welcome to the game"

"I beg your pardon!"

Borak burst out laughing and Link soon followed suit,

"You're inside a computer right now...we could have killed you just now" Link said, "No time to explain"

Three jars appeared, within which was a dress for Ruler and a sword of blue, three mini shields that became full sized as they were picked up and the next key.

"If my capter is behind that door you watch..." Ruler said, angry, "If I go to Hyrule it'll be on my bloody terms no one elses!" As Link unlocks the purple door, "Why'd they take us anyway?!"

"We're descendents of the sages of light" Borak said

In this next room, it was dark and they all froze with fear as a circle of re-dead screamed. Once they'd dealt with these using a combination of stasis, the ocorina and fire arrows a different kind of abominations arrived from out of the ground.

Ruler noticed light coming from specks in the walls and alongside Mya used a sword and arrows until they had four beams at strategic points in the room. Link, Ruler, Borak and Mya stood at these points and combined shields and swords to direct light at the creature until it burst into flames and then exploded into smoke.

"Wait, who was the sage descendent for this temple?"

Before them appeared Zelda' mother,

"I am standing in for Korlorel"

"But she is of the Spirit Temple" Borak said

"Light and shade, as above so below, to the East and West. It makes sense. Impa is part Gerudo and Sheika, which is why if need be she could withstand the Twilight...son of a...Impa became Midna, the Twilight Princess" Link realised

Three jars appeared, within which were ice arrows and Zelda' mother joined Link, Mya, Borak and Ruler into the next room.

In this room they found five knuckle masters. Stasis wouldn't work on them but they realised that above them was a fire ceiling that was lowering and shot beams down at 5 second intervals. They had to get the knuckle masters into a position where by the fire would hit them. But when it had no affect Zelda' mother realised what they had to do,

"Freeze the beam on the way down and duck!"

They did this and the beam became a hammer of sorts that brought the kuckle masters to the ground and then the flames became icicles that shattered and did more damage.

The ceiling returned to it's first position and started again.

Trice more and the fire was deactivated. The armour fell away to reveal Riju in the centre. She had been powering the other two knuckle masters.

They cured her and with the next key from one of three jars they all ventured through the next door.

In this space Nana was trapped and there were six giant statues and one staff. Link' movements controlled theirs. He had to not only get the statues to their rigth places in order to free Nana but also get the others across to the other side of the room without crushing them.

Any time a mistake was made they lost blocks.

It took having to leave the room and re-enter three times before they were successful.

"Well that was...loud" Nana said

Mya giggled

"What's beyond that door?" Link asked

"The Yiga, the twins and Dew with the final challenge" Nana said, "This is where we take our leave"

Link nodded and stepped through the door into the last room.

The Yiga were laughing and congratulating each other as they watched Kolorel struggle in the power binds around her,

"Let her go!" Link yelled

"I knew you were the right choice, I knew you wouldn't fail" The first Yiga said

"With each descendent you saved our devices obtained a new sage, they know of a breech but they don't distinguish between enemy, victim and hero so on the safe side they're draining her of life right now. We brought her here so they'll grant us the power as a matter of thanks"

"Over my dead body!" Link yelled and he slammed the master sword into the ground. Korlorel was saved and the sage orbs flew around and into Link.

Link now possessed 7 sages and within five moves of his sword had rendered the Yiga' usless.

The ground went from under Link as they cried out and tried to maintain power. They raised the imprisioned from the ground and on each level they made each descendent Link had just saved appear. Link used a combination of powers to slow the imprisioned so he could save his friends again then stasis to stop the imprisioned long enough to pound the seal back into his head.

As the imprisioned was destroyed and rendered nothing but a black orb Link fell over 200 ft and landed on his feet unharmed.

The twins arrived and stole 3 of the sages each so now they were stronger than Link.

Link had to think on his feet and managed to trick them into hitting each other with counter powers. Once out cold the stolen powers flew around the room,

The Yiga went after Link again and were now destroyed by the powers that were free.

Link used the two fairies left to heal the twins, who came round and cried, arms wrapped around Link' waist.

Dew then appeared and peeled the children from Link,

"One more task Link...defeat me in a match to near destruction without the sages or any of the shattered anscestors. Prove you can perform all of Shades lessons without prompt one after the other and do so with a normal sword" Dew said

Link nodded and took the Sword Dew offered, her then allowed the last sage to leave him, removed the master sword and lay it down. He then removed the Sheika slate and bowed to Dew. Dew also bowed.

Link performed each skill in order as the fight progressed, and without prompt.

Ending blow, shield attack, back slice, helm splitter, mortal draw, jump strike and then the spin attack.

Pillars appeared as the ground vanished until the sage descendents were on the pillars where the possessor of the future sage orbs would stand,

"This is the sacred chamber" Link realised

"In this trial it has been made known that your time here is at an end, you have done what we needed you to do. The future of Hyrule and your kind is safe now and the new portals will now be possible. Once all of them have been reopened only a few will know anything out of place or the norm has transpired at all in the last 6 years. This is your awakening Link. Until next time" Drew said

Link woke up in a hospital in America on the same ward as Zelda, Borak, Rula and Mya,

"What happened?" Link asked, "We..."

"Yep" Borak said

"But what happened here?"

"I think I can explain that one" Linkle said coming into the room with Jack Diamond, "The last sealing caused a massive Earthquake, and a Tsunami, several in fact. I had no idea how to find you once the nun, who raised me told me what happened the night our parents were destroyed by Shanklin, the threat to life was too great and so Zane, Dew and Nana locked our souls into Breath of the Wild' beta file so that game over meant respawning as ourselves...I wasn't in Breath of the Wild, which is why it took me so long to remember, who I was and where I needed to be, why I allowed the power to affect me. It also meant we could make sure our past happened just so and didn't alter our future. Jack Diamond found me and helped me find you guys and here we are"

"Something tells me the universe isn't done with us yet" Link grinned

The End