"There is nothing more you can do for them. Choose between entering the Cauldron and let you all be reborn once more or choose to linger here in solitude. If choosing the first you might reagin what had been lost here and save the world of many losses." The mysterious voice spoke to her.

She listened and was sure of what she would do. "If I choose the Cauldron and rebirth will there be a chance for them to live in peace?" Sailor Cosmos asked.

"Yes and no. Once you will awaken as Sailor Cosmos once more so will they."

"Then I choose to enter the Cauldron. If only so they can live in peace for a while."

"So be it."

A bright light covered the earth and the Souls were sent to be reborn into new lives.
The first being Setsuna who started attending Hogwarts four years after Snape, Potter and the others came to the School. During the war, Mamoru, Haruka, and Michiru were reborn and lost their families. Michiru and Haruka only having each other.
Then all the inners were reborn including Usagi. A year later the Dark Lord fell to the 'the boy who lived'.
And Hotaru was reborn two years later.
During these years four more people were reborn to take their rightful places in the future once more.

8 Years later...

A girl with gold-blonde hair that was up in two buns, one on each side of her head, was jumping excitedly holding a letter in her hand.
Her mother and her godfather were watching her with amusement.
"She is such a lively girl." Her godfather stated.
"Isn't she tho?" Her mother spoke up. "You'll have an eye on her there, right? She is different from the normal students she might get in trouble a lot."

"As I've seen her powers I understand your concerns but he still has your sisters' son. She will most likely not be alone. No matter which house she ends up in." He spoke up again.
"I'm aware but please still look out for her. You know why. I will not be able to for much longer. As I've already told you why. You'll be the only parental figure she'll have left. She is still so young." Her mother said while standing up.

"I will. Now I should be going. Serena, please come over here for a moment." He called out also standing up while the girl came running towards him and jumped in his arms.
Soon he left and Serena and her parents left to visit her cousin.

A few weeks later she and her cousin were at the train station nine and three-quarters. Serena was tugging at his hand anxiously. They passed through the wall with no problems and there was the train. Serena's mother had not been able to come to see her off so only her cousin's parents accompanied them.
Unknown to her twelve rather familiar people where there boarding the train as well.

During the train ride, she didn't leave his side for a second. She was rather scared for the sorting not wanting to be separated from her cousin. That would soon be found out tho. Hours later when it turned dark outside the train arrived at Hogsmeade. They got off the train and were picked up by the Gamekeeper Rubeus Hagrid. He leads all the first years to the boats.

Very soon they crossed the lake and entered the Castle Hogwarts where they were instructed by Mrs. McGonagall to wait till she came to get them. That's when her cousin decided to play the big guy.