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Riley's New Home, Part One.

Six months have now passed since the walls between both universes of storytelling were restored and stronger than ever. Riley never thought she would find a family, that would love her. It still hasn't sunk in yet for the girl. The Gold family has proven to be nothing but kind, however, the girl wonders how long it would last.

Her biggest shock was the resurrection of Rumpelstiltskin's firstborn Baelfire. It felt strange for the girl to suddenly have two older brothers and a little sister Rebekah. Today, was a day, she has been fearing for quite some time now. This day is the first day of her school life. She wonders if every child felt scared on their first day at school. Looking in the mirror Riley can't recognise the girl looking back at her. Riley's reflection was a girl whose face was clean, her hair was tidy and well-groomed just tied back through a bobble. Her clothes are cleaned and well ironed. A white polo shirt, black school trousers and black school shoes.

"Breakfast is ready," Rumpelstiltskin shouted from downstairs. Riley hearing this takes a breath before leaving the upstairs bathroom and heads downstairs for breakfast. Breakfast at the Gold household is like a feast to Riley, while most people would call it modest in comparison. At the table, we have Gideon the second eldest child of Rumple and Belle reading the newspaper, while Baelfire the newly resurrected eldest child, is sat at the table picking at a blueberry muffin. Belle, on the other hand, is standing over a small crib, where the youngest of the Gold family, baby Rebekah Gold is crying, Belle doing her best to soothe the infant. As for the still recently mortal Rumpelstiltskin, he is at the hob loading a plate full of food for Riley. Riley stands at the door, this family still baffles her well all families in Storybrooke baffle her in truth, there is so much love. Love was a rare substance on the Isle, hell kindness was rare in Storybrooke people didn't make friends for companionship for safety and security.

"Morning," Riley chocked out. Everyone but the baby turned to look at Riley, Gideon putting the paper to one side.

"Don't you look precious," Gideon commented just arriving back from Chicago on break from medical school.

"Beautiful as always," Rumpelstiltskin complimented, Riley avoids their gaze, she wonders how other people dealt with being the centre of attention. Riley walks over to Rumpelstiltskin accepting the plate of food. She then turns to look at the two brothers.

"I…Is that seat is it taken?" Riley stuttered, she hoped she didn't cross any lines.

"No, you don't have to ask to sit down," Baelfire says, in truth, he hasn't completely got over the shock that he has returned to the land of the living. Riley silently sat on the spare seat.

"Are you excited for school?" Gideon asks.

"I guess, your school isn't like the school on the Isle is it?" Riley responded.

"No, we actually have child protection laws in Storybrooke," Gideon answers, he is curious of the education system of the Isle, but he suspects Riley knows very little and he didn't want to put her in an uncomfortable position.

"You will love school, you will get to learn new things and make friends," Belle said.

"What could talk to another person about? I was nothing more than a slave, we were not allowed to talk," Riley asked.

"A great conversation opener is hi, then work your way from there. You be surprised at what you able to talk about." Rumpelstiltskin says. Maybe things will be okay, Riley said to herself, if only she could believe it. The other kids will probably already see her as just a victim.

Rumple and Belle wouldn't admit, but while dropping Riley off at school. Both wanted to cry, she hadn't even left their side for two minutes, yet they already miss her. It turned out neither could truly prepare for Riley to go into school emotionally at least.

"Maybe the school could use a part-time library," Belle commented.

"Children in her grade only visit the library twice a week," Rumpelstiltskin pointed out.

"How do you know?" Belle asked.

"I might have asked Snow White," Rumpelstiltskin answered. Belle although surprised smile.

"Maybe, they could use an extra teacher's aid in her grade," Belle said.

"I thought I was the only one, who wasn't entirely ready," Rumpelstiltskin confessed.

"It just reminds me of when young Gideon first started school. Plus, I'm not sure if we've prepared her enough for all of this." Belle responds.

"Children grow up so fast, we won't know until we pick her up if we've prepared her enough. But I'm certain, she will make friends even if it takes a while." Rumpelstiltskin says.

"Baelfire, do you think he might need to seek professional help from Archie?" Belle suggested nervously. Rumpelstiltskin sighed, he didn't want to admit it but it might be the case, he wasn't dead for long after sacrificing himself to save the residents of Storybrooke from Pan. It felt almost as if he never left when he returned. But Baelfire, on the other hand, has been dead for sixteen years almost. He didn't get to be there to watch his son grow or be at any of his milestones.

"I'm not sure he's been away for so long; he might need Archie's help or need more time to adjust. We haven't had any experience in this before regrettably." Rumpelstiltskin replies.

End of chapter.