Evie and the Witch's Curse, Part 4 Reassurance.

Dizzy always imagined the kingdom of Auradon to be a paradise. Not some vast wasteland. These past few months, her dreams have been plagued with nightmares of her brief time with Rumpelstiltskin and the horrific sight of Evie out of control. Dizzy was never scared around Evie until then. She hasn't seen Evie for months now. And the girl wasn't sure if that was a blessing or a curse.

Evie isn't the same Evie anymore to Dizzy. The little girl has tried many times over the past few months. The Evie, she knew, was kind, creative she had a smile that could capture a room. Her voice could always soothe Dizzy. But she can't seem to find that Evie anymore when Rumpelstiltskin had Dizzy in his disgusting hands. Dizzy learned that Evie was capable of things she could never have imagined until she witnessed it.

"There you are," A voice commented from behind Dizzy.

"I just needed some time to myself. I'm sorry," Dizzy apologized.

"No, need to apologize, just wondering what you were getting up to," Drizella said.

"Evie's different now," Dizzy commented.

"Everyone changes over time," Drizella pointed out.

"Not like that, what I saw was terrifying she brought destruction," Dizzy replied.

"Sweetie, what you saw was Evie in a rather complex moment. She had a lot going inside of her. I doubt she would want to bring destruction. At that moment it was him or you. And she didn't want you to get hurt," Drizella explained.

"She almost killed herself when she made a deal with Hades. I don't know if she's the Evie, I knew," Dizzy replied.

"Of, course she is Dizzy. Evie is just experiencing new things," Drizella said.

"Like power, she can do things now. That most people can't what if grows to enjoy bringing destruction? What if she grows to be like her mother, like all the other villains," Dizzy asked.

"Evelyn will not become her mother, she is her own person. She's adjusting to a new life all of us are," Drizella answers.

"You can't guarantee that, Drizella sometimes good people turn bad," Dizzy said.

End of chapter.