Lincoln was carrying his sister Lily in a papoose leaving his arms free to carry a bag of pretzels and a bag of chips along with her diaper bag. When he came to the house of his friend Zach, he used his foot to knock on the door. Ironically, it was his other friend Liam who got the door.

"Hey Lincoln! Hey, looks like you've got yourself some extra company there!" Liam exclaimed.

"Yeah well nobody else was at home and I got permission from Mom and Dad to take Lily with me," Lincoln answered.

"Say, do you think you could take these for me?" Lincoln asked, referring of course to the bags of snacks.

"Oh sure, everyone else is in the living room waiting for yeh!" Liam replied as he took the bags of chips and pretzels from his friend. Sure enough, there was Rusty, Clyde and Stella with of course Zach in the living room.

"Getting someone an early start on 'Star Wars' aren't we? That's good!" said Zach.

"Hey the more the merrier! May I please hold her?" inquired Stella. Lincoln nodded and handed the baby to his feminine friend. Rusty popped the movie in and they all sat down to watch. After the opening credits, they could see a man riding a most unusual creature on a snowy landscape.

"See Lily, that's Luke Skywalker, he's the main hero of the story," Stella explained to the baby. Suddenly, Luke and his steed were attacked by a horrible-looking creature. They could see the wounds on his head as he was dragged away.

"Luke boo-boo head," said Lily. Everybody laughed.

"Yeah Lily, Luke's got a major boo-boo on his head.