Patrick Turner Observes.


It wasn't the first time she was in charge. In the years he worked side by side with Nonnatus, he saw Sister Bernadette several times taking care of her superior's duties. It was evident that the older nun preferred her for her efficiency and determination. He wondered if she would replace her one day, when Sister Julienne decided to retire. Nonnatus House could not be in better hands.


He blinked, leaving behind the assumptions his head was building. He fixed his eyes on the little blue figure that looked worried. Yes, now he remembered about four times when he knew that the hand that ordered everything in Nonnatus was that of Sister Bernadette.

However, this situation was extraordinary, because Sister Monica Joan had escaped and was now back with a pneumonia that could lead her to death. He wondered if Sister Bernadette was wishing her superior was here, instead of her dealing with the distressing situation.

He decided to tell her the truth.

Then he repented when he saw her even more worried. She was frowning and her hands twisted, and there he knew that this little nun was too young. What was she doing there, instead of worrying only about choosing which dress she would wear at the next dance?

He said something about penicillin and she nodded although her anguish was still there.

He should stay with her, help her with whatever she needs, take some burden off her shoulders. But he had too much to take care of, and he also had a son.

When he left Nonnatus House, he found himself looking at the sky. He had not prayed for years.

"Oh God, please, make Sister Monica Joan recover. If not, this girl will die of guilt."