Goren and Eames had given up on finding love. They had resigned to live solitary lives. They weren't supposed to fall in love. The rules strictly forbade it and as professionals they kept relatively professional and friendly boundaries. They worked well together and had a mutual respect for one another that neither wanted to jeopardize. Yet, there was this whole unspoken vibe between them that started to push them in an entirely different direction. But that's the thing about love, when you finally give up on it, it surprises you. It surprised them. Then, through the worst times of their lives, they found their way to each other and held on for dear life.

The first time they had sex, he recalled, Eames had totally caught him off guard. He broke into a big grin as he though all the way back to the first time they had crossed their personal and professional boundaries. Sex was the furthest thought he could ever imagine becoming reality. Sure, he thought of it and even had dreams of them having sex but thinking and doing were far apart in his mind.

That day, they met some colleagues after a long day at work. Their case came with a lot of paperwork attached and, of course, he was behind on his previous paperwork so they were working most of the day tackling that. He remembered her chiding him, "Bobby, really look at all this paperwork. How did you get so behind?"

"It's simple. I just don't like doing paperwork. Research is fine but having to put every single detail into these reports," he shuddered and blew air out of his mouth, "it's mind-numbing."

"Well, I don't particularly get a thrill from paperwork either, but I manage to get mine done on time." She started moving things around his desk. "Seriously, Goren, how do you keep all these notes straight and don't get me started on making sense of what you wrote down. This sheet just has random numbers and letters. I feel like I need a cipher just to make heads or tails of this."

"Well you do sort of, not a cipher exactly, but I do write in a code of sorts."

"Goren, who do you actually think is going to read this?"

"Well it's not for others. It's for me. It makes it faster for me to write them."

"And you understand it?"


"Of course you do." She rolled her eyes, "Okay, well, the Captain isn't letting us go until this is turned in and guess who has to supervise to make sure it gets done?

"Sorry, Eames."

"Oh you're gonna make it up to me. We are totally going out for drinks, and you're paying for mine." She glanced around "Mike, Carolyn, are you good for drinks after?" With a nod from them, she turned to Goren "Okay now that it's settled, let's get you finished with this. Let me know what notes you need and get to writing."

Inside bar

After they finished, Eames changed into a spare dress that she had in her locker. She needed to shed her work clothes to feel refreshed and sometimes it allowed her to take herself out of work mode and let her enjoy herself. The four of them filed into a booth of a nearby bar. They were talking about the funniest moments from their cases or talking about some dumb rules that got implemented. They were enjoying themselves and off the bat, Eames observed two things. One, this guy wouldn't stop staring at her, and he appeared to be on a date. She shook her head, figures. The other was Goren was sitting pretty close to her, and he was definitely eyeing her up. Hmm, I must look really good today. She caught him staring at her breasts a couple times and one time staring at her butt as she got out of the booth. She figured it was a typical guy behavior and thought nothing more of it, but he would tell stories and touch her arm, or he would laugh and catch her eye. She noted, He looks really good when he laughs and decided well if he was interested she would have some fun and play along.

Eames told a story that on its face was innocent and simply a recall from her vice days, but because she knew she had his attention, she played up the details of her ridiculous outfits and unbelievable John asks. She knew it would get some laughs and also get him to focus more on her. He would occasionally ask, "Do you even know how to do that?" Or what a term meant, and she would explain and sometimes comically demonstrating with table items. She leaned against him, their sides touching in their booth as they sit side by side, she shifted her legs to accidentally graze his and watched his expression change.

Logan and Barek had next in the distribution of cases so they called it a night, but Eames was having too much fun messing with Goren and stirring reactions from him so she caught his eye "I could stay and have a couple more drinks. Besides you're still on the hook for my drinks. I hope you didn't think I was going to let you off the hook that easily." They made their way out of the booth and said their goodbyes to Logan and Barek. She felt so strong and in control. The way Goren was staring at her with his intense eyes and confident smile made her feel like a woman. She leaned into her femininity.

"C'mon let's go to the bar," Eames stated while she got up and motioned him to follow. Goren fixed on her as she walked away. He trailed behind her. Goren relaxed in his seat taking up a bit of space around him legs and arms stretched claiming the area around them. After a bit of joking, laughing, and talking, a guy approached and wedged himself in the small space between Eames and Goren.

"Excuse me but you look great tonight. Can I get you another of what you are having?"

"Can't you see I'm in the middle of a conversation here? I'm not interested, buddy." The guy gave her a look of astonishment like he couldn't believe she was blowing him off.

"Whatever. I was just trying to do you a solid. I thought you may want someone who could show you a better time. Obviously, you're not worth mine." Goren began to get up to confront the guy but Eames pushed him back in his stool. He was furious. Eames had every intention of capitalizing on this moment. There was a buzzing energy so thick she could feel it vibrating between them. They were dancing around their attraction to each other.

"Let's not let that moron spoil the night" she said as she slowly ran her hand up his thigh and finished with a light squeeze.

He was thrown off by her gesture and almost knocked over his drink. He then immediately started trying to work through it in his head is she really flirting with me or is this for that guy's benefit? For the first time, it was difficult to get a read on her. Her touch sent him into overdrive, and he was definitely focused on staying calm and keeping a certain thing at bay. Goren began thinking and evaluating. She had some drinks, but she wasn't drunk. He'd gone out with her and fellow cops to know when she was getting tipsy or drunk and she may be bordering on tipsy but she wasn't near drunk.

"Um," he starts while licking his suddenly dry lips, "but Eames he can't just have the nerve to say and do that and walk away unscathed .

"Do I looked bothered?"

"No, actually, you don't."

"Let me tell you why I am not bothered." She exclaimed a little too happily, leaning in and gesticulating widely. "He was staring at me the whole time he was on a date and didn't come to approach me until after she left. He didn't care that I was talking to a guy who could have very well been my date for the evening. And the top reason I'm not shedding any tears for that slime ball, was the tan line where his wedding ring is supposed to be when he put his hands on mine. So now that we established further that only losers seem to be attracted to me, let's get back to where we were."

As she made that statement she thought, Well I guess occasionally, an actual good guy comes to his senses every now and then.

"And exactly, where was that?" He questioned arching an eyebrow, feeling a little nervous and excited inside but masking it with assurance.

"Well, we were talking and enjoying each other's company."

"Uh huh," He was mesmerized at the slow way she spoke and seductive way she was interacting with him.

"You know after a long day of the backed up paperwork, which I still blame you for," Goren squinted and gestured as if taking responsibility, "you owe me a good conversation and more drinks to make up for it." She playfully ran her hand up his arm to focus catch his eye.

They both laughed and then Goren spoke, "Okay, I'm impressed, not shocked that you picked all that up in the short time we were talking."

"After dating a series of losers, let's just say that I've developed a radar, so to speak. Besides, you would have too if you weren't so distracted."

He got a little nervous. Had she noticed me staring or focused on her tonight? He couldn't help but notice how playful Eames was all night. She is so happy and gorgeous. I'd make a fool of myself, if it gets me that smile. He always thought she was attractive. She was a great looking woman and had the gall to back it up; but usually, he was able to put up a wall because partners are off limits, and he wanted to demonstrate his respect for her. However, tonight, he was sure she was sending him signals that maybe she was attracted to him too.

She kept leaning forward, touching his arm. He was only grateful she hadn't done that move with her hands on his thigh when their colleagues were around because he's not sure how he would have reacted which brought him back to maybe she waited on purpose. That would mean that she was flirting with him, but why and how much further would he allow it to go before he said something?

"I'm not distracted." He wrung his hands and looked down briefly before looking back up.

Got you. You are so busted. "You are totally distracted, but the question is, is the reason you are distracted the reason I think you are?"

I was busted. She definitely knew I was checking her out. "And what reason would that be?"

"Not so fast, that's for me to know and me to find out," she said as she took a long sip of her drink. She was being confident but some liquid courage couldn't hurt. Now, he was trying to figure out if she was really into him or just acting interested enough to get him to admit he was into her. He couldn't help but play along. He wanted to get a read on her because that's what he does right, read people? He figured some harmless flirting between them wasn't the worst thing because it wasn't like either one of them was actually going to act on it. They couldn't.

"So you're not gonna tell me your little theory? Well then, how will you know if you're right?" He nibbled at his bottom lip and cocked his head to the side just a little. Well, if she wanted to play chicken, he had no trouble egging her on.

"So, you admit that you are distracted, and I'll just know."

"Not even a hint?" He laughed, and she leaned in again pointing her finger to his chest.

"Surely one of New York's smartest detectives doesn't need a hint to solve his cases, does he? I'm sure you will figure it out, eventually."

"Fine. I'll play but how do you want to do this? How many guesses are you going to give me?"

"Hmm..I'll make it easy on you since you sound like you need some help. I'll give you three guesses to guess my theory or make me believe the reason you are distracted."

"Three, okay." He shifted in his chair and stretched his hands out gesticulating. "You know that darn paperwork." He said with a laugh playfully sliding his tongue between his teeth then forcing a serious face before saying, "It was unbelievably frustrating and now I'm thinking that I may have made a mistake on one of the forms. It's been driving me a bit crazy."

She licked her lips. Okay, Bobby if that's how you are gonna play it. She fingered around the bottom of the glass of her drink which was now empty. "You worried about paperwork? No, that doesn't sound like you. If you made a mistake with the case and it bothered you, that would be more believable." She laughed and flicked her hair back. "Are you even trying?" He had a big smile on his face, then he gestured to the bartender for a refill on both of their drinks. She fingered the salt on the rim and slowly sucked it off her finger before taking a sip of her drink. He sucked in a breath as his eyes traced her actions. In his mind it played on repeat in slow motion. She's got me right where she wants and she knows it.

"Okay you got me. You remember that case we had with the sex club and the little black book of names. When you were telling your stories from back in vice, I was just wondering if many of these girls kept records. Could you imagine the blackmail opportunities and not to mention they may have lists of what you asked for or how long you lasted. Talk about embarrassing for some of these guys."

"Well if there was a record out there, serves them right and what has you thinking of the johns? Don't tell me, you Robert Goren visited a prostitute." She imitated mocked horror.

"Uh no" He smiled sheepishly. "My dad definitely did and it would serve him right if some record existed but I don't think there would be much of interest for a guy like him."

"Was that really what you were thinking about? The thing that has you so distracted tonight?"

"Maybe, I don't know. You tell me," he nodded his head towards her almost as if to say the ball's in your court.

"Well it seems plausible. However, you were distracted way before I started my stories."

"And you know that for a fact?"

"mmhmm," she just purred from her lips. He stared at her for a minute waiting to see if she would go into more detail about why she knew for a fact he was distracted much earlier but she didn't. Okay, so you are really going to make me say it. When, in fact, I think you need to do some sharing of your own, Eames. You have been all over me and have been sending me signals all night. But, if you are gonna play coy. I may just have to bite this bullet of ours.

"Well maybe that is what I was thinking." he shifted and shook his head "Or maybe not." He tried once more to give her an opening. "What is your evidence that I was distracted earlier?"

"Not a chance and give away my little theory. No, you are going to have to guess right if you want to know what I'm thinking. I think your previous answer had just enough truth without the real reason."

"Is that so?" He swallowed hard, suddenly thirsty. Goren grabbed his drink downing it. He then appeared to be reaching over her to grab something."I still, uh, have one more guess," he stated putting up his fingers to show one.

He smiled slyly before making his move. He leaned in blocking most of the view from onlookers with his body. Then, he placed his hand on her thigh, turning the tables on her, whispering in her ear. "Does the reason I'm so distracted have anything to do with how fucking amazing you look tonight and maybe how I can't think about anything else but you." There, he said it and put it out there but he knew she knew anyway. She was a damn good detective and would have picked up on it immediately. He may have been obvious about his staring but he couldn't help that he could not look away. She was beautiful and sexy and even more so that she knew it and flaunted it, determined to keep her femininity along with being a cop in the boys club. She bit her lip.

He continued, "Is it wrong that I'm having dirty thoughts about you, right now?" He ran his hand higher up her thigh slowly and tortuously up her dress. "Stop me if I'm misinterpreting." He whispered in her ear. His hot breath brushed across her ear and Eames couldn't speak nor did she want to. His breath caught as the pads of his fingertips touched her skin ever so lightly. He was so close to her and his hand was in a place no partner should have his hand but she wasn't stopping him. It was turning him on. "You are making me crazy, tonight. You know that, right." She let out a light gasp at how high his fingers were going up her legs. She almost didn't want to speak knowing it would put an end to the teasing they were doing to each other and she didn't want him to stop but she knew they needed to before they became indecent in public, at the most popular cop bar near the precinct.

She willed her mouth to speak, "Bobby."

This was what she wanted. She was feeling sexy tonight and his staring didn't go unnoticed and made her feel even more sexy. She was going to do this but it was going to be on her terms. He removed his hand and reached for a napkin to the side of her with his other hand. He wiped his mouth and placed it inside his empty cup.

"Alex." He whispered as he stared into her eyes. He might have won this game of chicken they were playing.

He deflated a little when she shook her head. "Eames. Call me Eames."

Was it in his head? She definitely was flirting with him. He didn't imagine it. She got up and leaned to him as she vacated her stool. "See, I knew you would figure it out and sex was definitely on your mind." He grinned hard and got up from his seat as well. Eames kept her voice low, "If we are going to do this, I want to keep it casual just for tonight and I want you to call me Eames."

He smiled before the words caught his ear. "Are you gonna call me Goren?" He joked

"Whatever you want, sweetheart. Let's get out of here." He stumbled a bit. Wait was she serious? Are we gonna do this? Thoughts began to race through his head and he froze for a second trying to think of what to say. I should stop this right? We were going too far? I don't want to stop it. I very much want to do this. But what if someone finds out? What if it changes things between us? How is she not nervous? He was stressing a bit about what the right play was and he was almost itching for a cigarette to calm his nerves but then Eames spoke.

Eames glanced over to him,"Don't overthink it, Goren." Just like that, she willed his mind to focus. How does she do that? Before he could get his words out, he found his body walking out the door after her. He had to address the obvious before they did anything and give a gentlemanly rationale; an out for her in case she changed her mind.

"Eames, this has been uh fun but you're not seriously thinking we should act on this."

"It's sex, Goren. Something, I'm pretty sure we are both capable of doing without letting it get in the way of work."

"H-how long have you been thinking about this?" his voice was betraying him as his nerves started coming back. We are doing this.

"Less talk more action."

"Action. What kind of action?"

"We'll if you don't know that, then maybe you shouldn't do this." She replied but rolled her eyes when she realized she was going to have to lead him in this or he was going to be thinking and analyzing the whole time and she wanted his mind and attention focused solely on her. "First, we are going to call a cab. Then, you are going to take me into your apartment and we are going to have sex, passionate sex, and afterwards we are not going to talk about consequences. When I leave, what we are about to do will not have happened, understand?"

"Okay and I'm more than capable." Goren puffed out his chest and widened his gait. There you go, Goren. I've always liked when you are cocky and confident. She smiled.

"Oh, I bet you are. Size 13 right?"