December 24, 1991: 9 pm Eastern Standard Time. I can't believe that it has been a year already since Mimi almost died. A lot has changed in that time. With help from all of us, Mimi stopped taking drugs and got clean. She is almost a year clean. There have been a lot of close calls where she bought the drugs but as she was about to take them, we were able to talk her out of it. On Halloween, Roger proposed to Mimi and they are going to be married in a week on New Year's Eve on the rooftop. They said that they are going to have the ceremony end when the fireworks go off and the ball drop so they can start the new year together.

Maureen and Joanne keep breaking up and getting back together. The last time that they broke up, it seemed pretty final. They got in an even bigger fight than they did during their engagement party. Joanne keeps finding Maureen with other women. When Joanne confronted her about it, Maureen told her that she was being ridiculous but was later caught kissing another woman and Joanne moved out. She has been living with me. Roger moved downstairs with Mimi so I had the room.

Collins moved to Santa Fe. He opened a restaurant: A Little Slice of Heaven, in honor of Angel. The restaurant is doing well. He sends us a few postcards every month. He said that he is going to be here for Roger and Mimi's wedding. We cannot wait to see him again. We plan on saving money and going down there for the summer and help him out with the restaurant and see the sights. All we really saw was when Roger sent me postcards from where he was. It looks like a beautiful place to live. Much better than New York anyways with nicer people.

Me, you ask, well I am single watching everything that is going on around me. I am happy though. My friends are all happy...alive...and I am happy and just thankful that we all are alive as well. Last year was a great scare and I feel that this coming year will be even better than this year. I got a job at a news station. Now it is not for Buzzline ad nor is it from any other sleazy news show. It is for the New York 10 o'clock news. I get to shoot real stories that I care about. They value my opinion. When Maureen had another protest concert, we shot the whole thing and got an exclusive interview with her.

We are all thankful that Angel had touched our lives forever. She taught us what it means to be family and what it means to love someone. We all love and miss her every single day. I see her when somebody smiles. Collins sees her every day. Mimi, Maureen, and Joanne see her when a new fashion comes out because of how amazing Angel dressed and the fashion trends that she created but would let others take the credit.