Star Wars: The Eternal Ark

(The second installment of the Jak and Daxter/Star Wars Saga)

Prologue/Opening Summary: Fifteen years passed since the inception of the Galactic Empire, and each day civil unrest grew more and more abundant. Inspired by a band of misfit warriors hailing from the since captured planet of Eco, the Rebel Alliance was formed, led by the Jedi generals of Jak Mikwa and Keira Hagai.

During this time, the two balanced parenthood and family life on Alderaan, while facing old enemies, rendering massive political decisions, embarking on diplomatic resolves, all while continuing their daring yet successful fight against The Empire as well as recruiting new soldiers to join The Rebellion, motivated by their odyssey to return to their home world.

As The Rebels grew strength in numbers, so did the new Jedi family. Jak and Keira raised three children together, and enrolled them in one of the finest educational institutions in The Galaxy while training them to fight as eco-sensitive Jedi. To prevent them from prematurely joining them on their next adventure, Jak and Keira planned a vacation for their children, while secretly serving a massive mission to locate the mystical and powerful Ark of Valkorion, the former Eternal Emperor of Zakuul.

A relic so powerful, a new uprising empire sought to retrieve it, as well as Imperial Forces and The Rebels. Much like how Jak's life of adventure started, a son's single act of disobedience would lead the entire family to catastrophic disarray…

Chapter 1: The Jedi Family

An Alderaanian transport just pulled out of hyperspace, and approached Chandrila. Dawn broke over Hanna City, as the purple and golden sky majestically painted over the buildings that stood over the seas. Awaiting the transport at the docking bay was Senator Mon Mothma, who represented Chandrila during the existence of The Old Republic. Like her esteemed colleague, Senator Bail Organa, Mon Mothma was one of the most influential figures in the formation of the Rebel Alliance. She had a very important task for one of the founding freedom fighters of The Rebellion that waited to exit the transport once it touched down.

The first to step off to greet the Senator was a Jedi. To himself, he was Mar Skywalker, the long lost twin sibling of Anakin. To others, he was known simply as Jak. Now at thirty-eight years old, his appearance changed from a brash warrior to a wise leader, wearing a long-sleeved, regal blue tunic, silk beige pants, blue sky boots, and adorned with a crimson cape. He still wore his trademark goggles, but grew a green chin-strapped styled beard that complimented his yellow mullet. The Seal of Mar, the symbol of his family lineage, still hung around his neck with pride.

"Come, my family," Jak called out, "One of the esteemed dignitaries of The Alliance is looking forward to meeting you all."

Jak smiled as his wife, Keira Hagai, stepped down from the transport and took his hand. She was a year younger than Jak, but despite growing older, she still looked as beautiful and radiant as ever. She wore an elegant, slim-fit, and pure white dress for the occasion, along with some compression sleeves for her arms and golden jewelry.

"Senator," Keira politely greeted her, "It is good to see you again. Thank you for letting us stay in your glorious world while we rest for our travels tomorrow."

"The pleasure is ours, Jedi." Mon Mothma smiled and nodded, "I trust that our accommodations will suit you perfectly, for you have earned them as reward for your many years of service."

"It's appreciated," Jak replied, "However, I don't believe we are in position to deserve so much special treatment."

"Such modesty from such a bold leader." Mon Mothma complimented, "I'm glad that Senator Organa has selected you two to aid me in such a daunting task I have for you during your expedition."

"Would it be okay if we discussed this later in private?" Keira suggested, "I don't want our kids to know what we're getting into. This is their first adventure and I don't want them to know all the details."

"Of course," The Senator granted, "and I would love to meet the rest of your family."

"I'm sure they'll be thrilled to meet you." Jak replied, then turned back to the transport and called, "Kids!?"

"WILL YOU THREE STOP ARGUING ALREADY!?" A sharp, squealing voice shrieked from the transport. The voice was in the form of Daxter, Jak's loyal sidekick. The orange Ottsel was exasperated, fixing his red vest as well as his blue pants. As he walked towards his long-time companion, he complained, "Sheesh Jak, you gotta control those three some more. They have all these mood swings, and complaints about their problems and BLAH BLAH BLAH! No respect for who they're about to meet and the privilege to go on this damn trip!" He crawled up to Jak's shoulder pad, and then looked to the senator, "Hey lady, how's it going?"

"She kept stealing my weapons!" A young boy's voice piped out from the transport, and slowly walked out. At the age of seven, the boy was the youngest of the three children, and wore brown pants and a shirt adorned with a blue vest. He had the leafy green hair his father had when he was his age, and he shared the same green eyes his mother has. The boy's name was Damas Junior, aptly named after Jak's father. Timid yet bold, Damas Jr. shared the many warmongering qualities his grandfather had. Despite being a youngling that was skilled in the ways of The Force, he was always fascinated with the science and design of weapons, and yearned to hold and use the same morph gun his father had before it was left behind on Eco. However, his mother forbid this, and encouraged him to learn the path of wisdom the Jedi valued themselves, much to the young boy's boastful disapproval.

"Because not only he shouldn't have them," A girl spoke as she walked out, "but also because those were parts our 'mechanical genius' needed for his precious little droid, and he has no clue what he's doing." The girl at the recent age of thirteen was a taller figure that towered over the boy, and she had an appearance that matched her dreary personality. The girl always wore a blue cape with a hood that shrouded her black garments and gray combat boots. She dropped her hood to reveal her face, which was a much more pale complexion than that of her parents, but shared the same blue eyes as her father, as well as the teal hair from her mother. They named her Rhiannon Ahsoka, or Rhea for short. She shared the names of the two Jedi Knights that Keira looked up to the most; her grandmother and the Togruta that aided her parents during their first trek across the galaxy years ago. Limited in lightsaber combat skills, Rhea makes up for it with her wits, as well as her profound connection with The Force. However, she isolates herself from others, often pushing her family away with sarcasm and anger, leading her father to fear that she could be on the path towards The Dark Side. Nevertheless, both Jak and Keira remain optimistic that she will stay the course with the right guidance.

The 'mechanical genius' she referred to was not Little Damas, however. It was instead, the eldest of the three children in the Mikwa family. The last to step off the transport was Samos Mar, but preferred to simply be called Sam. He was named after the legendary Green Eco Sage who also served in the Jedi Order during the days of the Republic, and was the only sibling in the family that carried on the Mar name. Sam was dubbed as the 'Prodigal Son' after he survived his near-death at the hands of Darth Vader while still in Keira's womb. He had turned fourteen years old a couple months prior, born on Empire Day. Outside of his black hair and purple eyes, he looked exactly like his father when he was at that age. He wore a sleeveless purple tunic, beige pants, ruby combat boots, and wraps around his hands. Of the three children, Sam was by far the most powerful Padawan, skilled beyond his years with eco and The Force, as well as a very advanced swordsman. Socially, he appeared to be well liked amongst his peers, and was often known as the zany one of his group of friends, always full of mischief with his jokes, quips, and qualms during duels. His most endearing quality of all was his passion for success and drive for greatness. Even at a young age, he yearned to become the most powerful Jedi in the universe, always competitive with others, and motivated to be more than his father.

Despite showing more potential than his father, he was also the most reckless with his power. Albeit not as intellectual as his sister, he still shows signs of intelligence, but he applies himself improperly. He often questioned the judgement and authority of his superiors, including his parents, sparking arguments and debates that hinder a resolution for a common goal or resolve. Often acting out impulsive and full of anger, Sam would often get himself into trouble at school, and it rose cause of concern not only for his family, but for the fate of the Rebel Alliance as a whole. He, like his father when he was younger, was brash, arrogant, sensitive, and temperamental.

However, he was also very skilled in the field of mechanics like his mother, and built himself a droid that stands on his shoulder. It was a model he created of his own, sharing the characteristics of an Ottsel. Sam programmed him to communicate in multiple languages, scan near and far for enemies using a bifocal lens with infrared and see-through features, lock and unlock any doors, defend itself using rockets and lasers, and to communicate to many beings using over 600 languages, similar to a protocol droid. He had white armor with an orange trim, and despite his astonishing features, he always needed some form of repair.

"Because the only option you had left was to throw him away!" Sam debated with his sister, "Instead of letting me fix him up, you continue to aggravate me. He's more than a droid, Rhea. He's my friend, a friend I've had for many years."

"I found that droid while on a mission on Jakku," Jak explained to Mon Mothma, "At the time, Samos had difficulty making friends and always felt alone. Outside of training, he never really did much. So on his seventh birthday, I gave him the parts and pieces, and I told him to build anything he wanted to build, so he put together his own model of droid after Daxter's image." Jak had the idea of naming the droid, and trademarked it as the first OB model droid. Hence, cheekily naming the droid OB-1.

"Except the rust-bucket keeps breaking on him," Daxter chortled, "I don't care how many 'features' he's got, he aint as cool as me!"

"Hey!" OB-1 piped, "I can certainly do more than your organic-self wished you ever could! I can translate codes, activate defense mechanisms, communicate with other life forms-"

"And lose a limb on the way!" Daxter chortled loudly, "Jak would never let that happen to me, right Jak?"

"Dax," Jak replied, "I gotta give him one thing, he always does his best to take care of his droid. Wish I could say the same about his light saber. He always loses it or gets it taken away due to trouble."

"Needless to say," Rhea interjected, "He has a lot of issues."

"So do you!" Sam snapped back.

"And I'm the only normal one in the group?" Damas Jr. shrugged.

"Damas," Rhea taunted, "look around you. You think anyone in this Galaxy is normal?"

"Yes," Damas Jr. replied, "In their own special way."

"You are way too naïve to survive in this universe." Rhea insulted.

"Don't crush his hopes like that," Sam retorted, "He's only seven. Let him enjoy his years as a kid."

"Why?" Rhea snapped, "so he can become a failure like you?"

"I AM NOT A FAILURE!" Sam yelled as dark eco began to crackle inside his body.

"ENOUGH!" Keira bellowed and ended the squabble, "All of you with the arguing, it's pointless. You don't even have the proper manners to greet one of the most powerful leaders in The Rebellion!"

"Hello strange lady!" Damas Jr. innocently greeted.

"Whatever." Rhea shrugged.

When Samos calmed down, all he did was reach his hand out to Mon Mothma's, shook it, and said, "Pleasure to meet you." The Senator nodded in response.

"That's the best you three can do?" Jak snapped, "Do any of you have an idea what a big deal this is? Kids your guys' age NEVER even step foot on Rebellion headquarters, let alone Rebel missions. This woman has done a lot to preserve the values this Galaxy used to have, just like Senator Organa did. You all should be grateful we decided to take you along on this trip."

"Ah, it is only natural," Mon Mothma was quick to forgive the children, "for I had a little bit of each one of these individuals inside me when I was younger, but I always bowed to conformity. It nearly led to my death for treason when The Republic fell, so I did what I felt was right; I stepped out of conformity and rebelled, and now I am here, making a difference for the greater good of The Galaxy."

"In other words," Jak declared, "welcome to The Rebellion, kids!"

"You mean it!?" Sam shouted with excitement, "Does that mean we can take the fight to The Empire and battle alongside with the greatest Rebel soldiers The Galaxy has ever seen?!"

"No 'hero,'" Rhea replied, "Mom and Dad are just tagging us three along to consider this our 'first adventure' outside of Alderaan, when really we're just riding the bench while they do all the fighting."

"You're doing more than just 'riding the bench,' little lady." Keira snapped at her daughter, "Most importantly, you three are here to learn the ins and outs of our cause: What we fight for, the strategies and protocols in place, and how us Jedi have to survive."

"And that'll be your most important task of all," Jak added on as he handed Samos his weapon, a lightsaber with a shaft made of Precursor metal and the tooth of a metal-head at the hilt. This was the very weapon his grandfather fought with as a Jedi, both in and out of the Order, and was a cherished item for Jak and Keira, so much that they trusted their eldest son to have it during his development. However, due to his lack of responsibility, Jak continued to harp on him the importance of a Jedi's weapon.

"Remember," Jak told Sam before he gave it to him, "This weapon is your life. Use it to protect your sister and brother ONLY. Trust your instincts, but don't go around harming people for no reason. And try not to lose this…again."

Sam sighed and shrugged, "Yes, Dad."

"How can you trust him with a lightsaber?" Rhea protested, "He can't even fight for himself with how much he mishandles that thing!"

"And neither can you," Keira defended, "that's why you don't have one. You need to refine your skills more before you can wield one of your own."

"I'm better than you think." Rhea grumbled, holding back her own surge of dark eco in her blood stream.

"And you, little troublemaker," Keira pointed at Damas Jr. "I don't want to hear anything about you picking up blasters and shooting even one little thing. You're too young to get yourself hurt."

"Aw man!" Damas Jr. complained, "I'll be more responsible than Sam is with his saber! I promise!"

"Doubtful." Sam chuckled under his breath.

"Clearly we are the weirdest herd," Daxter interjected, "dysfunctional, but full of love once you get to know them all."

"Your family is full of such enthusiasm," Senator Mon Mothma smiled and commended Jak and Keira, "we need that for our Alliance. I'm sending them coordinates to the vessel Conquest right now. No one's supposed to step on board of it yet, but they can explore the whole thing if they like!"

"I can't believe I'm saying this," Jak said, "but I think that's a great idea. There's no obvious threat from The Empire and there won't be that many people they can harm! Plus, it'll give us adults to discuss much more important matters."

"You have two hours," Keira advised her children, "and then you report back to the location WE specify at that time. No exceptions. Understood?" They all nodded in agreement.

"Race you all there!" Sam took off running through the streets.

"Hey! No fair!" Damas Jr. followed, using his blue eco powers to keep up.

"Leaving the lady behind," Rhea scoffed as she found a speeder. She finished as she took off, "Classy."

Both mother and father smiled and shook their heads as they were witnessing the first time that their children would embark on a quest outside their home world of Alderaan. It reminded them on their first adventure on Eco when they were around Sam's age, when they journeyed from Sandover Village to the northern citadel in an effort to change Daxter back into his human form while stopping the Achaerons. They didn't know at the time that the course of those events would instead change their lives forever. So while they vowed to do everything they can to keep them out of the more dire matters of the mission, they both had a feeling that all three of them would embark on a series of events that will test them all for the first time.