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Chapter 1. Goodbye Cruel World

If there was one thing in Harry Potter's life that was certain, it was his luck... or lack of it. Since he was a baby the world was against him.

Quick example?

His birth for one. One would ask, why do you think that your own birth was the unlucky moment?

The answer was pretty simple. A prophecy was given by a madwoman that caused another madman to go after young Harry's life since the moment he took his first breath. Then, of course, he killed the young boy's parents and everything went downhill. At least for the boy.

While the whole wizarding world was celebrating the defeat of Voldemort, Harry was sent to his 'oh so loving' relatives. It looked like the boy's own family couldn't get past their bigotry towards magic even when it came to their own nephew.

Of course, even if they didn't like him or even hated him, they never abused the child. Well, at least physically even if they didn't give him too much food. Now mental abuse was a totally different thing, but Harry got through it all, and on the day of his eleventh birthday he received his Hogwarts letter.

Harry got introduced to a whole new world and he was never happier. Looking back, he now realized he probably should have been a little more careful about going into a completely foreign world.

Finally, after the wait, he got to Hogwarts, met two of his best friends, and began seven years of adventures. Again now that he was an adult, he was not so sure if anyone in the wizarding world had something called common sense.

Probably not.

Really who would create an obstacle course that every first-year could beat? Or who in their right mind would leave the job of dealing with Basilisk to 2nd-year students.

And let not talk about later years. Really, Harry should have realized a long time ago that something was wrong.

Anyway, as everybody knows, Harry defeated Voldemort in his 7th year and the wizarding world was again at peace... or it should have been. Unfortunately, even if you defeat Voldemort, it didn't mean that his every supporter would just disappear and blood supremacy would go away.

No, the bigots were still there even if a large number of them got caught and went to Azkaban.

Harry himself hoped that with the defeat of Voldemort, his life would get simpler and he would finally have some peace. And he got it for quite some time. Harry managed to complete his schooling and then got into Auror corps. He was offered a position in it after the war but he wanted to get there like everyone else.

He spent a few years as an Auror while trying to put his life together with Ginny. It didn't work out too well and after three years they broke up. They still remained friends, but they knew that there wouldn't be anything romantic between them.

While Harry knew that it was for the best, he was still sad. So to forget about this situation, Harry decided to focus on his career and maybe better himself when it came to magic. People expected him to be the new Dumbledore, so he might as well get a little better and learn more than what he got from Hogwarts and Auror training.

It was a good idea as he quite enjoyed learning new things now that he didn't have a Dark Lord after him.

Unfortunately, his peace ended when he was 26 years old. Some purebloods managed to get out of jail thanks to their full vaults and with time most of them freed themselves. At first, they were quiet and no one cared what they did, but after some time of silence, they again began moving.

This time they didn't have anyone leading them, but it didn't mean they were less organized. Again they targeted muggle-borns, half-bloods and after some time there were signs of wizard attacks on muggles.

So that was how the next wizarding war started.

Harry himself fought hard against this new enemy, but he quickly discovered why every previous war took so much time.

At first, Aurors were not allowed to use anything lethal and Harry was alright with it, but after a few months of constant escapes from Azkaban, he noticed that they wouldn't win this war by stunning everyone. So with a heavy heart, Harry sent a request to the current Head of DMLE. He demanded to be given permission for Aurors, to use lethal means while fighting those new adversaries. It worked in the first war when Barty Crouch Sr. gave the same order so why not now.

Thanks to his fame, the permission was given in the next week. Harry didn't notice it then but some people were surprised at his request and many of them didn't like it.

Still, thanks to the permission, some of the blood purists got killed while others were again sent to Azkaban. Harry wasn't happy about his actions, but he knew there was no other way. Those people were given multiple chances to change and they still went back to their old ways. If prison couldn't hold them, then death should.

After a few months, the Auror force managed to stop the war and peace again came to the wizarding world. Harry was quite tired so he decided to take some time off from his job and maybe visit some magical places around the world that Hermione always spoke of.

Unfortunately, it was not to be as when he was walking back to his home from a shop in the muggle world, someone decided to attack him. It wasn't too big of a surprise as Harry already went through some ambushes in his life. Unluckily this time Harry was alone and highly outnumbered.

Yeah, he might be a better fighter than anyone he knew, but taking on seven wizards by himself might be stretching it a bit. Still, Harry was never one to give up and he quickly began the exchange of spells with his adversaries.

The fight lasted for about ten minutes and Harry was proud to say that he managed to take out three of his enemies before the familiar green spell hit him in the chest.

With a final breath, Harry Potter closed his eyes and departed from this world for the last time.

Harry was prepared for a lot of things when he died... again but didn't really expect to wake up at King's Cross Station... again. Once more the station was much too bright for Harry's liking but that wasn't something important so he quickly looked around to see if this time someone was waiting for him.

And again someone was waiting, Harry just couldn't tell what this 'something' was. It looked like a woman... or a man. Harry couldn't tell. Whatever it was it had a lot of decaying flesh instead of normal skin and the being was only clothed by a cloak that one would find on dementors. Harry couldn't see its face apart from the black eyes that shined under the hood.

Now Harry always was someone to charge ahead and even if he lost some of his old quirks, he didn't think that the being could do anything to him. He was already dead. So without wasting any more time, Harry walked towards the being and sat in the chair on the opposite side of the table the person sat by. Still, Harry couldn't help but feel like something was completely wrong.

The figure then pulled down its hood and revealed quite a normal face, if you ignored the whole decaying thing. Then the being smirked in amusement, "Welcome to my humble abode, Harry Potter."

Harry would be a lot more relaxed if the smirk didn't give him chills, still, he channeled his inner Gryffindor and asked, "I might have an idea of who are you, but I will still ask. Who are you and why I am here?"

Its smirk widened even more and Harry was slightly scared as it didn't look too friendly, "Who I am you ask? I brought you here so I might as well introduce myself. I am known by many names. Death, Fate, or the maker of the Deathly Hollows. Ring a bell?"

Yeah, now Harry was visibly scared. He preferred Dumbledore over Death.

"Oh? I am hurt Harry," It said in a mock hurt voice, "You really prefer the old goat from me? After all of the manipulations, you would still want to talk with him. Yes, Harry manipulations. You followed him and many others like a sheep throughout your entire life. Well almost, you got a lot better after the war, but it doesn't change the fact that you let yourself be manipulated through your entire school life."

Harry spluttered and then said in denial, "I might not have been the most intelligent person back then, but I was not a sheep."

Death laughed, hard. Its laugh went through the entire station and Harry was getting quite irritated. Finally, Death stopped and raised an eyebrow at Harry, "Really? You were not a sheep? Okay then let me give you a few examples of it and some of your idiocy early in life. Let us go back to your life with your 'relatives', you somehow managed to teleport yourself on a roof and grow your hair back in one night. Now tell me, Harry Potter, what you do in this situation?"

"Explore my powers?" he said reluctantly.

Death grinned, "Why yes. You should have explored your powers and see what more they can do. Now I can ignore it as you were mentally abused child and anything with word magic was a taboo in your house. But let us go further, you go into the magical world without any information and you don't even think about acquiring it. Most of the muggle-borns knew more about their new world than you. There were many other things that you could have done better, but they are not important now and you wised up after the war."

Now it was time for Harry to look confused, "Why are you telling me this? I am dead."

Death sighed heavily, "You need to know that as an immortal being, there is not much I can do. So I like to watch mortals and their lives. It gives me entertainment and your life Harry Potter was the best show I watched in a long time. It would be a lot better if you were a bit smarter early on, but I still had so much fun," it said happily at the end, "But now that you died my entertainment has ended. So I decided to give you one more chance."

Hearing this Harry got a little angry, "What do you mean another chance, I died and I want to meet my family again. I have nothing to go back to so just let me die," he finished in a pleading voice.

Death again sighed and said in a little softer tone, "Harry, I know that you want to go to your family, but tell me wouldn't you want to go and live a life as you want? You will meet your family sooner or later so why not go and live by your rules. No prophecies, no mad Dark Lords, only your choices."

Harry finally calmed himself down, but again got confused by Death's words, "You are talking like I am not going back to my old body."

Death nodded and explained, "Yes, you are not going back to Earth. You had your second chance there and it is time for you to go somewhere else or die. And as I want to have more entertainment I am going to send you to another world!"

He thought about it, he would rather go and meet his family, but it didn't look like Death was giving him a choice plus it might not end up too bad. He released a deep sigh and said in resignation, "You won't let me die huh?"

The being smiled, "Good, you understand that whatever you do you are not dying today. But don't worry as I said earlier one day you will be able to meet your family again. Now there are a few things to talk about before I sent you away. You will arrive in a new body as I can only send your soul, I already have something in mind. Next would be your magic. You need to know that some time ago there was magic in this new world but now only some people can use it. Now don't panic you will still be able to use your magic. Unfortunately, the magic in those land in much wilder than on earth, and no normal spell will work, so you will need to find a way to use it without wand and spells like before. I would tell you more, but I think that it will be much funnier to see you discover the world for yourself."

Then Death grinned madly and said with a much too happy voice, "So without further ado, I wish you good luck, Harry Potter," and without wasting any more time the being waved its hand, and Harry was thrown into a train that was waiting on the station.

Harry didn't have time to react and before he could do anything he blacked out... again.

289 AC, Myr

A white-haired [1] boy woke up with a loud gasp. He sat upright in his bed and looked around. He was in a very plain room, with only a wardrobe, mirror and a bed in it. It looked like a room straight from the medieval age.

He then slowly sat on the verge of the bed and murmured quietly, "What have you gotten yourself into again Potter, huh?"

The moment he wanted to get up and check where he was, Harry felt the most painful headache coming. He released a silent scream and blacked out from the pain.


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