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Chapter 17. Lost in time






The man in question suddenly realized that his thoughts must have drifted away after the revelation of the new Magister's name. By all means, it shouldn't be possible. Sirius died, lost in the mysterious depths of the Veil of Death, but so did Harry, even if his death came from a spell.

Did Death pull his godfather from the Veil to this universe only to see this exact moment?

Very possible, Harry thought withholding a snort. The entity wanted entertainment and an event like this would no doubt provide a lot of it. Should he be angry at the annoying being?

No, definitely not. Harry now had a chance to reunite with his godfather, a man that died only because Harry was stupid enough to fall into Voldemort's trap. If this Sirius was the godfather that Harry lost then he didn't mind giving Death the entertainment it wanted. After all, Harry always wanted to have his family back, no matter how small it was.


And he again let his thought wander... He probably looked like an idiot just standing there, looking in the distance with an empty gaze. Thank whatever force was listening that Ralnor still tried to get to him.

Sorry about that, He apologized swiftly and excused himself from his small group, It's just a bit shocking. Sirius, he...

"I know," Ralnor said when Harry trailed off, "I remember him from a few of your memories. Godfather that fought and died for you. I hope that this isn't just a name coincidence. It is always good to have family on your side."

Ralnor was happy for Harry, that much the younger wizard knew, but he also realized that the ancient man thought of Sirius as someone who would definitely be a useful ally in this world. Not that Harry could blame him for such reasoning, after all, Sirius was Harry's godfather, not Ralnor's and he didn't really know the man. Memories could only show so much.

We will see, Harry answered as he sat on the bed in his cabin, First I want to see all the changes that the Captian was talking about. Besides running right towards Sirius' residence would be stupid. I don't know if he looks the same as he did in my world - I definitely don't - and I need to come up with a good story to explain to Maran how I know the new Magister.

"Glad to see that your sentiment isn't clouding your mind. We did a lot of stupid shit in our travels and now that we have the time to approach this situation slowly, I feared that you will do it again because he is your godfather."

Harry sighed as he let his back fall on the bed, Trust me I really want to confront Sirius as soon as we dock into the port, but I also know that I need information first. It could be just Death playing tricks on me and I would just cause us unneeded problems with my rash actions.

The desire to find Sirius instantly was really strong, but Harry wasn't the naive boy he was in the past. Yeah, he still had his moments of stupidy and recklessness, but what human didn't? Everyone acted on their emotions from time to time and Harry wasn't excluded from this group. Maybe if he was sure that the Magister was the Sirius Harry knew and loved, then he would act like that. Without this confirmation, Harry could at least control his impulses.

"We will see Harry. Just don't get your hopes up, it will be easier to accept the disappointment that way. Still, you are right, we need a really good story for Maran if this is your godfather. The old man won't buy anything else," Ralnor said making Harty snort at the last part.

You realize you're much older than he, right? It was not the first time that Ralnor used that nickname for Maran and Harry never could stop himself from pointing out the hypocrisy in such a statement. It always annoyed the ancient mage thus amusing Harry to no end.

"Shut up," Ralnor snarked back and closed the connection between them.

Harry laughed at the reaction. This definitely helped him to get his mind off the entire Sirius situation. He froze before exploding in laughter again. It had been a long time since he heard that pun...

"I thought I would find you here," a voice said from the entrance to Harry's cabin.

Snorting, Harry pushed himself into a sitting position, "Right, because there are so many places on the ship that I could go to," he said dryly.

Maran opened his mouth a few times, before chuckling, "I walked into that one, eh?"

"That you did," Harry answered with his own chuckle, "Why did you search for me? Are we docking or maybe you need something? And if it is about my weird reaction to the new Magister's name, then just leave it for now. I will tell you what it is about when I confirm a few things."

Maran nodded slowly, "Aye, I wanted to ask about that, but it can wait... For now, you should gather your things and get on the deck. We are docking and I wanted to tell you to go out into the city and find us a place to sleep. I will need a few days to find a place to set up my shop and while the ship crew promised to keep my things here, they won't let us sleep here anymore."

Harry gave a nod of his own and got up to gather his things, "I suspected as much. It had been a few years since I was here, but I shouldn't have a problem with finding an inn. Just tell me where and when to meet you."

"I need to discuss a few things with the Captian and finish our deal so I should be here for a few more hours. It should give you enough time to do whatever you need," Maran informed.

"Yeah, that's plenty. I will be back in an hour or two. Let's see how my old home changed."

The Captian definitely wasn't lying about the changes, Harry thought as he walked through the full streets of Myr.

This Free City always was one of the better places to live in Essos, even when Harry just arrived in this world it wasn't that bad... Well, it was bad for an eight-year-old that couldn't protect himself, but now that Harry had years to train and prepare for his new life, he could finally enjoy the wonders of Myr.

The high amount of slaves that the city possessed in the past definitely didn't paint a good picture for a wizard who previously lived in a world where slavery was almost nonexistent. Nowadays Harry got somewhat used to those sights even if he really wanted to help those people be free. Unfortunately unlike his old world, this one was more dangerous and Harry knew that going against all the slavers alone would be a suicide.

Still, it looked like the new Magister was trying to fix it if the much smaller amount of slaves on the streets was anything to go by. They were still there, but unlike the last time Harry was in Myr, now he couldn't spot multiple of them anywhere he went.

Overall the city looked much better than what Harry remembered. Streets were busier and liver while people looked happier if their expressions were anything to go by. Of course, Harry wasn't blind to the darker sides of Myr.

Beggars still littered the streets of the bazaar that Harry just visited and while their number wasn't that big, they were still there. After all, even if the improvements were there, you just couldn't help everyone. It was a truth that Harry learned a long time ago.

Harry shook his head to banish those negative thoughts from his mind. For now, he should focus on the changes in the city and finding out more about Sirius.

And look at that, one of the few places in Myr that I still remember, Harry thought in amusement as he stared at the entrance to the public baths. His first fix to the lack of showers in the new world, those were really frustrating and embarrassing times...

At least from what Harry could see, those baths were now free for everyone. Definitely an interesting development as Harry could bet that managing a place like that wasn't exactly cheap. Was it another one of those improvements that the new Magister implemented?

Harry didn't know, but he wanted to find out, so without any further ado, he began mingling with the crowd and asking subtle questions about the changes and the new Magister.

Most of the people had only good things to say about the development of the city and Harry was happy to hear them all. Hell, he even managed to talk with some new guards that were tasked with patrolling Myr. They were much nicer than Harry expected soldiers to be, even if they showed some annoyance at Harry's questions.

Well, as long as they didn't attack him they were a lot better than what Harry remembered from his year-long stay in Myr in the past and definitely better than one of his encounters with guards in a city that shall-not-be-named.

Snorting quietly at the memory, Harry pushed through the crowd in the direction of Sirius' residence. As it wasn't a secret where the man lived, no one really had a problem with telling Harry where he should go.

It took a bit of time and a few more questions to arrive at his destination, but he did it, he finally found Sirius' new home. Or rather a manor...

It was only a two-story-tall white building, but its style screamed noble. If it was really Sirius who bought or build this house then Harry was a bit surprised. After all his godfather never seemed to like too fancy things. His preferences either changed or the people of Myr gave him the wrong address.

Oh well, he would need to check it out later as there was no chance and time to sneak in now. Harry already saw a few guards walking around and the ten feet tall wall all around the building definitely wouldn't help. There was no need to act rashly, besides he still needed to find an inn to sleep in. Maran wouldn't let him live it down if Harry forgot about the main reason for his trip into town.

Thankfully there was one nice inn with empty rooms on the way back to the port. Before Harry knew he was walking back in the city with Maran beside him.

"So how was your trip?" Maran asked, finally breaking the silence.

"Quite nice. The city definitely improved a lot ever since I left. It is a miracle that the appearance of one new magister would change so much. Though I am curious how exactly he managed to take so much power away from others. I doubt that they gave it away peacefully," At least Maran didn't ask about their previous conversation on the ship.

"I didn't really believe in the rumors I heard in Braavos, but now that I am here it is hard to argue with them. Whoever this Sirius Black is he definitely changed Myr for the better. You wouldn't know anything about him eh?" Here it was, the question that Harry expected but hoped wouldn't come that soon. Neither he nor Ralnor really had any good idea how to explain Harry's interest in Sirius.

For now, Harry could only give Maran a half-truth and hope that it wouldn't bite him in the ass in the future... Unfortunately knowing Harry's very good luck it definitely would.

"You could say that Sirius Black was a family friend back when my mother was still alive. He left Myr sometime before my mother's death and I never saw him again. I am not sure if the new magister and the man I knew are the same person, but I will find out," It was as good of an answer as Harry could come up with in such a short time without giving almost anything away.

Maran chuckled in return, "Who would have thought. It would definitely help in settling down in the city if we had a Magister on our side. Just be careful when you go to investigate. We don't want any problems with a major ruling party of Myr, we only arrived here after all."

"Don't worry, I already talked with Ralnor about this. We are going to do this slowly and without anyone noticing," He placated the older man.

Maran sighed in relief, "Good... For a moment I thought that you would again do something stupid."

"Screw you too old man, screw you too," Was Harry's mature retort. What? He didn't need everyone pointing out his old mistakes.

It took about five days for Maran to find a place for his shop. In Harry's honest opinion it was quite surprising as after all the old man didn't really know anyone in the city. Still, after all those years that Maran worked as a merchant, he probably learned a thing or two so maybe Harry should have expected that. It wasn't like he knew everything about his old friend. Or at least that was what Harry thought and he was wrong before.

At least now they had a proper place to sleep in or it would be after Maran managed to get all of his stuff sorted out. For now, the place was a mess, but they were slowly getting there.

Of course, during the time that Maran was taking care of his business, Harry wasn't idle. He took his time to get familiar with the city once again and discover more about the changes that Sirius apparently made to Myr.

It was still kinda overwhelming for Harry that it could be his godfather who caused all of them. He never thought that Sirius would ever assume any position of power. Well, who was Harry to judge, after all even he could bet that none of his old friends would believe what became of him in this new world.

"They would," Ralnor's voice cut in the middle of Harry's thoughts, "You always got involved in the weirdest situations in your life so being reborn as an heir to an almost extinct family shouldn't be a surprise."

You know what? You are probably right, Harry thought in exasperation, The existence of this would probably surprise them more than my involvement with it.

"Probably," Ralnor said absently, "Now you should get going. We found out as much as we could about the new Magister without doing anything dangerous and as much as it pains me to say it. It is time to do it your way."

Come on, it is not like we are doing this for the first time, Harry instantly retorted, At this point, I am a professional at sneaking into other people's houses... You know what, it made me sound like some kind of stalker.

"Well, when you say it like that, then you are right. You are a stalker," Ralnor responded casually.

Harry's brow twitched a few times before he grinned as a thought went through his mind, In that case, you aren't any better. After all, you are always with me.

Ralnor fell silent for a moment before he replied in a resigned tone, "You couldn't let me have that one eh?"

No, Harry answered happily and cut the connection between them temporarily. Ralnor was right and after those few days of collecting information about Sirius, they were pretty sure that the building they saw on the first day really was the new Magister's home. It was a shame that Harry never managed to spot his supposed godfather. It certainly would help...

"So you are really doing it?" Maran's exasperated voice asked when Harry entered the main part of the shop.

The younger wizards shrugged, "No reason to wait now. And don't worry it is not like I am doing this for the first time. Even if I somehow get caught I will just escape and come back in a few days."

"So be it, just don't get any suspicion on me. I just got the shop."

Harry waved him off as he left the shop, "Yeah, yeah. I will be back in a few hours."

After Harry unlocked his animagus form, sneaking into guarded places became much easier or even straight up not challenging. This wasn't really surprising as no one expected a falcon to be a wizard in hiding. Maybe it took away some of the excitement in sneaking into buildings, but at least it removed most of the risks, and with Harry's luck an advantage like that was definitely useful.

So it wasn't a challenge for Harry to pass the high wall of Sirius' residence and scout a good place to enter the building unnoticed. Or it wouldn't be if it wasn't for the feeling of magic that washed over Harry when he neared the building.

Wards, he exclaimed in surprise, The chance of the new Magister being the Sirius I know just raised expediently. Still how the hell he managed to place wards all over the manor? They feel completely different from the ones I can create using wardstones. And they are definitely weaker.

"Do you recognize them?" Ralnor asked after he tried to get a feel of the wards, "They are nothing like the wards I know."

I do, Harry confirmed, Those are basic proximity and hostility detection wards. Nothing hard to make, but I have no clue how they were created here. Sirius will have a lot to answer to.

"At least we are not in the dark. Can you pass them without anyone noticing?"

Harry nodded, If my new wand doesn't fail me then it shouldn't be too hard. I worked with much stronger wards in my last life and I still could pass them. Standard Auror training.

"But you have never done that before in this world right?" Ralnor asked hesitantly.

Yes? Harry answered not sure what the hell his companion was getting at.

"So in truth, you have complete zero experience with passing wards, or did you forget that magic works a bit differently in this world," this time Harry could the frustration seeping into Ralnor's voice.

Don't worry, I will be careful, Harry quickly reassured and transformed on the edge of the wards where no one would see him.

Normally Harry wouldn't be so sure in his attempt at passing the wards but during their trip from Pentos to Myr, Maran and Harry managed to create another wand that was more stable than the previous ones. It was still far from working like wands from Harry's old world, but at least now he was pretty confident with most of the non-advanced spells, even if they were weaker than normally.

Harry took the new Weirwood wand out of his cloak and waved it in a long pattern that he barely remembered after so many years of not using it. Thankfully the spell worked and in the next moment, a small window opened in the wards. Harry suspected that with the strain he felt during the spell it would probably fail if the wards weren't that weak.

Done, Harry thought and without wasting any more time, he transformed into his animagus form and flew through the opening. Soon he was inside the manor and no one even noticed him, Now to find his room.

It definitely was easier said than done as even though the manor wasn't that big, there was still plenty of rooms inside. He also needed to dodge all the guards that were still inside the building as even though he was mostly moving in his falcon form, he still needed to change from time to time to sneak through the doors.

There were a few close calls where he almost entered a room that was occupied, but thankfully Harry's quick reflexes saved him from detection.

He wasn't sure how long it took him to find a study room that definitely belonged to the owner of the building, but at least he finally got here. The room was quite small with one beautiful desk near the entrance to the balcony and a few bookshelves that were full of all kinds of things. Sirius definitely didn't save money on his private room.

Harry furrowed his brow as he looked at the multiple shelves. To be honest, he hoped to find Sirius here, but either the man was out of the manor or Harry was really unlucky.

Shrugging Harry approached the desk and began browsing through the files left in the open. Sirius might not be here, but he could at least discover more about his lost godfather. Currently, Harry was pretty sure that the new Magister and Sirius Black of his old world were the same people.

The documents showed some plans and notes about Sirius' current businesses and Harry was happy to admit that he couldn't understand about half of what he just read. It wasn't the language barrier, but rather Harry's hate towards anything related to business management or politics. He had enough of this in his old life and even then he was bad in those areas.

Thankfully Harry was saved from the boring task of browsing through documents when the sound of opening doors reached his ears. Instantly Harry assumed his animagus form and took position on the railing on the balcony. There he had a perfect view of the room and the moment the doors opened fully Harry almost fell from his perch.

The person that entered the room definitely was the Sirius Black that Harry remembered... Well mostly as this person was at a maximum in their late twenties. Not that it was that surprising as after all Harry had a completely different body now.

Still, the happiness that Harry felt from the lone fact that his godfather was alive and standing just in front of him was exhilarating. He almost missed Sirius murmuring something.

"Bloody arseholes. You would think that with the amount of control I have, they would just leave me alone... Idiots," Both Harry and Ralnor snorted in their minds. This was definitely something the old Sirius would say.

Harry watched his godfather work for a few more minutes all the while remembering the times when he just met Sirius in his third year.

"Alright, enough of this Stalker," Ralnor cut in breaking Harry's concentration, "If you want to confront him then you won't get a better moment."

Ignoring the stupid nickname Harry nodded and flew off the railing to hide behind the wall. He then transformed back into a human and steeled his nerves. It was now or never.

"You know Sirius, I would have never thought that you would ever assume a position of power," Harry said casually as he leaned against the balcony's entrance.

Instantly he erected a small magical shield to protect himself from the red spell coming his way. Well, Sirius definitely had good reflexes and if what Harry saw was right, then the stick in his hand was a wand, a perfectly working wand. Well, that was a surprise.

"Who the hell are you and how did you get here?" At least Sirius didn't keep attacking him. That would definitely alert someone sooner or later.

"You know very well who I am," Harry then lowered his hood and let his magic passively flow through his body so his eyes would become of the color that his mother, Lily, gave him, "What do you say... Padfoot."

Sirius' eyes widened for a second before they narrowed in Harry's direction, "How do you know that name? Better answer quickly or I will deal with you myself."

Harry chuckled as he waved his hand one more time and applied a small illusion over his face. If that didn't help then Harry didn't know what would, "Come on Sirius. Did you already forgot your own godson?"

Sirius' eyes again flew open as he stared at Harry in shock. Not that the younger wizard could blame him. Harry at least had some time to accept the fact that his godfather might be back.

"It is really you Harry?" The completely confused man asked quietly as he approached his godson and grabbed him by the shoulders. Harry let him as he knew that if he wanted to convince his godfather of his identity, he would need to be careful.

"Of course I am," Harry nodded as tears began to build behind his eyes, "I might look different now, but how else would I know about the Marauders, Lily and James Potter or about the fact that you broke out of Azkaban to track the traitor Pettigrew."

Instantly Sirius engulfed Harry in a tight hug as tears began to run down his face. Harry wasn't much better as he also let the emotions flow through him. He finally got his godfather back and he couldn't be happier.

"How?" Sirius finally asked after he broke the hug.

Harry took a few steps back and ran a hand through his hair, "I died Sirius, by the same spell that got me so famous. Of course, it appears that Death is a real entity and it really enjoyed the show that was my life. It reincarnated me into a new body in this world about six years ago. This is the reason why you didn't recognize me. What you see now is only an illusion I learned to create during my travels."

Sirius didn't give an outright reaction apart from sitting down in his chair and removing a large bottle of wine along with two cups from his desk, "Sit down Harry. I don't know about you, but this is too much for me when I am sober."

Harry shrugged and took the seat across his godfather, "How did you get here Sirius? I am happy that you are here, but I doubt that you met Death personally, even if it promised to have a surprise ready for me..."

Sirius took a sip of his wine and ignored Harry's silent complaint about Death, "I don't know. I was trapped in the endless darkness for what seemed an eternity. Then one day a portal opened before me and spewed me on the scorching sands of Essos. I was lucky to be found by one of the traveling mercenary groups instead of Dothraki."

"This at least explains why you still have your own body, even if it is younger than it should be," Harry said.

Sirius grinned, "That's right! I was a teenager again when I arrived here. Probably one of the few upsides of this entire situation. Well, that and now having my godson back."

Teenager? That didn't make any sense, "Wait! When did you arrive in this world?"

Sirius furrowed his brows as he thought of the answer, "If I remember correctly then it was about ten years ago. Yeah, something like that."

Why would Death transfer Sirius here four years before Harry? Was it some kind of devious plan that Death created or maybe it just wanted Harry to be confused without a reason...

Harry snorted, that sounded about right.

"What?" Sirius asked, definitely confused by Harry's previous reaction.

"Nothing important Padfoot," Harry reassured, before leaning forward in his chair, "Now tell me how exactly you became the most powerful Magister of Myr. As I said, it isn't a position I expected you to take."

"Only if you will tell me how yow a kid like you survived in this world," he said with a grin, before he turned serious faster than Harry expected, "I also want to know how the war ended and how you died."

Harry sighed tiredly, This is going to be a very long conversation.

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