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Chapter 19. Out in the open

"How much time do we have?" Harry asked as both he, Sirius and a few of his guards walked in the direction of the main gate. Only the sound of their boots hitting the ground accompanied them as according to Sirius the population living near the main gate was asked to stay in homes or for the time being go deeper into the city. A standard security measure so the military would be able to travel without getting stopped by the crowds.

"About half an hour or hour at most," Sirius answered and quickened his steps, "As soon as I received the word from my scouts, I sent the information to other Magisters and the General of my own troops."

Harry frowned, "From what I remembered the Magisters aren't supposed to have too many soldiers. Each of the Sisters mostly used mercenary companies to defend themselves. Are you sure we have enough people to match the Dothraki?"

Of course with Harry and Ralnor, they should be able to lower the enemy numbers to defeat them even with the Dothraki outnumbering Myr's forces. But, that would require the two wizards to use their full power and that wasn't something they wanted.

Revealing that they could use magic was one thing, but giving away all their abilities right away was irresponsible at best and stupid at worst.

"We do. More than enough," Sirius replied, pulling Harry out of his thoughts, "As you know I control more than a half of the city so two years back I decided that it was a high time for Myr to have its own little army. The other Magisters weren't happy, but I promised that only a small part of the troops would be under my control while the rest would be managed by the Magister council. A load of bullshit, but at least after some negotiations the others finally agreed with me."

Harry sighed, "Should have expected that... I suppose that most of this new army are slaves that couldn't find any work after being freed?"

Sirius nodded, "Aye, probably about sixty to seventy percent. The others are more experienced soldiers that either previously retired or left their mercenary company for a more steady life. We only have ten thousand soldiers currently, but like I said it should be more than enough to repel a small Khalasar even if we won't be able to use all the troops."

Harry nodded and remained silent. He wanted to ask about their plan to defend the city, but Sirius told him to wait as those were things they needed to discuss with the General and he didn't want to repeat himself.

"Here we are," Sirius announced and motioned to the tower-like building that stretched even above the City's walls. Unlike most of the buildings in Myr, this one was pretty simple, lacking any special decorations.

A low whistle left Harry's lips as he studied the tall building, "I thought I saw this from the other side of the City, but it looks more impressive up close. I don't think it was here before I left Myr for the first time."

Sirius smirked, "It was smaller back then but with enough money and some magic we created the perfect main outpost. Come follow me and better keep the hood up if you don't want everyone to know your identity yet."

Harry nodded and marched right behind his godfather through the large doors of the tower. They waved through the building, passing multiple soldiers who almost all stopped to nod to Sirius before going back to their tasks. Thankfully no one decided to do more than that and soon the duo reached another room where a tall brown-haired man, dressed in high-quality leather armor waited.

"Magister Black," the man bowed, "I am glad you are here. Our troops are ready and waiting for the final orders."

Sirius shook his head, "Ballo, how many times have I told you that you don't need to address me so formally. Especially not after everything we went through together."

The man glanced at Harry and Sirius instantly chuckled, "Don't worry about Harry here, he is family and someone who should lower the casualties on our side in the coming battle," the Black then addressed his godson, "Harry this is Ballo, the General of Myr's forces. He was one of the men that survived the fight with Dothraki and followed me since then."

Harry studied the man for a moment and sighed. Hopefully, Sirius knew who to trust.

Removing his hood the younger wizard nodded to the older man who widened his eyes a bit at Harry's appearance, "Pleasure to meet you."

"Likewise," the man returned, his tone almost questioning, "You never told me you had any family Sirius, and forgive me if I offend you, but the two of you look nothing alike."

Both wizards snorted, "It's complicated," Sirius said with a wave of his hand, "Now tell me how is the evacuation going?"

The General ran a hand through his hair, "Not as good as I would wish to. It seems that we will need to meet the Dothraki on an open field if we don't want to lose a good portion of the population outside the walls and their property. I already have five thousand soldiers waiting in front of the gates, helping with the evacuation and another five hundred stationed on the walls."

"So just like I expected," Sirius murmured, "If it wasn't for the goods we would lose by evacuating everyone, I would order the closing of the gates and waiting out the Dothraki. Unfortunately, if we won't show ourselves then the bastards will just raid the settlements around the city for anything that could be useful to them. We would lose livestock and much more... No we need to meet them just like you said, not far from the city, but enough so they will target us before the settlements."

Ballo nodded and picked up a sword lying in the corner, "As you wish Sirius, I will relay the orders and we will march in as soon as you are ready."

The man moved to leave the room, but Sirius stopped him with a raised hand, "Wait," he said before turning to Harry, "Do you have anything that could help us with dismounting the Dothraki? We may have the number advantage, but most of my troops are foot soldiers."

Harry hummed as an idea appeared in his head, What do you think, Ralnor? Think we can do this without revealing your presence?

Ralnor instantly received Harry's idea and sent a mental nod, "It will be taxing, but if we used the trick we learned then no one will see me."

Harry grinned and met Sirius' gaze, "I think I have just the thing."

"What if the Khalassar decided to turn back after raiding the small settlement?" Harry suddenly asked from the horse he was riding.

Sirius, who just like his godson traveled on a horse next to the General, shrugged, "Then we all will be happy that no more lives will be lost today. We are very close to Myr so it is not like we are wasting a lot of time coming here."

On this Harry could agree. As much as he wanted to check if his and Ralnor's trick would work, he knew that this battle would end in bloodshed and that was something Harry definitely didn't want.

Wait a second, Harry thought as something suddenly struck him, "Why the hell are you even here Sirius? I get that you fought a few battles before, but as a Magister shouldn't you stay back?"

Sirius laughed, "And why would I do that. I am not some fat bastard that can't even lift a sword, and don't worry I won't run straight into the battle like an idiot. I am not suicidal," suddenly the Black grinned, "Besides when people will hear that one of their Magisters went into battle instead of sitting on his arse, they will definitely prefer me instead of the other idiots."

Harry almost facepalmed even though he couldn't fault Sirius' reasoning. Public relations were important, especially when you planned to take over the city. That Sirius was a reckless idiot like always definitely didn't stop him from going into battle.

Harry shook his head and watched as another rider approached, "Magister Black, General Ballo," the man said, giving a quick bow, "The Khalasar is just behind the hill in front of us. Our scouts reported a few riders that spotted our army so we can expect the attack any moment."

Ballo nodded, "Thank you Captain. Have the troops assume the standard formation and wait for the sign."

The Captain nodded and rode away to set the troops. Harry observed all of this with furrowed brows. It was the first time he had a chance to be a part of a battle on that scale and even the small things like the chain of command were interesting to watch. Even though there were some similarities from Harry's time as an Auror, there were enough differences to make Harry wonder.

Of course, someone decided to stop Harry's observations.

"It is time Sorcerer," The general announced, "Even though I don't agree with placing all our lives in your hands, I hope that Sirius' faith isn't wrongly placed."

Harry wasn't one hundred percent sure of his plan either, but hey even if it didn't work as it should, they would still get a large advantage over the Dothraki. Use it well and the battle should be ten times easier.

Sirius frowned at his friend's words before quickly turning to his godson smiling, "Don't listen to him, Ballo is always a bit skeptical when it comes to magic... And well, what you had proposed goes far beyond anything I could do."

Harry nodded without a word and rode forward, passing the rows of soldiers. Maybe he couldn't read minds anymore, but just from feeling the atmosphere around him, Harry knew that the majority of the army was nervous about the upcoming battle.

Don't worry, even if I can't save all of you, I can at least make sure that most of you come back home.

Gripping the reins tighter, Harry sped up to put a bit more distance between himself and the army. The sandy plains and a small hill, the only thing separating him from the incoming Khalassar.

The sorcerer sighed and jumped down from his horse, "Go on. I won't need you anymore," he mumbled to the animal. Clapping it on its side he watched as the horse ran back towards the gathered army. No need to sacrifice more lives than necessary, the area around Harry would drink enough blood today to last for years.

Crouching down Harry slowed his breathing and listened as his ears picked up on the sound everyone was waiting for.

Hooves hitting the hard ground and screams of the Dothraki riders. Bloody bastards couldn't stop themselves from shouting random things. Oh well, who was he to judge?

Harry threw his gaze to the hill and watched as the Dothraki descended like a swarm. A swarm that wanted to destroy everything on their path and currently Harry was the one separating them from their target.


Harry could feel the grin on Ralnor's face when the ancient sorcerer replied, "You don't even have to ask. Let's make them regret ever coming near this City."

The screams got louder and when Harry's body could feel the vibrations going through the earth from the incoming swarm, he touched the ground with both his hands and murmured, "Do it."

During his long life — Well maybe not that long if you consider people like Dumbledore — Sirius experienced many things. Muggles creating things without magic that the wizarding world would never expect, a war that killed more people than Sirius would like to admit, magical feats he thought were impossible, and the love of family and friends. Those things made life interesting, made it worth living.

Yes, if one asked Sirius, he would say that if he ignored his stay in Azkaban and the few first years in Essos, his life was a decent one. Decent, not good, not with all the loss he went through. It was much too early too to call his life a good one even if Harry's reappearance definitely improved it a lot.

Now as Sirius watched his godson stand between his army and the Dothraki, he really hoped that this would be another case where he lived through the impossible. He trusted Harry, more than he probably should have. But now as he stared at the hundreds of riders approaching his only family, Sirius could admit with an open heart that his faith waned a bit.

It was one man against hundreds after all.

"Come on Harry," Sirius whispered under his breath, "You defeated Voldemort, became a beacon of hope for the wizarding world, and went through more than any human should. What are a couple of hundreds of savage riders?"

As if his godson heard him, Harry looked straight in Sirius' direction, smirked, and instantly crouched down with his hands touching the ground.

Sirius straightened and squinted his eyes when he noticed a faint bluish aura covering Harry's hands, What are you really planning Harry? This can't be what you showed me and Ballo.

The aura extended upwards and soon took over all of Harry's arms. Sirius held his breath as the Dothraki got closer and closer, their screams echoing in his head.

Maybe four hundred feet between them and Harry.

Two hundred.

One hundred.

And then it happened.

The earth around Harry came alive, magic swallowing the ground and extending hundreds of feet in every direction, except in Sirius' army. Whatever rusty senses Sirius possessed that could feel magic, suddenly screamed. Telling, no, begging him to get as far away from what Harry just created.

The sands became whirls of death that tried to consume everything that dared to step on them. The hard ground split open like maws trying to devour anything stupid to approach it. And the stone pillars... those things would get forever imprinted in Sirius' memory.

Like snakes that rose from the deepest hells, the pillars rushed in every direction piercing everything in their way. Armor was crushed, skin punctured and blood spilled like endless rivers.

And Harry?

The young sorcerer that created the sea of Death crouched in the middle of it with stone walls covering him from every direction.

Sirius was sure that his mouth was currently hanging open as he stared at the Dothraki getting swallowed by the earth. Bodies upon bodies falling to the ground as more and more earth magic was released upon them. Most were lucky to survive their passage through the sea — Ironic— Harry created, but their mounts weren't spared.

"S—Sirius, are we seeing the same thing?" Ballo's stuttering voice brought Sirius out from his shock, but the man didn't really know how to respond. How could he? Harry told them about his plan, but this? This was far beyond everything they could ever expect.

"Seeing? Yes. Believing? Not likely," Sirius murmured, his voice loud enough for the general to hear him, "Signal the man Ballo. I am sure we won't be getting any better signs than this. Have soldiers ready on our sides, it won't take long before the Dothraki will try to get around this. Harry's field is massive, but even he has his limits... And please for the love of god, make sure that no one will even try to get close to what Harry created."

Ballo nodded slowly and galloped away with his eyes still firmly watching the slaughter happening. Not that Sirius could fault him as his own eyes were still glued to the half-dome that protected his godson.

Sirius thought his magic strong, but Harry showed him that this world really worked by different rules. Or maybe Harry was just an exception from the rules like Dumbledore or Voldemort were in his old world.

The Black shook his head. Did it really matter? Harry just gave them a chance and he should stop wasting it with his staring.

Lily, James, you might not be happy about what we became, but I hope that you both are at least proud of how far we came, Sirius thought as he too moved towards the battle.

They learned this trick a few months back, trying to utilize their abilities as one unit without the need for Ralnor to manifest his entire body. They tried channeling Ralnor's pure power through Harry, without success. Ralnor tried to somehow transfer his abilities to Harry, also without success.

In the end, they both realized that they were going about it the wrong way. Why have Ralnor give his power to Harry when they just should work together, just as they wanted. And so the idea was born. For Ralnor to manifest himself around Harry, like a small layer of armor that would be almost unnoticeable.

With this combination they fought in one body, both having some semblance of control. Even though they still couldn't utilize each other's abilities and the transformation tried out both of them, in situations like that it was bloody useful.

Harry knew what was happening around him, but it was Ralnor who controlled it. The ground moving in every direction, seeking anything alive to satiate its hunger to destroy, to kill.

They held the magic for another few minutes as screams of battle and death reached them from every side. Both wanted to join the fight but knew that what they were currently doing was more important.

"That's enough," Harry rasped out, the glow around his arms disappearing instantly, "Hopefully we did enough."

"We did Harry, we definitely did," Ralnor answered, and even though he didn't have a physical body, his voice was as tired as Harry's, "If we held the magic any longer you wouldn't be able to join the battle... So rest for a minute and then go, finish what we started."

Harry nodded and sat down on the ground. Taking in a deep breath he finally felt his heartbeat slow a bit. Good sign, it had been a while since Harry released so much magic in a simple act, and truthfully neither he nor Ralnor was sure how his body would take it.

It definitely took it better than they expected and Harry would bet that his deeper connection to magic due to the potion from Stygai helped. Now he just needed to survive the battle and then he could get some deserved rest.

"Alright let's go," Harry whispered and drew his magic friendly shortsword, Give me an opening, Harry sent to his companion.

Getting a mental nod, Harry watched as the wall in front of him crumbled to dust revealing the battlefield they created.

Just like Harry expected the sea of Death, he and Ralnor created was painted red. Out of the ground, bodies of humans and horses grew, some eaten halfway, while others only had their legs sticking out. In other parts of the field long pillars of stone grew in every direction, bodies speared on them every few feet with their blood still seeping on the ground.

Such was the power of an experienced earth sorcerer who didn't even have his own body.

Harry sighed and scanned the battlefield. No one dared to take a step into Ralnor's creation anymore and all of the fighting was happening on the sides of the field.

He could see it, the Dorhraki's numbers were low and Harry probably wouldn't be wrong to think that at least a few hundred lost their lives in the first charge. Myr's army was winning and it wouldn't take much longer for the bigger army to overwhelm their adversary.

Harry shook his head and rushed towards the first bigger fighting group he noticed. He could think about the battle after it ended.

The sorcerer gripped his sword tightly and grabbed his imperfect wand with his left hand. He only required it for some basic spells he already mastered wandless, but he would never say no to the additional power that came with the possession of a wand.

Harry waved his wand with a speed that required years of practice and soon listened to the screams as the first spells reached their targets. Exploding curses, cutting, and banishing charms, some of the most basic spells, yet some of the deadliest.

The group of at least twenty Dothraki that lost their horses to Ralnor's attack were reduced to less than a half of the number after Harry's onslaught. Some of those that survived were missing limbs or had cuts all over their bodies.

And yet a few of them stood right back up, fury shining in their eyes when they finally noticed Harry.

"Maegi!" they shouted as one unit and this was the only warning Harry got before the remaining Dothraki sprinted towards him.

The sorcerer in question raised an eyebrow as he prepared his magic for another battle. Wasn't maegi a term used for women who used blood magic? Well, Harry was neither a woman nor used anything related to blood. Still, Harry couldn't really fault them. His whole body was covered and he doubted that Dothraki knew much about magic to distinguish it.

Harry sighed and pointed his sword in the Dothraki's direction. The tip of the sword glowed blue and was soon covered in a thin layer of ice.

Without command, the spike of ice shot from the sword with more following a second after. The Dothraki definitely didn't expect another magical attack so soon and so another five bodies hit the ground, their torsos covered in glistening ice.

The three remaining Dothraki proved their ability to use their brain and grabbed their fallen comrades to use them as shields.

Harry clicked his tongue and stopped the ice attack. Instead, his left hand began to gather more and more magic, and when the Dothraki were no more than ten feet away Harry threw the gathered energy that transformed into a ball of fire. No shielding from an attack like that.

The ball of fire landed right in front of the remaining Dothraki and exploded in a fiery inferno, eating the men alive.

Harry sighed, now he needed to find the Khal and his blood riders, with their deaths the battle should be instantly won. Or maybe it wouldn't, Harry's knowledge about Dothraki culture was shaky at best.

The sorcerer wiped the sweat that gathered on his forehead and ran forward. Target acquired.

Harry fought through tens of Dothraki, leaving only a trail of bodies behind him. He helped wherever he could, throwing magic in every direction to stop more Myrish soldiers from dying for defending their home.

His body ached, magic screamed at him to take a break, to let it recover for even a minute. But Harry couldn't stop now.

His sword deflected yet another strike aimed at Harry's neck, while his right hand covered in ice pierced the offender right into the heart. Harry knew that this battle was still quite small when he compared it to some of the wars he read about, but at least now he knew how one's mindset changed during a battle like that.

To push forward, to survive, and come back home by whatever means necessary.

Harry pushed the Dothraki's body away as yet another soldier thanked him for the assistance. This action always surprised Harry a little, from what he gathered, magic wasn't that well received in those parts of Essos, and yet none of the soldiers tried to attack or run away from him. It seemed that saving one's life was enough to change their opinion on magic... Or maybe those people were just more accepting.

Whatever the reason was, Harry didn't care for it as he finally spotted his target.

A tall and muscular man with a braid longer than any other Dothraki stood in a field of bodies facing yet another squad of Myrish soldiers. Of course, the Khal wasn't alone and had multiple of his own men by his side already engaged in battle.

Still, there was one very important fact about their group... All of them were horseless.

Damn Ralnor, you really did a number on them, Harry thought as he dashed forward and instantly noticed another familiar face.

"General Ballo!" Harry shouted when the general blocked the Khal's strike with his shield, "Need some assistance?"

The general pushed his adversary away and his eyes widened a bit when he noticed Harry just standing there, "By all means Sorcerer, he is yours. The Khal might be young, but he is fucking good."

That Harry didn't doubt as he peeked at the pile of bodies behind the Khal. The Dothraki leader was definitely skilled, but Harry had no plans of crossing blades with him.

Instead, Harry let all of his remaining magic flow into his short-sword, and with a single movement, he stabbed it into the ground.

"Get back General!" Harry shouted and released his hold on the magic.

The ground rumbled and cracks spread across it, heading right towards the Khal who was standing there probably confused by the sudden retreat of his enemy.

The ground shook once more, but this time no one was prepared for the dozens of ice spikes to erupt from every crack. The Khal and a few other Dothraki didn't even have a second to think before spikes erupted from every part of their bodies.

The entire field grew silent and Harry fell to a crouch, all of his energy spent.

A hand landed on his shoulder, but Harry didn't turn as the person instantly spoke, "You did more than enough Sorcerer, gather your breath. We will finish here."

And so Harry did, trusting the General, Ralnor, and his own senses to protect him. Well, at least he didn't fall unconscious eh?

"Damn Harry," Sirius exclaimed when they finally settled in the Magister's study, "I saw many things in my life, but this shite I will remember forever. How the hell did you even manage that?"

It had only been a few hours since the battle finished and Myr only lost about two hundred or so soldiers, a much better outcome than what anyone expected. The Dothraki scattered, those who ran away most likely would try to become a Khal of the survivors. Not that there were many of them. Ralnor's attack and the Khal's idiocy ensured this.

Harry groaned from his seat, his body still aching all over, "The earth manipulation was mostly Ralnor. I only supplied the magic. And to be honest we didn't expect that it would work so well."

Sirius snorted, "Yeah right... You two probably killed or crippled about half of their numbers. I am not sure that Dumbledore could do something like this. The old man was powerful and I would never cross wands with him in a duel, but manipulating nature like that?"

The younger wizard shook his head, "Magic works differently here Sirius, you know it. Usage of more primal aspects like elements is much easier than anything we could do back home if you have the affinity. We can't compare what I and Dumbledore did as we pretty much are using different magic," suddenly Harry straightened a bit, "Speaking of, how is the public taking an appearance of a wizard."

"Can't really tell you," Sirius replied, "Only a few hours passed since the battle so the word didn't spread that far yet. Give it a day or two and then we will know."

Right, Harry thought. It was much too early for a public opinion to form. Harry really wanted to know how people would react, after all this would affect a lot of his plans, Sirius' too. After all, they both had magic and their conquest of Disputed Lands wouldn't work without some sorcery.

"So what now? We just wait and then move forward depending on the public?"

Sirius shrugged, "Pretty much. I will need to deal with some issues that will definitely arise after the battle, but apart from that we wait and in two days we attend the Magister council."

Harry instantly began to wave his hands in front of him, "No, no, no Sirius! I can fight for you, I will be there for you as family, but there is no chance I am dealing with politics. Hell no!"

His bastard of a godfather only grinned, "But Harry, even if you don't want to, you will be dragged into politics after what you have done today. And well, I have the perfect idea how to use it."

Harry glared at Sirius for a moment before slumping in his chair. Of course, his godfather was right. He single handedly — No one knew about Ralnor after all — got rid of almost half of the Dothraki. There was no chance of him escaping, at least, some small part of politics after that. At least not if he wanted to stay in Myr and help Sirius.

"You know what Sirius?" Harry asked, his tone completely defeated, "Fuck you."

The bastard only laughed.

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