If you have any questions or notice any inconsistencies I didn't see be sure to review.Summary: Steven and Connie have known each other since Steven was five and Connie was three. They have trained together since then. Steven has mastered his powers and Connie is now a master sword-fighter. Something happens during a fusion making them change and uncomfortable unfusing. They move to Forks, Washington needing time to adjust. They end up meeting the Cullens, Blacks, and the Swans.Steven thinking 'thoughts'Connie thinking 'thoughts'Usually only happens when they're alone.Stevonnie thinking

'thoughts'Edward thinking 'thoughts'

Edward Cullen was a vampire. He has been for at least 50 years. His coven just moved back to Forks, Washington. The Cullen Coven moved at least every ten years, maybe 15 if they're lucky, but any longer and people start to notice you aren't aging the way you should. Though sometimes it's nice to revisit an old home. Where all the people are new. Or too senile to remember that there was once a family that lived there that looked exactly like them. So the Coven moved back to Forks and started the cycle over again.

Move to a new place. Set up a backstory. Establish how old everyone is. Get everyone one in their occupation be that school or work or simply a housewife. They'd been there for a year already. Everyone accepted them as part of the community in no time and soon forgot that the Coven wasn't always there.

The years often blended together. If it wasn't for his perfect memory Edward would have lost his reasoning and the reason why the Coven was even doing any of this in the first place. Despite this, there wasn't much change this year from last, except for the new arrival of course. The tall 17 teen year old that is coming to live alone in the little town despite having a very large family. Stevonnie, yes it is a weird name, (they had said every time someone gave them a look at their unusual name) Maheswaran Universe was the newest distraction.

His first sight of them in person was at lunch, although by that point he had already endured the extreme displeasure of seeing and hearing about them in the minds of every male and female, not surprising given their appearance, in the student population. Teenage humans were so predictable, so crude in their fantasies. Send a cute person their way and all they can think of is what is in their pants and how can they get in there themselves.

He had noticed them when they were in line from across the lunchroom. When he noticed them, they weren't even looking in his general direction, not even sparing him a glance. At first, he assumed it was because they weren't observant but then he saw them sweep the entire cafeteria as if preparing for a fight. It was obvious they were a fighter but they didn't see him or his family as a threat. Normally he'd be a bit worried about the blatant lack of survival instincts but he tried to not be overly full of himself. It's not like most humans realize the Cullen Coven are dangerous. He read the thoughts and each one is the same, in regards to him and his family. His features and looks often entice humans. Most of the females, and some of the males, at the school, students and staff, had made their attraction vividly clear to him. He had lost since he stopped counting how many uncomfortable moments he had to endure caused by both their thoughts and words.

He knew right off the bat that they wouldn't be like the rest of them. It only took him a moment to realize something though. Something truly spectacular.

Their thoughts had two voices. Not in the way that someone was having a conversation with themselves but two very distinct voices, a male and a female. He heard something similar, one time, with a girl that had D.I.D. but even then the voices of the others were muffled if they weren't currently at the forefront of the mind. It was surreal. It helped lessen his worries. Knowing he still had the advantage of hearing what they were thinking but it was bizarre. Then his perception of them shifted again. The voices melded together creating one voice when they started having a conversation with the people in line with them. 'What was happening?' He had never heard of anything like this occurring.

When Stevonnie sat down was when they finally noticed his table. Their eyes swept over each one of the vampires. Taking in their perfect features studying every detail. They didn't seem scared nor did their thoughts shift over to the crude thoughts about their bodies. In fact, they started to think about their family and how the Coven reminded them of their family. Even as they thought about Edward and his family's bodies they kept the observations completely clean and objective.

"Who are they?" They asked not even turning away from Edward's table. If he couldn't hear the thoughts of others he would have thought that the obvious staring was because they wanted in one of the vampire's pants but all he could hear in their thoughts was curiosity.

He finally turned to look at them head-on. It only took a second but he got all the information he needed. He turned away again. Somehow today they were looking very masculine and they were as built as Emmett. This was odd in itself because from the thoughts of everyone yesterday they were curvy like a girl; skirt and everything. Every time he thought he had them figured out they'd surprise him.

As the girl, Jessica, explained his family to Stevonnie their eyes shifted to look at what the Coven were doing. They noticed things. Things that no one else would have noticed. They had advanced speed almost as fast as the vampires. 'Who are they?' Edward asked himself.

As Stevonnie observed the Coven more their eyes sharpened and their thoughts became jumbled. Apparently, they now had the eyesight of a vampire, and they were excited. At least now Edward learned that the male voice was Biscuit and the female voice was Strawberry. 'How bizarre.'

Their thoughts blended together once again. They were fascinating.

'Uncommon names for modern teenagers,' they thought. 'Almost the type of names you'd expect to see in classic literature. It feels so out of place that you'd just expect there to be more with names like that.'

'Funny that they called our names uncommon when they got names like Stevonnie, Strawberry, and Biscuit.'

"They're all very beautiful."

'Haven't heard anyone actually say that out loud. How many more times will they surprise me?' Jessica opened her most to explain the Coven situation and he almost felt sad. "They're all together though; Emmett and Rosalie, and Jasper and Alice, I mean. And they live together!"

'This information would probably shatter all the good things they thought about us.'

"So?" They said, Well, he might as well throw away everything he has learned about humans in his existence here because they have shattered every preconception he's had of them. They even started getting angry on his behalf. They're tone shifted and the enticing voice had a threat underlining it. They continued berating the idiot girl whenever she said something offensive. Even manhandling her when she didn't get the message.

They had enhanced strength and they didn't like bullying.

When the Coven finally decided to leave he heard the few thoughts of theirs before he was out of range. They thought that the Coven might actually lose to their family members. 'Who were they?'

He reached his next class, biology, and sat down. There was five minutes before the bell to get to class rang. Biology may have only been interesting the first six times around but he wasn't about to not come to class because of it. He wasn't sure if he could endure another year of it, another year of stifling high school. However, this is what the Coven signed up for if they don't want to live in the mountains and never see another human again which is unlikely given Carlisle's profession. Though he doubts this year will fill him with the same dread it usually does. Stevonnie, they constantly challenge everything he thought he knew about people. They were nice but they didn't take shit. They had abilities that rivaled that of vampires yet they had a beating heart. And finally, they were somehow neither male or female. It's not that he never heard of the term nonbinary in fact it's a concept has been around since the dark ages, yet this is the first time that someone perfectly embodies it. This is the first time he's ever seen someone and didn't immediately know everything about them. Their entire existence was a contradiction yet not a single person in this small-minded town questioned it.

His thoughts were cut short as the bell to get to class rang.

Edward sighed softly as he came back to the present. Stevonnie came in with this girl called Angela. Following Angela with their eyes, they swept their gaze across the room. Their face took on a look of fondness as if remembering a good memory. They shook themselves out of their reverie and scanned the faces of everyone in the class. Their gaze finally stopped on Edward then to the empty seat beside him.

They smiled a radiate smile at him. Not a placating one but one of genuine joy of seeing a familiar face.

When the teacher finally walked in Stevonnie demeanor changed. It was obviously subconscious. They acted different. Not bad, just different. They explained who they were clearly and concisely. They acted like a subordinate that was relaying information to their superiors with no embellishments or unneeded info. The teacher took the slip and sat down nodding in acknowledgment as Stevonnie continued their report. When they were finally finished, Mr. Molina pointed to Edward's desk as he was the only one without a partner and assigned Stevonnie to him.