If you have any questions or notice any inconsistencies I didn't see, be sure to review. Summary: Steven and Connie have known each other since Steven was five and Connie was three. They have trained together since then. Steven has mastered his powers and Connie is now a master sword-fighter. Something happens during a fusion making them change and uncomfortable unfusing. They move to Forks, Washington needing time to adjust. They end up meeting the Cullens, Blacks, and the Swans


Steven thinking 'thoughts'

Connie thinking 'thoughts'

Usually only happens when they're alone.

Stevonnie thinking 'thoughts'

Edward thinking 'thoughts'Edward watched as they took a seat next to him. He could help himself as he leaned in just to be closer to them. He felt like a creep but they made him feel relaxed. It wasn't just them it was their scent. It was sweet like candy, smelt like roses, undertones of moodiness. He couldn't stop himself from being interested in this unique being. Their eyes were amazingly expressive as if they couldn't have stopped doing so even if they tried. Their eye color was also weirdly not normal. At first glance it would seem they had normal brown eyes but the color was richer than he'd even seen on a human.

Edward couldn't keep himself from smiling. The first time in years. They brought out something in him and he didn't in the least bit feel scared their presence eradicated any negative feelings. He feels himself shifting in his seat to be closer to them but he doesn't stop himself. This is the first time he's following his instinct and they aren't screaming at him to kill something. It almost makes him believe he has a soul.

"Okay, many of you know me from years previous. Glad to see familiar faces. But today we have a newcomer to town," he says as he gestured for Stevonnie to come forward. Edward feels a small loss at not having them so close to him anymore. He nearly got up with them just so they could stay together, but he is steadied by the smile they sent his way as when they stood up.

Edward listened intently once Stevonnie reached the front, not wanting to miss a word. He suppresses a snort at the mock bow they did. "I'm Stevonnie. A weird name yes I know but it's mine. I'm glad to be here and I know I will have a good time meeting all of you," they begin. Edward hears their thoughts and he isn't surprised to hear this speech was said five times before but he doesn't mind, if it were him he'd probably only say his name and sit down. At least they tried to be social.

"What do you do in your free time?" Mr. Molina asked, and Edward waited in anticipation to learn something new about this person. In the back of his mind it's already been decided they will do everything they could to be a person in their life, in whatever capacity they need. "I sword fight. I'm a dual wielder with both a sword and a shield. I duel mostly with my old housemates," Stevonnie explains and swiftly cuts off any more questions by heading to their seat. Edward feels this info solves a couple of questions about them but also a dozen more in their place. The sword fighting explains why they're observant but it doesn't explain why they learned sword fighting in the first place. It almost explains why they went into soldier mode when a teacher came in but they aren't soldiers so why did they act like it.

Edward studies their thoughts but nothing comes to the surface. The only he can find out is, though they're out going they don't particularly like to have to explain themselves to a bunch of people they'll never get to know intimately. And would rather be the mysterious new kid than compliant in answering every question that flies through the heads of everyone in the room.

"That's amazing Stevonnie," the man said amazed. And Edward hears his thoughts are slightly disappointed he didn't get to learn more. Edward ignores the rest of the world paying more attention to Stevonnie. He's been over this many times before he has no reason to listen to it again when there is someone much more interesting that deserves his attention.

"Hi," Stevonnie greets Edward as they sit down. "Hi. My name is Edward," the vampire whispered. He didn't care much about getting in trouble but he didn't want to inconvenience them. "We know Jessica told us, but we guess you already knew that," they said. Edward feels success in learning more info about more info about them. They are fully aware they are more than one person and feel more comfortable talking as such. Edward prods for more info, "Yeah, I heard, but why did you think that?" He knows they have the hearing of a vampire currently but they didn't know that he did. "I don't know. I just know you hear."

"Okay…" Edward is cut off by the bell. He rushes to get the words out so Stevonnie isn't late for their next class. "Okay um meet me at the parking lot after school."

Edward watches as Stevonnie exits the room and he feels warmth as they give him a smile and a nod before leaving.

Even in the long time that Edward has been around has one hour ever felt so short.

Edward packed up and headed for his literature class. He shared it with his siblings, Jasper and Alice. He needed to share what he learned and just talk to them in general.

Edward entered his class not two minutes later. He made a beeline to his family members who were already in the class and sitting down.

"What got you so happy," Jasper asked as Edward sat in front of him.

"The new student. They're something else," Edward says awed. "I'm almost certain they're my mate but I have nothing to confirm it," He continued.

"Are they human?" Jasper asked, wanting to know more about their lonely brother's potential mate. "That's the thing. I don't know. They have a heartbeat but they have this energy inside them. I've spoken a handful of words to them but they make me believe I could be more. That the mistakes of my past are some that don't define who I am."

Alice, who had been just listening to the conversation next to Jasper, spoke up. "That's amazing Edward…" Alice was cut off by the bell. The teacher entered the class room and started her introduction.

The three vampire siblings didn't care and instead lowered their voices till what they were saying was inaudible to the human ear and sped up till they sounded like video going too fast.

Alice continued where she left off. "The future shows them in every direction whether they're your mate or they leave tomorrow night . But I can't tell which one is more likely to happen unless they consciously make a choice I can't tell. It's almost like everything is possible for them no matter how unlikely."

"But they are mine right?" Edward asked concerned. "Yes they are definitely your mate but it might not be easy getting them to figure it out," Alice said calmly, though Edward could tell how excited she was for him. Edward wanted the happiness he'd been in a long time. 'I have a mate. Me, I have a mate.'The rest of class continues in this vein. They talk about things that's happened so far, mostly Edward talking about Stevonnie, and they ignore the teacher though she doesn't seem to notice.

The bell rings and the siblings pack up. They end up being the first to leave as everyone is watching them. Edward doesn't let this bother him, his mind filled with his mate Stevonnie.

He walked to his next class which he had with Rosalie. He didn't plan on telling her himself, she had a strong loathing for anyone that wasn't family. So he just didn't talk to her for the period, not that she tried to start a conversation either.

Edward spent the period thinking of things to say to them. One part of him wanted to run away and pretend he never met them but just their presence makes him believe that he could be good. And though he knows he doesn't have a soul and that he's just a monster, he wants to bask in their light and get to know them in all their glory.

His mind is far away from where it was earlier that his earlier worries are nowhere to be found. And he knows in the far back of his mind he's putting them on a pedestal but for so long he thought he didn't have romantic feelings that to experience them feels like he's walking toward long awaited happiness.

Stevonnie checks their class schedule and sees they have gym class next. Stevonnie soon finds the room and immediately heads to find their teacher. They feel a bit stupid for not thinking of this before. They are both so which class are they supposed to join. They soon find their gym teacher and are pleasantly surprised that the situation has already been solved. They will be switching classes every week. The bass curriculum is the same so there is no reason for them to worry about missing information. Their teacher asks which class they'd like to join this week and they feel like they've been put on the spot. They decide to go to the males class for the week after they realize they couldn't really care less about what class they're in.

Since it's the first day nothing interesting happens. After an explanation on what they'll be doing for the semester starts the entire class has free time. Stevonnie, not having anything better to do, decides to join several of the guys in a game of basketball after being asked. They find out their average at the game but have fun playing with the others and the guys seem to make feel included so that's a win in their book.

With 10 minutes left in the class the hybrid decides to exit the game. They sit against a far wall away from where the basketball and volleyball games are being played but close to a few other students that didn't feel like playing. "This is the best day ever. Everyone's so nice. And I think we made friends with that Edward guy. Yeah schools never been this great but with you here it's amazing. Yeah I'm so glad I get to experience this with you. Didn't you feel something when we were next to Edward? Yeah, it felt nice. I think we should meet with him after school. I think so too. I would really like to get to know him." The class ends after some small talk between the two.

Their last class followed the same vein of the others. Enter, get the teacher to sign their sheet, explain how'd they'd like to be addressed, give a tidbit of information about themselves then sit down and listen to the teacher talk about curriculum and give out syllabuses. After class ends Stevonnie packs up and heads to the front office to turn in their attendance sheet. They decided it didn't make any sense to turn it in later when they clearly had time now.

The red haired secretary seems a bit surprised they'd turned in the sheet so quickly but she hides it easily. Stevonnie engages in a bit of small talk with the woman, not entirely of their own free will, about the best places to eat in town and the average weather for the town. Stevonnie finds an out of the conversation and quickly leaves the office. They head to the parking lot to meet Edward hoping he's still there.

When they exit the building they see Edward and his family still at school waiting by their cars. Stevonnie feels themselves smiling and they jog a bit to reach Edward. Once they're in front of Edward, and his family, they smile becoming wider. "Hi. Sorry for the wait, I had to turn something into the front office." Stevonnie watches as Edward smiles and says, "Don't worry about it, the wait wasn't long." Stevonnie nods glad to see they're not being troublesome.

They listen as Edward introduces his family. Although they already know who everyone is they were really interested in getting to know everyone on their own terms. Stevonnie nods and smiles to each one. "I'm Stevonnie. I really hope to get to know all of you," They said cheerfully. They thought moving would be boring but this turns out to be really interesting. In fact, they're glad they came here if only because they got to meet these Gem-like people.

They turn to look at Edward. "What was it you want to talk about?" they asked, seeing as he didn't get to explain in their last class together. They watch as the male almost seems flustered but recovers quickly. "I was wondering if you wanted to join me for lunch or dinner sometime," Edward says controlled, obviously trying to stop himself from speaking more. Stevonnie feels themselves blush. 'WHAT? What do we say? I think we should say yes. He seems nice and a date is only so you can get to know someone better but it doesn't mean you need to proceed to the next step. Right, right, so we say yes. I don't see why not.'

They take a breath and smile widely. "I'd love to," they started, "I think lunch would be nice. It can be this weekend and it's less formal than dinner." They see Edward's shoulders sag in relief. "Yea. So Saturday this weekend around 1" he asked, trying to set a concrete date. "That works. Can I see your phone" Stevonnie asks. Edward gave them his phone with no questions. They immediately go to contacts and put their number into his phone. "Here. Call me. I'd love to talk sometime," They say handing his phone back, their hands brushing against his.

Their head is thrown into a vision. Almost like they're visiting someone's dream yet they can't control anything, they can only watch.

They see the birth of Edward Anthony Masen, Jr., the date June 20, 1901, in Chicago, Illinois. They don't have time to feel confused. The information, coming quick and fast. They see Edward's less than stellar relationship with his father. They see the numerous music lessons and the private schools provided by an emotionally distant father that due to his career as a lawyer didn't have time for his family. They see the beautiful relationship he had with his mother. They were the center of each other's lives.They see Edward excel at his studies and become a great pianist. They see the dive he took into the lives of soldiers enamored. They see him dream of joining the army as soon as he turned 18 due to the WWI raging during most of his youth and his want help. They get a glimpse into his thoughts on the subject, a small reluctance due to his mother not wanting to leave her and his underage. They see him and his parents sick from the Spanish Influenza in 1918. They see the death of his father during the first wave and the arrangements his mother made in case she died. They watch as his mother spirals making plans with his doctor but the plans were unknown by Edward and so they don't know it. They see the death of his mother and the way it destroyed his already damaged mind. Edward's mother and his doctor, Carlise, took him to his house shortly after the death of his mother.They see development of the deep bond with Carlisle, the beginning of a real father figure for Edward. One who gained Edward's trust through love in a way his biological father never did. For Stevonnie it filled them with joy seeing this boy, this impossibly old boy, get the love he needed for so long.Then small things started happening to Edward. They've been happening his whole life but he'd just started to notice, no longer having to meet the expectations of a distant father. Edward's always had a gift for reading people. He thought it was just normal for everyone for so long but after spending time with Carlisle he noticed it happened too often.However before Edward could fully comprehend this he was on death row, he was going to die and he was okay with that. He'd get to be with his mother and be happy. He wasn't allowed that respite though He didn't have long to think of this before he was hours away from dying. He accepted his fate. He was okay with spending eternity with his mother and the last few days with Carlisle were his most cherished memories. However, he did not die that night Carlisle changed him. He became a vampire.For a long time Edward was resentful of Carlisle, not likely that he didn't have a choice in changing into what he'd consider a soulless monster. He tried to push it away, instead learning how his latent psychic ability worked and how he could control it.He traveled with his adopted father until Edward gained a mother, in 1921, when Carlisle changed a woman named Esme into a vampire after her suicide attempt. Edward, who had unknowingly been craving a mother's affection and care. and Esme, who he soon learned had been destroyed by the death of her child, comforted each other and gave the other the mother-child relationship they both needed.For the next half a decade, Edward traveled with his adopted parents and lived on a vampire vegetarian, that consisted of animals meat and blood. After a while Edward contemplated going out on his own. He still loved Esme and Carlisle but he never really got to go out on his own and adding onto the fact he was going to live forever until something killed him he wanted to experience life on his own.In the memories of Edward there was a period of time in which he chose to purposely ignore as if he chose to not see the next four years because of what happened. Stevonnie saw but they couldn't comprehend it, it was as if a barrier was in their mind preventing them understanding. What they did know was that Edward went out on his own. That's it nothing more, nothing less.Comprehension started to fade back in when Edward was officially back with his adopted family. The details were obstructed but they saw the next sequence of events. Esme and Carlisle had been concerned that Edward hadn't found a date and for the majority of his life had never been on a real date. So when they found Rosalie, a beautiful woman that had suffered a great tragedy in 1933, they thought she could be that something for Edward. However, he could not stand her shallow and self-absorbed mind, and the two could never further a relationship into anything but siblings, and even then they were never fully on the best of terms.Almost 2 years later in 1935, Emmet Cullen was the next addition to their vampire family and was found to be the mate of one Rosalie Hale. Edward was happy for her but that led to his downward slope. He wanted a mate, someone to spend his eternity with but he didn't think he deserved for reasons Stevonnie couldn't comprehend. He would spend the next few decades in a slump that never fully dissipated.In 1950, vampires Jasper and Alice find the Cullens. After much debate Edward's family adopt the vampires wanting them to have a good existence, especially after their tragic pasts. Though tl Edward's dismay, and Stevonnie's amusement, Alice moved into his room the moment they arrived.During one of the many moves of the Cullens, they encountered the Denali coven in Alaska, the only other group that shared their diet of animal blood. Here Edward met Tanya, the leader of the Coven, she showed attraction toward him but Edward did not share that interest. He wanted to but not one part of him could think of her like that.Edward was always in a state of constant numbness. He loved his family but he always felt something was missing. Stevonnie's heart ached for this immortal. They knew how it felt to feel numb, it's not a nice feeling. They saw as he kept pushing forward being a constant in the lives of his family. By 2005, he had attended several colleges and universities, he earned two medical degrees and studied several subjects. He even kept the Masen house in Chicago, wanting something physical to link him to his past. Every 50 years he'd inherent his family fortune from himself, pretending to be a new heir.Stevonnie sees the development of and the advancement of Edward's relationships with his family. They feel the strong emotions he has for them and it makes them love him if only for the fact they're there for him, especially Alice who is the person Edward goes to when he feels particularly low.They felt all the emotions that he had for his family and had an in-depth understanding of everything Edward Cullen.With that Stevonnie was pulled out of the vision.They opened their eyes and stared into the eyes of the vampire still holding their hand and smiled at him. They don't know what just happened but they trust this man with their entire could they not they know him as well as they know themselves.