King Explosion Murder the Shield Hero

Authors note: My first sort of crossover fanfic. This story is basically replacing Naofumi with Bakugou from My Hero Academia as the shield hero. While I will follow the general plot of Shield hero, things won't go exactly as they did in the anime/manga so Bakugou will do things differently, have different adventures, and he won't be having the same teammates so unfortunately no Filo or Raphtalia in team Bakugou. They won't be nonexistent and will appear in the story (and I promise Raphtalia won't die in a slave cage) but I doubt Bakugou is going to be doing the exact same things Naofumi will do and having things go exactly the same would make the story redundant so I doubt he would be buying slaves or picking the same egg. I should note that this takes place between season 3 and 4 of MHA so this was after Bakugou's and Izuku's big fight, Bakugou's heartfelt speech after it, and before the internships, so we will be following a slightly less arrogant Bakugou then he was in the first episode. With that said enjoy the story.

Chapter 1: the unorthodox hero.


"Relax man, you're just brushing your teeth." says young Kirishima who is alongside his friend Katsuki Bakugou brushing their teeth at the male dorms bathroom in U.A high school the most prestigious hero school in all of Japan.

Bakugou after he finished his brushing spits out in the sink, "All Might always has a bright smile on him, and if I'm going to be number one I need an even better smile then he had. I'm not going to let some primitive bacteria ruin that for me.", he answers to Kirishima who just shrugs and goes along with it as he finishes his brushing.

Today was Sunday so school was not in session for the day, for most of the class this is a time of rest from a week of heroing schoolwork, but to others, schoolwork never ends and Bakugou is one of them. This is especially true to him now since he failed his provisional hero licensing test along with a fellow rival student Shoto Todoroki. He was now behind his peers including his former childhood friend Deku the one kid he always saw as a quirkless weakling was now ahead of him.

Despite these setbacks, Bakugou and Shoto are being given a chance to retake the licensing exam in a few months as long as they both took a bunch of extra courses that will start next week.

However, while U.A is mostly a school to make new heroes in there super-powered based society, it is still a high school and the students still must learn their basic education including learning math, science, literature, and history to ever be able to graduate as heroes. And tomorrow there is going to be a big history exam on Meiji period Japan and no one can afford to fail it.

After brushing his teeth and eating breakfast Bakugou was ready to head for the school's library to study for that very history exam.

Kirishima had other priorities though, "Hey Bakugou want to train a bit more at the gym? I heard the school had brought in some new equipment." he asked Bakugou.

"Haven't you forgot we have a big history exam tomorrow idiot? I still need to study for that so I'll be at the library for most of the day." Bakugou rudely answers to his friend though Kirishima is used to it by now knowing Bakugou is always like this no matter who he is talking to.

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot about that. Well I think I'll do okay myself so do whatever you want bro, but when you're done looking at old books I'll be at the gym for most of the day so see yah later." Kirishima says as he and Bakugou go in separate directions of the school.

At U.A's library, Bakugou has spent the last few hours reading various Japanese history texts studying and taking notes on them. Despite being a tough fighter and having an explosive personality Bakugou was still quite the book-smart student, being the number 3 student based on regular course grades with only Tenya Iida and Momo Yaoyorozu having higher grades than him.

Of course just because he's smart and needs to study for the history exam that doesn't mean he has to remotely like it. He wants to be the best and wants to train himself to be a better hero and should prepare for his licensing test but he is stuck in a library learning to be better at his least favorite subject.

After skimming over the last textbook Bakugou finally had enough of it and slams the book cover, "This is so stupid, I'm in one of the best hero schools in the entire planet and I'm reading about ancient shit that doesn't matter anymore!" Bakugou says to himself as he grabbed the books and angrily puts them where he found them that makes the bookshelves rumble.

"I can understand learning math, I can understand learning some science, but why the hell are we learning about non-quirk related history? Who the hell cares about why we went to war with Russia in 1904 and who the hell cares about what American forced our backward ass society to open up to trade!" he yells quietly to himself since he was in a library as he continues to angrily put away the books.

Bakugou finally finds the last location to put in the last book, "I'm supposed to be the god damn best and next week I'm going to be stuck doing a bunch of extra classes with icy hot just so I can get my damn provisional license and Mr. Aizawa has us learning this crap! I HATE HISTORY!" Bakugou finally slammed the last book back into its location and the force of Bakugou's push made the bookshelf rumble again but this time the force made a single book fall off onto the floor.

Bakugou noticed and decided to walk over to pick it up, it may not matter much to him but he knew better than to leave messes behind as he learned well about being a hero that it's proper hero etiquette to clean up any mess you make after fighting villains.

Bakugou finally picked up the book and read the cover, "The four cardinal weapons. What the hell is this supposed to be about?" he says to himself, for curiosity sake he decided to read a little into it himself just to see what weapons the book is talking about. Perhaps it could be useful for heroing.

He opens it up and reads over the first few pages of the book. The book describes a world in danger, with waves of many monsters coming into it to destroy everything. The book goes on to talk about the four cardinal heroes, warriors who are summoned from other worlds to wield the four cardinal weapons to fight these deadly waves off. The weapons being a spear, a sword, a bow, and a shield, "What kind of retarded idiot goes off fighting monsters with just a shield? Unless you're that ancient comic hero Captain America I guess." Bakugou laughs to himself at the book finding the concept stupid. He then skims over the rest of the book that gave descriptions of the spear, sword, and bow hero, and a brief chapter on some bitchy princess.

Bakugou wasn't impressed and was starting to lose interest as he was just turning through most of the book at this point, "I should've known this was a waste of time, this is just some crappy old fantasy novel geeks would read. I might as well see what stupid things they say about the shield idiot." he says to himself and finally gets to the chapter that talks about the shield hero.

But when he turned the page it was completely blank, "What? What in the hell is this?" he says flipping over more pages finding more of them completely blank. Bakugou is thinking this might've been just a defective book, but suddenly the book was somehow glowing and was turning the blank pages by itself. Bakugou throws the book on the ground and was completely confused by it, but then he quickly noticed the bookshelves were also glowing brightly in front of him.

"What's going on? Is this some prank by class B!?" but as Bakugou looks around he notices that other than the bookshelves the rest of the library was gone and the bookshelves began to rise up quickly and endlessly. He also quickly noticed that the ground itself was gone and he began to fall.

Bakugou had no idea what was going on and could only yell as he falls into a bright nothingness. He attempts to use his explosion quirk to propel himself and slow his fall, but the explosions did nothing to stop his fall and could only yell some more as he falls into the light.

The fall finally stopped with Bakugou safely hitting the ground on his stomach with some weird symbol on it, "What the hell just happened!?" Bakugou says to himself, but as he places his left hand on his face, he then noticed some sort of device was on his arm that looked like a metal plate, "Who the hell did this..." but before he could finish he heard other groaning next to him. He looked beside himself and saw 3 other Japanese teenagers, one was tall with long blonde hair with a ponytail in red clothes, another was pale-skinned with black hair in blue clothes, and the last one was the shortest of the 3 with blonde hair with green eyes and clothes.

"Fantastic! The summoning was a success." Bakugou looked over to what made that voice and saw a group of robed cloaked figures with all but one in the middle wearing a hood.

The four young men were all equally confused and weirded out by this strange place they were all in as they stand up. Though Bakugou in particular was quite angry by all of this thinking something is up.

The middle robed man finally spoked to them, "Please oh brave heroes, our world is in dire need of sav..ow!" But Bakugou interrupts and tackles the guy to the ground surprising and scaring everyone.

Bakugou sat on top of him and had his hand on the terrified man's face, "Who the hell are you people and why the hell did you kidnap me!? Are you with the league of villains!? For the last time, I will never join you freaks of nature, and I will never be a villain! So all of you villains can go right to hell!" he yells at the man who was just scared out of his mind of his so-called savior.

But before Bakugou could do anything else, the three summoned others grabbed on to him and removed Bakugou off of the man, "Let me go you assholes!" he yells as he struggles with the three.

"Calm down will yah. We are just as clueless as you are but tackling and screaming at people isn't going to help us find the answers." the short green-eyed one said, Bakugou was still struggling and was about to use his quirk on them, but as he looks back at the hooded group they all looked terrified by Bakugou. He quickly sees that these people were not real villains at all. Real villains wouldn't ever be afraid of the very people they kidnapped.

He finally calmed down and stopped struggling with the summoned others as they get off of Bakugou, "Ok fine, but you hooded weirdos better explain this well and how we even got here?" he demanded as he clutches his fist in front of them.

The one that was tackled got himself back up and got his composure back after taking some deep breaths, "I'm... I'm very sorry if we have frightened all of you but our world is in need of your help, we used an ancient ritual that is used to summon the cardinal heroes of legend which is what you four are. Our world needs you, brave heroes, as great evil is upon us." he explains to the four, though what the guy was saying sounded familiar.

That made Bakugou start thinking, "Wait? World in the brink of destruction, four cardinal heroes?" he turns and noticed the three others that were summoned had a spear, a sword, and a bow, "Exactly like what that book said, am I?" he looks at his arm again and now noticed that the device he had on looked like a shield with a green gem at its center, was he really the shield hero just like the one in the book, "That book I just read, it just teleported me here and now I'm in some... some fantasy world. Did I...I?"... "GOD DAMN IT! I'm in one of those stupid isekai worlds am I!?" he yells out loud as he facepalms himself with both hands knowing that he was now in one of "those" situations.

The other three that were summoned didn't say a word after his outburst only rolling their eyes, the hooded figures were just as confused, "Ise..what?" the center one asked.

The summoned one with the spear decided to speak up, "Ignore him, something must have screwed with his brain when he came in here. Now back on topic on the whole heroes and the world in danger thing. You can forget it."

"What the hell did you say about me asshole!?" Bakugou yells at him after he quickly lifts his head back up after hearing that blunt insult and statement but the spear guy just ignored him.

The bow one also spoke up, "I also refuse myself."

"You brought us here without our consent, don't you feel the least bit guilty about that?" the one with the sword also says.

"Not to mention, if you throw us out as soon as we restore peace we would've done all of that work for nothing." the bow summoner says feeling entitled to a reward.

"How willing are you going to accommodate our requests." the spear guy asked the group.

Bakugou wasn't that angered by their statements (except for the spear guys insult before it obviously). He would've said similar statements, however, he finds it hypocritical for them to stop him from demanding questions after being kidnap, but these three assholes were already demanding things when they did absolutely nothing yet. Bakugou hates many things like villains and Deku before U.A, but if there's anything on the planet he hates just as much as villains are hypocrites.

"Good sirs before I say anymore, we like you to have an audience with the King of Melromarc. You can negotiate your rewards with him directly, so please." The centered robed figure responds pointing the way with the rest of the robed group leaving the room with the three summoners going along with it for now.

The group begins to walk out to the King, but Bakugou just stood there, he still couldn't believe what is happening, "This.. this can't be real, Am I really in some magical fantasy world now? No don't fool yourself Bakugou this must be some trick by some villain with an illusion or hologram quirk to do all of this! Or am I asleep and someone with a dream quirk is fucking with me?" he says to himself.

He decides to test this by putting his hand on his arm to make a small but painful explosion on his arm in an attempt to wake himself up, "Ouch! DAMN IT! I guess this isn't some crazy dream after all, but there's still that hologram theory.", He then decides to punch the closest wall to see if his hand just phases right through it like any hologram, it doesn't, "OW! GOD DAMN IT! I can't believe this is actually real!" he yells as he looks at his redden hand from the pain of punching at the stone wall.

"Uh shield hero are you all right?" one of the cloaked figures asked with the other robed figures and the summoned hero's just as weirded out by him.

"I'm fine just take us to this King already so I can get this stupid game over with," Bakugou grumbles as he angrily walks with the others. Bakugou hopes the old bastard will finally clear things up as he and all the others head to the king.

After a few minutes of walking within the large castle, the four summoners including Bakugou were finally at the throne room with two large fancy chairs at the end of it where the kingdom's monarchs reside at, with one that was empty and the other one is where the King was sitting on, an older mild age man who fits the look of a typical European monarch with a high crown, a grey beard, and purple eyes.

Once the four were at the center of the throne room that had many other nobles, knights, servants, and advisors watching the historical event. The King finally spoke, "So you young men are the four Cardinal heroes of legend. This is the land of Melromarc and I am her King, Aultcray Melromarc the thirty second. Welcome brave heroes. Please identify yourselves."

The sword hero spoke out first, "I'm Ren Amaki, I'm a high school student and 16 years old."

The spear hero was next, "I'm Motoyasu Kitamura, College student 21."

Then the bow hero, "Itsuki Kawasumi, I'm still in high school and I'm 17."

Bakugou knew he was up next and spoke, "The names Katsu.."

"Good, Ren, Motoyasu, and Itsuki." the king completely interrupts and cuts off a now confused Bakugou but it also made him into a really mad Bakugou. The king then continued, "Now then I think it is time that I.."

"HEY SENILE ASSHOLE!" Bakugou yells at the King, surprising and alerting the King making him widen his eyes open, along with making the rest of the court completely shocked that someone would say that in front of royalty even a hero.

The other three summoned heroes were just as shocked and were now getting nervous by Bakugou's short temper, "Hey man, don't be throwing insults like that toward a King he could have all of us beheaded for you saying that." a nervous Itsuki says to him.

"I don't give a rats ass who he is! He asked us to identify ourselves and yet he completely ignores me! If this old fool doesn't show me respect I don't see why I should give him any." Bakugou yells out loud for everyone to hear including the King.

The startled King Aultcray then apologizes to Bakugou, "Oh..uh yes... I'm... I'm very sorry for ignoring you like that sir shield hero. Can you please identify yourself?"

"Yes, the names Katsuki Bakugou, 15 years of age and enrolled in U.A. high school to be the best of the best and no one is going to say otherwise. And don't you dare forget it!" Bakugou says with him pointing his finger at the King who didn't look amused.

Itsuki only rolled his eyes, 'Great another prideful jerk who will brag about everything about himself. Just what I need more of in my life' he thinks to himself with Bakugou's showboating.

The King then speaks again, "Now then I suppose I should explain why we brought you here in the first place." He went on to explain the situation of there world. Apocalyptic swarms of deadly monsters had recently been popping up in the various kingdoms of the world, they have been referred to as "waves" that happen when the sky turns red and strange looking portals would appear all over allowing the monsters to come out. The kingdoms of this world had dealt with one wave already, they succeeded in driving them off with their armies and willing adventurers, but they only barely won with many casualties. They knew full well that they will only get worse as they go on and on. So the four cardinal heroes were summoned with their divine cardinal weapons to hopefully get strong enough to fight them off and put an end to them.

All of the nations of the world had magic dragon hourglasses that track the time of the wave invasions. The next wave will appear according to their churches estimate in less than a month.

"So you see that's why you are all here, we followed the legend and summoned you. But now we have no time to lose." King Aultcray finishes explaining.

Ren then lays down his sword, "Ok so we get the gist of it, now anyway I'm sure you didn't summon us to do all of this for free?"

One of the King's advisors then answers him, "Of course not, once you repel all of the waves we will ensure that all of you will be handsomely rewarded."

Motoyasu then speaks, "Well then, I guess we have no choice but to take your word for it."

Ren speaks again, "And don't think you can renege with us, we will cooperate but don't think for a moment that you can tame us.

and finally Itsuki, "Exactly we will not work with you if you look down on us."

"Not interested." Everyone was shocked and surprised to hear that statement, the King, the three other heroes, and the court all stared at the one who made it, shield hero Bakugou.

The King attempts to speak to him, "Uh, Shield hero?"


"Er... uh yes Sir Bakugou I'm sorry, but what do you mean by not interested?" the King asked

Bakugou quickly answers him, "It means I'm not interested in this stupid quest, simple as that. So you might as well take me back home and get some other poor idiot to do this job for you."

The court was in even greater shock, was one of their saviors going to just ignore them in their greatest time of need?

Itsuki was the first hero to talk back at him, "Bakugou these people are in danger of being killed by monsters and all you can say is "not interested" to them?"

Bakugou responds, "Funny you say that considering that about a few seconds ago, you and the two others said that you would want nothing to do with this until you get rewarded first."

"Well... well yeah, if we are going to be forced anywhere and risk our lives we should at least be compensated for it. Is there anything wrong with that?" Itsuki says justifying what he and the others said earlier.

"Yeah make whatever excuse you want, but I never asked to be anyone's hero, I was forced to be here against my will and this old inbred clown is going to be telling me what to do. Besides, I don't even have my provisional hero license yet so I'm not even worthy of being anyone's hero right now." Bakugou admits out loud.

'Hero license? What's he even talking about?', Itsuki thinks to himself

Motoyasu speaks up as well, "Dude we are basically in a video game right now. A chance of a lifetime and you just want to throw it away for the boring normal world?"

"I didn't join U.A. high school to play games. I need to go back to my classes including the new ones I'm going to have to be doing soon to do my make up hero's license test so I don't need any of this Isekai crap right now," he answers bluntly toward Motoyasu who was already despising Bakugou right now.

"Are you serious? You want to leave here just to go back to school? Your brain must have really been damaged from that transfer." Motoyasu continues insulting him

"Like I asked for your opinion ponytail." Bakugou insults back irritating the college student.

The King finally speaks up again still surprised and confused, "But sir Shield her..."


"hrrrrmmm, yes Bakugou, millions of lives are dependent on all four of you, the world won't be able to survive without their four cardinal heroes. You're not going to just leave us to die are you?" the King says getting angry at Bakugou.

"As I said already, I was never asked to do any of this bullcrap, and some other idiot can do this for you. Now send me back home." Bakugou demanded again.

The King then sighs to himself as he looks back at Bakugou, "Unfortunately sir shie... Bakugou, even if I wanted to just get rid of you right now and send you home, I'm afraid to say that there is no way to send you back to your old world."

"What the hell do you mean there's no way to send me back!?" Bakugou yells again at the king.

"The ritual we have done can only summon heroes from other worlds to here, it doesn't work the other way around. Only will beating the waves will your weapons allow you to have the ability to go home, no other magic will work. And we can only summon newer heroes if all four of you die for us to do the ritual again and I doubt any of you like that idea." says the King getting irritated by Bakugou's attitude.

"How long are these waves going to last?" Bakugou asked the king

"How long? I have no idea, it might take a few months or maybe even a year or two to stop them." the king answers Bakugou

"YEARS!? God damn years!?"A completely angry Bakugou starts to stomp his way toward the King, "You senile inbred old bastard!" He gets closer to the throne until guards with long pike ax's stop him along with a dozen other knights raising out their swords at him. "Do you have any damn idea what you have done to me! I'm now going to be permanently behind on my schoolwork. I will now look like a fool to everyone at my homeworld and may even lose my chance to be a real hero to people that actually matter to me!"

The King was about to lose his patience with Bakugou getting very angry at him, "Listen here Sir Bakugou, I'm sorry for taking you out of whatever sort of academic study you were doing. Had we known anything about that or your... personality we wouldn't have summoned you as a cardinal hero in the first place. But the ritual never allowed us to do such a thing, so we just have to go along with whoever is summoned. And right now my people are in immediate danger from being murdered by monsters and as there King it is my responsibility to protect them. Any sort of petty issues you might've had before doesn't matter here. You can yell at me as much as you want but it doesn't change the fact that there is no other way for you to go home other than to fight the waves and save my subject's world. So either you can keep whining like a child and accomplish nothing or you will just go along with your duty until you saved the world you are meant to protect."

After the King's long speech Bakugou could only stare at the King angrily at his eyes that are about as angry at him for a good solid 30 seconds, the room was mostly silent with no one else saying a word including the 3 other heroes.

After half a minute of thinking, Bakugou stopped his stare and backed down, "Fine! I guess I don't have an actual choice in the matter. I'll do this stupid quest and get out of this backward ass dump as soon as possible. Don't expect me to roll over like any dog just because you tell me asshat."

The King was finally relieved that issue had been settled, "Alright, now then, if I can trust that we are now at an agreeable arrangement I would like you brave hero's..."

"AND WHY THE HELL AM I STUCK WITH THIS STUPID SHIELD! You expect me to fight monsters with this dinky little thing!" Bakugou yells at the king still angry at the arrangement making Ren and Itsuki facepalm from his attitude.

"He is so going to be executed," Motoyasu says to himself out loud.

The King could only angrily twitch his eyes as he now has to tolerate this bratty child, "Look I didn't choose the damn weapons for you, that is how the ritual did it so you are just going to have to get used to the weapon you were given. Your weapons will power up and allow you to gain new abilities, and you can recruit many teammates to help you in any way if you find your offensive skills lacking. So can you let me finish speaking please?"

"Maybe you just did your damn ritual wrong and screwed up!" Bakugou yells at the King deciding to stomp his way back to the other three knowing that he wasn't going get much of anything more out of the old bastard.

"Honestly I wouldn't be surprised at this point if it did make a mistake if you're really a cardinal hero." the King says as he tries to pull back his anger, "Now again would you brave heroes check your statuses."

Bakugou was wondering what the old coot even meant by that with Itsuki just as confused, "Uh Sir King, what is it that you are talking about?"

"Are you just as dense as Bakugou here? It should've been the first thing you saw when we first got here. Don't you see the icon on the lower right corner of your vision? Try focusing your attention on it." Ren answers as if he's familiar with this sort of thing.

Both Itsuki and Bakugou tried it out and did notice an icon floating on the bottom corner of there eyes. They focussed on it and it quickly pops open a screen that showed off descriptions and statuses like health, magic power, speed, stealth, defense, and many other different statuses for adventurers. Bakugou stats were impressive for just a level one higher than the 3 other heroes in fact, except for one thing, attack which was only at 1, "One attack!? This world sucks!" he says to himself.

"Only level one? Well, that's really disconcerting isn't it." Itsuki says after looking at his stats.

The king's advisor then explained what this was, "This is called status magic, an ability exclusive to heroes to allow you to see how you are right now and how much you all have improved.".

Ren continued to ask questions, "So where do we go from here?"

"You four will go off on an adventure to upgrade and develop your legendary weapons and learn many new skills along the way." the advisor explained.

The three heroes like the idea of being in a real fantasy adventure, but Bakugou was finding this idea foolish, "So what? You're just going to throw us out into this dangerous world and just say good luck to us?"

"No need to worry, we will be discussing funding and party members for the four of you by tomorrow. We wouldn't leave our heroes with nothing but the clothes on their backs." the advisor explains to Bakugou who still didn't like how this King was handling this supposed serious situation.

Ren speaks again, "Well then, we will need to learn to properly handle our weapons."

"Yeah we could even make up a team together, with the four of us we would be unstoppable." Itsuki comments.

"If I'm going to be forced to be stuck with you nerds, I'm going to be the team leader," Bakugou says back at Itsuki who didn't like the idea.

Motoyasu also gives his view on that, "Why the hell would you be team leader your the youngest of us here? I'm the oldest so I should be the leader."

"Because unlike you I have an actual brain ponytail." he mocks at Motoyasu who was getting more irritated by that insult.

But then the King's advisor explains more, "Hold on a second heroes, I've neglected to mention that each of you needs to form parties of your own. By their very nature, your divine weapons repel one another. So if you were to work together as a party it will hinder their development."

Bakugou thought that was a stupid design flaw, but as he thinks to himself, he didn't even want to work with these three idiots anyway so this was for the best, he can now stay as far away from them as possible.

The King finally spoke again, "Since the sun is setting, you might as well sleep here for the night and will start your journey's tomorrow. In the meantime, we will gather the best of the best to be recruited for your parties."

A female servant then walked up to the heroes, "We have already settled up a room for all of you so please come this way." the four heroes then followed her to there rooms finally leaving the throne room.

After the throne door closed the King Sighed in relief, "Good lord I didn't think that my meeting with the cardinal heroes would've made me raise my voice this much."

The advisor speaks up, "I understand sire, the shield hero, in particular, was a bit... unorthodox."

The King opens up his opinion, "I knew that I would hate that damn shield hero from day one but I wouldn't have thought he was going to be a violent spoiled brat from the start, with him casually insulting his superiors like that. It reminds me of Malty too much. But despite my personal belief in the shield hero, I have a kingdom to protect so I must give equal care for the shield hero until the waves are stopped. But I'll keep my eye on him though if he does anything stupid."

"Alright then sire, but we will still need to gather their party members for tomorrow, so we will need to do our best for our warriors to be ready for their hero group leaders." the advisor reminds him

"Yes yes of course," the king says but then gave a small smug smile, "hmm... You are right about one thing, it's the best that before we introduce them to the heroes tomorrow that they are informed of what they will get themselves into to which hero they pick. They should especially know about the Shield heroes ... character.".

"I guess when you are special heroes of legend you get special treatment out here. And get to meet some cute girls too." Motoyasu says as the four heroes were all in a room together during nighttime after being served their meals.

Bakugou was sitting on a couch mostly ignoring the other heroes, with the three doing the same not wanting much to do with the guy who just repeatedly insults a King.

Itsuki then speaks, "Yes our meal was quite sumptuous. It's interesting how much this resembles Dimension Web, I wonder if this is some new update they've recently done?"

"Dimension Web never heard of it, this is clearly almost like Emerald online," Motoyasu supposedly corrects Itsuki.

"No this is a console game, it wouldn't have anything to do with it being on a computer," Itsuki corrects back, they both seem off about this, they never heard about their respective games before.

"Your both wrong, this is clearly a VRMMO just like BraveStar online," Ren speaks up to the two gamers.

Both Motoyasu and Itsuki were confused when he said VRMMO, it even got Bakugou's attention. VRMMO's are suppose to be very experimental stuff back at home for Bakugou, some people with electronic and mind quirks have developed different prototypes before, but nothing commercially sold yet. And here's Ren acting like it's a common thing.

"VRMMO? that stuff doesn't even exist yet." Itsuki commented

"What are you talking about? That is all that gaming is now, no one uses consoles or computers for gaming anymore." Ren comments.

The four didn't know what to make of this until Motoyasu decided to do a test, "Alright why don't we straighten this out. How about we compare general knowledge to each other. First of all, who's face is on the 1000 Yen bill. In one two three." and Itsuki, Ren, and Motoyasu all gave completely different answers confusing all of them.

"Wait who?!"

They continued asking multiple general questions with each giving completely different answers. Bakugou didn't participate in it but he was listening in on the whole thing making him think to himself, 'Even I don't have the same answers to their questions. That no doubt means we are from completely different worlds after all. It would explain why pale face casually talks about VRMMOs like they are a normal thing. And judging by there worlds different histories and the lack of acknowledgement of it, they seem to be from worlds with no quirks and they're all quirkless themselves.'. Bakugou knew he still had his quirk from that test on his arm he did earlier, he doesn't know how it will work in this world, but he decided that he would do his best to keep it as much of a secret as possible so he would have a few tricks up his sleeves if anything crazy happens.

The three other heroes finally stop asking each other questions when they got the same picture as Bakugou.

"Just as I thought, we are all from different versions of Japan," Itsuki says as he sits down.

"And they sound nothing alike to each other." Ren also says.

"I figured we were just from different eras, but I guess not huh?" Motoyasu says leaning on a chair.

"Well at least this world is familiar enough to the games we play in, so it shouldn't be hard to adjust here as well," Ren says

"Yeah monster fighting, battling armies of darkness and saving many cute girls. This is so awesome. It's great we also have these cool weapons too. I mean can you imagine if all of us were stuck with only a shield to fight with?" Motoyasu says making a point to mock Bakugou's situation which he took notice and looked angrily at Motoyasu.

Motoyasu continued, "I mean imagine being stuck in a fantasy world where multiple things could eat you alive and all you have is a stupid shield with no means of an attack. I mean I would be embarrassed by my very ex... Oww!" Motoyasu was interrupted by getting hit in the side of the head by Bakugou's shield after he just threw it at him.

Motoyasu after rubbing his head looked back at Bakugou angrily who had a smug smile with his shield magically reforming back at his arm, "That seemed like an attack to me, and if you can't even dodge that I doubt you're going to last a week out here." Bakugou smugly insults back at Motoyasu.

Motoyasu wasn't just going to take that and moved up toward Bakugou, "Hey pipsqueak, I don't know why you're always like this, but I'm not going to be taking your kind of bullcrap. And you can deny it as much as possible, but it is the truth no one uses a shield to fight and no one picks the shield class. And you're only fooling yourself if you think otherwise. The truth is the shield is a loser class which makes the one who's a part of that class a loser himself." He insults Bakugou.

But Bakugou wasn't going to be taking that kind of crap from him and stood up and stared very mad in front of Motoyasu, "Say that again to my face." he angrily demanded.

Motoyasu enjoying himself continued to act smug and moved right up to Bakugou's face to rub it in, "The shield class is for LOOOOOOSERS." Bakugou then bashes his forehead right on Motoyasu's nose, "AAAHHH...AHHHH! God damn it! Aaah!" Motoyasu shouts in agony as he holds his hands on his nose with Bakugou smugly smiling afterward with Ren and Itsuki getting nervous by this escalation of violence.

Motoyasu after shouting in pain got himself back together and looks very angrily at Bakugou while holding his injured bloody nose, "Damn it! You nearly broke my nose you little bastard!" he yells at Bakugou.

"So who is the bigger loser now? The loser class or the idiot who gets his ass kicked by the loser class?" Bakugou mocks toward Motoyasu as he grips his spear harder.

"I'll show you who's ass will be kicked!" shouts Motoyasu as he was about to attack with his spear with Bakugou ready for it.

But before they could attack each other they were both stopped by Ren and Itsuki who both jump right in front of them and we're pushing against their chests with their weapons.

"Alright stop it! Both of you! We do not need to be killing each other over extremely petty crap right now." Ren scolds both of them for their behavior.

But Motoyasu wouldn't let it go, "But this little asshole started it in the first place!"

Ren wasn't sympathetic to him, "You're supposed to be the oldest one here, you should be more mature than this and to not be reacting so childish over it." Motoyasu was still mad at Bakugou but he did see Rens point and moves back a bit as he calms down.

Itsuki then speaks to Bakugou, "And you need to cut this attitude out, no one is going to see you as a hero if your going to explode on everyone who makes the most minor quip about you. You're going to make the rest of us look bad with this behavior."

But Bakugou wasn't interested in Itsuki's words, "So what? I don't give a crap about you or the other nerds. I don't have to listen to anything you have to say about me or give a damn about your images."

"What the hell is your problem? Is your goal in life to make everyone hate you as much as possible?" Itsuki scolds to Bakugou who was also commenting on his behavior since being summoned here.

"Maybe he just comes from a world where everyone is an asshole in it. And he's the prince of those other assholes" Motoyasu insulted back at Bakugou still holding his injured nose.

Bakugou growls back at him but Ren finally had enough of this, "Look, I don't care what you guys think of one another, but we need to focus on the challenge ahead. If these waves are as bad as the King says they are, then we need to be ready for them and attacking each other will not accomplish that. So why don't we all just go to our rooms and rest for the night? How does that sound?" Everyone was still looking angrily at each other with contempt with over one another especially on Bakugou.

But after a minute of silence, the four had enough, "All right fine let's just go to bed and meet each other with the king tomorrow." Itsuki says as he moves to his bedroom.

"Ow. I think I'm just going to see a nurse. See if they can do anything about my nose. Ow" Motoyasu groans as he walks out of the room still holding his injured nose.

Bakugou didn't say anything else as he stomps his way to his bedroom and slams the door behind him.

Ren only sighs, "This is going to be a long journey isn't it?"

Back with Bakugou, he was only angry by the whole thing, "I didn't ask to be here! I never wanted to be anyone's hero right now! And I didn't ask to be stuck with this stupid shield!" he yells as he rips off and throws the shield at a flower vase in anger, breaking it and leaving a mark on the wall but the shield proceeds to dissolve and form right back on Bakugou's arm making him facepalm himself as he sits himself on the bed.

"I'm suppose to become the number 1 hero in my world. Graduate UA with honors, join an awesome agency, finally go independent, and become the best hero in all of Japan. But now I'm stuck in this stupid world run by a stupid king with three even stupider heroes. I'm going to miss all of my classes and I will never get my license. Why the hell did this happen to me!?" he then smashes his fist into the wall creating a hole in it. He was too upset to even care about it anymore and continues to just sit on the bed facepalming.

After a few minutes of angst and sighing of what was going on in his head, he looks up at himself in a mirror in the room, he moves up toward it after a good look at himself he soon starts to look at the bright side of things, "Hmm, maybe it might not be all bad. Maybe this world's time works differently than mine and like a year here is like a minute in my world so I'm might not even miss anything when I go back." he talks to himself and started to finally smile again, "Yeah and if I was summoned here along with those other idiots that must mean something. Maybe this is the universe or whatever gods out there giving me a test to prove how much of a real hero I am after bombing the provisional license exam. After all of these years of mocking Deku for being quirkless, now the tables have been turned on me to be stuck with a worthless shield among idiots with greater weapons. It's now my turn to show everyone how much of a true hero I have become. Even with my disadvantage, I'll prove to the universe that I am the greatest hero that has ever lived like how All might did before with my name living on forever as the great Katsuki Bakugou."

Bakugou then reaches his hand up and clutches it, "Soon I will become the greatest hero of all of Melromarc, no of this whole world, and once I get home I'll become the greatest hero of all time in my world! To be the greatest hero of two worlds! I will forever be number one! PLUS ULTRA!" he shouts to himself in victory now excited for the challenge ahead of him to be the best hero of two worlds.

Bakugou finally gets himself to bed after the speech to himself and goes to sleep ready for whatever this world has in store for him tomorrow.

Though will Bakugou be truly ready for what this world has in store? Not all monsters are the mindless beasts, some are in that very castle waiting for the right opportunity to stalk and finally strike its prey.