Chapter 10: The next wave

About 9 days had passed since Rino became a new member of Bakugou's group. She managed to pass through Bakugou's physical training and he went on to help her raise Rino's levels. Thanks to Bakugou's leadership and knowing the best places to grind monsters he was able to get her to raise her level from 23 to 40 in that short amount of time. He had also raised Kirishima's levels to 40, making all three of his sidekicks the same level. Bakugou himself is at level 65 now. He's still been unable to get them to get their class up upgrades due to the church's stubbornness and the King's pettiness. But once they deal with the next wave by tomorrow he and his crew will head off to the Demi-human empire of Siltvelt in the hopes that the monarchy over there is more reasonable than here.

But despite the level cap Bakugou had managed to train Neia to finally duel wielding swords, now with fighting potential better than ever. She also continues her attempt to her water magic but that has been a lot less successful. Rino wished she could help Neia with water magic training, but she had no affinity for water magic so she couldn't help Neia no matter how hard she tried. Neia was starting to get to the point if she should even bother trying anymore.

Rino has never been happier, unlike Motoyasu Bakugou expects her to fight and she can go all out with her powers and learn new ones from the various texts that Bakugou had acquired since coming here expanding her magic potential greater than ever that even impressed the Shield Hero. She also got a hang of the spear part of her weapon in case she has to fight close range or in physical combat. Her magic affinity is mostly based on earth and light magic as well as skill in magic crafting, hex breaking, and many other magical abilities.

She has also become good friends with Neia, unlike her old party where the crew wasn't even close to being friendly, Rino enjoyed being with Neia like a sister. Neia herself was glad to have another girl to talk to and can talk about normal things that Bakugou will probably never understand or remotely care about.

Rino had been told about her, Kirishima, and Bakugou's adventures. From Neia's rescue by Bakugou, their battle with the giant Hydra, their point of view during the last wave and the chimera fight, there encounter with Zenra the mad botanist, feeding a starving village where Kirishima hatched at, stopping the bow hero Itsuki and his revolution in Tervein, and there fight and rescue of the dragon Gaelion and defeating the evil greedy lord Smi and his associates. Rino couldn't believe that they did all of that in just two months, especially compared to her time with Motoyasu which was a boring boring experience for her.

Rino now held great respect for Bakugou despite his loud nature and rude attitude Bakugou was a true hero to her and she never regretted joining up with his team.

As of now the crew was back at the capital, tomorrow will be the start of the next wave so Bakugou and his team were preparing for that event.

The first place they went to was Erhard's weapon shop. Erhard quickly starts his greeting, "Welcome to my... Oh, it's you again. Come by for more repairs?" Erhard asked quickly recognizing Bakugou.

Bakugou quickly took his cape, boots, and gauntlets off and placed them on the counter, "Get these in top shape as fast as possible and make sure they last longer this time."

"Sure though this is the 3rd time already this week you had these gauntlets of yours repaired. What exactly are you doing to get them so warn out so fast compare to the rest of your equipment?" Erhard asked.

"Why do you even care baldy? Unless you have something that might be of interest to me?" Bakugou responded and asked back seeing where this was going with the merchant.

"Well whatever you're doing with them, your gauntlets and the rest of your armor if they have been upgraded enough, can get a self-repair effect added into them so over time especially at night they can repair themselves like brand new so no more constant repair shop trips. I can offer to add them in after I fully repair your armor, for say 10 gold?" Erhard offered.

10 gold seemed a bit much for Bakugou but considering how much more often he was going into the shop from using his quirk so much on them, perhaps it will be worth it in the long run, "Fine but it better work right or I'll be demanding my money back!"

"I hear yeah, but how about I also offer the blood clean coating effect on miss Neia's fancy sword free of charge which does sort of the same thing only with weapons never getting dirty or worn out from all the guts and what not from monsters allowing them to never needing to be replaced."

"Really you would do that Mr. Erhard?" Neia wondered

"Sure also think of it as thanks for helping me at the shop that one time." Erhard says to her and turns back to Bakugou, "So anything else?"

"Yeah Blue also needs another sword, the best one you can offer. And Brown hair here also requires proper fighting gear," he responds.

Erhard then noticed Rino who was behind Bakugou looking at some of the displayed armors, at first he thought she was another customer, he didn't know she was actually with the Shield hero, "So you got yourself yet another one huh? Though I'm surprised that you got yourself someone normal this time. You're not secretly a werewolf or something are you miss?" he asked Rino

"Last time I recall I wasn't." Rino snarked

"That's fine then, you're free to look around and try whatever you want on while I go get these repaired and upgraded. Miss Neia is also free to look at the swords as well so have fun shopping." Erhard says to them as he goes to his workshop while the team look's around, "But please don't allow your dragon to eat anything again." Erhard quickly looked back as he looks at the small resting dragon on Bakugou's shoulder keeping an eye on him as we walks away.

About 45 minutes later Erhard came back with Bakugou's armor and gauntlets repaired and upgraded all with the Self-repair function now a passive ability on them.

Same with Neia's dragon tooth blade, upgraded and with the blood clean coating effect.

After going through various suits and armor Rino found the right set with Bakugou's help. She was in light armor like Neia's, but hers was dark red and revolves heavily on magic giving her mana increase and general defense of magic and long-range attacks. And like Neia's it wasn't super heavy allowing her to move fast and with Bakugou around she didn't need it to be to stacked. Bakugou mostly intends for her to be his ranged and support fighter, though thanks to his training she has experience with her convertible staff/spear to fight up close if she has to.

Neia had also picked out one of Erhard's most powerful blades that also had the blood clean coating effect, but even then the sword itself was lacking compared to the dragon tooth blade with half the attack and cutting power. But it will have to do, she and Bakugou weren't comfortable in asking Gaelion to give them another one of his teeth just for another sword blade so Neia was going to have to get used to having uneven powered swords.

In total including the money for the upgrades and repairs, it was all going to cost Bakugou 40 gold. A lot but Bakugou knew it would be worth it considering what will happen tomorrow and they still needed to visit the magic shop to get Rino magic-specific equipment and items.

But right after Bakugou pays Erhard his money, a bunch of people stormed into the shop.

It caught everyone's attention including Bakugou's, they were a group of knights and mages, all of them look young and most likely inexperienced. It was quiet for a second until one of the young knights spoke up, "Excuse me Sir Shield hero, can... can we speak to you really quick?"

Bakugou didn't know what to think, they didn't seem like they were here to arrest him or anything so he might as well hear them out, "Fine whatever, spit it out now." he responds.

The group then bowed toward the shield hero surprising the others, "Sir Shield hero can we fight against the waves with you by your side?" the young knight asked still bowing.

"And why exactly?" Bakugou asked with his arms crossed curious to see where this goes.

"We were deeply touched by your courage and bravery during the last wave. Not only fighting off those monsters including that giant 3 headed one but also protecting our friends and families from them. You and your partner had also stop the spear hero and the princess from robbing all of our money, even these weapons, magic items, and the armor we are wearing right now came from what was leftover from your generous donation after that duel and the town repairs. So we wanted to show our gratitude and repay you and your partners for all of the help you did." the young knight finished explaining.

It did make Bakugou curious, he then told them, "I appreciate the compliments, but you can just fight the waves regularly on your own. You don't need to be by me."

"No Sir Shield hero the point is that we want to fight side by side with you during the waves. It's our deepest pleasure to aid you in any way." the knight continued.

Bakugou wasn't sure what to respond with, though he did remember reading something in his menu instructions about something called "Battle formations" which describe them as temporary groups involved in the wave as the heroes' sort of private army to fight the waves with the heroes. So they weren't going to be full-fledged members of Bakugou's team but they will follow them into the next wave and receive certain bonuses during the wave while they are with a hero.

Bakugou thought about it for a second, as confident he is in his abilities, even he knew he can't fight an army on his own without the monsters destroying everything else. If these people can participate during the wave he can now have them defend any town or area during the wave while he and his main team focused on other important enemies, bosses, or objectives. It would be something to strategize about with how unpredictable the waves are, but regardless having the start of his own private army could have its advantages especially if the consort does anything drastic

After some silence Bakugou finally spoke up, "Alright if you rookies want to fight with me directly during the waves then I won't stop you. It's not going to be easy though and some of you could die from this. But if you are really willing to fight for me, you can be the start of the Bakugou army. So if you are willing be by my side facing death and destruction then I want all of you here tomorrow in eleven hundred hours "

The group was surprised and at the same time happy that the shield hero agreed, "Thank so much Shield hero Bakugou, we will do our best. But eleven hundred hours? Isn't that like over a month away?" he asked.

"It means 11:00 am moron, just be there around that time tomorrow before the wave starts at noon, I need to tell you about our strategy and what we will do in the wave am I clear?." Bakugou corrected and told the soldier as he and the others bowed.

"Yes Sir Shield hero, we will all be here and ready to fight with you." the soldier finally said as they left the shop.

Neia then spoke, "This is cool Sir Bakugou looks like even some of the soldiers are seeing the good in you."

"Yeah yeah whatever, let's just visit the witch shop and get what we need already," Bakugou responded.

After leaving Erhard's shop the crew then went to the magic shop. Thanks to Rino's magic crafting skills they no longer needed to come back here as often, but at this time Bakugou wanted Rino to get herself some magic gear that Erhard couldn't provide.

First Rino got herself a magic cape, similar to Bakugou's but was more of a magenta color then dark red that provides increase mana regeneration based on the users magic power pool, the second was a new witch hat unlike her old one this one was a bit smaller and was magenta colored like her cape rather than a green hat, which gave her increase attack power and boosted her agility.

Rino didn't mind the color, it made her stand out more and she thought it looked cool, she also treats it as a transformation of sorts from her old self, no longer a simple caterpillar, she was now a blooming butterfly.

A few hours later after they finished shopping and doing business Bakugou and his team were eating at a diner as a somewhat celebratory meal before the next wave starts with how far they have gone and accomplished.

Though they were not the only heroes at the diner, the Sword hero Ren Amaki was also there, getting himself something to eat by himself while the rest of his team was at the Inn resting up and getting ready for tomorrow.

He just finished his meal and had been given his sliced up drake meat to-go for Scarlet to snack on tomorrow. He was about to just head out until he saw some familiar faces, not Bakugou and his team he saw them since they got there on to their tables. What he saw was Motoyasu laying back looking at the ceiling on a chair looking upset about something by himself and at the table across from him was Itsuki laying face down on his table with 2 beer mugs next to him. He also noticed that he was wearing inferior armor than before looking a lot cheaper than the last time he saw Itsuki, especially compared to Motoyasu's expensive armor across from him.

Ren was curious and decided to walk up to the two other heroes just to talk. He was completely aware of Motoyasu's second duel with Bakugou that ended with him being inside his dragon's mouth. Though he was not sure about Itsuki's predicament other than rumors he would like to confirm first.

Once Ren sat down next to Itsuki, the bow hero noticed him, "Oh hey Ren, what are you here for? I heard you recently became a lord to some random town, here to rub it in?" Itsuki asked with a hint of resentment in his tone.

"Being a lord is not as easy as it sounds especially when you're changing a bunch of rules. But it's been a long time since the three of us talk to one another. I'm sure you already know but the next wave is tomorrow and neither of you two looks that enthusiastic about it?" Ren commented.

"How can I when I'm forced to sleep at some shitty budget inn that offers shit breakfast, and served by shit service," Itsuki complained

"So why are you staying at a budget inn?" Ren wondered considering at this point he and the others should have more than enough money to stay at least the normal inns. Could also explain the cheap armor.

"It's because of that damn despot from Tervein! That bastard forced me to give up everything for his damn bail of me and my party! All of my money and anything of value I had! Gone! And after losing everything, they gave my bow back, but then he kicked me out of the country penniless in my underwear! My original guild had gone bankrupt and dissolved, and I've been blacklisted by every other guild around!" Itsuki ranted.

Ren did hear rumors of Itsuki failing to kill some monarch in another country, he wasn't sure if it was some tall tale or not, but now he knows it was true and it seems that Itsuki had suffered the consequences of getting caught.

And Itsuki wasn't done yet, "I can't even get any work from the nobles around here anymore because they think I might kill them for something stupid and a few of them are now on my ass for killing their corrupt kinsmen before Tervein. To get any sort of money I have to resort to killing monsters and selling off their corpses and parts like at the beginning, it sucks ass!"

Motoyasu then finally decided to speak up, "I can relate to you not getting any work. The last real job I had was delivering food to some village over a month ago but when I got there they already canceled the quest saying that they already have more than enough food. After that first duel with Bakugou, almost no one would take me seriously anymore. Nobles and merchants either don't want to bother to talk to me thinking I'm useless or they just flat out laugh at me. It's embarrassing, do you know what little kids like to say to me?"

"Whiny bitch baby?" Ren guessed.

"AAAAAAUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHH! It's the same damn thing everywhere!" Motoyasu whines so sick of hearing that insult over and over again.

"And I know who you can blame for all of that," Itsuki comments as he looks behind himself staring mad at Bakugou enjoying himself with his team.

Ren can tell they were both filled with jealousy and resentment toward Bakugou and his successes as of late, "Look Itsuki I know it's easy to blame Bakugou for your misfortune but you kind of did it yourself. You probably should've known the risks of joining with rebels to assassinate a king."

Itsuki quickly turned back toward Ren as he slammed his fist on the table, "It was all Bakugou's fault! I was hired to kill off the tyrant in that stupid country. It should've been straightforward and easy, kill the bastard, get a big reward after doing it, and hear all the people talking about me being their country's liberator and savior afterward. But God damn Bakugou butted in my own business and he not only ruined my job, but he utterly humiliated me. That damn tyrant would've been dead if it wasn't for him and I be living it up in Melromarc's highest establishments right now, instead of this dump!" Itsuki finished ranting as he drinks some more beer.

Ren remained silent, not sure what to say about it, he can tell Itsuki was full of anger and hate right now, and Motoyasu rarely listens to him anyway so it was hopeless to talk to both of them. He wondered if it was even a good idea to come to this table in the first place.

Then a blonde-haired woman adventurer came up to Itsuki most likely one of his companions, "Sir Itsuki I'm here to update you on that quest from that lord you were trying to get." she says to him.

"Yeah, and what did he say? Spit it out.", Itsuki demanded rudely.

"Uh? Well he demanded to know what weapon you were carrying and I just told him that you were a cardinal hero without specifying who, but even without me giving out any details he immediately figured out it was you and refused to offer the quest.

"GOD DAMN IT! I told you idiots before to lie about my appearance, my weapon, and my position to the nobles and merchants! They know all about that stupid assassination thing! No wonder we can't get any work! Because of dumbasses like you!" Itsuki exploded at the girl who ran away almost crying for upsetting her leader Itsuki that much.

Itsuki faced palmed himself in frustration, "Maybe I should've left some of them to rot at Tervein, at least then I would've had some coin left."

Ren was surprised to hear such a thing from Itsuki, "I understand you are going through hard times, but don't be saying things like that to your party members. They were willing to fight and possibly die for you and your considering to throw them away like trash?."

"Oh shut up Ren! it's not like you care much about your teammates either. Didn't you say 'those that can't keep up will be left in the dust'?" Itsuki retorts back.

"I know what I said before, but that's different than letting them be imprisoned forever because I failed in one of my missions," Ren says back, but it seemed that Itsuki hardly cared and was just drinking away some more.

Motoyasu then decided to but in, "Oh yeah Ren I noticed you recently gotten yourself a little angel with you, she is quite cute." Motoyasu comments with his cheeks looking red.

"You mean Scarlet?" Ren asked though he was getting disturbed by the way he was describing his Filolial and the look of lust on his face.

"Oh Scarlet is her name? That's so cute. I've seen her with you before and she's adorable even when she transforms into that giant bird thing. I admit I have a bit of a thing for angels from the games I played in my old world. Admittedly none of them had black feathers but I kind of like it, it's sort of like an angel going through a rebellious phase or doing something naughty to get the black feathers. Her big red eyes, her beautiful smooth flawless skin, the cute dress, and her long silky hair, just such beauty. Oh I'm just imagining how I..OW!" Motoyasu shouted after getting hit in the head by the flat end of Ren's sword, "What the hell was that for?!"

"Don't be talking about Scarlet that way, she's barely over a month old, a young girl shouldn't be described like that of the mind of a perverted 21-year-old college student. For someone who scolds Bakugou for being a rapist, it's hypocritical to be thinking about a little girl that way. So just drop it!", Ren tells him off getting defensive of Scarlet.

"Geese I was just.." Motoyasu then stopped as Ren had his sword up at his throat.

"I said drop it, in fact don't ever talk about her in that way ever again or I'm going to be the one to humiliate you in public this time." Ren threatens him as he puts his sword away.

After that Motoyasu stopped talking about Scarlet for the rest of the night.

Itsuki then decided to speak up again, "Speaking of companions, I've noticed that Bakugou got himself another whore following him. I wonder how much he paid her to follow his ugly ass around."

Ren rolled his eyes at Itsuki's statement but he did notice that Bakugou had some other girl at the table next to Neia, he didn't remember seeing her at Mirso so she was probably a relatively recent addition to his party.

Motoyasu then spoke up again, "Yeah, she does look cute though. But is it me or does she look somewhat familiar?" he says after getting a look at her.

Motoyasu wasn't sure but the girl was starting to remind him of someone. The brown hair, the smooth face, and the witch hat and attire. Motoyasu continued to squint his eyes for half a minute as Itsuki and Ren looked at him awkwardly wondering if he is drunk or not.

Motoyasu then finally got it, "Holy crap its Rino!" He says now recognizing her.

"You know her?" Ren asked

"You kidding me? She was in my party from the beginning. Around 2 weeks ago Myne told me she had to leave to see her sick grandpa. I guess he had finally fully recovered." Motoyasu said excitingly happy to see one of his cute teammates back again.

Ren was confused though, "Myne told you? Not Rino herself? Why exactly is she with Bakugou then?" Ren asked finding this odd.

"Who knows, maybe she is trying to get some dirt or information out of that bastard. I probably still should say hi and invite her back in." Motoyasu says as he leaves the table toward her while Ren and Itsuki watch just to see what will happen.

Motoyasu finally walks up to Bakugou's table, "Hi Rinny it's good to see you back again." Motoyasu casually greets Rino by his nickname of her.

The table quickly became silent as Rino, Neia, and even Kirishima gave him a mad look in the eyes toward the spear hero.

Bakugou then spoke up, "What the hell do you want Ponytail slut?" he demanded,

"Yeah I'm not talking to you." Motoyasu casually dismissed and looks back at Rino, "Its been a little while since I last saw you Rinny. Never got the chance to say goodbye to you or anything, made me a little sad, but I see your back here again after your time with your grandpa. I also like the new clothing you got, you look a lot hotter in red. But anyway your still free to come back on my team again and we can continue to have more fun adventures together with me." He says to her completely clueless about everything that had happened to her.

Bakugou would've exploded at him for that ignorance, but he was curious to see what Rino will do, so he just sat back to watch.

Rino continued to look at him coldly and it became an awkward 20 seconds.

Rino then finally stood up from her chair and walked right up in front of Motoyasu and gave him a warm smile.

Motoyasu then smiles back, "It's great to have you back Rin..."

Rino then kicked him right between his legs.

This caught the entire diner's attention especially Ren and Itsuki's.

Motoyasu immediately squeals in pain by that kicked of her metal boots as he holds on to his crotch making him kneel down on his knees.

Rino then slaps Motoyasu in the face and slapped and slapped and slapped over and over again at each side making his cheeks red.

After doing that over a dozen times Rino finally exploded at him, "YOU IDIOTIC AND CLUELESS PIECE OF SHIT!"

"Ri... Ri... Rinny what's the.."

"Stop calling me Rinny and listen to me for once! Did you have any idea what had happen to me at the Spa on that day!?"

"I... I don't"

"Of course you don't know! Since you couldn't figure it out I'll spell it out for you! That rotten bitch Malty had sold me off to a group of human Slavers! And you didn't do jack shit to stop them or to find me!"

"But...but Rino weren't you off with your sick grandpa who.."

"I DON'T HAVE ANY LIVING GRANDPA'S YOU IDIOT! My maternal grandpa died in a war over a decade before I was even born, and my paternal one died of a disease when I was barely two years old! I told you this once before and yet you believed in that evil bitch over me!"

"But Rino... I.. but..I"

"And you want to know who had to save me!" Rino then points toward Bakugou, "He saved me, without even knowing me he had done more for me than you had ever done!"

"But.. Rino we were a team, we were companions at arms, we..." Rino then slapped him in the face again.

"We were not a team dumbass! You never had us do anything since I and the others became a part of your stupid party! We were nothing more than eye candy to you while you went out flexing your shallow ego! Bakugou on the other hand, he may be harsh and loud but he didn't let my talents get squandered and he didn't treat me like some helpless flower! He allowed me to fight, he allowed to help other people, he allowed me to learn more, I was allowed me to help him as his champion or sidekick, and I was allowed to be a hero. Sir Bakugou is a true hero. Unlike you!"

"But Rino he... He nearly raped Myne, he could.."

"Myne can go right to hell! Even if anything from her lying mouth was true, I say Bakugou should've done far worse than that after what you allowed her to do to me! I hated her and she and the rest of the girls hated me just for my existence, and you just allowed them to do so! Neia is a true friend to me, she doesn't care where I came from or who I was originally associated with, we laugh, we have fun, and enjoy each others company as sisters in arms, we are true friends. Hell even Kirishima, Sir Bakugou's dragon is 1000 times better than you or your other whores!"

"Rino... but.. but maybe if we talk this through we can..."

"WILL YOU FUCKING LISTEN! I don't care about you anymore! Don't you get it!? I never want to have anything to do with you or those other bitches in your so-called team ever again! To hell with Myne! To hell with Lesty! To hell with Elena! AND TO HELL WITH YOU!" Rino was about to turn back to the table until she turns quickly back to Motoyasu, "Oh yeah one more thing,... YOUR COOKING TASTED LIKE LITERAL SHIT!" she finished as went back to the table to sit down.

After that the entire diner and bar were in complete shock after that display.

Motoyasu despite still feeling pain at his crotch he was emotionally hurt and was absolutely confused with a look of a lost puppy. He tried to wrap his head around what he just witnessed only a few seconds ago. He wanted to scoff it off as Bakugou badly influencing her like with Neia, but Rino was his partner for far longer than anytime she was with Bakugou. He trusted Rino as he trusted all of his other girlfriends, but that part about Myne selling her off to slavers completely confused him. He loved Myne and trusted her no matter what and would protect her from anything, but he also trusted and loved Rino as well, so he can't properly think with this confusing dilemma. He didn't know who to believe. But either way he felt hurt, that has to be the first time a girl just broke up and rejected him like that. It hurt his soul, along with his cheeks and crotch.

The building continued to remain silent none of these men had ever seen such a rejection from a woman, rejecting a cardinal hero no less who continued to kneel on the ground in pain both physical and emotional.

Bakugou's team was just as silent from that roasting.

The silence finally broke when Bakugou finally cheered, "Hell Yeah Brown hair! That was fucking killer! You put that bitch baby back in his place! You definitely had a mouth on you!" He congratulates his sidekick who was starting to look a little embarrassed by the attention but she likes the praise from her sometimes hard to please hero, and was also happy that she stood up to Motoyasu."

Neia even congratulated her, "Definitely, that was far more epic than when I told off that bastard and kicked his crotch." she remembers.

Bakugou decided to raise his drink in the air, "I'm calling for a celebration for tonight for my team." Bakugou then stood up, "Drinks are all on me tonight!" Bakugou shouts showing off a gold coin in his hand.

The entire bars' silence finally ended as they all cheered to Bakugou for the free drinks with them all shouting, "Shield hero! Shield hero! Shield hero!"

The diner seemed to fill up with joy and excitement now, all except for Motoyasu still on the floor almost crying and Itsuki who was getting completely pissed off at Bakugou. He was barely scraping by and Bakugou was just showing off his wealth to everyone as they cheered for him, 'They cheer for a self-centered rapist over me?! A damn shielder!?' Itsuki thinks to himself getting madder and madder as everyone continued to chant Bakugou's title.

Itsuki finally couldn't take it anymore, "Alright that's it!" he shouts out loud surprising Ren as Itsuki moves away from his table and stomped his way toward Bakugou.

Bakugou took notice when Itsuki was finally up toward him, "What the hell do you think you're doing you greedy bastard!" Itsuki yells at the unimpressed Bakugou.

"What the hell do you want Bow bitch? You want to make yourself into an idiot too?" Bakugou mocks him.

"You think of yourself to be so cool and successful that you have to brag it around like some damn celebrity! When your just some rapist bastard with a dumb shield!" Itsuki insults back which is just amusing Bakugou.

"You mean the dumb shield that kicked your ass before? Why do you even care anyway?" Bakugou insults back

"Do you realize what you have done to me!? I lost everything to that stupid tyrant you protected and I have to basically live in poverty because of you!" Itsuki shouts at him.

"Yeah and so what? It's not my fault that you were an idiot who allied with a bunch of shady ass characters and butted in on international affairs that were never your business anyway." Bakugou retorts back.

"Shut up with your stupid excuses! You basically ruined me! I should be the one with that kind of money, not you! An arrogant bully and a piece of shit!"

"Oh boo-hoo cry me a river bow bitch!"

"Will you stop calling me that! It's Itsuki! I'm supposed to be the main hero here! I'm the main character! And your just the asshat side character that everyone should be hating, who thinks he's the best when he really is not, and should've been left out of the plot and forgotten about!"

"Main character? Hahahahahahaha! That's your argument!? You still think this is some stupid video game of yours and you think you're the star of the story?! Your just as delusional as Ponytail slut there!"

"Delusional?! Your calling me delu..." Itsuki then thought of something, "I see now. I see how all of this went?! You set all three of us up!"

"Set what up idiot?" Bakugou asked wondering what he was even talking about.

"All the crap you have done since the start was an elaborate plot to ruin us because you got jealous of the fact that you got stuck with just a shield and we got weapons worth a damn! You set up that quest at Tervein to attract me to it and created a scenario for it to turn against me so that bastard tyrant could steal all my stuff and tarnish my name. And with Motoyasu. You must have made a deal with Myne to act out that lousy thief claims to set Motoyasu up with that duel where you completely humiliated him. And you tried something similar with Ren at the beginning where you and that redhead whore again acted that whole rape thing to get Ren to jump in to help you and ruin his reputation, but he got lucky when he rightfully refused to help your pathetic ass! It was all part of your plan to ruin us all because you got stuck with that pathetic shield! When we are the actual heroes that mattered here!"

"You're just braindead." Bakugou just says to him, he couldn't even describe how stupid all of that all was. He wasn't going to bother to say anything else to him knowing he'll just say something stupider as he growls in anger at him.

Ren was just as baffled by that accusation and rolls his eyes and stayed silent from that whole event.

Motoyasu on the other hand got quickly offended by what Itsuki just said about Myne and finally got himself back up again, "Hey! Myne would never get involved in something like that Itsuki! You're going to apologize for that!" Motoyasu jumps in defense of Malty. Just hearing that made Rino sigh not surprised he immediately went to her defense despite all she told him of her.

Itsuki quickly turns toward the spear hero, "Oh please Motoyasu everyone knows that she just a lying whore and you're too dense to see it. So just shut up and get out of our business."

Motoyasu getting more defensive pushed against Itsuki, "You shut up! You're just jealous that I have the hottest and greatest girls on my team! While you are stuck with suck-up losers while you wear cheap crappy equipment!"

"What? jealous of being used as a pull horse to some whore princess! And one of your old so-called girlfriends just told you to fuck off a minute ago. So why don't you just do that and jerk off to your Loli fantasy's away from here!"

Motoyasu almost had it,"Ok now you're just sounding like Bakugou!"

Itsuki immediately got triggered by that and grabs a glass of beer and throws it right into Motoyasu's face, "DON'T YOU DARE COMPARE ME TO THAT BASTARD!"

The glass immediately shattered on Motoyasu's face covering his it in glass, beer, and pain. But as the college kid wipes the alcohol off his face he looks down at Itsuki very pissed off, "Ok kid, playtime is over now!" Motoyasu then immediately grabs on Itsukis armor and literally throws him across another group's table. Sliding until he falls off it.

Motoyasu laughs until Itsuki yells and jumps on Motoyasu hitting him with his own bow as the two fight and smash into more tables.

The other groups of people were getting pissed off by the two's destruction and combined that with alcohol the other groups begin attacking and punching at each other. Very quickly the entire diner turned into full out brawl with almost everyone beating each other up or throwing things at one another.

Ren remained silent as he grabbed his to-go food and walks along the walls avoiding the fighting until he was out of the door wanting nothing to do with this nonsense and regretted ever coming in.

The fighting continued as Motoyasu and Itsuki punch and kicked at each other with their fists or their cardinal weapons as blunt objects.

Motoyasu then threw Itsuki on the floor and grabs up a chair over his head, "Time for some... AHHH!" Motoyasu shouted as he got electrocuted and forced him to drop the chair. A menu then appeared at him that stated, *Caution rule violation: cardinal hero not allowed to use any other weapon but there assigned one.*, "What?! How does that count?" Motoyasu complained to himself.

Itsuki then kicks him in the crotch while he was distracted, "OW! Come on stop hitting me there you cheap bastard!" he yells at Itsuki again as the two continued beating each other up along with many others.

Bakugou's team remained quiet at the table as they watch the carnage as the fighting remained away from them.

Neia then spoke up, "So uh...? What now?"

Bakugou just shrugs, "Just let the idiots fight. We need the energy for tomorrow anyway, so ignore them and just eat." he answered with Neia and Rino nodding in agreement as the group continues to eat while they hear the fight in the background.

After a few minutes the team finishes uninterrupted and casually walked away as the fighting still went on especially with the Spear and Bow hero.

Eventually a bit after the team left the guards were sent in to bring back order to the place with both Motoyasu and Itsuki now forced to pay fines for starting the whole incident in the first place and disturbing the peace.

Bakugou and his team went back to their Inn and rest. They were ready for the event tomorrow. The next wave was on its way.

By next morning near around noon, the time was nearly here.

Since about 8:00 am Bakugou used his fast travel around to warn as many towns as possible about the incoming wave and prepare in however they could. The wave spawns seem to be random so it's hard to know if any of these towns will even get a single monster attack but it was better to be safe than sorry.

It was now 11:55 am, 5 minutes until the next wave. And Bakugou, his crew, and the group of knights were all together by Erhard's shop ready awaiting the time to come. Erhard was generous enough to provide some spare swords for the knights as well as some healing potions.

While there was a sense of dread in the air. The crew was all prepared to fight the waves and do what needs to be done to kill the monsters and protect the civilians.

His battle formation knights and mages were all lined up as Bakugou makes a speech for them, "Alright soldiers listen up! The wave is about to arrive soon and we will be transported into the main force of it. Our duty as heroes is to kill whatever evil bastards come out of it, but don't think that is your only duty either. You are to protect any remaining civilians if you can and kill any bastard that attempts to, as well containing the collateral damage. Like I told you before there is no guarantee you will all survive, but if you remember who you are with and do what you are told then you have nothing to worry about. So I'm going to ask you once. Are you ready to fight!"

"Sir yes Sir!" the group said in unison looking confident and eager just what Bakugou likes to see. He then turns toward his sidekicks, "You guys ready as well!?"

"More than ready," Neia says confidently

"As am I." Rino also says.

And right next to her Kirishima transforms into his adult form as he roars out loud basically saying he's ready as well.

Bakugou smirks as the time counts down to zero, "Good, now let's be heroes!"


And just like the last wave the sky immediately turned red and the strange portals appearing along with them.

And just like last time Bakugou and his team was teleported to the head of the wave along with his crew and his command unit of knights.

The 3rd wave has started.

The wave was a lot more different this time rather than Zombies or bees, the monsters consisted of dark Wolfs, Condors, goblins, and Lizardmen. They all began to pour and to cause as much death and destruction as they can.

The three heroes went off to find and fight the boss, but Bakugou and his team were remaining near the town they spawned at together to fight off the wave attacks.

Most of the village had thankfully been evacuated because of Bakugou's warning with most of the ones remaining being adventurers, soldiers, and warriors remaining behind to protect their town.

Legions of monsters grouped up together to attack but Bakugou's squad goes on to slaughter many of them.

Bakugou's explosions killed off enemy after enemy as they are blown to pieces, with the loud sound attracting more monsters which Bakugou continued to blow even more up, as well as providing any spells or defense to his soldiers and sidekicks.

Neia wasn't far behind him as she slices and dices the monsters with great speed with her two swords and would stun the bigger enemies with her electric magic as none could withstand the voltage.

Rino created many spells that devasted groups of enemies with her earth and her light spells as she bombarded the area like artillery fire. She's been the anti-air fighter as well as she vaporized flocks of the condors in the sky into piles of ash and feathers.

Kirishima was having the most fun as he squishes, eats, and burns almost everything in his path. Some of the monsters even began to retreat as the giant hungry dragon rampages through their legions.

The soldiers and mages that came with Bakugou were also of good help, coordinating with their team leader as they fight off the stragglers and outliers of the monster legions as well as protecting the people and their homes, providing them with any kind of support.

This went on for over an hour as what's alive of the wave monsters began to retreat and attempt to regroup.

It was a very eventful wave. What was the strangest thing for Bakugou though was that in the village this random old woman was kicking the crap out of some of the goblins and wolves with just her bare hands.

A surprised and curious Bakugou approached her, and he immediately recognized her. She was one of the first people he helped heal up after he dealt with the Hydra. He remembered her just sick in bed barely alive and coughing up a storm and here she is fighting like she's in her 20's when she is most likely over 4 times that age.

After crushing a goblin's skull the woman saw the shield hero and gracefully had her fist at her palm, "Thank you again for your aid before Shield hero, I'm internally in your debt." she says as she then back kicks a wolf right above her.

'Did I give this senior steroids or something?' he thought to himself as his team including his dragon and soldiers ran up to him to group up.

"Sir Bakugou the village area has been secured with the older woman killing the last of them in town," Neia says to him.

"Most of the sky's are cleared up too." Rino also says

Then one of the young soldiers spoke up, "Indeed thanks to miss Rino's spells and your dragons' fires most of the enemy has temporarily shattered. Though I don't know how long it will last before they regroup and gain reinforcements."

Bakugou wondered that himself, the wave had gone on for over an hour and it hasn't stopped yet. He's wondering if the 3 idiots were having trouble with the boss or not otherwise it should've been over by now.

"Hey who's that?" one of the soldiers said when he saw a green-haired adventurer coming toward the group.

"Is she another one of yours young man?" the tough old woman asked him.

"No, but I'm sure she is with someone," Bakugou answered her with the woman coming toward him.

The woman spoke as soon as she got up to them, "Sir Shield have you wiped out the monsters away from this village?" the girl asked looking out of breath.

"Yeah and who are you?" Bakugou answered and asked.

"I'm with Sir Ren the sword hero, before the wave started he ordered me and his other companions to split up go out to any area or town to help out any of the villages around here while he and little Scarlet dealt with the wave boss." the woman answered.

Bakugou was surprised that Ren seemed to have learned his lesson from the last wave to let the companions in his team he wasn't doing anything to be useful to be for the defenseless people. Though he can't believe that he made everyone except for his bird girl do this, he expected for him to at least bring a few as support but Bakugou just thought whatever.

Bakugou then asked, "So where the hell is he at along with those two other idiots."

The girl then pointed toward a valley away from the village, "He and the other heroes are out west trying to kill the boss of the wave." she answered.

"Well he seems to be doing a shit job at it, it's almost been 2 hours and these bastards keep coming in," Bakugou comments as he looks up to see more monsters coming down from the portals to reinforce the shattered legions.

One of the soldiers then spoke up, "Sir Shield hero, if you have to fight the boss then you can go. We will stay here to hold the monsters off, this wave needs to end soon before we are exhausted."

Bakugou was thinking the same thing anyway and didn't protest, "Alright, you soldiers hold out and not die while my team kill this stupid boss already." he ordered them

"Yes sir!" the group answered him.

He then turned to the senior, "Old lady I'm going to put you in charge of them, keep them all alive for me, and send as many of these bastards to hell as you can." he ordered her.

The old woman just smiles toward him as she slaps a surprised soldier in the back, "You can count on me, I may be retired, but these old bones can still throw a good punch and kick." she said confidently.

Bakugou smiles and turns toward his team, "Blue, Brown hair, You guys ready to go?"

"Yes!" Neia and Rino said in unison.

Kirishima then lowered his winged down as the three heroes got on his sattle. Bakugou grabs his dragons reins and shouted, "Kirishima fly!"

And the dragon lifts himself into the air as they head off toward the valley to find the boss and the three other heroes

Along the way a swarm of condors attempted to attack them but Kirishima burns away most of them along with Rino blasting at what's left of the swarm with her arcane magic blasts.

They fly for a few minutes until the team saw an unusual sight, it was a giant ship, but it was floating in the air on land with what looks like some sort of tentacle monster attached to its haul, "Great a fucking ship again." Bakugou groans having already fought on a ship recently after saving Rino and now has to fight in one again. Though he guessed it was at least different than fighting at the water with what looks like the boat itself attacking the heroes rather than low life slavers.

Bakugou then turns to his team, "You ready for this?" he asked them

Both girls nodded confidently which makes Bakugou smirked, "Ok Kirishima land there!" he orders his dragon as the flying beast approached the ship.

On the flying ship the three cardinal heroes were all engaging it in 3 different ways.

Itsuki and his party were trying to attack the ship ornament that resembled a skull, launching a mass of arrows at it where it also spawned out enemies, but no matter how many times he hits it with arrows nothing else happens despite it being how it was done in dimension web.

Motoyasu and his crew were engaging the ships kraken tentacles as they come from all angles to attack the hero, but as he slices through each tentacle regenerates back again.

Ren and Scarlet were fighting against the ghost skeleton pirate captain and his crew as the sword hero slices up the captain over and over only for him to respawn back as if nothing happened.

This has gone on for almost 2 hours and the 3 groups are nowhere closer to unleashing the boss than before.

The three heroes were starting to get tired and overwhelmed by the constant fodder and eventually they all backed into each other.

Ren finally spoke up to the two, "What are you two doing we need to kill the captain to spawn the boss!"

"No we need to defeat the Kraken tentacles first to spawn it!" Motoyasu responds.

"You're both doing it wrong, we need to destroy the figurehead to spawn it," Itsuki yells at both of them.

"All you been doing was shooting arrows at that stupid decoration for the past hour, it's not working!" Motoyasu yells at Itsuki

"Neither is you or Ren's strategy, you guys have been killing the same damn things for just as long and they just respawn back, it's clear that we need to destroy the figurehead." Itsuki retorts back.

Motoyasu is too prideful to listen but Ren did understand that their strategies are not working so far, but he doesn't know what else to do, killing the ghost captain is supposed to summon the boss in Brave Star Online so what else could spawn it?

"Should we try eating them master Ren?"

"You shouldn't be eating bones Scarlet they could choke you and you tried that already and he just respawns outside of your stomach."

"But I like the crunching sounds they make in my beak," Scarlet says missing Ren's point.

"Ren how about you stop playing with your stupid bird already and just focus!" Itsuki insults back.

Scarlet looked at Itsuki with a mad look, she was not liking him for insulting her and Ren as she twitched her eye.

Ren tried to calm him down, "Itsuki she's barely over a month old you shouldn't..."

"I can say whatever the hell I want! If you're just going to play house then get the hell out of here! We never needed someone who defends rapists anyway." Itsuki insults again now making Ren angry.

Scarlet also got really mad, "You stop insulting master Ren, he's way better than you short guy!"

"How about you just choke on a bone already and die off! It be one less problem to deal with.."

Scarlet finally had enough and just kicks Itsuki with her large bird feet to the side of the deck.

Itsuki groans in pain and then growls in complete anger when he quickly got himself up, "YOU LITTLE BRAT! I'LL KILL YOU RIGHT NOW FOR THAT!" Itsuki quickly readies his bow for a big attack. Ren immediately responds by jumping right in Itsuki's path with his sword on guard to protect Scarlet, but that just made it better for the bow hero.

"No! Don't hurt her!" shouted a voice though it was not Ren it was Motoyasu. He jumps on Itsuki making him miss his attack with the energy blast blowing at the side of the ship.

"What the hell are you doing you idiot!?" Itsuki yells at Motoyasu.

"You were going to kill the innocent angel you monster!" Motoyasu yells back with Ren unsure if he should thank Motoyasu for that or be creeped out by his obsessions.

"Are you serious!? You and your stupid pedophilia fetish again!" Itsuki insults Motoyasu.

"It's not pedophilia, it's for the bird angel!" Motoyasu yells again.

"Just get out of my way you dumbass!" Itsuki attempt to push him over but Motoyasu attempts to stop him again as the two struggled until they started throwing punches at one another starting a brawl in the middle of a wave.

The Spear heroes team finally spoke out, "You fools get your bow hero to stop this right now and apologize for this disgrace!" Malty ordered Itsuki's biggest companion in his heavy armor.

But the large man just laughed at her, "Ha like I need to tell master Itsuki to stop teaching a lesson to that pathetic idiot."

"How dare you disobey me! I'm the crown princess!"

"Yeah and you're only second in line, your baby sister is going to get the crown before you. I heard you even lost a duel to some Demi, I can see why your Mom doesn't want a complete failure as queen hahaha!" The big metal man mocks her.

Malty then got extremely pissed off and fire punches him in the face.

The giant man then got pissed off as well and punches back starting a brawl with Malty.

Soon enough the rest of the two teams all joined in and started fighting with one another in a big brawl all but the young green-haired girl in Itsuki's team who was running away from it scared.

As the brawl went on, Ren just stood their face-palming himself, "Are we really doing this again in the middle of an event?" he said out loud.

"I'm so sorry for doing that master, I just hated that guy." Scarlet apologizing.

"Don't worry about that, these two are just acting like children right now, we just need to..."

"Master Ren look out!" Scarlet shouts as she sees tentacle monsters about to attack Ren from behind until she slices its head clean off with her sharp powerful bird feet.

Ren then turned and saw 2 more tentacles rising up looking down at him along with a new group of more pirate zombies "Damn it we allowed them to regenerate their health back!" he yells to himself and he and his goth bird went off to kill more of the tentacles and skeleton pirate groups.

All the while Itsuki and Motoyasu's groups continue to fight one another not paying attention. It was until they all begin to look up to see even larger versions of the tentacles up high near the ship's sails.

It made them all pause as Motoyasu, Itsuki, and Ren hold out their arms ready to prepare to attack them.

But as the tentacles begin their descent to attack, they are suddenly covered in fire making them scream in agony.

The 3 heroes and their teams didn't know what just happened until they heard a roar up in the sky and saw an orange-red dragon along with Bakugou and his team.

Ren was surprised to finally be seeing him here, but Itsuki and Motoyasu looked up in disgust.

After flying around the ship Kirishima finally lands on the ship haul with Bakugou and his team jumping off, "Now the real heroes are here." Bakugou announced with everyone on the ship looking toward him and his group.

And Itsuki was not remotely happy about it, "What the hell are you doing here!? Go back to protect that town or whatever and get out of our business!" he yells at him.

Bakugou just laughs, "Ha like I need your permission to do anything. I beat the shit out of you, but you and ponytail slut seem to be doing that by yourselves already." he insults them having seen their little brawl from above which just makes Itsuki even madder. Bakugou then turned toward Ren knowing he was the only one of them he can get an answer from, "So paleface this damn wave has gone on longer than 2 hours, where the hell is the boss?"

Ren quickly answers, "I've been telling these two we need to find a way to permanently kill the Skeleton Captain to spawn the boss, it needs to die more than once."

"You and that stupid skeleton again, that's clearly not working we need to destroy the figurehead at the hull first," Itsuki spoke out

"No we need to kill the tentacles first that's how it spawns in Emerald online."

"So none of you morons could figure it out? How pathetic." Bakugou insults the three.

Then Malty punches the armored guy in the nose making him let go of her ending the struggle. She then stomped up toward Bakugou, "You're the pathetic one here shield devil! Motoyasu would've had all of this done already if these two incompetents didn't mess around with the ship! And you're just making it worse with your stench. So how about you get lost along with your thieving cheating demi, your filthy dragon, and your...!" Malty stopped when she got a closer look at Bakugou's other partner that she immediately recognized as Rino, and she did not look happy to see her.

'What!? What the hell is she doing here!? She should be halfway to Faubry by now, how the hell did this devil get to her!?' she yells in her head surprised and pissed off.

After a few brief seconds of silence Rino finally spoke up, "Hi Myne nice to see you again, I'm guessing your boy toy didn't tell you about me last night."

Myne turns his head at Motoyasu who was looking away whistling trying to stay out of that mess as much as possible.

A mad Myne then turns back again, "Well Ugh... I... Ugh... Oh whatever, your word probably doesn't mean much anyway, if you're joining sides with the devil then your nothing more than the devils spawn.

"Like I care what you think of me anymore whore. And besides Sir Bakugou can actually make quite the meal. You're still stuck with Bitch baby's cooking." Rino snarks back which just makes Myne angrily twitch more.

But before she said anything back Itsuki shouted, "Ok can we get back on topic in killing the figurehead! You two and Motoyasu can talk about his shit cooking later!"

"I told for the last time we need to kill the tentacles! And my cooking is not shit!" Motoyasu yells at him.

"No it's the Captain we need to kill!" Ren also shouts again

The three then went on to argue with each other with the Spear and their hero parties now on edge again ready for another brawl.

Bakugou just rolls his eyes and had enough trying to get answers out of them as he witnesses the tentacles and the skeleton pirates now moving toward them, "Screw it! Forget them, Kirishima fly up and get the tentacles attention, brown hair destroy the tentacles while they focus on him, Blue your with me to kill the skeleton crew, and Kirishima after brown hair kills the tentacles burn that figurehead to a crisp!" he ordered his crew who all nodded in approval.

The crew then split, Bakugou and Neia attack the skeleton pirate crew as they both tear through them like paper.

Kirishima flies up in the air getting the tentacles' attention. Many tried to attack the dragon but his evasion was higher than the tentacles speed.

Rino then begins to cast her spell as her staff and eyes glow with mana, "I cast the nature of light, arcane missiles!" She shouts as several energy balls appear around her and as she aimed her staff she launches out multiple magic energy blasts at the Kraken tentacles with the blast either blowing them up or cutting clean through.

It was an impressive sight that surprised the three heroes of such power from a mere companion. Motoyasu was the most surprised as he was struggling with one at a time, but Rino his former companion was butchering them like nothing without even hitting Katsukis dragon.

And back with Katsuki and Neia, the two went through the skeleton crew like nothing until Bakugou blasted through right to the captain and blows him into pieces.

After Rino took cared of the tentacles, Kirishima flew right toward the ship figurehead as he breaths his flames on the magic object as it burns to a crisp.

The crew all group back together as they wait around to see what will happen. But unfortunately just as before, no boss appeared, the tentacles grew back, the skeleton pirate captain came back to life, and the ship figurehead was also self-repairing itself.

It pissed off Bakugou "Damn it, destroying these things did jackshit! You idiots wasted your time for this crap!?" Bakugou scolds the other heroes.

"You were clearly doing it wrong Bakugou! It needed to be destroyed by wind magic not fire! It needs to be me who summons the boss!" Itsuki yells at Bakugou just making the teen roll his eyes.

Motoyasu then spoke up, "When did that become a requirement!? You're just pulling things out of your ass at this point!" and then the two went on to bicker with one another along with there teams again with Ren staying out of it this time knowing they weren't going to listen, wondering if it was even possible to kill the captain permanently.

Scarlet though had something else on her mind, "That stupid dragon thinks he's better than me with his stinking fire breath. Well I can destroy the skull thing without fire." Scarlet then went toward the figurehead to Ren's displeasure.

"No Scarlet! We need to defeat the captain first, get back here!" Ren yells and runs after her not wanting to use the slave seal so he attempts to get her back the hard way as she peeks at the figurehead with her beak.

"Moron's.", Bakugou just sighs to himself trying to ignore all the idiocy going on as he tries to think.

Neia then spoke up, "So what now sir Bakugou? Did we just do something wrong?"

"No blue, clearly the fact these things are continually regenerating means that killing them is not what we are supposed to do. Back in my world in RPG games if certain enemies keep respawning or reheal back usually it means that they are relevant to a boss. So these things may have something else to do with the boss but these dumbasses are doing it the wrong way." Bakugou told her as he continued to think what else would spawn the boss.

Rino then spoke up, "Sir Bakugou, if it's relevant I have noticed that there seems to be a weird source of dark magic emitting around the ship, but it seemed focused near the Captain and the tentacles though not really on but next to them if it makes any sense. Could that be a clue?"

Bakugou continued to scratch his chin as he takes the information Rino said in, dark energy around the skeleton and tentacles but not directly on them. He observes the two things as they're about to attack the three heroes again while they were busy arguing. He looks around the skeleton until he looks at its shadow and just by looking at it he knew something didn't look right about it looking strange and wavy.

Bakugou then smiles, "Looks like we cracked the puzzle." he announced and looks toward Rino, "Brown hair, I want you to cast a light spell as bright as possible!"

"Yes Sir!" Rino answered back

Rino then uses her light spell and throws the ball of light in the air. She then used another light magic to increase the spell's power tenfold, "Intensifying light!" she shouts and the small ball of light brightens up the whole ship with a bright blinding light.

Due to the shield's passive effects both Bakugou and his team were not affected by the bright light, but the other heroes and their teams were all disgruntled and covering their eyes from the bright light, "What the hell are you doing Bakugou are you trying to blind us!" Itsuki shouts with Bakugou just ignoring him.

Bakugou quickly saw the skeleton captain's shadow now more active than before and had what looked like a face, "Blue hit the shadow on the pirate bastard!" he ordered her.

Without question, Neia runs and jumps at it and stabs her two swords on the shadow causing the source of the dark magic to go wild and spews out of the ground.

As Bakugou's light spell dissipates the other heroes saw what was going on as they all looked surprised by the energy coming out of the shadow. Ren then looked behind himself and saw a Kraken tentacles shadow with a similar-looking evil smile. He knew what Bakugou had in mind and just like Neia he jumps and stabs at the krakens shadow causing energy to be released as well.

Soon enough more of these beams of energy started to pop up all around the ship with everyone wondering what was happening. Finally the energy geysers begin to launch out into one spot in the air above the ship as it comes together as a large ball of energy. Eventually that dark energy created a new being. It looked like a giant fish-like creature with sharp teeth and claws, but it had some sort of ghost look to it and had an aurora to it that made its body look like it's on fire.

Bakugou never saw anything like it before and when he checked his status screen it was labeled as "Souleater". Bakugou hoped the name isn't literal. Though judging by that things size and its huge health bar this was definitely the wave boss.

The three other heroes immediately reacted and started to launch out various magic attacks at it,

"Thunderbolt slash!"

"Thunder arrow!"

"Lightning spear!"

But as each of their attacks hit, they did pretty much nothing to the souleater.

The three continued to mindlessly attack the thing with their champions providing support but even then they yet to knock down a single bit of health from the Souleater while Bakugou watched and observed.

The ghostfish creature finally attacks as it flys downward and creates a ball of green energy from its mouth and blasted right at the heroes creating a big explosion. And just like that the cardinal heroes and their teams were all knocked out by one blast as most of them lay on the deck floor injured.

All but Bakugou and his crew who were all completely protected by his shield. The 3 other heroes were able to recover but they were just as clueless on what to do with the boss.

Bakugou on the other hand had somewhat of an idea, from what he has seen the Souleater is not affected by physical attacks so just hitting it with a sword isn't going to do anything, but it did seem to be particularly vulnerable to magic attacks.

"Brown hair enchant my gauntlets with magic quick!" he orders with Rino putting a minor enchantment spell on his gauntlets and the sweat inside them. It didn't do much to the sweat itself but the light magic made the sweat count as a magical enhancement so it would count as a magic attack, Bakugou fought a similar type of enemy only affected by magic with Rino at some abandoned ruins a few days ago so he knew it worked.

After the threes heroes got knocked away again by the souleaters energy ball attack Bakugou ordered his crew, "Kirishima, fly up with me and fry the fish and dodge its attacks as much as possible! Blue and brown hair stay on the ground and use your magic attacks at the thing while it's paying attention to me and Kirishima!" he ordered with the crew nodding in agreement.

As the three heroes lay on the ground injured the souleater then turned its attention to Bakugou as he jumps in the air with his quirk as he engages the ghost beast. The souleater blasted at him but Bakugou dodges it and gave his own blast at the monster. Unlike the others attacks the Souleater was now suffering a loss of health, only a small amount but still an amount no less.

The Souleater ready another attack at Bakugou, until it's back gets blasted with a giant stream of fire. It turns to see a dragon flying right at its level. The ghost monster launches its energy ball at it, only for Kirishima to blast his own fireball at it with the two magic balls smashing into each other causing them to blow themselves up.

The souleater attempts to slash and bite at Kirishima but his agility exceeded the souleater so he dodged all of its attacks while he continued his breath attacks, and since his fire attacks count as both physical and magical attacks he was also damaging the souleater.

And from below Rino and Neia were blasting it with magic attacks. With Rino launching her arcane missiles and other magic attacks. Neia had to get up closer from the ship ropes but she still gets few good hits on the monster with her lighting attacks, who unlike Motoyasu's who's lightning who relied on his spear skills, Neia's was pure magic based. Motoyasu himself still couldn't believe that one of his former partners was this strong to damage a boss that he couldn't do jack all to.

The souleater attempts to attack both with its energy balls but each is stopped by Bakugous airstrike shield as well as getting good hits on the thing.

Team Bakugou had the thing in wraps as it keeps focusing its attention on a different attacker as the others get a good hit on it. The other heroes and there companions after recovering attempt to fight it, but there attacks still did nothing, and get blasted at the souleater again. Bakugou didn't mind it as it served as another distraction to the thing, though he wasn't going to waste his abilities and mana on those three as they continually got hit by the full power blasts.

This went on for a few minutes but despite their efforts and power the souleater was down only by a quarter of its health. Bakugou was starting to get annoyed by this, he knew this strategy will eventually take it down, but it will take forever and the longer the boss stays the more monsters that will keep coming from the portals. This thing had to die fast.

"Damn it if only I can get closer to this bastard and blow it from the inside out, but that's probably a shitty idea for something called a souleater so what the hell else will work!" he then looks at his gauntlet as he turns it and remembered its self-repairing function. Bakugou then smirks after thinking of an idea.

"Team new plan!" he shouts getting his team's attention, "Brown hair restraint the fish and blue keep it in pain!" he orders them with the team nodding as the Souleater attempts to go after Bakugou again.

Rino then opens up her arms to set up a powerful spell, and after a few seconds of mana absorption she yells, "Restraining Chains!" and around her body glowed a magic circle that eventually spawn out magic steel chains and as the souleater attempts to munch on Bakugou the monster gets completely wrapped up in chains. The monsters struggles from its magically bonds as it squirms all over. Bakugou recommended her to learn that spell after seeing it from a mage Kirishima ended up eating on the slaver's ship.

Neia then jumps from the ship ropes and stabs her two swords through the holes of the wide chains, "Electric surge!" she shouts and a giant stream of electricity transfers through the chains up to the souleater as it screams in pain making it stop squirming wildly.

Bakugou then turns to his dragon as he removes his left gauntlet, "Now Kirishima! Get this bastards' mouth to stay open!" he orders his dragon.

Kirishima then flew up to the souleater as it attempts another energy attack despite the pain but Kirishima dodges it easily. Once right at the monster Kirishima sinks one of his claw wings on the souleaters body while he then grabbed the top of its mouth with the other barely away from the teeth forcing it to open up. And thanks to Bakugou passive abilities he was immune to Neia's electricity attack.

Katsuki quickly lowers himself down with one of his gauntlets off his way toward the ghost monster. The soul eater attempts to blast at Bakugou but Katsuki dodges the attack, "Eat this!" he shouts and with an aggressive push he jabs his gauntlet right through some of the souleaters bottom teeth with the metal glove now leaking his sweat.

"Kirishima off now and get small!" he shouts with the dragon letting go and turns into his teenage self as he falls with Bakugou.

Neia knew what was going to happen and stopped her attack and jumped with the two.

"Brown hair hit the deck!" Bakugou shouts and Rino finally stopping her spell and runs to where the crew was landing at.

Once close enough together Katsuki shouted, "Shield prison!" and he and all his team were now encased in a magic metal ball.

The other heroes were flummoxed by it, "What the hell is he doing?" Motoyasu wondered.

"The coward probably gave up and is hiding away in his little ball." Malty mocked.

They all then turn their attention back to the souleater as it continued to shriek loudly and with Rino no longer conducting the spell it breaks open the magic chains, it then bitted down its teeth crushing the gauntlet with the sweat inside now covering its mouth and going inside through its throat.

The other heroes prepare another attack. As was the souleater about to create another energy ball. But as soon as a single spark appeared in its mouth.


The souleater exploded into a giant fireball covering the entire top half of the ship in smoke and fire with the force of the giant explosion blowing away the other heroes with the force of it nearly knocking them off the flying ship.

After the shock with their ears ringing they all got back up as they look above where the souleater use to be at. What was left of it was its raining remains lightly falling down like feathers. The souleater was absolutely dead now.

The other heroes and companions couldn't believe what just happened as not only was the souleater vaporized but, but sails of the ghost ship have been incinerated along with the wooden pole keeping them up.

"What in the hell was that!?" Itsuki asked.

"Did the thing self-destruct!?" Motoyasu also asked

Ren however figured it out, "No, it looks like Bakugou killed the wave boss, again."

The other heroes turn toward the metal ball again as it breaks and disappeared. Bakugou and his crew looked amazed at the raining dead monster, "Hell yeah, we showed that bastard!" Bakugou yelled in victory.

With Neia, Rino, and Kirishima just as excited for victory as the crew quickly high five each other. Bakugou then raised his shield up to one of the raining pieces of the souleater and allowed it to absorb the piece which unlocked *Souleater shield: increase spiritual attack and resistance, unlocked second shield, equip bonus of Soul eat and SP recovery* Bakugou hoped that last ability didn't literally mean it allowed him to absorb actual souls. He also noticed his gauntlet on the ground, looking damaged beyond repair, but he did notice the self-repair function was still active. He hoped in about a day or so his gauntlet will be good as new by tomorrow or at least repaired to some degree, or else Erhard is going to hear loud complaints for a refund.

The other heroes were still surprised to see with their eyes that Bakugou killed the boss, before all they did was saw Bakugou above the last bosses corpse now they saw in person what he was capable of.

Motoyasu and Itsuki in particular though weren't happy, "That... that was not fair, that was supposed to be my kill!" Motoyasu shouted

"Not my problem you guys were pathetic." Bakugou mocked

"You must've somehow cheated, there's no way you could've gotten an attack like that from playing fair!" Itsuki shouted which just made Bakugou roll his eyes.

But as he ignored them he noticed something strange, after he defeated the boss nothing else really happened, unlike last time with the Chimera the wave didn't instantly stop, the wave is still going.

But as he was thinking he felt something strange, as did the other heroes and when they all turn toward it, it appears to be yet another smaller souleater coming from the haul of the ship.

"Are you kidding me another one?!" Motoyasu shouted as he prepared his spear.

Bakugou wasn't sure if this was the for real boss this time or just some random enemy but either way he and his team were ready to fight it.

But suddenly dozens of energy spears from the sky rain down on the monster stabbing through it and killing it instantly. Everyone wasn't sure what just happened but that got quickly answered.

"How very disappointing." everyone heard and suddenly some black-haired woman jump up high out of nowhere and dives down feet first and lands on the souleaters corpse as its body disappear into energy, "You actually had trouble with weaklings like these? Are you really the heroes holding the worlds fate in their hands?" the women mocks them.

Everyone looked surprised by how this woman one-shot a boss enemy they couldn't take down themselves. They had no idea who it was but whoever she is she has a lot of power on her side.

Bakugou got a good look at the woman and everything seemed off by her. Melromarc for the most part is a very European-based kingdom and yet this woman looked Japanese wearing a black kimono. She also seemed to have this ghost-like look to her giving her an extremely pale look, she seems to have a physical body but not one at the same time, and had slit cat-like red eyes. It was strange and all Bakugou could think of is she's either from another distant country of this world, or from a completely different world altogether. And considering the other heroes are from completely different versions of japan it didn't seem like a stretch.

The woman slowly approached them, "Only one of you here is worthy of the title of hero." she then stares at Bakugou, "And what is your name?"

Despite the obvious intimidation Bakugou wasn't afraid of this woman and spoke up, "The names Katsuki Bakugou the shield hero, number one hero here, and soon to be number one in my homeworld. So who the hell are you cat eyes?!" he answered giving her his trademark scowl.

The woman smiles as she shows off her metal fans with glowing gems on them, "Katsuki Bakugou huh? That's an interesting name, it almost sounds like the word explosion in my native tongue. But anyway if your wondering who I am, my name is Glass and the rest you need to know is that I'm your enemy and I have to kill you." she answers casually as she opens up the fans making everyone looking concerned and confused especially since these didn't look like ordinary fans, they looked metal and had magically powered gems on them like the ones they have on there cardinal weapons.

Though not Bakugou, "Straight to the point I see." he holds his ground as he continued to look at the woman with anticipation of a fight, "Normally I'm always up for a good ass beating, but how about you tell me why you have a death wish with me?" he demanded

Glass continues to smile and answers,"Let's just say that it is for the good of my world that the heroes here have to die. But enough talking why don't we just begin. The only battle worthy of this wave."

Bakugou then activates his best defense shield with his sidekicks coming together as they await his orders.

The other heroes were on the sidelines watching though they were getting tired of being ignored, "Hey what about us the true heroes? Why do you care about this bastard?!" Itsuki yells at the powerful woman not liking she was just ignoring him.

"I have more to worry about than wasting time with a bunch of servants to the shield hero." Glass casually insults the three heroes.

Itsuki, Motoyasu, even Ren got offended by that statement, "Servants!? How dare you insult us! You will be vanquished by my hand!" Motoyasu spouts out as he and the 2 other heroes attack Glass along with their parties.

The heroes threw everything they had on the pale woman, but she wasn't even attempting to dodge them as each attack hits her directly, and just like the souleater before it did pretty much nothing.

The three heroes were equally getting pissed off as their high attacks weren't damaging her and used about every skill they had on the woman as Bakugou stood back and watched as the woman just stood there.

Even when Ren's Filolial attacked with fast kicks she easily blocks each attack with her fans until she blew her away back at Ren. Showing she can't not only take a hit but can easily block most attacks.

During all of that Bakugou observed and thinking up a strategy.

He then turned to his partners, "Brown hair I hate to say it, but your magic is probably not going to be high enough to do anything, so I want you to not engage cat eyes and provide us with any support spells you can, and provide a debuff on this bitch if you have the opportunity to."

Rino nods, "Alright sir Bakugou."

"Blue she's too fast even for you, so don't try to stab her while she's in focus, but once she's off guard give all you can."

"Yes sir" Neia also nods.

"Kirishima same to you and keep your teen form, we don't need to give this bitch a bigger target," Bakugou says to his dragon who also nodded.

Eventually the other heroes used all the magic and skill attacks they had and just as before Glass just stands there with a smirk. She finally says, "That was amusing, but now I have to get on with business." she finally actives her magic fans, "Circle Dance Zero: reverse snow moon flower!" and in just that one attack she knocks out all of the heroes and their teammates all but Bakugou and his crew.

"As said before mere servants." Glass insults again as she looks back at Bakugou.

"No these idiots are just pointless extras. Now if your so high and mighty of yourself why don't you bring it on!" he taunts the mysterious woman.

Glass just smiles, "With pleasure.", Glass then extend her fans and begin her magic attack at Bakugou, "Circle Dance Zero: reverse snow moon flower!" she yells with her fans creating light quick energy attacks at Bakugou but he not only tanks the attacks with his shield and finally goes on the offensive and jumps and blasts at Glass.

But the woman was quite agile being able to avoid his explosion attacks and begins to use her fan blades and engages the shield hero.

"Blue attack right!" Bakugou shouts as Neia as she moves quick with her swords. She attacks right as Bakugou attacks aggressively at Glass with smaller but more concentrated explosions, but before she could strike the woman at the side, Glasses reflexes stopped both her blades just like she did with Scarlets attacks, but before she could push Neia away the elf girl jumped off herself near the side of the ship still on her feet, despite her skinny look Glass was surprisingly strong.

Kirishima in his teen form attempts to strike the woman at different angles over and over with his quick speeds attempting to claw or strike her with his tail but she continued to block each attack, "I give you and your companions credit their persistent efforts but you will be no match for my power." Glass then closed one of her fans as it turned into a blade-like object and pointed it toward Bakugou as she readies an energy attack, "Circle dance rapture: Tortoise shell cracker!" she shouts and launches a purple energy beam at Bakugou.

He blocks the attack with his strongest shield and he barely holds back its power. He knew if anyone of his sidekicks or him took such a beam head on it be a one-hit kill.

Glass lightly smirks to herself, "Interesting that you can hold out against that attack, I guess you really do live up to your title as Shield hero." She complements though in a condescending way.

"I can do more than tank hits cat eyes. Blue now!" he shouts and from behind Glass, Neia attempts to attack from behind only for Glass to block her without even needing to look back, "Nice try, though next time how about not announcing that..."

"Electric shock!" Neia shouted.

It confused Glass after being interrupted but before she could react in just one second Neia launches a giant electric attack through her swords and transfer right through Glasses fans to her.

Glass is given the full force of Neia attack as she gets electrocuted by her in pain.

It almost used up all of Neia's mana but it gave Bakugou an opening and attempts to blast at her, but even when being electrocuted she still managed to block and dodge Bakugou's explosion attacks. She also eventually was able to push Neia off her forcing her on the ground, she then attacks to slice up Bakugou with her fans blades but Bakugou jumps out of the way in time and even wipes some sweat off his forehead on her Kimono without her noticing.

Glass goes out on her snow moon flower attack again as she attempts to overpower through Katsuki's defense. But Bakugou continues to have a smile on his face, "Kirishima fireball!"

His dragon from the sides then launches a fireball at Glass. Who also just smiles as she was going to just tank the attack while she still aims an attack at Bakugou, "Do you really think that's going to..."


Glass explodes in front of Bakugou and sends her flying across the deck through the doors of the ship's captain's quarters.

This gave Bakugou and his sidekicks a minute to breathe as the woman got herself back up losing her smirk and looked mad and confused at the shield hero, "What the hell was that? What attack did he use? I should've seen that coming but I didn't? Whatever it was this hero is more clever then he looks so I guess its time to be more serious." she says to herself.

Glass then used her magic to speed herself up and ran back to Bakugou as she launches another moonflower attack on him. As Bakugou blocks them Neia and Kirishima again attempt to attack and distract Glass but she blocks them and was now becoming more aggressive as she strikes them and pushed them off her. She engages Bakugou as she throws many blade and energy attacks at him as Bakugou does the same with his explosions. They both attempt to block and tank their attacks as they go out on a war of attrition. But despite her power, she noticed that Bakugou's health was going down slower than her spiritual power so Glass knew she had to pick up the pace and increased her speed even greater as Bakugou continues to hold it out.

But he then smirks confusing Glass more, "Blinding light!" Shouted a voice and when Glass turned to see what it was, Rino activates her spell that caused a bright flashing light that was even greater than the spell she used before with her, Bakugou, Neia, and Kirishima like before were still immune to the effect.

"Ah my eyes!" Glass shouted now nearly blinded by the spell.

That's when Bakugou jumps up and shouted, "AP SHOOT!" and he blasts her with an explosion beam and sends her through the floors of the ship as the light disappears.

She nearly fell through the bottom of the ship but she managed to stab her fan on the floor in time. She was now getting mad and was now done playing. She then launches out dozens of energy spears like she used to kill the other souleater through the floor. Forcing the group to move away from each other.

She jumps up again and without warning or hesitation she attacks and knocks away Neia, then Rino, and finally Kirishima with her reverse snow moon flower attacks. Bakugou would've done something but she attacked so fast he was unable to help his sidekicks.

Glass then looked at Bakugou dead in the eyes, "I underestimated you Shield hero. I wanted to be entertained but playtime is over. Now time to die!" She then made a fan into a blade again, "Tortoise shell cracker!" she yelled and launched another energy attack at Bakugou as he holds it out with his shield.

But Glass wasn't done, " Tortoise shell cracker! Tortoise shell cracker! Tortoise shell cracker!" she yelled over and over at Bakugou spamming the same attack trying to overwhelm Bakugou until he broke and kill him instantly but Bakugou continued to hold out, though he noticed that his other gauntlet was starting to get extremely damaged from the knockback of her attacks alone and was even starting to leak. Bakugou can see the woman was now getting desperate was trying to break through and kill Bakugou already, but he can tell the woman was using a lot of her mana and was getting tired from the constant energy attacks. But he can also see that his sidekicks at this point were out of their leagues and had to thought up another plan, but it was time for them and the others to get out of here.

Glass eventually tires herself out from all of the attacks and tried to catch her breath, but Bakugou took the opportunity to rip off his other gauntlet and just threw it toward Glass.

Her reflexes saw it coming and just slices it in half with her fan blades, but by doing so she gets splatted with most of the gauntlets contents, "Ugh! What the hell is this stuff!?" Glass said as she looks at this watery substance on her kimono that smelled like caramel candy.

Bakugou then launched himself in the air to the top of the ship deck, "Oh that's just my sweat! Hope you enjoy it?" Bakugou mocks the woman which only irritated her.

"I've had enough of you disgusting hero!" she shouts and jumps toward Bakugou.

She attacks him again though Bakugou was just blocking her attacks, he wasn't going to use his quirk yet while she was soaked in his explosive sweat. He then shouted, "Team! Leave the battle now! You hear me! And get the others off to! GO GO GO!" and he and glass continue there rapid struggle.

As the three sidekicks got themselves up they understood Bakugou well and knew what he was going to do.

Kirishima turned giant again and Neia and Rino went around to get pick the other heroes and their companions' unconscious bodies up and threw them on Kirishima's back. Rino also grabbed the pieces of Bakugou's other damage gauntlet in put it in her bag. When they had about everyone Neia grabbed on to Kirishima's reins.

Malty was still on the ground though and was barely able to get herself up and noticed that the dragon was about to head out with Motoyasu and the other girls but not her.

Neia then shouts, "Kirishima fly!" Kirishima then was about to run off the ship.

"Hey don't forget me!" Malty shouted, but she was ignored and right before Kirishima could jump Malty grabs his tail and screams.

Kirishima jumps off the flying ship went downward toward the nearest place to land at while Malty continues to scream along the way as she held for dear life on the dragons tail.

Glass noticed but she was too busy with Bakugou to care about them, they were unimportant anyway, all that was matter is killing this worlds hero. Though his lack of use of his explosions right now was confusing her, "Where's your fire Shield hero!? Are you finally out of mana?" She taunts him finally smiling again after she gets hit on him.

But as he holds out against the powerful woman Bakugou just smiles, "I just need my sidekicks and the extra's out in harm's way. And I wasn't using mana for those explosions cat eyes!" he insults back.

That nickname was getting on Glasses nerves, "It's Glass! And harm from what?" she asked him as she continues her fast attacks.

But then Bakugou shouted, "Hydra shield! and his shield transformed and out came 9 hydra heads surprising and managing to push back Glass and bite their acid mouths on her. Bakugou took the opportunity and jumped off the deck as the heads bite in on Glass. They weren't doing any damage but kept her distracted and it irritated the woman.

"Reverse snow moon flower!" she shouted again and with the attacks she cuts up the Hydra heads. She then furiously looked around to fight Bakugou but she noticed he wasn't around making the woman paranoid, "Where are you coward!" she shouts until she heard explosions coming from outside the ship and saw Bakugou sending himself in the air high up despite the flying ship.

"You want my explosions! Well here they are!" he taunts her and glass attempts to launch out more magic attacks at him but since he was so far away Bakugou could easily dodge the attacks without using his shield. Bakugou was only waiting to collect more sweat to enact his big attack.

While Glass remained on the ground not knowing what the shield hero had in mind.

Meanwhile down on the ground Kirishima lands on the ground next to a valley near a somewhat steep hill.

Neia and Rino were going around healing up the heroes and their companions, well except Motoyasu and his team who he had to heal himself and them especially Malty as she drinks her health potion given to her.

"I hope sir Bakugou does alright up there?" Rino commented.

"Don't worry he usually does, he wouldn't force us to leave without a plan." Neia reinsures Rino making her somewhat feel better.

"Well I hope that bastard dies! One less demon to worry about!" Shouted Myne looking up still trying to fix her hair after all the wind that blew on her near the steep hill.

Rino and Neia were equally irritated by the bitch princess with how ungrateful she was. Kirishima was also looking mad at her, he then turns toward the two and smirks at them with the two smirking back seeing what the dragon had in mind.

Malty continues to be her bitch self and insults everyone, "You three are a bunch of imbeciles as well. I mean I have seen better rescues from a bunch of.."


Kirishima strikes her with his tail again and Malty is sent across the ground and nearly off the cliff. Motoyasu looked horrified, "Myne!" he shouts and runs toward Malty as she holds herself near the cliff, it wasn't super high up so she would survive even if she were to fall but it would definitely hurt.

"Sir Motoyasu please help me!" she begged as she holds on.

Motoyasu lowers himself down to his knees and attempts to reach her.

Eventually he grabs her, but as all seemed fine Rino from behind kicks him in the butt and knocked him off the edge.

He lands on Malty and the two roll down off the hill hitting every rock and stone on the way down. "They'll live fine but it's going to be a painful experience for the two." Rino comments enjoying the show.

The three sidekicks all then high fives to one another for another victory on the idiot Spear hero and the evil princess.

Back up on the ship with Glass, as she continued to launch the light arrow attacks at Bakugou he had finally stored enough sweat in his palms and was ready to launch his big attack.

he then blasted himself downward and was surrounding himself with as much air as possible.

Glass wasn't sure what he was doing but she was ready for whatever he got. She launch's out more magic attacks But even as he spins around he still blocks them with his shield.

He gets closer and closer as he begins to yell with his other hand out. Glass was about to block whatever Bakugou was going to do but she was underestimating what Bakugou was about to do!

Bakugou was just a few seconds away and once in hearing range he shouts, "HOWITZER IMPACT!"

Bakugou was finally right at Glass still soaked with his sweat, she was attempting to slice off his arm with her other fan but before she could...


Like an atomic bomb, the whole ship exploded in a ball of fire. Heard from all the way at the ground as everyone looks away and cover their ears from the loud explosion.

What was once the ship had been reduced to a million floating wooden platforms still up from its magic.

Ren, Itsuki, and their and Motoyasu's companions from below finally done looking away looked amazed by that attack, they weren't 100% sure who made that attack, Glass or Bakugou, but considering all that went on most knew it was Bakugou.

"Ok he has got to be cheating?" Itsuki complains as he was still sitting down injured.

No one could see where Glass or Bakugou were at though, not sure if either of them were dead or alive.

Though Rino and Neia knew he was still alive from their status screen, Glass was another story though.

But then suddenly Scarlet still in her bird form looked up and shouted, "Everyone look out!" She then picks up Ren by her beak and Kirishima pushes a bunch of the other heroes companions out of the way with his wing-arm as a giant purple beam heads its way.

Everyone else jumped out of the way all barely missing the energy attack that makes a big crater on the ground.

After looking back up they to there horror saw glass on one of the floating platforms looking dirty and irritated by the repeated humiliation, "I've had it up to here with this! If I can't kill the shield hero in this wave! Then I'll just kill off his servants!" she yells ready for another energy attack, "Tortoise shell cracker!"

But then, "Shield Prison!" she got enveloped in a metal ball. Her attack destroys it immediately but it still stopped it from going to the heroes below.

To her displeasure Glass turns to see Bakugou a bit away also on another floating platform, "What's the matter cat eyes! Too cowardly to fight me! So you resort to killing my sidekicks! How petty!" Bakugou jokingly mocks despite looking more tired but was still confident enough to continue the fight.

"I told you my name is Glass!" she shouts and launches out more magic attacks on him as he dodges them across the flying platforms. As the two jumped at and chased each other

From below Kirishima was going tired of doing nothing while his father was fighting by himself in the air and decided to jump and fly back up there himself.

Glass and Bakugou continue to fight and blast at each other trying their best to kill each other even though it seems like they were at a stalemate with one not having more of an advantage than the other.

Glass then used her wind magic to blow away a bunch of platforms behind Bakugou hoping to finally get him to fall off once he's cornered.

And once he was out of room to jump Glass launches her beam attack again to blow away the platform below him forcing Bakugou to jump in the air.

Glass thought she finally had the high ground advantage once he falls to the ground, but out of nowhere Bakugou's dragon caught him in time allowing him to remain up in the air.

Glass groans in anger as she launches another tortoise shell cracker energy attack at the dragon with the shield hero blocking off the beam.

Kirishima flies back heading right toward her, and with his fire burns many of the floating platforms as she and Bakugou go all out as he jump and glide all over with the air with Glass trying her best to fight back but this point even she was starting tire out and was almost out of mana.

She jumped away again to another set of platforms away from the shield hero as he got on his dragon again and was catching a small breath. Glass was trying to think of another strategy to fight the shield hero, but as she thinks she started to hear some loud ticking and once she looks at her status menu, she saw a timer going down, and it was down to 50 seconds left.

"Damn it the time limit! It's too early!" she yells to herself as she looks toward the shield hero on his dragon as the monster flies its way toward her with his excited father on him.

Glass could tell Bakugou was not backing down, so she knew this wasn't the time to kill the hero, she then raised herself back up and smiles again and shouts, "You win this round Katsuki Bakugou, but next time I shall be stronger and I won't underestimate you! You will die in the next wave!" she finally says out loud for even Bakugou to hear. He wasn't sure what she was even talking about, but then Glass goes out with one more of her energy attacks and launches her last beam on Bakugou's dragons forcing the hero to block it.

Glass then used her wind magic to raise herself up higher in the sky and head off to the nearest portal.

Bakugou noticed and grips on Kirishima's reins harder, "Get back and fight to the end coward!" he shouts and he leads his dragon to follow her.

They race toward the portal but Glass was too far ahead to get to her in time, as the wave timer reaches the 10-second mark Glass jumps through, "Remember that we shall be the ones to rain triumphant from the waves in the end! Next time Katsuki Bakugou, next time!" she finally says to him as she disappears into the portal.

Bakugou was going to follow her in but the timer finally hit zero and just like that the portals just disappeared and the sky turned normal again.

Bakugou was pissed off, "DAMN IT DAMN IT DAMN IT! You coward!" he yells up in the sky where the portal glass jumped in used to be at. He wanted to beat her, but she took that opportunity away when she disappeared.

Bakugou was mad, though at the same time he felt a bit relieved that the wave was finally over. And now he has to go back to pick up his sidekicks and see if his battle formation and the town they were protecting was fine.

Bakugou points his dragons' reins back toward the ground to pick up his two sidekicks.

As Kirishima goes back down Bakugou looked back at the sky again one last time and said, "You better be here next time cat eyes. Because not only will I also be stronger but so will my team."

After picking up Neia and Rino Bakugou had Kirishima fly back to the town they were at before now recovering from the wave. They ignored the other heroes, Itsuki looked pissed off and jealous of not only losing the souleater and the glass woman, but for the fact that Bakugou killed the former and was able to put up a fight with the later. Ren was trying to treat Scarlet while she was in her human form again, he felt a bit jealous too but nowhere near as bad as Itsuki. Motoyasu's other partners, Elena and Lesty were down the hill to help heal up Motoyasu and Melty after their embarrassing fall.

At the town, the civilians had come back with the knights and mages in Bakugou's battle formation was helping them out. Even the old lady was there to help.

Neia and Rino were helping out in any way, while Bakugou was walking around picking parts of the remains of the monsters gaining a bunch of new skills and shields with Kirishima along eating what's left and the other monster corpses. While doing that he was also still trying to figure out what the hell just happened after killing the souleater. Who was this Glass woman? Where did she come from? Does she have something to do with the waves? And why did she think killing him will help save her world? So many questions but no clear answers either.

All he knew was that he needed to get stronger before the next wave to beat her next time to get those answers. But he knew it wasn't just him that needed to get stronger, his three sidekicks need to get stronger as well needing to finally get past the level limit and get their class up upgrade. So after their next stop back at Melromarc's capital there next stop after is to Siltvelt.

After he finishes his gathering he went out to help the other people in town with his sidekicks. But while he was helping he saw one of his battle formation knights coming up to him with another soldier, one outside his group and by the looks of it was a commander.

"Excuse me, Sir Shield hero he wants to say something to you." the young soldier said.

Bakugou looks directly at the commander who finally said to him, "You are to report to the royal castle at once. His majesty wants to speak to you.".

"For what?" Bakugou demanded in an irritated tone.

"Go back there and see for yourself, it's not a recommendation it's an order." the soldier said threateningly but Bakugou was hardly intimidated by him.

Though it was weird that the consort wanted to see him again already, last time he was there Aultcry yelled at him to get out of his sight but now he wanted him back to see him for something.

Bakugou can only figure that whether it was the consort wanted he knew it wasn't going to be good.

Authors note: Wow yeah a chapter in a little over 1 month I can't believe it myself. At this point it's been over a year since I started this story and I'm honestly disappointed in myself with how slow my update pacing has been with a year in and only 10 chapters, I originally wanted the story out one chapter a month but it became more like one chapter every 2 months. A lot of that I blame myself as I procrastinate a lot and have writer's block when I think of something in my head but don't know how to write it down well, making me pause the story a lot to think of something to work, I've also been doing my best to fix as many grammar errors as possible which I can't believe how I miss so many and allowed them to be in the finished product (thank you so much Grammarly and TSS speaker).

I guess in fairness I do write fairly long chapters, I'm actually surprised that I have one of the most worded shield hero fan fiction stories on this website even ones with 3 times the chapters than me.

But at this point I'm going to stop apologizing me taking so long to update this story since I'm sure you are all sick of hearing me apologizing every other chapters so at this point I will, but I'm going to say this that I'm working at my own pace and there is no set schedule for this story a chapter is done only when is done. I hope to finally make my promise of at least one chapter a month but no promises are going to be made other than this story will continue.

But anyway thank you all for reading and enjoying my story and I hope to get the next chapter out soon and thank for over 1000 favorites and follows I like to thank every last one of you.