Chapter 18: God vs the Devil

It was morning near the Melromarc border.

The four cardinal heroes were reunited once more, but it was not a happy one. After being forcibly dragged down from the sky, the shield and the sword hero and their tea mates held their ground from their opposition who were up on the clifftop of a hill. The bow and spear heroes, their team mates, and the King of Melromarc himself Aultcray, the group looks back down sternly at Bakugou and Ren.

Both sides had already taken out their weapons and continued to stare at each other in anticipation of either side attacking one another.

Bakugou first spoke up after Aultcray's greeting, "Nice to see your ugly old face again Consort. I was expecting some things to be different after so long, but I see you're just as ugly and incompetent as before." he taunts Aultcray who did not look amused by the insult.

Though both Bakugou and Ren did notice how dirty and messy the groups were as if they were stuck in the woods for some time and didn't know how to camp in them.

Aultcray then spoke up continuing to stare down at his enemies, "You damn brat! After you humiliated me in my own court, destroyed my crown, and kidnapped my innocent little girl, you had the gall to finally come back from that cesspool of a kingdom and attempt to take over mine, you devil!? And you thought you could escape from our sight by just flying over, how amusing!" the King shouts out loud then turns his eyes toward Ren, "And you damn traitor! After all I've done for you, after all I've given you, provide whatever you needed, you dare betray me?!" he shouts toward the sword hero.

Ren was not amused to be hearing all of that, "Betray!? I just didn't want to get involved in your stupid war nonsense, then you had Motoyasu and Itsuki try to enslave me!"

Aultcray just shakes his head and continued speaking, "I was confused at first as to why you became so rebellious and would continue to side with the devil in almost everything he's involved himself in. But now I see the full picture that I should've seen before it was too late. You took advantage of my vulnerability after he kidnapped my youngest daughter, and made a secret alliance with Reichnott and Richeart to conduct the coup and take over my nation for yourselves."

Ren and even Bakugou were both confused after hearing that, "A coup? What the hell is he talking about now Paleface?!" Bakugou questioned out loud.

"I don't know either, I was on the run since they attacked me first? I didn't start any coup with anyone." Ren responds defending himself, neither groups were aware of the recent coup and the church's manipulations of Aultcray and his group.

But Aultcray just continued his rambling, "Playing dumb isn't going to work with me you snake, you and those traitors were working together to take over. And now I see that you and the devil have made a true alliance with each other as the new rulers of both kingdoms. Doing what you can to submit your rules."

Bakugou was getting unamused by this nonsense, "You thought I had any damn say in that Oligrachic joke of a government in Siltvelt? Give me a damn break, and I didn't kidnap anybody!"

Then Motoyasu finally speaks up, "Liar! That's all you do is lie! You think we're going to believe some evil rapist scum bag like you! I'm going to beat you down so hard you won't be physically capable of harming anyone ever again, we'll end you and Ren's reigns of terror once and for all! And this time I won't be holding back!" he yells toward Bakugou with his spear now glowing red with magic energy.

"Oh I'm so going to enjoy this." Itsuki mutters with a grin on his face as he pulled back his bowstring ready to attack as well.

"Wait! Stop!" shouted a voice that got everyone's attention. And from up the hill cliff, Aultcray's side finally gets a clear view of Princess Melty who was running up in front of the shield and sword hero's teams to make herself clear to everyone.

Aultcray's angered face quickly turned to one of worry after getting to see his younger daughter once more, "Melty! Are you alright?!" the king shouts more softly toward his daughter, genuinely worried about her health.

"I'm fine father. But please I was never kidnapped, I willingly went with the shield hero by my own free will and he and sir Ren have protected and saved me from numerous situations in Siltvelt." Melty responds to her father trying to defuse the situation, hoping a fight won't break out.

Aultcray and the others were surprised to hear such things from the princess, "Melty my dear, please tell me the shield devil is just forcing you to say such a thing!?" he responds refusing to believe that his daughter would willingly be with this demon.

"Father I've told you before that the heroes need to not be fighting against each other and should all be treated fairly as mother decreed. I willingly went with Sir Bakugou because you kept pushing him away, now is not the time to let petty old grudges get in the way of the bigger picture. And from what I've heard you have been making the situation worse and worse by trying to start a major war with Siltvelt, threatening the nobles with executions, and attempting to enslave Sir Ren when he has done nothing wrong. You should've known better to not do such things and threaten the safety of millions and the kingdom you're supposed to be protecting. This needs to end now!" Melty scolds her father.

Aultcray lightly groaned in silence, he refuse to let go of his past, not after what those devil-worshiping animals have done to him before and how ungrateful Bakugou and Ren have been. But at the same time, he still loves his children and knew Melty would never lie to him, so he was conflicted about what he should do now.

Motoyasu also seemed conflicted, he joined this crazy adventure in the first place to save the little princess, Myne's little sister. But the girl doesn't seem to be in any distress at all, so this whole thing just left the Spear hero confused.

Itsuki didn't care at all, but he knew this event wouldn't help get his reputation back if it turned out the suppose kidnapped princess was never kidnapped at all.

It remained silent for a few seconds as the groups on top thought about this.

"Don't listen to her!" shouted a voice, surprising everyone. The groups turn toward the source of that voice, and it turns out to be Princess Malty putting herself front and center, "Don't you see she has been brainwashed by the shield hero.".

"Brainwashed?! No, I've told all of you already that I've done all of this in my own free will!" Melty uttered in confusion from that crazy statement, trying her best to stop her sister from manipulating the other heroes and her father.

Bakugou and Ren just roll their eyes, not surprised that Myne would do this.

Aultcray quickly focuses on his elder daughter, "What are you saying Malty my dear?" he asked.

Malty continued speaking, "It's quite clear father, the shield devil possesses a brainwashing shield of sorts, making her go along with this fiend without resistance. He's manipulating her mind to make her say all of these lies. It's probably also the reason so many people would follow the devil and see him as a hero in the first place." she lies quickly getting the situation to go her way again which will eventually result in her sisters' death.

Despite her having no real proof of this, Aultcray and Motoyasu quickly buy it, especially Motoyasu, "A brainwashing shield? Of course, it all makes sense now. That also explains why so many people started to support him, and why Neia has been willing to join along with the fiend. And-" Motoyasu paused to think for a second and then got really mad, "And that's why Rino is following you around, he's also controlling her mind! You animal! Let them both go now!" he yells back, convinced that Bakugou had brainwashed his old teammates' mind to be his slave.

Neia was just utterly baffled by this, "Is he serious!?" she shouts out loud.

"Now you understand the nonsense I had to put up with." Rino responds, not surprised that Motoyasu would immediately draw such a conclusion.

Melty once more attempts to calm down the situation, "Father, heroes please! There's no brainwashing or mind control or anything! I'm fully in my own control and Sir Bakugou has nothing to do with it."

But at that point Aultcray's mind was made up as he shakes his head, "Melty my dear, I promise I'll free you from that demon's ugly hands. No matter what lies he's forcing you to say, I will not let him or the sword demon get away with this!".

"Father No!" Melty shouts trying to get her father to see reason, but at this point, even she can tell that Aultcray was not changing his mind. He only sees evil in Bakugou and Ren, the other heroes were going to be sticking to his plan of capturing them, and Malty just smiles knowing things are going her way once more.

Melty didn't like it has come to this, but it seemed that fighting is the only option they have left as she begins to start up spells for herself to fight back.

Back up the cliff, Aultcray turns his head toward the heroes and their teams, "We fight from the high ground for now, but here's what we'll do when we fight them directly. Motoyasu and Itsuki will fight the shield and sword together, with Motoyasu focusing on the sword and Itsuki focusing on the shield. To take advantage of our numbers, we will divide and conquer and take out their minions first while the sword and shield are distracted, and once they are taken out, we gain up on the sword and then the shield devil afterward to overwhelm them. Malty my dear you and the other girls will also attempt to get ahold of Melty even if she resists by kicking and screaming, take her away as far from here as possible. The main strategy is to take out those damn attack animals they have on leashes as fast as we can." He orders them with most of them nodding.

Malty especially with an evil smile, knowing this will be the perfect opportunity to kill her sister and blame the whole thing on the shield and sword heroes and the crown will be forever hers to claim and there won't be anything her mother could do about it.

Motoyasu though had to say something about that plan, "Sir King, I agree with most of the plan but let's not kill Neia, Rino, or Scarlet. They're all being mind-controlled and enslaved by those bastards, they should be freed from their control as well, just the same as Melty." he brings up which annoys the king, Aultcray would rather see the demi-humans and that traitor mage girl be killed off, it be easier for him then having to waste the time and resources in removing there supposed brainwashed influence.

Malty then butts in, "Sir Motoyasu, Unfortunately I believe it might be too late to save little Rino and Neia. They've been with the devil for so long, their minds might've been permanently corrupted. It might be too dangerous to bring them back alive, we may have to just put them out of their misery." she continues to lie, like her father she would rather not save some suppose filthy demi's and have Rino be back to badmouth her and ruin any future plans she had in mind.

As much as Motoyasu respected Mynes opinion, he was unsure of her suggestion of just killing them, "That could be the case, but Myne what if there's another way to free them from the curse, we don't know unless we try it after we capture them?" he responds which just annoys the princess from her pet heroes stubbornness.

Itsuki then spoke out, "Yeah thinking of trying to add them to your harem afterward are you?" he snarks.

Motoyasu grew angry at Itsuki and yells, "It has nothing to do with that! This is about the girls' safety and I will not allow you or your goons to-"

"Would you two shut up and stop arguing for once!" Aultcray finally shouts at the two heroes, getting their attention, "This is not the time to argue like children again, we need to focus on the now! Ok Sir Motoyasu, we'll do our best to only knock out or prevent them from fighting in battle anymore, and kill them only if necessary!" he yells at the two heroes, doing all he could to compromise so he can have his side focus on the battle ahead.

He then turns his eyes down looking toward Daven and Kirishima, "That cat demi-human and dragon on the other hand, you can kill without hesitation." he adds with the heroes nodding in agreement, seeing no issue in killing those two. They weren't sure who Daven was though, but the two quickly figure he was just someone that tagged along with Bakugou from Siltvelt so they didn't care too much about him.

And while they were talking up there, back down below the sword and shield heroes were discussing their strategy, "Paleface no doubt those 2 idiots will be focusing directly on us, so focus attacking whoever attacks you and keep them from going after our sidekicks. And the rest of you guys deal with bow bitches and ponytail sluts teammates and keep them off our backs, also keep an eye on that redhead bitch I know she will try something." he explains the general plan to his team and Ren who all nod in agreement to Bakugou, including Kirishima who was remaining in his teen form to not make himself into a big target for Itsuki and Motoyasu.

Though Ren had some troubling thoughts, "I still don't get this though. When I fought them last time they had a whole army on their side, and yet this time it's just them? Could this be something related to that coup they were talking about." he questioned with Bakugou just as curious as well, especially this coup thing, he could feel as if their opponents are just puppets acting out a story with someone above the curtains pulling their strings.

The two sides continued to eye each other once more when they made up their strategies, they're now just waiting for one side to attack. Aultcray's side had the high ground, but he knew just standing there wasn't going to save his daughter anytime soon so he and his side were ready to make their move.

They remained silent for a good minute, until Motoyasu finally shouts, "NINE STAR AIR STRIKE JAVELIN!" his spear transforms into a red blob of powerful energy and quickly throws down the energy spear, the solid blob then breaks apart into nine different energy projectiles.

Bakugou quickly shouts, "Air strike shield! Double Shield!" and 2 energy shields appear and block off 5 of the nine projectiles until they quickly shatter with the last four still aiming at them. Bakugou blasts himself toward them and with the shield in front of him, the last 4 energy javelins strike the shield with Bakugou taking no damage. The others from the cliff quickly fire range attacks at Bakugou but are unable to do any to damage him.

Itsuki then took the opportunity and fires a explosive magic arrow attack toward the group while Bakugou was distracted, but Ren by himself jumps toward the arrow. Having been used to doing it for so long from all the constant chases, he deflects the magic arrow with his sword and the attack is deflected back at the cliff his opponents are on.

The powerful arrow hits and explodes on the cliffside base, now causing the cliff rumble up top making it unstable to stand on. Aultcray knew that it be a matter of time before the whole cliff collapsed and after taking his sword out he finally yells out, "Everyone! CHARGE!"

And after that order Aultcray's entire side all run and jump off the hill cliff toward the sword and shield groups. All the while Itsuki was sliding down a different part of the cliff as he continued to fire his magic arrows at Bakugou while he remained in the air.

Ren raises up his sword and without needing to yell anything he and the rest of the groups charge toward their opponents.

The two sides ran until they finally clashed with each other, starting a fierce battle between the heroes.

Motoyasu does as he was told, focusing himself on Ren, "Chaos spear!" he yells and throws himself at the sword hero throwing many extremely fast spear attacks at Ren as the sword hero reacts as fast as he can to dodge or block each spear jab. Once the ability wore off Ren and Motoyasu fought each other normally as the heroes clashed with each other in their proper rematch.

"Thunderbolt arrows!" While that happened, Itsuki continues his fight with Bakugou as he continues his various arrow attacks while Bakugou remained in the air dodging or blocking the attacks. Eventually, when Itsuki wasted enough attacks, Bakugou blasts himself back down aiming right at Itsuki while the bow hero continued to fire more arrows at the descending shield hero.

"Die!" Bakugou shouts, Itsuki quickly jumps out of the way as Bakugou blows up the ground Itsuki was just at. Itsuki was quick to fire once again, but this time his attacks were a lot more powerful then before as the force of the arrows had managed to push a grounded Bakugou a bit making him slide a few inches on the terrain.

Bakugou quickly noticed, "Originally holding yourself back I see. Trying to make yourself look cooler by waiting to use your best attacks for the finale? Cute, but too bad you're still weaker than me even at your best bow bitch!" he taunts Itsuki.

Itsuki quickly grew angry again after hearing that, "I told you to stop calling me that! METEOR ARROW!" he shouts no longer holding back, firing one of his more powerful attacks,

The power of the arrow was blocked by his shield, but the force still sent Bakugou flying away.

But the shield hero was quick as he uses his quirk to blast himself up straight again, after stopping the momentum Bakugou blasts himself toward Itsuki with his quirk ready to attack the bow hero back.

Itsuki jumps out of the way again while firing even more powerful arrows at his opponent, no longer holding himself back. He was going all out in the battle now.

Bakugou continued his chase as he blows up the ground to where ever the bow hero was just on as the two continue their explosive battle.

And while that was going on the hero teams clashed with each other, either through melee or by firing magic attacks at each other. It was an intense battle where everyone was fighting and are trying to one-up one another or to aid a comrade. The bow and spear teams amount to 9 including Aultcray himself, and the sword and shield teams without Bakugou and Ren amount to 6, but despite being outnumbered the sword and shield team fought hard and remained strong.

Rino was dealing with Lesty and Elena, her former teammates as she fights them off with her spear staff in melee combat while also casting buff spells for anyone she could.

Neia was fighting against Aultcray himself in an intense sword duel, despite his age he was still proficient with a weapon as their swords clash against each other with the two also keeping an eye on their opponents for any magic attacks, waiting for one to slip up.

Kirishima, Scarlet, and Daven were fighting together against Itsuki's group. The bow heroes team try all they could to fight back against the shield and Sword heroes teammates, but they were struggling to fight against a raging dragon and an unknown demi-human that randomly teleports all over the place and kicks them in the face.

Scarlet was remaining in her human form just to prove herself to these people that she was not helpless in this form as she was last time they fought.

Though Rishia didn't know what to do as she panics and runs away when Kirishima started to chase her around preventing the girl from producing any spells.

And lastly Melty was off on the sides of the battle, firing off her water spells to help her side, blindsiding a couple of the fighters who were dueling against the other sidekicks.

But then Melty felt something off, there was one person not in sight and it was the one she was the most concerned about. She then heard metal footsteps behind her, Melty turns herself to it and saw her own older sister with her sword out ready to strike her down. But Melty was quick enough to yell, "Water wall!" and a literal magic wall of water appeared just beside herself stopping the blade in time.

Despite being annoyed by the inconvenience, Malty still evily smiles as Melty steps away with her sister blasting away the water wall with her fire magic, Malty then smugly says, "Oh dear Melty, you should've never involved yourself with such shady people. Just look what has happened to you, brainwashed as a zombie. I'll have to put you out of your misery!" that will be the story Malty tell everyone anyway, all that matters to her is the crown and all she has to do is to get it is to be rid of her main obstacle toward it.

Melty despite knowing how much of a problem child her older sister was, she never thought Malty would go this far, to directly murder her own little sister, "Sis, what do you think mom is going to think about this?!" she tries to talk down her while also producing another water spell behind her back.

Malty just laughs lightly again, 'Well mom's not here is she. I always prefer being an only child anyway." she mocks her sister and charges at Melty with her sword again.

"Water stream!" Melty shouts pointing her hands toward her charging sister. She quickly fires a spell from her hands producing a big magic jet stream of water like a giant fire horse directly at Malty launching her over 20 away as she is pushed across the mud until the spell stopped, Melty then tries to run away to get help from the others.

A soaking wet and muddy Myne quickly growls in anger, "You damn brat! Get back and fight me like a true Queen now!" she yells at her little sister as she runs back after her with her sword.

Rino then was the first to notice what was happening with Myne and Melty and knew she had to do something being the one closest to the princess. She was still busy fighting off Lesty and Elena, and in all honesty to her, they were not much of a threat, she had surpassed them in all matters of stats and skill, but they were still annoying to deal with as they fought together, "Ha! And to think the knights saw potential in someone like you!" Lesty mocked Rino as she continued to use her knives in an attempt to cut her open, but the mage girl was barely breaking a sweat from these attacks, so any intimidation fell flat to Ponytails cheerleaders that she didn't have time to deal with.

Rino then noticed Kirishima chasing around Rishia and whistles loudly getting his attention, "Kiri! Deal with these two for me!" she shouts to the young dragon.

Kirishima heard that and stopped his chase as he runs toward the 2 spear hero girls, Lesty attempts to get more aggressive to prevent Rino from running off, "Hey don't ignore us coward!" Lesty yells attempting to slash the mage girl's arms with her knives, but Rino just blocked them and after an aggressive kick against Elena in the stomach to push her out of the way, Rino then thrusts the bottom end of her spear on Lesty's face deeply hurting and stunning the girl, and right after that fires a magic blast attack at Lesty's stomach, blasting her far away from then into a bunch of trees. Elena tried to stop her again as she swings her sword at her oppenent.

But Rino just steps aside from the swings, dodging them like nothing. Elena then stumble a few feet after missing with a powerful swing. The spear hero lacky quickly recovers from the stumble, but Kirishima now making it, immediately jumps at Elena sending the two rolling on the ground with the overwhelmed Elena now forced to fight the aggressive powerful dragon on her.

Rino knowing her former teammates were handled, runs herself toward the brawling princesses.

Back with Melty, she continued to run away but her sister was catching up ad started firing magic fireballs at Melty. The younger princess fires her water spells that Myne just overpowers with her fire magic, she then tried to get her sister to slip on the watery ground but that didn't do much but slow her down. But as Melty turned while running she notice something which made her smile. She intentionally trips herself to lay on to the ground.

Malty smiles at this thinking she has her now, as she attempts to stab Melty in the heart.

But then that blade was halted by a long spear blocking the attack.

Malty was cut off guard by it as she quickly turned to the holder the spear, and it was Rino who jumped in just in time.

Melty smiled again knowing her evil sister's days are numbered now and run away.

Malty was surprised but also deeply annoyed, "What the hell are you doing peasant!? Get out of my way, by order of your future Queen!?" she yells at Rino expecting her to move over.

But Rino was no longer intimidated by her, as she held herself against the sword, "You're not the boss of me anymore! I only follow orders from those I actually respect, and that will be with Sir Bakugou, your mother, and the true future Queen, Melty! You're nothing more than some spoiled, mooching, gold-digging brat!"

After hearing such insults Malty was now boiling hot in rage, "You damn peasant pest!" Malty screams as she pushes Rino forward as the elder princess fires multiple rapid-fire magic flame balls at Rino who was using her spear as a fan to stop the attacks and allowed her to apply some fire-resisting spells before truly fighting Malty.

When she realizes her fire attacks were not working, Malty charges forward again with her sword as she directly fights off Rino who contiuned to fight with her spear-staff. The two were now clashing each other in a true battle of skill and power.

Melty eventually made it up to Scarlet while she was fighting off Mald and the blonde warrior of Itsuki's team with Mald trying to overpower her with his large sword wile the blonde warrior kept firing magic arrows at the young filolial.

Melty then shouts, "Scarlet! Rino needs help! She's fighting with my sister!"

Scarlet understood and attempted to leave, but she was forced to block Mald's sword with her sleeves, "You're not going anywhere you dumb chicken! I'm going to make you feel the same pain you did when you kicked me into that tree! So fight me like a-AH!" then Mald got interrupted with a kick to the face by Daven teleporting just above him before teleporting away to appear next to the blonde warrior who fires an arrow at the cat-teen. Only to teleport again making the arrow miss, then she got tackled by Kirishima who was finished beating up Elena now laying defeated. With the dragon jumping at her from the back when she wasn't looking as the dragon bites on the back of her clothes and starts flinging her all over like a rag doll while she screams for help.

Daven then teleports right back in front of Mald as the two fight each other with Mald now focused on the demi-human making a fool out of him while Melty and Scarlet run back toward Rino.

The fight between her and the evil princess continued as they kept clashing with their weapons, until Myne noticed her sister bringing in help, "Oh no you don't!" she shouts out loud and after jumping herself back. Malty then produced a lightning energy ball and threw it up in the air. Rino wondered what this was until the spell expands from above as a large ring spreads itself above the two as it also extend into the ground, until it encapsulated both fighters in the small makeshift arena.

Once she finally got close Scarlet attempts to just punch at the ring thinking she can overpower it with her strength, "Scarlet don't!" Melty shouts.

But it was too late and once she hits the wall, the magic ring electrocuted her and pushed Scarlet back.

Melty knew exactly what this was, "Oh no Scarlet are you alright." she says worried while running up to the young filolial to get her back on her feet. She was alright, but was mad she could've get through the barrier.

Within the electric barrier, Rino continues to hold her spear staff pointing toward a smugly smiling Malty, "As long this electric cage is up, your little friends won't be interfering. After I gut you like the peasant pig you are, my brat sister will be next." she taunts Rino as she swings around her sword again.

But Rino while still cautious of her opponent wasn't intimidated by her. After all she endured since joining up with Bakugou, she no longer feared this bitch of a princess, "Then come and attack, bitch slut!" she taunts back.

Myne was glad to accept the taunt and started off with firing a bunch of fireballs, with Rino easily dodging and blocking the balls and then firing off a light-based magic energy attack herself and until Myne she only needed to fire one. Malty shoots a fireball attack directly at the light energy attack thinking her fire would overpower it, but the exact opposite happened with the fireball dissolving on impact of touching the light magic attack. Before the confused princess could react she gets blasted into the chest sending her flying into her own electric wall.

Malty falls back down on the ground now extremely pissed from that humiliating attack. After getting back up she applies fire on her sword, making things even hotter than before as she also combines her wind magic to accelerate herself at Rino ready to cut the shield lacky up.

But Rino was prepared and blocked the sword attacks quickly as Malty stabs and slashes with quick speeds to try to kill her old teammate.

But while she may be strong and powerful, Rino was stronger and more skilled than her, as the battle continued between these two.

And outside the electric cage, Melty and Scarlet witness the fight. With the cage, there wasn't anything they could do while it was still up, but they were now a lot less worried as they watch Rino fight.

Despite her sister's fiery Melty can tell how out of league Malty was with Rino. She signed in relief, "I think Rino can handle this herself, we should probably go and help-"

Then Scarlet heard footsteps charging toward them and after moving her eyes she saw Mald again intending to chop the bird's head off and didn't care if the princess was next to her.

But just in time, Scarlet pushed Melty out of the way just simply ducks under Malds sword, he didn't think this attack though as the sword hits the electric cage and electrocutes the large brute.

And while stunned Scarlet just punches him in the stomach sending him flying away.

"Thanks for that Scarlet." Melty thanked after getting herself up with Scarlet happily nodding to her new best friend.

The two girls then nod at each other with the two going to help Daven and Kirishima while Rino continued to fight on her own.

Elsewhere on the battlefield, Neia continued to fight with Aultcray as before.

Despite his age, Aultcray was still skillful in fighting as he goes all out on Neia. Though even with his skills, Aultcray was not the hero he was once before as his years of retiring from his hero days allowed Neia to keep up with the aging King.

But Aultcray was determined to supposedly save his daughter from the shield devil and the demi's, so he would not give up. Aultcray charged up his sword with a magic skill, "Sword fiery!" he shouted and this dramatically increased his sword power and damage, "Increase speed!" he shouts again to make himself move faster.

He goes out on Neia as she struggled to hold Aultcray off with her two swords, such attacks would've caught anyone else off guard and would allow the old king to slice up his target.

But Neia at that point had trained herself to never lose her cool when fighting with a powerful intimidating enemy anymore, if she could stand up and defeat a giant multi-headed hydra, she can do the same with this bigoted old King.

She remained on the defensive side as Neia continued to block and dodge every sword hit Aultcray threw at her. But as his aggressive attacks went on, Neia quickly noticed something. Even before his magic abilities died down, Aultcray was starting to breathe heavily already sounding tired. It seemed his age and time of inactiveness has caught up to Aultcray.

And when Aultcray made a small slip up with a sword slash missing, with one of her swords Neia sliced across Aultcray's chest all the way down to one of his knees. The attack greatly harms the tired King, even making him bleed a little with a part of his armored shin pad shattering apart, but the attack also made him angrier than before and threw all of his strength back at his sword on Neia again doing all he can to kill her.

The sword clashing continued until the two were at a stalemate as the two stop each others clash turning it into a sword struggle as the two stood their grounds with their swords held tight as they push at each other trying to overpower the other.

It was a tough struggle for the two of them, though Aultcray continued to breathe heavily from all the constant physical attacks. It was getting hard on him, but the old king was not planning to lose to a supposed demi-human, "Damn you! Will you just die already!? I've killed the king of Siltvelt before you were even born and made his head into a trophy! You think you can best me you damn little demi!" he taunts back at Neia.

But that just made her mad herself, "I told you already! I'm not a demi-human!" she yells and in a move Aultcray wouldn't expect, Neia kicks him in the now unarmored shin with her hard armored boot, causing Aultcray unexpected pain.

And with that opening, Neia overpowers Aultcray and went all out slashing him up, the king kept getting continually stunned by the attacks as each slashed made his hp drop down to almost half. And to add insult to injury Neia made one more stab right on the same shin she kicked, now reducing Aultcray's movability as he yells in pain again.

After pulling the sword out with Aultcray now bleeding and kneeling in pain he angrily looks back up at Neia, pissed off that he got bested by some random servant of the shield devil, "As I said before, I'm a water elf." Neia mocks back with a smug smile on her face, feeling now she got payback against the old fool who had tried to condemn her as a thef and almost enslaved her.

But the king despite the pain was not going to give up as he grips his sword again still wanting to fight for his family. But weirdly his anger then turned into a smug smile as he looks forward and raised himself back up.

This confused Neia, who unknown to her Lesty from the spear heroe's party was up again after recovering from Rino's blast, she was running up behind Neia with her two knives out ready to stab the unexpecting elf in the back which Aultcray knew that afterward, he'll be able to stab through Neia's throat right after.

But back a little away while fighting against Mald, Melty notice this, "Neia behind you!" she yelled.

Neia heard that and after getting a quick glance with her eyes, she now noticed Lesty right behind herself about ready to stab her in the back.

Lesty goes for the attack and Aultcray was ready to go for the killing blow.

But Neia just in time bends herself backward and barely missed the knives and the sword attacks. With Aultcray and Lesty barely stopping themselves from accidentally attacking each other.

And in a few seconds while bent Neia dropped her swords, placed her hands on the ground, and double kicked Aultcray right in the face with her metal boots, breaking his nose and knocking him back.

And just as quickly with her feet back on the ground she grabs onto a surprised Lesty's arms, "Electric shock!" she shouts quickly electrocuting the Spear hero lacky. Now with her electrified opponent in deep pain, Neia quickly throws her at the already down Aultcray with a groaning knocked out Lesty on top of her king.

But a now furious Aultcray quickly pushes an unconscious Lesty off of him and attempts to stab Neia's leg, "Damn you!" Aultcray shouts, but Neia just easily dodged the sword as it stabs on the ground, with her acting quick she grabs one of her swords again and she slices at the sword's center with it, breaking the king's weapon into 2 pieces.

Aultcray was utterly baffled as he stares at his broken sword and then looks back at the confident elf warrior as she looks up strong and just placed her hand on the king's forehead and shouts once more, "Electric shock!" and painfully electrocutes the king until she lets go. The beaten-up king falls back on top of Lesty, still alive but was now knocked out and out of the battle.

With both Aultcray and Lesty out of commission, Neia grabs both her swords and turn toward the rest of her allies and was going to help them fight against the rest of Itsuki's team.

Back with Rino and Myne with their battle in the electric cage, the battle was intense as the area was covered in fire from all of Myne's attacks trying to kill her opponent. But despite her fiery and fire powers, Rino has barely suffered from any of the attacks and was beating the snot out of the evil princess, proving how much more skilled she is now than her.

It was making Malty more and more pissed off as this so-called "peasant girl" was making a fool out of her. She started fighting more and more aggressively with her determination to rise as queen.

Malty attempted to blast Rino in the face with a fireball only for Rino to once more overpower the ball with her own light magic blasting Malty in the face, nearly knocking her across the ring. But that attack unlike the others had left a bruise mark on the face, so what magic Malty had protecting her pretty face was now broken

But despite that, the evil princess xontiuned to press on her attacks. After firing more fireballs at Rino she charges at the mage girl again with her flame sword. But just as before this mindless hitting was doing nothing with Rino blocking each attack.

Malty tries to throw her sword as hard as she could until Rino shout "Blinding light!" Rino flashes a light at Malty's face and Rino fights more aggressively as the mostly blind princess tries to block off her attacks, "Is this how you fight peasant!? Doing dirty tricks like this like a coward!" Malty insults back at her opponent.

Though that line did get on Rino's nerve, for her of all people complaining about fighting dirty. Rino thrusts her spear staff more aggressively wanting to finally for real hurt this bitch.

Malty tries to block the hard thrusts, but she eventually lost her poise as her perfect face was now wide open, Rino didn't hesitate and thrust her spears end right across Malty's face.

"Ahhhh!" Mine screams in pain after Rino steps back, wanting to see Myne's reaction after she quickly recovered from the pain. The elder princess finally feels her face and sees blood on her fingers. After she looks at her sword's reflection, to her horror there was now a long gash cut across her face, starting from her lower right cheek, across the middle of her nose, all the way to her upper left cheek. Despite the bleeding, the cut wasn't life-threatening, but with how deep this cut was, even after healing magic the cut from an enchanted spear-staff, the massive scar after it's healed will never truly go away without years of long expensive magic therapy, marking her face for good, which greatly satisfied Rino.

But this also greatly pissed off Myne as she turns red in rage, "You.. You dumb peasant! YOU RUINED MY PERFECT FACE!" and without hesitation, she lets out a massive flamethrowing spell right toward Rino forcing the mage girl to run and dodge the huge intense stream of fire from an enraged Malty not even caring about gloating anymore.

Despite the high-level fire spell, Rino was fast enough to outrun the huge stream of fire, Malty was determined to make her burn for what she did, but her rage was not enough to keep up with how fast Rino can run now even in her light armor. Eventually, Myne's mana was running low for the huge fire stream and went back to just throwing giant fireballs at Rino who dodged or used her spear to deflect them away or back at Malty.

Malty now blood raged mad, now making the fire on her sword hotter than before as she swings and slashes at Rino over and over trying to overpower and kill her already. But even when she was blood raged crazy and attacked as fast as she could, just as before Rino held her ground and Malty couldn't even put a scratch on her oppenent.

Even now the princess was starting to breathe heavily from exhaustion, but she desperately wants to leave her mark on Rino before running back to Motoyasu for aid. Malty had put the last of her power into her sword and jumps away from Rino and not a second after jumps back on the side to swing right for Rino's head to leave her own permanent mark as revenge.

But Rino's reflexes were better than Malty's and dodged the swing, and while Malty stumbled from that swing a second after that, learning this move from Bakugou, Rino thrusts her spear through Malty's right armpit that held her sword, Rino quickly grabs Malty's arm and quickly pulls and twists the arm on the spear-staff almost breaking it which forced Malty to let go of her flaming sword. Despite the pain, Malty continued to struggle with the mage girl, "Damn you trash eater! Let me go!" Malty screams and without thinking she was charging up a fire spell on her injured right hand and was ready to blast it right on Rino's face, "Let me at least give you my own makeover first!" Malty yells once more.

Rino noticed quickly what she was trying to do and in the struggle Malty fired her spell, but at the right time Rino lets go, and now with her out of the way the powerful fire spell instead blasts right across half of the elder princess's face.

"AAHHHHHH!" Malty screams as she accidentally burns the entire right side of her own face barely missing her eye. Not only does she have a large scar across her face, but now half of her face was burnt and chard from her own attack.

The princess was in deep pain and while stumbling she attempts to yell, "No! My face! My beautiful-!"

But Rino did not give her the chance to fight or cry for help, Rino rapidly slashes her spear at Malty over and over again and fires a bunch of different magic attacks, giving Malty no time to breathe as all of her armor was getting blasted off and broken piece by piece.

After that beat down with Myne barely able to stand up, in just a few seconds Rino moves back with her hands and spear staff out as she uses a huge amount of her inner mana and shouts "Mass arcane blast!" and fires a massive energy attack right on Myne at point-blank range.

The powerful attack blasts Malty in the chest fully destroying what's left of her armor and leaving her with just tattered underclothing, and the force of the attack was so great it sent Malty flying through her electric cage, being forced right through it with sheer force, which destroys the cage spell finally freeing Rino as the beaten was sent flying princess rolls across the ground in deep pain.

After her momentum stopped, Malty struggling to get herself back up tried to call for help, "Sir Moto-!" until a tree branch gets shoved into her big mouth by someone. As Malty looks up to the one who did that, it turned out to be Neia who was standing tall and looking down at the now deformed brutally beaten princess.

Neia then smugly smiles and opens her arms out, "It's good to see you again Myne!" she sarcastically says and hugs the injured princess.

But before Myne could understand her confusion about what she said, Neia then says, "Electric shock!" and Myne gets painfully electrified with thousands of volts, far worst than what her father had just suffered through.

After Neia had enough, the permanently damaged, beaten, and electrocuted Myne with all of her hair puffed and static out just groans in utter pain and finally falls herself backwards flat on the ground. Now outcold, Malty was fully neutralized.

Rino finally made it up to Neia and saw the whole thing, which made her ever the more happier, and she and Neia quickly high-fived each other.

Neia did some minor healing on Myne just so she wouldn't bleed to death, but only did the bare minimum so she would still be in pain once she woke back up, she also wants her to truly pay for her actions by her mother after this whole ordeal was done. But she did nothing on her half chard face, she was happy to leave it that way.

After that, she and Rino ran back to help the others.

Back with Daven, Melty, and Scarlet, they continue their fight with Itsuki's team.

Kirishima went back to chasing Rishia around.

Melty and Scarlet were currently dealing with the mage of the group while at the same time the blonde warrior archer of Itsuki's after recovering from Kirishima's mouth was back firing arrows at everyone, with Mald fighting against Daven once more.

The man was large and powerful but he has yet to get a single strike on the cat demi-human who kept teleporting away and kicking Mald in the face and stomach or cutting him with his sai's around his large body, pissing off the buff nobleman even more, "Hold still you damn demi! Fight like a real man!" Mald shouts at Daven who continues to pop in and out until he kicks Mald across the side of his head messing up his helmet, "Grah! Damn you! Damn you!" with his helmet out of place Mald could barely see and was now mindlessly swinging around his sword hoping it would hit something.

The blonde warrior once again tried to snipe Daven, but misses every shot as Daven teleports all over the place, including right behind her to stab the warrior in the back. She tried to slice his head off with a sword only to teleport away again. When she tries to look back toward Mald she witnesses Neia coming at her, forcing the blonde warrior to fight the elf off, regardless of how out of league she was to her.

Back with Mald, he continued to mindlessly swing while blind, trying to kill something with his sword hoping it was the cat demi-human, even though all he was doing was just swinging at empty air. And Daven continued to beat the ever living crap out of him through his kicks or slashes from his sai's.

The bow heroes mage attempts to help out, but then he gets blasted at by Melty's water spells along with Rino now coming in to help with her own more powerful spells at him.

Scarlet was also supporting them, but then she heard, "Hey Scarlet was it? How about giving this jackass a boost in his flying training?" Daven mockingly asked pointing to Mald who was trying to fix his helmet now.

Scarlet knowing what Daven really meant, smiles and transforms into her bird form and charges head-on at the large racist man.

Mald eventually fixes his helmet and got a good look at Daven again making him pissed off by the humiliation and swings at the rogue again ignoring everything else, only for Daven to teleport away once again at a different side of Malds large body, "Would you hold still coward!" he shouts at the spy rogue.

Daven finally teleports right in front of him with a smug smile on his face, "Ok fine, you can get me here now, I won't bite." he taunts the man who was beyond pissed at that point, Mald attempts to swing once more without a thought directly at Daven's head.

The swing seems to connect and sliced Daven's head clean off. Mald though he finally got him and grins in satisfaction. But Daven's headless body shed no blood and then seemed to have just dissolved into a cloud of smoke leaving the man utterly confused not knowing he just killed a shadow clone. But that was nothing more than a distraction as right behind him was a charging Scarlet finally making it up to the man.

"This was for calling me dumb before!" Scarlet shouts and before Mald could truly turn himself, Scarlet kicks him right between the legs sending the large man flying into the air from the force.

Mald screams in pain as he holds his crutch in the air in utter pain. Then the real Daven just teleports in the air above Mald and with the force from his fall and his own strength he kicks the launched man right at his exposed face, breaking his nose and some of his facial bones. Daven then just casually teleports away back safely to the ground.

Mald also lands himself back on the ground far less gracefully. landing face-first into the ground in complete pain and outcold, taking him out of the battle.

Daven turns and nods toward Scarlet appreciating the teamwork with her.

And just around the same time Melty and Rino overpowered the mage as their combined attacks outmatched the bow hero's companion, also knocking him out of the battle, especially after Rino throws a good lunge attack at his face with her spear staff's end and a second after blasted him with a powerful light magic attack.

And Neia quickly overpowered the blonde warrior, being way faster and more skilled than her, she rapidly slashed the woman over and over draining her hp like nothing, she then strikes her with a jump and kicks the blonde warrior in the face then strikes again with a good double slash of her swords. Finally knocking seemingly the last of Itsuki's team out of the battle as she drops unconscious on the ground.

It seemed now the sidekicks had achieved victory as it seemed all of the bow and spear hero companions had all been taken out.

"FUEH!" screamed a voice and when everyone looked toward the source of it, they witness Kirishima finally catching up to Rishia with her head in his mouth, Kirishima didn't intend to kill or eat her so he just started to fling her around a bit until he got bored and throws her away to the ground now covered in his drool. The exhausted and drool covered Rishia looks up to see herself surrounded by the other sidekicks and panics, "Wait please, I give up! I give up! Don't let me be eaten please!" she begged them.

Knowing the girl meant it, the sidekicks nodded with each other and quickly had the girl tied up with some rope Daven had for this sort of occasion.

Now the bow and spear heroes team's had been both taken out and defeated, all that was left now was the cardinal heroes themselves.

During all of that, Ren and Motoyasu continue their big duel with each other, it was mostly them clashing with their sword and spear respectively, but Motoyasu was also trying to act aggressively by firing multiple energy and lightning attacks at Ren who continued to dodge or deflect them with his sword.

Despite all of his showboating and bragging Motoyasu did have many deadly skills at his disposal and was all for going all out with the intention of either killing or knocking out Ren to be taken for trial and then be sentenced for execution just so he can supposedly "free" Scarlet and have her all to himself.

But as Ren continued the fight with Motoyasu, he noticed how different it was compare to before when he and Motoyasu had fought. Even ignoring Itsuki and the other troop's interference before he remembered barely holding out against Motoyasu's powerful piercing moves, and his superior agility. But after spending so much time training with Fitoria and learning actual sword moves and stances, it wasn't as challenging or even exhausting as it was before. After only fighting with him just a little bit Ren never noticed how sloppy Motoyasu actually fought.

Motoyasu fought pretty predictably, allowing Ren to block and counter each attack in every opening the spear hero gave him. But despite the repeated strikes with the sword, Motoyasu was still standing and was determined to fight against his enemies to save lives and protect his team. "Chao's spear!", he shouts again as he threw many rapid-fire thrusts with his spear forcing Ren to jump away, and once at a distance Motoyasu holds his spear with one hand and shouts "Meteor javelin!" and throws a single powerful energy projectile attack at Ren who once more easily dodged the attack that explodes the area he was just at.

Motoyasu throws more and more of these energy javelins, trying to hit Ren. But this was nothing to the sword hero after all the constant attacks he had to face when he was chased multiple times in Siltvelt.

After rolling past another energy javelin, Ren shouts, "Crimson blade!" and with a swing from his sword, he creates a line of fire that lands near Motoyasu forcing him to jump out of the way. Ren then shouted, "Thunderbolt slash!" and jumps in the air and slashes his electrified sword down through Motoyasu.

The Spear hero attempted to block it, but his stumble from the fire attack made his block clumsy, and Ren got a good hit on Motoyasu slashing him in the middle.

"Aggh!" Motoyasu shouts with him bleeding a little on the upper part of his chest through his expensive armor.

Motoyasu through his rage, fires off multiple energy attacks from his spear at Ren, not as powerful as the meteor javelins but were still powerful attacks causing explosions when they hit the ground.

But like before Ren easily dodges them and runs himself toward Motoyasu shouting "Chaos sword!" and attacks Motoyasu with his own rapid attacks.

"Chaos spear!" Motoyasu shouts again trying to even the playing field. But despite their two rapid speed attacks Ren once more came up top with his better grips with the sword and his superior technique as he strikes Motoyasu multiple times making the fool stumble from his hits.

Motoyasu starts to get extremely angry, "This isn't fair! I'm supposed to be better than you! I nearly beaten you last time!" he shouts again and charges up his spear for a new attack.

"As I recall, Last time before you had an army and Itsuki helping you while also getting a bunch of buffs. And you still lost then." Ren mocks Motoyasu as he holds out his sword in a battle-ready position knowing what Motoyasu was going to do next.

"Let's see you talk back after this! Lightning spear!" Motoyasu yells and fires off a large lightning attack as he aims it at Ren. The blast tears threw the ground going at a large distance until it hits a clump of trees blowing them up with branches, leaves, and bark flying all over the place. Motoyasu looked toward the area his attack impacted and saw no Ren in sight.

Motoyasu grins thinking he finally vaporized Ren, "Ha, score 1 for the spear and score 0 for- YAHH!" the spear hero screeches as he gets slashed on his exposed back.

The spear hero turns himself to see Ren still alive and well, no worse for where from easily dodging that attack. And before Motoyasu could attack back, Ren rapidly slashes at Motoyasu's body over and over stunning and hurting the spear hero, "Next time make sure your opponent can't easily dodge away when you make a big built up attack like that!" Ren lectures back at Motoyasu as he continues his slashing, it was now leaving deep cuts on the spear heroes armor.

And once the Spear hero was dealt with enough punishment, Ren points out his sword toward Motoyasu's chest and shouts, "Thunderbolt blade!" and blasted a lightning energy attack of his own at the stunned Spear hero sending Motoyasu flying.

The spear hero finally lands back on the ground rolling until he stops, "Ow!" he wines now hurt from all the attacks and with a big hole in the chest of the armor.

And while all of that happened Bakugou continued his battle with Itsuki as the bow hero fires his most powerful arrows at the shield hero

But Itsuki was getting increasingly pissed off, while none of his attacks missed, Bakugou could tank and dodge the attacks as he fires back with his quirk. The shield hero was very mobile with his explosions, but Itsuki also has high agility and speed allowing him to dodge most of Bakugou's explosion attacks when he tried to get close to him as he fires near the ground, but this only went so far and Bakugou was able to get a few good hits on Itsuki that nearly sent him flying.

Itsuki begins to fire off more AoE arrow barrage attacks with multiple arrows being shot at once to affect an entire area making it impossible for Bakugou to properly dodge them. But he greatly underestimated the power of the shield as the cardinal weapon tanks the shots like nothing.

"God damn it will you just die already you bastard! Thunderbolt arrow!" Itsuki yells and fires a large powerful electric attack.

But Bakugou just blasts himself in the air once more dodging the energy arrow, "You got to do better than that bow bitch! You're all talk but no game!" he taunts the bow hero knowing how he would react to it.

And react he did, "Let's see who's the bitch after this!? Tracking arrow!" he yells and fires another powerful arrow, Bakugou dodged it in time but unlike other arrows this one didn't continue on passing him through the sky to explode, it magically turned itself around and aimed at Bakugou's back, before he could notice the arrow hits his exposed back.

"Ow Damn it!" Bakugou reacts to the pain, it hurt getting hit on his exposed back even with the cape, but it was of barely any impact on his hp.

But when Itsuki sees something to exploit he'll take it as he grins, "Tracking arrows!" he yells firing a large group of those same basically heat-seeking arrows.

Bakugou dodges the barrage easily but like the one arrow before they turn back and pursued Bakugou forcing the hero to blast himself away from the dozen or so arrows.

And while he avoids those arrows Itsuki continues to fire other magic arrows at Bakugou thinking his opponent would be too distracted from the tracking arrows he would finally get some good hits on the shield hero.

But Bakugou continues to block those arrows with his shield while at the same time blasting himself away from the tracking arrows. When 3 of them did get close and clumped together Bakugou was able to fire his quirk on the energy arrows easily destorying them, but the other 9 arrows were now too far apart from each other to be doing the same strategy again. Another 3 got accidentally destroyed from one of Itsuki's AoE arrows, with the last 6 still following Bakugou.

But the shield hero had an idea, he blasts himself right at Itsuki who kept firing arrow after arrow at the shield hero while running away but he couldn't stop his momentum as Bakugou lands right in front of Itsuki. This surprised Itsuki who tried to fire an arrow at his face point-blank, but Bakugou just as fast blasted himself over Itsuki's with the tracking arrows finally catching up, but Bakugou just blasts himself back down to the ground right behind Itsuki which just confused the bow hero as he turns to face his oppenent again to fire the point-blank arrow.

But then the bow hero gets struck in the back over and over again by his arrows staggering the hero, Bakugou tricked Itsuki's arrows to hit their own hero.

And while staggered from the sudden pain Bakugou took the chance and blasted Itsuki away with his quirk.

Itsuki rolls across the ground until he stops himself back on his feet, Bakugou then blasts himself toward Itsuki again. "Meteor arrow!" the pissed-off bow hero shouts attempting to fire his most powerful arrow again at Bakugou. He fires the arrow right at Bakugou's face, but this time Bakugou didn't move at all and tanks the shot with his shield.

Despite the power from that one arrow Bakugou was able to not only block the whole attack with his small shield suffering no damage, it barely put a damp to his momentum, "Not as powerful as you thought you were bow bitch!" he mocks back at the surprised bow hero who attempts to fire more arrows at Bakugou but these barely did anything.

The tired bow hero turns and tries to run but before he could fall back Bakugou fires an AP shot beam at his back. After Itsuki stumbles from the hit, Bakugou blasts at the bow hero over and over, having no means of close combat or defense Itsuki was being beaten to a pulp for the many explosions to the face.

Itsuki attempts to fire a desperate arrow attack point blank, but Bakugou easily blocked it with the shield where he then bashes the shield into Itsuki's face breaking his nose. Bakugou then fires a double explosion with both hands sending the bow hero flying as he rolls across the ground injured until he stops right next to just as injured Motoyasu after he got his ass kicked by Ren.

The two hurt heroes stared at each other for a second until Motoyasu stood up back along with Itsuki, "Why don't we switch opponents, maybe we were just paired up badly?" he suggested while drinking a health potion thinking he would do better against Bakugou.

As he drinks his own health potion Itsuki nods his head yes, "Sure, go ahead, Bakugou is your problem now." he agrees and the spear and bow both went in opposite directions to fight the other opponents.

Itsuki was running straight at Ren firing off multiple arrows at the sword hero knowing he can't negate them all like Bakugou, but Ren continues to deflect the powerful arrows and activates his hundred swords long-range ability, firing dozens of energy swords at Itsuki.

With the bow heroes agility he was able to dodge and jump out of the way of the energy swords as they explode on the ground. Itsuki resorted to firing his AoE attack arrows once more to keep Ren at a distance unable to get close with his sword.

But the sword hero knew this was what Itsuki would do and activates his long-range ability once more, "Hundred swords!" with the energy blades appearing around him again.

Itsuki smiles at this thinking Ren was now getting desperate to be doing the same attack again so soon as the energy swords go after him, "Your little move won't work on me Ren! Unlike you I never miss my target!" he mocks and jumps in the air once more and about to fire another powerful magic arrow at Ren liking how cool he looks now, "Meteor arro-"

"Crimson blade!" But before Itsuki could finish Ren activates another ability with his sword getting coated with fire and swings it up in the air, creating a long stream of fire toward the bow hero.

Itsuki was caught off-guard and forced himself to duck from the stream of fire in the air, making him clumsily fall to the ground.

"Thunderbolt slash!" Ren shouts and jumps right at Itsuki now in range and slices across the bow hero's right arm. It didn't cut it off, but it still greatly hurt his arm, making it almost impossible to hold the bow properly anymore.

Itsuki still attempted to fight back, trying to grip his bowstring no matter how much it hurt. But it did him no good as Ren slashes Itsuki over and over with multiple swings not leaving the bow hero a second to think, cutting up Itsuki's arrows and draining a good deal of his health and mana.

And after that fury attack, Itsuki could barely stand up. Ren then makes one final attack as he held back and swings up his sword at the bow hero, "Meteor slash!" and with a powerful swing of his energized sword, Itsuki was sent flying across the battlefield once more across the ground. Now more injured than before as he lays hurt on the hard ground with a large cut across his armor.

And while that was going on, Motoyasu engaged Bakugou, first by throwing a bunch of energy javelins from his spear at the shield hero who easily blocks them as he blasted himself at Motoyasu.

Trying to avoid his mistakes before, Motoyasu attempts his best to not fight Bakugou directly in front of his explosions. He dodges Bakugou's initial explosion attacks that blew up the ground he was at.

Motoyasu attempts to attack at the shield hero's side thinking he was vulnerable there, but the spear hero can't beat the shield hero's reflexes as he blocks each thrust of the spear that Motoyasu threw at him.

Motoaysu continues to jump out of the way of the Bakugou's explosion attacks as he attempts to stab his spear on any opening with fast speeds. But once more Bakugou dodges them. He even allowed one thrust to get close so he could barely dodge it and Bakugou slides his way up the weapon to fire an explosion on Motoyasu's unexpected face. Sending the spear hero over 20 feet away.

The explosions stunned just as badly as before like in the duel, but Motoyasu refused to give up again, especially now with more motivation to fight for and supposedly save his teammate Rino.

Motoyasu yells and runs toward Bakugou then shouts, "Chaos spear!", and thrusts multiple extremely fast spear attacks as Bakugou forces himself to block them all.

"Free Rino and Neia now you monster! This world is no longer your little playground and they are not your toys!" Motoyasu shouts at Bakugou still trying to break through his defense and making sure he doesn't fire at his body or face.

But Bakugou just smiles, "Shut up you whore simp!" and Bakugou fires his quirk below at Motoyasu's exposed legs. Despite being armored, Motoyasu still felt the pain of the attack that made him lose his balance and throw up his spear away from Bakugou's direction which allowed the shield hero to fire up his quirk at Motoyasu's face again blasting him away once more.

Despite the attack, Motoyasu quickly got himself up again and yells, "Lightning spear!" and fires his attack toward Bakugou.

But the shield just blasts himself over the attack and lands himself behind Motoyasu. And before the spear hero notices, Bakugou double blasts him in the back.

And without giving him a second to recover from that back explosion Bakugou rapidly attacks and blasts Motoyasu over and over jumping and blasting his quirk at every angle and direction and was destroy Motoyasu's armor once more as he gets thrown all over the place.

Motoyasu out of desperation attempts to just punch Bakugou in the face, but he just dodges the punch and slides his body from the arm with Bakugou quickly grabbing the top of Motoyasu's long hair and throws his head on Bakugou's hard as a rock high defense knee, breaking several of his facial bones and cartilage. And after that yet another blast in the face.

The spear hero was now beaten, hurt, and partially broken from the shield hero's superior skills as Bakugou mocks him once more by giving him the middle finger, "As you told me before bitch baby! I'm the number one hero here, and you're not even worth being a side act to me!"

But in deep anger Motoyasu grips his spear harder and was putting all that was left of his mana in it and without any sort of plan as he runs mad at Bakugou, "You're no hero! You're just a villain who needs to be put back in his place in the story and be defeated by the true hero!" he yells and launches himself at Bakugou, jumping high in the air and aims directly at Bakugou intending to pierce right through his shields defense and kill him here and now.

But Bakugou just rolls his eyes, "This again?" he says to himself and calmly raised up his shield, "Explosion shield" he casually says with the shield transforming into that particular shield, quickly filling itself up with the shield hero's sweat.

Before Motoyasu could react, his spear hits directly on the shield and


The explosion fires after impact sending Motoyasu flying high in the air from the attack.

And just as quickly Bakugou blasts himself high in the air at the now descending Motoyasu and before the stunned airborne spearer could do anything, Bakugou blasts his body toward a different direction.

Back on the ground, the still injured and battered Itsuki attempts to get back up again, but unexpectedly Motoyasu lands directly on the bow hero's back, putting the bow hero back on the ground once more.

Both heroes had been beaten and battered once again with neither able to put down either Ren or Bakugou.

A mouning Motoyasu says to Itsuki below his body, "You know what Itsuki, you can go back to fighting Bakugou. I think I prefer fighting Ren again."

"Would you get off of me you idiot!" Itsuki yells with neither of the two having the strength to move anymore.

But before either could do anything else they look up to see a grinning Bakugou up in the air rapidly falling back down right above them with his palms sparking.

The two looked on in horror knowing there was nothing they could do, "Oh come on-"


Once landed, Bakugou fires off a giant explosion on the two heroes causing a lot of smoke and dust across the area.

And as the dust settles, Itsuki and Motoyasu were still alive with their bodies intact and were now groaning in pain in the crater Bakugou created. They no longer had the strength or ability to fight anymore, the bow and spear heroes had been defeated.

With that Bakugou raises his arm up to victory, "Hell yeah! In your damn faces losers! I'm the number one hero and no one is going to say otherwise!" Bakugou cheers in victory for himself.

Ren sighed a little from Bakugou boasting himself, but he can't deny how they both came out victorious today against Itsuki and Motoyasu.

Bakugou and Ren after picking up Motoyasu's and Itsuki's unconscious bodies both ran back to help their sidekicks out, but they were not needed there as the sidekicks had already defeated Aultcray along with Itsuki and Motoyasu's teams.

As they were picking up their oppenents unconscious bodies, the sidekicks looked toward their fellow leaders as they threw Itsuki and Motoyasu's knocked out bodies on the ground along with their knocked out teamates, "We did it Master Ren! We beat all the meanies!" Scarlet cheers back in her human form with Bakugou's team just as happy as she was.

Ren and Bakugou just smile, happy and proud to see their teams in such a good mood after such rough times before.

Bakugou quickly heals any injuries, but most were pretty minor, despite Aultcray's side's power, they were no match for any of them.

But then the happy tone radically changed when they heard, "Damn you devil!" they turn to see Aultcray barely able to hold himself up holding onto a broken sword and breathing heavily.

It made the heroes flinch, but they weren't really scared, more just weirded out, by the mad king keeping himself up by sheer hatred alone, "Damn you shield devil! You think you've beaten me!? Just from kicking the shit out of these fools! I will never allow you or your damn demi-monsters take away my family again! I WILL KILL YOU!" Aultcray shouts then screams as he runs at Bakugou with his stub of a sword.

But Bakugou barely reacts, he just stood there and when Aultcray strikes his sword intending to stab Bakugou's heart, the rest of the sword shatters on impact, doing no sort of damage to Bakugou with his insane defense, he just stares down at the pathetic excuse of a king who looked utterly broken by the fact he had truly lost, "No no it's not fair. I'm the hero of Melromarc. I was the hero of the staff. How could I.. How could I lose to the likes of you? I... I just wanted to protect my new family." Aultcray cries and without any influence from the shield hero, the old king falls backward on himself and just laid there on the ground, knowing he was truly defeated.

Everyone just shake their heads at him, not surprised to see the old man trying to fight to his last breath no matter how foolish it really was, especially Melty "Father why did it have to come to this."

After that, the battle was officially over, with the sword and shield heroes and their teams going back to cheering for victory with everyone hugging or high-fiving each other.

Bakugou then shouts to everyone, "Ok now time to tie up these bastards! Rope shield!" with his shield transforming into said rope shield and starts producing the magic rope from it.

Everyone was quickly acting on that order as they tie up their unconscious, beaten, and injured opponents.

Quickly they were all tied up with rope around all of their torsos, and hands with their weapons confiscated and thrown on the side of the ground including Itsuki and Motoyasu's cardinal weapons.

Bakugou and Neia did some minor healing, but only enough so they can be fully awake again but still in pain. Despite the pains they were still suffering from, they were all mad and annoyed by the fact they were all beaten by not just the shield and sword heroes, but by their teams as well, which consisted of a supposed traitor, animals, and demi-humans. They knew if word got out from this their reputations would be flushed down the drains more than it has already.

Bakugou then stomps his way in front of the defeated groups with his arms crossed getting serious again, "Ok you weak idiots, you're going to be telling us everything we need to know and you're going to cooperate whether you like it or not! Starting with telling me why the hell you are out here in the first place with no other troops to help you and why you look like complete shit before the battle?!" he demanded.

Ren then asked, "I also want to know about this coup you mentioned earlier, what coup are you talking about, and why are you saying we were involved in it?"

But almost every single one of them just looked away and grunted with anger toward the supposed devils.

They all decided to remain silent, "Answer the damn questions idiots!" Bakugou yells at them.

Aultcray finally says back, "You think we're going to say a single damn word to you demons!? With your little brainwashing shield! I won't answer anything to the likes of you!"

The others were also remaining silent either believing the supposed brainwashing shield or not wanting to say a damn thing to the bastards that had just beaten and humiliated them.

Motoyasu then spoke out agreeing with Aultcray, "Same with me! You evil bastards think you've truly won and can force us to say whatever the hell you want!? Well not from me anymore! You can't make me say a damn thing to you Bakugou, you and Ren can burn in-OWOWOWOWOWOW!" he yells until Neia decides to pull on his ponytail from behind to get him to look at her angry face. And the look she gave him instantly made that stern confidence disappear.

"You'll do as Sir Bakugou and Ren say and answer the questions!" Neia demanded as she shows off her other hand emitting electricity, basically showing what she intends to do with it, if Motoyasu doesn't cooperate.

Motoyasu looked terrified now but he tries to supposedly talk some sense into her, "Neia please! That bastard is controlling you, Rino, and Melty against your will, you need to break his control and-*crunch*-AAAAAHHHHHHH!" Motoyasu then screeches after getting kicked in the groin by a pissed-off Rino.

"We're not being mind control idiot! The only people getting their minds controlled here is yours with that bitch Myne, now answer the damn questions!" Rino yells at him with Neia gripping his hair harder.

Then Myne who barely had much strength left in her with half her face still burnt with ugly fresh scars attempts to manipulate him again, "Sir Motoyasu don't speak to this devil, he can just-"

"Oh shut her up!" Bakugou orders.

And before she could say another word Daven steps on her head and forced Myne's half-burnt face into the ground. The evil princess struggled and screams into the dirt, but she was not in a position to say anything to Motoyasu anymore.

Despite Motoyasu being horrified by the sight of seeing a supposed teammate of his being treated like garbage along with witnessing her injured damaged face, but he didn't have time to react or say anything about it as Neia pulls on his ponytail again to force him to look back at Bakugou, "Now again Ponytail! Why the hell are you and the others out here!?" Bakugou demanded once more.

But Motoyasu continued to refuse, "No! No matter what you do to me I won-YAAAAAAAAAAAHH!" he then screams in pain as Neia finally starts electrocuting him to force the spear hero to cooperate. This went on for a few seconds, as Neia gradually amps up her volts to make this more and more painful until Motoyasu couldn't take it anymore, "OK OK OK! I'LL TELL!" Motoyasu finally begs.

Neia stops while still holding onto his ponytail as Motoyasu finally starts talking, "Ok, we're out here attempting to make our way to Siltvelt, to help save Princess Melty after she got kidnapped, and to also help clear our names after Ren and that Reichnott guy had started a coup and to attempted frame and capture us."

Everyone was quite surprised by the knowledge that there was a real coup that happened in Melromarc that overthrew the King while they were all at Siltvelt. Bakugou wasn't particularly surprised that the nobles had about enough of Aultcray, Malty, and the 2 idiot heroes but there was still a lot he wants to know.

Ren as well, "What coup are you talking about that I was supposedly involved in? When did this happen?" the sword hero demanded.

Motoyasu was still acting stubborn toward Ren, "You know well what coup I'm talking about! Why are you even asking me-YAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" but Neia just electrocutes him once more.

"Tell him!" Neia demanded from Motoyasu as she continues to electrify him until he talks once more.

"Ok! It was the coup that happened about a week ago when Reichnott, Ren, and some general guy's forces attacked the capital and sieged the castle to take over the kingdom!" Motoyasu confesses wanting the pain to stop.

Despite the explanation, this confused Ren some more, "That's impossible, I was in Siltvelt at that time. There was no way I could be there and back at Melromarc again." hesays out loud, both Ren and the shield team were all thinking about this knowledge, they knew someone else had to be involved in all of this.

Melty remembered who Reichnott was and she knew he wouldn't do something as drastic as a coup without good reason. She knew something was off about all of this and asked a question to find out, "Sir Spear hero, what exactly happened after you last saw Sir Ren in person and before this coup?"

"Melty please let me and your sister go, I can help save your-Yah!" Motoyasu attempts to beg until Neia yanked his ponytail once more while emitting electricity from her other hand again which made Motoyasu go back to cooperating, "Ok after our fight with Ren when he refused to help rescue you, we searched all over the kingdom to find him, the last rumors we heard of his presence was him showing up around a town in the rabier territories, a town that used to have a castle where your father had also gathered up all of his loyalists in, then it just blew up, killing almost everyone in it. After that, there was a meeting with the nobles who were demanding Aultcray to step down from his throne and right in the middle of that meeting we hear news of a huge amount of human refugees coming to Melromarc with the general guy saying they were freed slaves all because of Bakugou which was no doubt a trap, and only a day after that a large army quickly took controlled of the capital and the castle and we had been on the run since then."

It was a lot of information for all the heroes to take in, with many such huge events happening in a short timeframe. The mention of the castle explosion though made Ren think for a second until he remembers the Dinosaur dragon incident, "The Rabier territories? Wait I was there myself with Scarlet and remembered seeing a large light and hearing a huge explosion before the dragon-dino attack. Could that be what Motoyasu is talking about?" he says out loud with Bakugou and the others trying to think about all of this.

Itsuki then spoke out about it, "Of course it is! It's what everyone is trying to blame me for! This would've never happened if you just played along with this old fool king here and we be all swimming in gold and be recognized as proper heroes by now! But NooOO! You had to be so stubborn and act like a rebellious edgelord lone wolf while we suffer from your little-AH!"

Itsuki's rant was cut short after getting kicked in the face by Bakugou's boot, "No one asked for your opinion! I want damn facts! If you don't have any, be quiet!" he yells at Itsuki who groans to himself in anger.

Bakugou then turns his head back to Motoyasu, one thing he said before threw the shield hero off, "Ponytail, you said that "almost everyone died" in that castle explosion, who exactly survived that?" he demands, with Ren just as curious as well, he remembers that explosion leaving a giant crater with nothing alive left in it, for someone to survive something like that raised his suspicions.

But Motoyasu protested once more, "Why should I even-Ow!" he then gets tugged once again from his ponytail with Neia looking stern toward the scared hero. Knowing what she'll do once more if he didn't answer immediately, he answers to everyone, "It was Pope Balmus, the important guy who runs the 3 heroes church, they say he barely survived and spent time recovering from that castle attack!".

This fact shocked everyone. Such a detail gave them all the idea of who has been pulling the strings of these events.

Ren especially realized what was going on, "I remember one of the shadows warning me of the 3 heroes church's involvement, manipulating everyone behind the scenes, encouraging Aultcray to start the war, and supposedly giving Myne the means to enslave me. But I never would've thought he would have this kind of magical power, to make an attack that big. I think we now know who our true enemies are." he says with everyone nodding in agreement with Ren, including Bakugou.

Bakugou then grips Motoyasu's throat, "Where the hell is this supposed "injured" pope at?! Tell me now!" he demands

"I have no idea where the Pope is at, he and a whole bunch of the church folk went their way to support him, that's all I know!" Motoyasu explains terrified by Bakugous angry red eyes.

Bakugou can easily tell that Motoyasu was saying the truth and lets him go, "We need to find this Pope bastard now before he tries something."

Melty then spoke up, "We should get to mother as soon as possible, with her authority she'll be able to help us fight the church."

Ren then spoke out, "We should start by getting in contact with the shadows, they should know more than anyone else what is really going on, as well as the popes and Queen's whereabouts. They will be our best bet." everyone including Bakugou nods in agreement.

Rino then said, "What are we to do with these guys though?" she points to their captured heroes and their teams. Ren and Bakugou scratch their chins to this, thinking about what to do, they can't have them being dragged around everywhere being an inconvenience, nor will just leaving them out here in the middle of nowhere help, since they will just eventually figure out how to remove their bindings and attempt to flee the country, they had to dump them off somewhere.

Melty then suggested, "If Lord Reichnott is currently at the capital now, we can just drop them off there for now, while we search for mother or her shadows."

"Can we really trust him with these losers though?" Bakugou questioned her having his doubts.

Melty nods yes, "Indeed, Lord Reichnott has always been a loyal noble to the crown and a good ally to mother and Lord Seatto another good man. We can trust him." she explains.

Bakugou still wasn't sure, but they don't have many options and he would have to see this man himself to judge how much he could be trusted. Then again anyone who was willing to conduct a coup against Aultcray is good in his book, so he'll give him a chance at least.

Aultcray though rolls his eyes to all of that, "Reichnott loyal? HA! That traitorous bastard will make up whatever excuse he wants to keep his position and justify freeing dirty demi's, you would have better luck trusting a snake then-AH!" But he was cut off when Bakugou kicks him in the face to shut the old king up.

"No one asked you consort!" Bakugou shouts back at AUltcray with everyone going to just ignore the mad king.

The crews were about to vote on what they should do exactly.

But suddenly Scarlet felt something extremely off, something making her cowlick twitch under her elegant crown. And it wasn't just her, even Kirishima felt something off in the air as if something above them was forming. And it was something very very bad.

Melty was the first to notice with everyone else wondering what had happened with the two, "Scarlet what's wrong? Is Kirishima alright as well?" Melty asked the two.

Despite the two's rivalry, Scarlet and Kirishima nod to each other, knowing what was about to happen. And there was no time for them to run away, all they can do now is hunker down from it.

Scarlet instantly turns into her bird form and Kirishima into his large adult form and with his tail pushes their captured prisoners close together into a close group with the shield and sword hero groups, and then wraps his whole body around everybody in a circle.

No one other then the dragon and filolial knew what was happening, but whatever it was these two felt it, and it was bad. Scarlet then shouted at Bakugou, "Shield guy! Use whatever shields you have above us and quick!" She then opens her large wings out, and Ren and all of Bakugou's team but Bakugou himself ran to hide under Scarlets thick feathers knowing they need to protect themselves from whatever is coming.

Bakugou then raises his arm out to yell, "Shield Prison! Air Strike shield! Double shields!" and in a few seconds everyone there gets covered up in a giant magic metal ball, and two large energy shields that appear directly above the large metal ball.

No one knew what was coming but they did all they could to prepare for it with everyone putting out as many buff and defensive spells as possible to themselves, but especially on Bakugou knowing he is the one needing them the most.

The clump of prisoners inside with them was just left confused, "What is the meaning of this devils!?" Malty shouts at Bakugou.

"Sister will you just be quiet for once!" Melty shouts back, also about done with her sister.

Things remain eerily quiet for a few more seconds, then finally it arrived. A giant beam of light energy appears from the sky and like some Ion cannon it fires down right at the heroes.

The entire area the beam directly impacted was vaporized from the intense power destroying everything it touches.

The only safe area was right in the middle of the beam, inside all the magic shields with the heroes remaining close together. As Bakugou's shields hold out as much as they can, all the heroes were clinging around Scarlet with even the captured prisoners crawling away to the center getting as far from the edges as possible. Kirishima wraps his large body up tighter to make a smaller circle with Bakugou in the center ready to be the main pillar and last line of defense for all of there survivals.

Eventually, in just a few seconds, both energy shields one after the other shattered from the beam's intense power and was now directly impacting the metal ball around everyone as it starts to crack up.

Bakugou jumps on Kirishima's head as the dragon moves his head directly at the center above everyone. Bakugou then activates the strongest normal shield he had and raised it above his head.

Finally from the pressure, the metal ball shatters with the main beam still falling strong.

But Bakugou's shield takes the full brunt of the beam as he uses all of his strength, skills, and mana to hold it up, knowing if he slips up for even just a second, they were all dead.

But despite all of his strength and power, the giant light beam was starting to overwhelm the shield hero as he struggles to keep his arms up. Kirishima was also struggling to keep his head up from the force of this beam, forcing the young dragon to lower his head further and further down near the ground just right over everyone's heads with the main beam just a few feet above them all with only one shield keeping them alive.

Bakugou's team continue to create as many buffs and spells as possible just to keep the shield hero going, but even he was reaching his limits as the beam continues to fire down with no sign of stopping anytime soon.

Bakugou was barely able to hold out at this point, he knew if his will or shield breaks everyone will die, but the hero was now at his limit, "Damn it! Damn it! Come on Katsuki! Just hold on!" he shouts at himself but it seemed that it was not going to be enough as his arms wobble from all the forced pressure.

Bakugou desperate for anything subconsciously opens his menu and inventory for anything he could do to help him or see if he had any other stronger shield.

After skimming around all over his inventory of hundreds of shields, he eventually found one shield that was stronger than any of the other shields by a long shot from pure stats alone. Unfortunately, that shield turns out to be the wrath shield, "No no! Damn it! Not that thing again! I can't let it take control again!" Bakugou screams to himself still remembering how he nearly lost his mind before with that thing, and fears if he uses it again he'll go on another rampage with it and might kill his sidekicks or innocents.

But as he looks down while struggling he witnesses his sidekicks below holding together and trusting him to save all of them, he knew he wouldn't give up through spirit but his physical body had its limits and was about to reach it if he doesn't use the wrath shield soon.

Bakugou was about at his end as was the shield as he hears it cracking from all the beam's power. Bakugou didn't want to do this, he knew what it was capable of if he allow it to consume him, but he had no choice, through his rage he shouts, "DAMN IT! WRATH SHIELD!" and with that cry, the shield transformed into the shield of wrath once more.

Thanks to the curse shield's huge defense and power, Bakugou was no longer barely holding out and even raises his arms up high once more with the wrath shield holding out against the beam as Bakugou screamed, "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!"

After a half of a minute longer, the beam of light finally dissolves, getting smaller and smaller until it ceased to exist.

The giant energy beam devastated the area it impacted, creating a giant crater lacking any source of life, only leaving behind burning hot dirt. All except at the dead center of the impact with a large dragon within it.

And within Kirishima himself, everyone else survived the attack including the prisoners who were absolutely confused about what just happened to them.

Ren and the rest of team Bakugou emerge away from Scarlet as they look around the area then toward Bakugou himself who was still on top of his dragon's head.

They witness Bakugou breathing heavily hoping he was alright, but then there was a new sense of dread in the air with everyone, they quickly notice what the shield hero had equipped.

"Oh no, not the wrath shield again," Neia muttered out loud, worried about Bakugou's mental state as was everyone else, the last thing they need to deal with is a mad out of control corrupt Bakugou again.

But despite his own worries, Ren also made an observant discovery, "Wait look at his eyes, their not red, glowing red I mean like last time. I don't think he is fully corrupt like before." he says with the others who also begin to notice his lack of corruption along with no glowing veins as well, while still concern about Bakugou's health from holding out such an attack there was at least some ease that the shield wasn't corrupting him again.

It did make Ren wonder though, 'Can this power be controlled after all?' he says in his head. To have control over such power was something he would like to know for himself one day, but now was not the best time to be thinking about it, and should think more about what the hell just happened a couple of seconds ago.

With Bakugou he kept himself breathing heavily to calm down. He can still feel the power the wrath shield provides, tempting him to fully embrace it once more, but he knew he had to keep those urges within or he'll fall to its power again. Using some of the wrath shield power was useful, but too much corrupts the mind so Bakugou has to learn to not completely lose control and to keep himself calm.

After some more heavy breathing, he finally stops and had his shield change back to the default shield removing everyone's worries once more.

Kirishima finally lowers his head with Bakugou jumping off him back to the ground with the dragon shrinking back to his teen form.

Bakugou looks around at everyone, "Is everyone fine?" he asked concerned about his sidekicks.

They along with Ren and Scarlet nodded, Neia then said, "We're all good, but what about you Master Bakugou? You're the one who took the brunt of that attack?"

Bakugou made himself crack his neck a bit and answered, "I'm fine, I can take any sort of attack thrown at me. What I want to know is what bastard did this!" he responds pointing around the crater.

But after he got a good look around, Ren recognize the landscape, "This... This was like the rabier castle crater from the giant explosion before. The one that they claimed the Pope survived." Ren says out loud.

Bakugou groans knowing what all of this implies, "Don't tell me! Shit!"

Things were silent for a few more seconds while everyone tried to collect themselves after such an event, but the quietness disappeared when everyone heard a clapping sound.

Everyone wondered where it was coming from until they traced it up the top of the craters edge and witness a figure clapping his hands. It was hard to see what it was for a second, but when everyone focused on the individual they quickly saw who it was from his headwear and clothing.

It was Pope Balmus of the 3 heroes church, slowly clapping his hands toward the group he was looking down on, "Truly remarkable, you took on divine judgment head-on, a powerful group ritual and yet you are still standing. I expect nothing less from the shield hero." he condescendingly congratulates the heroes continuing to have a grin on his face that was now less warmly and more sinister.

Everyone standing all looked uneasy by all of this and took out their weapons once more as they look up toward the Pope.

Itsuki, Motoyasu, and their teams still tied up were just as confused by all of this.

All but Aultcray who looked happy to see a supposed ally of his is here, "Balmus! Thank the Lord you are here now, we greatly need you and any others you brought along to aid us, and stop this devil for good!" he shouts to the Pope thinking he was there specifically to help him and the bow and spear heroes

But Balmus just shakes his head and laughs, "Hahahahaha, I have to say Aultcray, for someone who was once a great hero, one who saved our great nation from an invasion of demi-human barbarians. You've become quite stupid."

"What?" Aultcray expressed in confusion, wondering why a suppose loyal ally would say such a thing.

The rest of the imprisoned heroes were also confused by this betrayal, especially Malty, "You.. you religious bastard! You planned to betray us from the start?!" Malty yells at the pope, the elder princess thought she and the church were working together to secure her future rule and it turns out the one who helped her backstab was backstabbing her now.

The Pope continues to smile down at the evil princess, "Seems you catch on better than your father, while this wasn't the full plan from the start, we have certainly manipulated events to come to this conclusion. Toward the death of the monarchy, the devil of the shield, and the false heroes." he announced to everyone.

Aultcray was completely floored by this, "Balmus? How.. how could you do this? I thought we were here together to stop the devil and Siltvelt? Have you also teamed up with Reichnott to overthrow my family?"

But Balmus shakes his head to this, "Of course not, I would never ally with that animal-loving heretic, after you're all gone he and Mirella and anyone who supports them will be next. However, your lack of proper leadership had nearly started a civil war within your own kingdom. Such an act would've accomplished nothing but cost us troops and resources, weakening us to not only be easy prey to Siltvelt's forces but with the waves as well."

Aultcray's entire side looked completely baffled by this, especially Motoyasu, "But... But I don't understand?"

Balmus shakes his head in disappointment and quickly responds to the confused hero, "I guess I'll explain it to you and everyone else from the start, so you will understand why you're facing judgment today." he then turns his head toward Bakugou, "It all starts with the shield hero. Instead of learning his place as the devil he is, he continued to sway the people away from the true light with more and more people cheering the name of Bakugou then to the 3 heroes who turn out to be just a group of fools, with more and more turning away from there church as a result of it. The final straw was his victory in the 3rd wave and the failures of the other 3 heroes in it. I knew at that point something had to be done to save this nation from a monster worshiped by animal barbarian heathens. Originally the plan was to kill off Princess Melty with it all recorded and adjusted on a crystal ball then frame the shield hero for the whole thing, but that plan had went completely off the rails fast. We were never expecting that the shield hero would gain access to a flying pure-blood dragon and just simply flew over to Siltvelt. A great annoyance, but was merely a simple delay, a good plan is one that can be flexible and adjusted, so for some time we turned toward another element we needed to be rid of, the now incompetent monarchy and the 3 false heroes."

The Pope then turns toward the captured group once more, "With a little help from princess Malty, we fabricated a story to help convince the heroes and Aultcray to wage war on Siltvelt, which helped incite the nobles against all of you. The only thing that I didn't expect is the sword hero's refusal to get involved but thankfully Sir Ren's little rebellion against the crown allowed new opportunities to advance our plans."

Aultcray and Motoyasu then turn their heads toward Malty after hearing that, "Wait? Myne?! You were colluding with the church?" Motoyasu asked worried and confused, he loved and trusted Myne but this was just confusing the spear hero more and more.

Myne tried to make up whatever lie she could, "N..No! I would never work with the church and spread falsehoods like that! He's trying to break us apart with his lies!"

Everyone but Motoyasu and Aultcray just rolled their eyes, "Oh please sister." Melty mutters even her not believing this.

Balmus could care less what foolish lies Malty would make up, to him that's just another sin to mark her down on her way to hell soon. He then ignored her and continued speaking, "As I was saying, I lied to Aultcray about it being possible to enslave the Sword hero and that having the three heroes on your side to fight in the war with Siltvelt was the only way to get the nobility on his side, and offered a suppose means to do so with the first princess. And both fools bought it."

"You bastard! So you knew that slave crest iron wouldn't work at all!" Malty yells up, once more hating the fact she was the one played like a fiddle.

"Of course, this ploy was to stop the sword hero from escaping Melromarc and help provoke the nobles, even more when the word got out of the monarchy's attempt to enslave one of the cardinal heroes. Then the next part was to eliminate Aultcray's loyalists. And what better way to do so than to gather them up in one place and kill them all at once."

This surprised almost everyone there who was aware of the event, including Ren, "So he was the one that caused the explosion which released that monster." he mutters out loud to himself.

Itsuki then finally spoke up, "So after you destroyed that castle, you then tried to put the blame on me to have the nobles turn against me as well!?"

Balmus once more shook his head, "You have to be so prideful to think that was only for you, no it was to truly stop Aultcray's little civil war for good, with the last of his true supporters gone. And after he made a fool's decision to force the free humans to turn back to their slave masters it was over for all of you. With your fates being sealed by Reichnotts coup. And of course we couldn't have you getting killed or captured by the heretic and ruining our plans, so we were able to warn and manipulate you fools to flee the capital while you still had the chance."

Motoyasu then spoke out, "So wait, Ren's involvement in the coup was all a lie?"

Balmus shakes his head yes confirming it, "Yes indeed, it got you and the bow hero to flee and head on your way toward Siltvelt. And we had our spies make sure you would go in a way where you will collide with the Shield hero, and here we are with everyone, here to die together."

The captured squad all looked at each other in utter bafflement, that this whole insane and awful journey was all a setup from the start. Aultcray though didn't want to truly believe it, "I see now Balmus, the Shield hero must've corrupted you with his brainwashing shield and influenced you to do all of this!" he concludes to himself.

"Is he being serious!?" the sword and shield squad said in unison all equaling not comprehending how stubborn and dense the king was.

Even Balmus found it amusing, "Hahahahaha! You've become so dimwitted over the years. No we already had a distaste for the monarchy from the start, especially with that placating heretic of a wife of yours. We were originally panning a wine poisoning plot right before the waves had even started, then princess Melty would've been next in another plot, we would then use you and then princess Malty as our puppet rulers so the church could truly control the nation behind the scenes. But then the waves happen, and your two's actions and awful leaderships have proven to us you're much more trouble than you're worth, so it's time now to just kill the monarchy for good and rule the kingdom directly for ourselves, becoming a true theocracy."

Aultcray was now in utter shock, the fact someone he trusted so much was already plotting to kill his wife and daughter before the cardinal heroes had even shown up, "But.. But.. You.. You were already plotting to kill my family?" he utters and finally falls over himself on the ground almost completely losing it to see such betray from someone he once trusted so much.

Motoyasu also couldn't believe all of this, "Wait a minute, but you were the ones who summoned us into this world in the first place?! Why would you kill us?!"

Balmus's smile disappeared and looked on with contempt toward him and the rest of the teams, "We did, and we were expecting our saviors to help save our world from destruction. But instead, we get a Devil who won't know his place as he swayed our followers away and 3 failures who falsely call themselves heroes."

Itsuki then looks up toward the Pope after hearing that, "Failures!? What do you mean failures!?"

Balmus shakes his head to answer, "The list is long, but I might as well highlight your greatest failures to prove my point." he tells off Itsuki then turns his head toward Motoyasu, "Sir Spear hero, you've allowed yourself to be beaten to a pulp by the devil in a public duel and allowed him to completely humiliate you throughout the Kingdom and the world. How are children suppose to look up to there hero if he admits out loud he's a big baby."

Motoyasu sulks greater than before to hear his original duel with Bakugou once more.

Balmus then turns toward Itsuki, "And you bow hero, your actions in Tervein have greatly damaged the image of the church and the bow hero. Your failed rebellion and coup there has now made the world look negatively upon the bow hero, and due to your actions, the 3 heroes church had lost all influence and support in that kingdom. No one will trust a hero who was willing to do what he wants because he felt like it, leaving many followers in fear rather than be in the comfort of their heroes."

Itsuki grunts to himself to be scolded like that and be also reminded of his failure in Tervein and be told what he did was wrong in the first place.

Balmus finally then turns toward Ren, "And you sword hero, you continued to defend the devil left and right in almost every instance. How do you think the faithful will feel that one of their gods is willing to talk and cooperate with their devil? Gods should never need to ally with demons and certainly not forgive an evil devil."

Ren grits as well, but he was more annoyed by the Pope's self-righteousness where he thinks trying to help a wrongfully accused person regardless of who they were was considered morally wrong in the church's eyes.

While the tied up heroes sulk after hearing all of that, Balmus then turns his attention toward the shield and sword heroes. Ren then shouts toward the Pope, "What exactly were you trying to do with me after you gave Malty that useless branding iron?" he asked wanting to hear the Pope's full plot while he tries to think of what he and Bakugou can do to defeat the Pope.

Balmus was happy to answer, "Other than to fully turn the people against Aultcray and the 2 other false heroes, we were intending for you to eventually meet up with Queen Mirella to no doubt help you. We were originally expecting a similar situation now with the Queen down there with the rest of you. But then you just randomly disappeared and reappeared in the middle of Siltvelt, I question how you did such a thing, but in the end it won't matter, once we're done with you we'll go after her, Reichnott, and the rest of the nobility, they shouldn't be of any difficulty to deal with. And once they're out of the way, nothing will stop the churches take over."

Bakugou then finally spoke up to the Pope, "And what were your plans with me, you bastard!?"

The Pope shakes his head and turns his attention to Bakugou, "You were a lot more complicated, it was hard to think of a way of dealing with you while you were in that dirty farm of a country, but we did eventually come up with something. It admittedly required doing less than pious actions, but was necessary for the greater good. We first had made a contract with a demi-human group of assassins to have them attempt to kill you."

This made Rino quickly figure out what that meant, "Wait, so you were the ones who hired the Scythe's to kill us after Siltvelt's wave?" she then turns her head toward Daven, "Would they take contracts with an anti-demi-human organization?"

Daven quickly responds to that question, "As long as they can pay for the contract, it didn't matter who you are, the scythes will take any job."

The Pope then continued, "Yes we paid them to kill you, if they succeeded then it was one less problem to deal with. But not surprisingly the demi's failed a simple job, but I did add another stipulation if they didn't succeed, leave evidence of Melromarc's involvement at the scene. Originally the plan was to give that brute Trinock and his little council an excuse to attack Melromarc with you leading it. And once you, perhaps some of the Siltvelt leadership, and a large not far behind get close to the border to attack, we would've enacted Divine judgment on you then, and not only would've the world be removed of a devil but if any of Siltvelt's leadership died along with you that Empire of animal's would've easily collapsed into chaos, as it did once before after there brute of a king died. Leaving it open to be conquered once the church consolidates its new power."

Daven then spoke up once more, "But that wasn't exactly what happened?"

"Indeed, I was greatly shocked by what the Shield hero did after that. Rather than doing the expected and immediately starting a war with his enemies, he did everything in his power to weaken the state that worshiped him. Curtailing the power of his own church, killing his Patriarch, encouraging the lower Demi's to rise up and protest, even freeing almost all of Siltvelts human slaves, and lastly killing the King of Siltvelt himself. Such things amused me to no end, but as I said before the best plans are the flexible ones. After you fled from that damnable country, as stated before we made it so that your fellow cardinal heroes would all end up together, and where you will also die together" the Pope finished explaining.

Bakugou wasn't too surprised by all of this considering the church's influence and power, but he never expected they be going all out like this, straight to murdering all of them in broad daylight, "For a guy to call himself self-righteous you don't seem to hesitate with cold-blooded murder you hypocritical bastard!"

Balmus just shakes his head and grins again, "Like I care for the words of a mad ruffian of a hero. I've allowed you to join our ranks for your demi's class upgrade and you just swiped my hand away and insulted the same great man who would've aided you. Even ignoring your devil status, that alone is enough to punish you with death. Though I guess I do have to thank you for one thing."

"Thanks for what?" Bakugou questioned losing his patience talking with the religious nutjob.

"Thanks for freeing all of those human slaves from Siltvelt. Not only weakening Siltvelt itself, but all of those poor souls will soon make perfect passionate followers of our church and loyal soldiers in our military forces. People with an inherent hatred of demi-humans will be perfect for our causes. So with that I as a representative of God thank you." Balmus responds which makes Bakugou clutch his fists harder to hear more condescending speeches from this bigoted power-hungry Pope.

Balmus then extends his hand, "This has been entertaining, but I think I've had enough of this farce, after explaining your sins it's time to face judgment from them." he announces while a church disciple hands him over a what appears to be a large sword. Melty gasped recognizing what that weapon could be.

The Pope then continued to preach, "The false heroes and the devil of the shield, who cling so desperately for life like cockroaches, shall be purified with holy judgment. And this country shall be given righteous order!" he finished as he raised his supposed sword in the air for all to see and as it begins to glow with deep power awaking it.

"Everyone be careful! That sword is bad news!" shouted Melty, she wasn't 100% sure if this was what she thinks it is, but she knew that kind of power was not one to underestimate.

But Bakugou was no longer going to stand and watch, "Brown hair blast that bastard to his hell!"

Rino responds already powered up and points her staff out and shouts, "Arcane missiles!" and launches out a barrage of multiple magic attacks.

Ren was also quick to attack, "Thunderbolt blade!" and fires his own magic energy attack right at the Pope.

But once the 2 different attacks supposedly hit their target, rather than blowing up the Pope, the attacks explode outside of his range with a magic barrier stopping the attacks short. Everyone looked on in shock at the failed attacks while the Pope grins widely once more, "Nice attempt, but now is my turn." the Pope then points his glowing sword toward the group of heroes as the mana formed into a magic energy attack and the Pope fires a powerful beam attack toward the heroes.

Bakugou was quick to react and jumps in front of everyone and the shield takes on the brunt of the powerful attack. Despite how powerful his shield is, Bakugou could barely hold the attack back, "Damn it! How can this be his first attack?!" he shouts barely holding his ground as the attack continued until it dissipated.

Despite holding out, Bakugou already felt winded from just that attack alone with Neia and the others immediately running up to aid him, "Sir Bakugou are you alright!?" Neia quickly asked with everyone else concern.

"Damn it! That was bullshit! How can that twig of an old geezer have that kind of power!?" Bakugou shouts with the others wondering as well, as they also look up toward the smugly smiling Pope.

"You continue to impress me shield devil that you could take on an attack like that. But this is merely the beginning, none of you will survive from the power of God himself and the faith of his many followers." Balmus mocks Bakugou and everyone else as he raises his supposed sword up again, then it starts to glow and surprising everyone it starts to change its form with it now transforming into a large spear.

Everyone looked on shocked including Ren, "What the hell is that thing!? It almost looks like Motoyasu's spear now?!" he shouts with the others noticing the resemblance as well.

And after that transformation, Melty knew what this thing was and what danger they were all in, "There's only one explanation to what that is. It's a replica of the cardinal weapons."

Everyone looked back at Melty surprised, "But I thought that thing was only a legend?" Rino spoke out familiar with what Melty was talking about.

"Mind telling me what that stupid thing is?!" Bakugou asked still recovering from that massive attack.

Melty went on to explain, "A long time ago someone had attempted to recreate the cardinal weapons for their own personal gains. It was to combine the power of all 4 weapons into one using all of their skills and power in an ultimate weapon. But I was told the weapon was lost centuries ago.

Ren then stares back at the Pope's replica weapon, "And I'm guessing they had recently found this supposed lost weapon."

Daven then spoke up, "I doubt they just found such a thing. Knowing what it is without thinking it's just a random weapon and being able to use it that well, I don't think they just found it. It appears even this church has kept away many secrets." Daven concludes with everyone not questioning the logical observation.

But the idea of it still pissed off Bakugou, "If this bullshit thing exists why did you even summon us in the first place!?" he shouts demanding that to be answered.

Melty continued, "It's powerful, but it requires a huge amount of mana to even keep it powered. Far more than one man can handle."

Neia then spoke up to that, "If that's the case then the Pope has many others helping him power the thing."

Daven quickly responds to that, "Many is an understatement, I can detect this Pope follower's mana pools. There are hundreds or perhaps well over a thousand followers behind him, helping their Pope to power the thing and giving him as many buffs as possible."

And Daven was indeed right, well behind the Pope, there were well over a thousand of his supporters powering the weapon. Monks, priests, nuns, disciples, guards, and many many other different devoted followers of the 3 heroes church from all over Melromarc and many parts of the world, even the entire self-exiled enclave of the church from Tervein was all there to provide as much power to there Pope and his weapon as possible even if they are drained dry of there mana.

The Pope then opens his arms, "Indeed the power of God is given by the prayers of his followers who give all they have to advance his work and create a better world, a world without corruption and fools, a world without a devil, all from the prayers of thousands and later millions. Brothers and sisters continue your prayers as we march forward in our crusade against false gods and demons. Give the Lord your strength." and with that speech more and more of his followers gave their mana to power up the weapon and cast many spells on the Pope himself.

Everyone in the crater continue to look concerned, but none of the heroes or there sidekicks were planning to give up and all held their grounds.

Bakugou was ready to go on the offense and was ready to break through the Pope's magic barrier knowing the Pope was truly just a glass cannon. He then taunts the Pope, "How about you shut up with your stupid preaching bullshit and just show if you have the balls to hit me again!"

Balmus knew this was just a taunt to focus only on him, but he was amused by the situation enough to play along, "If you insist." the Pope responds and as he points down with his spear replica, he fires another large beam directly at Bakugou as he holds out against the attack with the shield.

Despite how painful it was to hold out against such power, this was just what Bakugou wants, as he turns his head, "Kirishima! Brown hair! Blue! Give this bastard hell!" he shouts

And with that order, Kirishima grows into his adult size with Neia jumping on his back as he walks through the burning dirt with his heat resistance making him immune to it and quickly lets out a great fire attack at the Pope's right side as an extended fire beam, while Neia also fires out electricity bolts to put more pressure on the Pope even though he was just ignoring the dragon and elf like nothing as his barriers contiune to hold them off.

"Arcane missiles!" Rino shouts and fires off her magic attacks once more on the left side of the pope while her teamates contiuned attacking on the right.

Ren then got involved, "Hundred swords!" he shouts and from the ground fires his projectile attacks with Scarlet behind him doing the same with her wind slashing attacks.

The Pope was now dealing with a lot of attacks on multiple sides, he continued to stand tall confidently, but even Balmus knew he was drawing his limits with the barriers with his limited amount of mana, while also still firing at the shield hero at the same time. Eventually, he stopped the energy attacks to enforce his barriers.

Which was what Bakugou wanted as he lowered his shield, "Catboy! About 10 feet near him!" he shouts and Daven was quick to respond and grabbed hold of Bakugou, and the two teleported away.

And just a second later Bakugou pops in right above a few feet from the Pope, this power surprised Balmus for a second, but he kept his ground and fired another blast with his spear replica, which Bakugou managed to dodge with a blast of his quirk as the missed attack explodes high in the sky.

Bakugou then fires off his quirk right at the Pope's face, and does it over and over again at a rapid pace. Before the pope's followers could respond Bakugou blasted himself away from them and the Pope with Daven popping back in as he grabs his leader and teleported himself and Bakugou back down into the crater again.

After all of that with smoke all around where the Pope stood, almost everyone was breathing heavily from emitting all of those attacks and nearly exhausting all of their mana. Melty there as support helped give out mana potions to everyone to recover, including Bakugou and Ren who both stared up to the smoked ledge hoping all of that overwhelmed the Pope's barriers and he was dead now, with only his numerous followers left to deal with.

But once the smoke cleared everyone gasps or startles in horror as they see Pope Balmus alive and well, with the replica weapon still holding tons of power, enough power to make Balmus eyes glow through his glasses. The Pope mocks them again, "Hahahahahaha, I admit that was a good attempt, but even your combined powers are no match for the will and prayers of God." the Pope then swings his spear replica producing a powerful energy swing beam at the group.

Bakugou was prepared to block it, but the attack barely hit the outside of their safe zone, exploding the ground in front of them, producing a very hot fire and vibrations across the ground with everyone barely able to stay on their feet.

The vibrations stopped but everyone's fears didn't completely dissipate as the Pope laughs at them again, "And to think that was from a flick of a wrist, imagine what full power will look like. Hahahaha" he mocks them knowing this was just a show of force. The Pope then remains still in his position, looking intimidating as he waits for his followers to give him more power to tank more of their attacks and fire back. He'll soon have more than enough mana to kill them all.

Back with the group below everyone was trying to think of something they could do against someone who seems invincible, especially Bakugou "Damn it all! We need to kill that bastard now! I have another idea we could try." the shield hero then got the group to quickly huddle up to give them a set of orders while the Pope watched on to see what doomed plans they'll come up with next.

Everyone nods to what Bakugou had in mind and turns back forward at the Pope, "Kirishima fireballs!" Bakugou shouts with his dragon following orders and forms and spits out a bunch of fireballs at the Pope's barrier.

Ren and Scarlet also follow suit and fire projectile attacks once more at the Pope

The Pope laughed at this, "Hahahaha, do you really think this sort of strategy is going to-"


"What in the- *slash* ah!" But out of nowhere from behind Daven popped up right behind the Pope and with his bladed Sai's powered with dark magic he double slices at the Pope's throat.

And right before the Pope's followers could react and attack, Daven the cat rogue Pops away back down with the team.

Normally such an act would easily kill a man, but Balmus was still up alive, he had cuts on his throat glowing from the dark magic, but he was not bleeding out. The Pope's followers had placed numerous types of healing and resistance spells on their Pope, so something like that won't instantly kill the Pope as the wound quickly heals up.

Though the act still caught the Pope off guard and while he was rubbing his throat Neia surges up with as much electricity into herself as she could handle. Melty then fires a water blob spell at the Pope,and not far behind the blob of water Neia fires off a huge bolt of electricity. The blob of water splashes harmlessly into the Pope's barrier and leaks onto the ground, but the electricity bolt also hits the barrier and extends to the ground as the electricity spreads now directly harming the Pope.

Bakugou then blasts himself towards just below the edge of the cliff where the Pope was standing on and with a good build up of his sweat once he made it not far below the edge,


He fires his quirk into the cliff causing it to shake and start to crumble making the Pope almost trip over with the earth shake also being intensified by Rino's earth magic as the cliff starts to collapse.

Bakugou then blasts himself up the crumbling burning cliff expecting the Pope to stumble and fall where he would then make the kill.

But as he blasts himself up he witnesses something he wasn't expecting. The Pope was grinning and remained up high from the cliffs edge no longer stumbling with the cuts from his throat almost instantly healed up as if nothing happened.

And the ground the Pope stood starts to glow with it no longer crumbling as any damage from that part of the cliff repairs itself. The Pope's earth mage followers had fixed the earth he was standing on pissing off the shield hero. Balmus blasts a spear energy attack at Bakugou who barely dodged it with his quirk blasting him below the beam.

Bakugou tries to blast the wall again and again with Rino from afar also doing her best to collapse the cliff but it was no good when dealing with dozens of mages resisting them.

The Pope then points his spear down at Bakugou, "How amusing." and once again blasts a powerful bolt at Bakugou.

With no room to dodge it this time, Bakugou is forced to block the fast beam, but the force of its power blasts Katsuki back toward the ground near his team as they watch in shock and horror at the Pope's display of power.

"Sir Bakugou!" Neia shouts again quickly running up toward Bakugou to get him back up from that powerful attack, the shield hero barely could stand himself up, but he powers through the pain to get back on his feet. Then Bakugou and everyone else look back up to the Pope still making his smug smile.

"Another decent attempt, one that I admit was something I didn't expect especially that cat demi's underhanded trick. But it was all in vain in the end as one can't match the powers of an army of loyal followers and prays to God." Balmus mocks them once more as he allows his barrier and weapon replica to recharge itself once more, this time with enough power to fire more than just one or two attacks.

"Oh shut up about that! We heard you the first time!" Bakugou yells getting sick of the Pope's preaching and mockery.

Everyone was looking at each other worried with all eyes on Bakugou, "Sir Bakugou what do we do now!?" Neia asked hoping her master has the solution to this crisis as he usually does.

Bakugou could only groan to himself, as he grips his own head trying to think of some other plan to deal with such an overpowered enemy.

Though the silence was making the group nervous including Ren who wanted to know what they could do, "Bakugou do you have another plan?! We need to-"

"Shut up! I'm trying to think here idiot!" Bakugou snaps at Ren, trying to deal with a lot of stress and pressure. After a few more seconds of pause, he starts to brainstorm, "Ok so we know that weapon he has is powered up by his army of indoctrinated freaks along with giving him a million-plus bullshit buffs and stats."

Ren then spoke understanding where Bakugou was getting at, "So if we take out his power source, we take out his ability to fight like this."

Daven then spoke up, "Problem with that is we would be dealing with an entire army that is clumped up together, we wouldn't survive their overwhelming numbers head-on, and my teleportation ability can only go so far."

Rino then spoke her mind, "Not to mention the Pope will no doubt be aware of that fact and stop us outright if we directly attack his followers."

"Brown hair is right." Bakugou says and continues speaking, "That religious bastard is clearly just toying with us right now, that's about the only thing keeping us alive for so long. If he sees what we are doing too quickly he'll stop playing and go all out and kill us in one strike. I hate to admit it, but even I can only hold out so many of his attacks."

Melty then speaks her mind, "But what are we going to do? It won't be any different if we allow him to absorb more power and fight Balmus directly at full strength?" Everyone knew Melty had a point but it was hard to find a way around this situation.

Ren then adds some insight, "It is just him alone fighting when we are not fighting him at his level, our advantage in numbers gives him more than one target to deal with and leaves him open to flanking. We can take advantage of that?"

Bakugou nods to that, "That could work, however, whoever he's paying attention to will always be at risk even with Catboys teleportation."he responds to the sword hero. There was a lot for Bakugou and his crew to think about as they try their hardest to think of a plan while Balmus continues to look down on the supposed cockroaches trying to find a way out of getting exterminated and just enjoys the show.

But with their talk about numbers Itsuki and Motoyasu eyed each other nodding knowing what the two had in mind to save their own hides, not from just the Pope trying to kill them but from Bakugou and Ren as well.

The two still tied up spear and bow heroes slink their way toward the shield and sword hero groups, getting their attention but also Bakugou's annoyance.

Motoyasu quickly pleas for them, "Bakugou! Ren! If you need more help to distract the Pope, we-"

"Shut your damn mouth!" Bakugou shouts and kicks Motoyasu right in the face with the bottom of his boot not having time for his nonsense.

Itsuki then tried to speak up, "Wait Bakugou we can help out with-" but he was silenced as Bakugou stepped on his head forcing his face into the dirt.

"I don't need to hear a damn word from you bastards!" Bakugou shouts down at Itsuki.

Motoyasu despite his bleeding nose tries again, "Please let us speak Bakugou! We can help fight the Pope together as the cardinal heroes we don't have time to deal with petty gruges!"

Bakugou just looks angerly annoyed as he begins to walk his way to Motoyasu again, though hearing that did remind Ren of what Fitoria told him, putting aside grudges for the greater good, and despite their faults both Motoyasu and Itsuki were still powerful heroes, and with there battle aganist the Pope they might need all the help they could get.

But back with Bakugou he just looks down at Motoyasu as he lifts his foot up once more with the spear hero continuing to plea, "Come on Bakugou! Can't you let these childish thoughts be pushed aside for once and think of the bigger picture for the good of the worl-Ow! OW! OW! OW!" But Bakugou was done listening and was now just stomping his boot on Motoyasu's head over and over enraged by the hypocritical statements.

Bakugou kept that up until Ren finally stepped in, "Wait Bakugou stop! I think they might have a point!"

Bakugou finally stops as he pressed his boot on Motoyasu's head, pushing the spear hero's face into the ground while he squirms, "What point?" Bakugou demands while crossing his arms with everyone else listening in to what Ren had to say.

"We should allow them to help in this fight." Ren immediately responds.

"WHAT!?" Bakugou shouts now getting into Ren's face, "Are you serious?! These idiots attacked us and tried to enslave you!? Why should we even bother with them?!" he continued.

Ren looks forward at Bakugou's mad face nervously trying to explain his reasoning, "I-Look Bakugou we need all of the cardinal heroes to be working together to be able to off fight great threats like these, us alone won't be enough for this or with future waves. I know you hate them and so do I, but for now we need to put our differences aside to defeat the Pope or we will all die, we might be able to tip the scales if we have those two and their teams to help. Let's just free them for-Uh!" But before Ren could finish Bakugou pulls on Ren's suit to yank him toward his now pissed off face.

"Don't patronize me Paleface with this work together we'll be stronger nonsense! This isn't a damn preschool cartoon! These idiots won't be of any help, they'll just fuck up like they always do." Bakugou shouts at Ren, not being remotely convinced to let the spear and bow heroes go to help.

But surprisingly it did get the sidekick's attention, as they all thought about it together while Ren and Bakugou argued, eventually one of them finally spoke out about it "Maybe Sir Ren has a point Sir Bakugou." Neia spoke out in Ren's defense.

After hearing that from his sidekick, Bakugou lets go of Ren's suit to turn toward Neia looking annoyed, "Oh come on Blue you can't be serious, you just fought these idiots not even a half-hour ago!?"

Neia nods to that, "I know, but despite their idiocy, they are still powerful with their weapons, being able to put up a fight with you and Sir Ren despite the power of you two being far greater, that can't be overlooked. When we are fighting opponents like this sir Bakugou we can't be too picky about who we are fighting here. Even when I still didn't fully trust Melty when she first joined our group, I was still willing to work with and help her during all of our adventures in Siltvelt before we made up. Even when I didn't like her then, we still fought hard together against tough challenges. Maybe for just this once we do the same, at least until the Pope is dealt with." Neia pleas her case with Melty walking next to her to support her teammates words.

The young princess then spoke up, "Indeed Sir Bakugou, even with their differences, the cardinal heroes are still meant to work together to go against threats one hero alone can't fight."

Daven then made his point, "Plus greater numbers means giving the Pope more targets and distractions, we might be able to properly overwhelm the church with all of them around."

And lastly Rino, "Also we've already beaten them up easily not even an hour ago, if they try anything afterward we can just kick the crap out of them again."

Bakugou just growls in annoyance, as much as he hated the idea of it, he can't ignore their good points and he was about out of time and options to be thinking of anything else to do. He clutches his fist in anger again while growling louder and finally shouts, "Grrrrr-Damn it! Why do I always get ganged up by my sidekicks in crap like this!? Fine let the idiots go free, but if they try anything I'm turning them into foot mats again!" he finally orders.

Despite their slight annoyance with this situation, Ren and the sidekicks cut the ropes to Motoyasu and Itsuki finally freeing the cardinal heroes again. They do the same with their teammates as well, even Malty knowing that even she won't try to backstab them now while she and the others are fighting for their lives agnist the same enemy, but everyone knew to still keep an eye on her along with the spear and bow heroes for anything.

All of them quickly retrieved their weapons again, there was nothing they can do about their damaged armors though, they would have to make do with what they had now. Both Neia and Bakugou healed them up as much as they could of their injuries from earlier. All but Malty's scared and burnt-up face, "Wait what about my face devil!?" she ungratefully yells at Bakugou.

But the shield hero just blows her off, "Why, I prefer that look, it brings out the true ugly bitch inside." he mocks Malty.

Malty growls in anger at this and was ready to fire an attack at Bakugou's back in pure spite, until she gets spear end pointing at the "good" side of her face as its holder Rino looks at the elder princess sternly, which makes the evil princess back down once more.

She, the bow and spear heroes, and the rest of their teammates were ready to fight together. All but Aultcray himself. Despite being released from his ropes, the old king was graveling at the ground in fear, "He betrayed me, all who I trusted have betrayed me! And we're going to die all because of me!", he says to himself in deep stress and fear. Everyone including Melty herself knew the King had mostly lost it and was in no condition to fight in this battle so everyone just ignored him.

Everyone then turns back toward the Pope as he continues to smile down at the heroes, "I have to say you heroes impress me, that all of you have pushed aside your hatred of each other to fight against me. Very admirable, but it won't matter. While you wasted your time squabbling the replica weapon has gathered more than enough Mana to properly fight you. Now is your time to die." Balmus mocks the heroes as he transforms the weapon once more, with it turning into a bow.

Everyone was preparing for an attack, but then Motoyasu decide to stand forward toward the Pope, "I shall not stand for this! You manipulated us and then cast us aside like garbage! Prepare yourself Pope, we will defeat you and I shall be the one to deal the killing blow on your beaten body!" he boasts himself thinking this would remotely intimidate the Pope.

But all it does is roll everyone's eyes, "Maybe we should've kept him tied up." Rino mutters out loud over this stupidity.

Motoyasu then turns to his team, "Girls give all you have on the spear!" he orders the group.

The 3 girls of his group nods toward him and the 3 together started chanting a magic spell with Malty emphasizing the fact of her being the future Queen in it, which just makes Melty roll her eyes.

But after they finished their chanting Malty's, Lesty's, and Elena's magic had powered up the spear with a variety of different spells giving it a unique power up, that made the end of Motoyasu's spear flame up.

This act surprised the other heroes including Ren and Bakugou, "Wait a minute? Combo skills are possible as well?" Ren says out loud. Then as if on cue, both his and Bakugou's menu's pops up a help menu the explains combo skills.

"Oh yeah now you tell us about it you stupid shield." Bakugou shouts at the static menu, he and his team had sort of experimented with similar things in there adventures especially when it comes to Rino's spells, but this seems to allow greater attacks from the weapons themselves both the cardinal and normal ones. And the Sword and SHield heroes knew after this they had to find out more this skill set and find out what crazy combos they can do with their own teams.

But back with Motoyasu, once the attack is charged he finally fires the powerful flaming beam attack at the Pope. Motoyasu hoped his power alone would be enough to break the Pope's barriers, but unfortunately when the beam attack hits the barrier, Balmus was no worse for wear nor his barriers, the Pope didn't even flinch from the attack.

Motoyasu looked on in shock, "Your joking me?! That didn't do anything?! OW!" he mutters out loud then shouts after he gets bashed on the head with Bakugou's shield.

"Of course it didn't work idiot!? Were you not paying attention!? One powerful attack isn't enough! Unless you want me to use your body as my new shield you listen up from here on out!" Bakugou yells and throws Motoyasu back away from the front.

And from his bow replica Balmus fires a powerful arrow attack into the air, it started as a large blob of energy than the attack bursts into hundreds of other smaller but still powerful energy arrows.

"Airstrike shield! Second shield!" Bakugou shouts and just in time 2 large energy shields appear above al of them, as the arrows land on the shields protecting everyone else below from the rain of arrows.

While everyone is gathered together, Itsuki turns toward Bakugou, "Ok Mr. Number one hero! What's the plan now?! Ow!" he demands in a snarky remark which Bakugou returns with a backhand hit on the head with his shield

"I'm thinking about it, shut up!" Bakugou yells back.

Motoyasu then brought up, "Can't you just use your dragon to rain fire on the Pope's followers?"

Bakugou responds with, "Sure if I want Kirishima to get killed from the hundreds of assholes firing at him at the same time while he is exposed in the air! Just shut up and I'll do the actual brainwork here!" After that Motoyasu was greatly annoyed by this, but didn't say anything after that, even he knows that they didn't have time to argue.

After that, Bakugou then explains his plan to everyone, even getting those that hate him to listen.

Once the rain of arrows had ended with the energy shields dissapearng, the Pope's weapon transforms back into a spear again, and without any insults or remarks this tim he once more fires directly at the group with no warning as Bakugou jumps in front of the attack, forced to block the massive beam.

Everyone then split up into 4 groups.

Ren, Neia, Mald, Elena, and Lesty were on Scarlet to attack the Pope head-on.

Itsuki, Rino, Rishia, and the 2 remaining members of the bow hero's team fire magic attacks from the left using all the long-range spells they had on Balmus.

Motoyasu with Malty and Kirishima were also firing long-range attacks on the right side of the Pope.

And Bakugou, Melty, and Daven traveled around the battlefield to support everyone, Melty through her water support spells or cooling the burning grounds, and Daven teleporting people around or throwing his energy knives at the Popes or his followers. And Bakugou after dealing with the Popes attack blasts himself around in the air to give whatever support magic to anyone needing it.

The Pope was not intimadated by any of them as he continues his attacks to try to kill them all as he fires more energy attacks at the various groups. Who either barely dodged them, were blocked by Bakugou's various shield abilities, or were teleported away from them by Daven.

Ren's group finally made it up to the Pope, the so-called holy man was about to blast an attack right at them, but then with a lift from Scarlets beak and his powered jump ability Ren launches himself in the air toward the Pope, forcing Balmus to fire at the sword hero in the air, but thanks to an airstrike shield from Bakugou the attack was blocked and negated.

Ren then flips his way down with his sword ready to aim for the Pope's head, but Balmus quickly changes the weapon back into a sword which he blocks the powerful strike, then the two were quick to start clashing their magic swords at each other. The barrier protected Balmus from long-range and magic attacks, but not as much with melee attacks, forcing the Pope to directly fight against the hero. Despite not looking like it, Balmus was actually quite skilled with a sword as holds his own aganist the sword hero as they contiuned there fast paced battle.

A bunch of the Pope's followers was about to attack at the sides of the sword hero while he fights, but Scarlet leaps out of the hole with the melee squad jumping off her to attack the Pope and his close guards, battling either against them or the Pope himself to aid the sword hero.

Motoyasu and his squad also kept firing on their side attacking the Pope's barriers keeping pressure on him and applying suppressing fire on a group of his followers to make sure they don't aid their Pope while the church followers try to fire back at them.

And with Itsuki's squad rather than suppressing fire except for the bow hero himself who kept up the pressure with arrow fire, Rino and the rest of the squad get themselves up the crater and laid their focus on the Pope's followers who were helping to charge up the weapon. With Rino leading the attack, they fire their magic at the distracted groups of church folk, especially the ones who were focused on Motoyasu's team. Clusters of the church followers get blasted into pieces from all the attacks. The church followers far behind were doing all they can to help the groups who were getting attacked with healing and defense magic, but with the majority of their focus on the Pope, it was hard to do much to help the direct front line fighters who were busy dealing with the Sword and Spear hero squads or were facing arrow fire from the bow hero.

And while this occurs Bakugou while providing support magic, was also collecting a lot of sweat in his gauntlets, hoping to collect enough for his ultimate move, the Howitzer Impact. Bakugou plans to throw a huge one right on Balmus's face, as he gets exhausted from dealing with the Melee fighters of the sword hero team, his was barrier getting weakened by the spear hero's team of fire attackers, and the bow hero's team long-range attackers killing a bunch of his followers powering up the replica weapon. Once enough sweat is collected and the Pope was weak enough, one huge explosion should be enough to end this battle for good.

Eventually though the Pope's forces were starting to overwhelm the others with their superior numbers now attacking all at once, and the Pope's power still contiunes to grow stronger from the mana being sent to him and the weapon replica.

Despite the power of the cardinal heroes with their teammates and sidekicks, most were forced to fall back, but at that point Bakugou was already fully prepared to end this fight for good.

With his quirk, Bakugou fires himself up straight toward the Pope, as Ren, Motoyasu, and Itsuki kept Balmus focused on them. But eventually, it got dangerously close for Ren to be around the area so the sword hero after an aggressive thrust aganist his oppenent he managed to push Balmus away from him. The sword hero then power jumps back away from Balmus who tried to slash him with his powerful blade but missed. The Sword hero falls into the crater but he manages to land right on Scarlet's back as she was helping to gather the others around the crater and fall back to its center.

The Pope was wondering what was going on, but that got quickly answered as Balmus witnesses Bakugou aiming directly at him in a swirling cloud of smoke and fire. He remembered this attack in the duel with the Shield and Motoyasu and knew what Bakugou was doing. The Pope fires another powerful beam attack directly at the spinning shield hero, knowing he can't pull up his shield to block it at that state.

But just right before Balmus fires, Daven pops in right in front of the spinning hero, touches him, and teleports away. With the Popes beam attack flying through open air until it blows itself up.

Balmus gasps in fear from this unexpected move. But before he could think about where Bakugou was at, the shield hero pops in right behind the holy man still spinning fast, with Daven instantly teleporting away back with the others.

The Pope attempts another attack, but it was too late to fire another one as the Shield hero finally yells, "Die!" and once he was right at the Pope's face,


Bakugou fires off his explosion right were the Pope stood at, as the giant explosion created an intense light and wind for the Pope's followers to turn away there eyes from.

Eventually the force of the explosion and light dissolves, with everyone turning back to see what was the fate of the Pope.

There was a lot of smoke in the area, but after it thins out and everyone looks on to see a heavily breathing shield hero inside a large crater he created himself that spilled over into the larger crater from the church's divine judgement attack.

The church side look on in horror thinking the worst had happened with their leader, and the cardinal hero side mostly with the spear and bow groups they looked on in supposed victory, "Hahaha! We did it!" Motoyasu shouts with him and his team with cheering each other thinking it was over with Itsuki's team doing the same, sucking up to Itsuki's ego.

But Ren and Bakugou's team remained quiet and cautious, they knew better than to be celebrating prematurely, without knowing if the Pope was truly defeated or not.

And back with Bakugou, after he recovers himself from that massive attack, he looks around the crater he created. And he knew something wasn't right. Despite how intense and powerful that attack was, there was no body of Pope Balmus, living or dead nor any other evidence of the Pope's demise. Even when Bakugou was corrupted by the wrath shield he remebers at the very least ash remains would be left behind after his explosion attacks like with of Patriarch Ozsan but not even that is around.

But as he wonders, Bakugou and the cardinal team to their horror heard a familiar laugh, "Hahahahahahahahaha!" It was Balmus himself, still alive and well with his replica weapon still fully intact filled high with power now transformed into a bow again, he was surrounded by a group of masked and hooded individuals most of whom have collapsed on the ground after using up all of there mana to be able to teleport such a powerful individual with his weapon.

Balmus then finished his laughing and mocks the heroes once more, "Foolish devil. Did you think your little new furball of a pet was the only thing in this world with that kind of magic? Thankfully much of the church's spy corp is just as skilled in it as he was. I do have to say if it weren't for them I probably would be dead now, so that was yet another good attempt devil but not good enough." and without another second to breathe, he fires off an arrow attack at Bakugou with the hero barely able to block the attack in time but the force was so massive on the exhausted shield hero it made him slide near the edge toward the greater crater. Bakugou not knowing what else he could do at the moment blasts himself out of his crater to get back with the others in the greater crater.

Balmus contiunes to fires multiple arrows toward his oppenent with Bakugou barely able to block them all until he gets hit several times by the energy arrows causing him massive pain, "Sir Bakugou!" his team in unison shouts as Bakugou rolls down the hole from the attacks for a bit, until he finally gets his footing back and finally slides down with the bottoms of his boots until his momentum stops.

Once it was clear Bakugou was alright everyone's eyes including the shield heroes were back on Balmus who had walked up toward the giant craters edge once more with a smug smile, "The fact you would also resort to killing some of members of Gods church just to depower the weapon disappoints me. The fact you would go so low to attack those that can't properly defend themselves and not fight me directly just shows how weak and cowardly all of you are. The only fate you shall face is to be truly purged from this world. You sinful monsters and false heroes shall be cleanse from this world forever. Children of the church, now is the time to seal their fates!" the Pope finally shouts out loud.

"We pray to our God! The source of power! Decipher the laws of nature! Bring forth a miracle and protect the blessed one!" all the church followers shout in unison which everyone hears even down at the crater wondering what was going on as the Pope raises the glowing weapon replica above his head.

"And now of group defense magic at the highest level. Cathedral!" the Pope shouts and not long after a large blob of black smoke with a large red orb emerges from behind Balmus. No one knew what kind of spell this was, but they knew it wasn't any good.

Rino and Ren fire magic attacks at the glowing orb directly hoping it would shatter or something, but both attacks just phase right through the smoke and orb, "Crap the thing must be of pure magic!" Rino shouts to everyone.

The orb continued to move up higher and higher until it was now directly above the crater resembling a solar eclipse. Bakugou immediately jumps into the middle of the group expecting this thing to be some sort of attack like divine judgment.

But the orb wasn't attacking, it was now expanding its dark smoking mist across the air above the crater and the land the Pope was currently standing on, soon the whole area above was getting covered around this black mist, and not long after the mist reaches the ground the orb begins to produce a golden aurora which as it expands, it turns the black mist into golden metal walls, and before the heroes knew it, the walls encased the whole arena, trapping the Pope and the entire cardinal hero side inside. The orb spell had created what looks to be the insides of a giant church.

Everyone looked baffled by the whole thing and wondered what the hell kind of spell this was as they turn their eyes back at the Pope who continues his smug smile, "Hahahahahaha! Welcome to my cathedral sanctuary! Time to make your peace as it will be your final resting place!

Everyone looked concerned about the situation now, especially on the bow and spear hero side, "Our final resting place?" Motoyasu expresses out loud now starting to feel scared about the whole thing, he was starting to think he may die for real this time.

But on the Shield and Sword hero side, despite their fears, they try to keep their cool and hold together. Kirishima finally decided to produce a giant fireball and let it off on the magic cathedral's roof. The ball of fire explodes on impact, but as the smoked quickly cleared it seemed the fireball did nothing.

"Hahaha! This cathedral is built off the prayers of well over a thousand, it'll take more than a few attacks from false gods and minions of the devil to break it!" Balmus mocks them once more, and despite the amount of Mana that was used by his followers to power this massive thing, the magic it provides the Pope was making him more and more powerful with every second he remains inside it.

Everyone knew if they don't stop the Pope soon he will become truly invincible. Everyone's eyes were back at Bakugou. Motoyasu was the first to speak out, "So ah Bakugou, do you have another plan because I think we might-"

"SHUT UP YOU IDIOT! I'm trying to think of one!" Bakugou yells at the spear hero, the shield hero was starting to stress out from the situation.

Melty then decided to speak up herself, "Well let's think about the situation right now and how it has changed."

That statement did get the crew to think including Bakugou. Even Ren found something to say, "Yes, right now we are trapped in here with the Pope who seems to be getting more powerful."

Daven then spoke up, "But it's just him now, I'm not sensing anyone else inside this cathedral, all his followers are outside this giant magic object."

After hearing and realizing that Bakugou knew what advantage they had now, "Yes it is just him now!" he shouts getting everyone's attention again, "We need to overwhelm the bastard with more attacks! I want everyone who can attack long-range to fire at the bastard! Break as many barriers as possible and then we attack close range at once!"

While not a solid plan, it was all they had and everyone was trusting Bakugou's leadership and nodded to those orders.

Everyone turns back to the Pope again who held up his replica weapon now a sword again, and with a quick wave of his arm, Balmus's sword replica creates a large stream of fire across the ground.

Neia and Melty together combined their water magic together to stave off the Pope's fire attack with Bakugou blocking off the rest of with his shield.

And with that opening Ren jumps on Scarlet's beak and she throws him high in the air, "Meteor Blade!" he shouts and fires his attack at the Pope.

Balmus noticed but wasn't fearing the attack itself as his barriers protected him from such a thing and fires another flame attack on the exposed sword hero.

"Thunder shot!" Itsuki shouts with a bunch of others with long range attacks firing as well.

This did catch the Pope off guard. as he was now forced to concentrate his magic barriers at the many different arrow and magic attacks while Ren drops back down with Scarlet catching him on her back.

Motoyasu who was just powered up by his teammates then shouts, "Air strike Javelin!" he throws his powerful attack up in the air above the Pope, but with his top barriers weakened by Ren's attack the Spear manages to pierce through the top barriers and the spear attack manages to strike Balmus.

Finally harming the Pope and making him stagger a bit. Rino and Melty than fire their magic attacks together on different sides as Bakugou while standing on Kirishima rush over to fight the Pope directly.

Balmus once again fires multiple energy attacks directly at the shield hero which the shield contiunes to tank every hit.

The Pope continues to fire his powerful attacks hoping to eventually overwhelm the hero and finally vaporize him along with the dragon.

But while that was happening Daven Pops in right behind the Pope and was going to stab him in the back, but...

"Gah!" Daven shouts as Balmus stabs him in the heart.

Balmus then laughs, "Hahaha! Did you think that attack would fool me twice demi!?"

But behind the turned Pope, a second Daven pops behind Balmus with Neia in his arms. Before Balmus could notice the strange event Neia lands right next to him and shouts, "Electric surge!" Balmus then endure millions of volts of electricity from the ground, as the supposed stabbed Daven disappears revealing it to be a shadow clone.

Despite the pain, Balmus was gradually gaining resistance to the attack from spells of his followers outside with the attack already quickly waning, once he was no longered stunned by the pain he attempts to kill the warrior elf. But Neia takes out her swords just in time to stop Balmus's replica weapon strike with the two now trading attacks with one another once more.

Despite her own strength Neia was starting to tire from Balmus's powerful strikes, but thankfully Bakugou finally jumps off Kirishima as he blasts himself back near Balmus. With the Pope now focused on the shield hero, Daven pops in to grab Neia and get her away to recover quickly.

Balmus quickly turns the sword into a spear and he and Bakugou continued their big stand-off as Bakugou blasts and jumps all around the Pope, as the holy man with his numerous spell buffs was able to keep up with the shield hero as the two fire their attacks at one another.

It was an intense battle as two powerful opponents attempt to overpower one another's defenses.

What Balmus didn't expect though was up above, Kirishima was now flying with Rino on his back. With the Pope distracted both she and Kirisihima rain down their magic light and fire attacks on Balmus.

The Pope upon noticing the attacks with his upper barrier barely holding out, he fires back with a powerful fire attack of his own on the two, "Phoenix blade!" and from his replica weapon materializing into existence was a magic fire attack resembling a burning Phoenix as it quickly focuses on the flying dragon.

The fire attack follows the Kirishima around the Cathedral with the fire phoenix attempting to get its targets. While the Pope fight continued down below the dragon does all it can to avoid the thing while it was gaining upon him. It looked though the Phoenix was getting close, but then,

"Airstrike shield!" Bakugou shouts with the energy shield poping in front of the powerful firemagic attack as it bashes into the green shield and then self-destructs creating a large explosion in the air, saving Kirishima and Rino's lives.

Then on the right side, Ren on Scarlets back jumps off her into the fight as they both attack the Pope while Bakugou continued his rapid attacks as well.

"Quick kicks!" Scarlet shouts with Balmus barely able to hold back the powerful and fast kicks.

"Thunderbolt slash!" shouts Ren then he jumps at the Pope with his powered-up sword with Balmus ready to fire his weapon at the sword hero.

"AP shot!" Bakugou shouts and fires the concentrated beam attack on Balmus's side breaking through the weakened barriers and hurting the Pope, this allowed Ren an opening. And with his powerful attack, he slices right across Balmus's body. Causing deep pain to the church leader.

Bakugou then goes all-out crazy on Balmus as he jumps at the Pope and fires his quirk over and over again at an extremely rapid pace barely giving a moment for Balmus to breathe as his barriers are unable to keep up and was getting hurt by Bakugou's attacks.

"Die! Die! Die you damn old bastard!" Bakugou shouts trying all he could to finally kill the Pope for good even with all of Balmus's buffs with Ren running back at the Pope once more with powered-up sword and filolial. Itsuki was also now up there near Balmus and was about to fire point-blank with Motoyasu jumping in as well to do the same with his chaos spear attack. It seemed the Pope was done for.

Unfortunately for all of them, none of them notice that the power of the cathedral had fully completed itself with the roof now glowing with the power of prayers. Which the Pope immediately notices, "Enough!" he shouts and stabs the spear replica on the ground. This produced a powerful spell, creating a massive and powerful force of energy around the Pope with its pushing everyone away and even knocking them off the cliff back into the crater, all but Bakugou as he slides across the ground on his feet from the force.

Bakugou attempts to attack again, but now a quickly energized Balmus fires an even more powerful and quick energy attack at the shield hero. Bakugou barely holds it back with his shield, he was surprised at how much more powerful this attack was compared to the others as it nearly made him stagger , he would've died if it was not for him immediately turning his cardinal weapon into the wrath shield in time. But the intense pressure of the attack pushes him to slide down back into the crater.

And once Balmus got the shield hero out of the way he was ready to do the same with the sword hero. But thankfully Ren was able to get away thanks to Scarlet and Daven was able to teleport the two out of there in time before the two got vaporized.

With everyone out of the Pope's vicinity Balmus shouts in anger, "Your sins demand more! You defy God! Cleansing you won't be enough! " his weapon then turns into a bow again and he quickly pulls back the string of it.

But rather than firing at any of the heroes, he fires at the roof of the magic cathedral itself.

This surprised everyone trying to think why he would do this. But unfortunately, that got quickly answered as the magic arrow hits the orb at the top of the roof. This caused a massive bright light to appear nearly blinding almost everyone until it fades away, but now the roof had transformed as the walls now turned into seemingly animated pictures of the Pope himself with his bow replica weapon, and the pictures even started laughing in almost unison at everyone, "What's he doing now?!" Motoyasu shouts not liking to be in the dark by all of this.

The looks and laughs were already creepy enough, but now surprising everyone the many images with a bow were now all firing magic arrows from the walls themselves.

It made everyone alarmed and were all now dodging the numerous wall arrow attacks. These arrow attacks were not as deadly as direct replica bow attacks, but they were still quite painful when they hit.

Everyone was doing their best to either block or dodge the attacks that were now keeping the heroes and sidekicks in their places while they were forced to hear the Popes laughing from the walls.

"What the hell is all of this?!" Itsuki shouts, he was the cardinal hero having the hardest time dodging the numerous arrows, only getting any sort of protection from Mald.

Rino was quick to answer while she tries to produce some barrier spells for as many of her friends as possible, "He must be using some sort of Illusion spell! Using the power of this cathedral to extend his power all around the area! We have to hold out until the spell is done!" she along with Melty and Neia continue to used their magic to block or destroy as many of the arrows as possible even when some of the wall laughing was starting to get into the poor young princess's head.

Back with Bakugou, he remained the closest one to the Pope as the arrow attacks contiune firing at him on all sides. He blocks many, but quite a few were getting through his defenses hurting the hero as Balmus continues his smug smile.

But Bakugou wasn't going to give up yet as he tanks the arrows and growls at the Pope, "Is that the best you got you old fuck!? I fought bigger arrogant idiots than you!" he taunts the Pope who just laughed.

"Hahaha, at this point I might as well be fighting a rabid dog. A stupid mutt who barks loudly and doesn't know when to quit!" the Pope taunts back.

Bakugou had about enough of Balmus and despite the arrow attacks, he was now rushing right toward the Popes hoping he can just overpower the old racist bastard already as he blasts himself at Balmus with his quirk, and starts firing explosions right at his face.

But thanks to the full power of the cathedral and the power of thousands of prayers the Pope could now tank any explosion with his barriers reforming at full strength again.

Bakugou fires his quirk over and over and over again jumping at every angle dodging the Pope's energy and blade attacks as possible.

But the various attacks were starting to exhaust the shield hero as the Pope also tanks all the attacks like nothing and when the shield hero got too close.

"AHHHHH!" Bakugou screams, making everyone in the area stare at the shield hero, and to their horror saw Balmus get through his shield and stabbed Bakugou in the right shoulder.

The Pope quickly removed the spear from his body, leaving behind a gashly stab wound that glowed with burning heat magic that burns the wound area causing endless pain for the hero. And not a second after recovering from that, Balmus's weapon transformed into a sword again and he stabs it in Bakugou's left knee, "AHHHHHH!" Bakugou screams again in deep pain.

"Sir Bakugou!" Neia screams as she and the other attempt to save him while dodging the magic arrows.

Though despite the pain Bakugou wasn't going to give up yet and attempted to blow up Balmus's face but he wasn't quick enough.

"Chaos sword!" Balmus shouts and starts to rapidly slash at Bakugou's body over and over leaving deep cuts throughout the shield hero's body with the same magic painful glowing heat energy across the cut wounds.

But even after all of that, Bakugou still tries to raise his arm out at Pope, which starts to annoy Balmus. Not a second after the Pope fires a powerful energy bolt attack right near Bakugou's chest

The shield hero barely blocked it with his cardinal weapon, but it still made Bakugou go flying a good distance away as he rolls across the ground until his momentum stops. The shield hero now lays on the ground in deep pain from all of those attacks.

"Sir Bakugou! Please Sir Bakugou don't leave us!" shouted Neia as she and all the others made it up to him. Rino quickly uses her hex breaking magic to remove the burning glow magic within his cuts as the wounds themselves get healed from Neia's healing magic and Ren pouring a healing potion down his throat.

Bakugou finally starts coughing up again, "Sir Bakugou, please tell us you're alright! Please get up! Please get up!" Melty shouts at the shield hero both her and everyone else were all worried about his health, as well as the prospect of the Pope still standing tall and looking down at them all.

Thankfully for them, Bakugou wasn't completely out of the game yet as the healing helped quickly get him back on his feet, "Yes!.. *cough* Fuck!.. Yes I'm fine-Ah! Let me..*cough* Kill.. Kill that damn old bastard already!" he shouts barely able to keep himself up from the massive injuries the Pope dealt on him and the exhaustion from the constant attacks he was facing even with adrenaline potions.

But as everyone looks around, they notice something weird. The walls had finally stopped firing the arrow attacks. Everyone looks up toward the roof and from the eclipse-looking orb it was now pushing most of its energy down from the walls, all going right into the Pope himself whose power was now greater than ever as the Cathedral's power expands his already massive power tenfold, combined with the mana of thousands of more prayers outside of the cathedral.

His replica sword was glowing brighter than ever as he holds the weapon back ready to throw the ultimate attack on the devil, his ilk, the royals, and the false heroes.

Itsuki fires arrows at the Pope once more, but barriers continue to hold out doing nothing to the glowing Pope, "Hahahahaha! All of you should've known you be no match to the power of God! This fight has been nothing but a farce and now is the time for you fools to be cleansed. And this time, the attack will be so powerful no devil's shield will be able to stop it. Hahaha!"

Everyone was now looking on in deep fear. They threw about everything they had on the Pope, but none of it was enough, "No Sir Motoyasu! Save us!" Malty shouts but not to suck up this time, this time it was out of genuine fear. Everyone gathered close together with Motoyasu and Itsuki with their teams, Ren with Scarlet, and Bakugou with his team. Even King Aultcray himself despite still looking out of it had finally dragged himself over near Melty to be with his family one last time as Pope Balmus readies their final judgment.

Balmus makes one final taunt, "Hahahahahahaha! Now time for you to taste the will of-"

"Oh would you just shut the hell up already! You think that bullshit garbage you preach scares me!?" shouted a voice interrupting the Pope and as everyone including Balmus himself turn their heads to the source, it was Bakugou himself as he drags his tired and injured body to be amount distance away in front of everybody surprising even his own sidekicks on his willingness to not give up. Even on impossible odds, he looks up right at the Pope, "You can boast as much bullshit you want, but I'm not going to cower in fear and allow myself to beg for mercy! Not to the likes of you! Say Pope bastard, do you want to know the true difference between God and the Devil?"

While he wasn't going to back down from the ultimate attack, Balmus might as well muse the devil's final words, "Ok, you got me shield hero. I could think of a million things to compare, but you might as well say your answer anyway so we can get this over with."

Bakugou gave his answer as he stands up tall, "God is afraid of no one."

"Ok, that is very clear, what is the point of this?" Balmus questioned him.

And Bakugou continued, "The devil is also afraid of no one, except for one person... God himself. And let me tell you now you old bag of shit, you may have a powerful weapon and I may fear its power and what it can do to me and my friends. But I'm not afraid of you at all, Pope! not to your old body, not because of who you are, or to your stupid God that you preach about! Without your weapon, you're nothing more than some ancient senile racist joke! I'm not afraid of you at all! And I'm not going to go down without a fight!." Bakugou finishes as he raises up his shield ready for anything.

After hearing that speech and witnessing Bakugou's courage, it motivated everyone to stand up and not give up hope on their fight with the Pope. Starting with his sidekicks Neia, Rino, Daven, Kirishima, and even Melty. Then not long after, Ren and Scarlet follow suit as he and the sidekicks walked toward Bakugou until they stop just right behind the shield hero as they begin to line up side by side with each other.

Despite their fear and hesitation, Itsuki and Motoyasu were also gaining the courage to not give up yet as the last 2 cardinal heroes walk up toward the line with their teams following suit even if they were reluctant to do so at first.

Even Aultcray of all people despite him cowering the whole time from almost losing his mind to the betrayal, his mind was starting to clear up once more, he remembers himself dealing such odds before with the armies of Siltvelt and their powerful almost unbeatable king. As much as he hates to compare himself to this, but if he was in Bakugou's shoes he would do the same at such odds and never give up to monsters like Balmus, and there was no way he would be weaker than the shield devil. He finally walks up to the line himself and stood there in the line with everyone else.

Everyone was together now. Not showing fear and were willing to stand together despite their differences to fight the Pope.

With the Pope himself, he just stood there in silence for a few more seconds, and finally just laughed, "Hahahahahahahahahaha! That's all you have left to say?! I think in the end this talk of showing no fear is nothing more than stubborn fools resisting the inevitable!" Balmus's weapon was now producing a giant orb of powerful holy energy on its tip, "Let's see how your suppose lack of fear work against me! The will of God!" his weapon had finally completed its ultimate charge and was ready to blast it at the hero, after holding back so much power the sword replica the Pope finally shouts, "HOLY RAPTURE!" and finally with all of his power he throws down the weapon and fires the ultimate attack on Bakugou himself.

But just as the Pope fires the beam Bakugou shouts, "Wrath shield!"

Ren shouts, "Meteor Blade"

Itsuki shouts, "Meteor arrow!"

Motoyasu shouts, "Meteor spear!"

Neia shouts, "Electric blot!"

Rino shouts, "Archane beam!"

Melty shouts, "Intense Aqua beam!"

"ROAR!" And Kirishima roars while still in his giant giant form he fires a large stream of fire from his mouth.

And lastly all the other cardinal hero teammates including Malty herself all fire magic attack together.

The combined firepower of the heroes' attacks all converges together on the Pope's ultimate attack beam, with Bakugou himself being the last line of defense for all of them as he holds the main beam with his wrath shield as the attacks from everyone else help push the beam back.

Daven didn't have any powerful beam attack, but with his teleporting ability, he'll be able to give out both mana and energy potions to everyone quickly to keep them firing their attacks.

The Popes beam of pure power and energy was huge, but Bakugou continues to protect everyone with his wrath shield, barely holding back the force, as makes the hero slide across the ground.

Despite all the pain he was still suffering from the replica sword cuts before and now from the pressure of the intense force of the beam, the shield hero continues to hold out with the other heroes and sidekicks continuing to fire their beams and attacks to help Bakugou push back Balmus's power.

The Pope couldn't believe his eyes at this, "This can't be!? Nothing is stronger than the will of God! I will purge this world of your evil!" Balmus shouts and intensifies his beam even more to overpower the shield and other heroes already.

The beam struggle continued as the two sides move back and forth at each other with Bakugou as the medium.

But to be holding back the energy for so long was starting to become too much for the shield hero, even with the combined power of the cardinal heroes, his team, and the default wrath shield it wasn't enough, with the Pope's attack not dying down anytime soon.

Bakugou holds out as much as he could feeling desperate for anything to help him. Bakugou tries to think of something, but the stress of this whole situation was starting to get him very angry. Then the shield saw that anger and a familiar sight appears on his menu. It was the wrath cursed series again and it was going to allow him to use some of its extremely powerful abilities again, "No! Not that damn thing! Screw off!" Bakugou shouts out loud, he knew what this power had allowed him to become and what it almost made him do to his teammates.

But the longer the beam struggle lasted, the more apparent it became that even with the combined power of everyone it wasn't enough to hold back the Pope's weapon as Bakugou is pushed closer and closer back to the heroes and sidekicks.

Bakugou turns his head to see how everyone was struggling to keep up their spells and knew that they were giving all they got to survive and defeat the Pope. And here he was holding himself back afraid of what might happen, then seeing what will definitely happen if he doesn't fully embrace the wrath shield again.

"Damn it! Damn it! Damn this church! And damn this old racist bastard!" he shouts and when he was near his breaking point Bakugou was forced to bite the bullet and fully unlock the wrath shield's abilities, *Wrath shield level 2 unlock* the menu states with the wrath shield changing its appearance getting bigger with more complex glowing red patterns appearing across it's front. The new shield had also begun the process of reforming on the demonic armor Bakugou had before in Siltvelt starting with his gauntlets

The added strength and defense the new shield applied had begun to change the tide of the battle as Bakugou was now not only stopping the force of the endless beam, but now he started to slowly walk his way to the Pope as he pushes back the powerful beam of energy with the shield, along with the others attacks still also helping to push it back. The Pope noticed and couldn't believe this, "How can this be?! No one can last for that long against such a attack!?" he shouts and grows angry at this, he turns his head and shouts through the cathedral wall, "More power now! Give up all you can provide!"

One bishop on the other side heard his Pope but look worried, "But your gracious! Many are already nearly tapped out if we continue we could-"

"Just do it now!" Balmus shouts not caring how many of his followers fall due to this, he had to win this struggle if he and his church will survive and come on top as rulers of this kingdom.

The bishop was quick to respond to the order, "Everyone pray all you can! Give the one who holds the will of God all of your power!" and with that, almost every single member was expelling all they had with a few collapsing from exhausting to power the replica weapon more.

The beam struggle continued as it seemed the Pope had gotten the upper hand again as the added prayers were making a difference to stall the shield hero.

The heroes' side continues to struggle to fire their endless stream of beam attacks with them also starting to reach their breaking points with how long the struggle is going on with seemingly no end to the Pope's powerful attack.

Bakugou tries his best with what he had as his powerful demonic armor finally covers his entire body again, but it seems even the second wrath shield wasn't enough. He was fighting 2 different struggles, one on the Pope beam and the other fighting the shield from corrupting his mind as it grants its user more and more power. It was hard for Bakugou to fight both, but it was starting to become more and more necessary to not fight the shield as it is the only thing keeping him and his friends from dying.

His blood vessels start to glow a bright red as the shield's corruption takes hold of the shielder's body, but it also gave him greater strength as he once more slowly pushes back the beam and walks up to the Pope.

"No. No! NO! This is not possible!" Balmus shouts as he witnesses Bakugou walking closer and closer to him despite the power of his attack, he grips his replica sword even harder hoping the shield will just break already.

But the beam's power was no longer strong enough to push back the hero, he can feel the pressure and struggle of his team from afar and knew he had to protect them at all costs as he takes on even more wraths power.

He forced himself to get as angry as possible to get it stronger, remembering all the things that has happen to him that truly pissed him off. From King Janio's torture of him, Trinock capturing his crew, Itsuki and Motoyasu's idiocy, everything Aultcray and Malty have done especially the rape accusation, all the way back to his old world remembering the league of villains and All for Ones evil, and lastly what he hated the most, himself, but not of the past but of a possible future where he embraces such power and destroyed everything in his path both in this world and his homeworld, one where he could've truly become a villain like people expect him to become.

All of the thoughts of hate finally consume him as his eyes now glow red with wrath and Bakugou was now walking faster and faster up to the Pope while still struggling with the beam but not as much as before.

Bakugou was now closing in on the Pope as Balmus uses all of his strength to kill the hero before he got close, "Die! Damn you devil! Die!" Balmus shouts as even he begins to sweat from his struggle.

But the shield hero approached closer and closer as his entire body glows red from the wrath heat energy. Bakugou's mind was now getting consumed again as he was now abandoning every other emotion but pure hatred. He fully eyes the Pope as the target of all his hate at this moment.

Despite the struggle, Bakugou was now just a few feet away from the Pope as the churchman reaches the limit of his power as he tries to overwhelm the shielder while holding back the various other attacks. Bakugou then starts growling as his entire body was now turns glowing red and begins to glow brighter and brighter as he makes it up to the Pope.

And once he was just an arm's length from the Pope the other hero's attacks converged together right at the tip of the replica's tip.

Bakugou finally makes on an ultimate wrathful scream as he lets out all of his hate on Balmus, "RRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"


A giant explosion erupts right where the Pope and Bakugou were at, with the force of the explosion of both the wrath shield and all the combined hero beam attacks resulted in a massive blast pushing down or tripping the other cardinal heroes and sidekicks on the ground when their attacks hit their target.

Outside of the Cathedral, the huge explosion blow out a huge hole through the artificial church's walls, and the Pope was sent flying across the landscape above his numerous followers. They all jumped out of the way of the Pope as he landed and rolls across the ground. Balmus kept on rolling until his momentum begins to stop and finally lays his old body on the dirt with his Pope hat long gone.

A bunch of his followers ran up to their Pope to aid him with healing spells and comfort, "Your graciousness! Are you alright!?" a disciple asked with the others worried about his holinesses health.

Balmus just groans while rubbing his head recovering from that powerful attack, "I'm fine now, we just need to..." but as Balmus looks down at his hands, his eyes widen in absolute horror when he sees them empty, "The replica!? Where's the replica weapon at!?" he shouts and turns his head around the area hoping he dropped it nearby. But no luck, "Find it! Find now!" he shouts toward his followers as everyone looks all over at their feet and the ground hoping to find their ultimate weapon. But despite the hundreds of church folk looking, they had zero luck finding it.

"Is this what you're looking for!?" shouted a deep demonic voice that made everyone to turn toward it.

Including Balmus as he gasp in utter horror when he sees who was speaking and what he was carrying, "Oh no! No no nononono!" the Pope utters no longer holding back his fear.

And that voice was none other than the shield hero Katsuki Bakugou. Now fully taken over by the wrath shields corruption once more with his bright red glowing eyes. His left hand has his shield still in its level 2 wrath form, and in his right hand he was holding the weapon replica itself.

The heroes and sidekicks look back up after recovering from the force of the explosion and producing those powerful attacks, seeing through the massive hole of the magical cathedral where Bakugou was standing at.

Motoyasu and Itsuki looked up happy to see that it looks like Bakugou had won. The same couldn't be said about Ren and Bakugou's sidekicks, in other circumstances they would also be happy with this victory, but right now they see a corrupted Bakugou once more now dawning his corruption armor and a scarier looking wrath shield, "No, not again! Please don't lose control of yourself again Sir Bakugou." Neia mutters out loud.

With the corrupted shield hero, he looks back at the massive crowd now full of fear and horror, including the Pope himself, Bakugou then spoke, "I have to say you old bastard! For all the powers the other forms had, they were shit in defense! If you'd changed into the shield replica you might've taken my blast like nothing! But it looks like you remain a stubborn bastard to the very end!" he mocks the Pope and then stares down at the replica weapon as he lifts his left arm up, "Too bad I'm not allowed to use this thing! I would've shown you idiots how to use it properly! But I might as well defang the venomous pests!" he shouts, and without a second to breathe Bakugou bashes the weapon replica with the bottom of his wrath shield.

And with the intense force and power of the wrath shield, the replica breaks into 2 and then shatters into pieces. Now destroyed and useless. And with its magic gone, the magic cathedral rapidly dissolves away until it disappears completely

Balmus stutters in utter fear, with any form of smug pride and confidence he had since the beginning was now completely gone. With the only weapon that could challenge the cardinal heroes themselves was now destroyed.

Bakugou stares out into the massive crowd directly toward Balmus, "So bastard! Where's your little God at now!?" he mocks the Pope.

But despite his deep fear, Balmus quickly went back into deep anger as he growls out loud and then shouts, "PURGE HIM! Use everything you have on the devil! All of you! Purge him! Purge Him! PURGE HIM!" he screams out as loud as possible as he points at Bakugou.

And without hesitation, every single member of the church turns toward Bakugou and with the rest of their mana all at the same time fire all kinds of magic attacks at the shield hero.

The area Bakugou is on was now covered in a mass of magic energy, explosions, and dust with all the members throwing whatever they had at the shield hero. Balmus then starts laughing again thinking he was still going to win, "Hahahahahaha! You think that you can defeat me!? The speaker of God himself and his legion of followers!? This world will be rid of your evils forever and theirs nothing you can do to stop me! Hahahahahahaha!" he laughs thinking that no one could survive all the attacks at once even a cardinal hero.

But then fear creeps back at Balmus as he witnesses Bakugou despite all the attacks hitting him at once it was not stopping or was even harming the corrupt hero at all, like back in Siltvelt with an ability he gained, he was now absorbing all the energy attacks on him. He slowly walks toward the 3 heroes church followers as they fire the last of their mana to kill the devil already.

But with each second past, the Shield hero continues to step closer as he starts glowing brighter and brighter than before, "No! No! This can't be possible! None can survive God's will or judgment!?" the Pope cries as Bakugou approaches his followers who kept on firing while they feel the heat coming from there devil.

Bakugou glows brighter and brighter than before with the hundreds of magic attacks fueling him up along with his rage. And with each glow growing brighter it starts to make a humming sound, a hum that got louder and louder as he consumes more power and glows even brighter. The corrupt shield hero finally was at his breaking point and after the silence of one more hum,


Bakugou expels a giant explosion around his body into a giant wall of fire, and in an instant hundreds of the Pope's followers were caught in the explosion with their entire bodies all the way to their bones had vaporized into ash.

The survivors were pushed away from the force of the energy blast including the Pope. After getting themselves back up, the survivors look on in horror as the corrupt shield hero's glow dies down to just his blood vessels and eyes. The area he stood on was now devoid of life and was surrounded by smears of ash of at least half of their vaporized brothers and sisters.

The wrathful hero then shouts toward them, "You fools talk of God's will is bullshit! You're nothing more than a bunch of self-righteous, greedy, bigoted, hypocritical, assholes! You have dared to sin against your true God! And now is time for me to purge the world of the sinners!" after he finished Bakugou extends his arms out and roars, "RRRRAAAAAAHHHHHHH!"

The roar could be heard from all across the forests including the terrified hero squad still in the crater.

"Ah... What the hell is going on with Bakugou? This is getting kind of scary?" Motoyasu mutters out loud with Itsuki, Aultcray, and their teams just as scared as he was, even Malty was genuinely horrified.

Bakugou's team, along with Scarlet and Ren remained silent trying to think what they could do with this situation once Bakugou runs out of church members to burn, Ren then mutters, "Let's just say Bakugou's really really pissed off right now."

"Isn't that just him all the time?" Itsuki says out loud.

Neia then responds to that, "No this is true pure hate." this didn't help answer the bow hero's question but either way none knew what they can do now.

Then they started to hear growling near them, and when everyone turned toward the source of it, it was Kirishima whose upper chest was now glowing a purple light, "The Dragon Emperor core?" Ren says out loud as he and the others also see Kirishima's eyes now glowing a dark red like his father's.

They didn't know what was going on until Neia figured it out, "Of course, Bakugou also has half of the other core in his shield, the 2 pieces must be connected with one another and now Kirishima is being influenced by the wrath shield as well."

"Wrath shield? Is that the cheat shield Bakugou has now?" Itsuki responds thinking Bakugou was somehow cheating at this point.

But the discussion of that had to wait as the dragon responds to his father's call, "ROOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRR!" Kirishima roars back and not a second more Kirishima stomps his way through the crater like nothing and quickly climbs himself up the burning dirt walls.

The wrath corrupted dragon emerges from the crater like a demon from hell as it finally makes it up behind his wrath corrupted father as the remaining church followers continue to look on in absolute horror at the devil and his pet dragon.

But it only remained silent for only a few more seconds until a bishop finally shouted, "Come now! We can't give up now, with our faith in God atill strong, we should still be able to vanquish the devil today! Attack the shield devil again!" and with that boasted speech, the remaining church followers still up in the hundreds banded together and attack the hero and dragon either charging with swords or magic once more. All but the scared Pope and a few bodyguards of his, Balmus decided to remain back and just watch.

But corrupt Bakugou just smugly smiles as shouts out to his dragon, "Time to purge the sinners! RAHH!" he shouts and finally blasts himself toward the left as he accelerates himself with his quirk at the charging church followers while Kirishima attacks on the right. But once they were both right up to them.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Bakugou fires off his quirk at them without mercy, as dozens upon dozens of the Pope's indoctrinated and fanatic followers are set on fire or are vaporized by the shield hero's wrath power.

And with Kirishima it was just as much of a massacre, as the dragon was now completely corrupted with his father's bloodlust and sets fire, squashes, and outright eats many many of the church's followers trying to attack him.

It was becoming a true horror show as hundreds of the Pope's minions die in messy or horrible ways by the two.

Some of the less fanatic or more cowardly members of the church could no longer stand to watch the mass of death and attempted to run from the devil.

"Electric surge!" shouted a voice with the ground electrifying with a bunch of the retreating church followers getting caught in it until the electricity stops and they fall knocked out on the ground. And when the rest of the retreating church followers turn, they see Neia along with the rest of the heroes and sidekicks now getting themselves out of the crater to stop the retreat.

Not wanting to face the direct wrath of the shield hero they quickly got on their knees, "Wait! Please please don't feed us to the devil we surrender!" one of the church followers begged with the others nodding to that as well.

And without hesitation, Neia and the rest of the heroes quickly knock out and tie up the surrendering 3 heroes' church followers. Anymore that were fleeing the battle met the same fate.

Other than taking out any remaining retreating stragglers, the heroes and sidekicks watch on as Kirishima and Bakugou continue their rampage.

As much as they feared Bakugou's corruption they weren't going to stop him from killing the rest of the church followers, not only to just avoid suffering from his wrath in interfering, but to the fact the church had just tried to kill all of them just a few minutes ago and were the ones attacking and engaging Bakugou and Kirishima right now as the aggressors over the fanatic belief of their religion, so useless they were fleeing the battle none lift a finger to help the same people that tried to kill them.

Though on the back of the sidekicks and sword hero's minds, they were still wondering on what they are going to do to snap Bakugou out of it once he was done. They figure saying the same exact speeches as before won't work this time and had to think of other means or things to say to calm him down.

And being done was rapidly getting closer as Bakugou and Kirishima continued to butcher the remaining church members left in right. Once an army of over a thousand was now just a few individuals left as they desperately try to kill the devil who just returns the favor with a fire explosion in the face.

Pope Balmus continued to stand there afar in utter shock and horror to see almost every single one of his church being killed off like nothing. And now there was none left to him help stop the shield devil as the corrupt hero finally eyes the Pope after blowing up a bishop's head off.

Balmus panicked and could no longer remain in the same area with the shield hero anymore. He and his five remaining bodyguards turned around and ran away. Balmus was now running for his life as much as possible, he didn't even have any plans on where they were even going to run off to or hide at, or what plans he had now for the church, all Balmus could think right now was to get as far away from here as possible and save his own old hide.

But as he was chewing on a bunch of Balmus's followers Kirishima noticed the Pope running away. After burning the remaining church followers that tried to stab him Kirishima finally flapped his wings and flew toward the Pope.

The Pope and his bodyguards continue to run away until Kirishima finally lands himself right in front of the Pope as the so-called holy man stares up in complete horror at the giant wrath-filled dragon.

Two of the bodyguards jumped in front of the Pope and shout, "We will not let you harm his graciousness, you pet of the shield dev-*squish*" but Kirishima just steps on the 2 crushing them like bugs.

The last 3 bodyguards behind Balmus attempt to fire magic attacks at the dragon's face. Only for Kirishima to just breathe fire on the 3 as the last of the Pope's bodyguards scream in pain and agony as they burn to death.

And with those last 5 dead, the Pope was now completely alone. All of his followers were now either dead or captured by the other heroes. He had no one else to throw into the wolves, no one to provide him with any more powerful weapons, and no one to help save his hide. Balmus can now only look on in deep horror as the giant dragon continues to stare down and growl at the helpless evil churchman.

Then Balmus heard footsteps behind himself, and as he turns he witnessed a corrupted wrathful Bakugou now walking toward him. Balmus knew how screwed he was with the 2 corrupted beings now sandwiching between him.

Bakugou finally stopped walking and smugly smiles and laughed, "Hahahahahaha! Not so confident in being the so-called will of God without some cheap weapon and an army of indoctrinated freaks huh?! Do you have any final words before you greet your followers down in hell?!" Bakugou mocks him as he lets out an explosion from his hand in the air.

Balmus was absolutely horrified by all of this, he was now caught between a powerful devil that has murdered almost all of his followers and a giant fire-breathing pure-blood dragon. There was no running from this and he knew it. Having no chance of escaping this he did the only thing he can do now. Beg for his life.

He quickly kneels himself down while clasping his hands together toward Bakugou as the corrupt shield witnesses this pathetic display, "Please please, Lord Bakugou have mercy on me! I agree I've gravely sinned and allowed my ego to get the better of me! I should've never gone against you! Please lend me your forgiveness and with my influence and power, I can make all of Melromarc love and worship your greatness, I can make them all pray to you as their one and true God. I can even make them shun and hate those that harmed you, like Aultcray, Malty, and those two imbecile heroes. They shall become the new devils and the world will soon look at you for who you truly are, a God to be praised." he finished begging.

The cardinal heroes and sidekicks couldn't believe what they just heard, they couldn't the Pope of the 3 heroes church was begging for forgiveness and was claiming to be willing to abandon his beliefs to save his own hide from the man he tried all he could to destroy a few minutes ago.

With Bakugou himself, he just remained silent as he scratches his chin, thinking about what Balmus had just said.

After a few seconds, Bakugou finally spoke, "That does sound tempting, you might be useful to show the world who their true God is and kill all those bastards that screwed me over."

The Pope cheers to that, "Yes yes, that's exactly what I was thinking, with my resources and knowledge of this world, you can eventually rule it with me as your greatest ally!" Balmus was also thinking, 'Yes I think I've managed to convince this brute fool, as his second in command I can get him to kill Aultcray, Mirella, Reichnott, and anyone else that can go aganist me, and once the time is right and he doesn't expect anything I'll finally kill this brat behind his back for good." he says in his head.

Unfortunately for him, that plan gets immediately dashed as Bakugou points at the Pope's sweaty face, "However there's a problem with that. You're also one of those very bastards yourself! You tried to screw me over and over again, didn't do shit to ever help me, had your followers treat me like shit, and you tried to kill me and my friends today! You don't deserve to even look at me at this point! It's time to purge the ultimate sinner." Bakugou finished making Balmus look on in complete fear once again as he now sees that his words did no good to convince the shield hero.

Bakugou had about enough of this and extends his hand and produces a red magic spell and applies it on Balmus, leaving the Pope confused, "Wait, what was that?! What the hell did you do to me?!" Balmus demanded with deep fear in his voice.

Bakugou then evily smiles, "That was just a minor fire resistance buff, this is just so you don't die instantly. Won't remove any of the pain though. So enjoy the heat."

Balmus was confused about what this all meant, until he felt a great source of heat on his back and as he turns himself around he sees that Kirishima's stomach was heating up with a good amount of fire going up to his throat, ready to let it all out. Balmus widens his eyes in absolute horror as he realizes what Bakugou was doing.

Bakugou finally raised his fist up and quickly throws it down as he shouts, "Kirishima! Burn the sinner!"

Kirishima's mouth was finally filled up with fire. Balmus shouts with his arms up at the dragon, "No please wait!" he shouts but it was no good as Kirishima finally expels out a huge stream of fire directly at the Pope himself.

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!" Balmus screams as his entire body is set on fire. The burning holy man screams and runs around all over to find a way to extinguish the fires as it burns his rodes and melts his skin, "Help me! Would someone please HELP ME!" he screams at the top of his lungs, but it did no good. Most of his followers were dead, those who weren't were knocked out or tired up, and the cardinal heroes and sidekicks were not going to help the man that tried to kill them all day.

And all the while corrupt Bakugou just laughed and watched as he also continued to heal the Pope up with his magic to make his suffering last longer. But eventually, after about a minute Bakugou got tired of this and wanted to just end it now in a big climax, as he raised his left arm up with the shield he shouts, "I cast the iron maiden!" and with that call like before in Siltvelt, the sky turns red with a giant iron maiden torture device appearing high above for everyone to see.

Bakugou then extends his arm out to the screaming burning Pope, "Shield prison!" he shouts and a metal ball encases itself around the still burning Balmus, "AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" Balmus screams again as within the metal ball sharp burning metal spikes form within the ball that start stabbing Balmus all over leaving endless pain while avoiding puncturing through any major organs to not instantly kill him, all the while still engulfed in fire as Bakugou also continued his constant healing.

And with a wave of Bakugou's arm downward, the Maiden opens up and releases its burning chains that encircle the metal ball, and slowly lifts it up with the screaming burning evil man in it toward his death, "Get used to this pain bastard! You'll be feeling it for the rest of eternity!" Bakugou shouts his final words to Balmus as the tortured man continued to scream for help that he was never going to get.

Once the metal ball was up inside the iron maiden the doors of the device quickly close themselves with its armor-piercing spikes stabbing on the ball until it finally breaks, "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhh..." Balmus screams for the final time as he gets crushed into paste.

The iron maidens figure headpiece eyes glow and eventually the giant magic torture device disappears. Leaving only the Pope's burnt blood to rain from the sky and a burnt crushed pair of glasses.

Pope Balmus of the 3 heroes church was now dead, leaving only a legacy of traitory and evil behind. And unlike they were expecting he and his followers will not be going to the pearly gates, only to the gates of fire and brimstone where endless torture and suffering await them.

Once the deed was done Bakugou shouts toward the heavens, "None can challenge me! I'm number one and none shall tell me otherwise! RAAAH!" he finally screams.

"ROOOOAAAAARRRRR!" Kirishima not long after roars with his father as he expelled a giant stream of fire.

Everyone looked on horrified at Bakugou's scary power, the sidekicks and Ren held their grounds waiting to see what happens now.

But then the spear hero opened his big mouth, "Haha! We did it, we finally defeat that cheating boss together!" he shouts with Malty wrapping around hi shoulder while covering her half damaged face with her long hair.

"Of course Sir Motoyasu, none could match up to your bravery." the half deformed princess sucks up to Motoyasu's ego.

But that ended up being a major mistake when Bakugou hears their voices, "You!" those familiar voices had retriggered Bakugou as he turns his head, now growling while emitting a great miasma of pure hate around him, his presence was felt across the area with Bakugou eyes now on Motoyasu, Myne, Itsuki, and Aultcray.

Bakugou's sidekicks, Ren, Scarlet, and all of Itsuki and Motoyasu's team step aside as the King, the elder princess of Melromarc, the bow hero, and the spear hero stood together in deep fear as they witness this pissed off corrupt teen stomping his way toward them.

Motoyasu attempts his best to calm down the situation, "Woah Woah! Wait a minute Bakugou, we're still allies here remember, we are together on this whole thing! Can't you just-"

"SHUT UP!" Bakugou screams, still fully corrupted with the wrath shields curse, "You four disgust more than anything else here! You dare treat me like shit and still call yourselves heroes!? You're nothing more than a bunch of losers with underserved power! As I did with your little Pope, I'll wipe this world of your shit forever!" Bakugou shouts as the ground around him begins to crack from his power.

"Meteor arrow!" "Meteor Javelin!" Itsuki and Motoyasu shouted together firing their best attacks, but Bakugou just stood there tanking both attacks like nothing.

"Ha, that tickled!" he mocks the two's failed attacks, now the bow and spear heroes were expressing true deep fear, "Now is my turn!" he continued and with his quirk, Bakugou fires off two cursed quirk fire blasts on the group's sides creating 2 giant lines of cursed fire. The four attempt to run away only for Kirishima to emit his own wall of fire across the backway.

They were now corned as the trapped group continued to stick together in deep fear with Malty and Motoyasu even hugging each other.

Aultcray tries to bargain with Bakugou one last time, "Wa-wait, maybe we can make a deal, I can pardon you of everything, you can even still kill me afterward, all I want is at the very least let my daughter to leave here, she wasn't involved in-"

"I said SHUT UP!" he yells and stomps his way toward the four helpless enemies of Bakugou's.

On the sides though, as much as they did want to see these four terrible people face karma for what they did to all of them, the sword hero and sidekicks knew this was not the way to go. Ren especially, since he knows full well that if Itsuki and Motoyasu die, the waves will not get stronger and harder to fight but fitoria will easily just kill him and Bakugou. Ren knows he'll hate himself for doing this for them, but he has to make a stand for those four for the good of him, Bakugou, their teammates, and the whole world.

Once Bakugou was close enough to his four enemies he was ready to jump and fire his cursed quirk at them, but then, "Bakugou! Stop!" shouted a voice that turned out to be Ren along with Scarlet who ran together until they stopped right front of the group.

"Paleface get out of my way!" Bakugou demanded, not going to tolerate the sword hero's games.

Ren quickly tries to reason with him, "Bakugou I know what they did to you was wrong, but this is not the way to handle this. They need to be put on trial and be shown to the world what they really are and-"

"SHUT UP! I don't need any damn trial or prove anything to anyone! If those fools in Melromarc still don't trust me, I'll make them fear me from my power!" Bakugou interrupts and yells at Ren.

"Bakugou please, I know it's hard to understand now, but we need Motoyasu and Itsuki alive. We can't properly stop the waves without them, you have to understand reason!"

"FUCK REASON! All I ever hear is excuse after excuse from spineless people like you, who can't even take on a damn oversized bird brat Queen! If you don't get out of my way right now Paleface! You're going to die with them!" Bakugou screams as he emits small explosions from his palms.

"Sir Bakugou no!" shouted another voice who ran right beside Scarlet, it was Melty now standing up to help her family and the other cardinal heroes, "Sir Bakugou, my family has done many terrible things to you and deserve to be punished, but just killing them like this will make you no better then they were. Prove them wrong that you're not a mindless evil devil! Show them and the world that you're not an evil demon but a hero!"

Unlike with Ren before, seeing Melty in the way made the shield hero groan in annoyance, "Grrrrrrr, Princess Blue hair! Get out of my way! I have to do this! I can't let them get away from me again!" despite all the anger and wrath he still had in him, Melty, Ren, and the rest of Bakugou's group could tell he was not exactly like the corrupted Bakugou before in Siltvelt, he seems to at least still recognize his friends and was internally holding himself back. The sidekicks knew now what needed to be done to stop another rampage.

Daven then Pops up next to Melty, "Sir Bakugou, I know it's tempting to just blow away your enemies quickly, but even you must remember that just killing the ones you hate as soon as possible isn't always the smart or right thing to do. Sometimes you just need to settle down, wait, and think things over, like you were willing to do with Trinock and the council, patience always has its rewards." he says to Bakugou which makes the corrupt shielder grip his hands.

"I don't... I don't... Have to... God damn it! Just move over! Move over!" Bakugou complains with the rogue cat teen remaining where he was at.

Rino then ran up to walk in front of Melty, "Damn it! Not you too! Would you idiots get out of the way!" Bakugou shouts with his mind trying to hold back his body from killing his own teammates and it was getting harder and harder to do so by the second.

Rino then spoke, "Sir Bakugou, you know you're better than any of them. You're not like Aultcray, Balmus or Myne nor some mindless monster. You're a true hero and a true hero knows when he has to stop himself. So please stop now."

Bakugou grits harder as he grips the top of his head resisting himself as much as he could to not attack his sidekicks again, "Why!? Why!? Why do you have to make things so complicated!? Why!?" he shouts with his mind in conflict once more with the wrathful corrupt shield side wanting to just murder everything and his normal rational mind trying its best to take back his own body, but the repeated images in his mind of Motoyasu, Itsuki, Myne, and Aultcray were making it harder and harder for him to regain his control.

Then one last person decided to walk up near Bakugou himself, his last sidekick Neia, who gave him a comforting smile, "Sir Bakugou, nothing is ever simple. Life goes in many different directions, some predictable and some you never expect. Like me, I never thought in my life I would be in this position here today, to be on the side of a great hero. A hero who when you look at him wouldn't be seen as a hero at all, but your actions have proved everyone wrong again and again. You are a great hero Bakugou and you shouldn't allow the shield to control you and let it tell you what you should do. Make it understand who you are, and what you truly want. Don't be the weapon Sir Bakugou, be the hero." Neia finished with everyone else nodding in agreement and remaining together.

This continued to apply more and more pressure on the shield hero, the wrath shield wants him to just kill everyone, but his own will was stopping it.

This struggle continued for over half a minute as Bakugou resists the wrath shields influence trying to continue to fill him up with Bad memories, "Damn it! No! Damn it! Get out of my damn head! RAAAAAHHHH!" he yells and lets out two large explosions in the air making everyone step back from the intense heat, hoping this wasn't Bakugou about to lose control and go on a rampage again.

But after finishing those explosions Bakugou started to take some deep breaths. He did all he could to keep himself under control, but what finally help him was when after hearing his sidekicks' voices Bakugou begins to remember all of his good memories once more. Those of his sidekicks, his classmates and friends in his homeworld, and all the people he helped along the way that were grateful to him in both from Melromarc and Siltvelt. It started to uncorrupt his heart and mind, despite the pushback on the wrath shield it began to lose control of its user. Bakugou began to produce less of an aurora of hate and was now breathing slower.

After a few more seconds of calming himself and resisting the influence of the shield, Bakugou's veins stopped glowing with the heat around his body cooling down. His corruption wrath armor gradually dissolves away. Even the cursed fires that surround the groups finally start dying down until they finally extinguish themselves. Eventually, Bakugou's eyes also stopped glowing with the corruption finally being fully removed from his body, with his shield turning back into its default form.

And with Kirishima, his eyes also stopped glowing red once his father ended the control of the cursed shield. The dragon was now also free of the wrath shield's influence.

Everyone looked on and were surprised to see that Bakugou was able to hold back the shield's corruption and revert back to normal again, "I knew he could do it." Neia mutters out loud.

Bakugou finally groans again, but more of an annoyance than of any wrath, he feels his body aching all over and finally sits himself down to rest after exhausting himself from that massive fight with the Pope and his mental fight with the cursed shield.

All of shield hero's sidekicks gathered around Bakugou to comfort him, "Sir Bakugou are you okay now?" Melty questioned hoping there were no more surprises from him.

But Bakugou quickly responds with, "Yeah yeah I'm fine now, just let me get a god damn break already. After all the shit we had to do today I think it's deserved." he answers in his typical Bakugou attitude.

The girls then smile and quickly ran up to hug Bakugou, "Hahaha! We all know you deserve it Sir Bakugou, you're the one who needs it most of all." Rino cheers with Melty and Neia hugging together which annoys the hero with Daven not far standing smiling at his annoyed hero leader.

"Oh lord, will you you know what, whatever, I allow it this time." Bakugou shouts but then stops himself when not only was he too tired to yell right at the moment, but at this time he doesn't mind his sidekicks being happy about his wellbeing. Kirishima even shrinks down to his teenage form to allow his father to lay on his stomach to have the rest the shield hero definitely deserved.

And with the sword hero, Scarlet transforms back into her human form and cheers herself, "Hurray! We did it Sir Ren, we helped save the day!" she then jumps to hug Ren.

The sword hero smiles as he pets her head, "We certainly did Scarlet, we certainly did." Ren felt genuinely proud of himself, he with the others was able to help calm down Bakugou to save Motoyasu and Itsuki. He continued to keep Fitoria's promise of saving the other heroes and getting them to work together in this one instance to help fight off the Pope and succeed. He hopes that he can keep this up and continue getting everyone to work together for the greater good and fight off greater threats in the future.

Then with Motoyasu and Itsuki, they along with Malty and Aultcray were just absolutely confused about what just happened, they had no idea what the hell was going on with Bakugou before or why he suddenly decided to not kill them. Neither Motoyasu nor Itsuki saw such a thing as the wrath shield in their respective games from their old worlds, or how in the hell Bakugou of all people got it during his time in Siltvelt. They were mostly thinking that Bakugou must've somehow cheated the system to gain access to such a thing, but they were also thinking of how unfair such a shield was along with his werid supposed fire magic.

Then Aultcray after staring at the Shield crew for a bit turns himself back at Motoyasu and Itsuki, "Ok Bow and Spear hero, this is our time to act. While he is down throw all of your best attacks at the shield now." he orders, despite everything that had happened today, Aultcray still had his hatred of the shield hero and with there main enemy gone he focuses his efforts back at the shield and sword heroes.

But after hearing that Itsuki and Motoyasu widen their eyes surprise by that order, "What! After all that crazy stuff he did?! No way am I going to try anything on him right now!" Motoyasu responds waving his hands toward Aultcray.

"Yeah, this isn't worth risking my life or what items I have left here!" Itsuki also responds likewise not wanting to fight Bakugou again even at this state.

Aultcray just growls in annoyance, "Come on you cowardly fools! This is your time to show your worth and stop the enemy now! Kill him now while he can't fight!" he orders again, but he continued to earn silence from the two.

"Are you serious!?" shouted a voice and as Aultcray turn to its source, it was Ren who was not amused by this, "We literally saved your lives from a guy who you blindly followed nearly murdered you and your family, and you're still trying to kill or capture us!?" he scolds the king with Bakugou and his crew rolling there eyes to this whole thing and not even feeling threatened by it.

"Silence you damn traitor! I'll deal with you later! Itsuki, Motoyasu just shoot your long-range attacks while he is laying on the dragon!" Aultcray continues to yell while he points his fingers at an equally unamused Bakugou.

"Father please," Melty says with the tone of a disappointed parent speaking toward a whining child.

"Melty don't worry I'll get rid of that mind control as soon as I can! You 2 just kill them already! That's an order!" Aultcray continues his pestering but neither hero was budging.

"Why should we even listen to you anyway!? Anytime we do, things go from bad to worse for all of us!" Itsuki talks back having about enough of Aultcray and was about ready to just go back to his original mutiny hostage plan just to shut Aultcray up.

Aultcray then yells back aggressively, "You will listen to me you brats! I'm the King! You're in my kingdom, under my rule! I am the law of this land and will not be talked back by some stupid whiny children!"

"No, I'm the law of this land!" shouted a random voice.

Hearing that pissed Aultcray off further as turns to confrot the source of the voice, "Who dared said tha-Gahhhhhh!" Aultcray yells but immediately stops and gasped in horror with his eyes open wide when he recognizes who made that voice.

Surprised by the king's reaction everyone turns to who said that remark. All eyes were on a small cliffside and at its top emerged an army of Melromarc troops, and the one leading the army currently was on a horse who a beautiful armored woman with purple hair and a large gold jeweled crown on her head. It was Queen Mirella of Melromarc herself in person, now back in her nation once more.

"Mother!" Melty shouts joyfully, recognizing and happy to see her mom again after so long.

"Mama!?" Malty shouts but with fear in her tone, unlike her younger sister she was terrified to see her mom again and knew she was in deep deep trouble.

Everyone else remained in awe and surprised to see the Queen in-person now of all times, including Bakugou who just remained where he was at, wanting to judge himself and see if he can truly trust the Queen.

Mirella with some of her troops came down from the hill with the Queen quickly dismounting from her horse and lands on the ground.

"Mother!" Melty cheerfully shouts again as she runs up to her mom with the Queen smiling to see her younger daughter safe and sound.

The two finally get up to one another and gave deep hugs, "Melty, I'm so glad you're safe. Are you okay?" the Queen says and asked his daughter as she looks around to see if she suffered any wounds or injuries from the recent fight.

"Don't worry mom, I'm safe and stronger than ever. All thanks to the shield hero, sword hero, and my new friends," Melty responds to her mom as she points to Ren with Scarlet, the laying down shield hero who was just watching the whole show with his squad of sidekicks around him.

Mirella smiles once more, "That's perfect, I'm glad you were able to get along with the heroes and get stronger both physically and through experience. I'll be sure to help all of them soon enough." she ensures her daughter while continuing her huge hug, truly happy she was safe along with the true heroes of Melromarc.

The tone of the scene quickly changed though as Mirella looks up and sees her husband King Aultcray looking scared and tense toward his own wife.

Mirella's smile quickly disappeared and began to express extreme anger on her face. She finally lets go of her big hug with her daughter, "Excuse me Melty, I have some trash to deal with right now." Mirella then stomps her way toward Aultcray with Melty walking back with Bakugou's group nervously knowing what her mother was going to do.

The pissed-off Queen walks closer and closer to her husband as he was terrified out of his mind, Aultcray tries his best to calm his wife down, "Ah, sweetheart it's so good to see you again after so long. I know we have a lot to say to each other so why don't I tell you about-"

But Mirella wasn't having any of her husband's excuses and with a wave of her arm, the entire ground instantly freezes on Aultcray's feet and large icicles cover his entire body all but his head, completely freezing him in place.

Mirella then walks right up to her frozen husband as she raised her arm back, "Sweetheart wait I can expla-" *slap* but Mirella interrupts and threw a giant slap across Aultcray's face, surprising everyone there. And without a second to recover she slaps him again on the other cheek and then on the other cheek again, and again and again and again over a dozen times with great force and fury.

Once she had enough she points her finger at the terrified and reddened king's face, "Don't you god damn Sweetheart me! Have you not realized what you have done!? What your actions have nearly caused!? I have given you explicit instructions to follow! Simple tasks you could've done! And you just ignored them! Pretended they didn't exist! Your actions could've cost the lives of our daughter and the whole kingdom!" Mirella scornfully scolds the king not leaving anything back.

Such an act shocked everyone, to see the King be treated like this without mercy was not something they expect to witness today. But at the same time for Bakugou and his crew, this all amusing to be seeing the King get treated like crap after all he has done with them.

With his cheeks still red from the painful slaps Aultcray tries his best to beg for his wife's mercy, "But I... But I... The shield devil... He-" But Mirella didn't want to hear it and with another wave of her hand she covered Aultcray's mouth with ice. The King tries to speak again, but with the ice everyone could only hear muffling.

With a wave of her hand again she breaks the ice columns with Aultcray falling on the ground with his arms and legs still wrapped around with ice, unable to move or run, "Arrest my idiot of a husband right now!" she orders her soldiers as two knights quickly ran up to frozen Aultcray and takes the iced king away.

Mirella sighs to herself feeling a deep headache, still not believing the once great man she married had been reduced to this.

After that insane event, Itsuki and Motoyasu were quick to try to suck up to the Queen once she noticed them.

The two kneel toward her with Motoyasu speaking first, "It's an honor to be meeting you the first time in-person your majesty. I just wanted to say you have such a wonderful daughter and kingdom that I'm honored to serve and-"

But Mirella just casually waves her arm once more and the Spear and Bow hero instantly get encased in ice, along with their weapons now unable to use them.

The two encased heroes were of course shocked and confused by the whole thing, "What the hell are you doing!?" Itsuki yells at Mirella with him and Motoyasu wondering why the queen was treating them this way.

Mirella stares at the two looking unamused, "Spear hero Motoyasu and Bow hero Itsuki, you're both under arrest for numerous charges against the crown including aiding traitors." she told them bluntly.

Which confused the Spear hero, "Wait helping traitors? What are you talking about? All I did was protect your family?"

"That is part of the problem Sir Spear hero," she responds to that. And speaking of her family she witnesses her eldest daughter Malty trying to make a run for it.

But then Daven decided to pop right in front of the running princess and stuck his foot out. Making Malty trip and land face flat on the ground, "You damn demi!" She screams at the sidekick who casually teleports back to Bakugou and crew who all gave Daven the thumbs up.

And before the half deformed Princess could rise and run again, the Queen freezes ground around her along with her feet making Malty trip and fall on the ground again with her arms quickly getting iced as well.

"Arrest my scheming daughter as well." Mirella casually orders as she turns herself around back at the bow and spear heroes as a group of guards go after the trapped elder princess.

After witnessing that event on his supposed teammate and lover, Motoyasu tries to yell in her defense, "Hold on a second your majesty! Myne didn't do anything wrong, she wasn't involved in any of my-" but Mirella didn't want to hear it and just froze Motoyasu's mouth as she did with her husband's.

"That is none of your concern now Sir Spear hero. You and Sir Itsuki won't say any more until your trials back at the capital." the Queen states to the two.

Itsuki though didn't like this, "Wait a minute! What do you mean my trial!? I had nothing to do with what Aultcray and the Pope were doing! This was all their own plans and I was just following orders with-" But like the others, Mirella just froze his mouth to shut the bow hero up as well.

The two continued to try to yell some sense into the Queen with their muffled voices, but she was about done with them and her soldiers quickly took the bow and spear heroes away into custody while they remain in their ice prisons continuing their muffled screaming.

While also being dragged away Malty tried to plea for herself as well, "Mama, please this was none of my-" but like the others, Mirella shuts her daughter up with a good amount of magic ice across her big mouth.

The Sword and Shield hero teams continue to look on in surprise to see the privileged heroes and royalty being treated like this, but at the same time enjoyed every second of it. Bakugou especially, "Man, what a woman." he says out loud liking the sight of those idiots being put in their places, the Queen definitely gave him a good first impression.

And with all that done, the rest of the bow and spear heroes teams were also arrested but unlike the others, they didn't try to resist or speak out about it knowing the Queen was watching them.

The rest of the captive surviving 3 heroes church members were also arrested and taken as prisoners.

Once that insanity was done the Queen turned toward the Sword and Shield heroes' direction and approaches the Sword hero first.

Ren was admittedly nervous after witnessing that show wondering if he was next on the Queen's hopefully figurative chopping block.

The Queen finally stopped not far from Ren and quietly stared at the Sword hero with Scarlet remaining close beside him. Ren decided to speak up first, "Look your majesty, I'm so sorry if I caused so much trouble in your kingdom, I wasn't thinking straight from the start and acted stupid, I just-"

But before he could finish, surprising everyone including Ren was the fact the Queen herself was kneeling toward the Sword hero in gratitude with her one of her hands her chest.

She then spoke, "Thank you Sword hero Ren Amaki, for what you have done. For going against my idiot husband's insanity, saving my citizens from a giant monster in the Rabier territories while on the run, aiding the shield hero with protecting my daughter, and helping to stop the 3 heroes churches take over. You and your Queen filolial partner Scarlet have earned my enteral gratitude."

Ren was surprised to hear all of that from the Queen, and he wasn't sure if he completely deserved it, but it still felt good to be hearing all of that from someone of high authority that wasn't just kissing him up like Aultcray was in the beginning.

The Queen then turned after taking a few more steps and kneels once more toward Bakugou's squad, "I also want to thank all of you for your deeds and accomplishments across Melromarc and Siltvelt, all of you are true heroes and I can't thank you enough for your help in aiding my country in such dark and confusing times and stopping the waves of catastrophe. I'll be sure you will be awarded for your deeds today and the days before it." she then focuses her eyes on Bakugou who was still laying down on Kirishima's body, "Especially you Shield hero Katsuki Bakugou. Your bravery and skills have helped save the day from a great evil in both the fools I use to call family and of the church." she then starts to look sadden, "I'm also greatly sorry for what they had done to you and your team members since they brought you here, I can never make up for what they did and I will ensure their crimes will not go unpunished. I hope you accept my forgiveness great hero." she finished kneeling herself even lower with her head down showing her genuine sincerity.

Bakugou just smiles, amused by this whole event, "Yeah fine whatever Queen. Right now I just want to lay my ass back and rest, this was a long day for me."

The sidekicks smile and nod to that as they bow back toward the Queen for the thanks and gratitude.

Mirella rises back up from her kneeling and smiles once more, "And rest you all deserve. I'll get a carriage for all of you and we may talk more once we are all rested back at the capital." the Queen finishes while ordering some troops to get the carriage.

Today was truly a victory for Bakugou, Ren, and crew. After such hardship since Siltvelt, they can finally truly rest for a little bit.

Course what is also on their minds is the fate of Aultcray, Malty, Itsuki, and Motoyasu, when they all get to Melromarc's capital.

Author's note: Once more I'm sorry for how long this chapter took to come out. Procrastination and writer's block always get to me when writing a story, especially when I have to come up with writing action scenes and 80% of this chapter was constant fighting. So I deeply apologize and with the next chapter not having any major fights in it I'll hopefully get that out quicker, but I shouldn't jinx myself.

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