Chapter 22: A new threat comes about

It had been a week since Kiel, Raphtalia, and Rifana had been introduced to the newly established Bakcadia.

During that time, the town continues to grow and expand with more and more people from all around, human and Demi-human alike arriving in the town to become new residents and help contribute to its growth.

And the one who was leading the people here and administrating the town as its new lord, is the cardinal Shield Hero Katsuki Bakugou. Doing his best to make this the perfect place to live and be almost self-sufficient as it can be, all the while making progress on his big hero school project with the help of his sidekicks Neia, Rino, Daven, and even little Kirishima.

Not too much has happened lately, except for one very bizarre adventure that happened to them a few days prior that Bakugou ordered his sidekicks to never talk about again.

Bakugou was currently inspecting his town, making sure construction for most of the buildings were going smoothly and the residents were happy.

"So anything to report guys?" He asked his sidekicks who finally came up to him while Kirishima was laying on his shoulder as usual.

Neia spoke up first, "Well the wolf dens in the east have been found and the wolves were quickly killed off with the dens destroyed before their numbers can grow out of control."

Then Rino, "It also looks like the Water storage facility is in progress now, with all the logistics being handled by the experts."

And lastly Daven, "And these rumors of this new human group being 3 heroes church supporters turn out to be fake after a proper investigation was done."

Bakugou smiles at that, "Good, just what I like to hear. More stupid problems being solved easily." he brags which the crew were used to at this point. They knew Bakugou was arrogant, but it was arrogance he has mostly earned and had done good things with it. They were always happy to be his sidekicks.

Eventually the group made it to a large building that has just finished construction a few days ago. It was a church, thankfully one not of the 3 heroes that had been outlawed throughout the Kingdom, but of the 4 heroes church where all cardinal heroes are worshiped equally. Bakugou may not be a religious person himself but he knew religion was important for many other people so a place of worship would be needed for a community like this, and he rather it be with a tolerant religion than either the bigoted 3 heroes church and corrupt Grand Holy Shield hero church.

Once near the structure, the group encounter Princess Melty who was talking with the curator of the new church itself, she was a middle age woman in her late 40s dressed up in nun-like clothing, "Welcome Shield hero Bakugou, how is your day?"

"Fine nun, how's the church been doing?" he responds then asked.

"It's fine so far, but if we start getting any issues from the patrons I'll inform you as soon as possible." the nun responds with Melty nodding with her being given the same information.

"I'm surprised you were able to find someone to run the church so easily after what happened Sir Bakugou. Are you originally with the newly established 4 Heroes church in the capital?" Rino says and then asked the church head.

The woman shakes her head and quickly responds, "No I was actually with the 3 Heroes church once if you can believe it, though me and my family were never true followers. We always believed the shield hero deserves just as much respect as the other heroes, and that we should focus our hate on the corrupt government of Siltvelt rather than the poor demi-humans themselves, who are just as much victims in that nation as humans are. Course Balmus thought my personal beliefs were too "problematic" and I was given an unpaid discharge and no one in that cathedral of hypocrites would ever look back at me."

Rino nods to that, "That's good to hear, sorry for doubting you." she says and apologizes.

"Surprised you trust her enough though." Daven turns and says to Bakugou.

Bakugou smirks and nods to Daven, "Ha, don't worry. I trust her, she taught me how to purify water near the beginning so I know she's clean. Though just in case, I've also already put her through the slave crest test and she's told nothing but the truth."

"Sir Bakugou do you really have to always insist on using the slave crest for almost all newcomers?" Neia asked with concern.

"Hey if it works in finding out liars, then it works. You saw how it worked on Bitchwhore right." Bakugou argued, Neia still didn't like the idea of using slave crests regardless if they are immediately freed afterward. But she trusted her team leader enough to never abuse such a thing, he may joke about it but she knew he would never go for it.

Bakugou then continued talking with the Church head, "So how's attendance?"

"A lot of people are coming to service. Though if there is something I have to say, many human and demi-human alike are eagerly willing to pray to you and your fellow hero Ren Amaki. But I've yet to hear anyone say anything or pray for either the Bow and Spear hero." the Church head responds.

Bakugou shakes his head, "Ha, that's not a surprise. Those two idiots haven't earned a damn reason to be worshiped or be prayed to."

Melty then spoke up, "Even so, the point of the 4 heroes church is that all the heroes are to be treated equally, we don't want to start a precedent that had led to the creation of the 3 heroes church do we?"

Rino then spoke her mind, "As much as I agree that those two don't deserve to be prayed to, we and everyone else in the church shouldn't forget that there's a huge history of other many different Spear and Bow heroes, whose deed's shouldn't be forgotten about because of there crappy descendants."

The church head nods to that, "I agree, I should start teaching followers of past Spear and Bow heroes and make sure they are not forgotten. Though sometimes it's hard to speak of either without thinking of the current ones. But I'll do what I can."

Bakugou just shrugs to that, "Whatever, I can care less if those morons don't get a single prays from anybody, just do your job well and not spout nonsense bullshit like the bastard pope and things will be ok."

The church head nods again, "Of course, thank you again Sir Bakugou. And may the heavens continue to bless you and your party." she finished and left back into the church.

After that the crew along with Melty went on to their next destination, this time it was a bit of a self-defense school of sorts at one of the half-finished structures of Bakugou's hero academy.

There numerous people human and Demi-human alike young and old who have decided to join the classes to learn how to defend themselves without having to carry weapons, so they won't be helpless in situations like another wave appearing right above them or corrupt knights coming in to enslave them like last time. So in a weird way, these people were technically the first students to the Hero Academia.

Here they were being trained by what looked to be an old woman who would be considered a senior citizen, but it was none other than Elrasla Grilaroc, the woman Bakugou had saved the life of when she was deeply ill in bed, and despite her age can easily kick the ass of any wave monster when she was back to full health again.

While they were in the middle of the lesson Bakugou and crew finally came in, "So how's everything oldy?" he asked calmly, despite interrupting the lesson, no one was protesting since this was the cardinal shield hero and was the one to give them this new home in the first place so they didn't mind.

Neither did Mrs. Grilaroc after she made a bow, "Everything is fine, Lord Shield hero Bakugou. Everyone here continues to be eager to know how to fight. Some might be faster at learning it than others but in no time, all of these young folks will be professionals in Hengen Musou." she answered gleefully showing despite her age she was still full of enthusiasm and energy.

"Hengen Musou?" Neia asked

Thankfully Grilaroc was happy to answer, "It's an ancient martial art made thousands of years ago from a land far away from Melromarc, it allows one to manipulate one's Ki or life force in a way to gain immense power without one relying on weapons or magic. Though one can still combine the two for deadly results, it still allows one to fight well without one.

"Sounds like a bunch of Karate Mombo jumbo, but if it works it works," Bakugou responds.

"I can always teach you and your sidekicks some of the techniques to help you on your various journeys. You never know if you'll always have a weapon on you, and manipulating your ki can help you in multiple areas outside of hand-to-hand combat."

Hearing that did make Bakugou think a minute, even if the shield wasn't a factor his quirk makes learning hand-to-hand combat pointless. But if there was something to this Ki thing in a fantasy world, perhaps such a thing could work with his quirk considering that's just as much of his "life force" as the rest of his body.

"Hmm, maybe old bag. It'll be something for me to think about, maybe my sidekicks should try it out first. Unlike me, I can't ever be detached from my weapon." he responds which surprised his crew, that he was being this open about learning this Hangen Musou stuff, not that they are against learning something new themselves.

Grilaroc nods in approval, "Well I'm in no rush, I may be old, but I still have a good amount of energy in these bones." she says with a big smile.

But after only a few seconds of silence two individuals came rushing through the class crowd, "Sir Shield can we speak to you!" shouted the voice of one of the two individuals.

Bakugou and crew turn to see who they were, and the individuals were two young adult human adventurers, a guy and a girl respectively, "Sir Shield hero Bakugou, we're glad to finally meet you again." says the guy with him and the girl nearly out of breath.

The last part made Bakugou raise an eyebrow, "Have I seen you two before?" he responds, trying to jog his memory.

"I think we have seen them before Sir Bakugou, but my memory is a bit fuzzy?" Neia responds with herself trying to remember their faces a bit.

The girl nods understanding it's been a while, "Don't worry, we understand you have a lot on your plate and we didn't give our names before, my name is Lisa and my partner is named Lark. You and the shield hero saved our lives from that mad evil plant doctor who was going to turn us into those monstrous things."

The mention of that immediately jogs the memory of the two for Bakugou and Neia, "Oh yeah, I remember now. We're sorry we didn't get in touch after that whole thing, are you both ok now?" Neia asked.

Lark quickly answered, "Oh more than better, you saved our lives back there. We can't repay you more than enough. We didn't come all the way out of the capital toward here for nothing.

Bakugou always enjoys hearing the praise of his good hero work and nods in approval, "Ha, no problem. It was more then enough for me to see the quack suffered. But anyway, what do you want from me?" he says then asked.

Lisa and Lark nod to each other ready to answer him, "We have been thinking of a proposal that may interest you?" Lisa says.

"Ok and spit it out?" Bakugou responds

Lark then says, "Well after we resigned from our old guild that gave us that terrible quest with the quack, we figured rather than try risking in finding another guild, we just make our own. Which admittedly didn't go anywhere, we have the knowledge and know-how of how guilds are organized and are run, but we didn't consider the amount of capitol and resources it takes to make one."

"We thought that dream was done, then we heard about you getting your own region to run and figured you be the one person interested in having your own guild. So we came out here, became residents, and went to these self-defense courses hoping to not only defend ourselves better, and to hopefully finally get a hold of you. Though we knew you would be a busy man so me and Lark thought we take our time and get use to the area but here we are now." Lisa finished.

It was a lot to take in, but the idea did intrigue Bakugou. Having his own guild could be a good idea, in a way it be like having his own army of sorts that can help him in situations he may need manpower of those who are combat experienced, bring in revenue to the town once he leaves this world with his huge gold supply, and help establish Bakcadia and his soon to be Hero School on the map with a major guild being headquartered here. Bakugou was definitely not against the idea, "Sounds nice, but do you two truly have any idea how guilds are run?"

Lisa nods, "Yeah we both helped managed different guilds before so we know all the details in running one. Having some more experts wouldn't hurt, but me and Lark can help build the foundations for one." she finished

Melty herself nods to that, "I can also help straighten out all the proper paperwork and legalities to creating a guild Sir Bakugou. It should be easy with my help." she says to the hero.

Bakugou scratched his chin and thought about it a little more and finally shrugs, "Sure fine why not, but I expect you two to help set everything up for this hypothetic guild and if they look good to me I'll put all the funding and resources it needs." he responds.

The two bowed happily, "Thank you shield hero, Me and my partner Lisa will work hard for these plans together and make a guild you can be proud of." Lark finished as he and Lisa left to head to their homes to figure out the plans and logistics for the whole thing.

Bakugou himself continues to think of the idea of a guild, "Ha, my own guild in my own city. Wonder what it should be called, the Katsuki Warriors guild, the Bakunot's, the Legion of Katsuki Bakugou." he says out loud.

"Sir Bakugou do you have to place your name into everything?" Neia questions in a somewhat annoyed tone, she may respect her leader but knows he sometimes can have a big ego.

"Well at least he didn't name Kirishima, Bakugou jr or anything like that." Daven responds.

"You should've heard the first name he suggested," Neia responds back.

"Hey Neia it's my guild and I get to name it however I want it." Bakugou says back sounding somewhat annoyed but still in a playful tone which the sidekicks knew as they continue to respect their leader.

"Excuse me, Sir Bakugou!?" shouted a voice and once Bakugou turned to the source of the voice, it was a free lizard Demi-human sort of secretary of his carrying a crystal ball.

"Yeah, what is it?" Bakugou wonders.

"It is the Queen of Melromarc Sir, she wants to speak with you." the servant responds.

"Alright fine, get her here now," Bakugou demands.

The servant nods and with magic coursing through the magic ball an image of the Queen of Melromarc appears, "Ah, good to see you again Lord Bakugou. I hope everything is fine in Bakcadia?" the Queen says to the hero.

"Yeah everything is fine, what do you want?" he bluntly responds and asked.

"Lord Bakugou I request you to come back to the capital for some official cardinal hero business. It's nothing urgent for you anyway, but I would like it if you come to the throne room as soon as possible." the Queen requested.

"Ok what's this about?" Bakugou asked curiously.

"You'll find out once you arrive. Also if I read the reports correctly do you have a Mrs. Grilaroc with you, she's an older woman who knows of the Hengen Musou art of fighting?" Mirellia responds and asked.

The name drop surprised him and the crew, and by a big coincidence they were standing right next to the very woman she requested. And Grilaroc heard the whole thing as she approached the orb, "Right here actually your majesty. What do you want from an old adventurer like me? Did I break any laws?" Grilaroc says wondering what the Monarch of the kingdom herself wants of her.

"Oh it's not like that at all Mrs Grilaroc, it's more of that I have a job for you. You'll understand once you get here. Are you willing to come to the capital with the shield hero, it won't be for too long?" Mirellia explains and requests.

Grilaroc smiles at that, "I see why not, especially with the Queen herself. Though I'm technically employed by the shield hero right now, you should ask if he thinks it's ok for me to go."

"Fine whatever, granny can go. I like to see what this is about." Bakugou responds basically giving his approval.

Mirellia nods in approval, "Glad to hear that, be good to see you in person again soon." she finished and cut off the orb's magical transmission.

Once the orb fully deactivated orb Bakugou looks to the holder of it, "Ok, just as I said before, the Princess will be in charge while I'm gone." Bakugou ordered the Lizardman who nods back understanding his leader.

Bakugou knew that with his cardinal work he'll be gone for long periods of time, so while he was gone Princess Melty would be acting ruler of this territory. Her mother was actually in full favor of it since it would mean Melty would get experience in actual governance which would be required from a future Queen.

The shield crew along with Mrs. Grilaroc came together as Bakugou readies his teleporting magic, "Have fun guys, see you soon." Melty said her goodbyes with the others waving back. Bakugou then activates his map shield and once he picked the location all of them fast travelled away.

The crew immediately appeared at Melromarc's capital by the castle once more. They all head inside the structure with Mrs Grilaroc being escorted to a different part of the castle while the shield team head their way to the throne room.

It did still feel odd for Bakugou with the atmosphere in the castle now being friendly toward him and his crew when it was originally hostile when Piece of Shit was in charge. Not that Bakugou had an issue with it, it just felt weird to him and his sidekicks.

Finally after some walking they made it to the throne room and as the door opened, it revealed Queen Mirellia sitting on her throne.

And across the throne away from the steps were the 3 other cardinal heroes Ren, Ponytail Slut, and Bow Bitch, along with their teammates. Raphtalia, Kiel, and Rifana were there as well not too far from Ren.

Bakugou wondered what this whole thing was about and the Queen seems keen to help answer him, "Welcome Lord Bakugou, glad you finally arrived." she welcomes the shield hero.

Bakugou nods and he and his sidekicks quickly move up next to the other heroes to listen in.

Rifana also not far blushes to her crush as usual.

"About time you arrived, what took your sweet-ass so long." Bow Bitch insults

"Sorry what was that I don't speak dumbassainese mind speaking my language." Bakugou insults back which just makes Bow Bitch grumble in annoyance, he still hated that Bakugou as well as Ren got their own lands to rule over and he gets absolutely nothing despite all of his supposed "good" work in his mind.

But after that, the Queen spoke up again, "Thank you for all of you being here. I called you to address a serious problem that involves the cardinal heroes. Specifically toward Ponytail Slut and Bow Bitch."

Ponytail slut and Bow Bitch respectively raised their eyebrows at hearing that.

Mirellia continued, "After the last wave, everyone including me has seen your two's performances, and it was to put it lightly... Poor."

"Poor!?" Bow Bitch yelled.

"I would've said inadequate, but even that be too generous," Mirellia added.

Ponytail Slut was just confused, "How the hell could our performance be poor when we all fought off a bunch of monsters and successfully beat the wave?"

"The Shield and Sword heroes were the ones who successfully ended the wave, both by killing the boss and fighting off the other world heroes. You two failed to do either, and were taken out of the fighting extremely early in the battle with Larc." Mirellia scolds them.

The two however refuse to admit their own failures, "Well yeah Bakugou has that stupid cheat shield and overpowered fire magic, of course he'll have the advantage in everything." Bow Bitch argues back which just makes Bakugou express an annoyed grunt.

Mirellia shakes her head again, "Your other fellow hero Ren doesn't have this sort of "cheat shield" and he fought remarkably well in the wave."

"Well yeah, since he spends so much time with his boyfriend that cheatness always rubs off on him." Ponytail slut also says.

'Boyfriend? Are they still on that?' Ren groans in his head.

"He fought well in the wave because he learned to improve himself and took the fights more seriously. His improvement from before shows that the two of you have a chance to improve as well." Mirellia responds and then points to the 3 Demi warriors, "Even these 3, despite their age and lack of cardinal weaponry, were able to put up a fight and help the heroes. So you two have no excuse to be behind them." she continued scolding them.

"But we spent weeks at Cal Mira leveling up, what are you expecting we do now?" Ponytail slut says back.

"I'm afraid at this point, leveling up is not enough anymore. You two need to fight better and know how to properly use your weapons and skills, pure power is only going to get you so far without any control of it." Mirellia says back.

"What are you suggesting then?" Bow Bitch asked.

"You two by order of the crown will be sent to various classes of different instructors to learn how to fight more effectively and to properly fight in combat that doesn't involve brute force. All from the best teachers I can find around the kingdom." Mirellia responds.

'Hmm, that explains why she wanted Oldbag.' Bakugou ponders in his head seeing where this was going.

Neither Bow or Spear hero liked hearing that though, "What?! Are you telling us we should go to school!?" Ponytail slut yells.

"I'm not saying you should, it's being required if you want to get anywhere else in this world." Mirellia continued.

"I'm fine as it is, we just went through one of those mandatory plot defeats where we're supposed to lose." Bow Bitch responds with Ponytail slut nodding in agreement with him.

'These idiots still think this is a dumb video game.' Bakugou says in his head with Ren rolling his eyes as well.

Mirellia sighs knowing they were not taking the hint and had to resorted to another means of convincing them, "How about this, if you participate I'll award the two of you 5000 silver. I'll give you 1000 today and will award you the rest when your lessons are completed and you learned from them." Mirellia proposes.

Both Bow Bitch and Ponytail slut groan to this, they still think this crap was beneath them but that still doesn't change the fact they were both plagued with money issues and still had massive debts they struggle to pay off.

After a few more seconds of thinking the two caved in, "Fine. We'll do it." the two said together with annoyed voices.

Mirellia smiles and nods to that, "Good to hear." she then turns toward the other two heroes, "Unlike these two, this isn't mandatory for you or your parties Shield and Sword heroes. But if you wish to join some of the lessons you're free to participate in any of them to better yourselves or learn something new.

Bakugou nods to that, he may be far ahead of the other cardinal heroes. But he was curious himself about what he might learn from the various teachers, including Grilaroc making it convenient to learn her fighting ki arts. He also figures he might take some inspiration from the lessons here and see what might work or not in his planned hero school, "Why not, my sidekicks could learn something as well." he responds with the sidekicks nodding, not protesting to getting stronger.

Ren pondered a bit too, he secretly wasn't big on basically going back to school even in an RPG-like setting. But he has learned to not dismiss help to improve himself when offered and he felt like he could've been more of use in the last wave despite all the praise he got from the event.

Despite having the ability to reject the classes, Ren nods in approval, "I also accept your majesty." he then turns to his group, "You guys ok with this?" he asked them

And without hesitation, the sword group nods with approval as well, including little Scarlet, "Definitely Master Ren, no way I'm going to let that stupid Dragon get ahead of me." the little Filolial Queen boasts excited to learn new stuff like she did from Fitoria.

The Queen smiles happy to hear that even the competent heroes were willing to learn to be better. Bow Bitch though thought the Demi-human trio was odd, "So why are they here?" he asked.

Mirellia nods to the bow hero, "These 3 volunteered to join the classes and learn to get better as well. I saw no harm in it, and I think they be a good way to motivate you and Ponytail Slut to learn better if these 3 can learn the same lessons and use them well. And who knows, perhaps they might be good companions to you four if you are needing new teammates." she responds.

Bow Bitch groaned in annoyance again, that he was going to be compared to what he saw were NPC extras over stupid tutorial lessons.

The last comment of the Queen did surprise the Demi trio, especially Rifana. With them thinking they were seen as worthy of being companions to the Cardinal heroes including the Shield. If given the chance they join Bakugou's side in a heartbeat if he approves despite his general attitude, though they wouldn't mind being with the Sword Hero as well knowing he was a real hero to be respected as well. The same can't be said with the Spear and Bow hero though.

Speaking of the two, Ponytail Slut decided to speak up on a topic he wanted to get to with the Queen, "Your majesty if you don't mind, I think in the best interest of my group we should think about-"

"For the last time Sir Ponytail Slut, I am not changing Bitchwhore's punishment. No negotiations and no exceptions." Mirellia bluntly answers the Spear, before he could even finish she already knowing what he wanted to ask.

"But your majesty, I've seen how she is now, My-... Bitchwhore is being treated poorly with the crest and rusty shield, this is unfair and we need to-"

"I said no! This is none of your concern and if you ask me about this nonsense again I'm tripling your debt, am I clear!?" she yells at Ponytail slut having about enough of his stubbornness.

Ponytail Slut nods nervously not wanting to anger the Queen anymore knowing what happens when she loses her temper.

Bakugou just saw the whole thing to be amusing, "Ha, so the simp got put down and is burning in flames, how poetic." he mocks out loud which annoyed the Spear hero as he groans silently.

Mirellia then moves off of her throne and heads for the doors with the heroes and party members following suit, "Now then, why don't we head for the first lesson." she says as the heroes followed.

After a long trek across the castle, the Queen and the heroes have made it to the castle's courtyard, which it has been transformed into a large training area with many different equipment, instructors, and more. All here to train the cardinal heroes and their teammates.

And at the center stage of the courtyard up on a tiled platform was a pink-haired swordswoman in noble clothing as she swings around her sword to be ready for the task to train the cardinal heroes. A job that she will be doing sooner than she thought once the noble noticed them with the Queen walking into the courtyard. The Swordswoman smiles and quickly puts away her sword.

Once close to the platform the Queen spoke up, "Heroes I would like to introduce one of your instructors. This is Eclair Seaetto, one of the best swordsmen in the kingdom."

The swordswomen then bowed toward the group, "It's nice to meet all of you in person. I know I have a grand task ahead of me and I will carry the burden of helping to train the cardinal heroes." she announced to the group.

Rino immediately recognized her last name, "Seaetto? You're the noble family that use to control Sir Bakugou's lands am I correct?" she asked with a few others curious as well.

Eclair nods to her, "Yes, my father was the lord over what is now Bakcadia. But after my father died in the first wave King Ault-I mean Piece of shit ordered a knight unit to destroy the demi-human town father protected and enslave the survivors. I fought against them, but I was overwhelmed and captured which afterward that bastard tyrant had convicted me as guilty of treason and had me imprisoned in the dungeons until Lord Reichnott's coup." she explained, it made everyone feel sad to hear everything she had to go through with one bad thing happening after another.

Eclair then turns to Bakugou, "I apologize for not being able to help you when you got teleported here Shield hero. I would've been the first to aid you when the former king gave you none. I also want to thank you for rebuilding the area that my father once ruled over and making it better than before. No person couldn't have done it better." she apologized and thanked Bakugou.

Bakugou just shrugs, "Eh whatever, not like you had the ability to help when you could. I hate to admit it, even I know what it's like to be imprisoned against your will." he says to the swordswoman who was happy to hear that even the temperamental shield hero had understand and held no ill will toward her.

Things changed though when Bow Bitch opened his mouth, "Ok so if you're just a swordswoman, how does this have anything to do with any of us but Ren, considering 3 of us don't fight with swords?" he asked still annoyed that he and Ponytail slut are basically forced into this.

Eclair understands his reasoning and quickly answered him, "Well first many of yours and the other heroes' teammates that wield swords can learn from me, and for you and the other 3 none sword heroes they can learn ways to fight and counter sword attacks. So you can learn from me even if you don't attack with swords yourselves." she explained.

Bow Bitch though still thought this was a waste of time and his group other than Rishia also thought the same with this stuff being beneath them and an insult to their own so-called skills. Ponytail slut and his teammates have similar sentiments.

Everyone else though including Bakugou and Ren understands this reasoning, with their teammates and the 3 demi-warriors not opposing such things either including those that don't carry swords.

Ponytail Slut remained unconvinced, "I still don't see what things we can learn from you when your levels are nowhere near ours." he comments after looking through his appraisal ability from his menu.

Eclair shakes her head to that, "Levels alone don't make a professional warrior. One skilled in their weapon can fight and defeat opponents of higher level." She explains. Neia nods to that remembering her's and Bakugou's battle with the hydra where they were nowhere near the super monster's level and they still beat it.

Bow Bitch though remained doubtful, "I'm still not convinced there is any truth to this." he argues with Ponytail slut nodding in agreement.

The Queen sighed at this with how stubborn those two were acting, knowing they were going to make the same excuses with all of the instructors if this wasn't settled soon.

Eclair knows this as well and wants to convince them, "Ok then, why don't I demonstrate to you guys on what you can learn? If any of you four cardinal heroes are willing to volunteer to spar with me, I'll show you levels aren't everything?"

Neither Bow Bitch nor Ponytail slut respond thinking the girl was just bluffing. Bakugou was wondering if he should bother, he figured that even if the girl was skilled enough, he knew he was far more skilled and would overpower Eclair very easily, but that'll just prove Bow Bitch and Ponytail Slut's points and he was never going to let those two be proven right for there weaknesses.

Thankfully for him someone else volunteered, "I'll spar with you miss Seaetto." Ren responds and rose his hand. Not only did he want to see for himself what one of the best Swordsmen had to offer, but he knew he had to get the other heroes on board with the lessons more and take the training seriously or Fitoria might kill them all for their incompetence.

Eclair herself nods back in approval and quickly the two set themselves up to fight one another.

The two sword fighters moved to opposite ends of the platform with the two already in battle-ready positions to fight one another, "Ok then, the first to have their opponent pinned on the ground, be put in a death blow position, or is knocked out of bounds wins. No magic or special abilities permitted, we only use our swords to fight." Eclair explains setting the rules.

Ren nods to that, "Ok, got it." he responds.

After a few more seconds of suspense, everyone in the area was watching the event, waiting to see what happens.

The Queen being the referee for the battle raised her hand, "Three... Two.. One.. Fight!" she shouts and throws her hand down starting the duel.

The two immediately engaged each other, striking their swords and holding out against one another.

Despite his lack of magic and skills against an opponent who trained in swords most of her life, Ren was surprisingly holding out against Eclair.

His form might be somewhat sloppy compared to Éclair but Ren was able to read her enough to block and dodge any of Eclair's moves, he'd been on the defensive most of the time but he attempts to strike at any opportunity he got, his thicker sword gives him the advantage on holding the attacks back, but at the same time made it easier for Éclair to block back.

Eclair was also a lot more nimbler than Ren without his skills to boost his speed and agility making it harder for Ren to counter Eclair. But despite his handicap, Ren kept up in this fight.

After a minute though, it was getting harder and harder for him to keep up as the swordswoman continued to fight as aggressively as before, thrusting and slashing repeatedly and didn't look to be tiring down, which Ren knew at this point he was not going to be winning the war of attrition forcing him to attack more aggressively back.

This kept on as the two swords clashed and the two sword wielders struggled to overpower the other. And despite how tired he was, it seemed Ren had the upper hand and was close to overpowering Eclair and then putting her in a death strike position to win the duel.

But Eclair, even though she knew this was dirty fighting, she kicks Ren in the shins. Now with an opening with Ren in pain, Eclair was able to overpower the hurt hero. And before he could counter her properly, Eclair thrust her sword with such force it made the sword hero stumble a bit. Before Ren had a remote chance to recover, Eclair slides her leg on Ren's loose feet and he trips and falls on the ground of the platform.

Before Ren had a chance to recover and get back up, Eclair's sword was pointing right at the sword hero's throat, which Ren had no chance to realistically block in time in a real fight, so this would've been a killing blow.

"Miss Seaetto Win's." the Queen announced.

The whole fight impressed the shield and demi warrior crews. Despite it all being done without magic the two sword fighters gave their all.

Even Ren despite the loss took it gracefully as he smiles and when Eclair extends a hand to help him, Ren quickly accepted it, "Not bad I'll admit. Though you kind of cheated near the end with the shins." Ren jokingly congratulates her.

Eclair smirks back, "Her Majesty never stated such moves were against the rules since no magic was involved. To be honest though, it was the only thing I could think of winning. Though in a real fight, your opponents won't play fair either like I did, so you need to know how to counter such things. All of which I can teach you." she finished explaining.

Neia nods agreeing with her, knowing from the experience of fighting a duel with an opponent who blatantly cheats but she and her master still won in the end.

Ren also nods to agree with Eclair, he knew he can learn a lot more from this swordswoman, when he was first summoned he would scuff at such things as pointless, but was now humbled enough to not let his pride get in the way.

The same can't be said with Ponytail Slut and Bow Bitch, especially the former, "I don't see how Ren losing to a girl is going to make me see the point of this." Ponytail Slut mocks him missing the actual point of the fight.

Bakugou then forcefully pushed him forward, "If you think you can do better idiot, then get your ass up there and fight pink hair yourself!" he insults Ponytail Slut.

The Spear hero groans in annoyance at being mocked into this by Bakugou, but he wasn't going to let his pride be crushed by the bastard anymore, "Alright fine! I'll prove how much better I am now than either you or Ren! And I won't even need to hurt miss Eclair." he shouts back now getting on the arena himself as Ren jumps off it to watch the show.

The two fighters prepare themselves on opposing ends in battle-ready positions.

Ponytail slut held his spear out with confidence, "Don't take this personally miss. but I promise to not do any harm against you." he says back at Eclair who just shakes her head in annoyance.

The Queen raised her hand up again, "The same rules apply from before, no magic or special skills from either opponent. Now... Begin!" she shouts and threw her hand down.

Ponytail Slut immediately runs right for Eclair without any sort of plan or strategy in mind and jumps and lunged at her with his spear. Eclair saw it coming a mile away and when the spear attempts to quickly strike and take her out, Eclair instantly blocked the attack stopping any momentum Ponytail Slut had. Eclair threw him back from her strength and just as Ponytail Slut lands back on his feet Eclair immediately lunges and strikes the Spear hero.

Ponytail Slut attempts to block her, but she was so fast and he didn't know how to read her movements, Eclair quickly swings her sword at his feet as the Spear hero trips and falls on the arena platform's floor.

And after that fumble, Eclair points her sword at Ponytail Slut's face. Eclair won again, in less than 20 seconds. Nowhere near as long as Ren who lasted over a minute and with the Spear hero losing a lot more dignity.

"Miss Seaetto wins again." the Queen announced.

Ponytail Slut quickly got himself back up from that knockdown, "Now hold on, I was caught off guard! I demand a rematch!" he shouted toward the Queen.

Everyone sighed at this, knowing where this was going. Bakugou though didn't mind, "I say let him, gives me more to rewatch later." he says with his crystal ball shield up to record Ponytail's inevitable repeated failures.

Mirellia shakes her head at this, but knew this was the only way for Ponytail Slut and Bow Bitch to take it more seriously and said, "Very well, if Miss Eclair doesn't mind, I'll allow it with the same rules applied as before.".

Eclair nods agreeing and quickly the two set themselves up to battle again.

Mirellia raised her hand up once more, and then shouted "Begin!"

Ponytail immediately goes on the offense again to knock his opponent out of the arena.

Only for Eclair to casually block and literally knocks Ponytail slut off the arena from the force of the end of her sword with Ponytail tripping and falling on the ground head first. Once more making a fool of himself.

And as expected Ponytail Slut demanded another rematch, and another, and another, and another one after that. He and Eclair fought over ten times and they all ended with her winning each match with Ponytail Slut getting countered, tripped, knocked out, or even accidentally running off the arena himself when he wasn't paying attention to his surroundings.

It was a pathetic display and only proved the Queen's point for this training, "I think that's about enough now."

Ponytail Slut after recovering himself refused to be beaten by a girl like that, "Now wait a second if you give me one more-"

"I said that was enough." Mirellia interrupted him, "This clearly shows that you and the others have much to learn." she continued.

Ponytail slut groans in annoyance, "Well if I was using all my skills and not holding myself back this would've been no issue. This stupid chastity belt isn't helping me either." he argues back.

"The outworld heroes also used magic and you and Bow Bitch lost to them badly as well, all on equal footing," Mirellia argues back which did make Ponytail Slut shut up, but he still groaned in annoyance.

Eclair smiles as it seemed that the point was put across to the Spear hero, "Don't worry, I'll show all of you all I know of my swording school and help all of you to fight better with and against swords and melee weapons in general."

The 3 demi-warriors nodded in agreement with her, especially Raphtalia, "Indeed, she is a good teacher. She helped teach the 3 of us how to fight, I'm sure you guys will learn from her as well." she says to the cardinal hero groups.

Ren and Bakugou himself as well as their groups nodded in approval to that, while Ponytail Slut and Bow Bitch as well as their groups moan again in annoyance.

Mirellia finally nods in approval as well, "Perfect then, lessons will begin now. Eclair is of course just your first instructor, after some time you'll switch over to another one to learn from according to a schedule. This process will continue each day until the next wave arrives for at least 12 hours each day." she explains to everyone.

"12 hours!?" the Spearhero and Bow hero shouted respectively.

"Oh man, this is going to be even worse than school." Ponytail Slut complains, neither he nor Bow Bitch are going to remotely like this, and Bakugou will be there right beside them enjoying that pain and misery.

It has been over a week since the start of the lessons, throughout that time the Cardinal heroes, their teammates and sidekicks, and the 3 demi-human warriors have taken class after class training and learning many new things about this world. Things from magic, spells, survival skills, hand-to-hand combat, potion brewing, throwing projectiles, enhancing endurance, agility, stealth, training their respective weapons and countering other varieties of weapons, animal care, and many many other things.

Though it was a lot of stuff Bakugou himself already knew, so he was allowed to skip over some classes, but he still would observe the whole thing to take notes on how such a thing would work with his hero school curricula.

However there were also plenty of classes he did learn from along with his sidekicks. They participated in most of the classes with him. Especially from Mrs. Grailroc's classes, not only to learn self-defense without a weapon but to understand Hengen Musou and Ki in general. As he thought of before, he like to see how such a thing can apply to his sweat and quirk.

Ren and his group followed through with all of the classes, the sword hero had been learning so much and greatly improving his sword-fighting abilities. He's already learned a ton from Miss Eclair's training, with the two even having some conversations outside of lessons. His teammates were also learning well and have gotten stronger including little Scarlet as she and the Dragon Kirishima were being taught by many different Fiolial and Dragon trainers, being taught new abilities, commands, and other useful skills with their respective fathers.

The other group that is improving greatly with the two cardinal groups are the 3 demi-warriors, showing themselves to be fast learners, especially with Raphtalia and Rifana. Kiel isn't as fast but she was still learning a lot as well. With their skills impressing many there, despite being young adult demi-humans. With Rifama hoping she would get more of Bakugou's attention.

It was a different story with the Spear and Bow hero groups though.

Despite learning much from the classes as well, the two thought this whole thing was a waste of time. Just like from the start, they're always thinking they were fine as they were now and don't need these tutorial classes they are forced to participate.

It also got on their nerves when they keep getting compared to Ren and especially Bakugou on any lacking performance, sometimes even getting compared to the sword and shield heroes teammates and sidekicks. Bakugou's constant mocking and insults weren't helping matters either.

The same can be said with both of their teams. Bitch and Bigger Bitch in Ponytail sluts group hated the idea that they were going to be expected to do so much work now rather then let the Spear Hero do everything. Bow Bitches group also thought all of this stuff was stupid, sharing their cardinal leader's sentiment. All but Rishia, who was actually taking the classes seriously and was actively learning to become a better hero.

Rishia has been impressing a lot of the instructors and teachers with how fast she learns and eventually excels at what she was being taught, especially in magic. Like the other cardinal groups and 3 demi-warriors, she was being constantly compared to the Spear and bow groups poorer performances. And it was getting increasingly irritating for Bow Bitch to hear how much better his supposed weakest teammate is to him, he was already annoyed when people wouldn't shut up over her help during the last wave, but now he was at the point he wished this stupid girl would get out of his sight.

The two were finally at their breaking points at the lunch break in the 7th day of training. Rather than finishing lunch, Ponytail Slut and Bow Bitch finally decided to get an audience with the Queen again to speak their minds. All the while Ren, Bakugou, and their groups watch on from near the open doors of the throne room just to see what this was about.

The Bow and Spear hero was now not far from the throne as Queen Mirellia finally speaks, "Sir Ponytail Slut and Bow Bitch, what do you want to speak to me about?" she finally asked.

Bow Bitch groans to that stupid new name of his but he eventually responds, "Your majesty me and Mot-Ponytail Slut have both made up our minds, we're done with these stupid classes." he says with Ponytail Slut nodding in agreement.

"Yeah we both think we've improved enough and we should be moving on to other cardinal hero duties." Ponytail slut says, trying to make up any good enough excuse,

But Mirellia shakes her head in disagreement, "Bow and Spear hero, you do realize that exiting out now and not finishing your classes will mean you won't be paid the rest of the promised payment right?" she reminds them.

Ponytail Slut was quick to respond, "We honestly don't care anymore your majesty, we can get the money some other way, so you can keep that reward money." he says with Bow Bitch nodding in agreement.

Mirellia though lets out a large sigh, knowing it's come to this, "I see. Well in that case, Sir Spear and Bow heroes if you drop out now not only will you no longer receive this payment, but you'll be barred from earning any other monetary rewards from any other quests in this kingdom, whether from the crown, guilds, or random individuals unless you complete your training."

The two heroes shook their heads at that, figuring she would say something like that, "Don't worry, we are planning to leave Melromarc now and move on to different kingdoms."

Mirellia nods toward the Bow Hero in agreement with him, "If that's what you two desire, then I understand... But I have to also deny that."

"Deny!?" the two shouted at the same time.

"I think you two have forgotten that the both of you own a tremendous amount of debt to the crown from your actions as I told you before in this very court in your trials. And as I said before, until you pay them off you will lose multiple privileges from the crown, including leaving the country without permission. So neither of you are allowed to leave Melromarc unless I say so or until the debts are paid off."

That order surprised the two quickly, "Wait a minute your majesty?! Are you pretty much forcing us to remain here against our wills!?" Ponytail Slut shouts back.

"You're basically holding us hostage!" Bow Bitch accuses.

"As I said already you will get to leave once you pay off your debts over your crimes," Mirellia says again.

"But you're stopping us from earning any money to pay for it!?" Ponytail Slut shouts back.

"Then if I were you I would be going back to training so you can earn that money to pay it off." Mirellia responds.

The two absolutely hated this situation, "This is bullshit! Even if we finish the stupid training, all the guilds are blacklisting us, and Bakugou and Ren keep hogging all the good quests!" Bow Bitch yells back.

"The crown has offered you two multiple jobs you can easily do and earn that money. And you've been rejecting every single one." Mirellia added in.

"But all of those jobs are crap. Like helping to build houses or pave roads? Like we're heroes, not construction workers!" Ponytail slut argues back.

"A job is still a job and you shouldn't be picky when you have a lot to pay back. But the order is still final. You two will either complete you're training or you'll be stuck in financial limbo for the rest of your two's stubborn lives" Mirellia finally says to them.

The two were furious about this situation, but knowing they will not be able to change the Queen's mind the two just turned and marched away toward their rooms, not caring about the lessons for the rest of the day.

They both walked passed the sword and shield hero groups as the two groaned in annoyance at Bakugou's and Ren's presence, knowing they were just here to enjoy their misery. Another reason they want out of this castle for good.

When they were both out of sight Bakugou laughed, "Ha, what pathetic losers!"

Ren sighs to that, "We need those losers to get better soon or they'll die and make the waves harder, or worst Fitoria will just teleport here and kill us." he reminds Bakugou.

Bakugou just scoffs at that, "Ha, you need them. I don't, I can handle this wave crisis myself with my hero agency, my possible guild, and sidekicks."

Ren sighs again, "Even if that's true I still rather not take chances on my life when those two aren't taking their jobs seriously." he argues to Bakugou.

"Just remember you weren't much different than they were before. You thought this whole thing was just a video game and that I was an expendable NPC to throw under the Bus." Bakugou reminds him.

"I thought we were behind that Bakugou after I was forced to kiss your boot?" Ren says back annoyed.

"HAHA! That was still hilarious!" Bakugou teased Ren who expressed a lighter sigh.

"Well I'm not expecting much from them either," Rino speaks out with the rest of the sidekicks agreeing even usually more positive Neia.

Ren secretly agrees, but he can't just dismiss and ignore the two now after he made his promise to Fitoria, who is not going to care how incompetent those two were, if they don't do better in the next wave or two Fitoria will kill all of them.

"Excuse me Sir Shield Hero Bakugou?" said a voice that made Bakugou turn himself and saw the advisor that he had seen multiple times before.

"Yeah, what do you want?" Bakugou asked with his arms crossed.

"The smith Erhard has arrived in the castle and is said to have your commission order ready." he says to the hero.

Bakugou smiles at that, "Perfect, about time." he says as the shield hero follows the advisor with his sidekicks following him.

After a few minutes of walking through the castle, the group was now in a lobby-like area not far from the gate of the castle. And waiting for them was Erhard himself as he stand ups and smiles at the shield team, "Well long time no see team shield, I was thinking you would keep me waiting here forever." he jokes to the group.

"Ha, you'd think I would waste my money for nothing." Bakugou laughs with Erhard nodding back.

"Of course Of course, your commissioned equipment is here." Erhard says back as he moves from his seat to a bunch of boxes on a table. He quickly opens them up, "Here we are, you and your team's new Winter gear."

And out from the boxes were indeed armor and clothing suited for winter weather, with the team quickly putting them on.

Bakugou's winter clothes were of a thick fur reddish brown mammoth fur that covered all the exposed parts of his body and allowed him to keep his cape on fine, from his arms to his whole chest. It kept the cold out and ensure that he is nice and sweaty underneath.

Neia's and Rino's both received thick winter coats and were made with similar mammoth fur, though Neia's was of a dark blue color, with Rino's a dark red. Neia also dawned winter pants to match with her coat and ensure her legs won't freeze and thanks to magic enchantments were almost completely waterproof. Rino had more skirt-like pants that extend down to near her feet, they still kept her warm and didn't restrict her movement. And all the while they both can still wear their normal armor underneath.

Daven also received a winter coat, only his was black along with winter pants that had a tail hole on the back that he can zip up and close if he doesn't want his tail exposed in freezing temperatures.

Once they were all dawned in these clothes a group of mages came by request of the hero, mages specialized in ice magic, "Ok, make it cold here!" Bakugou ordered and the mages understand that order.

They activated a couple of spells to make the area around the heroes to be below zero, but just their area so the rest of people like Erhard in the room are not freezing.

The group kept themselves like this for a minute or so just to make sure these clothes work. And work they did, with none of them feeling all too cold, including Bakugou who knew the clothes worked as he continued to produce sweat within his thick fur coat, just as he wants.

"Ok turn off the AC here!" Bakugou ordered the mages.

"What's AC?" one of the confused Mages asked with the others just as confused.

"Just stop the magic!" Bakugou shouts at them and the mages immediately stopped the spells and the area reverted back to its normal room temperature as before.

With the spells gone, Bakugou went into his menu and clicked a couple of things to register his and his sidekick's winter gear. Once done the winter clothes magically disappear from their bodies back in their old armor and gear again, with Bakugou now having the ability to switch back to the winter gear whenever they need to without spending minutes putting them on, especially in dire situations.

Erhard then asked, "So why all of this winter stuff anyway? Most of Melromarc never really gets cold winters or any snow. Planning on heading north or somewhere mountainous?"

"Let's just say I prefer to avoid a specific situation from ever happening again when I was in Siltvelt." Bakugou responds with his sidekicks nodding with him knowing what he was talking about.

Erhard shrugs at that, "Understandable, still a pleasure doing business with you guys." he says to the group.

Neia then spoke up, "You can still come and live at Bakcadia whenever you want Mr. Erhard. You're always welcomed." she says with the other sidekicks nodding with her.

"I still appreciate the offer, but I have too much committed to the capital to just pack up and leave for a relatively new area. But I'll still consider it in the future if I ever want to branch out. Though if you guys still provide me tons of business I might do that sooner." Erhard responds with Neia nodding in agreement understanding his reasoning.

"What's this Baldy, trying to guilt trip me to shill out more of your products?" Bakugou jokingly comments back.

"Hey a guy has to maintain a business. But yeah if you need any more equipment or weapons you know where I'm at. See all of you later." Erhard responds as he heads his way out of the castle.

On his way he also noticed a "maid" dusting some tables, said the maid was Piece of Shit himself, "Nice dress." Erhard joked as he left, making the former King growl in anger some more.

After that, the group turn themselves around to head back to their classes that were starting again soon.

Rino then says, "Speaking of Siltvelt, Daven do you know any updates on the situation there?" she asked.

Neia and Bakugou were also curious about that as well considering the situation they left that kingdom in.

Daven was quick to answer her, "From what information I gathered, things are still unstable there, no new monarch has been placed yet with Mom doing the best she can with the nobility on her side trying to stop Trinock and the council from taking full control of the state again. It's very dicey and the fear of a civil war is still apparent, but Mom is doing all she can to prevent such a thing from happening while she sets up her plan to take down Trinock and his lackeys for good." he explains

Bakugou grips his fist after hearing that, "Hope your mom finishes up the plan soon, I still like a proper rematch with that now one-eyed striped bastard!" he says trying to hold back his anger still remembering what that dictator did to him and his sidekicks.

Rino then says, "I'm sure Daven's mom knows what she is doing Sir Bakugou, perhaps after we're done with this training and the next Melromarc wave passes we should be able to-"

"FFFUUUUUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" but suddenly everyone heard a loud scream. It surprised everyone including Bakugou.

"What was that!?" Neia responds with the other sidekick's wondering as well.

"Well we're not going to find out standing around. Kirishima follow that sound!" He responds and then orders his dragon.

Kirishima quickly jumps off his father's shoulder and leads the way for everyone to the source of that loud shout as they run toward it.

After a few minutes of running across the castle, the group was now at the palace's gardens full of various plants, statues, and fountains in the outside area. The group continued to look around hoping to find the source of the scream quickly and hopefully help them if they are in danger.

But as they look around the gardens they find out they weren't the only ones to respond to that call for help as they see Sword hero Ren with Scarlet investigating the cry for help.

"Sir Ren did you hear that noise too?" Neia asked him.

"Yes, have any idea what it could be?" Ren responds back.

"That's what we're hear to find out idiot! How about you and Neia quit the chit-chat and find it!" he shouts back at the sword hero who shrugs but understood Bakugou's point, perhaps being quiet might help find the screamer.

And after a minute of pure silence, the 2 groups finally heard a new noise. It was crying.

After following the sound, they finally found the source of the scream from before. It was Rishia, the bow hero's teammate. Who was sitting at the sides of a fountain crying and sobbing with of all people the Spear hero by himself next to her, seemingly trying to comfort the poor girl.

the two groups approached the 2, "Miss Rishia?" Ren finally says getting the girl and spear hero's attention.

Ponytail slut especially looked happy to see the 2 for once, "Ren, Bakugou perfect! You came at the right time, please look after her for me." he eagerly says as the spear hero gets off from the fountain edge as he heads his way toward the exit.

But before he could get far Bakugou grabs his cape, not only stopping the spear hero but making him trip backward and forced his butt on the ground, "What the hell did you do this time!?" he shouts at the Spear hero not wanting to deal with more of his perverted nonsense.

"What!? I haven't done anything to her! Not like you with-Gah!" Ponytail Slut attempts to defend himself but not before Bakugou pulls on his cape harder knowing what he'll finish the rest of that sentence with.

Everyone else was also done with his nonsense as Neia looks angrily at Ponytail slut while having a fisted hand up near the spear hero's face as a huge amount of electricity forms around it.

Knowing what Neia intends to do with it Ponytail slut panics, "I mean it! I mean it! I didn't do anything! I found her crying like this when she entered the gardens!" he shouts panicking wanting to avoid any pain.

"Please don't hurt him for my sake. He's right, the Spear hero has nothing to do with me." Rishia finally says defending the spear hero.

Ponytail was happy to hear her stick up for him as he got back on his feet, "See like I said. Now I think you guys can handle-GAH!" but before he could go anywhere Bakugou pulls on his cape again forcing the spear hero on the ground once more.

"Sit down!" Bakugou shouted back making sure he doesn't leave until the full story of the situation is known.

Neia was quick to ask the poor girl, "Rishia, what happened?"

Despite still sobbing, Rishia was finally able to answer, "It was lord Itsu-the bow hero."

"What's he done to you?" Rino asked, she and the others were afraid of where this was going.

"He... He... He kicked me out of his party!" she cries out loud.

Everyone was surprised by that answer, "Kick you out?! But why?" Ren quickly asked.

"He... He.., After his meeting with the Queen, I was just simply getting the Bow hero and the rest of our team their lunch, as I usually do, and taking it to our rooms. But when I got there, everyone was looking at me angrily and I didn't know why, I figured I got something wrong with their meals or something like that. But no, my team started accusing me of breaking an important precious item of the bow hero's, saying I broke it and tried to hide it away, but I never touched the thing. I tried to explain this to the Bow hero, but.. But.. He didn't believe a word I said and thought I was being a liar with the rest of my team backing him up and accussed me of lying as well. Then... Then... The Bow Hero kicked me out of the party and Mald threw me out of the room!" Rishia finished explaining as she continues crying some more.

"That's awful!" Neia expresses in shock with everyone just as appalled to hear someone be so cruel to their own party member.

Even Bakugou wasn't amused by the whole thing, "Being accused of a crime you didn't commit with asshole liars pointing fingers at you, why does that sound so familiar?" he says with sarcasm, as he continues to pull on Ponytail Sluts cape to make sure he knows the irony of that with the Spear continuingly looking annoyed.

"Some teammates I say." Daven comments also having contempt for the Bow hero right now.

Neia moves up to the crying girl and holds her hands, "This should not be allowed, we need to make sure the bow hero answers to this." she ensures Rishia.

"No please, don't involve yourselves in my affairs, this is all my fault and I don't want to drag anyone else for my mistakes," Rishia responds to Neia.

"Oh come on Green hair, don't tell us you are going to defend that idiot asshole are you!?" Bakugou responds back.

Ponytail slut wasn't amused by that, "On yeah like your much bett-GAH!" he was about to say before Bakugou pulls his cape once more to shut the Spear hero up.

"No, I owe him everything to me, he saved my life, so my soul should be his after I... Oh Lord, what if he found out about the thing at the trials?" Rishia continued.

"What about the trials?" Bakugou asked curious about the last statement.

"You remember the Queen talking about an anonymous source speaking about the Bow Hero's attempted mutiny of Ault-Piece of Shit. That was me, but I didn't do it to betray the Bow Hero! The Queen's guards were asking me so many questions and... and... I didn't want to lie and figured that explaining the whole story would help the Bow Hero get lighter punishments. He probably found out about it and that is the reason why he really kicked me out. I'm so sorry Lord Its-Bow Hero, I'm so sorry!" Rishia explains and can barely hold herself back from balling out crying again.

The others felt uncomfortable with how defensive Rishia was getting with an asshole like Bow Bitch, but despite what she says, they need to hear what Bow Bitch himself had to say about all of this and get answers from him.

"Where's the Bow Hero at now Rishia?" Ren asked.

"I... I believe he is up at his room now, but please don't involve yourselves in this on my behalf. This is my own problem and my troubles, I don't want to involve you guys in this." Rishia responds.

"Rishia we just want answers from this whole thing, we need to know the whole story about this." Neia says to Rishia.

Despite the poor girl not wanting to drag anyone into this, Rishia understands Neia's point and nods to her.

The others nod back and head their way to the Bow Hero's dorms.

Ponytail slut though attempts to go the other way, "Well since this isn't my problem I'll just be-GAH!" but once again as he attempts to leave Bakugou grabs his cape and forcibly drags him across the floor.

"You are not going to chicken out while I'm still here, man up already!" Bakugou yells and continues to drag the Spear hero toward Bow Bitch's Dorm. Ponytail slut just looked annoyed that he was being lectured to "man up" by a high schooler.

*knock knock*

knocking was heard from the Bow hero's dorm room. Bow Bitch's bodyguard Mald opens it up to see a large group of angry-looking people. Namely Ren, Scarlet, Bakugou and his team, and Ponytail Slut with Bakugou still gripping his cape so he doesn't make a run for it.

Mald didn't look amused, "What the hell do you losers want!?" he insults them.

"We like to speak to Bow Bitch about something important," Ren says trying to be reasonable at first despite his own lack of patience with this man.

"Well the Bow hero isn't interested in talking right now so you and the fools can screw off!" Mald insults them annoying everyone in the hallway.

Bakugou though didn't have the same patience as Ren did and moves up toward the door while still dragging Ponytail Slut with him, "We're not here to ask permission asshole! So let us talk to the bastard about some certain topics already!" he demands.

Mald just laughs, "Ha! Like hell I care about you devil! How about you eat shit and fuck off like the rest of your demi and traitor filth! *Slam*" he insults and slams the door on him.

But this wasn't going to be stopping Bakugou and everyone in the hallway knew it.

On the other side of the door, Mald locks it and continues laughing about the situation, "Hahaha! Problem has been taken care of Lord Itsu-*BOOOM!*" but before he could even finish the doors exploded and Mald was sent flying across the room before smashing into a wall then quickly drops on the floor with an in pain Mald getting covered by pieces of the doors.

Everyone in the room including Bow Bitch looked toward the entrance with Bakugou at the center of it with smoking hands from the results of blowing up the doors, "I'll just invite myself in." he jokes as he, his sidekicks, Ren with Scarlet, and Ponytail slut still being dragged along all come into the room.

Bow Bitch of course was not amused by this, "What the hell do you guys want?!" Bow Bitch demands as his bodyguard Mald recovers from the explosion and walks to his leader after brushing off the door pieces.

Ren decided to speak up, "Itsu-Bow Bitch we're all here to talk about Rishia." he says with the others nodding in agreement. Little did any of them know Rishia herself was just outside the doors to observe the event that she wished wasn't about her.

Bow Bitch then smiles and shakes his head, "Yeah, and what do you want with her? Is she causing you trouble now?" he says with a casual tone showing no care about his former teammate.

Neia then spoke, "Did you really kick her out of your team and threw her out of the room?" she asks with her arms crossed.

Bow Bitch continues to look uncaring, "Yes I did, what's it to all of you?"

Rino then speaks, "We found her in the gardens crying because of that and want to hear the whole story. So mind telling us that?" she demands with the others nodding with her.

"Yeah why be such a meanie to her!?" Scarlet also comments.

Bow Bitch shakes his head annoyed about this whole thing but was glad to answer, "Well I'm sure she explained it to you already, but she carelessly broke one of the most important items I held and then had the gull to lie about her clumsy act and hide it." he explains.

Neia then spoke up again, "I did far worse when I started as Sir Bakugou's sidekick and he never kicked me out for my own stupid mistakes." she says with Bakugou himself nodding in agreement with her.

Bakugou himself then reached out his hand to Bow Bitch, "Alright how about this you big baby, if you give me this thing I'll fix it for you and we can move on from this nonsense." he demands from the Bow Hero.

"Like hell I give you anything of mine! And that's not the point, she still lied and tried to hide it from me. I don't trust anyone like that." Bow Bitch shouts at Bakugou.

"And what proof do you have of her doing this?" Rino asked with the others wondering about the proof as well.

Bow Bitch nods and points to his teammates.

Mald speaks up for them, "We saw that clumsy cluts little weasel break the item with our own eyes, trying to do all she could to hide her mistake away. Such disrespect for the Bow Hero." He explains with the rest of the bow hero team nodding in agreement with him.

After hearing that Rishia came into the room herself, "But I didn't break anything I was just-"

"Shut your damn mouth!" Mald quickly yells and interrupts the girl, "We told you already to not show your face to-YAOW!" he continued until Bakugou just forcibly bashes down his shield's bottom on Mald's foot as the in-pain man grips it.

"Like we care about what shit comes out your stupid mouth's! Your words mean diddly dick to us!" Bakugou insults back, with even Ren and Ponytail Slut nodding in agreement, after Cal Maria they already know the characters of the Bow hero's team.

Bow Bitch himself shakes his head in disagreement with this, "I frankly don't care what any of you think of my teammates. I trust them over you idiots, so how about you quit wasting my time and-"

But suddenly Daven poofs in out of nowhere in the middle of the room surprising and interrupting the Bow Hero, "No they're lying." Daven casually says.

Bow Bitch was confused, "What!? What do you-"

"I spoke to the Queen's shadows, spy's between a former spy. They've been ordered to watch over all the cardinal heroes and their teams including the Bow Hero's. They've seen all of the Bow team's actions. And they saw Rishia nowhere near the Bow Hero's dorm when the item broke. As she said herself, she was out getting her team their food. It was actually the rest of the Bow Hero's team that purposely broke the item all to blame it on Rishia." Daven explains to everyone but especially to the Bow hero and his team.

It was a lot of information thrown at Bow Bitch not painting a good light on him or his team, and before he could protest such accusations, he and the rest of his team saw a small group of the Queen shadows not too far from the doors of his room. Nodding to confirm the sidekick's claim before disappearing.

Bow Bitch groans in annoyance, not only from this damning evidence that makes everyone looks at the Bow Hero with a distaste look, but they were all being spied on. He would have to get another talk with the Queen later, but now he had to save face from this little event.

And he quickly figured out one, he finally smiles again, "Yes I see, I fully understand what you are all feeling now. I guess I'll tell you all the truth, this whole thing was actually for Rishia's sake." he says.

"Oh please, Bullshit!" Bakugou immediately reacts already not believing where this was going.

"How about you let me finish you idiot!?" Bow Bitch yells back and then continued after getting some composure back, "Now anyway, I knew about this the whole time, that Rishia didn't break the item. That everyone else in my team was talking between themselves, and that they decided to carry on with this evil deed. Doesn't it make you feel how much they care about their comrades? Rishia is not suited for combat, she is better off living back in her hometown. They only gave her a chance to understand that fact herself." Bow Bitch makes up.

Bow Bitch's other teammates didn't have a clue what he was talking about before, but they knew this was their chance to save face, "Uh-yes of course lord Its-Bow hero that's exactly why we did it." Mald lies with the rest of the Bow Hero group agreeing with him.

The same can't be said with everyone else, the cardinal hero's and their sidekicks weren't buying a single thing Bow Bitch just said, "Absolute Bull fucking shit!" Bakugou jokingly said once more which annoyed the Bow Hero again.

"What the hell do you know!? I actually listen to other people unlike you!" Bow Bitch insults back with everyone else shaking their heads at that hypocritical comment.

"If you thought she was unsuited why weren't you upfront and just tell her that rather than accusing her of something she didn't commit?" Ren asked knowing there was more to this.

"I just said, it was to show how she was not capable of being in the team if she's that emotionally compromised." Bow Bitch continues to lie.

Bakugou saw that it through though, "Ha, to me it sounds like you were just a shit leader who you couldn't make any of your subordinates any better and just gave up on them." he mocks Bow Bitch.

Neia nods in agreement, "Yes, I admit I was once a big loser before who couldn't fight, but Sir Bakugou had trained me hard and never gave up on making me into a better hero." she says to the Bow Hero who was growing annoyed by these constant lectures.

"I don't give any damn how Bakugou trains his team or how bad you were before! I run things how I want and I'm so sick and tired of you morons comparing me to this bastard!" he yells back showing he was already breaking a bit on his lies.

Bakugou quickly saw what this was really about, "Comparing huh? I see now, you are just jealous this girl is more competent than you will ever be." he mocks back.

"What?! jealous of her?! A girl I had originally saved myself?!" Bow Bitch yells back getting more defensive than before.

Ren even nods in agreement with Bakugou, "Yeah I do have to say from Cal Maria and our current training, Rishia has been a lot more active in fighting than the rest of your team." he argues back.

"Well I've been her leader for far longer then any of you two idiots! I will not be lectured by a bastard bully and his suck-up simp!" Bow Bitch yells back.

Rino shakes her head at the irony of that, "Bully? Ha, you seem to be the one bullying one of your own sidekicks and then try to pass it off as some lesson."

"Like I care about the word of another suck-up like you!" Bow Bitch continues to yell.

"Yet you listen to your own suck-ups." Daven says.

"How about you shut your damn mouth fleabag!" Mald shouts back even taking his sword out.

"How about we put on a slave crest on your ass and see if the bullshit you say won't electrify it!?" Bakugou shouts back with the whole room getting more on edge as everyone started arguing with the Bow Hero's group.

"STOP IT! Please Stop it!" shouted a voice and when everyone turns to it. It was Rishia herself finally speaking, "Please don't fight because of me. If-if the Bow hero saw me as a weak hindrance then he has the full right to kick me out."

"Rishia please don't do this to yourself." Rino says to her with the others not liking how Rishia would continue to defend the man treating her like nothing.

Bow Bitch though smiles to that and starts walking away, "You see, nothing to worry about, she doesn't care at all. Now if you excuse me if you won't get lost, I'll head out to the courtyard myself to get away from you morons." he insults back with everyone continuing to give Bow Bitch a distaste look in there eyes.

Even Ponytail Slut finally spoke up about it after he stands up, "Hey! You can't just turn your back on your own teammates like that! All that should matter to you is their loyalty and honor to you! If stats are all that matter to you then you must have no real friends in real life!" he insults back with Bow Bitch barely caring anymore as he and his team continue to leave the area, uninterested in anyone else's opinions at this point.

The others were also annoyed by this whole thing and knew they had to comfort Rishia through the whole event.

Unfortunately though things got worse as Ponytail Slut opens his big mouth again, "I mean think about everything Rishia had to gave up after all she went through since Ren's attempted arrest including giving up her titles to explain to the Queen on what happened since-"

And Bow Bitch immediately reacted to hearing that last part, "Wait a minute!? Explain to the Queen of what!?" he immediately yells and turns around with him already knowing what he meant.

"Oh no." Rishia quickly expresses fear.

"Oh shit." Ren expresses with him and everyone else in the hallway now knowing things are going to get uglier now.

Ponytail Slut quickly realized what he just said, "Oh crap did I just say-OW!"

Bakugou immediately bashes the Spear hero's thick head with the bottom of his shield, "You idiot!" he yells at the college kid now gripping his now in pain head.

Bow Bitch quickly connected the dots and his curiosity immediately turned into deep anger as he approaches Rishia, "So it was you? You were the damn snitch!"

Rishia was now scared as tried to calm the situation while she steps herself back, "Please wait, Sir Bow Hero! Let me explain, It wasn't out of any ill intent, I was only telling her majesty-"

"Shut up!" Bow Bitch yells at her and continued stomping his way toward Rishia, "You think your sad pathetic face will stop me! Did you make a deal with the queen to get yourself some privileges?! Did she secretly give a bunch of money behind my back to bribe you!? "

"No No! Please I was only-"

"Was this whole thing part of your plan?! When I kicked you out you started this bullshit with the other heroes to continue to make me look bad?! Did you get inspired by the former princess!?" He continues shouting louder and louder as everyone notices him pulling back his bowstring.

"No! I didn't want anyone to get involved in this!? Please listen I was only-"

"I said shut up already! No way am I going to let you walk away from this!" Bow Bitch then aims his bow at Rishia directly at her frightened face.

"Bow Hero Please, I lov-"

"Enough of this! I am here to enact justice now! My Justice!" he shouts and lets go of his bowstring.

But before Bakugou could activate a shield ability to save her, a single sword stopped the arrow in its path.

It was Ren using a speed move to slide across the ground just in time to block the arrow with his sword.

"What the hell are you doing!? This is none of your business!" Bow Bitch continues to yell at the sword hero.

Ren tried his best to de-escalate this tense situation, "You need to calm down now! Do you think just attacking people will make people randomly respect you as a hero? Why don't we take this to the Queen and finally settle-"

"I said get out of my way!" Bow Bitch shouts and fires a set of multiple arrows at Ren as he tries to block each one, then Bow Bitch fires another single arrow in the air. Everyone wondered why he did that, but it became apparent what that arrow was while Ren was busy blocking the other arrows. Bow Bitch's team also quickly went to fight and distract everyone else from stopping the Bow Hero including Bakugou.

As the arrow flew overhead the sword hero and the poor girl he was protecting as it turned itself around to aim directly at Rishia's back.

"Rishia behind you!" Neia yells while fighting off Bow Bitch's goons.

Rishia from behind turns and saw what was heading her way with Ren unable to stop it in time while he blocks Bow Bitch's powerful arrows.

"Daven!" Bakugou shouts with the rogue nodding knowing what he wants him to do as he poofs away from the fight.

He appeared directly behind Rishia, "Hold on!" he shouts and the two teleported away, the arrow didn't hit its target, but it didn't stop for long as Daven and Rishia appeared again not far from the magic arrow with the rogue having a plan to deal with it.

As the arrow followed them again, he and Rishia teleported over and over across the room to lead the arrow on a specific path until the two appeared right behind Bow Bitch.

Having been distracted by Ren, he was caught off guard by the two appearing right beside them, "I love you, Itsuki." Rishia said and the two teleported away again and before he could react to his tracking arrow as it finally hits something, himself.

His own powerful arrow hits Bow Bitch directly at his left shoulder and the pain of the arrow finally knocks him down.

The rest of Bow Bitch's squad was also finally deaslt with being curb stomped by Bakugou and the sidekicks, finally putting them down as they ache injured on the ground.

Daven teleports back next to everyone with him and Rishia safe and sound.

"Are you two ok?" Rino asked concerned.

"Yes, we're fine." Daven responds with Rishia reluctantly nodding.

Everyone then turns to the sound of groaning, it was Bow Bitch himself struggling to get himself back up from his own arrow, he was also growling in extreme anger.

It was intense hate that can only be compared to Bakugou himself who was ready to put a mad dog down if he tries to jump at Rishia again.

Bow Bitch finally speaks once more, "Is this how it is? You guys think you are all better than me? That my powers are weak and beneath you? That you have to put down the little guy? It's all the same isn't it!? It's exactly like back at the academy! Everyone has cool powers and I get born with weak shit! All of you are the same as those bastards in that stupid school! I thought I was beyond that now! But it seems the universe likes to always pick on me! All of you can go straight to hell!" he shouts ranting at everyone.

The heroes and sidekicks were just standing to watch, thinking Bow Bitch has finally snapped. But Bow Bitch was no longer trying to fight, that arrow strike injured his shoulder, so couldn't properly hold his Bow at that moment, after he gets himself up he turns away, "Go ahead and keep that traitor whore! I don't care about her! I don't care about this country! And I certainly don't care about you bastards anymore! So get away from me!" he finishes yelling as the Bow hero slowly walks away holding his shoulder.

Rishia in so much emotional pain couldn't bear to see him like this even after all he said and yelled to her, "Sir Bow Hero I-"

"Stop talking to me! I don't want to hear another word from you to me ever again! You can at least follow that order for me!" Bow Bitch yells back as he contiunes dragging himself out of the hallway with the rest of his injured crew following suit.

It was a pitiful sight for almost everyone there, to think such an event got so intense in a short period of time. All over one poor girl.

Ponytail Slut then finally spoke up after remaining silent since his blunder, "See this is exactly why I don't get involved with such affairs. Look what you did Bakugou, this wouldn't have happened if you just allowed me to-YAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" but before he could finish Neia just zaps him with a good surge of electricity to shut the idiot up as he falls down on the ground again in deep pain with everyone else happy to see the idiot not talking anymore.

Everyone then turns back to Rishia who was sheading into big tears, "Rishia are you okay?" Neia asked with everyone waiting for her response.

After a few more seconds Rishia finally spoke, "Sir Bow Hero, if you don't want to hear another word from me ever again... Then your wish will be granted. FUUEH!" she shouts and without any warning she turns and runs away from everyone.

Everyone looked confused, "What the hell is she doing!?" Bakugou says.

"Come on, follow her!" Ren yells as he and everyone else ran after the girl.

After running through many hallways in the castle trying to keep up with the surprisingly fast girl the group tries to catch up with her.

Though the group notices that the long Hallway leads to pretty much a dead end to a balcony. They were several levels up the castle, so this balcony was a couple stories high off the ground.

They weren't sure why she would run to here, but they soon found out as things got more serious when they notice Rishia was climbing up on the balcony's railings as she quickly got herself standing barely keeping her balance on the edge.

Everyone there now knew what she was trying to do, "Rishia no! Don't do it!" Ren shouts to her, hoping to stop the suicidal girl.

But Rishia didn't respond, she looks down from the high ledge knowing this was the perfect height to make it quick and painless. She looks out toward the distance one last time to see the land of Melromarc, "Goodbye, Itsuki, goodbye Mom and Dad. I hope to see you in the afterlife." she finally says as she moves her one foot across the open air.

"Rishia don't!" Neia shouts with the entire group still too far to grab her in time.

Rishia then allows herself to fall over as she closed her eyes, going to feel the cool breeze for a few more seconds before it stops for good.

But to her surprise that breeze stopped in just one second, the now surprised girl opened her eyes and saw the ground far below, but she wasn't moving closer toward it, she wasn't moving at all. She turns her head up and saw that her leg was grabbed by Daven who teleported ahead just in time to catch her as he stabbed one of his Sai's on the Balcony's floor.

Before Rishia could react to her unwanted savior the two teleported away from the Balcony. They reappeared safely in the hallway right by the hero group.

"Rishia! Thank the gods you're safe." Neia expressed while breathing heavily.

Rishia herself however wasn't thankful, "No, I want to do this! I'm no good for anyone anymore!" she cries and attempts to run back to the balcony again.

"Airstrike shield" Bakugou casually says.

And a green energy shield appears right in front of Rishia as she hits the shield and falls to the ground stopping her once more. The shield was made big enough to block off the hallway so there was no way for her to get back to the balcony.

"No! No! I want to do this! Stop blocking me please! I have no place in this world anymore! I want to end it so no one will suffer because of me! Please let me through! Let me-AAAAAHHHH!" Rishia cries until she shouts from receiving a dose of electricity from Neia, but rather than to shut up an idiot like Ponytail Slut, this was to knock her out to stop her own pain.

She now lays unconscious on the floor, the group's hope that once she wakes up Rishia would have calmed down and not try to run and kill herself again.

After a couple of minutes she woke up again in a different room within the castle with no windows or balconies in sight, the group also removed anything sharp just to be safe. The rest of Ren's team also showed up after he explained the whole story to help out.

Thankfully though Rishia did calm down, but still looked utterly depressed as she cries out her eyes, "Why? Why did you stop me? I'm no good to anyone."

Rino spoke up to her first, "Rishia just because the Bow Hero called you useless doesn't mean it's true, he's just an egotistical bastard."

"No, he is right. I was useless until he came into my life and saved it. All I did was squander my new life." Rishia says continuing to defend Bow Bitch.

It was really troubling the group with how defensive she has been with the Bow Hero. It felt like an abuse victim with Stockholm Syndrome.

They want to know why she's like this in the first place, "Rishia what do you mean by him saving you?" Ren asked with everyone else nodding in agreement.

After a few more seconds of crying Rishia finally responds, "My family were of noble lineage, but we were never wealthy. We lived a modest life in the countryside of our lands and had good relations with our people. But then things started getting bad with our territories. Our crops failed, monsters and wildlife started to get out of control, bandits started raiding the roads, and it became a mess for everyone. We were running out of money to deal with all of these bad things and if something wasn't done soon our people would've revolted or the crown would've taken everything we had away. That was when my family was given an offer from a neighboring lord, he was interested in helping, but he would only give my family his money and troops if I was made to be collateral."

It was quite a sad story for everyone to hear so far. The fact that the Bow Hero wasn't the first to just take advantage of her as something expendable. Everyone including Bakugou knew that her mother and father should've never made their daughter to be "collateral" in the first place regardless of how bad things were.

Rishia then continued, "The noble gave what he promised, and it did look like our family was about to turn things around, but then the waves started appearing. Things got worse again and my family was now unable to provide the money to the noble, and as the collateral he imprisoned me at his manor for a day or so.".

"What did they gain from doing this by just locking you up?" Ren asked, while he was happy this didn't result in her being turned into that noble's sexual slave he still was confused by the motivation.

"Simple Paleface, it was a way for the bastards to ransom green hair for her family's territories," Bakugou responds with Ren nodding in agreement to that logic.

Rishia continued her story, "I was locked up in a dark room for a few days with only being given food from under the door, with nothing to do but to think what will become of me and my family soon, until... Until Itsu-the Bow Hero came. He heard word of what the Lord had done and he and his team defeated and killed the Lord and his men. The Bow hero and hid team freed me from my imprisonment. It was as if the heavens answered my prayers and sent an angel to save me."

After hearing that the group now sees a bigger picture as to why Rishia holds so much respect for the Bow Hero despite how terribly he treated her since then.

Neia especially relates to that story, "I see, I too had my life saved from a hero when I was powerless to save myself." she says to her.

Rino then asked, "What happened after that?"

Rishia quickly responds, "The old lord ended up dead and my family was given full responsibility to rule over his town and finances, and I was allowed to join with the Bow Hero, he saw potential in me with my magic skills. But I failed to impress him after that."

Everyone understands the full story, but now they have to figure out what to do with Rishia and ensure she doesn't try to kill herself again.

Neia tried to cheer her up, "Rishia the Bow Hero isn't the end all be all judge of people, just because he didn't see your potential that doesn't mean you have none."

"But he was my leader and I spent so much time with him... I... I can't" Rishia mutters.

Ren then approached her, "Rishia listen, despite what the Bow Hero said, just remember you helped us all in the last wave."

"I...I did?" Rishia asked puzzled but at the same time was happy to hear that.

Daven then spoke again, "Indeed by throwing those alcohol barrels you turned the tide in the battle with the off-world warriors."

"Really?" she expressed.

Ren nods in agreement, "Yeah, thanks to you I was able to beat and overpower Larc ."

Rishia was finally smiling again, "I... I didn't know I was of such help."

Bakugou then finally spoke up, "Yeah and remember back in Cal Mira and we did the stupid team switching crap. Pretty much every cardinal hero here gave you the best rating among Ponytail slut and Bow Bitches teammates including me."

"I... I was, that is right. Thank you Heroes for seeing potential in me." Rishia says now smiling with tears of joy coming down her eyes.

Neia then spoke to her again, "Everyone here sees your potential, I'm sure under a new leader you can show off your talents better and even impress your old leader."

"Do you really think so?" Rishia expressed feeling happier than before.

Rino then spoke up for her, "I think so, when I was under the Spear hero, my talents and abilities were wasted, but after getting myself with a better leader I was able to expand my potential and I'm now on my way to becoming the most powerful mage in Melromarc."

Rishia liked hearing that and was finally gaining her confidence back, "Does that mean one of the cardinal heroes will be willing to take me in?" she asked.

This results in most of the group eyeing Bakugou. However unlike Rishia herself he looked completely unsure if he wants her in his agency. He knew she had potential, but with Rino he already had a dedicated magic user, so he thought she be redundant in his party, not to mention he wouldn't be in the mood to deal with someone so suicidal, even he knew just yelling at her to shut up and get over it if she starts acting up is the last thing he want to say to someone like her.

Bakugou express an annoyed sigh, "Ugh, Look Green Hair, as much as you have-"

"I'll take her in as a party member." Ren interrupts and announced, everyone looks back at the Sword hero, surprised that the usual lone wolf is willing to add a new member to his party.

"Do you mean it Sir Sword hero?" Rishia asked now letting out more tears of joy.

"Yes, I think you will make a fine addition to my group," Ren confirms, Bakugou expressed a sigh of relief knowing he won't have to deal with the baggage of a troubled suicidal young girl.

Ren's group was all for it as well with Scarlet immediately hugging Rishia, "YaYa, I love to have another sister." Scarlet says continuing her big hug. Rishia herself finally hugged her back, happy to see people really did care for her.

"Thank you, thank you for everything everyone, I won't let any of you down.". Rishia says to everyone there, with all of them glad to see the girl now actively happy again.

Bakugou especially, "Good, now that's taken care of, let's see if there is anything left to eat, dealing with idiots is making me hungry again." he expresses with everyone also ready to continue on as they all head out of the room along with the Sword hero's new team member.

Hours had passed since then, it was the dead of night in the capital. At a seedy tavern Bow Bitch himself and the rest of his team were at a corner of the building away from everyone else. They were drinking themselves away from that humiliation from earlier and now that Rishia was now a part of Ren's group that pretty much made her untouchable by them.

Bow Bitch was the most disgruntled, being repeatedly humiliated like that over and over again, while the likes of the weakling Rishia and that bastard Bakugou get all the praise. He tries to drown his sorrows from alcohol but it was only doing so much. Inside his mind, he was starting to worry of becoming an alcoholic with how many of these types of trips to bars he's been doing lately since Bakugou first humiliated him after Tervein, but there wasn't much else he can do to make the constant mockery be dampened.

And if things weren't bad enough, they were no longer by themselves anymore. To his annoyance, Ponytail Slut himself with his two girl cheerleaders were now at the Tavern, with a waitress leading them to a table right next to the Bow hero.

After the spear group took their seats, Bow Bitch groans in deep annoyance, "I swear, why am I always forced to be with you so many times!?" he moans to the Spear hero.

Ponytail Slut also expresses a sigh of annoyance, "Not like I want to be with a bastard like you. As the hot waitress told me, this was the only other table available." he tells off the Bow Hero who just groans in annoyance again.

Like Bow Bitch, Ponytail Slut was also there to drown his sorrows in the situation he and his team are in, "This whole thing sucks, we're treated like clueless newbies and are given zero respect, people even still mock me over that stupid duel with Bakugou."

Bow Bitch let off a light laugh, "Ha, that's one thing we can agree on together. And while they mock us they endlessly praise that bastard."

Ponytail Slut nods in agreement to that, "Ugh don't remind me. And also poor Myn-Bitchwhore, she's forced to punch those evil balloons all day and night. She'll never earn enough to free herself and I'm supposed to just sit there and watch, while that rapist bastard is still allowed to go on his way unpunished as he continues to manipulate Rino and Neia." he says still convinced the former princess was innocent.

Bow Bitch rolls his eyes at the Spear hero's idiocy but was still on the train of thought of hating Bakugou with him, "All that bastard does is manipulate everyone, the people, Ren, the Queen, that traitorous bitch Rishia, everyone keeps thinking he's the best damn hero around. Well I like to show how much better I am than him and his boyfriend. I just need to think of something to ultimately one up those two, do something to make them look irrelevant, a simple footnote while I rise to glory. I just need to think of what that could be." Bow Bitch thought with Ponytail Slut also nodding in agreement.

"Yeah, I definitely would drink to that. It should be something that gets us worldwide recognition so Mirellia would be forced to do what we want and maybe even absolve Myn-my former teammate's unjust crimes. But yeah, it definitely needs to be something big to get everyone's attention." Ponytail Slut says as the two cardinal heroes and their teammates think to themselves about what thing they could possibly do to one up Bakugou and Ren and be seen as the world's best heroes.

But little did the groups know, someone was watching them the whole time. It was a young man, no older than his 20s with long white hair, thick glasses, and wearing a fancy sorcerer suit that had glass vial's on a front strap with a long thick cape. He was also reading from a thick book, and it wasn't any ordinary book, it was one of great power. The man smiles after hearing afar of the 2 cardinal heroes' conversations, "Hahaha, this is going to be easier than I thought." he sinisterly says to himself as he closed his powerful book and got off his seat to walk toward the two tables.

Once right at the tables the heroes and their teammates look toward the mysterious book-carrying stranger as he smiles and bows toward the two, "Well I can't believe my own eyes, the cardinal Spear and Bow hero in the flesh. It's a tremendous honor to meet the both of you." he bows before the two.

Ponytail Slut and Bow Bitch were immediately weirded out to hear such praise to them but were also curious about this friendly stranger, "Uh, thank you. Who are you exactly?" Ponytail Slut asked surprised for once to see someone approach them to not make fun of him.

The man smiles as he adjusts his glasses, "Oh pardon me, where are my manners? My name is Kyo Ethnina, a mage and adventurer myself. I've been traveling around the world to look for help for my homeland and I just overheard your conversations on looking for a big job to help yourselves. I think we can do something to help both of our problems."

Despite having no clue what problem he was even talking about, it did peak the 2 heroes' curiosities, "What exact trouble are you having?" Bow Bitch asked.

Kyo grins toward the heroes, "Yes, you see my kingdom has an issue with a resting super monster that is ready to wake up and it will cause so much trouble and mayhem. We need strong fighters to come to our aid and help put down the monster once it awakens." he explains.

"What kind of monster is it?" Ponytail slut asked

"I don't want to say too much, it could easily start a panic. But it's a creature that no one has faced in generations, a creature that only the most powerful cardinal heroes can defeat, a creature that even the waves fear. One who could defeat such a beast like that would be remembered forever." Kyo explains.

Despite the vague details the Spear and Bow heroes were liking the sound of this already, "So you and your king or whoever just wants us to to kill this thing once it wakes up?" Ponytail asked

"Pretty much." Kyo casually responds, the two were liking how straightforward this quest sounded.

Bow Bitch did have some reservations though, "So why are you asking us about this and not the shield and sword heroes?" he asked.

"I have, but neither wanted to accept the job. They were too afraid of waking it up early and fearing they wouldn't be able to stop it." Kyo explains to the two.

Bow Bitch was now getting more and more interested if Bakugou and Ren were supposedly chickening out on this. Ponytail slut also like the sound of that, "Ha, well I'm confident in my own abilities, I won't back down on some scary monster." he boasts himself.

"Neither will I, it be no different than me killing any wild animal." Bow Bitch also boasts himself. In the back of his mind, this quest sounded too good to be true. But at the same time along with the alcohol also influencing his judgment, he was so desperate to get any sort of good reputation back that he figure he will take anything at this point

Ryo also had this to say to sweeten the deal, "I think I should also mention that the king is offering 30,000 gold each to the heroes who fight and kill the monster off."

"30,000 gold?!" the two expressed, and now the Bow and Spear heroes were hooked. Not only will that easily pay off their debts, but with that they can buy the best equipment there is to successfully catch up and surpass Ren and Bakugou. Ponytail slut also knew with that money he may also be able to pay off Bitchwhore's debt.

"Go for it!" said Bitch

"Yeah Spear hero show the world how a strong hero can fight!" Bigger Bitch also cheers on the Spear hero to encourage him to go along with it.

"I'll accept the quest?" Ponytail slut shouts with Bitch and Bigger Bitch cuddling his arms in approval of this.

"I say go for it to Lord Itsuki!" Mald yells with the rest of his team raising their glasses toward their somewhat buzzed leader.

"Same here." Bow Bitch also says with the rest of his team quickly taking a drink to that, they along with Ponytail's girls like the idea of getting their reputations back and the spoils they'll get out of this.

Kyo smiles at this development, "Perfect, let's head our way there then." he says as he opened his thick book. 'Stupid fools make this too easy.' he mocks them in his head.

Bow Bitch then quickly remembered something, "Wait! Hold on, that bitch Mirellia has prevented us from leaving the country unless we get "permission" to do so. How exactly are you going to convince her?" he asked with Ponytail Slut curious as well.

Kyo just grins as he flips over some more pages, "Oh don't worry about that." he responds and from his book, the pages started to glow, and from the book's power a magic circle formed around the two tables with everyone wondering what this was about other than the sinisterly smiling Kyo.

A flash of light glows across the bar forcing everyone there to shield their eyes. Eventually the glow stopped, but when everyone looked back to its supposed source, the two tables were completely empty. The cardinal heroes, their teammates, and this mysterious Book adventurer had just disappeared.

Everyone was confused about what that was, with one particular person immediately concerned. This patron was secretly one of the Queen's shadows and saw the whole thing, she immediately ran out of the bar and head her way to the castle, "I must inform her majesty at once."

It was now 5 in the morning with the Sword and Shield heroes and their teams being awakened and ordered to head toward the Queen immediately to a large minor office room of sorts.

Many were still tired after all the training and what happened earlier yesterday so the groups still looked sleepy, "This better be something important Queeny!" Bakugou shouts toward Mirellia as he yawns to himself.

The Queen immediately heads her way toward the two groups, "Thank you Shield and Sword heroes. I am so sorry to wake you two from your rests, but we have a grave situation on our hands right now."

"What is it?" Ren asked.

"Don't tell me, it involves those two idiots." Bakugou adds in.

Mirellia sighs to that, "Unfortunately yes it does involve them."

"Of course it's them." Rino snarks.

"What the hell did those two morons do this time?!" Bakugou demanded not in the mood to deal with their shit again with the others wondering as well, though Rishia who is now officially part of Ren's group looked concerned.

Mirellia was quick to answer, "To be frank I'm not sure myself, but I'll explain what my shadows have told me. A mysterious stranger named Kyo Ethnina had offered the heroes a quest to fight some monster with the two eagerly accepting, he then used some sort of teleportation magic and the group just vanished." she explains.

It wasn't much to go by but the groups knew where this was going and didn't like it, "So where are they now?" Neia asked with the others wondering as well.

Mirellia sighs again and then answered, "That's the thing, we don't know where they are at. After I got word of this I immediately had to message all the lords and border checkpoints to identify the heroes as soon as possible, but hours passed and we found absolutely no leads or appearances of the heroes or their employer. I've even had many records looked into to see if we could find anything on this Kyo fellow but came empty-handed. Whoever he is, he's truly not from Melromarc."

All of this information was confusing and it worried everyone about what this mysterious man was or what he wants with the cardinal heroes. Bakugou was especially suspicious of the name, 'Kyo Ethnina? That sounds awfully Japanese.' he thought in his head, he fears what such a thing could entail but had to think about it later and spoke to the Queen again, "Ok then, so let me guess you want us to help track them down?"

Mirellia nods to that, "Of course, I know your dragon Kirishima and Ren's filolial Scarlet both have tracking abilities. If your monster companions can get their scents and track them quickly we'll finally get our answers." she responds.

Ren though shakes his head in disapproval, "Scarlet has been trained to track now, but it's still low leveled, she can track them in say the Capital, but she won't be able to track from super long distances."

"But my dragon can though, he's max leveled when it comes to tracking." Bakugou immediately boasts with little Kirishima nodding in agreement and then turns to Scarlet to stick his tongue at her knowing he one up the little Filolial Queen who just pouts away from the dragon.

Mirellia is happy to hear that, "Perfect! Will you be able to track them as soon as possible?" she asked.

Bakugou then looks back with a stringent look, "That depends, Kiri needs to get a good sent on either of those two idiots first."

Rino spoke up first, "I would volunteer, but considering I've spent all my time with Bakugou for months now I doubt I have any scent left from that moron."

Bakugou groaned in annoyance knowing she was right and he wasn't in the mood to deal with Bitchwhore just get her simps scent. However he realized it wasn't just his scent he needed, "True, however it looks like we have one who just recently got kicked out of Bow Bitch's group." he says and everyone turns to a confused Rishia.

"Who me?" Rishia expressed in confusion, but before any response was made Bakugou immediately got behind her and held her shoulders.

"Look, just let the dragon smell you until he gets Bow Bitch's scent. So we can get this over with and get back to bed." Bakugou responds bluntly.

Ren tries to calm the stressful situation to her, "It will be okay Rishia, just let him do it and everything will be fine." he says to her while little Scarlet held Rishia's left hand to comfort her with Neia also holding her right hand to do the same.

The kind hearts of the two warmed Rishia up and now understood how important the situation was for her new group as well as the Bow hero's safety. She then nods in approval, "Ok I'll allow it." she responds.

Rishia then walks up to Kirishima who just grew into his teenage size, the dragon quickly sniffs the girl out all around her body so he can get the Bow Hero's clear scent.

After about half a minute of this, Kirishima finally got Bow Bitch's scent and can now track him down.

Bakugou smiles at this, "Looks like we have our trail now!" he shouts.

"Good work Rishia, thanks for doing that for us." Ren thanks his new teammate with the rest of his team doing the same for Rishia. The young girl felt weird but at the same time happy to have such a supportive and loving group now, compare to when she was with Bow Bitch.

Mirellia was also happy about these developments, "Perfect, now Shield hero can you and your team track these two and their employer down before they start who knows what trouble?"

Bakugou smiles at this while punching his fists together, "Sure if this means I get to kick their asses again."

"I prefer you talk to them first, but if they resist in any way, you have my permission to do so." Mirellia approved.

Bakugou then order his team together, "Alright then let's find those losers." he finished as his team grouped together, and with his map shield activated the group vanished to find their lead to the two heroes.

Over an hour had passed with the Queen and the Sword hero's group awaiting for Bakugou to come back hopefully fully handed.

And as if on cue Bakugou and his entire party appear back at the office, "God damnit those bastards!" he immediately yells looking really pissed off.

Everyone immediately turns back toward the group, "Did you find them?" Ren immediately asked.

"What the hell do you think Sherlock!?" Bakugou yells at Ren.

"What happened?" the Queen immediately asked.

"We pretty much got into a dead end." Daven responds.

"Dead end?" the Queen reacts.

Rino then spoke up about it, "We had been fast traveling around the country to places we were at before to find the closest region where those numbnuts are at. When we finally found a trail, we flew on Kirishima for a bit as he continued tracking them down."

Neia then finished for her, "But eventually we got to a spot in the middle of nowhere on an open field, and their trail ended right there. Kirishima couldn't find any more traces after that."

Daven then spoke, "We also found no footprints, no evidence of camps around, and there were no underground caverns for them to hide."

The Queen was immediately intrigued by that, "Hmmm, if I had to guess the employer had activated some sort of anti-tracking spell on him and his group knowing something like this could happen. And have some sort of magic or means of transportation to get far away fast enough."

Everyone now looks worried about this development especially Rishia, "But what do we do now? Should I let Kirishima smell me again?" she asked with her arms out again.

"Maybe I can smell you this time sis!" Scarlet randomly shouts thinking she can one-up the dragon again.

"That's not going to help! Kirishima fully had Bow Bitch's scent and it stopped in the middle of nowhere! And I doubt the dumb bird can smell any better. We need to find another way to find these idiots and their damn employer!" Bakugou shouts still annoyed that someone can just get around him and his group like that.

The rest ponder to this, thinking of what they can do to find out where they have gone off to and what this was monster they are trying to release. Rino then thought of something, "Perhaps if we go by the last spot Kirishima was able to smell Bow Bitch at we might find a general direction they might've gone to?" she suggested.

Mirellia nods to that, "Good idea, let's set up a map." she says as some servants lay down a large map of Melromarc and surrounding nations on a table, the Queen then looks toward the Shield hero, "Sir Bakugou can you please mark the last location you were at?" she asked.

Bakugou nods and after looking at his map shield on the pin-pointed location, he grabbed a pen and marks an X on that spot, "Right about here." he states.

Everyone looks at the map puzzled, including the Queen, "That's very far east, almost to Melromarc's eastern border, there isn't much out there but some small hamlet towns and trade posts. I don't see what monsters could be released around there other than Yetis and ice dragons."

Everyone was trying to think of how this would help pin the group down, then Daven walked up to draw a large circle around the pinpoint location, "Assuming they are riding a land dragon or filolial cart they may be able to travel across this distance, could there be a place they may head off to in this general area?" he suggested.

And as the Queen looks around the marked circle more, she noticed that it overlaps part of a territory outside of the Kingdom, she then points to it, "This here is outside of Melromarc's borders toward the Tortoise Kingdom. They could perhaps be just flat out fleeing the country." Mirellia states.

The kingdom was unfamiliar to most of the group including Bakugou, "What the hell is that place? A kingdom run by turtle people?" he asked, considering turtle demi-humans exist in this world he wouldn't pass it off as impossible. He also secretly wondered if their king is routinely beaten up by a plumber.

Mirellia though shakes her head to that, "Actually the Tortoise kingdom is a predominantly human kingdom. Melromarc trades with them, but they are relatively isolated not one willing to do diplomacy or take sides in conflicts. They don't regularly worship the cardinal heroes religion either, 3 heroes, 4 heroes, or otherwise. They mostly worship the faith of the... Wait..." Mirellia says then paused for a few seconds as she thinks back to what her shadows told her. She then let off a gasp of fear, "Oh no! Don't tell me they are trying to release that!?"

Everyone was surprised to see the Queen almost freaking out like that, "What are you talking about? Releasing what?" Ren quickly asked not liking where this is going.

After Mirellia took a quick deep breath she then responds to him, "I apologize, but if they're heading their way to the Tortoise kingdom to release a monster. The only conclusion I can make is that they are trying to release the spirit Tortoise."

"Spirit Tortoise? What the hell is that?!" Bakugou demanded, he like Ren also didn't like where this was going.

Mirellia quickly answered him, "The spirit Tortoise is a monster of great magnitude. Larger than anything you could encounter including the waves themselves. So large it carries entire mountains on its shell. Its very footsteps could cause earthquakes, can easily wipe out entire cities and countries, then kill off most of the inhabitants."

This story already made everyone uneasy. Considering the size of the whale boss in the last wave, the fact something even bigger than that existed was something to not take lightly, "Are you sure this thing exists and not just some scary bedtime story?" Ren asked.

Mirellia reluctantly nods, "I'm afraid so, it's reign of terror has been noted multiple times in our world's history. It is said to have taken the efforts of the last set of cardinal heroes to just be able to seal it away. With said sealing knowledge being taken to their graves."

"Do you really think this is what those 2 are trying to unleash?" Neia asked the Queen with a worried tone.

Mirellia nods again, "It's the only thing coming to mind, the Tortoise kingdom itself is named after the beast, and know about it the most. It's the only thing I can conclude with the information my shadows have given."

Bakugou shakes his head in annoyance at this scenario, "So you think those idiots are trying to release some super boss with this other asshole manipulating them to do it? Just what I need, to clean up those idiots messes. So what do you suggest we do Queeny?" he says and asked the Mirellia.

"From the outline Sir Daven marked, the closest location they could be heading to would be the tortoise kingdom's capital, it's currently unknown where the Spirit tortoise slumbers, the people most likely to know about it would be there and will be the most likely be the location the heroes will be heading toward." Mirellia answers, "I need yours and Sir Ren's group to head over there as soon as possible and to find and stop the hero's and their mysterious employer now or I fear the entire world will be in grave danger." she continued.

Rino then added her comment, "That's assuming they are even heading that way. For all we know we may just be going on a wild goose chase and they are still in Melromarc unleashing a different unrelated monster."

It was a good point that everyone had understood including the Queen, "That is true, but we have no other leads right now, I rather we waste our time to find where they are at now rather than allow the Spirit Tortoise to be released. I'll have all of Melromarc's soldiers in this outlined region to look everywhere they can if they are still here within Melromarc's borders, but the Tortoise Kingdom is out of my jurisdiction. All of you need to find them quickly." she explained with Rino nodding back understanding her queen. In the back of her mind though she secretly hoped the Spirit Turtle really wasn't involved, she heard the stories of the horrors that thing can do and doesn't want to see it herself.

Bakugou then nods back toward the Queen, "Ok then, so we are to go to this Turtleland's capital, find those two idiots, and then kick theirs and this employer's asses?" he confirms with the Queen nodding in approval. Bakugou turns to everyone else, "Alright then, everyone who is going will gather around me to fast travel to the last spot Kirishima was able to track and travel to the turtle kingdom from there. We leave in 10 minutes so pack up and be ready!" he shouts with his groups and Ren's nodding in approval.

"Wait can we go to!?" shouted a random voice that surprised everyone. And when they turned to the source, a young adult weasel Demi-human girl trips out of her hiding spot along with her two friends. It was Rifana along with Raphtalia and Kiel.

"Rifana I thought we agreed to remain hidden!?" Raphtalia shouted at her teammate.

Bakugou looked on annoyed, "What the hell is this about?" he asked the 3 demi-warriors.

Kiel was the first to say something, "Sorry Lord Bakugou, when we first heard about big trouble going on in the castle we figure we find out what this was about."

"How much did you hear?" Bakugou quickly asked.

"About the Spear and Bow hero being missing and the whole thing about the Spirit Tortoise." Raphtalia answered with the other two nodding in approval showing they were in the same picture.

And despite her shyness and blushing at her crush Rifana continued speaking, "That's why I want to at least volunteer myself to help Lord Bakugou and Sir Ren. It's the least we can do for what you did for our hometown."

Kiel also nods in approval, "Yeah we didn't train ourselves for nothing. We like to show how much we can be as heroes."

Raphtalia nods in agreement with Kiel and Rifana, "Yes, but of course it will be your choice heroes, we don't want to be burden's either." she says back with the others nodding in agreement even Rifana reluctantly.

Ren also nods back, "They did help us back at the wave Bakugou. Can't hurt to have 3 extra pairs of eyes." he vouches for them with Bakugou's team nodding in approval with the sword hero as well.

While this may not be the time to be scouting for more teammates, Bakugou can't deny the 3 will be of help. After a few seconds, he just shrugs, "Fine whatever, you 3 can come. Just don't slow us down. This is a serious situation and I won't be accepting any whiners. Let's say this will be your internship and if any of you impress me I might think of adding new permanent members." he tells the group.

The 3 Demi-warriors all smiled widely to hear that, especially Rifana thinking she was now one step closer to becoming a true member of Bakugou's team and having him fall in love with her.

Bakugou turns away from the 3, "Like I said everyone! 10 minutes and we're out of here!" he shouts to everyone, with them nodding back once more as Ren and Bakugou, their teams, and the 3 demi-warriors go off to prepare themselves for the tortoise kingdom.

Though before Bakugou could go anywhere Neia approached him, "Were you serious about those 3 becoming party members Sir Bakugou?" she asked curious of how genuine he was being to the 3 young warriors.

Bakugou was quick to respond, "I wanted those 3 to be at their best game. We don't have the time to have burdens who will slack off, so maybe I over flowered them a bit. But hey if they do well enough perhaps I might invite one or two to the Bakugou agency. I have invited worst off before, like you."

"Hey!" Neia playfully shouts still annoyed by Bakugou's playful mocking. But she then nods back understanding him and heads off to pack what she can for the trip.

And after 10 minutes, everyone was now ready to go for this trip, with items, supplies, and a bunch of books that may be of help to find out more information on the Spirit Tortoise.

Once everyone was grouped up they all looked toward the Queen, "Do your best to find Bow Bitch, Ponytail Slut, and their Employer, and prevent them from releasing whatever monster they are trying to release. Good luck to all of you and may the heavens help you through this uncertain time." she says her goodbyes to them.

Everyone nods and Bakugou activates his map shield. Then he, his sidekicks, Ren and his group, and the 3 Demi-warriors all teleported away to where Kirishima lost track of the 2 other cardinal heroes.

After that the Queen turns her head to some of her Servants, "Now then, send my message out to every garrison in the territories that were marked on the map, have them fully alerted and do what they can to find any trace of the Spear and Bow heroes if they are still in Melromarc." she ordered.

"Yes your majesty." the servants respond.

After a nod the Queen continued, "I also want to get a hold of Lord General Richeart as soon as possible to mobilize our eastern troops, as well as get ahold of any Kingdom that borders the Tortoise kingdom if we can." she continued.

Some of the servants were confused by that request, "Are you sure you want to do all of that your majesty?" one asked thinking these precautions might be going overboard.

The Queen understood what they were thinking and was quick to respond, "I know it might seem extreme, but we can't take any chances if this truly involves the spirit Tortoise." she turns herself toward a window with some fear in her eyes, "Please Sir Bakugou and Ren, please stop those fools from making a grave mistake.".

2 days had passed since the disappearance of the Spear and Bow heroes. After fast traveling to their last tracked location the Sword and Shield hero groups got on Kirishima and flew on their way to the Tortoise kingdom's capital. Everyone did their best to track and find any clues to where Bow Bitch and Ponytail Slut could be at, but found no trace. They had the advantage of a flying dragon so if the two were traveling via conventional means, they could easily be ahead of them now, but with zero clues and this mysterious employer's powers, they could already be at the capital for all they knew. All they know is they need to stop the 3 before they release whatever they are trying to release, and hopefully it wasn't this spirit tortoise.

Both Rino and Rishia were also reading through various books the Queen provided to find out any information on the Tortoise itself or other monsters that could be in the area. Rishia eventually did find a book that had the knowledge of the tortoise in it as she and Rino read as much as they could from it, but it didn't provide any information about its burial location. The groups would have to find that one on their own.

But in the dawn of the morning, they finally made it to the tortoise kingdom's capital. It was a large city based in a valley surrounded by mountains with a large temple on one set of triplet mountains. Unlike Melromarc's more European culture, the Tortoise kingdom takes a lot from Eastern culture along the lines of China, Korea, and even Japan.

Kirishima finally lands near the outskirts of the city. Bakugou didn't want to start a panic as usual with a large fire-breathing dragon landing in the middle of the city, but he also didn't want to draw attention to themselves, and for good reason.

The groups walked until near the gates, Bakugou then pulled out robes from his inventory, "Everyone put these on." he ordered as he threw the robes to his teammates as well as Ren's and the Demi-warriors.

"Why for?" Kiel asked with Raphtalia and Rifana wondering as well.

"We're trying to find those idiots. If the cardinal heroes come prancing around in the capital and if those 2 idiots are really here, they will know we're coming and hide or run away. So we need to find them while remaining as inconspicuous as possible." Bakugou answers with the demi-warriors understanding that logic and quickly put on the robes.

Everyone else does the same while Ren and Bakugou change their cardinal weapons, with Bakugou changing into its book form and Ren to his pen form.

After paying the gate toll the hero groups were in the large city now.

After some walking near a market center Bakugou lays out the plan, "Ok then, we'll split up, find any clues on those two idiots' whereabouts or this super turtle's location. We'll meet up near the capital's palace at sunset. If any of you end up in trouble or find the idiots make a big explosion in the sky and everyone will run toward that location." he says laying out the plan.

Though the way he said it made Ren scratch his chin, "Split up and search for clues, where have I heard that before?" he says to himself.

"Just find them!" Bakugou shouts at Ren not in the mood for jokes right now, and after a shrug from Ren the groups split up into pairs to find the rogue heroes.

Almost a whole day had passed since the split up and the heroes had zero luck.

They search every corner of the capital, visited every store, went to every location, and found no clues or hints of Bow Bitch and Ponytail Slut's whereabouts or where this spirit tortoise might be resting at. There were only two major locations left in the capital that they haven't looked into yet. One was that sacred temple up those 3 triplet mountains, which no one but high-ranking disciples of the Tortoise church are allowed in, not even name-dropping the cardinal heroes helped out, and just trying to join the religion requires months of a process the cardinal heroes didn't have.

The other place was the King's palace, "You sure we'll find them here?" Rishia asked Ren.

"We don't have any other leads to go on, might as well check on the only other place we haven't gone into, but let's see what the Queen says first." Ren says back as he looks toward Bakugou who is trying to get ahold of the Queen through his crystal ball shield, eventually he got her to appear on the ball.

"Thank you for getting in contact with me again Heroes, have you found any trace of those two, their employer, or the tortoise?" the Queen asked.

"Diddly squat! How about your end?" Bakugou respond and then asked.

Mirellia shakes her head, "I'm afraid we found no signs of the spear and bow heroes in Melromarc. We did receive one report of a pair of fur traders who live in the mountains near Melromarc's border witnessing some sort of magic chariot of pure light rushing through the snow. They didn't identify anyone but saw that one of the passengers had bright pink hair."

"That's definitely Ponytail Slut." Bakugou says then looks back at the crystal ball, "When did these fur traders see this?" he continued asking.

"Over a day ago, so they may have already crossed the border and are in the Tortoise Kingdom now." Mirellia answered.

Everyone started to look uneasy at such news, including Rino, "We need to find out where the spirit tortoise is resting at soon before those idiots get there first." she says with the others nodding in agreement.

"I guess getting ahold of the king for information is all we can do now?" Neia adds in.

Mirellia nods through the Ball, "Please do whatever you can to find them fast, we mustn't let the spirit tortoise be released." she finished and turned off the crystal ball on her end.

With that, the group heads their way to the large palace which like the rest of the country is very Chinese and Japanese-influenced with its dark green palace walls.

Once near the gate to the palace, the 2 hero groups while still in robes walked up to the guards, "Halt who goes there!?" one of the guards requested.

"We like to seek audience with the King." Ren says doing his best to hide his normal voice.

The guard immediately looked annoyed, "The king doesn't need to waste time with a bunch of peasants. Unless you have an invitation with the tortoise church screw off."

"How about this instead!" Bakugou shouts and without hesitation takes his robe off showing off his true self.

The guards were immediately shocked after recognizing him, "By the Tortoise! He's the shield hero?!"

Ren immediately tugged on Bakugou's shoulder, "Hey what happen to hiding our identities!?"

"You got any better ideas to get in here genius?!" Bakugou responds.

Ren didn't have a response and just shrugs himself seeing Bakugou's point and he takes his own robe off with the others doing the same, "And the Sword hero as well?! Please give me a few moments to get ahold of our king." he says to the heroes and the guard heads his way to his superior's for permission.

The heroes wait a few minutes until the same guard came back, "Ok, it looks like his majesty himself would like to meet the two of you and your groups, so you may come in and we'll escort you to a meeting room." he says to them and with a nod from the heroes to there companions and sidekicks the two groups head there way past the castle gates on there way to the Palace itself.

After a few minutes of walking through the very decorative and lively designed palace with a lot of green with numerous designs and images of turtles and the nation's mountainous landscape, the heroes were eventually taken to a meeting room of sorts. There standing there was an elegant figure. Though this figure wasn't the king of the Tortoise kingdom himself. It was actually a woman. But this woman didn't look like any normal servant or handmaiden.

She was a beautiful adult woman with long dark black hair with a tortoiseshell pin on the back of it to hold it in a bun, had a green dress that exposed the side of her long legs, had large flowers decorating the sides of her head, having a white vale wrapped her body and arms, and wearing what looked to be high heel green boots. Her appearance oozed elegance and beauty one of only great power possesses. The only other figure the heroes knew that held such an aura was Queen Mirellia and to Ren and Scarlet, Queen Fitoria.

And this beautiful woman was smiling at the heroes and their groups as they got into the room. The elegant woman finally spoke, "It's a pleasure to meet you cardinal heroes Katsuki Bakugou and Ren Amaki. My name is Ost Horai and I like to welcome you to the Tortoise Kingdom's Royal palace." she introduces and made a light bow to the groups.

It was weird for the groups to be fixated on this random woman, but there was something about her that gave them a feeling of great power within her that was hard to describe. Even Bakugou can feel it, but he wanted to get back on track, "Sure whatever, where's the king?" he immediately asked Horai.

The woman nods as she turns herself toward a hallway, "Follow me and I'll lead you to his majesty." Horai says as she leads the groups toward a different part of the palace.

"So Miss Horai, are you a magic user?" Rino asked with this woman's aura spiking her curiosity.

Horai smiles back as she continues walking, "I dabble a bit in gravity magic, it's hard for many who even have an affinity over it. But it just comes natural to me." she responds.

Raphtalia then spoke up, "That's still quite an accomplishment. I hardly heard of anyone that can do gravity magic, the only other person I know is capable of doing it is Miss Rishia."

"Well, it's not like I'm all that good at it. I just somehow have an affinity with all magic for whatever reason." Rishia responds nervously not wanting to draw attention to herself.

Rifana then wanted to speak up, "Actually Raphtalia, I can also-"

"Well well well! Look what we have here in my kingdom!" shouted a random voice across the hall interrupting Rifana.

The source of the voice was from a middle age man on the heavier side, who was wearing decorative green silk robes and a huge Chinese-like Mianguan crown on his head. It was already apparent to the heroes who this was.

The fat royal then approached Horai, "And I see my beautiful rose has already meet the great heroes." he says to her as Horai kisses both of his cheeks.

"Of course my King, I was leading them your way." Horai says back as she points toward the groups.

"Haha, I couldn't ask for a better introduction for our kingdom, to be seeing the most beautiful thing the country has to offer." the fat royal happily says to the woman.

Bakugou rolls his eyes to this guy while Ren wanted to confirm some things for the groups, "Sorry to not know immediately but are you the King of this nation?" he asked the royal.

Said Royal quickly nods toward Ren, "Hahahaha! Of course, you'd think a peasant could afford such a house! Hahaha! But jokes aside, yes I'm King Ransha the seventh of the tortoise kingdom."

Neia then spoke up as she looks at Horai, "And I'm guessing this is your wife?" she asked

Ransha laughs again, "Hahaha! Close, she's my favorite concubine, though if I was legally allowed to I would definitely make her my head wife."

Rino rolled her eyes at that, with the man already reminding her of Ponytail Slut, she can imagine what this guy's other "wives" would say if they heard what he just said.

The King spoke up again as he looks back at the heroes, "Good thing it's already dinnertime, why don't we finish our pleasantries as we are feasting."

Bakugou turns his head and nods to his sidekicks and Ren in approval, knowing playing along will be their only means of gaining answers, "Fine, let's just go already." Bakugou said bluntly.

"Haha, I like you Shield hero, wanting to get to the points already. Well then let's head that way to the feast." Ransha laughs as he wraps his arm around Horai and leads the way with everyone else following them to the dinner hall.

After a few minutes, the heroes and royalty were now in the dinner hall where a large dinner table stood, with one side having the heroes and the other with the King and Horai and a couple of other women, no doubt his wives and other concubines just from the looks of there eyes they were greatly jealous of how close Horai is to Ransha as his clear favorite.

Both sides were now eating their meals, though the sidekicks and teammates were having issues just picking up their food, there was no silverware and instead they just had chopsticks. While this was no big deal with either Bakugou or Ren who know how to use them, the others however who are used to a more European culture have no idea how to properly use them. Neia and Rino had to resort to stabbing at their food to pick them up, while Daven just gave up and started using his hands to pick up the food. The same was said with Ren's group and the Demi-warriors, Rifana tried to imitate Bakugou but she still struggles to pick up a single piece of food properly with them.

King Ransha was still holding his arm around Horai as she feeds the fat king herself with her freed arm as he finally speaks to the heroes again, "Quite the feast isn't it, I can have these every day and not take a dent in my treasury." Ransha jokes and after the King chews and swallows he speaks again, "So then, what are the cardinal hero's doing here? I never called for any aid?"

Bakugou was the one to answer him, "Me and Paleface are going on tour across the world to help deal with their waves." he says making a convincing lie.

Ren knew what he had in mind and played along, "Yes, and your kingdom happened to be in our direction so we came to visit your nation's capital first to see if you needed help." he also says.

Ransha strokes his thick beard a bit then said, "I see, well thankfully Shield and Sword hero's there's nothing to worry about here. Despite whats going on with the other countries, the tortoise kingdom has yet to experience a single wave."

Everyone was surprised to hear that with Raphtalia being the first to speak up about it, "Really? How is that possible?"

Ransha quickly answered her, "Ha, I know full well it's the power of the spirit tortoise itself that drives away the waves, even as it slumbers its godly strength protects our grand nation."

And with the topic of the Tortoise being brought up Bakugou knew it was his chance to get on the subject without driving too much attention to it, "What exactly is this spirit turtle thing anyway?" he asked with everyone listening in.

Ransha smiles to hear that, "Ah, yes the great Spirit tortoise. Said to be one of the guardians of this world, a being of great power. One that can single handily destroy the waves themselves, and not just with my nation but with the whole world if fully awakened.".

The groups notice the king getting a lot more enthusiasm from talking about the tortoise and knew they had to get out more answers about it, Rishia then asked, "But wasn't it also said that the Tortoise would cause great destruction if was to ever awakened?"

Ransha shakes his head to that, "Ha, what god worth his salt wouldn't want to show its power by crushing those beneath them? I think most would agree a god needs to be left to his function to keep proper order in the world, like a farmer attending to his crops, they do what they can to stomp out the weeds to let the hardy crops grow and spread their bloodlines. It's only common sense." he explains, though something about how that was worded in how he compares a god to a farmer tending plants and to "remove the weak weeds." don't sit right with the heroes.

Ren then spoke up, "So if I've heard, where could the tortoise be resting at?" he asked wanting to get to that point.

Ransha was silent for a second as he shakes his head, "No one knows its true location, not even the priests, regardless of how much one would bribe them, trust me I have tried. But I've heard the old stories say that the Tortoise has been sealed down at the southernmost province of my kingdom within the Jinzie mountain range." he explains to the heroes.

Ransha's vague clue might've sounded like a good lead, however Bakugou could tell something was off once he said that. He knew it didn't sound genuine. He also saw Horai was also looking at her king somewhat oddly, like even she knew it didn't sound right.

Ren then said, "We are also looking for the Spear and Bow heroes, they seem to have gone ahead of us without much indication of how to find them?" he asked trying to avoid mentioning their employer in case he was truly working for the King.

Ransha scratches his chin again and answered, "I'm sorry to hear that, but I've heard nothing of the sorts of cardinal heroes coming to my kingdom until you two showed up. Perhaps they are also looking to find out more about the great spirit tortoise themselves, they are probably heading for the Jinzie mountains themselves, if you're truly looking for them, that location may be your best bet." he responds still emphasizing on going south away from the capital.

The hero's wanted to ask more questions but Bakugou knew that diving too deep into the subject was already adding suspicion to him and Ren so he immediately changed the topic, "So how did you end up with your favorite concubine?" Bakugou randomly asked.

Ransha was glad to answer, "Ha, it's as if the Tortoise itself had blessed me with a gift from the heavens. I found her while doing my monthly visit to the tortoise shrine in the triplet mountains and there I witness her emerging from the top of the peaks. Even the monks didn't know anything about her or how she got there, but I didn't care, just one look at her wonderful face and I immediately claimed her as my concubine with her gladly accepting me."

Horai nods to that, "Indeed, I couldn't have been happier when you accepted me as your true love." she says, but once more Bakugou felt some hesitation in her voice.

"Hahaha, and I couldn't have picked a better choice than you!" Ransha gleefully laughs which drew more ire from his other wives and concubines who remained silent, he then randomly asked, "So how long are you two going to be staying here?"

Ren quickly answered that, "Probably just for the night or so, we have other things to do and people to visit so we can't stay for long."

Ransha nods to that, "Yeah I understand, we enjoy your company but we are perfectly safe from the waves right now, so there isn't much of a point to you remaining here for long, you can head off next morning if need be." he says to them.

Bakugou knew something sounded off from that, it sounded like Ransha was trying to get rid of the heroes as soon as possible. He knew this place might seem squeaky clean on the outside but on the inside something rotten was trying to peak itself through.

About an hour later after dinner, despite some insistence of the King for the heroes to move on in the middle of the night to help other kingdoms, the heroes still choose to stay in the palace for at least one night. They were led to a large guest room filled with bunk beds, desks, and drawers for everyone to remain comfortable.

Though comfortable is the last thing the heroes and their companions are feeling, they were all feeling so much stress in still not knowing where the other heroes or their mysterious employer are at, with a quick call from the Queen not providing much more clues to where they might be at either.

"I feel like we wasted our time here, we're not any closer to those two than before." Welt from Ren's group spoke out.

The other sidekicks felt somewhat the same way, however Bakugou shakes his head to that, "No, I think we got somewhat of a lead now thanks to King Fatty."

Ren raised his eyebrows at that, "Are you sure Bakugou? That whole thing of going to the southern provinces is a little vague." he responds.

Bakugou shakes his head in disapproval again, "That wasn't a lead, it's a wild goose chase to get rid of us, I can tell when one is bullshitting or not."

Rino nods to that, "Yeah me and Rishia, continued our research and the Jinzie mountains weren't mentioned once."

Rishia nods and spoke up herself, "Yeah. The only clue of its location that was given is that once sealed a nation was built upon its body. But that's about it."

Neia rubs her chin from that, "It could mean the Tortoise could be at the capital itself if "built upon" was being literal?"

Bakugou shakes his head to that, "That still doesn't tell much considering how big this capital is, we don't even know how deep underground it might be buried or how to even get to it." he responds which Neia nods understanding his points.

"We still should've asked about this Kyo guy, if he knew something about him we might've gotten a clue." Farrie of Ren's group brought up.

"Yeah what if the two were working with each other? We start asking questions about him they'll get suspicious." Bakugou responds

Ren and his team understood this reasoning, but Ren knew they got to think about this fast, "True, but we need to find where the tortoise might be at or get other leads to those three to stop them. Should we just be more blunt about this to the king with the questions already? We might not have time to be as discreet anymore?" he asked Bakugou.

But Bakugou grins to Ren, "No need for that Paleface, I got something else in mind that will get us better results." he says then turns to Daven as he nods back.

"Yes, the shadow clone is following Ransha now." Daven says responding to what Bakugou had in mind.

Ren also quickly caught on, but didn't like the sound of it, "Spying Bakugou? Are you sure that's a good idea, if we get caught I doubt we'll be welcomed guest's anymore." he says with Rishia and even Neia agreeing with him as well.

"You got any better ideas Paleface? One where the fatass won't just lie to his teeth like in dinner?" Bakugou says back, Ren admittedly didn't have any comebacks on that and just sighs understanding this might be the only way to get any solid answers even if it was risky.

"Looks like he is having a conversation now." Daven says with Bakugou nodding. After activating his crystal ball shield. With his connection to Daven being a part of his party, he was able to project what his shadow clone was seeing which Daven's real self can see on his end.

And with the image appearing, it showed King Ransha with a high-ranking Priest of the Tortoise church. And from the crystal ball, the groups can hear their conversation.

"My lord what do these heroes want?" the head priest asked.

"Supposedly traveling to stop the waves, but I highly doubt that's the reason they are here. I don't trust them one bit, especially that Shield hero, you heard of what he did in Siltvelt, changing the whole nation behind the royal's backs and then their king ends up being murdered, reduce to just blood. I will not have the likes of him ruining everything for me!" Ransha shouts expressing his true feelings when the heroes were supposedly not in sight.

The Priest then spoke again, "So do you want to delay our plans for now?"

"Absolutely not, I will not allow a bunch of children ruin my chances of becoming Emperor of the world. Bah, so many call them gods, they're nothing more than parasites from other worlds with weapons they know nothing about and we are expected that they would save us from the waves. 3 heroes, 4 heroes, and the shield church are groups who believe in nonsense. We're ready to release a real god. A god who has real power to change our world, it'll wipe away the weak and the sinners of our world and stop the waves for good. And once that's completed with all the other nations destroyed I'll emerge as the most powerful ruler divinely blessed by the tortoise itself. All who survive a god's wrath will seek help from me, the new Emperor of the world."

The Priest understood his king and nods back, "Of course my liege, I'll be sure the rest of the church hierarchy will remain ignorant of what we are doing. As you did with the generals. We both know they'll oppose what we are doing."

"Also where's this damn mage we hired already!? He's supposed to be the one who knows how to open the seal in the first place?" Ransha expresses.

The Priest continues answering his king, "Sir Kyo is supposedly on his way, he crossed our borders this morning. He just got out of Melromarc after settling his business there."

"Bah, the longer we wait the more people are going to get suspicious. The whole world will declare a full coalition war on us if they find out what we are doing. He better get here tomorrow or he'll kiss that future governor position goodbye!" Ransha rants again.

Back with the hero groups, the picture was now becoming clear to everyone. This really was about the Spirit Tortoise and Ransha was definitely in cahoots with the Spear and Bow hero's employer.

Back with the shadow clone the Priest spoke again, "So what do we do about the hero's here?"

"Ha, if they are not dead in a minute, this will scare them away." Ransha responds

"Scare with what your Highness?" the priest asked

"Oh, you'll find out soon." Ransha says back with a smirk.

This surprised the heroes, "What the hell is he talking about?" Kiel shouted.

"Whatever it is I don't like it!" Bakugou also shouts.

But before they can listen more to what the king was talking about, there was a new voice, "Check under the beds."

But before the shadow clone could turn to see, the source of the voice instantly kills the clone completely cutting the magic broadcast from the crystal ball.

This confused everyone there, "Daven what happened?" Rino asked.

"Someone killed the clone." he quickly responds.

"Yeah, I'm not liking this one bit!" Bakugou said out loud.

Everyone tries to think about the whole situation, however Rifana took the last message to heart and quickly checked under some of the beds, and once she looked under one of the sheets she saw something, "Sir Bakugou what is this thing?" Rifana requested.

Bakugou and everyone else turn to see what she was talking about. They saw some sort of glowing magic device. They didn't know what this could be, but before Bakugou could do an appraisal on it Ren immediately recognized this thing. It looked exactly like the device he saw on that bridge when he was being chased down in Siltvelt, "Oh God it's a magic bomb!" he shouts alerting everyone as the bomb now glowed and got brighter and brighter.

"Everyone around me!" Bakugou shouts and without hesitation everyone in the room jumped around Bakugou, "Shield Prison!"


A huge explosion went off at the guest's tower. The explosion caused a lot of dust to form around the area with guards being immediately alerted to the site.

Such an explosion would've left little to survive at point blank, however on the ground of the ruins was a huge magical metal sphere. After a few more seconds once the dust settled the ball dissolves itself revealing the heroes and sidekicks. All fine and well, getting protection just in time.

Everyone was relieved to come out of that unharmed, "By the god's that was close." Neia expresses then turns to Rifana, "Thank you Rifana for the head's up. If you didn't look under the bed at that time we could've been killed." she continued which made Rifana smile. Despite what just happened, she was happy to know she perhaps saved everyone here.

Bakugou and Ren though weren't in the mood to be celebrating, "I'm guessing that was the King's way to "scare us away"."

Bakugou then punch's a fist into his other hand, "Well I'm not scared now! I'm god damn angry and ready to skin a fat pig!" he shouts and was heading his way to confront the king.

That was until Daven teleports in front of him, "You're forgetting we still don't know where the tortoise is resting nor who else is involved in this conspiracy." he reminds Bakugou which annoyed the hero despite understanding his point.

Rino nods to that, "Nor do we know where Ponytail Slut or Bow Bitch is at either. As you said before yourself they could just go into hiding or run once we make ourselves publicly known." she also reminds Bakugou which annoyed him once again.

"Grrrr, God damn it! I'm going to tear those idiots ass's inside and out once I get ahold of them!" Bakugou shouts, but this did convince him to stand down once his brain understands holding back was important for now.

Ren was also scratching his chin puzzled by something, "I'm still curious who was the one to warn us about the bomb in the first place. Daven did you not see the face of the one who killed the clone?" he asked the rogue.

"I'm afraid not, the clone was killed before I could see who it might be." Daven answered.

Bakugou sighs in annoyance, "Whatever, we're going to find out one way or another who and what, then kill the fat bastard when we're done."

After a few minutes later the guards and rescue crew came by to see what was going on, even King Ransha showed up, "By the tortoise are all of you alright?" he asked sounding concerned about the heroes and sidekicks, who now know he didn't really mean it.

Bakugou was the one to answer him, "We're all fine now. Know who might've done this?" he asked surprisingly calmly, he wanted to punch Ransha in the face for this event but kept his cool as much as possible which was a lot more painful to Bakugou then one thinks.

Ransha nods back, smiling now thinking the heroes don't suspect him of anything, "I'll be sure an investigation is done tonight. Though if I have to guess, this might've been the doing of some separatist rebels in the south. They're nothing more than mad anarchists who worship equally mad gods. They hate any sense of order in my kingdom as well as the cardinal heroes. I'll make sure this is looked into first and I think next morning there will be a wealthy quest to deal those ruffian's for any hero to handle." he lies which Bakugou knew, he can also tell Ransha is doing all he can to encourage the hero's to get far away from here to do his business with the Tortoise.

Bakugou just shrugs, "Whatever, but me and my crew are going to sleep out in the courtyard tonight if you don't mind."

Ransha nods and heads his way back to his priest no doubt to talk more about his plans.

Bakugou turns and heads his way back to Ren and the Shield crew. Ren was the first to ask the big question, "So what did he say?"

"Just another wild goose chase. We obviously don't need to listen to his nonsense." Bakugou responded and Ren wasn't surprised.

But before the heroes could think of their next course of action Neia noticed something, "Sir Bakugou what's that on Kirishima's back?"

Bakugou turns toward his shoulder to his dragon and he and Kirishima quickly saw what Neia was talking about. It was a piece of paper barely holding onto the dragon. Bakugou didn't know what this was about, he did have several people move around him since the explosion but he didn't see anyone touch him or his Dragon. He quickly grabbed the paper and opened it to read the contents.

"What does it say Sir Bakugou?" Neia says with the others wondering as well.

Without a word, Bakugou turns the paper, which read: *I know of where the Spirit Tortoise is at. Meet me at the leaking barrel Tavern at around midnight tomorrow. We need to stop Kyo before he awakens the guardian. Your dragon will recognize my smell*

This development surprised everyone, even little Scarlet, "What does this mean Master Ren?" she asked her hero leader.

"It means we might have a lead now." Ren responds.

"But what of this is a trap?" Rino says with some of the others feeling the same thing.

Even Bakugou somewhat agreed, "Could be, but we got nothing else to go on, so we're going to have to go with it for now."

"It might be the person who warned us about the bomb?" Rifana added.

Bakugou just shrugs, "Again could be, either way, tonight we're done with this fat bastard. Tomorrow we either find this turtle or the idiots trying to wake it up. In either case, I'm blowing someone's ass up!"

By late morning the heroes were up again, as Bakugou told the King they all slept in the courtyard with tents and sleeping bags. Bakugou's crew were used to it, even Ren and Scarlet are used to it after being on the run for the longest time, and the demi-warriors were once forced to live in slave cages, so anything was a soft mattress in comparison same with the rest of Ren's group after spending time being imprisoned.

Kirishima remained in his adult form for the rest of the night, his size would intimidate any would-be assassins to try something else again.

After an early lunch, the heroes were supposedly ready to head off as the sidekicks got on the dragon.

King Ransha and Horai were there to say their goodbyes, "Thank you again for coming Shield and Sword heroes. Hopefully you'll find that rebel stronghold and stop them from disturbing the great Tortoise's lands." he says thinking the heroes had truly accepted his quest to deal with the "rebel problem".

Ren just nods back along with Bakugou holding Kirishima's reins, "Whatever fatty, we'll make sure this problem is taken care of one way or another." Bakugou says back.

Ransha smiles, "I'm glad you have.. Wait what did you say?" he stopped himself in what he heard Bakugou call him.

But before Bakugou could have a chance to respond, he threw the dragon's reins and Kirishima quickly launched himself in the air. They were then on their way out of the palace and in a few minutes they were out of the city, going toward the mountains.

Once the dragon was out of sight Ransha smile to himself again, thinking he got rid of the heroes for good. He heads for his study room to have one more meeting with his priest about his plans for tonight.

Back with the heroes though, once they were behind some mountains out of sight of the capital, Kirishima lands on the ground with everyone jumping off of him.

"Did you have to take us this far shield guy?" Scarlet complains looking at how far away they were from the city now.

"Yes you dumb bird, we want them to think we're truly gone now. We'll return to the city and go back into incognito mode again with our robes, find our whistleblower, and kick the ass of whoever idiots are involved in this stupid turtle thing." Bakugou explains to the girl.

Scarlet and a few others weren't big on the idea of just walking all the way back there again. But they understood this was necessary either way.

"Why don't I just turn into my Queen form and run there, I can get there faster than that stupid dragon." Scarlet suggests.

Ren had to disagree though, "We would stick out like a sore thumb if we come in the capital with a large black Queen Filolial. The point of this was to not draw attention again." he explains, Scarlet didn't like this but knows she can't defy her master either way and just moans to herself knowing she was up for a long boring walk again.

Bakugou nods in approval and points the way, "Alright then people! Let's go! We're burning daylight standing our asses around! We need to be back before midnight!" he yells to everyone and the groups head their way back to the capital while everyone put back on there disguise robes.

After a couple of hours of just walking and talking with each other, the heroes made it back to the capital. Once more paying the toll and bribing the city border guards to not ask any questions, they finally made it back inside just after the sun sets.

Eventually the groups find the Leaking Barrel Tavern, a large inn and bar for many in the kingdom's capital to rest and get drunk.

The heroes go inside and pretended they were normal patrons, they spent a few hours in there hoping to find this informant or whoever they were, but they aren't even sure who it might be with the only description being that Kirishima would recognize their smell.

Bakugou had walked all around the Tavern hoping the Dragon would pick their informant's smell up but the Dragon wasn't recognizing anybody.

After more hours go by it was now passed midnight, and everyone started to worry if they just wasted their time here for nothing, gone to the wrong place, or missed their person.

Bakugou himself was having his doubts and hoped this event wasn't a complete waste.

But then something made Kirishima react, Bakugou quickly noticed and saw the little dragon sniffing. He now picked up a sent and points his head toward another cloaked figure coming from the Tavern's entrance.

The group figured this was their person. Bakugou approached the figure quickly, "So are you who I think you are?" he immediately asked the figure. The robed figure nodded back and then pointed toward a room where they can talk privately.

Bakugou, Ren, and the rest followed the figure to the room. Once they were all in the empty private area, Raphtalia shut the door behind them.

Bakugou then got to the point, "Ok pal, who are you exactly?!" he immediately demanded.

"Someone you just met yesterday." Said the figure as they let down their hood, it revealed to be none other than Ost Horai herself.

Everyone was surprised that this informant is none other than the King's concubine herself, "Horai is that really you?" Neia quickly asked.

Horai nods back, "Indeed."

"Ha, I knew you weren't really in love with that fatass!" Bakugou laughs out loud.

Ren rolled his eyes at what Bakugou said but he wanted to know more about her, "So wait, were you also the one that warned us about the bomb?" he asked.

Horai nods again, "Yes, I'm glad that warning came through, Ransha and his priest want no one stopping them from releasing the Tortoise." she answers to the heroes.

Bakugou was still a little suspicious of the woman, "If you were that concerned about the fatass releasing this giant turtle, why didn't you kill him long before this? I'm sure as his favorite plaything you would know the easiest place to kill his fatass?"

Horai was silent for a second trying to think of something, "It's... It's complicated. And assassinating a king in the heart of his own kingdom is hardly an easy task. Not to mention there are hundreds of other followers on his side with a similar mindset like his head priest who may just continue the job without him. Killing one person is easy, killing a whole religious sector isn't."

"Ha, wasn't for me with the brat from Siltvelt and the Pope's mass army of drones" Bakugou brags.

Ren though wanted to get back on topic, "So wait, do you know where the Tortoise itself is at?" he asked with some of the others hoping for an answer as well.

Horai nods again, "Yes, it's actually here in the capital itself... Hundreds of feet underground."

The answer surprised the group, realizing they were right on their target the whole time.

Bakugou then says, "I'm hoping you're not expecting us to dig to find this turtle. Or do you know how to get to it as well?"

Horai once more nods, "Yes again, they're multiple entrances to underground catacombs that lead directly to the Tortoise itself."

Kiel fist pumps in the air, "Great so we can find the Tortoise then and stop the king from awakening it."

But then Rino said, "You do realize that most likely all of the king and his priest's men will most likely know all of the entrance locations and have them guarded right?"

"Well, I... Oh crap." Kiel says then stops herself realizing what that would mean.

Scarlet though didn't think much of it, "Ha, well I'm not afraid of a couple of guards! I can kick their butts easily." she brags.

"You stupid feather brain, the whole point of this stupid trip is to get ahold of Ponytail Slut and Bow Bitch along with their employer. We attack and expose ourselves they'll just go into hiding until we get transported to the next wave in Melromarc." Bakugou responds and reminds to Scarlet.

Horai nods to the hero, "Indeed, I wish I can tell you more about where the other cardinal heroes are located at, but even I don't know where they are currently. All I know is that they'll be here tonight."

"Hrrrrrmmmm", Scarlet groans in her head, even if the young filolial queen understands what Bakugou is talking about, she was still bored out of her mind with all the sneaking stuff.

Daven then spoke up, "I'm guessing though you know of another entrance that no one else will know about?"

The others turn their heads back to Horai and the woman nods, "Yes, I know of an old obscure tunnel that even the king is unaware of. It's not a pleasant or clean way, but still a way to the Tortoise."

Bakugou didn't care though, "Whatever, I'll take a bath afterward. Just take us to this thing now!" Bakugou demanded.

Horai once more nods to the Shield hero, "Very well then. Come with me, I know of a backdoor to not draw any attention.". She says and puts her hood back on.

The others were not protesting this whole ordeal and went along with her as they put their hoods back on and head their way out of the tavern. Even Bakugou felt he could trust her enough sensing no ill intent, though kept his eye on the mysterious woman just in case.

After a few hours of walking the large city, the groups with the powerful woman were now at a slum in an older part of the capital. It was not a place anyone would wander to in the middle of the night. But the heroes and their sidekicks were not afraid of any possible mugger and had bigger issues to deal with. Not even Horai seemed worried, despite being just a supposed concubine.

Eventually the group's made it to an old abandoned shack up next to a rocky hill, "Here it is." Horai pointed to and everyone continued following her lead hoping she was being true to her words.

They head inside the old shack and Horai continued leading the way until they were deep within a dark basement with Rino providing the only light down there along with Horai's lamp.

Horai walks up to the wall and puts down her lamp, after saying an enchantment a great surge of energy flows out of her. With her gravity magic the wall slowly opens up, eventually revealing a passageway to a deep tunnel, "Come now, this way." Horai points her hand toward the tunnel after grabbing her lamp again.

The groups head their way through the tunnel. It was a dark and damp area and can be cramped in some places. According to Horai, the other tunnels would be a lot more wide open with torches lighting the way, but this tunnel remains unknown to everyone but her, so no one will be expecting them on their way to the Tortoise.

And the journey down there was a surprisingly long one, these tunnels go on for miles and are hundreds of feet underground so it be a while before they can even get to their destination.

A lot of it involved just walking, but there was one instance of them having to crouch down and crawl a short opening tunnel, then sliding slowly across some steep cliffs in the vast caves, they even encountered some of the violent wildlife living here, namely giant bats and ape-like yeti creatures roaming these vast caves.

It seems like this tunnel system went on forever and this was just the one tunnel of many.

Some of the crew especially the Demi-warriors grew worried that they might be lost, "Are you sure we're going the right way Miss Horai?" Rifana asked with concern.

"I'm sure this is the correct direction for the Tortoise." Horai respond

"Your Sure? Your Sure!" Bakugou shouts at Horai, "You better know where the hell we are now or I'll be melting your Barbie doll face off!" he continued threatening her which makes his sidekicks feel worried again.

Horai though calmly answered, "It's been long since I've been through these tunnels shield hero, so pardon myself for not being 100% certain of everything."

"Just remember you're the one who forced us to be dragged along here on your own fatass while those idiots are on their way to awaken a giant monster!" Bakugou continues insulting the woman with his patience starting to run thin with this whole trip in general getting on his nerves.

Horai then stopped herself, "Wait a moment, that sound, running water!? Yes I know where we are now, we're getting close to the Tortoise's location." she announced and point the way toward the sound of running water.

After a minute of walking the groups see a small running river going through the cave, "Here we go, just follow me up the stream and we'll finally be close to our destination." Horai says as she jumps into the cave river.

The sidekicks followed suit, though Ren was hesitant, "Uh... Is this the only way to the Tortoise? Maybe I can-"

"Get your baby ass in there!" Bakugou yells and pushed Ren into the water. Bakugou jumped in himself as he moved passed the uneasy sword hero.

Even though he can stand in this water he still felt great fear to be in it, 'Calm down Ren, Calm down. It's just a little bit of water, you can do it.' Ren says in his head hoping to ignore the water and press through.

But thankfully for him Scarlet jumps in and turns into her large bird form, "You can get on me Master Ren." she tells him

Ren without hesitation grabs hold of her and jumps on Scarlet's back, "Thank you Scarlet" he says as she walks through the cave stream.

Once everyone got in, the heroes continue to walk up the stream with Horai still leading the way.

Bakugou was starting to have doubts though, "You sure we're near the Turtle from here? I feel like you have been doing nothing but lead us to nowhere in this dump."

"Don't worry I know where to go from here, we are almost to the Tortoise, and this location will be in a place of its tomb where you will not be seen by any guards." Horai responds which wasn't helping Bakugou's confidence in this woman.

Neia then decided to ask something to keep her master off that idea, "So miss Horai, when did you first hear about the King wanting to do all of this in the first place?"

"Releasing the Tortoise wasn't something new to come up in Ransha's head. He and some of the Tortoise's church members wished to release the tortoise believing it will purify the world and allow them to rule over the rest. But the Tortoise doesn't distinguish anyone in its rampage nor care who rules what's left of them, it merely collects souls of the living to produce a barrier to protect the survivors from the waves, it cares not who dies, just as long it gets enough to power the barrier." Horai responds which painted an eerie picture of what damage a beast with no concern for right or wrong would be for everyone.

"So it mass kills the world's population just to power a barrier to stop the waves?" Ren said wanting to get more details on this monster's horror.

Rino then spoke for her, "Yeah it says all of that in the books me and Rishia read, there's a reason it's called a guardian beast after all."

Horai nods to that, "Indeed, to be honest if it were different circumstances I probably wouldn't oppose releasing the Tortoise."

"If you think releasing such a crazy genocidal thing isn't that bad of an idea, why are you helping us stop that fat bastard?" Bakugou shouts at the concubine.

"Because Ransha is not releasing the Tortoise for the right reasons, releasing the Tortoise is supposed to be the world's last desperate act if they can't handle the waves, and it's not something you can just awaken. Only the cardinal heroes themselves should be allowed to release it. I also don't trust this Kyo person who promised to open the seal, such knowledge should only be known to the cardinal heroes, and I can easily tell he has more sinister intentions with the tortoise."

"If you knew this guy was bad news why didn't you kill him?" Daven asked with some wondering as well.

"I did try to kill him in secret." Horai bluntly responds, "But he is more powerful than he looks, his book seems to give him great powers that exceed even my own already powerful magic. I hope you heroes can overpower this strange man and stop this madness before it's too late." she continued.

This conversation made the others think of who the hell this Kyo guy is, to have such power and knowledge that only cardinal heroes should know. They hope to get answers soon once they finally capture him along with Ponytail Slut and Bow Bitch.

As they walk through the stream they finally encounter a large tunnel off the side of the cave river.

Horai stops herself and gets out of the water, "It should be here."

The others stopped themselves and got out of the stream as well and continue following Horai's lead.

They walk through this tunnel for a few minutes, but as they continue to walk and walk the heroes grew worried again with how long it has been taking to get to this location with Bakugou's own patience just about done.

Things got even worst once they get into another room with a group of different tunnels in front of them, Horai stopped and puzzled to herself, "Strange, I don't remember this. Perhaps if I think on it for a minute-"

"Ok you damn over pampered bitch what the hell is your plan here!?" Bakugou finally snaps at the woman as he stomps toward her, "You've been wasting our time wandering these caves for hours and you can't even remember where this dumbass turtle is at?! Were you secretly working with that fatass to make us wonder these damn caves forever to make fools of us!?" he continued yelling.

Horai tried to calm the hero down, "Shield Hero I told you it's been a long time since-"

"I don't give any damn how long it's been! Lives are at stake and you're just making damn guesses at this point!" Bakugou yells back.

Ren tries to speak up for the woman, "Come on Bakugou it might just take time to-"

"We don't have any fucking time idiot! The longer we wonder these damn caves following this pampered bitch the more likely those idiots will release this damn turtle!" Bakugou yells, as much as Ren wanted to argue back, he can't ignore they are on a strict time if Ransha plans on releasing the tortoise tonight.

"Wait a second everyone!" Rifana shouts to everyone with the arguing finally stopping, "Do you guys hear that?" Rifana continued with the groups now remaining silent.

And with the silence, everyone did started to hear something, it sounded like chanting and it seemed to be coming from the tunnel the most to the right.

"This is truly the way. Come on!" Horai shouted and runs for the tunnel with everyone else following suit including Bakugou who hoped this was truly the end of this nonsense.

After a few minutes of running everyone hears the sounds getting louder and louder until they were now at what appeared to be a cliff edge but beyond the large rocks that make the cliff edge was a bright light.

When right at the cliff Horai lift her hand up, "Stop! Here it is. The resting place of the Spirit tortoise." she says to everyone as they now slowly approached the cliff rocks to not be spotted.

Once at the edge, everyone looks down and every single one, sidekicks and Hero alike had their mouths open in shock, "Holy shit!" Bakugou said as even he was shocked by the sight.

What they overlook is a huge cavern one wide and open enough to fit half a city in, where below hundreds of religious followers and armed guards chant to the biggest attraction to this whole cave. It was a giant resting head of the Tortoise itself, covered up in rocks across its skin with the rest of its legs and shell buried within the vast boulders that make up the cave.

"By the gods, look at the size of that thing." Neia says. The head alone was far bigger than the last wave boss of Cal Mira, bigger than anything the heroes had ever seen.

The heroes now know the tortoise is not just any monster, it's a walking natural disaster if it truly wakes up.

"We need to stop them now." Rino says with the others agreeing.

"Not yet! We need to wait for Ponytail Slut, Bow Bitch, and the employer to get here!" Bakugou ordered. As much as they wanted to stop the ceremony, everyone knew Bakugou was right and continued to remain quiet as they watch the event.

After a few more minutes of the crowd chanting, the cave finally became silent to an approaching figure, it was none other than King Ransha himself along with his head priest. The King took center stage in the huge cave as he walks himself to a high rock formation.

Once at the top King Ransha finally spoke, "Thank you followers of the tortoise, to be here on this tremendous occasion, today marks the day we finally awaken our resting god! For far too long this world corrupts and fights itself, with kingdoms ran by the soulless and the sinful. Kingdoms who worship off-world parasites as the waves tear through our reality. But tonight this will all end. We shall awaken our god, the tortoise will rise once more to our world, protecting us from the waves and eliminating the corrupted and sinful, in the ruins I shall lead humanity into a new age as the high emperor of the world!"

After Ransha finish his speech the crowds cheer for the King as they are all excited to see their god truly come to life.

"What a fat blowhard." Bakugou rolled his eyes at this whole thing.

Things then change when a random monk goes up to the head priest to whisper something in his ear. After hearing that, the Priest was surprised and he goes on to whisper the king the same information.

Ransha then smiles even greater than ever after hearing that, "Perfect just at the right time! Men! We are mere minutes away from awakening our God, the man who knows to break the seal now enters the tomb! Kyo Ethnina!" he shouts and points to a random cave tunnel.

And just a few seconds after, emerged a figure, and it was indeed none other than Kyo Ethnina himself as he walks through into the cave still carrying his thick book with a very smug smile on his face as he hears cheering from people he plans to screw over soon.

"So that's the guy Sir Itsu-the bow hero works for?" Rishia says.

"Definitely, but where are those two at?" Ren responds.

"Speak of the devil." Daven says as they look back at the tunnel again and emerged the Spear and Bow Heroes themselves along with their teammates. They also get cheered on by the crowds thinking they were associates of Kyo, the two didn't know why they cheer, but they didn't care, they just love the sound of cheering toward them.

The King however recognized who they were and his huge smile quickly turned into a frown.

Kyo himself then approached the king, "Great to meet you once more your majesty. I apologize for any delays." Kyo says and bows to the king.

Ransha wasn't amused though, "Why the hell are those two here? Do you have any idea who they are?!" he shouted at Kyo pointing to the Spear and Bow Heroes.

Kyo continued his smug smile, "Yes I know who they are. It's exactly why I brought them over here to begin with." he responds.

"Why the hell would you bring over the cardinal heroes here!? Those idiots could ruin everything!" Ransha scolds the young man.

Kyo just laughs, he then got closer to the King to whisper, "Don't worry, remember when they die the cardinal heroes overall will be weaker and removes the faith of those that worship them allowing you and your church to get more power and influence after the Tortoise is done. They'll fight and die easily." he explains to the King.

Ransha quickly smiles again once he understands what Kyo is talking about, "Ah, I see. Perfect then. Then let's keep this to ourselves while they remain ignorant." he responds to Kyo. The book wizard was lying, he has other plans for them, but the King was believing every word, "Ha, and to think the Shield and Sword heroes were also here the other day." Ransha added in.

Kyo was immediately confused by that, "Wait they were just here?!" he quickly demanded he did not want those two ruining everything he had planned.

"Here in the kingdom anyway. Though they were just passing by, they left south this morning to find "rebels" in the southern mountains. Ha, they'll be there for days completely ignorant of our plans." Ransha laughs.

Kyo sighed in relief, he was glad the competent cardinal heroes were no longer around, he would've had to go into hiding until Melromarc's wave if they found out about his plans, but now he can continue the plan without worry.

With the Spear and Bow Heroes, they continued to hear the cheering and applause from the huge crowd. It was something they all missed after so long. No more mocking and insults, they were now getting the hero treatment they all deserved.

Ponytail slut hugs his two supposed girlfriends thinking their paths of redeeming their literal names were upon them. He thinks that killing this giant monster will no doubt earn him enough clout with the public to finally save Bitchwhore from her punishments and no doubt will get Rino to flock back to his side. Or well that was what he thought.

Bow Bitch knows this will bring his reputation back and have a good accomplishment he'll rub into Bakugou's face. He may have sobered up since that night Kyo dragged them off to here, but now the Bow hero with his equally egotistical gang of companions are committed to the reawakening of this massive monster, it will show the world who are the real heroes and gain their dignity back 10 fold.

"Say Kyo, so when this Tortoise is released all we have to do is to quickly kill it right?" Ponytail Slut says trying to confirm the plan.

Kyo just smiles knowing he has his prey taking the bait, "Of course, the only ones that can defeat a guardian beast is a cardinal hero after all."

Kyo then approach's the Tortoise's massive sleeping head. Once at a rock platform, he opens his book and after reading a special spell, he activates it as he extended his hand out and a large stream of magic purple lightning quickly envelopes the tortoise's head.

"What are you doing? This wasn't what you describe about magically releasing the seal?!" the Head priest shouted toward Kyo with Ransha wandering as well.

While still conducting the spell Kyo grins and answers with, "It's just a spell to inform the tortoise who its true followers are, ensuring that it will know who not to kill once it wakes up." the Priest still didn't like this sight, he would've said more, but at this point he knew there was no going back, convincing his liege to rethink about allowing this strange man to release their god. But even he knew how stubborn Ransha can be and just sighed and hoped for their god's awakening will go smoothly.

And he was right, the spell involved something a lot more sinister. One to ensure Kyo would be getting all the benefits from the Tortoise.

"Ahh!" Shouted Horai back with the hiding hero groups with everyone wondering what is going on with the woman as she held her chest in deep pain.

"Horai what's wrong?" Raphtalia immediately asked the powerful woman who was still holding her chest in pain.

Back below the cave, Kyo finish his little spell, now everything was ready for his plan with his lightning magic stopping.

And right back to Horai her pain immediately stopped as she raised herself back up, "I'm fine now, my powers can overwhelm my body sometimes. But it should be ok now." she responds.

However Bakugou knew something felt off by that whole thing. Not only can he tell Horai was lying, but that whole show stopped right after witnessing Kyo finishing his spell. He knew she was hiding something, he didn't know what it was but he wouldn't be surprised if this woman was connected in some way to the Tortoise itself.

But such thoughts would have to wait as the room goes silent once more.

Down back below the crowds stares in anticipation toward Kyo as he opens his book once more, "In this very morning, the Tortoise shall be awakened! It's time we start breaking the seal!" he shouts with the crowds cheering once more.

And with a spell cast, Kyo was now surrounded by a large magic circle on the ground with what looked to be projections of literal energy pillars as tall as him with seven surrounding his body. A magical interpretation of the tortoise's seal he was ready to break apart.

Bakugou knew at this point it was time, "Ok no more sneaking around! Time for some action!" he shouted and as he raised both his hands out


He lets off double explosions from the cliff tops.

This caused an avalanche of boulders to fall into several of the cultists killing them instantly.

The rest of the crowd, the King, Spear and Bow Hero, and Kyo himself turn toward that explosion wondering what the hell that was.

And it became clear when the figures all dropped from above on the rock rubble, Bakugou, Ren, the sidekicks, the Demi-warrior's. and Horai herself had finally revealed themselves to their enemies.

Everyone was shocked by this development, including the King, "What!? The Shield and Sword heroes!? What the hell are they doing here?!" he shouts and also quickly noticed Horai herself being with them, "Horai?! No! This can't be!?"

"Missed us already fatass? We just misplaced some idiots we like to kick down and drag back with us!" Bakugou mocks the king who was now growling in anger.

Ponytail Slut and Bow Bitch were also in deep anger to see them, "What the hell are you guys here for?! This is our mission!" Ponytail Slut yells back.

"Yeah go back to kiss up to the bitch tyrant of yours! This is our business and we're not letting you ruin this for us this time!" Bow Bitch yells at the groups.

Ren tries to drill in reason to the two, "Do you two realize what releasing that thing will do to the city above?! You're going to get people killed for helping these nutcases!"

Neither was changing their minds though, "That's why we're here! We're going to kill this thing once it gets up and we will save those people, this thing will probably eventually get released sooner or later, so we might as well deal with it now." Ponytail Slut argues back trying to rationalize being involved in this whole ordeal.

Ren groans in annoyance himself, these idiots were not understanding the bigger picture.

Kyo himself also speaks up, despite being surprised to see those two cardinal heroes, he quickly smirks with glee, "Ah, you two must be the sword and shield heroes? I figure Bakugou was one of low intelligence, but he's a bigger dumb brute than I anticipated." Kyo mocks Bakugou which immediately triggered the shield hero.

"What the hell did you say you four-eyed bastard! Let's see if you can read with glass in your eyes!" Bakugou then blasts himself on the ground launching himself straight at Kyo in an attempt to blow him up while off guard.

But just a second before Bakugou can blow him up, Kyo instantly teleports away leaving only an exploded floor behind.

Kyo immediately appeared at a different corner of the cave still with his magic circle, "Yep a dumb brute. I don't think I need to waste my time with this nonsense. Men kill the trouble heroes for me." he ordered with the various monks and guards getting out there weapons ready to fight.

"Huh?! Wait a minute!? I'm the king and I'm the one giving the orders!... Men kill the Shield and Sword heroes! Along with anyone working with them!" Ransha ordered and with the large horde of religious followers and private guards they go off running at the heroes.

The heroes and sidekicks immediately engaged the followers starting a massive fight.

The tortoise worshippers attempt to overwhelm the heroes with greater numbers, but this is nothing to them.

Ren, Neia, Welt, Bakta, Raphtalia, and Kiel fight them off directly with their swords, Axes, and other physical weapons. Cutting them down with their powerful skills and blades that usually ends with them slicing right through the enemies' own weapons themselves. Scarlet was not far from her master as she kicks or blows away multiple groups of cultists.

Rino, Tersia, and Rishia were using their magic to aid their teammates and heroes as well as using their magic abilities to counter the cultist's own magic or blow them up with their spells. Rino is also using her earth magic to help manipulate the ground to either make it either unstable for the cultists or to give her team the advantage.

A few of the cultists also attempt to attack long-range, but Daven pops in from behind them to stab and kill the attackers. And while distracted by him Rifana and Farrie attack from long range with their arrows and knives.

Meanwhile Bakugou along with Kirishima with Horai riding his back blast forward and brute force their way through the crowds to attack Kyo directly to stop him from opening the seal.

After blowing away his last group Bakugou was now right above Kyo, "No more bodies to throw away! Now Die!"

But Kyo continued his smug smile, "Like I said, a stupid brute." and he teleports away just a second before Bakugou blasts the ground to pieces.

"Huh? Damnit I hate teleporting bosses!" Bakugou expressed now trying to look around for his target. He quickly finds him reappearing on the other side of the cave with his magic circle still around with him.

"Any idiot can just use living bodies to protect you from rabid animals, it takes someone with a brain to avoid having to get their hands dirty!" Kyo mockingly shouts to Bakugou as he also observed one of the magically conjured pillars at Kyo's circle breaking apart, "And look at that, one pillar down already, just six more to go."

But that just enraged Bakugou more, "Bastard! Let's see how smug you are once I blast your face off!" he yells and blasts himself toward the sorcerer again.

But before he could get too close, he quickly noticed a magically charged arrow being fired toward him. He blocks the powerful bolt in time but forced Bakugou to ground himself. It was Bow Bitch's arrow with him and Ponytail Slut now finally getting involved in the fighting, "This is my only chance to get seen as a hero again bastard! I'm not going to let you or any other idiot ruin that for me!" Bow Bitch insults Bakugou.

But the shield hero just mocks back, "You make yourself look bad on your own Bow Bitch!"

"It's Itsuki! You hear me! Itsuki! We're not in Melromarc anymore and I don't have to listen to that pampered bitch tyrant anymore!" the bow hero shouts and fires more magic arrows at Bakugou as the two were now engaged in a fight together, which was what Kyo wanted.

Meanwhile the Spear hero himself engages Ren once he sees Bakugou fighting off Itsuki, "Don't think you'll get in the way of me freeing Myne either!" the Spear hero shouts back as he attempts to overpower the Sword hero.

Meanwhile Kirishima and Horai attempt to attack Kyo himself as they once more overpower the cult followers with the dragon intending to eat Kyo whole. But as he attempts to strike the sorcerer, his head bashes right into some magic barrier stopping him and Horai in their tracks.

"Haha, nice attempt again but I have more than just teleporting spells on me. Oh and that'll be pillar two now." Kyo brags as another energy pillar is collapsed in the seal.

"Where did you learn about the seal? Who are you working for?" Horai demanded from Kyo.

"Let's say I did my research and as for who I truly work for, it's me and only me!" Kyo continues to brag, with Horai's talks going nowhere. Kirishima now attempts to bash himself into the barrier to break open, only for the Kyo to teleport again once he had the magic to do so once more.

The dragon was now confused and attempted to look for the powerful mage only for a group of cultists to gang up and attempt to attack him. Forcing the dragon and Horai to fight them off as Horai tries to look around the room to find Kyo again.

Back with the cardinal hero fights, despite their flaming hot fury to supposedly redeem themselves, it wasn't enough to boost the spear and bow's lack of skill and levels.

Bow Bitch attempts to evade and fire at Bakugou as much as he could while letting dozens of cultists get in the way, but this barely slowed the shield hero down who finally caught up to the bow hero. When Bow Bitch tries to fire point blank, Bakugou just tanks it with the shield and double blasts Bow Bitch into the ground and fires at him multiple times to make sure he stays there.

It wasn't better with Ponytail slut as Ren easily counters and deflects the spear hero's thrusting attacks no matter how much power they had in them. After countering one more thrust Ren kicks Ponytail Slut in the stomach making him lose his pose and Ren rapidly slashes Ponytail over and over again making the pain worse. And from his sword's tip, he fires a magic blast at the spear hero's chest, knocking him out on the ground once more.

After quickly fighting off a couple of other cultists, the two cardinal heroes find Kyo again.

The two heroes together engaged the mage.

But like with Kirishima before, once at the book mage they encountered a large barrier, "Hahaha, you're even dumber than the dragon if you think you can just force your way in!?"

Bakugou then grins smugly as he points down both his gauntlets, "Let's see if it can handle this! AP Shot!" and he fires his concentrated explosion beams on top of the barrier. Ren follows Bakugou's example and lunges his Sword into the barrier activating a very hot charm on the blade, thrusting itself right in and heating up the barrier around it. Both were utilizing their Ki skills from Hengen Muso training making their attacks more powerful than before.

Kyo was already immediately getting notifications of his now failing barrier, 'Shit! They're getting through! Where the hell are those two idiots at?!' he shouts to his head and as he looked around he saw the Spear and Bow hero's on the ground, Kyo groans in annoyance, "Ugh! If you want something done properly." he then opens his book and was now activating multiple spells to help himself.

And with those spells, Ponytail Slut and Bow Bitch receive a huge amount of energy back into their bodies, not only healing them up but making themselves feel more powerful than ever.

Bakugou and Ren themselves were almost done breaking down the barrier with visual cracks already appearing on it, Kyo had many powerful spells at his disposal, but he can only do so much while releasing the seal as it takes the majority of his mana, so he was now genuinely getting worried the two will break through.

Bakugou himself knew this too, "Not so smart now, thinking you can just cower away in a bubble instead of fighting like a man. Now time to-"

"Hey bastard!" shouted a random voice, and before Bakugou look to see what it was, he gets fired at with multiple powerful energy arrows. It forced Bakugou to stop and block them, with the force knocking him off away from the barrier shield, landing on the cave floor barely able to keep himself up.

Ren after quickly removing his sword from the barrier also gets blasted with a massive lightning attack he barely blocks with his sword as he slides across the cave ground.

The two heroes look back to see it was Bow Bitch and Ponytail Slut now up and energized again. Ren quickly looked at his menu and saw something off, "Bakugou both of their stats have tripled!?" he informs Bakugou who saw the same thing from his shield appraisal magic.

"Damnit! That book bastard can boost his allies too!" he shouts and without hesitation, Ponytail Slut and Bow Bitch engaged them once more, now more tanky, faster, and more powerful than before.

And Kyo is just enjoying the show, "Hahaha, and that'll be pillar three down, just four more to go."

Back with Kirishima and Horai though, after the dragon munches on a couple more cultists the former concubine finally sees Kyo again from a long distance, "Over there now!" she shouts to the dragon with Kirishima rampaging through the cultists once more to kill Kyo.

However he is stopped by a large energy barrier forming right in front of him, Kirishima stopped himself before slamming into it, but then magical chains started to appear all around himself, quickly ensnaring his legs and mouth.

This time it wasn't the work of Kyo, but of King Ransha himself with some priests aiding his spells including his head priest, "Ha, thought I was defenseless did you? No, this is my time to become the Emperor of the world and I will not let you filthy beast pets of your parasite masters stop me!" he mocks the dragon now making him immobile.

However, the magic did not effect the former concubine herself as Horai jumps high in the air over the barrier and lands on the ground in front of King Ransha.

Even after some time passed, he was still in shock she was here, "Horai, how could you have done this to me!? Think about what I could've done for you? I could've made you my Empress, and become co-ruler of the world with me?!" he shouts to Horai trying to bargain with her to some extent.

Horai just shakes her head, "I'm sorry Ransha, this is nothing personal. It's just business." she responds to him.

"Business?! What the hell business do you have that is more important then-OW!" Ransha shouts but is interrupted after Horai power kicks him in the stomach, knocking the king out instantly as he bashes into a wall.

"Business of the spirit tortoise," she responds, the king's bodyguards and priests attempt to restrain her, but Horai quickly overpowered the guards from her pure agility and strength alone. Even the head priest had his skull shattered by a single powerful kick from her boot.

With them taken care of Kirishima's energy prison breaks and was freed again. Horai then jumps on the dragon's back again. She was now forming a powerful black energy ball with both hands, "I Ost Horai, give my orders to the heavens and the earth, sever the laws of reality, bind them together and spit out the puss within. By my power, let the gravity of those before me be amplified, ultra gravity enhancement sinking temple!" she chants releasing the black energy ball into the air.

Soon a great force of power was released within the cave. All of a sudden gravity became ultra intensified, almost everyone in the cave was now forced to drop flat on the ground, now unable to move themselves by an invisible force keeping them down there. It even affected Ponytail Slut and Bow Bitch unable to get up even with their boosted strength.

The only people that weren't affected were Horai's allies which included Bakugou, Ren, and their sidekicks. They all remain standing unaffected by her powers, it was quite surprising for most of them, not only by Horai's sheer power but that she can be so selective with it to not harm allies when she's not even a part of any of the hero's parties.

But they had to think about it later as they look around to find Kyo again. They eventually spotted him at another corner of the cave completely unaffected by the spell as he continues to conduct his seal-opening ritual, "There he is! Get him now!" Bakugou shouts with everyone at once running toward the sorcerer to stop him.

Kyo noticed and even he knew he wouldn't be able to hold out against over a dozen heroes. But kept his cool, "Oh no no no Horai, that is against your master's orders."

"Ahhh!" Horai suddenly screamed in pain as purple electricity emits from her heart.

"Horai what's wrong?" Neia shouted with concern as everyone else turned to see what is happening to her.

But before they could figure out what is happening everyone noticed her spell had also stopped, gravity became normal for their enemies, and with the force of gravity no longer keeping them in place the cultists as well as the Bow and Spear heroes attack and engaged the groups once again

This stopped the heroes as the cultists immediately leap up and attack them, all the while Kyo destroys another magic pillar leaving three left.

This time though Ponytail Slut leaps and attacks Bakugou as the two clash and fight each other.

Bow Bitch went after Ren who was trying to avoid a fight to find Kyo again before he destroys the seal. The Bow Hero kept firing magic arrow after magic arrow with Ren doing his best to block and deflect them with his sword. But after enough running he makes it up to Kyo once more, he then shouts, "Daven help!".

Daven heard and saw what the sword hero was trying to do as Ren also powers up his sword.

Daven teleports himself right next to Ren and right before Bow Bitch can fire a high barrage of arrows at them, Daven grabs his shoulder and he and Ren teleport away. Now they aim right for Kyo.

But as soon as they reappear, "Ow!" the two shout as they smack into the shield barrier and get knocked to the ground on their backs. Daven attempted to teleport in again but got knocked away once more.

Kyo noticed and laughed, "Hahaha, teleportation magic won't help you idiots bypass the magic barrier either. Oh and look at that, pillar five is destroyed already. Just two left." Kyo brags and once more teleports away before Ren could stab through the barrier again. He and Daven quickly ran across to help their teams or find where Kyo is off to now, they were running out of time.

Back with Bakugou, he still fought against Ponytail Slut as he was doing all he can to stop Bakugou from ruining the awakening. But despite the boosted strength from Kyo, his skills in fighting were still extremely pitiful as Bakugou blocked or dodge every attack and gave a good blast back at Ponytail Slut, but the Spear hero was not going to give up on his chance to "save" Bitchwhore and kept going with full strength on the hero.

And just overlooking the cardinal duel, Rishia was doing what she can to counter the other mages' magic as she also fought with her sword. Despite the lack of confidence she fights well and takes out most of the cultist's mages.

"Rishia is that you?" said a voice that immediately caught Rishia's attention, as quickly recognizing it. She turns to see Bow Bitch himself, but rather than fighting he was smiling at her, "Rishia, I'm glad it's just you and me alone." he calmly says to the girl.

Despite everything going on Rishia couldn't bear to not say anything back, "Lord-Itsu-Bow hero?"

Bow Bitch continued, "Rishia, I just wanted to say sorry for everything I did back at the castle, you were worthy of being with me, you showed me that you are tough enough to fight off the waves. I want you back with me." he says to the girl with a large smile on his face.

Rishia should've known better than to trust him, but despite being a part of Ren's team now, her heart couldn't resist what the Bow Hero said. Her emotions were overwhelmed by this and couldn't do anything else but smile and cry in happiness, "Oh Lord Itsuki, thank you so much." she cries and runs to hug the Bow Hero and continue to do so for a few seconds, "Lord Itsuki I'll make sure I-AAHH!" but suddenly Rishia screams as a magic arrow strikes through her back.

It was what the Bow Hero planned the whole time and Rishia fell into his trap. The arrow attack won't permanently cripple her, but now Rishia was in deep pain as she collapsed on the ground now confused. Bow Bitch then just laughed, "Hahahahaha, man just as dumb and gullible as usual. Not only did I get my proper payback for what you did traitor. I now have the perfect spot to snipe that bastard!" he mocks the poor girl as Bow Bitch overlooks the battlefield to look for his target.

Rishia could only cry, not only from the pain in her body but the pain in her soul for the Bow hero to do such a cruel thing to her, "Lord Itsuki." she cries letting out more tears, disappointed to see what her hero has become.

Speaking of him, Bow Bitch finally sees Bakugou and Ponytail Slut on the battlefield. The Bow hero smiles and pulls back his Bow, "Perfect shot, this will blind him in the eye." he says ready to fire his arrow and make Bakugou lose his eye, but

"AHH!" Bow Bitch shouts in pain as he gets blasted by magic in the back and it makes his arrow go off.

In Bakugou's battle, Ponytail Slut jumps in the air to strike the shielder, but before Bakugou could block it Ponytail gets hit directly in the chest with Bow Bitches powerful arrow knocking him out of the air and flying across the cave ground. It surprised Bakugou, along with a few others including Ren who looked back to where it came from.

With Bow Bitch though he was now pissed off, not only was his back in pain now, but he missed his shot with the arrow. He turns and saw Rishia's arm in the air at him after conducting a spell, "Sorry Lord Itsuki, but that is for your own good." she says to him now directly going against her former hero.

Bow Bitch didn't take it well as he sets up another arrow, "You stupid Bitch! I'll make an example out of you now! For my own Justice!" he shouts pulling back his bow string.

But before he could attempt to kill Rishia, Birdform Scarlet pops in from behind and slash Bow Bitch across the back with her claws, "Ah!" he shouted again.

"You leave my new sister alone!" Scarlet shouts at him.

"You damn bird!" Bow Bitch fires another powerful arrow at her, but Scarlet with her wind magic just swifts away and almost instantly appears behind Bow Bitch.

Before he could turn to stop her, Scarlet kicks and kicks the Bow hero over and over again at his body, leaving no chance to activate any of his abilities until Scarlet kicks Bow Bitch directly in the face knocking out a bunch of teeth and sending him flying in the air.

Daven then teleports with Ren right above Bow Bitch in the air, "Meteor Slash!" Ren yells and throws a powerful swing of his sword on Bow Bitch's stomach with the mass force of the attack launching him straight to the hard ground as he smashes right into it leaving an extremely hurt Bow Hero moaning.

Daven then teleported in with Ren to Rishia ands Scarlet as Filolial princess quickly heals Rishia with a powerful healing potion she had in hand, "Are you ok?" Ren asked with genuine concern for his teammate.

Rishia was able to get back up quickly after the powerful healing potion did its work, "I'm ok now Sir Ren, thank you for helping me after my stupidity again."

Scarlet however immediately hugs her, "You're not stupid Rishia, you're my new big sister now and I won't let meanies like Bow guy hurt you." she says to Rishia with Ren smiling in approval back showing no sort of ill will either, which made the poor girl almost cry in happiness.

But she quickly wiped her tears away, "Thank you, you guys are the best. But don't mind me now, we need to stop Kyo now." she says wanting to get back into focus again, with Ren nodding in agreement as he and the other sidekicks ran back into the battlefield to fight off cultists and find Kyo again.

Back with Bakugou and Ponytail Slut their battle continued raging on, even after getting hit by Bow Bitch's arrow the Spear hero was able to recover quickly because of Kyo's abilities once again, as he became more aggressive than ever before.

Ponytail Slut was not letting up at this point, "I'm making sure no one will remember who you are after this! And I'll free Myne and Rino from your damn hands and make sure you won't hurt anyone again!" Ponytail shouts and runs at him with an electric-powered Spear ready to fire.

But as Bakugou waits for him to attack, Rino decided to jump in the way, forcing a surprised Ponytail Slut to stop as Rino gives an angrily annoyed look on her face.

The Spear hero didn't know what to do after that and didn't want to fight his former partner, "Uh, Rino please I'm just trying to-"

"Shut up already!" she interrupts and with her hand to his face she fires off a blinding light flash spell.

"AAAAHHHHHHH! My eyes! My eyes!" Ponytail Slut shouts as he covers his eyes as the magic flashing light temporarily blinded him.

And with that opening Bakugou runs at Ponytail Slut and with an explosive uppercut punch he launches Ponytail Slut in the air. After a quick look from behind he noticed still injured Bow Bitch trying to get back up. Bakugou grins and blasts himself up in the air and quickly grabs the Spear Hero's literal Ponytail while he was still blinded and stunned by the attacks.

Bakugou throws him downward and before Bow Bitch could notice Ponytail Slut crashes right on him forcing both cardinal heroes on the ground.

Then before they even get a minute of leeway Bakugou blasts himself above the heroes where he then fires constant explosive blasts at the two heroes over and over. Explosion after explosion Bakugou went all out against the two. After a few seconds of this, Bakugou finally stopped and saw the two heroes moaning in pain from the attacks with their temporary boosted stats doing jack all to help.

Bakugou then turns to his sidekick, "Rino! Chain them up!" he orders and Rino quickly activates her magic chains spell and the Spear and Bow heroes were quickly wrapped around in the light magic-based chains.

The two struggled and wiggled around the best they could, but it was no good as they can't even use their cardinal weapons.

They were incapacitated now, which Bakugou wants. Now he can fully concentrate on finding and stopping Kyo while blowing the attacking cultists.

While the cultist's numbers were rapidly dwindling, they were extremely persistent in their beliefs and were willing to do anything to continue the release of their God.

It was becoming very dire to the heroes as they knew Kyo was almost done with the opening of the seal but they couldn't see the Sorcerer anywhere.

"He's over there!" Rifana finally shouted with her good eyes with Ren being the first to see what she was talking about and saw Kyo right next to the Tortoise's head and more worryingly he just finished breaking yet another magic pillar to the seal. There was only one left now.

"Bakugou quick he's almost done!" Ren shouts pointing to where Kyo is now.

Bakugou knew things were getting really serious now and had to have his full focus to stop the evil mage, "Everyone follow me!" Bakugou shouts as he blasts himself away toward Kyo.

And everyone indeed followed suit as all the warriors and sidekicks made a run toward Kyo.

Most followed Bakugou and Kirishima as they blast their way through the still-dense hordes of cult followers and guards, while Daven also teleports around and gets anyone far from the others to be with everyone else close by.

After enough running all the heroes were just 30 feet away from Kyo's powerful barrier now getting more powerful from Kyo as he has one hand expelling out most of what was left of his magic on the barrier while his other hand was still carrying his powerful book, "Hahahahaha! Don't think you can brute force your way in! I enforced this barrier 10 fold, you will never break through it!" he mocks everyone

Bakugou wasn't going to be turned away from that challenge, "Everyone with some sort of beam attack fire at one spot now!"

Ren immediately fires a powerful energy beam from his sword at the barrier.

Rino follows suit with her light magic beam along with Neia as she fire's a huge bolt of constant electricity at it, Kirishima breaths out a huge stream of fire, Ren's party members Tersia and Rishia fire magic beams as well, and even Horai herself all fired constant magic attacks all at the same spot.

"Everyone else protect them!" He shouts and all the remaining sidekicks Daven, Scarlet, Walt, Bakta, Farrie, Raphtalia, Kiel, and Rifana were all doing what they can to stop the remaining numerous cultists from attacking the others while firing their attacks and spells.

Bakugou himself blasted himself to the barrier itself until he lands right on top of it and with his gauntlets properly adjusted he once more fires his AP blast beam attack directly on the area that was being fired on all at once.

The barrier was extremely strong but the amount of damage it was facing was starting to overwhelm the magic holding it, with it even cracking.

Kyo's smug confidence was disappearing as he did all he could to keep his barrier up, 'Damn it No! This can't be possible! How is my magic failing me now!?' he screams in his head, he would've conducted another spell to teleport away or blast at the heroes but he was using so much of his magic to break the last pillar and enforce the barrier he had no mana left for anything else.

The magic attackers kept pressing on, firing faster and harder than ever before as their physical fighters kept on killing or beating up the cultists.

This kept on for around half a minute as Kyo sweats harder than ever to keep his only protection up as the cracks grow bigger and bigger on the barrier all while the shield hero was right above him with a sadist grin on his face, "Not so smart now book worm! Now you'll feel what it's like to be in an actual fight!" Bakugou shouts mockingly at Kyo as he lowers his arms lower and lower to apply pressure on the barrier as it reaches its breaking point.

Kyo was barely able to hold up his hand anymore as the overwhelming power makes him reach his own breaking point, "No! No! No! This isn't fair! How can I be bested by idiots like you!? Nooo!" he shouts as his barrier is about to collapse.

But then right before the barrier broke, something else collapsed. Right at his feet the last magic pillar falls apart right before him, "Oh, would you look at that? It's done." he calmly said with his evil grin returning.

"Huh?" Bakugou expressed.

But before he could act a giant force emerged right around Kyo as a result of breaking the seal. With this powerful force not only blowing away Bakugou, but blows every single standing person on the ground away, the magic attackers, the fighters, and even the remaining cultists were all blown away by this force, even giant Kirishima was blown away from it.

Everyone struggles to get back up to wonder what the hell that was with Bakugou the closest to that force, only to see Kyo who was still standing tall and proud, continuing his evil smile as his book glows brightly, "I'll give you this you morons, that was a good attempt and you actually had me worried there, but it looks like it wasn't enough to overpass my superior intellect. Hahaha, enjoy the show, especially you shield brute." he laughs again as his book gets even brighter than before.

"You bastard!" Bakugou yelled and without hesitation, he blasts himself in the air again and was going to blow Kyo into a million bloody pieces. Only for Kyo to vanish with his book in a bright flash as Bakugou blasts apart a now empty ground.

"Damn it! Damn you!" Bakugou shouts, throughout the cave everyone tries to look around to see what happened to Kyo. This time though he was nowhere in the cavern, he completely vanished from the scene.

But before anyone could wonder more, the ground was now shaking. As were the cave walls, and the ceiling as large rocks and stalactites fall from up high.

"What's going on?!" Ren shouts with so many of them wondering as well.

Horai however knew what this was, "Oh no, the seal has been truly broken." she responds out loud.

Then this shaking started to concentrate on one part of the cave. The Spirit Tortoise's head, and some of the rocks covering its eyes start to fall off and showed everyone it's more fleshy inside.

Then the eye itself opens up, showing everyone in the cave of the Tortoise's giant black reptilian eyes with the only light from it being from its pupil, and just a few seconds after the other eye opens up.

Everyone there knew what this meant,

The spirit Tortoise has awakened.

Not only were its eyes now moving, but its giant head was as well. A huge amount of rock covering its head begins to fall off on the cave grounds as it lifts its massive self.

Once its head was high enough from the ground for everyone to look in absolute awe and fear, it finally made a sound, "RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!" it roars all across the caverns with it being so loud everyone there was covering their ears including even the likes of Kirishima and Scarlet for how intense the sound was.

Eventually, the loud roar stops as the massive monstrosity kept on moving its long stiff neck around as the ground continued to shake.

Nobody there knew what to do as this monster moves about. One person there however was the happiest he has ever been in his life, "Yes! Yes! YES! It's been awakened! Our God is finally awake!" shouted that person, and when everyone turn to see who it was, it was none other then King Ransha who recovered from being kicked from Horai and has climbed himself up from an avalanche of rocks to the cliff tops of the cave Bakugou and crew were originally on as he opens and raise his arms out toward the now moving Tortoise, "Yes my lord, rise from the earth and destroy the broken world above! Kill the sinners and I shall be it's new world ruler!" he shouts again making sure everyone in the cave hears him.

It even caught the attention of the tortoise itself, it was now looking directly up at the king as if it was going to say something to him that Ransha would like to hear himself.

But it didn't say anything at all, the Tortoise's mouth was now wide open and its throat was starting to glow a purple color.

This was confusing the King, "My lord?" he asked confused to the tortoise, but no words came out of the Tortoise, instead a massive beam of pure energy is blasted out of the Tortoise's mouth.

"NO-" Ransha shouted but before he had a single second to finish and run he was caught directly in the energy beam and instantly got vaporized by the powerful attack, leaving zero trace of his body left but ashes. But the Beam didn't end there, this huge magic laser vaporizes right through the cave going through thousands upon thousands of pounds of rock and dirt. All of it finally emerged right through the surface as this beam completely destroys the vaporized King's palace that sat right in the monster beam's path. The massive beam went off for miles into the now morning sky until it dissipates into nothing.

What once stood a castle was now the location of a massive tunnel, leaving nothing but a giant hole and ruin behind.

Just like that, the Tortoise Kingdom's King was dead, with him being the first soul to be collected by the so-called god he helped released.

"RRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWRRRRRR!" it screeches again, but not as loud as before as it now starts moving its giant head about, causing the cave to shake all over with more boulders falling from all over the place, and this earth-shaking was only going to get worse by the second.

Everyone then runs to each other while struggling to stand up from the now unstable earth, "Please tell me theirs a way to make it go back to sleep!?" Bakugou shouts to everyone.

"There isn't anything we know! Me and Rishia checked all the books! As her majesty said, the knowledge of the seal was taken to the other cardinal Heroes' graves!" Rino shouts as more rocks fall from the ceilings and walls.

"Well what the hell do we do then?!" Bakugou shouts with no one else knowing what they were going to do now as the tortoise continues to escape its resting place.

Horai though looked toward the giant tunnel the tortoise's beam attack created, "We need to get out of here and evacuate the city! It'll all be destroyed as the Tortoise rises!" she shouts with the heroes understanding her. Even Bakugou himself knows this whole cave is going to be collapsing soon and if they don't leave now they'll all be crushed into paste.

"Everyone on the dragon now!" Bakugou ordered with the hero's all quickly climbing to get on Kirishima's back to fly out and escape to the surface. Bakugou launches himself up front and grabs Kirishima's reigns, it looked to be that everyone was on board and ready to go.

"Hey wait don't leave us!" shouted a voice and when everyone turns to where it came from it was none other than Ponytail Slut and Bow Bitch still stuck on the ground chained up in Rino's magic chains. Their teammates were doing all they can to break them, but nothing they try would break the magic chains.

"Help us guys!" Bow Bitch yells also.

Almost no one there was willing to shred an ounce of empathy for either the spear or bow hero's, not even Rishia despite the pain in her own heart.

"You idiots did this to yourselves! So you'll die with your idiocy!" Bakugou insults them once more and had turned himself to the front and was about to whip Kirishima's reins.

"Bakugou wait!" shouted a voice who grabbed Bakugou's arm. Bakugou turns his head and saw it was Ren grabbing him, "Bakugou we can't leave them behind!" he shouts to the shield hero who didn't look amused.

"Are you kidding you idiot!? Look at what they allowed to happen! You want them to live after this!?" Bakugou scolds Ren back with the others other than Scarlet not knowing why he would care about those two.

"Bakugou as much as I want to just leave them behind as well. This world needs all four of its cardinal heroes! We can't afford them to die!" Ren shouts back at Bakugou

"Is this over that stupid Queen Loli bird!? I told you-!"

"Bakugou even if you think you can beat Fitoria, the waves will grow stronger and come more frequently if they die! Even if you are strong enough to fight them off, how many people are you willing to let die from these new powerful waves?! Even you know you can't be everywhere at once! Tell me Bakugou, are you willing to let children like who Raphtalia, Kirel, and Rifana were once before to have their parents die because of you!?" Ren argues back.

Bakugou was silent for a few seconds after hearing that, he knew it would be true that more will die if the waves get stronger without all the cardinal heroes, and he be just as guilty as the idiots for making things worse for everyone.

This whole thing still greatly annoyed Bakugou and with the collapsing cave there wasn't much time to think deeply about this, Bakugou could only growl in annoyance, "Ggggggrrrrrrrrrrrr! This is so stupid! Fine! Rino let them out!" he shouts and orders.

Rino quickly snapped her fingers and finally releases the spells.

Ponytail Slut and Bow Bitch's magic chains quickly break apart and disappear.

This allowed them to finally get up and they along with their companions all ran toward the dragon while avoiding the falling debris of the cave.

"On the tail idiots! Now now now!" Bakugou shouts at them and after a few more seconds they made it to the dragon.

Ponytail slut attempts to run up the tail, *clank* only to hit his face at an airstrike shield, appearing just before he could get on the saddle forcing him to stop short on Kirishima's tail.

"Only on the tail!" Bakugou shouts forcing the Spear and Bow hero groups to remain holding on to Kirishima's tail.

And with that Bakugou whips his dragon's reins, "Kirishima fly!"

Kirishima runs through the collapsing cave while avoiding falling rocks and what is left of the remaining cultists trying to run toward him to save themselves.

But eventually, Kirishima gained enough momentum to launch himself up in the air of the cave now flying while the Bow and Spear hero groups hold on to dear life on his long tail.

The cave starts to rapidly collapse as Kirishima avoids the falling rocks as much as he could until he was at the giant massive hole the tortoise's magic beam had created.

But the heroes weren't in the clear yet, large rocks were still falling from the sides of the hole with Kirishima doing his best to avoid them as much as he could, while Horai and Rino used their magic to blast many of the large ones out of the way.

Kirishima kept flying and flying doing his best to get back to the surface as the walls continue to shake from the waking tortoise.

After an intense minute of flying, Kirishima finally emerges from the newly created tunnel. They were finally back up the surface with the morning sun rising overhead behind the mountains.

Kirishima quickly lands on the ground not too far from the tunnel. There was actually a large crowd of people right nearby with numerous guards surrounding the area, all here wondering what force caused this and destroyed the king's palace, ignorant of what happened below their feet.

Everyone quickly jumped off the dragon and run toward the crowd with a high-ranking member of the guards running toward them, "Who the hell are you people and were you involved in this somehow?!" he shouted toward the heroes.

However, his tone changed when Horai came upfront with the heroes as the head guard quickly recognized her, "My Lady Horai! Is that really you!? What's going on here!?" he asked with confusion in his tone.

Horai nods back and then ran up to make herself visible to the huge crowd of people, "Everyone! The spirit tortoise has finally awakened! We'll all die if we don't leave now! Evacuate the city!" she shouts to the confused and now worried crowds.

This confused the guards even more, "Hold on a minute! Miss Horai what's happening?! Are you really talking about the great Spirit Tortoise?! Where's King Ransha at?!"

"Ransha is dead, he was the first victim to be claimed by the Tortoise, and indeed it's the real guardian Tortoise," Horai answers bluntly with the guards and the citizens looking on in shocked confusion and fear that their king was dead and now the great Tortoise was really awakened.

The head guard was in denial and wanted to rationalize this whole thing, "My lady, but it can't... But what if this was a mistake and-"

"RRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWRRRRRRRRRRRR!" screeched a loud roar that everyone could hear coming directly from the deep tunnel. And with that roar the ground started shaking as if a powerful earthquake was happening, from the quakes alone several buildings collapsed and it was only going to get worse from here.

"Now do you believe her idiot!" Bakugou shouts at the head guard who now knew it was the real deal and everyone's lives were in danger.

"Everyone! Evacuate the city! Flee for your lives! Get as far away as possible!" the Head guard shouts and without a second delay the crowds were now all screaming and running away. All to flee the capital before the Tortoise fully emerges from its tomb.

It was very chaotic and some people were trampling over each other to get ahead of one another, but there was no time to get organized, the Tortoise was going to dig itself out soon and it won't be waiting for people to run single file.

The heroes knew this won't be enough to get everyone out, and had to do more.

"Everyone split up! Warn and help as many people as you can, and keep things moving or make more openings for them to get out of the city! Go now!" Bakugou orders everyone as Shield and Sword hero groups split up in different directions of the city.

Ren and Bakugou were about to go their own ways before Horai says to them, "What of the other cardinal heroes?"

The two immediately looked extremely bothered, they completely forgot about Ponytail Slut and Bow Bitch and when they turn to look at Kirishima's tail they were nowhere to be seen.

"Damn it! Those idiots must've run with the crowds!" Bakugou shouts, he can't believe he allowed those two to get out of their sight.

Ren also looked concerned, "Crap how are we going to find them in this chaos?!" he says out loud.

"Forget them! We don't have time for this! We need to get everyone out of this city before the damn turtle destroys everything!" Bakugou shouts and ran off to help with the evacuation.

Ren wanted to say something, but the ground began to rumble again nearly knocking him off balance with more buildings collapsing around them. As much as he wants to get to the Bow and Spear heroes before they get themselves killed, right now he has to help the people get out before they will all die at once. Ren runs off to help the people of this city who need the heroes the most.

From there everyone was helping the people of the city to escape and evacuate. Hundreds were already fleeing the city in mass, some carrying what they could grab, others though had nothing but the clothes on their backs wanting to get out as fast as possible as the ground continues shaking.

Things were getting hard with the evacuation though as people were amassed at the gates. Despite being fully opened, the gates were so narrow the people were struggling to get out of the gates which was backing up traffic behind them.

That was until Kirishima, Scarlet, and Bakugou came to the scene, and with Bakugou's explosions or Kirishima's and Scarlet's shear masses they blew up or busted down many parts of the walls that surround the city leaving new wide openings for people to leave from, "Come on everyone! Out of here now! Go Go Go!" Bakugou barks as people run in mass through these new openings allowing more to flee faster than before.

Kirishima and Scarlet continued going across the city to create more openings or remove any debris from collapsed buildings blocking pathways. They even started competing with each other in how many more people they can help escape than the other.

The other sidekicks were helping in all they can, Daven was using his teleporting magic to get groups out of certain places faster or those who were lost.

Neia, Rino, and Ren's sidekicks were all going around to help out anyone they could to get them to evacuate or help if they can.

Things get more complicated as the earth shakes continue to get worse with even some cracks appearing on the grounds. More buildings collapse leaving many injured, everyone tries to help if they can to rescue the people trapped in these buildings with great help from Horai's gravity magic. Any who were injured were healed up by Neia and Bakugou, or through healing potions hoping to get everyone on their feet so they can flee once more.

While helping people escape, Ren was also trying to look and see what happened with the Spear and Bow heroes but no one he asked had seen them. Ren figured as much since everyone is more focused on trying to escape the city than if they have seen groups of random people. It annoyed the Sword hero especially after he pretty much helped save their lives from being left behind in the caverns, but he hoped those two won't get themselves killed making this whole thing all for nothing.

For about an hour this mass evacuation continued with the heroes doing what they can as they check every corner and every collapsed building to make sure the civilians are all making a run for it as the earthquakes get worse and the roars of the spirit tortoise get louder.

It seemed like most of the capital has been evacuated with the guards being the last to head out. And still with no sign of the spear or bow heroes, Bakugou knew it was time for them to leave as the ground was losing the last of its stability as he stands next to Kirishima, "Everyone come on let's go!" he shouts with Ren and Scarlet coming first with his team.

However things got complicated once Neia and Rino came back, "Sir Bakugou there's a clinic with many patients still barely able to move themselves and all the doctors already fled away. They can't make a run for it." Neia quickly tells Bakugou with Rino nodding with her.

"Did you heal any of them or gave them health potions?" Bakugou asked of them knowing their timing is very limited right now.

"We did, but the diseases or conditions they have take time to fully recover from, they're not in any condition to run." Rino responds.

"Damn it! How many are there?!" Bakugou asked.

"About 30," Neia answered.

"Theirs no room for 30 on Kirishima, we may need to take separate trips." Ren responds, but right after saying that another earthquake happens even stronger than the others with everyone now struggling to keep their legs up.

"We don't have time for separate trips, the tortoise is going to emerge soon." Horai warns everyone which was making things more dicey.

"Are we to leave most of them behind?" Rishia asked, it was a question no one like to ask but was one that had to be answered or they will all be dead.

"Damn it! Okay get me a second to think and I'll figure something out!" Bakugou responds as he taps his chin trying to figure something out.

Then Daven popped in, "Not just sick are stuck either, there many elderly who don't have the energy to run anymore, most are grandparents whom the whole family refuses to go if they can't save their whole families." he informs Bakugou.

Bakugou was now deeply annoyed, "Of fucking course there have to be more people involved, just let me think of something-"

"Lord Bakugou!" shouted a voice and was the trio of three demi-warriors, "Lord Bakugou there's a building full of lost children who can't find their parents and are too afraid to leave the city." Raphtalia informed the heroes.

"God damn it! Why is there so much of this shit here! Give me a moment to think!" Bakugou screams with the stress of everything happening making him more unhinged than usual.

"We need to hurry soon or we'll all die. Either we find a way to help or we leave without them." Horai stresses with the others getting nervous as well Bakugou was using all the brain power he has to think of a way to mass transit these people.

'Damn it Damn it! Think Think Katsuki think!' he shouts in his head doing the best he could as the ground keeps shaking, 'Shit what would a Pro-rescue hero do? No that would involve a rescue-related quirk, damn it what the hell do those without quirks help in these situations?! Rescue squads usually have helicopters to carry huge things away but what is that going to help-' But then Bakugou paused himself and after another few seconds of thinking he finally got the answer he was looking for, "I got it! We're getting them all out of here!"

"But how?" Ren asked concerned.

"Neia, Daven, weasel girl go and get all of those people right here quick! Rino I want you to build a large square block made from the pavement!" Bakugou ordered with the sidekicks nodding to Bakugou trusting his plan.

After Daven teleported away with Neia and Rifana, Rino quickly got to work on that giant square. Using her earth magic Rino was able to lift the pavement that makes up the roads and she quickly molds them up into a thick solid giant square block with her magic also being used to keep it together from the constant shaking that is only getting worse and worse with even small movement waves moving across the ground.

After a few minutes, Daven was quickly popping in with the many sick recovering patients, older seniors with their families, and the lost scared children.

"All of you on this platform now!" Bakugou ordered and with the help of the sidekicks they were able to get them up on the middle of the platform.

They had to hurry as the ground continued cracking up and more buildings around collapsed or sink into the ground itself.

The last remaining survivors of the capital totaled over 100 and had to all squeeze themselves into the center of the large stone square, despite all being scared they had faith in the cardinal heroes to save them.

After the last ones popped in Daven, Neia, and Rifana all ran back to the dragon, "Is that everyone?!" Bakugou shouts to them.

"We think so!" Neia shouts as the earthquakes become worse and worse, and as they look out to the distance they see a massive crack being formed where that giant hole came from and the huge crack in the earth spread all across the streets in the capital.

And to make matters worse the crack was expanding and widening itself up almost ready to collapse on itself.

"Time to go, now Now!" Bakugou shouts with Kirishima now flying himself in the air along with the rest of the hero teams on him. Daven then grabs hold and teleports Bakugou, Horai, Ren, Neia, and Rifana up to the dragon.

"What about the people?!" Ren asked wondering where this plan was going.

"Give a second Paleface!" he yells then looks to Rino, "Do the chains now!" Bakugou ordered and with that Rino works her magic once more this time conjuring up hundreds of feet of long magic chains that wrap around under the stone platform multiple times until they end up floating in the air for Kirishima to grab with his powerful claws.

"An airlift I see, not bad." Ren commented as Rino also made more chains to wrap around the sides of the lifted chains so no one would fall off

Things though went from bad to worse as that massive crack in the earth had finally collapsed on itself and the grounds of the streets across the capital collapsed and sink down to the cavern's taking the city with it.

"Kirishima lift off NOW!" Bakugou shouted as he whips Kirishima's reins. But despite his strength, Kirishima was struggling to fully lift the heavy platform from the ground as he drags it across the abandoned open street.

The collapsing ground was getting closer, and if they don't get higher up soon the ground will take them with itself.

"Come on Kirishima come on! Zweite Aura!" Bakugou shouts and activates his spell to boost Kirishima's stats trying all he can to get Kirishima fully in the air. Horai also place a gravity spell to make the giant object lighter and even then it was barely enough to help.

The collapsing ground was getting closer and closer with everyone fearing for the worst, but eventually despite the dragon's struggle as his father pulls up his reins as hard as possible, Kirishima was finally able to pull his strength to fully lift itself up high off the ground.

Just missing the sinking ground, with the platform remaining in one piece with the people safe on it, they were finally on their way out of the capital.

The collapsing ground continued all over the now abandoned capital going from every corner to every street all the way to the outer walls until every last bit of it falls deep within the earth itself.

All in a few seconds, what was once the capital of the tortoise kingdom had now been fully destroyed, collapsed into a deep crater as the ground is filled with endless amounts of dirt and dust.

Sadly even in the most thorough evacuations, it's unrealistic for one to expect every single person to have gotten out, with no doubt perishing to a hopefully quick death.

However thanks to the efforts of the sword and shield heroes most of the population was able to leave to safety including the hundred who couldn't make a run for it.

Kirishima still has his tight grip on the magic chains, flying high in the air above the dirt and dust. Most of the crew sighed in relief thinking the worst was over as they fly to safety.

"RRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWRRRRRRRRR!" unfortunately for them, out from the thick clouds of dust was the head of the spirit tortoise itself, now to have finally dug itself out from underground into the bright sun once again. With its legs and feet getting themselves out of the massive hole, and the mountains that use to hold the Tortoise shrine now walk's with it as it turns out those triplet mountains that watch over the capital were part of the Spirits tortoise's shell itself as that rises with the Tortoise's legs.

Bakugou has his dragon ignore the monster as much as he could hoping it won't bother them.

Unfortunately for Bakugou the Tortoise did notice them, feeling the presence of over 100 souls being lifted high above its huge head, trying to flee behind some mountains.

It then opens its massive mouth once more with a glowing purple light coming from within its throat.

"Sir Bakugou!" Neia shouts at her hero leader as Bakugou turns to see what the tortoise was trying to do.

"Everyone hold on tight!" he shouts as he grips the reins harder than before.

After a few more seconds of charging the tortoise fires its mouth beam attack.

"Airstrike shield! Second shield!" Bakugou shouts with his two energy shields appearing in the direction of the beam, however the shields barely held them back for a second as the beam continues piercing through.

Ren, Rishia, and Neia all together fired beam attacks of their own to hold it back, but this barely slowed it down as well.

"Bakugou it's not working!" Ren shouts in deep fear.

But with Bakugou's quick timing and a swift throw of Kirishima's reins, the dragon managed to drop itself just in time to barely miss the monster's energy beam.

The beam itself hits the top of a mountain directly with the beam literally bisecting its top off.

As huge amounts of dirt and debris fill the sky Bakugou took the opportunity to fly into it, to hide from the Tortoise's sight.

And indeed it worked with the massive monster no longer having a sight on them.

The tortoise continued moving its full body out of the ground to finally start its rampage to collect souls to stop the waves.

But then out of nowhere, it gets fired at by a bunch of magic arrows and then a barrage of energy spears.

It caught the monster's attention and looks down toward who made those attacks. It was none other than the Spear and Bow heroes themselves with their companions, after they made a run for it away from Bakugou and Ren with the crowds they were able to hide away in some mountains and recover from their fights before with Ren and Bakugou. They were all now refreshed and ready to fight off the Tortoise.

"Ha, your reign of terror ends today spirit tortoise! As I the cardinal Spear hero will defeat you!" Ponytail Slut shouts with full confidence in his ability to fight this thing.

"Not if I get to kill this thing first." Bow Bitch mocks back at the Spear hero.

"Whatever, whoever deals the final blow will get the glory anyway." Ponytail Slut says back.

"Then killing blow I shall do. Best of luck to you Ponytail Slut." Bow Bitch mocks the spear hero again with him and his team running toward the spirit tortoise.

"Oh, I will have more than luck today!" the Spear hero boasts to himself again as he and his two girls run to fight off the tortoise and get their glory once more.

Up high and afar Ren watches the battle starting from his pair of binoculars. After putting them down he sighs in disappointment and annoyance, "Guess we know where they're at now. Feels like they're just going to die on us though." he says out to Bakugou who listened in.

"Hey you're the one who wanted to free them from the cave, so don't be bitching that to me." Bakugou says back which only made Ren sigh more, this has to be one of the worst days of his whole life and it was still only morning.

After about an hour of flying getting far enough from the tortoise, Kirishima finally lands himself in a narrow valley where many of the capital refugees were passing through.

Kirishima softly lands the platform and lands himself and finally lays down exhausted from carrying that heavy thing the whole time.

Rino also expressed a sigh of great relief after they landed now finally turning off the magic of the chains and the magic to maintain the platform.

After that long night and morning, everyone there felt exhausted and tired from everything, even Bakugou who pets his dragon knowing how exhausted he was.

The people on the platform were finally walking themselves off the thing, with the recovering sick being taken in by doctors or their families, along with the missing children going around to find their parents or relatives. And the families with the seniors remaining together leaving no one behind.

One group even came up to the heroes, "Bless all of you heroes. Thank you for everything."

After she left though Bakugou looked out toward the valley in deep sulking and exhaustion while he lays down with his dragon, "We need all the damn blessings we can get after that shit." he complained with the others feeling the same.

Kiel tried to cheer everyone up, "Well look on the bright side, we got out alive. And that crazy evil king is gone now. So we're safe now right?" she says to everyone.

"I'm afraid not Kiel." said a voice and as Kiel turns her head it was Miss Horai herself as she walks past everyone toward the direction the tortoise would be at until she stops herself, "It is only the beginning heroes, it's just the start of the wrath of the Spirit tortoise."

Over five hours had passed since Bow Bitch and Ponytail Slut had engaged the tortoise and these have been long and grueling hours. No matter how many spells or attacks they throw at this supersized monster it either shrugs it off as if nothing happened or almost immediately heals itself up.

The Spear and Bow hero on the other hand grows tired and exhausted from the constant attacks and dodging of the Tortoise's own attacks. Even with stamina potions they could barely fight anymore at that point, unable to get even close to injuring the Tortoise, "What the hell is up with this thing!? I know super bosses are supposed to be tough, but this thing is nothing but a damage sponge!" Ponytail Slut complains out loud already regretting letting this thing wake up.

Bow Bitch was having the same feelings, but neither was going to give up already after they went this far to save their reputations.

Ponytail Slut figured with some more stamina he could probably strike at one of the Tortoise's legs to make it fall its own weight, he just need his next bottle and raises his arm out for it, "Elena! Lesty! Hand me my next stamina potion!... Lesty? Elena?!" But the spear was not seeing a potion being thrown to him nor were his two girls in sight. Ponytail Slut quickly checks his menu hoping that nothing happened to them while fighting the tortoise. Thankfully according to his menu they were in full health and alive, but he had no idea what happened to them, he can only pray they were safe.

Little did the Spear hero know his teammates Bitch and Bigger Bitch had pretty much ditched him to die, they were cowardly making a run for it while the hero struggles to fight the tortoise.

Bow Bitch knew this full well and was happy to see the dumbass fall so hard to lose what was left of his group. After he drank a health potion he then orders his team, "Ok Mald, keep on my back as the rest of you fire your projectiles at the left side, while I fire at the eye on the right! Got it!?... Did you not hear what I-Huh?!" but when Bow Bitch turned his head he saw that his own team was also gone, and just like in Ponytail Sluts menu it showed that his team was still healthy and alive. But he refused to believe they also ditched him like the Spear hero's lackeys did, so he takes out a crystal ball he had on hand to get ahold of his team he knew full well they had one as well.

After a few seconds the ball turns on to show off Mald's face as he looks to be running with the rest of his team he can also see in the background running with him. The Bow hero wasn't amused, "Mald, where the hell are you guys at!? I need help dealing with the damn tortoise!?" he demanded hoping it was truly not what it seemed.

Despite running at the same time Mald answered from the other side, "Running for our lives is what we are doing!"

"No! We need to kill the damn tortoise and I'm ordering you to come back and help!" Bow Bitch yells at the ball.

"Help yourself loser!" Mald bluntly responds with

"What?! What did you say?!" Bow Bitch yelled back quickly losing his temper.

"I didn't sign up for this to be killed by a loser's idiocy!" Mald shouts back

"I'm the damn Bow Hero! How dare you call me a loser!" yelled the Bow Hero who can't believe what he was hearing.

Bow Bitch's blonde teammate then spoke out, "Ever since we became part of your team all you did was drag our names to the ground! Your shit at your job and I'm not dying because of you!" she yells with the others nodding in agreement with her.

"Damn you idiots! I order you to come back here!" Bow Bitch yells again now absolutely furious his own trusted team would do this.

"Not happening! Enjoy your fight Bow Bitch!" Mald finally insults his leader as he cuts off the transmission.

Bow Bitch immediately throws and smashes his crystal ball in rage, "Damn them! Damn those traitors!" he screams enrage that his own supposed trusted team had chickened out and left him to die.

Now he and Ponytail Slut were forced to fight the massive tortoise on their own.

Ponytail Slut immediately slides to Bow Bitch from the mountain slope, "Bow Bitch give me a stamina potion and I should be able to kill this thing!" he ordered the bow hero

"I told you to not call me that! And these are mine! Drink your own!" Bow Bitch yells back firing more arrows at the tortoise's eye which just bounce off even on the soft flesh parts.

"This isn't the time to argue, I need the strength to kill this thing!" Ponytail Slut yells at him

"I'm the one who needs to kill this thing! I don't give a damn about you!" Bow Bitch yells back.

"Why are you being so hard to work with now!? Is it because your own party ditched you!?"

"Shut up! Your party ditched you as well and they almost did the same when we were near Siltvelt's border! Including that precious Bitchwhore of yours!"

"Shut up Bow Bitch, Myne would never do that!"

"You shut up!"

"You shut up!"

"God damn it will you stop talking!"

The Bow and Spear hero continued on arguing with each other completely losing focus on the giant boss monster they were trying to fight.

The Tortoise finally moves up its massive foot and bashes into the ground near the two heroes.

The massive force and power from that stomp were strong enough to blow Bow Bitch and Ponytail Slut away as they spin around in the air like rag dolls.

They finally smash themselves into the hard walls of a mountain and quickly roll down from it, until they finally fall onto the mountain's base. From both pure exhaustion from fighting for hours and that pure force legitimately hurting them they were both laying on the ground moaning in deep pain as the two struggled to get themselves up and somehow beat the tortoise.

But as they struggle the two heroes saw a pair of boots walking toward them until it stopped just in front of them. As the two looked up from the boots, they saw its wearer was none other then Kyo himself, still holding his book and has a huge arrogant grin on his face, "Man I have to say you idiots are more pathetic than I expected even with my super low expectations." Kyo mocks the heroes.

Ponytail Slut though thought he was there to help, "Kyo thank you for coming back here! Please give us those magic boosts as you did earlier and we can beat the Tortoise together!" he asked of the book sorcerer.

Kyo though just laughed, "Hahahahahaha! Are you two really that dense?! You were nothing more than pawns to me! A stepping stone for my rise to power! And you all took the bait like stupid brainless fish!"

"You.. you damn backstabber!" Bow Bitch yells trying to get ahold of his Bow despite all his body feeling endless pain.

"It wasn't my fault you two had no brains and just toke up a quest from a random stranger. Your two other cardinal friends would've seen me through but you two were so desperate for attention you just took the bait while I stuff you into a cage. I always figured I get you two to eventually fight and fail to kill the tortoise, but this made things so much easier despite your smarter friends trying all they could to stop me. Now I have you immediately here to make sure you will have some actual use." Kyo continues to mock them.

Ponytail Slut however wasn't going to let him get away with this, "Damn you! I'll be sure to make you suffer!" he yells and runs at him with his spear with Bow Bitch attempting to do the same with his Bow.

But Kyo with one hand just casually blast the two cardinal heroes launching them right into a rock wall again with serious pain now in their stomachs.

And without letting them get a chance to get back up Kyo now fires lightning out of his palm electrifying the two in deep pain making sure they won't be getting up again.

The two heroes now lay and moan in deep pain no longer having any strength to lay up anymore.

Kyo rubs salt on it as he places his boot on Ponytail's face, "Don't worry, I won't kill you. You're more useful to me alive, the perfect batteries to my guardian tortoise."

After getting off of Ponytail Sluts face Kyo opens the book again and produces another magic spell.

This time magic golden paper wraps form around the two and quickly covers up the heroes' entire bodies including their heads and the cardinal weapons, now unable to use them. Now resembling mummies the two try to scream for help but not only were their voices extremely muffled but there was no one else there to even help them.

And with another spell, Kyo teleports the two to his secret lab where he was going to exploit their power as much as he wanted to.

And with the massive tortoise standing behind him Kyo laughs and gloats to himself once more,

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Soon this world and all of its souls will be mine!"

"Long live the controller of the Spirit Tortoise!"

"Long live the holder of the vassal Book!"

"Long live the soon to be ruler of many worlds!"

"Long live Emperor Kyo Ethnina! Hahahahahahahahahaha!" he finished his evil laugh and with magic teleported himself away.

The Spirit once more let out a loud scream, one that the whole world will hear, "RRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!"

Author's note: Thank you for your patience, I mostly took a break from writing for a little bit in the summer after finishing up the first part of shield heroes story in my fic as well as my little Isekai Quartet spin off thing, I've took some time to think about how to write the story going forward, I admit I never imagine getting this far with the story and I'm glad to continue forward with it with the Spirit Tortoise arc and beyond.

I also would like to thank GracefulArt693 of DeviantArt for drawing artwork of Shield Hero Bakugou both in normal and wrath shield forms, as well as drawing Neia and Dragon Kirishima for me. They deserve the praise and recognition for making my written word's into reality. I recommend checking them out on DeviantArt to see there artwork, so thank you again Graceful.

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