He remembered the woman, her violet hair was so shocking but not as much as her eyes. Her green hues had been ones he had seen before, but in a different face. Vanitas had seen eyes like that in his dreams, but frames by caramel instead of milk chocolate. Even so the intensity had been the same, and he got the feeling that the two were related. How he wasn't sure, but he didn't like the eyes from his dream so he didn't like this woman. A snarl appeared beneath his mask and he growled to try and scare her off, but it didn't work. Instead she only smiled and shook her head.

" The light you seek has not returned from her journey." Nyxromah stated as she smiled at him. The dark child had no idea what lay in store for him. That his master had unwittingly tied this boy to the daughter he thought dead. She knew the truth however as she had the journal. Jade would be back, though when she didn't know. It was one of the drawbacks of having a daughter that had accidentally sent herself back in time. On the flip side, Xehanort didn't even know she was still around and he thought Jade was gone as well. Maybe that was why he was running so hard to press the restart button? Perhaps he missed his family even though he had left her all though years ago? Though, she may never know as she wasn;t going to ask. She had no wish to see him as he was now, though she would likely have to later.

" Light?" The raven asked as he tilted his head. He didn't need or want any light, light would only make him weak. He was darkness, nothing more and nothing less. Vanitas had no need for such weakness when his emotions were already so if on cue one of his unversed appeared and he growled before making it disappear. He already had too much weakness, he didn't need anymore. " I have no need for any light."

The violet just laughed as she shook her head. It looked like this boy was brainwashed to think Darkness was the be all end all. Something Norty had stuffed into his head no doubt, but he would learn. This boy would learn when she came back from the past. Though, if what she was feeling was correct they were already connected through their dreams. A connection that would only grow stronger as time passed. The pair would likely think it's just a strange repeating dream until they met in person. Nyxromah had a feeling that would be one hell of a meeting. Jade, Jade had the ability the handle people that were hard for others and she handled them with ease. It was one of her daughter's strengths. " Every darkness looks for its counterpart and you will eventually find yours."

Vanitas clenched his teeth Void Gear appearing in his hand. This woman was pissing him off to the max. She was also an intruder here in the graveyard. He shouldn't even be letting her talk and yet here she was standing before him completely fearless. That needed to change and it needed to change now. " Lady, you need to leave before I beat you to a pulp." He growled.

The Nobody tilted her head as she saw that dark keyblade in his hand. So Norty had taken a student, that was interesting. She smiled widely as her own keyblade appeared. This could be fun, though he would be the one beaten to a pulp. Nyxromah lunged as an almost mad giggle escaped her. She didn't leave him any time to fight back either as she stayed on top of him. There was no break in her attacks for him to attack her. Sparring with Norty had taught her to be fast since she lacked the physical strength to out power him. Not that it mattered much as this boy wasn't nearly as strong as he thought he was. The fight was over in seconds and she stood before him as her keyblade disappeared.

" Who the fuck are you?" He asked as he looked at her. His mask was now broken and his face visible. How the fuck was she so powerful? Why did she have a keyblade? Vanitas spit out a bit of blood and snarled at her like an animal. The raven grit his teeth and she knelt down and got close enough to whisper in his ear. He didn't trust this woman, but he didn't trust the master either. Anyone that trusted him was insane and needed checked.

" I trained with your master, he was my main sparring partner." Nyx stated before stepping back. She looked at him as a corridor opened up behind her. He would meet his counterpart soon enough. She wondered if it would be love or hatred. Then again he didn't understand what love was. This boy was being used as a weapon and that saddened her. Maybe Jade would be able to save him from that, teach him to be more than the darkness he thought himself to be. A sigh left her as she disappeared through the portal.