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Jack made a boutique of wildflowers, somthing he thought Jennifer would like. The door was slightly open and he decided to stand in the doorway when he heard voices.

Jennifer was sitting up on the bed, with JJ beside her. "Your dad told me and I just want to know how your holding up."

He forced a smile. "I'm better now since your awake." He tried to assure her.

She studied him for a moment. "Are you sure? Abby is even worried."

He sighed. "I'm sure. Besides I am not worth worrying about."

"What do you mean by that? Of couse your worth it." She pulled him in to a tight hug. "Please don't think that."

He pulled away from her. "Just get better, alright?"

She nodded. "I will, and when I get out of here, maybe us four can grab a bite to eat or something.

He smiled at that. "I would like that. You rest, I may come back later."

She layed back down and closed her eyes to rest, then when she opened them again, Jack was sitting next to her.

"Hey," he greeted her happily, putting the flowers into a vase and setting them down beside the bed.

She smiled. "Hi," she returned the greeting.

Abby pulled her jacket tighter around herself since it was getting chilly, then walked towards the park. She couldnt help but to think about that night in the hospital.

4 months ago..

Abby watched them wheel Haylie off towards one of the empty rooms.

JJ had tried to follow, but Kayla stopped in front of him. "No, you need to stay here, let us do our job." She turned away and headed towards the room.

Abby paused beside him. "Haylie's in good hands."

JJ glanced towards the closed door. "Yea.." he agreed absentmindedly.

She sighed.

It had seemed like they had waited for hours. Abby had been going back and forth checking on her parents and brother. When she walked out of her mom's hospital room, he was pacing in the waiting room. "I just checked on mom, and she still hasnt woken up yet."She wasnt too sure if he was listening or not since he didnt say anything. "Haylie is going to be okay.." she spoke up softly.

Kayla walked out at that time, looking exhausted.

He was the first to notice her. "How is she?" He asked anxiously.

Kayla glanced from him to Abby, then back again. "I'm afraid I have bad news..."

Abby shook her head to clear it. Gabi had swung by earlier and said that she had been able to get through to him. But was she? She pulled out her phone and dialed numbers on it.

Three rings, then voicemail.

She took a deep breath, then hung up. Maybe she would just swing by his apartment.

Gabi was laying in the bed with her phone out. "I did it, Stefan. I avenged your death, are you as happy as I am about that?" She turned her phone off when she heard footsteps heading towards the room, so she glanced at her watch. "Right on time."

Eli walked in at that moment and handed her a drink and the plate of food he had fixed for her. "Here you go."

She smiled, sitting up. "Aww, breakfast in bed? Your so sweet. Lani doesn't know what she's missing out on."

He kissed her forehead, not wanting to talk about Lani.

Abby paused in front of his apartment, then raised a fist up and knocked on the closed door. "JJ? You in there?" She called out. "Can we talk?" She waited at the door, sighing when he didn't answer.

She put a hand on the doorknob, then twisted it. It was surprisingly unlocked, so she pushed it open. "JJ?" She asked softly, walking in. "Are you in here?" She flipped the light switch on, checking the rooms as good as she could.

She easily spotted him sitting in the floor against the wall. She walked over and sat down beside him. "I am going to skip the question that other people would normally ask because I know your not okay. Want to talk about it?"

"Why?" He asked in irritation. "What good would talking do? It won't bring Hayley back. It won't put anyone in jail. It won't fix anything. So why bother talking about it?"

She fell silent at that. "I know your hurting and all, but your not the only one. Brady lost his daughter, Sonny lost his mother, Will is in prison.."

He shot her a glare. "I know all that. Why are you even here, Abigail? Did you just swing by to tell me to 'just get over it'?"

She shook her head. "No, of course not. I'm just worried about you."

"Your worried about me? You have a funny way of showing it." He rubbed his forehead.

She took a deep breath. "Even mom is worried about you, and she just woke up. We could have had to bury her too. I know you loved Hayley.. but how about your family? Do you still love us too? Because we are still right here."

He glanced back at her. "That's not fair. Of course I love my family. But Haley was not my first girlfriend to be killed."

She sighed. "I know, I know. They say that you can't help people who don't want to be helped, but I never believed that would ever be you."

He glanced back at the floor. "I am going to get justice for Haley. One way or another."

She glanced at him. "Do not go down this road.. please don't.."

He sighed. "I have no choice. Everyone involved in Haley's death should pay for this."

She studied him for a moment. "Was that a threat?"

He shook his head. "No.." he glared at her again. "Its a promise."

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