The city of Imladris, Last Homely House, shimmered in the sun as it graced the edge of the cliffs, waters flowing about from beneath the white stone. She landed with little pomp upon the circular stonework closest to the edge of the cliffs. The elves, long and graceful, cast sidelong glances and suspicious airs. It had long past time since she'd last dropped by- and then it had been with several curious guests- unpleasant. But she stood proudly upon the edge before walking forward to marvel at the architecture. It was simple and graceful, beautiful in its timeless ease. It may have been that the elves had simply grown the stone into the shape of the little hamlet from the side of the mountain rather than had master masons and carvers rend the stone to the proper shape.

"Lady Siv." Dulcet tones called to welcome her.

"Elrond!" She cheered, face immediately alight with glee as she flitted to meet him, her pace respectfully slow so that he might keep track of her approach. "Long has it been since these weary eyes were cast upon your visage."

Indeed, the tall elf before her had not changed much in the time she'd known him. His eyes had grown a little more weary and heavy laden with mysteries and secrets, but his smile was still glad to greet her and his stance was strong and presence commanding. Dark hair pulled back from his stern face in a half tail. Like an elm on the mountain. "It is a pleasure to see you once more, my friend." He agreed, accepting her touch to wrap his long arms about her back, mindful of her wings. "Though considerably larger than the last time I saw you. Back to rights, then?" He noted, guiding her towards the pathway to greet her properly with food and wine and music.

"Indeed, I am faring better than last you saw of me." She allowed her arm to be looped through his as he escorted her. His warmth welcome after the cold of the wind. "How fair the children?"

"Off on tasks of their own. The twins are hunting, though Arwen is around. Her studies prove fruitful. She will be happy to see you. But that begs the question of yourself?" He'd lead her to the banquet hall where food and wine were laid out. "Your timing is impeccable, as always." He chuckled, helping her to her seat.

"Gandalf has sent me." Her tone bid him pause and he cast an arm about the room, bidding all in attendance leave them. She waited until the doors were shut and silence eloped before beginning her task. "He bids a meeting, a council of the races. All who might come."

"I feared that was so." He sighed. "So, it has begun."

She did not do him the disservice to beg questions of him. His foresight was well known throughout the land. "We will need aide if we are to survive the trials ahead."

"It will be so, my fastest riders shall be sent." He agreed.

"Haste is indeed needed. Gandalf shall come when he is able. With companions of his own."

"Ah, the conjuror once again sets the stage. Who does he bring this time? More dwarves?"

Siv smirked at the inclination. "Be it not so, old friend." She popped a berry into her mouth, the juices were sweet, heavenly, upon her tongue. "But, we have little time to prepare."

"More so than the last." He mused.

Her amusement cut short as she leaned forward. "Dark forces are at hand. The shadows are moving. We must succeed in our tasks."

"Indeed." He agreed, taking a sip from his goblet. "But, for now, your task is done. You are welcome to rest, to wait for Gandalf and his companions to join us." She scowled. "Patience is a virtue."

"We both know it is not one I possess."

He smirked once more, "But it is one you shall learn."

"I shall learn more than one thing during my stay." She bid, standing.

He nodded and the doors opened once more. "You remember the way then?"

"Two lefts… and up some stairs?" She asked thoughtfully, a tip of a finger to her chin as she tilted her head.

"And to the right." He finished, pointing the way. "I shall have your rooms prepared in the meantime." He called after her as she raced away, never seeing the light in his eyes or hearing the chuckle fall from his lips at her eagerness to get to their library.

The woman had, indeed, not changed in all the years he'd known her. Just as abrupt and eager as ever. Though, perhaps, a little wiser. He had hoped she'd grow to mature under Gandalf's watch, but it seemed that was a great mistake. Their friendship had both done them some good, but a faerie and a wizard in companionship could only go so well. He feared he did not know where such mischief came from, be it one or the other. Though, his heart swelled to see her smiling again, to see the mischief in her eyes, acting more as she once had in his younger years. Before the wars and the tears and bloodshed, and the betrayal.

"Was that Siv?" Arwen's sweet voice swept through his ears as she joined his side.

"Indeed, it was."

"Is this a social visit?" She smiled, hopeful. She was fond of the faerie who had fought with her father in the war.

"No. Be prepared, she is a forewarning of things to come."

With a shake of his head, he called his most trusted riders, bidding them go, make haste, be cautious, towards their destinations. Then he called those in his house to prepare for the guests- how many?- as many as could be fit. With Gandalf and his mysterious ways, there was no telling who might show up.

Indeed, the council would not be meeting within the immediate future. And so, with time to dawdle, Siv spent it in the library. There was a timelessness that the elves exuded that made it difficult to tell when any time passed at all. She may have been in the library for an hour or three days. But she did not mind, nor was she disturbed.

The peacefulness was calming. It was almost as if she could look up and be back home. It was a nice change of pace from the hurriedness of the humans. Run, run, run, tasks and chores and time always slipping through their grasps- never enough time for humans. Humans, so numerous and exhausting to watch, were always rushing about, yet their tasks never stayed finished. As soon as the day dawned, their chores began again, right from the top of the list no matter how far down they got the day before. But, despite their hurry, they were a slow race, brutish and ungraceful, and so very prone to illness and injury- when they weren't starting wars of their own against each other, it seemed there was always some plague, some sickness, taking hold of their fragile bodies.

Never enough of anything. Time, food, supplies, resources, nothing. And they were so primitive, hardly any of them had a lick of magic, yet they were filled with it. Filled with the life that the land had to offer. If only they tapped into it, they might one day be as powerful as the dwarves at the very least. Instead, they chose to squander it on hard living and infighting.

So strange, sad a race that grew so numerous, she wondered what might happen to the other races. For soon, surely, the vastly growing peoples would need more- always more- land with which to sustain themselves. And where would they go? When the plains and the fields were no more, would they not turn to the forests? To other lands that were in other's grasps? For, if it was one thing that humans seemed to do more than enough of, it was breed. And all knew of the greed of a human.

A shiver racked her tiny frame as she finally looked up upon hearing approaching footsteps. Normally, the footsteps wouldn't bother her, but they were precursor to something in the back of her mind, a sense that told her to take to the skies, alarms ringing that something was not right.

Looking to the doors, she rushed out, startling more than a few of the elves in the vicinity as she bolted, and leapt into the atmosphere.

It was as though someone were calling for help. Her sharp eyes narrowed, suspicious.