"Arwen!" Siv cried, wings humming with the speed of her flight as she rushed to her friend's aide. The elfin woman bore a passenger, limp and sickly, on her horse, chased by shadows. With a hiss, she gathered faerie light within her palm and shot it at them. The horses dodged, just before the shadow reached for Arwen's' guest, allowing her to gain some ground between them.

Unnatural hissing filled the air. Screeches from the underworld seized the air with cold grips as Siv sent another blast at them, driving them further away. Arwen only needed to reach the river. Reach the border of her homeland before the wraiths could reach her. "Away with you!" Siv roared. "Back to the shadows from whence you came!"

"Siv!" Arwen gasped, relief gracing her features, though she urged the horse on as another blast kept the creatures at bay.

She reached the other shore and they were reluctant to cross the waters. "Give us the halfling!"

They hissed. Five of them. Evil shadows with horses black as night and robes as dark as their souls. She dropped before Arwen's horse, standing protectively between her and them. "If you want him, come and claim him!" Arwen challenged.

Tentatively, they began to do so. Siv could feel their glare, they'd go for her first, and if they got here, she'd be powerless against five of the monsters. She had not the strength to best so many after the blasts of magic she'd already sent their way. Physically she could probably get two of the beasts before the others overwhelmed. Unholy creatures.

Arwen's voice chanted in elvish, pleading for the river's protection.

The river rose, making the enemy's horses snort and rear just moments before the heavy waters rushed to sweep them away. Curiously, Siv thought she saw horses formed in the foam- horses of white, galloping to stampede the evil forces.

A gasp behind her caught her attention. They were flanked?! But no. Arwen was holding the child- a hobbit just reached proper age- to her chest. "Frodo no!"

"Arwen!" She started for them.

"Don't touch him! You mustn't!" She bid, stopping Siv's reaching hand. "My father, get my father!" She cried. She could feel the darkness within him swelling, taking hold of his soul. He would become wraith, like them. "Alert him, we need his help!"

She nodded, rushing away. Within moments she was in the courtyard, calling for him. "Elrond! Elrond, quickly!"

To her surprise, Gandalf joined with him. It seemed the old wizard had just arrived, brown cloak still about his shoulders, the smell of travel dust upon him. "Siv, what is it? What's happened?!" Gandalf asked.

"Arwen- at the river!" She panted. "Wraiths!"

Horror fell upon the two men. "Lead me!" Elrond commanded, grabbing a horse for Gandalf. The elves easily keeping pace with Siv as she did so.

They found Arwen holding the hobbit to her breast, tears streaming down her face. "Father!" She called to him. "He's been stabbed with a morgul blade. He does not have much time."

Elrond gathered the young halfling up and helped him onto Gandalf's horse. "It may already be too late." Elrond slapped the end even as Gandalf gave the horse a kick to the ribs.

Siv followed after the elder lord. Morgul blades were poison, even to a faerie such as she. How the hobbit survived such a blade even this long was a miracle. But if there was even a sliver of hope, she would be there. For she recognised those curls. A common trait of a hobbit, but the facial features of the young halfling, even sick as he was, she could sense something familiar about him. Which concerned her because the only hobbit she'd met was Bilbo. That meant this must be the Frodo Gandalf had mentioned. Frodo…

Elrond was a skilled healer, there was no doubt. The elves were quick and efficient, she sat at his side, her song easing the poor hobbit's pain and aiding Elrond's own magic. She hummed lost tunes that blended and covered his gasping raspy breaths, eased the seizing of his lungs. Allowed his weary soul to anchor within the frail body until the elven medicine could take hold.

The process was long and tedious. By the time their task was complete and the boy was as whole as they might make him, her throat was hoarse and she needed lean heavily upon Lord Elrond as he escorted her out.

"Well?" She blinked in surprise upon being confronted by three other hobbits- and a man. A full blooded man- of the Dunedain, if her eyes served her right. And Gandalf. All were dirty and exhausted in their own right.

"He will live. The danger has passed, though he will bear the scar for the rest of his days." Elrond answered.

"May we see him?" One of the hobbits asked, hopeful.

"He is resting, as should we all." Elrond denied, dashing their hopes.

Upon seeing their abashed faces, Siv stood a little taller, staggering her stance so she might stand on her own. "He will wake soon enough." She assured, turning to go back in.

"Do you not need to rest as well?" Gandalf called after her.

"I will sit watch." She called back, though she did not look back or falter in her step her exhaustion could be seen. Soon enough, they could hear her sweet humming fill the air like a cool summer breeze. Lord Elrond knew she was easing the nightmares of her charge.

"Come now, young masters." Elrond bid, gaining their attention once more. "You may take her place in the morning."

"Yes," Gandalf agreed, standing with the elf. "It would be impolite to ask they tend to us too. Come, let us away before we collapse in the hall."

"I've had rooms prepared for each of you. Elisa shall show you the way." Elrond nodded towards the waiting lady.

"Was… was that other one an elf too?" SamWise Gamgee asked, his eyes already drooping as they all hobbled along, fet filled with lead and legs aching from their hasty flight to Rivendell.

"She was a bit short." Pippin agreed, curiosity lacing his tired tone.

"That, master hobbits," The man in dark clothes grinned, "was a faerie."

"Faerie?!" They all gapped in wonderment, the tiredness leaking away ever so slightly.

It made all of the taller men folk smile with mirth, "Onward now, to bed with you." Gandalf urged.

"A real life faerie, how bout that?" Merry cheered. "I thought they'd all died out!"

"Thought they were a myth, we did." Pippin agreed.

"A real faerie, Strider, what's she doing here?" Sam asked of the man who'd lead them here.

"Tomorrow, Master Gamgee, Tomorrow."