Coming Home, Part 1

A Neopets Story

By fantasy_star541

A new day at the house of Fantasy Star has just arrived as things were slowly returning to normal after Fantasy's long break from writing. While she is away, Gryffon, Darling, Charles, Jay, and Blazer all take care of the household and Petpet Playground, their growing Petpet gallery that is more like a place where they keep the special petpets that they buy from the marketplace. Every day is sort of challenging, but they all know how to handle the daily challenges in their own way.

One day, Dashie, Charles Charming's green Pteri friend, came over and knocked on the door to the house. The matriarchal yellow Eyrie opened the door for him, "Hey Dashie." "What's good, Big Sista G," Dashie greeted, though she isn't really HIS big sis, she was his friends, but it was cool with her that he called her that, "Charlie home yet?" "Not yet," Gryffon said, "But he should be back soon." Then she gestured inside the house for him to come in, "Want to come inside and wait for him?" "Sho, Big Sista G," Dashie said, coming in, "I 'preciate the hospitality." He sat down on the couch and turned on the tv, finding something to watch, then noticed the aroma of meat wraps and cheese quesadillas, with some garden salad in the kitchen, "Mmm-mm! Somthin' smells gooderrr! Than a buzzwax!" Darling Dash chuckled and had a meat wrap and some fresh salad on a plate while passing by him, "Hi Dashie! I just made lunch for everyone. If you want, I can fix you a plate." "No thanks, Double D," Dashie said, "I'm stuffed from eating wit ma new roommate."

Gryffon turned her head around at this, "Oh yeah! Charles was just telling us about your new roommate about two months ago. How does it feel having a new roommate at your place?" Dashie shrugged, "It was a'ight," Then turned to Gryffon, "But he needs ta be reading sum mo books dat you be given to us, cause he fo'gets the neomail key to ma mailbox a bunch o' times, AAND he accidentally put spackle on his canvases instead of paint one time. It was REAALLY hard to get it off. But other than that, it's all good." Gryffon nodded, as it sounded like a serious thing, "Ok. I'll send you guys more books." "Thanks, Big Sista G," Dashie said, turning to the tv. Just then, a familiar red Ogrin walked in the house and noticed Dashie on the couch, "Ey Dashie!" The green Pteri then turned to see his friend come in, "Yo, Charlie," he exclaimed, "What's good, ma boi?" Dashie got up and did his secret handshake with Charles, then gave him a bro hug. "It's all good, man," Charles said, letting go, "Just getting back from Merridel. Those princesses in Kiss The Mowart are REALLY clingy." Dashie could smell the perfume on his friend's dapper shirt, saying "You ain't lyin, bro."

Then he remembered what he came here for, "Oh yeah, b'fo I forget, You know what today is, bro?" Charles gave a confused look at Dashie for a second before remembering what he was talking about, "We goin' back to that arcade again, right?" "Dat's right, Ma boi," Dashie exclaimed, "Back to our roots, man." Gryffon Majesty couldn't help but listen in on what they were talking about, but asked anyway, "You roots?" Both of them jumped when they saw her come in. but then Charles explained to his big sister what he meant by that, "It's the arcade where he and I first met when we were kids. You rememba me telling that story?" "Oh yeah!" Gryffon exclaimed, "I remember. The arcade on 6th and Parkway Ave. here in Neopia Central." Dashie nodded his head. This is the anniversary of them playing games over there. And the day that they first met in Y7 at the said arcade, which is named Arcade Lane. Dashie then turned to his best friend and said, "You ready to go, bro?" "Shoot!" Charles exclaimed, "I almost fo'got somethin'. I'll be right back."

The red Ogrin got up and went into his room to get something from his closet. He searched his things and found a silver keychain with a silver game controller and then went back out to the living room. Charles then went back to bring his friend's gift to him, "I got somethin' for ya, dude." Dashie looked slightly confused, "You givin' me gifts now, bro?" Charles chuckled and held up the keychain, "Hey. You want somethin' done, Ya gotta have somethin' special. Right?" Dashie's eyes lit up when he saw the gift, "Holy Kau! Where'd you get dis from, bro? That's the coolest thing I eva seen!" "Heh, they always findin' ways to make things cheaper at the marketplace here in Neopia Central," Charles said, "This was a VERY good bargain. And Ah figured it make this day a heckova lot special." Dashie smiled and they did their secret handshake and bro hug again in response. Dashie then pat his friends back and said, "NOW are ya ready ta go to Arcade Lane?" Charles nodded his head and replied, "Yeah, bro. I'm ready." They walked out the door, but not before Darling calles out, "You boys be sure to get something to eat on the way, okay?" Charles than replied to his big brother, "We'll stop by Huberts Hotdogs on the way to the arcade. We'll be fine, Big bro." And they were on their way.