Coming Home, Part 3

A Neopets Story

By fantasy_star541

On their way to Hubert's Hotdogs, they came across a familiar Royalgirl Cybunny and her posse of fans behind her on her way to the Grooming Parlor. Both Charles and Dashie pretend not to look at them so they don't draw her attention, then quietly pass by her. Luckily for them, this Cybunny was talking her elongated ears off about how pretty she is and how she would win at every contest without even trying, so much that she didn't pay any attention to them. That Cybunny's name was Belva Dore, from Merridel, a famous royalty city in Neopia. Once they made their way to Hubert's Hotdogs, they ordered some of their favorites, Charles had a Cheesy Jacked Potato and Dashie had a Neopia Central Hotdog. They sat down at the picnic table next to the stand with their food and beverages, Charles sighing of relief while Dashie looked onward towards the Chocolate Factory, then back at his hotdog, thinking still about his dad. Charles looked up while mixing the cheese in his baked potato and saw his Pteri friend down in the dumps.

"You feeling alright, dude?" Charles asked, "You haven't been yaself since we were at the arcade." Dashie looked up, stammering, "I-I'm cool man. It's just… Just that I kept thinking how much better of a day we coulda had if I didn't… Think of mah dad so much." Charles reached for Dashie's shoulder in reassurance and responded, "Bro, we cool about this. Ain't no need to stress it out about it. We made the most of our Arcade Anniversary day." Dashie smiled and chuckled, "Well, you right about that. I'm grateful that you mah best friend and that you always there for me, even when times are really tough." Charles patted his shoulder, "That's what best friends are for, man. We there for each other always." They fistbump and then go back to eating, but not before a familiar snooty voice came from beside them, "Ooh! Look girls! Its the Prince Charming and his special someone!" Charles grumbled at the fake laughter of the girls and then turned around, seeing that Belva Dore and her posse are right there and saying, "First of all, Belva, he's mah best friend. Second of all, what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be getting ready for your Beauty Ball or somethin'?" Dashie snickered at this, but Belva inched closer to his face, "Okay, right back at you mister smartypants. First of all, I'm just getting some grooming and clothing supplies for my photoshoot, which starts in less than Two hours. Second, I couldn't help but hear your precious friend say that he was sad and awful about his daddy." She and her posse fake laughed, much to the dismay of Dashe, who got really sensitive about that and shrunk a little.

Charles on the other hand, got flustered and got up sharply, sizing up the Cybunny, who was shorter than him, and put his foot- er paw- or..rear paw? Whatever, and said in a sharp tone, "Now listen here. You don't know him like I do, so you might as well tie a bow around your mouth so you can be quiet and leave." Belva scoffed and said, "Whatever. Still, he may just be your special someone since you're ALWAYS around him." Belva and her posse giggled once more and was walking away, when an elderly, foreign voice came in their direction, "Is that any way to treat my son and his amigo (friend)?" Suddenly, there was an Elderboy Pteri who walked up to her with a bar of translucent soap in his wing, "Back in my day, if you were caught saying bad things to others, this would be in your mouth. And I will do it." Belva's posse gasped while Belva herself gulped, stammering, "Uhh..heh...Maybe I should just go apologize to them right now." The Elderboy Pteri nodded, putting away the sap in his pocket, saying, "You do that. And If you ever say anything about them again, there will be consequences." Belva did as she was told, along with her posse, and fled towards Neopia Central. Charles and Dashie were astounded when they saw the Pteri in front of them. Even more so, they recognized instantly who the Pteri was.

"PPapi (Dad)?" Dashie said, dumbfounded, "A Quien está (Is that you)?" "Si, Mijo (Yes son)," The elder Pteri said, "Estoy mio. (It's me)" Charles couldn't believe his eyes, "That can't be Mr. August...Is it really you?" Mr. August chuckled, "Yes, Charlie. I'm back." Charles whooped for excitement as he saw that his best friends dad returned for the first time ever, but then it quickly disappeared with confusion. Dashie on the other hand was trying to hold back tears of joy and tears of resentment at the same time. Mr. August noticed his son and walked up to him, lifting his chin up, "Ey, Mijo (Son)," he said, "¿Estás bien? Sabes bien que está bien estar triste. (Are you okay? You know its okay to be sad." "Pero papi (But Dad)," Dashie said, almost choking up, "tú... Nunca volviste... ¡Han pasado años! (You... You never came back... It's been Years!)" Mr. August had a hint of worry on his face for his son, seeing that things haven't been right since he left. He then turned to Charles and asked him, "Do you know what happened to my son since I left?" Charles sighed, "I do, but I think he's gonna have to tell you...And I think we should head back to my place as well to tell it." nodded with a look of confusion and worry as they all walked back to Fantasy's residence.

Charles knocked on his home door, Dashie and Mr. August by his side as he waited for one of his four siblings to answer the door. The door opened to his little brother, Beat Box Blazer, as he shouted, "They're home. And I think they have a guest." Blazer let them inside and all three of them walked in through the door. Gryffon greeted them as she was getting all different kinds of petpet food towards PetPet Playground with Kobii, her Tazu, by her side, "Hey Charles. Hey Dashie. And-" She then noticed Mr. August and froze, almost dropping the bags of petpet food. Everyone else in the household also noticed Mr. August and stopped what they were doing. Charles then introduced him to everyone, "Everyone, this is Mr. August, Dashie's dad. Mr. August, these are my siblings: Gryffon Majesty the Eyrie, Darling Dash the Peophin, Jay Bass the Wocky, and Beat Box Blazer the Acara." Everyone (except for Gryffon) waved at him, and Charles gave a soft smile, Dashie smiling a little too, only to greet everyone with it. Mr. August looked around to see everyone and gave a big, warm smile, "It's nice to meet everyone here." They all smiled and then went back to their business while Charles led them to the big talk room, in which Gryffon made for those long conversations the family might need in the future.