Sue Langen and Joyce Tyler followed the DeVere sisters at a safe distance. Rachel, the eldest, would jump at the slightest sound and glanced quickly around before relaxing her tight grip on her sister's hand. Anna gave no sign that it bothered her, she was angry. Why would anyone steal an heirloom necklace? Sue figured it was only worth something to the DeVeres as it was their mother's. It was certainly no Hope Diamond nor the Moonstone. Sue glanced at the park they were approaching, seeking any small clue that the Bailey brothers and their friends Biff and Tom were there. Sue pursed her lips. She would have rathered some police there, but they had deduced there was an informant in their ranks and that meant they could only trust each other.

Sue and Joyce found a bush to hide behind while the DeVeres sat on a park bench. They waited for what seemed like hours before a dark sedan pulled up. Three men got out and approached the DeVeres.

"Where's the necklace?" asked Anna.

"We still need it," said one of the men.

"What?" shouted Anna. "It belonged to my mother! Give it back!"


Rachel grabbed her arm and took a step back. "Then why did you call us here?"

"Because apparently we need you too." One of the men reached into his jacket.

Sue jumped up. "Run!" Rachel and Anna turned to run, but two of the men grabbed them and jabbed needles into their necks. They dragged their slumped bodies towards the car. "No! Let them go!" Sue and Joyce ran towards them, while the boys came from another direction. One man shot at the boys before turning and shooting at Sue and Joyce.

"Sue!" shouted Joyce, knocking her friend to the side. She groaned as the men quickly got into the car and drove away. The boys continued chasing it, but Kevin Bailey came towards them.

"Are you alright?"

"I'm fine, but, Joyce!" A needle was sticking out of her side.

"I'll bring the car around." He dashed off.

"Hang on Joyce." Sue sniffled, but she glared ahead. Hang on, we're coming.

*Sue Langen and Joyce Taylor are the German names for Nancy Drew and George Fayne (I think, it wasn't specified which country used the name Joyce for George), the Bailey Brothers are from the Brixton Brothers series, the DeVeres from the Moving Picture Girls series, and the other two are Biff Brewster and Tom Quest

(This excerpt I wrote for a Nancy Drew contest on Wattpad . . . the winner wrote a fanfic of the series. Speaking of, here's this week's review. This episode was definitely a whole lot better than last week's, still not as good as the third one though. I want that writing back soo bad. But now I think I know my biggest problem with this series, Lucy is practically leading Nancy to all of the clues, Nancy herself isn't going out of her way to find that many like she used to. If that's just for this mystery, OK, fine, Lucy has to lead Nancy in order to find everything she's going to need to catch a villain who, it seems, is capable of covering their tracks fairly well. But I don't want Nancy to turn into some "ghost whisperer", there are other shows for that and if they really wanted to, they could create a new series, or heck, even a Supernatural spin-off for that. Anyway, it looks like this mystery is going to have its ups and downs, it's just a matter of time before we find out if there are more ups or downs, but at the rate this is going, I'm foreseeing more downs. Anyway, hope you like this short excerpt and now I'll have to figure out what I'm going to post next week, lol.)