Chapter 1

It had been such a wonderful day. Here he was, relaxing without a care in the world. Sitting down in his luxurious room with some fine wine and a simple book. With nobody to bother him, and no one shouting insults at him, the man known as Jason felt content.

"Jasoooon! Jason-sama!" That is until he heard that voice, a young childish voice that belonged to only one woman. He swore a few strands of his bright blonde hair turned grey. His green eyed becoming terrified at what was to come.

"Eyyy!" He yelped as he then got off the bed in a panic. His head turning side to side in a futile attempt to try and escape this situation.

Sadly the only exit happened to be the door where the voice happened to be near. Leaving the only places to hide were the closet and the bed.

Yeah, he's screwed.

"Jason-sama!" The sickly sweet voice went.

"Ah, screw it!" Jason went seeing there was no other choice but to make one last desperate attempt to escape. It would dirty his beautiful golden armor and luscious looks, but he's willing to pay that price on his fair skin.

"Jason!" Opening the door out came the sweetest looking girl one could see. Purple hair, innocent blue eyes, and knife shaped ears. Wearing a light purple robe that was a bit revealing for a young adolescent as it revealed her shoulders and even some of her thighs. On her head happened to be a little cute crown with a staff on her hand.

"Jason?" The young girl then looked inside the room, wondering where her beloved Jason-sama was. Strange, she was certain he would be here. He's too lazy to be anywhere else after all. The no-good bum.

She then entered the room despite the lack of permission and looked around.

All she saw was a well crafted bed, a nice desk made of fine wood, a bag full of dirty clothes, and the closet. Oh, and a fine bottle of wine on his desk.

"Hm?" Perhaps she should look elsewhere. Sighing in disappointment, the young girl turned around ready to leave when she then spotted something in the corner of her eye. "?"

The bag full of dirty clothes. For a second, she thought she saw it twitch. Narrowing her eyes, the girl then decided to do the one thing she thought responsible.

"Hi-ya!" Aiming at the head of her staff at the bag, a magic circle appeared at the tip of it and shot a blast of magic energy at it.

"Gyaa!" From the bag out popped Jason in all his glory holding his butt which had a slight burn mark on it. He then landed with a thud on the floor, feeling the burn on him.


Then the fear as he looked up from his position at the adorable girl known as Medea, Medea Lily to be more precise. The young child like version of the Witch of Betrayal. He instantly gulped.

"Y-y-y-you! What do you want!?" He shouted fearfully, not wanting to deal with this brat. Even if she is younger than that hag, at the end of the day she's still Medea. Whom he did not want to deal with.

The young girl simply smiled at him. "The Master has called upon us. Time to get to work."

"Whaaaattt!" Work. More like life threatening situations that could get him freaking killed! No way, no how, Jason is not going to go one one of those missions. "No!" He responded to his ex-wife!

"But Jason." Medea Lily tried to persuade him. "Even though the Master has absolutely no need for you whatsoever, I still want you."

She said that line with such an innocent look.

"So your just forcing me!?" Now he really didn't want to go. Jason then stood up, ignoring the stinging pain on his butt, and just went back to laying down on his bed. He then waved Medea Lily off saying, "Unless the Master actually needs me," Which was likely never to happen. "Then leave me.'

"But Jason-"





"I said no!"


"Guh!" Instead of saying his name, the sweet girl decided to just whack the poor man on his head, knocking him out. Medea Lily then cheerfully grabbed him by the back of his collar and started dragging him to the Rayshift where the Master and some other Servants were at.

This would be fun.

"That was not fun!" Entering his room again looking much more dirty. Jason landed on his bed with his face on the pillow. Where he then relentlessly screamed in it, anybody nearby would only be hearing a muffled noise. After a few minutes, and his throat becoming sore, Jason stopped screaming.

He turned himself over, then stared at the ceiling of his room with a frown.

To think that this is his life now.

After the craziness that was the world ending threat known as Solomon and his Demon God Pillars, Jason thought that would be all. He'd vanish way, resting for eternity. Nothing more, nothing less. Done. Over with.

Instead, his happily ever after-since he didn't die in that Time Temple-had been taken. Where he's now summoned as an actual Servant. What are the chances!?

'Uh, the only good thing here is Hercules and...well, just Hercules.' Aside from that muscle pound man that is Hercules, there wasn't really much Jason enjoyed here. I mean, the Master never really used him much in battle, other Servants don't exactly like him, and he had to deal with not one, but two Medea's. The only one he could tolerate is the child version, and even then she;s a freaking pain.

"I wish I could just go back to the Throne of Heroes." Jason muttered. At least there he got plenty of peace and quiet. No Medea, no prickly Servants, no nothing. Just a place he could relax in.

In fact...why doesn't he go to the throne.

A light bulb popping up in his head, as Jason then got an idea.

"That's right." He began sitting up straight with a smile. "Who says I have to be here? I could just kick the bucket and go back to the throne. Simple as that." That's right, when a Servant dies they are sent back to the Throne of Heroes until they're summoned once more.

Granted, here in Chaldea the system worked a bit differently. For if a Servant ended up for a lack of better terms, 'dead', they could just be easily summoned back when the Master returned. However, that could be bypassed if the Servant died when there is no Master at all.

"Yes, yes!" Jason went with a plan already in mind. "All I have to do is Rayshift myself without a Master, die, and then I'll never be summoned again Haha! Perfect!" With that idea in mind, Jason knew this would be his ticket out of this dump, and would no longer have to deal with Chaldea's system any longer.

"Time to do it!" Quickly Jason hot off his bed ready to die...then took a few steps back to look at his appearance. Seeing himself looking like a mess, Jason then decided to wait a few hours to get himself look right. If he was going to die, then he'd at least rather look awesome while doing so.

It is past six now, with most Servants either eating or doing their own thing. At that time, one of the two Masters is resting while the other is investigating a singularity. At that moment, Jason has decided to act.

Walking down the hallway, he whistled innocently in pleasure. Glad to know that this would be his last day here in Chaldea. No more seeing Medea, getting kicked by Atalante, or being used as bait by the Masters. Just a simple death and he'd be on his way back to the throne.

"▂▄▅!"Hearing a familiar growl, Jason smiled as he then turned to see one of the few friends he had here.

A colossal, statue-like man who is described as a 'Black Giant.' He gives off the impression of a monster, having elbow protrusions along with a wild mane of black hair that reached his back. Donning bracers on his legs and wrists, a loincloth with metal guards protecting him. On his hand being a massive long weapon that seemed to be a type of axe-sword.

"Hercules! My man!" Laughing, Jason patted the behemoth on his chest, the Berserker not minding at all. "Oh, it's so nice to see you again."

Berserker just growled in a way as if he were asking a question. A question that Jason somehow understood, mostly thanks to knowing about body language and voice tone.

"Oh, me?" Jason said. "I just decided, well, to go meet the Master again. I realized I might have been a bit to petty when leaving the singularity. You know." Even though Berserker usually had a scowl on his face, the mad enchanted beast didn't look convinced.

Good thing for Jason that Hercules can't even talk in the first place.

"In any case, it was nice seeing you again Hercules. You'll be the one person I'll actually miss. Hehe. See ya." With that Jason continued onward to his destination. Berserker then leaving so much without a word, which was fine by Jason. He didn't need anymore interruptions that could ruin his plan.

Eventually the Saber class Servant soon found himself to the room where the coffins were at. A few researchers and staff noticed him, but didn't pay him any head. He looked around and saw a tube-like capsule where the Master is in. Ritsuka Fujimaru, the male Master of Chaldea.

"Oh, Jason, what are you doing here?" Internally smiling, Jason then turned to face Leonardo Da Vince, a beautiful young woman who ran the entire facility, after the death of Romani, and is now the current head. Having dressed up nicely with a staff, a metal owl for some reason, and a robo arm. How tacky.

"Da Vinci." Jason said with a fake smile. "How are you? You doing alright?"

"Just tell me what you want Jason." The head scientist didn't want to waste anymore time with this bum. She had work to do.

"Right, right. Sorry." Yeah, best to get this over with. "Look, listen. After thinking about it, I decided that I'd like to return to the battlefield with Master."

"Really?" Da Vinci said a bit suspiciously. "Why would you do that? Your not the type to just help Ritsuka. I mean, you practically whined to return back after all."

Only because Ritsuka kept using him as bait! Anybody would do then want to bail!

"Yes well, I just...had a change of heart." Still the scientist didn't look convinced. "And Medea Lily threate-I mean, sweetly asked me to."

"Oh, okay then." If there's one thing Jason hated more than being picked on by his fellow Servants, it's being told he's a whipped man. Everybody knowing that he listens to Medea (Lily) due to force.

At least the older (hag) version didn't bother bugging him.

"In that case, just stand by on the platform and get ready to be summoned." Da Vinci told him as she then began pushing down on a few buttons. "I'll tell Ritsuka that you'll be returning on the battlefield along with the others."

"That's grea-wait. Others?" He then says having not expected that.



"Oh, him."

Some sweat then started appearing over Jason's face as he heard all those voices. Turning his head around, he saw by the entrance happened to be three people he knew very well.

The mighty Berserker known as Hercules.

The young Caster known as Medea Lily

The hunting Archer known as Atalante.

The latter wears beautiful green clothing, clad in verdant green with her cold, sharp eyes containing a beastly glint. Her hair is stretched out long and unkempt with what look like animal ears and that thing on her lower back that looks like a tail.


All of them were former members of his old crew back when he was alive, the Argonaut. Also all of them being a pain in the ass-aside from Hercules-right now.

"W-what are you all doing here?" He yells at them. He then faces Da Vinci. "What are they doing here?!"

"Them." Da Vinci said. "Well, turns out Ritsuka needs more muscle power, so we called in Hercules. Also there have been some dangerous animals spotted in the night, so Atalante was called. As for Medea Lily, she left soon as you did."

"..." Jason said nothing at all. Far too shocked to believe that his plan had been ruined. His plan being simple really, that once he got on the platform, he'd throw his sword at the console at the last minute, messing up the coordinates, then be sent to some unknown place where he could kill himself.

But how could he do that when all of them were here!?

"Alright all of you, get in position." Jason absentmindedly obeyed as his feet just walked himself to the glowing platform, ready to be Rayshifted to the singularity point. The others doing the same also ready for what was to come.

"Coordinates in, and...we're ready in ten seconds." The timer started going down, with a few seconds left before all four were sent to where Ritsuka is waiting.

"..9, 8, 7.."

Atalante checked her bow, inspecting it before they were sent away.

"..six, five, four.."

Hercules just growling. His weapon raised a bit ready to crush any adversaries that stood in his way.

".. 3, 2, 1…"

Medea Lily smiled, glad that Jason-sama was coming with them.

"..And ready to launch.'

At that moment, just before Da Vinci could push the button that would send them all to Ritsuka, Jason instinctively moved.

"Guu-ahhhh!" He didn't know why he did it. There were other Servants here with him. What he was doing is clearly stupid. Idiotic even. Yet he did it anyway. With a scream he had grabbed his sword, and threw it as hard as he could directly at the computer.

Everybody in the room is shocked at the action.

More so when the sword struck home. The sharp edge digging itself onto the console, messing up the circuity, thus the coordinates glitched up and couldn't be stopped. Even worse, Da Vinci had just pushed the button milliseconds after the sword did it's work.

"Shit!" Da Vinci went realizing what had just happened. But could do nothing as a moment after four of Chaldea's Servants vanished.

...Vanished in an explosion of red and yellow as the platforms they were on blew up.

Somewhere else, in an unknown place, a great flash of light appeared.

"Gaaaaa-Oof!" Along with a cry of pain.

Landing on his face, Jason had materialized from the air itself, and found himself kissing dirt. Groaning, the Saber Class Servant slowly got up, wiping off the grass and dirt from him, feeling pain all over. Once he stood up, he then looked around and saw nothing but grass all around. It was then the pain he felt dissipated, as Jason then felt something else.

"Wa-Hoo!" Joy.

"I did it! I did it! Yeah! Who's the man, huh!?" Dancing around in his shiny gold armor, Jason jumped up and down and waved his arms, unbelievable that he did it. That he actually pulled it off. And here he thought he would fail. Huh, what do you know. Good things can happen to a guy like him. In karma's face!

Jason soon stopped dancing, and instead spread his arms and smelled the fresh air. Uh, how wonderful. To think, he actually did it, and could now do what he had to do. Find a monster, get himself killed, and hope he wasn't summoned ever again. Otherwise, well, he'd probably get his ass kicked.

With a charming grin,Jason stood straight ready to take on the world. With nothing that could stop him.

.A flash of light would then envelop his vision, and in just a few seconds, Jason will learn that one must never tempt fate

"Jason-sama! You're here!" The second Jason heard that voice, fear once more gripped him.

"You...What did you do?" A harsh cold voice then said. If it could, that voice would have sliced him apart, making him sweat instantly.

"▄▄▅▅!"His own body began screaming in terror.

His legs shaking, Jason slowly turned around to see three people.

A giant muscular man, an animal eared girl, and an adorable child that floated.

Not a single one of them looked happy.

"...Hey...guys…." Jason said with a smile that did not match the expression his eyes had. "How'd you...get here…?"

"Well," Medea Lily giggled as she floated near Jason. "After you blew up the entire platforms, giving us a horrifying death, we soon found ourselves here with you. Isn't that great!?" She then got closer with a smile that also didn't match her expression.

"Isn't that great!" She said emotionlessly once more.

"That's right." The cat eared girl said as she then stepped toward Jason with a look that could kill. "Because of your usual blunder, somehow you have sent us...wherever we are Trapping us here with no way to call for help. At all.?" Her eyes were becoming very dangerous as she stood on his left, Medea Lily at his right.

"..." Then, with a massive shadow enveloping him, Jason is now shivering and quaking. Letting out a small squeak as glowing eyes glared down at him. The strongest of the Berserker Class, having a rare look of anger on him.

"H-hey!" Jason went waving hello, as if in a vain attempt to save himself. The brown skinned man also not appearing to be happy at all. If anybody had been watching this, they would instantly run away or take out their cameras to record. Because what was about to happen next wasn't going to be pretty.

At all.

"?" Opening his eyes, an old man who was sitting down and writing papers stopped what he was doing.

He had sensed it.

While his powers were dwindling, he still had some powers, which included a form of magical detection. A power that was useful in certain times of need, and now he once more it provided him aid as he looked out the windows of his tower, at the far corner of the ever green forest where Grimm lived.

Narrowing his eyes, Ozpin pushed a small button on his desk.

"Glynda. Can you come up here when you have time. I need to speak to you later on." It was only a few weeks before the new term started. Right now he had no need for any potential problems that may start. Especially if this was Salem's doing, as she was the only one that had magic, not counting the Maidens who were unable to do whatever this was. Plus, he'll need to see if he can check the city later on.

Because while the biggest burst of magic came from the forest, he also detected seven other smaller bursts throughout the city, and possibly more outside of it. He could only hope this wouldn't lead to disaster.

Guess who?