Chapter 90

"Huh. It seems that hag actually made herself a bit dangerous." Watching over Beacon is Ishtar, alongside Ereshkigal. The two observe from above at the Monstra and the Grimm tearing apart Beacon bit by bit. By the end of it, Beacon will probably be left in ruins with the budget needed to fix it being a lot. Assuming there was anybody left to even fix it.

Especially since Ishtar and Ereshkigal could notice the sizable mana signature emitting out of the Monstra. With a bit of magic, the two Goddesses discovered where it was coming from. Discovering that Salem has apparently been absorbing Haagenti's power and turning herself into a variant Demon God Pillar. Seems the Servants were about to have a powerful fight.

Sighing, Ereshkigal then looked elsewhere and overlooked the souls going to the afterlife. Those who were caught in the wake of the Monstra's arrival and the Grimm that came with it. It was a shame, but all things came to an end eventually. Humans weren't an exception.

Well aside from one.

A portal then opened up. One that Ishtar helped make, courtesy of being the new God of Light. While Ereshkigal disliked the hair color and horns, she couldn't deny these new powers being very useful. With one of them being mass teleportation and portal making. And stepping out of this portal, a certain man came out.

"I got all of them. Though I admit, I did fear they might have come had I done so." The man chuckled. "Glad to see I was wrong."

"We gods can make and break rules." Ishtar chuckled. "So allowing you to gather them was child's play."

"In any case, we wish you luck in making your move." Ereshkigal told the man. "Try and be careful out there."

"I will." Then like so, the man then left to enter battle.

All while within the Monstra, the final battle was already happening.

"Now then Servants, die!" With a wicked laughter and grin, Salem's eyes, all of them, glew bright red and shot forth countless rainbow colored energy blasts. All aimed at the Servants who made their way within the Monstras' 'bridge' and skull.

"Move!" Jason shouted as everyone scattered to avoid getting vaporized. Experienced or not, nobody here wanted to have their flesh charred and burnt. Especially since some of the Servants here have faced Demon God Pillars and got nearly killed by them. The Temple of Time is a very good reminder.

"Well screw this shit." Landing with her sword out, Mordred scowled at the giant lump that was now Salem. "It seems someone here needs to be brought down a size or two." Mordred would be happy to do so. With Clarent, Mordred decided to use her Noble Phantasm to bring some harm.

"Graaa!" Only to be attacked by the new variant of magical Grimm. Rock armored Beringel pounded their chests as they then leapt at Mordred to tear off her limbs. With a scowl, Mordred merlin swung Clarent at the closest one. The blade cutting through the magical rock armor with ease, proving her sword's superiority, and cutting the Beringel in half.



Too bad there were more where that one came from, with extra.

While Salem was clearly the bigger threat, she knew that having all the Servants here try and gang up on her would put her at a disadvantage. As such, with the power she has slowly stolen and assimilated into herself, Salem now gave birth to Grimm that, while not as powerful as the Servants are, can at least very much slow them down and delay them.

"Stupid vile beasts!" Castor said as he twisted and tore off the heads of a few Centinals. Then back-kicking an Apathy Grimm and caving in its chest while slicing off a few flaming Beowolve's legs. "They just keep getting in the way."

"Let them brother." Pollux told her brother as she slammed her fists onto a Geist's head and shattered it. "They are no match for us."

"Maybe." At a corner, Atalante agreed with the twins as she sniped countless Grimm that tried to touch her. Moving around to ensure they wouldn't get their filthy hands on her. "But fighting them isn't the right call." Nearby, up ahead, children-sized Nevermore flapped their wings to release poisonous feathers at some of the Servants.

"Caw!" Ana had then leapt up and cut them down.

"Atalante is right." Ana then rushed towards Salem before, from the Grimm liquid, multiple Sabyr Grimm burst out with their maws glowing. Fire came from their throats, forcing Ana to back away. Feeling the heat from their attack before she went to slice their throats with Harpe. "All these monsters are only here to slow us down. Waste our time." Nearby, EMIYA understood while ramming a sword through a Major Ursa's chest.

"Ensure that our mana eventually goes down until we can do nothing." A rather dirty trick, yet pragmatic. It was annoying, but EMIYA knew that since none of the Servants here had no actual Master to give them mana, then their power and capabilities would be limited if they fought continuously. Which was why they had done their best to ensure to gather as much Dust as possible to put their reserves at the top and extra.

But against Salem's current form, who was also going for a slight battle to tire them out, they could unintentionally waste themselves. Making them easy pickings for Salem who continued to barrage them with magical beams. One of which was now heading for Sanzang who had slammed her staff onto a Creep before it could explode into a wave of ice. Though before the beam hit the hero of the wild west, a barrier then appeared before her, tanking the blow.

"Got you!" It's Medea (Lily), who had an idea pop into her head. A benefit of working with those who strategize a lot on the battlefield. "And I have an idea." Medea (Lily) then said, "How about some of focus on the Grimm while the rest deal with Salem."

"That sounds good." Sieg agreed as he gripped a Manticore's tail and then electrified it until it became smokey black. "Better than all of us fighting just the Grimm."

"Then. Let. Us Divide." Nezha, in agreement, lifted her leg to kick back an Ursa before back flipping to avoid a Death Stalkers bulbous stinger which glowed yellow. The ground the stinger slammed onto sparked, revealing the Grimm could electrify its foes now. Nezha shot forth her rings at the Death Stalker and had them tear through its armor before the rings came back. She then said, "I. Deal. With. Grimm." A Seer came behind her, in an attempt to strangle her.

Sanzang came by and wacked it so hard, it popped like a regular balloon. "Same here. The Buddha always deals with demonic beasts anyway."

"Count me in as well." EMIYA joined in while slashing apart the claws of the Grimm before going for the kill. Using some anti-beast weaponry to help deal extra damage, which seems to work to a certain degree. "I'm used to dealing with multiple numbers anyway." While it came with complications, EMIYA's job as a Counter Guardian has caused him to face those who used numbers against him.

"Well you can count me out." Thrusting her weapon through a Scavenger's head, Caenis looked at the bigger prize to fight. "I've heard how Demon God Pillars are supposed to be stronger than even Servants." That sounded like a challenge. "I'm facing her."

"Good for you." Asclepius, quickly throwing his surgical knives into the eyes of a few Creeps, then heard a roar and saw a giant worm Grimm known as a Blind Worm rear its ugly head at him. It's maw opening wide as it then lunged down at Asclepius to devour him.

"Hraa!" Heracles, always there for his friends, came in and cut the nasty things head right off with his weapon. Causing the other end of the worm to shriek it agony. As for Asclepius, the good doctor gave a nod towards Heracles for the assistance. Heracles doing the same before turning and growling at Salem. It seems he'll also be facing the witch as well.

"I'll join in." With Ana also willing to help out. "While I understand it may potentially not work, Harpe might just do something about that immortality of hers." Granted, EMIYA did tell her a while back how apparently his Alter did something similar but failed, but, he did only use anti-magecraft. Harpe is anti-immortality. So that might work against Salem and cause her some pain.

Spartacus for his part, continued to slash down Grimm after Grimm. Granted, unlike the others Spartacus didn't bother with defending himself much. The Grimm and magical versions slashing at him and causing damage.

"Hahahaha!" But with every injury he received, Spartacus continued to 'grow' and become much stronger. Declaring, "I too will join in on ending the oppressor." Salem had the Grimm attack people, confining them to the kingdoms. In Spartacus's eyes, that is a sin greater than any, oppression. He would not allow such a thing to continue on.

"Great!" Jason said while dodging a high-pressure water blast from a Cenitaur, a disgusting bloated thing that he then quickly stabbed in the gut. "It seems we have our champions to face and kill her."

"Kill me? As if." Overhearing their conversation, Salem then decided to give her input to all the fools gathered here within her base. All eyes glowing once more, yet this time, different colors for some of them. "All you Servants shall do is fade away when I'm through with you. Though maybe," From the liquid, certain Grimm came out. Beetle-like Grimm. "I'll keep some of you for myself." From there, the dubbed Grimm God Pillar then shot out different beams of light.

Some that created ice, as Spartacus found out when he was frozen in place. Another made of flame when Caenis avoided one beam that then set a group of Grimm on fire. Others also either caused targets to be electrified, melt, or simply blow them up. The ensuing attacks were then accompanied by Salem using her magic to cause smoke to appear and obscure some of the Servants' sight.

"Damn!" Quickly running to escape the smoke, Jason slashed a Grimm or two in order to escape.

"Ohhroo!" Only to feel the hand of a Beringel Grimm to grip his waist and lift him up.

"Gah!" Jason then tried to slash the damn creature's arm up, but in the position he was held made it difficult to do so. As such, the Beringel slammed Jason onto the ground and instantly began pounding on him. "Dah! Owowowow!" Thankfully, Servants are made of much sturdier stuff than humans. Because if Jason had been the latter, he was certain he'd have been reduced to red paste by the first hit.


"Wha-more!" Sadly, that didn't stop Jason from feeling any pain and more Beringel, attracted to Jason's pain, came and pound on him like he's some sandbag. This then made Jason a bit worried. Even if Servants are durable, these things would sooner or later start breaking him like an egg. And with his poor strength stat, he didn't have a chance to retaliate.

"I got you!" Thankfully, help came when Mordred arrived and slashed down the over-sized monkeys with a good fashioned mana-burst and a swing of her blade. Once they were dealt with, Jason quickly got up while moaning a bit.

"Ugh." His body felt sore. "Thanks for the help."

"Yeah, well, I wanted to see how many I could kill anyway." She was having a minor contest with Caenis to see who killed the most Grimm. "But anyway, man, this hag is annoying."

"You think?" Then, as if to answer that question, a rainbow colored beam slammed into the ground in front of them and sent them flying. "Wah!" Jason then found himself skipping onto the floor once or twice before hitting into something.

"Hssss!" It was a group of Sulfur Fish Grimm. A magical variant seeing as how they were on fire and just found their latest prey. Quickly they latched onto Jason and began crawling all over him.

"Shi-no you don't!" It hurt like a bitch, but Jason began ripping them off and stomping on them hard, splattering their remains. He gained a few burn marks from their bites, but they'd go away in due time. Then Jason saw another nasty little Grimm, a beetle, and quickly stomped on it like one would crush a cockroach.

He then looked up to see he was slowly being surrounded. Quickly he began to run off to avoid them. The same being said for the more less-than-powerful Servants such as Asclepius and Sieg, who while capable, weren't exactly the best at facing multiple enemies all at once. Medea (Lily) herself was forced to create a barrier for herself in order to withstand the elemental attacks some of the Grimm gave off.

Thankfully, she wouldn't be in that position for long. Because in a mere moment, countless arrows fell onto the Grimm that surrounded the Caster. Each one going right through the eyes to get into the brain and killing the Grimm in an instant.

"Ah. Thanks Atalante!" Medea (Lily) called out as she then shot out multiple magical attacks at the Grimm that tried to converge onto her, vaporizing them.

"No problem." Atalanta responded in kind while zigzagging away from the Grimm. Due to their numbers, Atalante couldn't move as fast as she wanted to since the entire space was slowly being taken up by the Grimm. Space that the Grimm were slowly filling up, as despite how many Grimm the Servants were killing, Salem just had the Monstra and herself produce more and more to make up for the loss.

'Tch. Such a nuisance.' At the rate they were going, The Grimm will wear their mana level down until Salem just picked them off.


And that was assuming she didn't just vaporize them with her magic. Be it through her many new eyes or the upper body of her flinging attacks that consisted of the elements, explosions, and lasers all at them. Atalante attempted to see if she could snipe her brain, only for Salem to see the attack easily thanks to her many new eyes and create an energy barrier to block it. Clicking her tongue, Atalante wondered if there was a way to deal with her without all these Grimm getting in the way.

"YES!" The answer then came when she saw Spartacus, looking very much bloated, using raw strength and his bare hands to crush the Grimm that continued to come at him. "All who serve the oppressor fall!" With a meaty hand, Spartacus grabbed a bundle of Grimm who desperately tried to get out, biting his fingers.

A simple crushing grip and the Grimm's bones could be heard snapping and breaking with bodies turned to paste.

Atalante smirked. "Spartacus!" She then called out to the Berserker, Hero of the slaves. Pointing at Salem, she then shouted, "Why not take a crack at her!"

"Indeed I shall!" Spartacus then moved his distorted body towards Salem, crushing any Grimm that got in his way. As for Salem herself, she narrowed her eyes at the incoming Berserker. Wanting to test if he had any limitations, Salem focused her eyes and shot out countless beams of energy at Spartacus.

Each one ripping and burning through his body. Leaving a nasty hole which Salem repeated multiple times until eventually, all that was left happened to be his head and little bits of him collapsing onto the ground. Once that happened, Salem momentarily stopped, looking to see if she got him.

"...hehehe." He was still alive. And while Salem didn't know how, she prepared to fire until nothing of him remained. Surely even his regeneration had limits. Likely that he won't regenerate if there was nothing left of him, which Salem intended to do.

"Got ya!" Were it not for the fact that Caenis, who despite having been fighting all around, finally saw a chance to attack and hefted her weapon. Where with immense strength, she then threw her spear which seemed to make the air explode itself. Going so fast that even Salem could only see a blur.


Until she saw nothing at all. The weapon tore right through her human upper body and left just the waist and everything below it. In that moment the Grimm came to a halt and the Grimm God Pillar body momentarily paused. In a second, they would resume where in less than ten seconds Salem's upper body would quickly regenerate.

"Ruaa!" Heracles, unwilling to compromise on such a thing, already came in front of the Grimm God Pillar, running through any of the Grimm who could do little to stop him. Where once Heracles got to the front, he then lifted his weapon and used his Noble Phantasm.

Nine Lives.

With repeated slashes at ludicrous speed, Heracles sliced through the boney meat of the Grimm God Pillar. The Grimm, now active again, saw their mistress being attacked and attempted to defend Salem by trying to attack Heracles from behind.

"Pathetic beasts." With great speed, Castor then came by, unwilling to let Heracles be interrupted, and tore the Grimm's heads off with EMIYA slicing them down with his blades. This allowed Heracles to deal a massive blow, as by the time Salem herself regenerated, she suddenly felt her entire body become unbalanced. The bottom portion of her body now having been reduced to sliced mushy 'flesh' as Heracles obliterated that portion of her body.

Not helped when Sanzang and Nezha came and slammed their fists or spear onto the other side with Nezha herself setting it aflame.

"Tch." Salem growled as she then aimed her hands at Heracles and the other two Servants, feeling annoyed. "You little-"

"Pest?" Salem then felt a chill. A feeling she rarely felt as she turned and saw that on the walls of the Monstra is Lancer, Ana. Who gazed at her like she was less than a bug, despite turning herself into a Demon God Pillar. "The only pest is you." Ana then launched herself and held Harpe. Using it to make a nasty gash onto the side of the Grimm God Pillar's body.

"Gah?!" One which was healing properly, at all to Salem's surprise and pain. The wound did not mend despite the fact that her bottom portion was doing so. Meaning that the cause wasn't the fact that she's low on energy, but the weapon itself.

"I see." Below, EMIYA nodded as he saw the unhealing gash.. "So anti-immortality weapons truly are the answer." Instantly EMIYA spawned forth another Harpe. It was a rank-lower, but its properties are still there and would certainly be quite the problem for Salem. "Ana!"

Ana looked down and saw EMIYA, who then used Harpe like an arrow and shot it at her. Grabbing it, Ana wielded both Harpe's and turned to Salem, who hissed.

"As if I'd let you!" Even if Salem didn't know just what Harpe was, she wasn't idiotic enough to let the girl attack her with them. Instantly Salem unleashed her magic onto her. Countless beams and even Grimm then locked onto Ana who used her speed to outrun the attacks while slicing apart any Grimm that got in her way.

"Well someone's gotten spooked." Asclepius gave a slight chuckle while having his mechanical snake melt down a few Beetle Grimm that attempted to crawl on him. Anyway, he immediately spawned more of his precious snakes to help keep the Grimm off him while quickly going to Spartacus. Those like Heracles and the ones with him can deal with the physical threat that is Salem, while he helps out those who have been injured.

Such as Spartacus, who continued to move with a chuckle, not letting being riddled with holes stop him. Still, it was strange though. While the Servant was regenerating, Asclepius noticed the Berserker wasn't healing as fast as he normally would. Actually, it was quite slow.

'A curse perhaps? Too much damage done?' Once Asclepius made it to Spartacus, who had regenerated most of his torso, Asclepius found the reason why Spartacus wasn't healing as quickly.

"Ah. Guess it was a good thing I avoided those beetles." Crawling all over Spartacus were multiple small Grimm. Beetle Grimm primarily. All of whom had spat some strange substance on Spartacus and actively drained Spartacus of his mana. No wonder he was healing so slowly. Hard to do so when the mana that should be used was being taken away.

"Do not worry Spartacus," Asclepius, ever the good doctor, took out some equipment. "I'll help tear these parasites off you."

"Ruagh!" A Teryx tried to snap Asclepius's head off with its gaping maw. Instead, it found multiple surgical knives going into its mouth and tearing out the back of its head, killing it.

"And nothing will stop me." With that the doctor then went to deal with the Beetles while being careful himself. Having the copies of Aesculapius defend him while surgically removing the Grimm that hampered Spartacus.

In the meantime, Sieg smacked a Manticore hard enough to shatter its jaw, grateful that as a Servant, he had the strength to do so. Though even though he damaged it, making the Grimm whine, another simply pushed past it to attack Sieg, forcing him to jump back.

"Gah!" Until he nearly found himself falling off the ledge. Looking down, the homunculus Servant then saw that down below is a mass amount of Grimm liquid, gathered in the lower jaw of the Monstra. Blinking, Sieg then turned to see how technically, this should be the part where the mouth opens and releases the vile liquid to spill all over in order to release another devastating wave of Grimm onto Beacon. Yet it isn't happening.

'Well duh!' Sieg realized as he then heard another explosion. Caused by Salem desperately trying to hit Ana while focusing very little on the other Servants. Having her Grimm deal with them. 'All of us are in here. She can't reduce her numbers, because if she does, we'll gain the advantage.'

Still, it wasn't as if Sieg wanted the Grimm liquid to spill onto Beacon Academy to cause damage and casualties. If anything, it needed to be dealt with. With a grunt, Sieg then knew what he had to do.

With a simple jump, Sieg then fell down towards the liquid. Saying, "Start transformation!" Like before, Sieg would unleash the might of his Noble Phantasm, his power. Here within the great maw of the Monstra. Though it wouldn't be an attack aimed specifically at the Grimm. "The pilgrimage to the beyond... I am one who soared with the heavenly cup, the one who became the wicked dragon…" instead, it would be aimed at the Grimm liquid that produced the Grimm.

Within moments, Siegs entire body transformed and shined. Becoming larger and more powerful through the ability of his Noble Phantasm. Like with Avenger, Sieg will unleash his full might here. Yelling out, "Torch everything! Akafiloga All-Grið!"

Like so, in place of Sieg is now his dragonic form known as Fafnir. The legendary evil dragon with absolute might. While dwarfed by the Monstra itself, including its insides, Sieg himself still held immense power. The power to annihilate the gathered liquid, where with energy building up inside him, Sieg proceeded to unleash his attack onto the liquid.

In an instant, it was absolutely incinerated and burning up. The birthing pools that allowed Grimm to come forth set aflame with any Grimm that tried to burst out only to find themselves reduced to cinders.

"What?!" With Salem, who had been busy trying to wipe out Ana, only now noticing that the Grimm liquid was being wiped out. Shocked when she heard the roars of Sieg's Fafnir form who continued to burn the liquid that spawned her Grimm and back-up against the Servants.

"Finally have you!" It also served well in finally getting Salem to temporarily shift her focus away from Ana. On the ground, she then leapt at the Grimm God Pillar to deliver unhealable attacks.

"Guh!" Salem then hissed, as these attacks actually did hurt. The first time she didn't notice, but now she did. Especially as Ana then kept going back down on the ground, and then jumping back up to deliver such deadly strikes. Though she wasn't aiming for the flesh or bone armor.


She aimed for the eyes itself.

Disgusting liquid pouring out of the large cuts Ana made as she went around each and every single eye and sliced them up. Salem may have had a large pain tolerance, but having multiple eyes being cut apart stung more than just a little.

"Insolent bug!" Salem then shot down lightning at Ana, only for a barrier to appear and block the lightning, courtesy of Medea (Lily) who giggled before making a magical circle.

"Honestly," The young caster said, as she looked at Salem. "You've lived for thousands of years, yet you just shoot magic beams and that's it. How uncreative." Perhaps Salem was more senile than her appearance suggested. Either way, Medea (Lily) may as well show Salem why power wasn't everything.

"And here we go!" Suddenly, countless magical circles appeared before all of the Grimm God Pillars eye, popped or not. While confused, Salem decided to destroy them as she had all the non-sliced eyes glow and attack with more laser beams.


Only for the magical circles to withstand the attack to Salem's surprise. Then, up above Salem, a large magical circle appeared above her which glew bright.

"Annnnd, release." With another giggle, Medea (Lily) revealed that those magical circles were actually miniature portals that transferred those laser beams to the big portal on top. Meaning Medea (Lily) had essentially redirected all that power back to Salem who could do nothing but shriek as a massive beam engulfed her and the Grimm God Pillar body.

"That has to hurt. Hahaha." Mordred laughed at the pain inflicted on Salem.

"An attack that matches the Buddha's fury!" Sanzang herself said while using her fists to take down a Deathstalker with Nezha helping out. All this and with the Monstra's mouth being lit with flame, seems to have caused quite the damage as everyone then felt the ground shake.

"Woah there." A distance away, helping out with the Grimm attack, Erice and Voyager saw the Monstra's mouth open up wide…where smoke then came out of it with the Grimm hissing in what may be its own agony. "That looks like it hurts." Good. It deserved it.

"Uh-hu." Even Voyager, who normally emphasized with most creatures, felt none for the Grimm. He then blinked when he saw someone heading toward the Monstra. The young Servant couldn't tell who it was though, seeing as how they were too far away. But he could definitely sense a strong magical presence on them.

Just like the one emitting from the Monstra. Though…it seemed to be getting weaker.

With good reason.

Countless eyes had been permanently scarred with fluids leaking out of them. Long deep cuts spotted across the pillar of flesh. Bone armor either cracked or outright broken. If anything, Salem now looked as if she had been scorched by flames for far too long. With the woman herself, now already regenerating, looking more than peeved as her eyes glow red.

"You dar-" Then, Sanzang was already jumping up towards her with a grin.

"Yes!" Multiple golden rings then flew out of her. "The Buddha does dare!" Rings that flew right at Salem and then, like a child throwing rings at glass bottles, fell right at Salem and immediately shrunk to tighten around her. Crushing her arms and shoulders with bones snapping along with Salem's head starting to cave in.

Screaming in enragement, Salem used her enhanced strength to break through the imitation rings. Hands glowing and ready to release more magic. She even tried to summon Gilgamesh himself to help her.

'Huh?' Instead, she couldn't connect to him for some reason. This brief shock then allowed one member to strike at that moment.


An arrow then shot right through her two arms and tore them off. Atalante smirking as she then nodded towards Mordred who's Noble Phantasm activated.

"Eat it! Clarent," Salem regenerated fast, and attempted to strike down Mordred before she could do anything. Instead she was then sniped again by Atalante and EMIYA, taking out her arms and head before Salem could do anything. "Blood Arthur!" Giving plenty of time for Mordred to unleash her power, her sword released a great amount of energy as her Noble Phantasm shot forth a red beam of destructive energy. Engulfing the Grimm God Pillar and burning off more of its flesh while Salem screamed.

The beam even went to continue and went through the Monstra's skull itself, where a large screech is heard. The massive Grimm in pain as once Mordred stopped her attack, one can see a nice hole up on Monstra's skull. Along with the charred remains of the blackened Grimm God Pillar. And while it was already regenerating, it was going at a ridiculous slow pace with even Salem herself not forming up as easily as she should have.

As powerful as Salem's regeneration is, it seems that even she had limits. While one can see her human body pulling itself together, like the rest of the Grimm God Pillar, it wasn't regenerating fast.

"Aha!" With Jason now seeing an opportunity. "Medea (Lily)!" He then called out to his ex-wife. "Think you can create a nice little prison for her upper half. I think the rest can deal with that disgusting worm body she has while we capture the head."

"Of course Jason!" Medea (Lily) giggled. "I'll whip up a nice prison before she could properly regenerate and attack."

"Perfect!" Though as Jason thought everything was good, a loud rumbling is heard. "Uhhh…what was that? Is it the Grimm?"

"Shouldn't be possible." EMIYA stated as he continued to fire swords at the Grimm God Pillar, as a precaution. Giving a glance at the still rising smoke from below, where nearby, Sieg could be seen coming out and transforming back looking slightly tired out. "Sieg has done quite the job in ensuring no more Grimm can come out."

"Then I suppose we should just continue what we're doing." Jason said as other Servants like Heracles, Caenis, and Spartacus continued attacking and beating down on Salem's burnt near-dead body. Ensuring that she wouldn't have the energy to open a single eye, let aside regenerate. Ana herself makes countless slashes all over with Harpe to weaken the body further.

If anything, now was the time to claim victory. Where once Salem was dealt with, all that would be left is the Monstra.

"Rrrrrrr!" Yet it appeared taking care of the Monstra might be happening sooner than later. All the Servants felt the entire room they were in shaking further, with the Grimm itself seemingly grunting in what sounded like fear.

"Now this is odd?" Asclepius says while taking a step back. "I understand we've been causing some pain to the Monstra, so is it perhaps retaliating?"

"No clue, but-" Before Pollux could speak further, she then stopped when she saw something. "" She, along with everyone else as they then saw the very skull of the Monstra, actually disintegrating.

"Oh damn!" Caenis shouted as everything was turning to black smoke. "Did we actually kill the Monstra somehow?"

"Maybe I put too much power in Clarent?" Looking at her sword, then at the disintegrating head, Mordred gave a slight thought that maybe she was more powerful than she thought. Such things will have to wait of course. Because soon, the disintegration picked up speed and the floor alongside everything else was coming apart and reduced to black smoke.

"...Ahem." Raising his right finger, Jason coughed and said aloud, "As a captain, I believe the time is to RUN!" Jason then turned around and instantly fled. Everyone looked at him, then at the disintegration, then back at him again.

"Well count me in!" Immediately Sieg ran, not wanting to get caught in the disintegration. Soon after, everyone began to run off.

"Wait!" Leaping off the Grimm God Pillar, Ana ran after the rest but shouted out, "What about Salem?" Ahead of her, Atalante twisted her head as she ran to spot Salem.

Or what was left of her as apparently, the disintegration included her seeing as how the Grimm God Pillar was attached to the floor of the Monstra. As such, Salem and by extension, her imitation Demon God Pillar vanished away into dust.

"NOooOoOOoooO!" With Salem screeching as she vanished away.

"I think she's been taken care of." For now anyway. The Servants would eventually have to deal with her return, but for the moment, they needed to run and fast. Because the disintegration picked up speed once again, where sunlight could now enter the slowly dying Grimm as everything began to vanish away. Thankfully, the Servants could run faster than any normal human, and quickly outpaced the disintegrating floors and walls. Making their way towards the New Argo itself.

"There it is!" Jason shouted after one full minute of running. "Let's get in now before it's too late!" Jason and a few others might have had magic resistance, but none of them were going to test it out on this. In an instant, everyone got on board the New Argo, where Jason and Medea (Lily) were grabbed by Heracles who jumped up all the way towards the command center, breaking through the glass windows to enter.

"We can clean that later." Moving quickly, Jason then got off of Heracles and to the controls and began turning on the engines. Medea (Lily) helping out by checking to see if everyone was inside safely, then helping Jason with the controls. As for Heracles, he looked out the ship's windows and grunted. It seems the Monstra was going to disappear soon, as now the disintegration is about to hit this area.

Noticing this as well, Jason then pushed a button and said, "Hold on tight!"

The engines of the New Argo lit up, lifting the entire ship thanks to the Gravity Dust engines and with Jason then having the vessel leave the Monstra, and just in time to. Because soon enough, once Jason had the New Argo put enough distance, he, Medea (Lily), and Heracles saw the part of the Monstra they landed in disintegrate into nothing, followed by the rest of the vile Grimm.

Reduced to black smoke which floated into the air, signifying its death.

After a bit of silence, Medea (Lily) said, "I don't suppose we might have caused that? When we began damaging Salem."

"Maybe?" While Jason would normally like to take credit, even he felt uncertain about all this. Sure they did a lot of damage to Salem, and heck, Jason has seen plenty of films and video games about how defeating the final boss can cause death to whatever is connected to them. Like the Chitauri from the Avengers.

Yet something told Jason that wasn't what happened here.

"Jason! Look!" With Medea (Lily) already finding the answer before him. As her finger pointed outside, right in front of where the Monstra itself used to be. Looking at a monitor, Jason then saw just who it was down there.

A unique sword, a crown, not to mention some kind of lamp of sorts tied near their belt. With a confident grin and an exhilarated look on their expression, followed by the wind brushing past their white hair.

"Ozpin!" Jason then shouted in surprise, as he couldn't believe what he was seeing. Heracles to, as while the Berserker didn't entirely understand it, he instantly knew Ozpin was the one who dealt with the Monstra. With Heracles then glancing at the strange items Ozpin has with him.

"Oh my. That's quite the amount of power on him." The current Caster of the group, Medea (Lily), blinked as her eyes took a long look at the strange items that were clearly magical. They felt potent though, strong in fact. But if one knew their history, they would understand why.

"There. That should have done the trick." It had been a bit of a gamble, with risks involved, but Ozpin has decided that now was the time to use the Relics. Taking them out is already dangerous, as Salem could potentially realize what he did and soon make plans to steal them from him. Gaining the awesome might of the Relics and use them for her own deeds.

But on occasions, Ozpin decided the risk was worth it. He used them before when the Great War happened. So he must use them again with this current war. Three of them, out of the four. Choice. Destruction. Knowledge.

Taking out one was already dangerous, but three was practically insane. Yet Ozpin decided to do so anyway. Using each of the three Relics for different purposes.

Choice, the first Relic he took out from the hidden location he put it in since placing it elsewhere. Using it to then see a glimpse of what choice he will have to make in the future. In this case, Ozpin saw him deciding on whether or not he should get the other three Relics.

Knowledge. With Jinn's help, Ozpin decided to ask and use the remaining two questions she had. The first to see where Salem was exactly within the Monstra. The second, to see what the Servants across Beacon were doing to fight her. Thanks to Jinn, Ozpin knew that Salem was fighting multiple Servants inside the head of the Monstra, with a powerful new form. One so powerful that it took multiple Servants to face her. Ozpin could tell he himself wouldn't have been able to do much to change the tide.

Which is where the Relic of Destruction came in.

The sword had the power to cause the absolute destruction of whatever it hit. If Ozpin hit a person, they would disintegrate right away, destroyed. If he hit a building, it would be wiped out. The only flaw was that it only destroyed what it hit. Meaning if he used the sword to stab a tree, it'd only destroy the tree. Meaning if squirrels and insects were on the tree, they'd be spared. With any leaves that fell off the tree would also be safe from harm.

Thankfully, the Grimm inside the Monstra's skull were being wiped out by the Servants with the additional bonus that Salem is connected to the Monstra through her Grimm God Pillar. Meaning she'd count as being part of the Monstra itself.

So once Ozpin had everything ready, he took a stab at the Monstra with the Relic of Destruction showing why it was so deadly. Immediately eliminating the entire Monstra in one fell swoop.

'And thankfully, this could only happen because of those two.' Turning around, Ozpin then saw Ishtar and Ereshkigal a great distance away. While those two didn't bother joining the fight, they had still helped in their own way. In Ozpin's case, they aided him by teleporting him to the two vaults after he got the Relic of Choice. And while normally Ozpin would need a Maiden to open the vaults, with even his own newly refilled power incapable since the vaults considered it his power and not a Maiden, the two Goddesses easily opened them up.

Something about how their new authority and knowledge of this magecraft easily unlocked them. Whatever the case, Ozpin wasn't complaining. He managed to grab them and use them at just the right moment. And while Salem would still return, it'd be in the exact spot she 'died' in. Which means-

"Got her."

-the new Gods of Remnant can capture her. Despite being so far away, the two could still speak to Ozpin quite easily. A small shimmer appeared which transformed into a translucent orb, likely where Salem 'died' at. It then moved towards the two Goddesses, with Ozpin smiling.

It seems they managed to capture her. How they did it, Ozpin couldn't say he knew how, nor cared. Just as long as Salem was captured, then it didn't matter what method they used to do so. Making him rather content.

"Now then," Ozpin then turned to see two things, where the Monstra once was. "Guess it's time to deal with the mess left behind." The first was the New Argo, now flying in the air. As for the second, it was something he expected.

"Raaa!" Grimm. Many Grimm. Unlike with the Grimm liquid and Salem, none of these Grimm are technically not connected to the Monstra, thus spared by the Relic of Destruction's power.

Still, though their numbers were many, Ozpin had his own magical power along with the Sword of Destruction. Meaning he had all this under control.

"Haa!" With a leap, Ozpin then ran towards the Grimm who did the same for him as the two sides clashed.

"He's doing very well against the remaining Grimm." With Medea (Lily), Jason, and Heracles watching it from the safety of their ship. "That sword of his is also enchanted. A strong one too."

Heracles grunted, agreeing. Also showing respect towards the Headmaster who didn't even hesitate to face what was undoubtedly over two hundred Grimm that survived when the Monstra died off.

Even Jason, reluctantly, had to admit that Ozpin had guts.

"Lucky bastard. Facing all the Grimm by himself."

"Eh?" Turning around at the sound of a voice, Jason then saw that behind him is Caenis along with all the other Servants, who have made it up here.

"I would say we should help him, but he seems to be doing alright." Looking out the window, EMIYA believed the Servants wouldn't be needed for this. The Grimm down there, while numerous, weren't like the unique magical ones or hybrids Salem had. If anything, Ozpin had this under control.

"It seems the Buddha watches over even those from another world." Sanzang said while giving a nod of approval at how well Ozpin was doing.

"That's a pretty sweet sword." For Mordred, she liked the weapon Ozpin had. The way it just seemed to kill things in a single blow. "Maybe I could borrow that one for a bit." Just without permission.

"Ugh. Okay, enough of the compliments." Feeling a bit jealous, Jason decided to change the subject and fast. "Anyway, we should now go back and deal with whatever remaining Grimm there is left." Even with Salem now gone, the Grimm still around will act hostile until they're all eliminated. As heroes, it was their duty to deal with them.

"I don't think that's even necessary." Asclepius then commented as he pointed at a screen. Checking, Jason and everyone else then saw people cheering. Watching how the Grimm in the forests and fields seem to be…fleeing?

Well, the ones who weren't fighting. Some kept on attacking, but were quickly slain. Such as when one girl, Ruby Rose stood atop a hybrid's corpse cheering with her team near her. EMIYA smirked at that.

"Strange. Why are they running?" If anything, Sieg would assume they would keep on fighting to the very end. Thankfully, an answer soon came when Pollux spoke up.

"Maybe that's why." Pointing at a screen, everyone then checked to see one that showed someone actually driving the Grimm off. Or more like something, as what was doing so isn't even human. But instead, was Ishtar's believed pet bull which, judging by the way its mouth opened up, was roaring which seems to be causing the Grimm to run.

"Hahahaha! The beasts run from a liberator!" Is the answer Spartacus came up with, cheering when Gugalanna stomped on the head of a Knuckleave while biting down on a Berenigel's face and tearing it off.

"Talk about violence." Jason flinched. Betting that the Grimm were running because they knew facing the divine bull would end in their miserable deaths. The ones who were still fighting, probably did so knowing it was better to die by man's hand than a monster's hand. His old teacher always did say one shouldn't mess with the divine, and that bull counted as one.

"Man! I think I wanna face Ozpin later on when this is over."

"Seems. Like. Good. Fighter."

"I suppose I can see why Qrow respected Ozpin's capability in a fight."

And it seems the Servants, to a degree, thought the same towards Ozpin. Who, while didn't emate an aura that drove the Grimm to run with their tails between their legs from Gugalanna, or could even face Salem like they could, has at last managed to kill the Grimm that Monstra dropped without a scratch on him. Attributed to his magic and skill with the sword.

Not that it was just them either.

"By the Sisters! He did it!" Down below, on the ruined Beacon grounds, Huntsmen who weren't fighting gawked at Ozpin as they saw the incredible. Having seen Ozpin wipe out the Monstra in one move.

"He killed it. He killed the Monstra!"

"He annihilated it!"

"Wiped out all the Grimm!"

After witnessing such an amazing attack, soon, everyone at Beacon would be cheering for Headmaster Ozpin's great victory. Though it wouldn't just be limited to those watching from the school. One student has been recorded the entire thing from their scroll. From the slaying of the Monstra towards the defeat of the Grimm with Ozpin's magic at full display. Those who have a scroll and good service now able to see what Ozpin had just accomplished.

Needless to say, the number of likes and comments began skyrocketing like no tomorrow. With those in Beacon saying one thing.

"Ozpin! Ozpin! Ozpin!"

"Aw man." While Jason moaned as he watched how everyone was cheering for the headmaster and his supposed great victory. "It's like they don't even realize we defeated Salem."

"Probably because they don't." Atalante commented, knowing that it wasn't as if anybody saw their actions. All they knew was they landed their ship, then left after Ozpin supposedly wiped out the Monstra in one go while they then left having accomplished nothing.

"Not every hero is praised." EMIYA wisley spoke, while also recalling how he wasn't exactly seen as a hero in his timeline.

"The Buddha needs not recognition." Personally, Sanzang didn't mind if she wasn't well known. Aside from a select few and a certain apprentice, she didn't need the praise of others to continue her day.

"Agreed." Asclepius nods.

Granted, not everyone accepted those answers. From Jason who naturally felt envious, to even the Dioscuri twins since they knew what it was like to have one's reputation go down because of circumstance. For now though, it seems they would have to just deal with it and deal with the remaining threats that are left. Because by tomorrow, things will certainly change.

And at last, it's done. While Salem was okay, everyone working together won and defeated her. Sure she had a few tricks up her sleeves, but not enough to pull out a victory. Ending with her getting not just a giant smackdown, but with Ozpin himself having gathered the Relics and using them for one move.

Now all thats left is the aftermath and tying up loose ends. Only the epilogue is left.