"N-nhn..." Bismarck slowly awoke, sitting up in bed she held her head as a throbbing pain encompassed the top of her head. "Mein Gott im Himmel... What happened...?" Bismarck asked herself aloud, unknowing of the occupant that awaited her awakening in her room.

"Ah, thank goodness you're awake." A mysterious voice Bismarck hadn't heard before, she looked around only to see a strange looking girl with skin as pale as a ghost's, orange hair with a pink bow, green eyes, and some strange looking outfit, she couldn't tell if she was from Ironblood, but she did kind of look, atleast in the clothes to be from the Sardegna Empire who were supposed to be part of the Red Axis, though the whole room, now that she looked around and took the sight in, looked nothing like before, it was some strange homely dorm.

"Who are you, and where am I?" Bismarck asked, concerned about just where she had been taken, the room before when she first awoke was white and as one could described "futureistic".

"Oh, I'm Penny! I was told to stay here and make sure you were okay when you woke up." The girl now identified as Penny said with a smile.

"I see... I would assume I will be alright as the repairs I can feel are underway, are they not?" Bismarck asked, as she pushed her covers off and went to get off the bed, Penny stopped her for a moment.

"What? What are you doing, girl?" Bismarck asked in anger.

"I... I was told it might be a bad idea for you to walk around for a bit. Let your legs rest and heal, that's what the doctor said." Penny said as Bismarck looked up to her.

"That is ridiculous. And impossible. I need to go oversee the repairs." Bismarck said, adament about going... Before she realised, she would have to change first, and looked past Penny, then she realised just then that her clothes were hanging up across the room on a hook attached to a closet door.

"Scheiße.." Bismarck said aloud before she looked to Penny again, letting out a sigh.

"Fine, fine. Go get my clothes, I assume there's another way I can get around?" Bismarck with an eyebrow raised, expectant that this was thought of.

"Yes, there is, I can carry you." Penny said, and Bismarck deadpanned at the almost frail looking young girl.

"No." Bismarck said plainly.

"W-what?" Penny asked, shocked that this would be refused.

"Absolutely not. Absolutely impossible." Bismarck, once again said, plainly before a knock was heard at the door.

"Penny! Are you in there?!" A young girl's voice was heard and it was apparently known to Penny who this was.

"Ruby! Uhm... Yeah I'm in here but..." Penny said, nervously, looking to Bismarck who was giving her a look of "If she walks in here and I'm not dressed, there will be trouble.".

This caused Penny to run over and grab Bismarck's outfit and bring it to her, Bismarck took the outfit and instantly started dressing.

"Ruby! Can you give me a moment?! There's a bit of an issue in here! I'll let you know when you can come in!" Penny went over to the door and held the knob as Bismarck got dressed, and soon enough finished, she ran her fingers through her hair in lieu of a brush and put her cap on before she looked to Penny and nodded.

Penny then opened the door and was met by Ruby who rushed in and hugged her, behind Ruby was the rest of her team who came in, getting around the two girls who were hugging each other, then they noticed Bismarck who sat there in full regalia as per usual.

"Uh... Ruby, your friend has another friend." The blonde in Ruby's group spoke up and Ruby took notice of Bismarck.

"I would not call myself, a friend. More like an acquaintence by circumstance." Bismarck said, looking to the group, the most colourful if not strangest looking group she'd seen.

"Uh, hey!" Ruby said as she made her way over to Bismarck, to introduce herself.

"I'm Ruby Rose, and this is my team, Weiss, Blake, and Yang. Are you part of Penny's team?" Ruby asked.

"Team? No. I am not apart of... Penny's team, I'm Bismarck." Bismarck said, looking up to Ruby as she sat on the bed remaining almost unmoved despite having to get dressed in a hurry.

"It's nice to meet you Bismarck!" Ruby said cheerfully, extending her hand out to Bismarck who took it, shaking it while being mindful not to crush her hand, she was among humans now, so she couldn't be too careful.

"So where are you from Bismarck?" The blonde, identified as Yang came over and asked.

"I'm not from anywhere you'd recognise I'm afraid... Infact I've moved around a lot." Bismarck said, trying to keep these people who she didn't know from getting too much information, this might be a Siren trick after all, to get as much information out of Bismarck as was possible.

"I've moved around too, I might know atleast one of the places you've been around to." The brunette dressed in black and white said as she came over, joining the three who stood infront of Bismarck.

"Trust me, you will not know anywhere of where I've been." Bismarck remained adament and the brunette nodded, giving Bismarck some space.

"Eitherway, I must see of this new ship. Penny, have you brought my wheelchair?" Bismarck asked, looking to Penny.

"Oh, yeah I forgot about that! It's in the closet, give me a second." Penny said and went over to the closet before Weiss also made her way to Bismarck.

"Your uniform is quite... Well. It seems formal, are you in the military?" Weiss asked.

Bismarck remained silent internally debating on what to tell them while Penny got the wheelchair out and began setting it up.

"You are... Perceptive, Schneeweißchen." Bismarck said begrudgingly. She knew now it would have to come out eventually, but how it would was ultimately up to Bismarck.

"What did you call me?" Weiss asked, annoyed.

"I called you Snow white... Regardless. You are right, I am as one may say "in the military"..." Bismarck said, one more begrudgingly, she hated to admit it though Weiss was more right than she would ever imagine.

"Then which military are you in?" Weiss asked.

"I serve Eisenblut... Ironblood." Bismarck said, Weiss was geniunely surprised. As was everyone else in the room. Though they hadn't heard of Ironblood, though it sounded rather intimidating, might it be a lie?

"What's Ironblood?" Ruby asked, curious as to what Ironblood is which in the innocent way she asked broke the unnerving brief silence in the room.

"Ironblood are the protectors of the seas, we were once part of the alliance known as Azur Lane, however their weak willed tactics against the enemy forced us to reconsider the alliance and thus we fought each other." Bismarck explained.

"What do you mean you fought each other?" Blake asked, somewhat concerned.

"We fought. I myself sunk the HMS Hood, and later paid the price for it... And realised my wrongdoing. I was wrong to kill her. The Sirens decived the Red Axis, and yet it was just before my death, I would realise it." Bismarck said, somewhat remorsefull.

"You mean, you killed another person?" Ruby asked, her mouth agape.

"Another ship, yes. I am not a person, nor was she. I am the embodiment of the Battleship Bismarck. I am the leader of Ironblood." Bismarck said, not overly competently, not arrogantly, it was a fact of life, the way she said it.

"So... You're the embodiment of that warship down in the harbour?" Yang asked with an eyebrow raised, under her own golden locks.

"That is correct." Bismarck said, one more as if it were but only a fact.

Weiss, herself was stunned and made silent. Never had she heard of any of this, yet this woman infront of her stated it as if it were simply fact, one no one could change. A silence once again overcame the room before Penny made her way to Bismarck with the wheelchair.

"Uhm... Bismarck, here's the wheelchair." Penny said, nervously while Bismarck struggled to get up and get in the wheelchair for a moment before finally doing so, sitting down in it.

It was all quite hard to believe, and that was itself an understatement.

"Anyway we are going to see to the repairs to the three, three bladed screws and my rudder. Then I shall be atleast able to walk." Bismarck motioned for Penny to go on ahead. The group was in disbelief as Penny actually went along with it, but they figured it was best to keep an eye on this woman and their friend as they made their way through the dorm halls of Beacon, the group would pass by three certain black clad individuals, one with brown skin, red eyes, and green hair, another with long black hair, and another. Male, with silvery-grey hair. The three stopped and watched as the group passed with Bismarck at the front in her wheelchair.

As the group left down the hall the three just looked to each other.

"I wasn't aware parapelegics were allowed to become huntsmen." Mercury said smugly.

"You're one to talk." Emerald said with a roll of her eyes.

"Fight later, didn't you see the blonde's uniform?" Cinder asked.

"Yeah, I've never seen anything like that." Mercury said.

"Mhmm. Wonder who she is to be wearing something that fancy." Emerald said before she started on her way. Cinder had a whole mystery of her own to solve, this girl wasn't from Atlas, otherwise she'd very well likely be wearing one of those white uniforms. No, she was something else entirely.

Though the trouble was only just begining in what was to be, technically, Bismarck's first actual day in this world which was quite already from appearences quite different from her own, leading her to suspect a number of things. Humanity surely had an enemy, this institution she was stuck at was from what she gathered from passing conversations, geared towards training "huntsmen and huntresses."

Perhaps these "huntsmen and huntresses" were fighting Sirens? If so then were the girls she was stuck with, also shipgirls? Bismarck remained silent while she was taken down the hallways, the group could be heard getting closer to what sounded like two men fighting, rounding a corner her chair was pushed into and knocked over a tall man with burnt orange hair, wearing plate armour, bouncing off Bismarck's thighs and onto the floor

"Was zum Teufel?" Bismarck asked loudly, looking down on the towering man who slowly got up.

"Who was-?!" The man saw Bismarck who looked down on him with an eyebrow raised.

"Who let a parapelegic in here?" The man said loudly with a chuckle, Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang stood back just observing for the time being, no matter how much Ruby might've wanted to intermediate.

"I am a guest here, the real question is, if this installation serves a military purpose, then what is some loudmouth baffoon doing in here?" Bismarck replied coldly.

"What'd you say to me?" The man got clearly more angry, focusing on Bismarck's looks, noting her blue eyes and blonde hair, which was shared with the boy he was just arguing with... Before he realised who he was talking to with the uniform, was she some sort of military officer?

"Woah, woah, woah, hold on..." The man said almost at the ready to retract his statement before Bismarck mustered all her strength and stood up, a full head over him in height, she looked down on the man.

"You dare speak to me in such a petulant way then cower at the realistion of who I am?" Bismarck said, cold as ever, just a few minutes ago she struggled to stand up, now she was standing though Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang could see her right leg shaking as she stood.

"I'm sorry, I'm just gonna-" The man said before he ran, Bismarck stood there as the man left and she winced in pain before she sat down in the wheelchair.

"Verdammter Idiot!" Bismarck yelled as she gripped onto the armrests of the wheelchair, squeezing them and causing them to misshapen, visibly to Penny, Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang.

"Uhm... Miss Bismarck? Are you alright?" Penny asked, while Bismarck shook her head.

"No, I'm not. Just get me to my other half." Bismarck said while she held onto the armrests, the pain subsiding while the blonde boy just watched.

"Ruby... Uhm... Whose your friend?" The blonde boy asked.

"Oh uh.. Jaune, uh... This is Bismarck." Ruby said somewhat slightly trying to be cheerful though the internally dead look Bismarck gave Jaune caused a chill to run up his spine.

"I.. See? And.. What did she mean by other half?" The blonde boy, now identified as Jaune asked.

"It is none of your concern." Bismarck replied before she motioned for Penny to continue forward. Penny complied and continued pushing the wheelchair forward while the group followed behind, picking up Jaune who followed behind Yang who was quietly catching Jaune up on everything... With a few warship puns inbetween.

Though the original plan would go off the rails quite a bit as another woman with blonde hair, green eyes, clearly she was one of the people in charge here as Bismarck could tell, she came straight to the group.

"Hello, students. I need to borrow your wheelchair bound friend for some questioning." The woman said, Penny would try to object before Bismarck rose her hand to signal Penny to wait a second before speaking.

"May I ask since I'm the one to be questioned what it is about?" Bismarck asked, dropping her cold demeanor she held before, for one more neutral and calm.

"You may while on the way." The woman said.

"I see... Alright. I will follow you, Penny, please meet me outside so we may continue where we left off." Bismarck said as the woman motioned Bismarck to follow her, Bismarck silently went along with her, moving the wheels herself as Penny let go.

Going on further down the hall, Bismarck started to ask the questions she wanted to before she would reach wherever she was going.

"So I assume this is about who I am, what I am, where I'm from, and who I serve, is it not?" Bismarck asked

"For the most part. General Ironwood, whose own forces pulled you and the ship you were on to Vale will be there to ask questions, mostly. I and the headmaster of this school will only mostly be there to listen." The woman said and confirmed. It would be a questioning about Bismarck and her past.

"I see... Then you must know of my name." Bismarck suggested.

"Only the assumption it's Bismarck." The woman said.

"That is correct." Bismarck confirmed.

"I see.." The woman said as the two went on their way through the school and up to Beacon Tower, where at the top she was greeted by the sight of the man she'd briefly seen the first time she'd woken up and another man with white hair and sunglasses type specticles. So this is where she's supposed to make her new home, if she was truly to be stuck in this new world, she figured she would have to make a few choice allies.

"I'm glad to see you're... Up and about, Miss Bismarck." The tall man in the white suit said, this was likely General Ironwood who the blonde woman mentioned before.

"It is just Bismarck, Herr General." Bismarck said, saluting the General who was caught off guard by it, he returned it though.

"Herr? ...Nevermind. So, you're military as well?" General Ironwood asked

"I am the Iron Blood battleship entrusted with the name Bismarck, yes." Bismarck said.

"Iron Blood? Is that the organisation you serve?" General Ironwood asked.

"I served it and lead it until I was tricked by the Sirens into waging war against my fellow warship girls." Bismarck said.

"Warship girls...? You mean there's more than just you?" General Ironwood asked.

"There are nine nations which possess warship girls like myself, Iron Blood is just one of them." Bismarck said.

"So is it a possibility that there may be others found? Possibly not from Iron Blood?" General Ironwood asked.

"I would think not. Perhaps my coming to this world was the work of the Sirens... To force my kind from one world, into another so that they may keep Humanity out of the seas." Bismarck said.

"You mentioned them before, what are these.. Sirens?" General Ironwood asked.

"They appear to be our version of, from what I've gathered, your Grimm. However they're not animals. They're humanoid, but they only retain the seas and there's two main types. Higher ranking, humanoid Sirens, and the mass produced types... Which is how I was fooled.." Bismarck admitted shamefully.

"How were you fooled?" General Ironwood asked.

"One of the Sirens promised Iron Blood, the Sakura Empire, the Sardegna Empire, and the Vichya Dominion technology if we were to form the Red Axis, and declare war against Azur Lane, the alliance between the Eagle Union, the Royal Navy, Eastern Radiance, The North Union, and Iris Libre. The Red Axis was also apart of this alliance before the war but as I said, the Siren promised us great warships of immense power, stronger than I or my yet completed sister, Tirpitz..." Bismarck said, regretfully.

"I see, so they tempted you to declare war on your allies for technology.." General Ironwood said

"Correct, and sadly I as well as Akagi from the Sakura Empire were fooled, and she managed to get the support of Nagato who leads the Sakura Empire, like I lead Iron Blood." Bismarck Explained.

"So the Red Axis was formed to fight Azur Lane, for technology?" General Ironwood asked

"One may say that, yes, but it is also how to use said technology. If we can weaponise the mass produced types of Sirens then we would have an extra edge in the war, however we failed in that. And thus we used what is called a black mental cube to control them, which is what the higher up Siren gifted us in exchange for fighting Azur Lane." Bismarck explained.

"If I may ask without getting too far off subject and intruding into this. Just what exactly is a "Black Mental Cube"?" Ozpin chimed in, wondering.

"It is a corrupted mental cube, a mental cube in general contains the soul of a warship girl and gives her two forms. The one which you speak to right now, and the form down in port." Bismarck explained.

"Is such a mental cube inside of you?" General Ironwood asked

"It is in one way. It is inside of my form that is down in the port, hence why your men have likely been unable to enter it, it is because the mental cube, in the wrong hands can force another's will on a warship girl. To force one's way inside of my other form will result quite terribly, more so than it would to attempt to take the cube were it in this current form's possession. Also, I must ask, is bullying allowed in this instution? I ask because I came across a boy being bullied by someone who was more akin to a loud mouthed gorilla, sentient human gorilla than anything else." Bismarck said

"I can only assume you mean Mister Winchester." Glynda suggested.

"If that is his name then yes, I assume so." Bismarck said.

"I'll deal with it later." Glynda said.

"If that is everything then I'd like to see the condition for my other half, internally I feel fine, however there is quite notable exterior damage and the screws as well as the rudder must be repaired before I can consider resuming active duty in this world." Bismarck said.

"Understandable." General Ironwood said.

"There is one more thing." Bismarck said.

"And that is...?" General Ironwood asked.

"If another warship girl is found with shoulder length blonde hair, brown eyes, black and red uniform with black armband with a white four section cross, or as we call it. Balkenkreuz, she is to have minimal contact with males." Bismarck said.

This condition for this warship girl, upon being found was... Somewhat unnerving to General Ironwood.

"May I ask why?" General Ironwood asked.

"If you value the safety and sanity of your men, then believe me. It is best to do what I say when handling this one." Bismarck said

"I see." General Ironwood said before Bismarck saluted and turned her wheelchair back around, leaving out the way she came by the elevator.

Bismarck went down the elevator and saw straight ahead were those she'd asked to wait for her. Bismarck rolled the wheelchair herself to the group.

"Why'd they want to see you, Bismarck?" Yang asked. Bismarck just dismissivly waved her hand.

"Nothing, nothing. Just questioning. It is no concern. Shall we get going?" Bismarck asked before she noticed Penny was gone.

"Hnm... Where is the orange haired one? The overtly joyful one?" Bismarck asked.

"Oh, you mean Penny? She left after you did, said she had something to look into." Blake said.

"Hmm... Fair enough. Shall we get going? Do you four remember where I intended to go?" Bismarck asked.

"You said you were going to town to see your... "Other side". Right?" Blake asked.

"Yes, that's it." Bismarck confirmed

"Uhm... Guys?" A blonde boy, Jaune. Bismarck completely forgot about was still present.

"What's going on?" Jaune asked.

"Oh, right, you haven't heard yet." Yang said.

"Heard what? And why did Blake say her "other side"?" Jaune asked, concerned as to what he was getting into.

"I shall explain. I am the human embodiment of the Battleship, Bismarck. My name is that of the ship which was brought into port." Bismarck said.

"...Nice joke?" Jaune said, the concern more so present. Now he was just worried he got himself entangled with a lunatic.

"If you don't believe, then tag along. I shall provide all the proof necessary upon reaching my other half. Or don't. It matters little to me. Eitherway, I'm going to oversee the repairs. Yang? Would you be so kind as to help me with the chair? It will take time to get used to wheeling myself around." Bismarck asked.

"Uh, yeah, I got it." Yang said as she went around the back of Bismarck and took ahold of the handlebars on the rear of the wheelchair.

"Vielen Dank. Now, shall we get going?" Bismarck asked, looking to Ruby.

"Yeah, let's go!" Ruby said happily as she lead everyone and Bismarck to a flying machine, Bismarck hadn't seen before and helped load her up onto it.

Bismarck was of course embarrassed by this, she was the pride of Ironblood, yet she required help to just get anywhere. She felt ashamed she let this happen. Just before the machine, which Bismarck was told as she was loaded up was what they called a "Bullhead". It was clear to her on examining the vehicle that in some ways the machine was more so advanced than certain machines in her own world... It was somewhat unsettling. Especially since somehow with this technology they couldn't figure out how to keep back or fully destroy these "Grimm" creatures.

Bismarck watched out the window while the Bullhead left the school and down in port already could be seen a massive drydock being constructed down at the port. It filled Bismarck with some confidence that, perhaps she wouldn't be stuck in the damnable wheelchair she was in for too much longer..