I have returned to assure everyone, I am still alive. Worry not, the plague hasn't taken me...(Yet)

"It'll look really bad if I lost Kaga." Akagi said before she started having a coughing fit, Akagi covered her mouth with her hand as she started, Bismarck rushed over and Akagi removed her hand from her mouth only to see blood on it.

"Oh.." Akagi said before she fainted, losing consciousness, she fell into Bismarck's arms and Bismarck let out a sigh..

"Verdamnt... Alright, I have Akagi and Prinz to worry about, all at once." Bismarck shook her head and picked Akagi up over her shoulder, Akagi's own rigging dispersed into it's "natural" ship form, a towering aircraft carrier had appeared after the rigging reformed.

Bismarck quickly squatted down and launched herself up onto the deck before her own rigging reformed into it's "natural" form. Bismarck jumped from the carrier while carrying Akagi and set her down up against the wall before she went and retrieved teams RWBY and JNPR.

Bismarck ran to the starboard side of her ship and lowered hooks from a rig for lifeboats. At Bismarck's direction, Blake and Ren reattached the hooks to the lifeboat as Bismarck pulled the boat up herself, she got the two teams on ship and Ruby fangirled at what Bismarck did.

"Ohmygod! That was so cool! You blew that Grimm up in so many different pieces then that other girl came in and finished him off!" Ruby yelled, still fangirling.

"Speaking of that other girl, was that Prinz?" Weiss asked, Bismarck shook her head.

"No it wasn't, speaking of which, Blake, Pyrrha, would you mind taking her down to the sick bay? She's on the port side, next to the first front turret. I'll be going to get Prinz." Bismarck said before she went off to go get Prinz, only to be stopped by Yang.

"Is there anything you need the rest of us to do?" Yang asked from behind Bismarck.

"Nein... No. There's nothing, just keep an eye on her." Bismarck said before continuing on, leaving her ship, she went to Prinz's ship and jumped up on deck...

Prinz stood there, leaning up against her first bow turret, holding her right arm before she turned to Bismarck, she was beaten up quite badly, blood ran down the left side of her head and her clothes were dirty, torn here and there.

"Prinz..." Bismarck said, not used to seeing anyone she considered her friends, or family in such a state.

"Heavy cruiser, Prinz Eugen... Hello Bismarck." Prinz said, clearly in pain but still trying to be a tease as per usual, even with her fellow ships.

"Quiet." Bismarck said as she picked Prinz up and walked over to the side of Prinz's ship, Bismarck jumped from the side and landed on the water, Prinz remained quiet, being carried by Bismarck.

"How did you get here?" Bismarck asked, looking down at Prinz.

"Azur Lane got me. I was with Akagi when it all happened, I'm sorry I left you." Prinz said, her voice emanating a clear sign of exhaustion.

"Nonsense. You were needed elsewhere." Bismarck said as she jumped up on the deck of her own ship and set Prinz down.

"I suppose so, but... Where are we now?" Prinz asked, looking around.

"Another world, apparently. It is called Remnant." Bismarck said, sitting down next to Prinz.

"I see.. Is Akagi...?" Prinz asked.

"Yes, she's here. Some... Friends. Are seeing to her below in sick bay." Bismarck said.

"Friends? Humans?" Prinz asked.

"Yes, and yes. I do trust them." Bismarck said.

"I suspected as much, but are you sure you can trust them?" Prinz asked.

"The one group here, Ruby and her team, yes. I'm not sure about the other team, or the nation of Atlas and who I suspect to be the top official of the country... But regardless, for now we have no choice. We must play the game of realpolitik. But I have a plan, we'll carve out our own land for not only our kind but for everyone on this planet who would join us." Bismarck said, looking off straight ahead of her, into the fog.

"A noble goal as any, what if Azur Lane comes?" Prinz asked.

"Then we will offer a hand to them, to allow them a chance to join with us. If they don't... Then, we will have no choice but to fight. But I hope it doesn't come to that." Bismarck said, she would indeed hope whatever the future held, they wouldn't have to fight Azur Lane, if any ships came around from Azur Lane, she'd try to her upmost to get them to see reason and come along with her.

"Alright... I'm.. Going to try to get some sleep..." Prinz said as she leaned on Bismarck and started to fall asleep.

"Right..." Bismarck said, leaning Prinz back against the wall before she got up and picked her up once again.

Bismarck carried Prinz carefully in through a hatch and brought her down the maze of hallways before bringing her to the sick bay where both teams, RWBY and half of JNPR were, just watching Akagi as Bismarck set Prinz down in a bed.

"What are you all, looking at?" Bismarck asked with an eyebrow raised.

"Oh, uh, we weren't aware you had faunus in your world, Bismarck." Blake said as Bismarck came over to check on Akagi.

"Faunus? Oh, no, no. Akagi isn't a faunus, she's a shipgirl, but she's not from Ironblood." Bismarck said as she looked Akagi over.

"Where is she from then, in your world?" Yang asked.

"She's from the Sakura Empire." Bismarck said.

"Wait, didn't you mention something about Akagi before?" Weiss asked.

"Mhmm. Probably how she and I were tricked by the Sirens into going to war against Azur Lane. The Sakura Empire and Ironblood have their views on how Siren technology should be dealt with. In the case of both, we used it to better our own technology in different ways." Bismarck said as she noticed Jaune and Ruby wander over to Prinz.

"So this is Prinz then?" Ruby asked, leaning over Prinz with Jaune.

Prinz briefly opened her eyes and giggled before she did her signature move of putting her index finger up under her lips with a smirk.

"Oh my, oh my. Am I the sleeping princess to be kissed?" Prinz asked, her eyes fixated on Jaune as Bismarck rolled her eyes, Jaune just backed up from Prinz, causing her to give a teasing giggle.

"Prinz get your rest and stop teasing." Bismarck said as Akagi also regained some consciousness.

"Bismarck? Where am I?" Akagi asked.

"My sick bay. We're waiting for some assistance to show up, I don't think I can tow both you and Prinz to port." Bismarck said, sitting down beside Akagi's bed.

"I see... How is Prinz?" Akagi asked, looking to Bismarck.

"She's in much a same condition as you, but still. Thank you for helping me deal with the sea beast we had to kill, we'll get you back on your feet in no time, I assure you." Bismarck said.

"I see, I'll be in your care then." Akagi said, a slight smile donned on her face.

"That's what allies are for." Bismarck said as she got up to leave the sick bay, followed by Blake.

"Bismarck, I'm alright, I can still fight if need be." Prinz sat up in bed, holding herself up.

"Are you sure about that?" Bismarck stopped and turned to Prinz.

"Of course. I won't be fast with walking but you know how it is." Prinz said, a smirk donning on her face.

"I see.. Then come." Bismarck said, motioning for Prinz to follow.

Prinz got up and joined Bismarck and Blake, just slightly limping.

"So what do we do now?" Blake asked, following Bismarck.

"We'll wait, Penny should be along soon. We have no choice but for the time being to rely on Atlas for repairs to the ships. I cannot tow, Akagis' ships to port, myself." Bismarck said

"Ah, I see." Blake said.

Ren came down the hall towards Bismarck and Blake, carrying a piece of paper in his right hand.

"I hate to bother, but I passed by the radio room while looking for the mess hall again, for Nora. And this was in there." Ren said as he handed the paper to Bismarck.

"Thank you." Bismarck took the paper and looked it over. Looked to be a transcription of some radio transmission. More so strangely enough it was written in German, a language she knew certainly Ren couldn't have any knowledge of.

To: Bismarck

From: General Ironwood

I am aware you are out busy right now, however a ship has been taken over by white fang, it's a commerce ship, loaded with dust, I need you to deal with this, original crew is likely dead, do this and I'll be in debt to you. As will the Schnee Dust Company.

- General Ironwood

Bismarck took a deep breath through her nose, what, was she his unwitting attack dog now?!

"What does it say?" Ren asked.

"It says.. 'To: Bismarck, From: General Ironwood. I am aware you are out busy right now, however a ship has been taken over by white fang, it's a commerce ship, loaded with dust, I need you to deal with this, do this and I'll be in debt to you. As will the Schnee Dust Company." Bismarck said.

Blake's heart sank, she saw what Bismarck did to the Sea Feilong, now this firepower may be turned against her former brothers and sisters.

"I will deal with them according to international maritime law in my world. I will give them a chance to surrender." Bismarck said as she crumpled the message up and tossed it in a near by wastebasket before she continued on her way, Prinz followed close behind, a smirk on her face as she gave Blake a wink.

Blake went to follow before she was stopped by Ren.

"You should show this to Ruby and everyone else." Ren produced a second, folded up piece of paper from his pocket.

Blake took it and unfolded it, she began to look it over...

At the top of the page was an eagle with it's wings spread, it's talons clutched a wreath with a strange, obvious cross with one end elongated, really it looked more like a sword, below that on the left of the page was "Oberkommando Der Eisenblut Flotte: KMS Bismarck.".

On the right were a bunch of nonsense. Including some numbers set up as 17.10.40, below that at the centre of the page, in bold and underlined was "Unternehmen Seelöwe".

Below that was "Invasion in Großbritannien".

Following that, there was a section which she could actually read, named "Objectives"

Objective: Inflict damage and weaken enemy naval forces. Provide distraction for the upcoming invasion. The assault will require the drop of paratroopers above the English coast, provide air cover and secure the airspace.

This caused a chill to run up Blake's spine, was she reading Bismarck's last official orders, the ones that ultimately sent her to this world, Blake shook off the thought and continued reading, she went to the next part, labelled "Intelligence."

Intelligence threat level: High; Reconnaissance has detected high presence of enemy activity in your Area of Operations, expected high number of enemy ships and air assets. You'll be facing against the Royal Navy. Viel Glück.

Blake continued reading on, below the intelligence part of the message was a list of Royal Navy warships.

Blake folded up the note and handed it back to Ren.

"Take this to them, I need to talk to Bismarck." Blake ran after she handed the note back to Ren, she ran through the maze of hallways and back up to the deck.

Looking around, Blake saw Bismarck up ahead of the first bow turret. Blake ran to Bismarck as Bismarck watched out to the seas, waiting, with Prinz at her side.

"What is, this.. "White Fang"?" Bismarck asked, her sight affixed to the seas before her.

"They're... They're misguided." Blake said, hesitantly.

"Misguided?" Bismarck asked.

"They want equality for faunus but... They've been getting more and more extreme with their fight. Attacking civilians, destroying infrastructure... Piracy." Blake said, Bismarck could hear the hesitation.

"And with the likeliness of the original crew of the ship we'll be hunting, being dead and these... White Fang being the only ones on there, collateral damage will be minimum." Bismarck mumbled to herself.

"What?" Blake asked.

"You said it yourself, these White Fang, whatever organisation they must've been at some previous point, are nothing more than terrorists. Even if they're boys acting under the orders of a lunatic, there is no excuse. ...I, and Prinz, above everyone else here, the commanding officers who once touted me as the pride of a nation, came to learn this." Bismarck said as she started to approach the bow, her hands coming behind her back, she held both of them as she watched the waves.

"Still, you're going to give the a chance to surrender, right?" Blake asked.

"Of course. But still. All too strange... My original purpose in my first life was to cut cargo lines, to sink such vessels. But only Prinz ever got to do that while I was being hunted..." Bismarck said, a sigh escaping from her lips as she heard another set of footsteps, running to her.

Bismarck would turn to see Ruby, and her scroll, from what Bismarck could tell, Penny was on the screen.

"Hmm?" Bismarck stood there with an eyebrow raised.

"She said she can see Akagi and Prinz. Here." Ruby said as she handed her scroll off to Bismarck who would hold it up to the side of her head.

"Bismarck here." Bismarck said.

"Oh, greetings Bismarck! I see you and your friends! I'll handle everything from here." Penny said, bubbly as ever.

"Ser gute. I have new orders, myself. I'll be taking care of that, do take care of my friend, Akagi's ship. I shall return with Prinz, after I handle the matter I was entrusted with." Bismarck said.

"Alright!" Penny said before Bismarck hung up and handed the scroll off to Ruby again.

"Now, full steam ahead." Bismarck said as the ship slowly lurched forward in the water, at the stern, a few Atlesian ships could be seen going to Akagi's ship.

"Are we really going to hunt a pirated ship?" Ruby asked, hesitantly.

"Only this one time. Perhaps we may yet find something, something no one else has, along the way." Bismarck said, her arms crossing over her chest as she stared out to the sea, her ship went in full motion, cutting through the waters before her.

Finally, an objective which fit her original purpose, to hunt the sea lanes for enemy cargo ships, to decimate whole merchant marine fleets, to cut the arteries of an empire. While the context of this objective was not the same, it mattered little to her, now, now she had something to fulfill her purpose.

The sea breeze swept against her face as Ruby and Blake returned back below decks.

"I have a bad feeling about this.." Blake said.

"What do you mean?" Ruby asked.

"Bismarck took this all... A bit too easily." Blake said.

"You mean the mission?" Ruby asked.

"Yeah... Like it's giving her drive.." Blake said.

"No, I don't think so. I think it's because of Prinz, and Akagi." Ruby suggested.

"I don't know.." Blake said, she leaned against the wall, as one of the ghostly figures, both team JNPR and RWBY had become acclimated to seeing, passed by the two.

"I think, she's just doing it because of them, because they're hurt so badly, and she wants to make Ironwood, owe her. He'd have to repair both of them if she does good enough work for him." Ruby suggested.

"That sounds about right." The two would hear from behind Ruby and see Yang there.

"Yang? How long have you been there?" Blake asked.

"Since I heard the part about General Ironwood." Yang said.

"So you don't know then?" Blake asked.

"What don't I know?" Yang asked.

"That General Ironwood is sending Bismarck out to hunt for a cargo ship, the White Fang have captured." Blake said.

"Oh. ...I.. I didn't know." Yang said, a frown donned on her face.

"Bismarck thinks, she might find something, or maybe someone along the way." Ruby said.

"Any idea who?" Yang asked.

"Might be another Ironblood ship, or another one from the other naval powers of Bismarck's world." Blake said.

"She might be trying to find the lost island of Aluntium." Yang said, almost jokingly.

"Aluntium?" Ruby asked.

"Oh just some mythical island out in the sea somewhere. Just a myth." Yang said with a chuckle.

"Hmm.. You're somewhere on the nose with it though, she could be trying to find an island, something she could turn into a home, like Menagerie is a home for Faunus and Humans. She could be trying to find one for Humans, Faunus, and Warship Girls." Blake said, clearly thinking.

"It would be a good guess." Ruby said, a smile donning on her face.

Outside, Bismarck stood on deck, her eyes not leaving the ocean before her, before her last sortie just some time before she came to this world, her last commander, a brilliant man by any right, a historian... Strangely he made the same mistake as the one before him, ordering her out to try and break the Royal Navy, he told of an ancient time, where sails brought man to and from across the world.

He told of a time, when the precursor to the Royal Navy she faced, controlled the seven seas, a fleet of magnificent ships, not human, not steel, but of solid Oak and other woods. Of an empire which stood above all others, with dominion over 25% of the world. Hmm... Such a position in the world... In this new world, that had immense potential. That might not be too bad an idea.

With the Grimm about, a unifying force was clearly needed, this version of humanity was apparently too ignorant to be trusted to it's own devices. Atlas, from her position seemed to be the only state that had any real potential. It had an actual military force, she'd yet to see of Vale, heaven forbid the other two apparent kingdoms. Menagerie, from what she barely overheard a few times in the past seemed to be the ideal place where humans and faunus could live together...

But still, the issue remained, these White Fang lot... A new nation was needed. One that might force this faction to disband... Not only that but perhaps Bismarck could do as her namesake had done before. Forge a nation, with blood and iron.

"...Blut und Eisen. Eine neue Nation aufbauen und alle Feinde der Menschheit vernichten..." Bismarck said aloud to herself. A smirk donned on Bismarck's lips as a chuckle had also escaped, Prinz stood there too, a chuckle escaped her lips.

"So that's your plan then?" Prinz asked.

"Of course, Prinz. Humanity in this world needs a strong guiding hand if it is to push back the creatures like the one we killed that was attacking you." Bismarck said, stepping forward to the railing affixed to the edge of the bow.

Above her, to her rear, a black crow with red eyes sat on the edge of her first bow gun turret case mate. It remained silent but Bismarck could feel eyes on her, looking back she saw the crow and brushed it off.

"I'll need to think of what to say when I give them the ultimatum... Perhaps... "Fight and all of you will die... Surrender, and none of you shall die..." Yes, that will do just fine." Bismarck chuckled as she left the bow, the crow remained, watching her as she left before it took flight and flew up to her radar, standing up on it while it watched Bismarck head to the midsection of the ship, Prinz followed.

"So we're heading to fight the white fang now?!" Pyrrha asked, concerned.

"Apparently. But Bismarck said, if they surrender, they'll be taken prisoner and that'll be that." Blake said, though inside she was unconvinced and something at the back of her mind put her at unease...

It would be then a general alarm would go off on the ship.

Bismarck would come running, Prinz would be limp running behind her.

"My Seetakt is detecting a vessel nearby, all of you are to get down below until I say otherwise. Understand?!" Bismarck yelled.

"What's a Seetakt?" Pyrrha asked.

"Surface radar. Before it was inoperational but it's working perfectly fine now. Enough questions, move it!" Bismarck yelled.

Pyrrha and Blake would run to the nearest hatch and one of the spectral crew would shut it behind them as the spectres would be running up and down the halls, with helmets on instead of their usual caps.

Pyrrha and Blake made their way to the bridge where it was busy as nominally would be. Outside on the observation deck, Ruby, Weiss, Yang, Jaune, Ren, and Nora, stood, a few of them had binoculars already, below them, Bismarck and Prinz stood on deck, out at the bow.

Bismarck's ship slowed in speed to allow Prinz' which still had a tilt to it as well as some quite visible battle damage on it to pass and take the lead.

Prinz' ship took the head of the two ship formation as Bismarck, herself retrieved a set of binoculars to get a better view of the cargo ship.

"It is indeed a cargo ship... A dreadfully white ghost amongst the waves." Bismarck said, remarking on the ship's all white paint job.

Aboard the Polar Star

"It seems taking this ship was easier than we thought, barely any security, and that bastard human, Torchwick is gonna give us plenty of weapons in exchange for everything on here." Yvrin said, watching out the windows of the bridge to the seas.

"It wouldn't have expected anything less... Though the lack of security bothers me. And this gathering fog..." Adam said before a sort of... "blip" noise would be heard.

"Hmm... What is.. Radar is picking up two blips to our port. They're.. Big." Yvrin said, as he pointed to the left.

Adam looked and pushed the former captain of the ship's body out of the way of a cabinet, he'd take a set of binoculars out and would leave the bridge, out to the observation deck. Adam leaned his Katana up against the short metal wall and looked out to sea... What he'd see would unnerve him.

Two large ships with strange looking, what he could only assume to be cannons on the bow and stern, the flag they flew wasn't Atlesian, or any other flag that might be recognisable... But he'd see a bright light shine from the ship through the fog, it would turn on and off repeatedly.

"Yvrin, get over here!" Adam yelled, Yvrin came running and Adam handed his binoculars off to Yvrin who looked out to sea with them as Adam pointed.

"Seen anything like that before?" Adam asked.

"No... But... I think they're trying to communicate in Morse code..." Yvrin said as he looked through the binoculars

"Do you know what they're saying?" Adam asked.

"It's been a long while... But.. They're saying... This is.. The KMS Bismarck and KMS Prinz Eugen... Turn your engines off... Or be annihilated. ...Any resistance what so ever will be interpreted as a hostile act, and dealt with accordingly... Should you surrender, no one will have to die. Ironblood abides by international maritime law, warm food, and an acceptable bed will await you in our brig..." Yvrin said..

Adam only gave off a chuckle.. Who were these... Ironblood? To demand anything? Their cannons weren't even aimed at them and they certainly had to be out of range.

"Ignore them. They're out of range, and we can certainly out run them." Adam said, blowing off the offer, entirely.

"Adam, I don't think..." Yvrin said as he watched the turrets on Bismarck and Prinz Eugen turn in the direction of the Polar Star.

"They're out of range anyway, don't worry about it, besides those cannons can't turn." Adam said as he went back inside the bridge.

"That's what I'm trying to-" Yvrin said as a distant sort of "boom" or thunder clap was heard, followed by a whistle as something flew close to the ship.

What followed was a large splash in the water that shot water up into the air.

"What the hell?!" Adam rushed back and managed to get a look at the water that shot up into the water.

"They shot at us!" Yvrin yelled.

"Impossible... They're out of range!" Adam yelled in anger.

Back, aboard Bismarck

Bismarck lowered a set of Binoculars she retrieved from a nearby cabinet as she watched the water geyser that shot up from a shell, her ship shot at the Polar Star as a warning shot, the next surely wouldn't be...

"It seems they're turning to starboard... To run." Prinz said, looking through her own binoculars..

"Of course... ...Sink them." Bismarck said, it would be then her ship would let off a full salvo, including secondaries, the shells rained down on the ship, mainly the midsection, splitting the whole ship apart in one fell swoop.

"Finally... You served your intended purpose... Bismarck." Prinz said with a smile.

"..." Bismarck remained silent, Prinz turned to look to Bismarck, there was no real discernible trace of emotion on her face, no pride, no joy, no happiness. Just cold indifference.

"Bismarck..?" Prinz asked

"Prepare the loud speaker and take a post up on the observation deck... Standard procedure." Bismarck said.

"Yes.. Ma'am.." Prinz said as she did as told while Bismarck's ship turned to starboard...

Above, Blake, Yang, Weiss, Ruby, and all of team JNPR watched, just... Horrified... Bismarck, assumingly, wiped out a whole ship. From their perspective only as it decided to try to turn and flee.

"How could she..?" Ruby asked, a new perspective gained on her... Friend...

Blake just remained silent...

"She's a war machine... This is her purpose. To wipe out anyone or anything in her way.." Weiss said.

"Blake..." Yang said, she put a hand on Blake's shoulder, but Blake was too quick. Already, Blake ran through the bridge, past the spectres which roamed the ship and down to the deck..

Bismarck heard the footsteps and turned towards them to see Blake, angry, and upset.

"How could you?!" Blake asked, yelling.

"They were turning to flee. I will not waste resources, hunting down terrorists, beyond finding them and if need be. Eliminating them." Bismarck said, coldly.

"They were all probably just kids like Ruby, like Weiss, like me! There was no need for that!" Blake yelled, angry at Bismarck, she did have a point, if worst came to worse, Bismarck, Prinz, even team RWBY and JNPR could easily handle them.

"Don't talk to me about children. A good number of the men who served on me were but boys themselves. The men who operated anti-aircraft guns, the men who worked down below, the men who called this... Me. Home. Were for the most part, boys. Sent off to die for a lunatic. This is a war! ...This is a war to me." Bismarck said, angry.

"Then you have even better reason to have no killed them!" Blake yelled before the voice of Prinz could be heard over a loudspeaker.

"Young boys of the White Fang... You've nothing to fear from surrender, Ironblood is not your enemy, if you surrender, you will be treated well. Ironblood is well disciplined, you will be treated with compassion and respect. You will be given plenty of warm, hot, food, and clothing, and the wounded will receive proper medical treatment." Prinz said over the loudspeaker, her... Strangely sultry, germanic accented voice worked well on the loudspeaker.

"...Thank you, Prinz.." Bismarck said with a sigh.

"What is she talking about...?" Blake asked.

"International Maritime Law, in our world... In the world before our own, enemy personnel rescued at sea were to be put in the brig, supplied with warm food, blankets, and a pillow, until turned over to land forces, where they would be put in a prisoner of war camp. We are not complete savages." Bismarck said.

In the ice cold waters...

Yvrin held on tight to a piece of metal he landed on, his consciousness drifting in and out... Adam ordered the ship to port and when it began to turn... The ship... Exploded. The fire dust below in the cargo area, exploded and sent him flying out one of the doors of the bridge, and into the water...

He could see the bridge tower of the ship... Just slipping below the waves, he did see other white fang members abandoning the ship, though.. He didn't see the black clad leader, Adam... Where might he have gone?.. Little did that matter anymore as he could hear a voice and felt himself being lifted up off the metal he held onto, to keep himself afloat...

Aboard Bismarck..

Bismarck watched while Prinz carried a quite... Average looking boy aboard the ship, Team RWBY and JNPR were busy securing the shell shocked prisoners, escorting them below.

"Looks like your catch has considerable injuries, get the first aid kit, stop the bleeding and hand him off to team RWBY." Bismarck said as she scanned the waters for survivors.

Yvrin didn't know whether he was blessed or cursed... His consciousness, though loose, allowed him to watch as his wounds were dressed by some... Regular human looking woman with a revealing outfit, long, white hair in twintails with some red here and there while further off, another woman with long blonde hair looked over the railing... Just where was he...?

"Bismarck, we got the prisoners locked up... Anymore?" Yang asked as she came back.

"Mhmm." Bismarck said as she looked to Yang and motioned to Prinz, who was busy tending to the wounds of some boy, a teen.

"It seems Blake was right... All boys... Too many boys... ...And I have no doubt they would've been normally been ready to die for their cause... This... Slaughter. Has given them a true taste of war..." Bismarck said as she looked to the boy, Prinz was tending to.

"Take him to sickbay, keep two guards on him and whoever else you put there..." Bismarck said as she broke from the conversation, going to the bow of the ship... Today... Certainly was an eventful day. But still... Now all that was left to be done was to return to Vale.

But one thought remained at the forefront of Bismarck's mind... Independence. Independence. A new nation, one for both the squabbling species of this world. ...She would be the one to forge it, with blood and iron. Like her namesake.

In the seas as Bismarck and Prinz' ships left the area...

Adam... Taurus.. Just what events lead the fool to this point... Apparent injustices of the world around him, increased hatred for humanity, that was shared by a good portion of humanity towards him and his kind... But the latest... His love of his life, betraying him. ...Well. In his mind that's what it was anyway. Truth of it was, she was sick of him. And possibly what the cause her father created, had become.

Recently he'd take up a job for Torchwick. As much as he hated the human. And the feeling was most certainly, likely mutual. But they both had their leashes held by one person, nothing to be done. ...But he might as well improve the resources of his cause... Dust, dust helped that. Dust would get them weapons, money, influence, though the latter would only get them anywhere in kingdoms that had any view of Faunus as possible equals. ...Which there weren't many, naturally.

...If the current situation might be a sign to re-examine his life... He'd of course not heed it. He was only furious. What had managed to best him?! Of all people, he was bested by someone, a human, that's the only explanation. ...Now he had to find whoever it was... But that was only a thought. All of this were only but thoughts...

The fact of the matter of the current situation was... He stared into the abyss. His body sank down below the waves as his vision... Whatever vision he had, was blurred by the salty sea water. ...Might this be his grave? ...Though many would be happy if it were... His handler had one in turn... And she wasn't going to let this useful asset fall below the waves, not while he had some use to her plans...