Hours after the sinking of the Polar Star..

A fog would engulf the area after the Polar Star was sunk, Adam Taurus held tightly onto a piece of deck wood which floated and his sword while his vision might've been obscured by the dense fog, one thing burned in him, his hatred of humanity and whoever sunk the ship he fully intended to steal, the events preceding his current predicament left him with a new target on his list, one which might be second only to finding Blake again.

Whoever was in command of that ship, that... KMS Bismarck, but regardless, his first priority above all else was to survive, but how could he? Stuck at sea with who knows what likely surrounding him, Grimm or otherwise, it wouldn't be until finally the wood he laid on left the fog, he'd hear voices again, unfamiliar ones.

Accents he couldn't match up with any he'd heard before, it wouldn't be until a bright light would cause him to stir on the wood, would he see before himself, a ship it's size he'd never seen before, though as he'd sit up, like lightening, chains would snap down from behind him and he'd find them tighten around him, wrapping around his body, forcing him up into the air, he'd find himself turned around to face below himself, a woman, a human none the less.

Looking up he'd not see anything the chains could be held onto... Until he noticed a piece of ice floating above, attached to the chain.

"Hmm... Just how did you get out here?" The woman would ask, as he'd have left the fog, her appearance would become fully visible, blue hair, she surely wasn't afraid of showing off her chest.

Though behind him, another voice would be heard, same accent but a deeper voice.

"Comrade Chapayev, cease toying with the human, we are to protect, not toy with them." The voice would say.

"Oh... But comrade Rossiya, we haven't heard from command or the Commander since coming to this place, should we not see if we cannot get information from this one?" Chapayev would say

"Let go of me, filth, I'll kill you and anyone else who dares to touch me!" Adam would snap at Chapayev, yelling at her.

"Oh, how rude... I should punish you.~" Chapayev said with her signature playful pout.

"Silence!" Adam would hear from another voice, this time another woman would come to Chapayev's side, white, fluffy hair, eyes with madness deeply sown into them as well as the horrors of war.

"Look at him. I do not recall a human with horns." The woman would say as she'd stare at Adam, even through his mask, he could feel, she was staring into whatever soul he had, and he into her's, the madness and lust for conflict held together in one white clad package.

"I suppose you are right, comrade Gangut." Chapayev would say before the woman behind Adam would speak again.

"We shall take... Him. To the nearest port we can find, regardless of him looking different from other humans, have Tashkent and Grozny go ahead, we shall depart to the south. If we are still in the polar seas then we shall eventually reach our territory, or we shall find more sirens, or hopefully re-establish contact with the Commander.

"Yes, comrade Rossyia." Gangut would say before she'd speed off to another couple ships which would eventually disappear with two bright lights before two, small figures would head off...

Hours Later..

Bismarck stood at the bow of her ship while it would come to the port of Beacon, the ship's imposing size, along with that of Prinz Eugen's, did cause some unease in the citizens of Vale, however it was assumed by most they were under the control of Atlas, thusly it was only a mild sense of unease.

At the docks, Bismarck's ship would drop anchor along side Prinz Eugen's ship, a boarding ramp would be brought along to Bismarck's ship and soon enough the prisoners she'd gathered, which would surprise General Ironwood who would have to call for reinforcements to take the prisoners into custody, Bismarck, Prinz who would be carrying Akagi, and both team RWBY and JNPR would come down the boarding ramp.

"Welcome back, Bismarck." Ironwood would say while Team RWBY and JNPR would be allowed to pass, Prinz would stand off behind Bismarck, to her right.

"Thank you, I retrieved Prinz and an unexpected second, they both need repairs." Bismarck would say.

"I see... We'll do what we can." Ironwood would say before Bismarck and Prinz would leave, of course, Prinz would be getting all kinds of looks from the groups of people who came to see the two ships come into port, for obvious reasons with her attire, Ruby and Blake would wait up for Bismarck and Prinz.

Unbeknownst to Prinz and Bismarck, the two would be watched the whole time by Emerald and Mercury.

"Hmm... These ships seems to have something to do with that blonde woman." Emerald said, watching Bismarck.

"Look at that though, that woman, ever seen a faunus with that many tails?" Mercury would ask.

"No, never. ...She must have something to do with that other ship that came in before the blonde and her friend came." Emerald would say before Bismarck, Prinz, Akagi, Ruby, and Blake would leave.

Bismarck would have Prinz follow her as she'd carry Akagi, the three shipgirls arrived back at Beacon with teams RWBY and JNPR, of course Prinz would only show some... Slight astoundment at the size of Beacon, Akagi on the other hand, still knocked out, would not see Beacon for the time being.

The Bullhead which carried the three groups would land on the designated landing pad and Prinz would chuckle in bemusement.

"A school. The last place I thought we'd end up having to stay at for the time being." Prinz would say with her signature teasing smirk.

"It is... An unusual place to be sure, this whole world is." Bismarck would say as she'd walk at Prinz' side, keeping an eye on Akagi who remained held in Prinz' arms.

"Oh? I hadn't noticed.~" Prinz said sarcastically.

"If you'd want any help with adjusting, I'm your guy." Jaune would come out of left field, unexpected to Bismarck and Prinz

"Oh really? Perhaps I'll take you up on it.~" Prinz would say, another chuckle escaping her lips... Though Bismarck knew for a fact she was lying entirely.

"Really? How about later, I'll show you around." Jaune would say, trying his luck.

"Of course, of course.~" Prinz would say with her teasing smirk still donned on her lips, before Bismarck would pull Prinz along.

"Right! I'll see you later Prinz!" Jaune would yell while Prinz would be drug by Bismarck, of course Prinz would laugh when she was out of earshot in the dorms.

"That was cruel, even for you, Prinz." Bismarck would say, deadpanned while Prinz would set Akagi down on a bed in what was apparently their dorm.

"Komm jetzt Bismarck, I have to have some fun sometimes.~" Prinz would say before pulling the covers over Akagi so she could rest comfortably.

"Ja, ja... Natürlich." Bismarck would shake her head.

"Just don't get the boy's hopes up too much. He's already deluded enough, punching way above his weight with that Weiss Schnee girl." Bismarck would say.

"Oh? He's interested in that frigid little Schneeflocke with obvious "daddy didn't love me enough" issues?" Prinz would say with a cold chuckle.

"Prinz... I'll remind you she and the team she is apart of have shown to be more reliant friends to us than anyone else." Bismarck would say.

"Right. Of course, though I know preferably were it practicable, you'd rather align yourself with the General, yes?" Prinz would say before she'd take a seat on her own bed.

"Mhmm.. Though from what I've seen, he understands these creatures... These.. Grimm, like we understand our Sirens. But the Grimm are a threat, more so than the Sirens could be in my opinion. However, I feel like there is more to all of this." Bismarck would say as she'd approach the window, looking out to the grounds below.

"So these... Grimm are like Sirens, however from what I have seen, they are capable of air and sea fighting?" Prinz would say with an eyebrow raised.

"If only it were so simple. A mere destroyer like Z1 could handle that beast we killed, however they grow bigger, and also survive on land too, after Blake had calmed down enough, I had asked her about the true extent to the threat. These... Creatures come from pools of black liquid and spread like a cancer." Bismarck would say before a knock would be heard at the door.

"Come in.~" Prinz would say, and with Bismarck unable to give an objection, General Ironwood would enter the room with Penny.

"Herr General. To what do we owe the pleasure?" Bismarck would say, looking past Ironwood, she'd see Ozpin there as well.

"Something has come up..." Ironwood would say.

"Bismarck, are you sure that your friends, Prinz and Akagi are the only ones that you found out there when you were retrieving Prinz?" Ozpin would ask

"I'm sure, my Seetakt did not pick up any surface contacts when we were on our way back here." Bismarck said.

"Unusual..." Ozpin would say.

"We've had a report come in from a civilian ship which said a small fleet was coming to Vale. Two large ships, three medium ships, and one small ship as well as... Something unusual." Ironwood, would say.

"Unsual?" Bismarck would ask with an eyebrow raised.

"Two girls, skiing across the water with strange machines attached to their backs, the two were notably faster and came before the fleet did." Ironwood said.

"..." Bismarck would look to Prinz who would give Bismarck a nod.

"I understand, thank you for bringing this to my attention. Prinz and I will head out to the coast and be ready to meet this fleet, rest assured... However, Akagi is still not awake." Bismarck would say.

"I understand, Penny will stay-" Ironwood, would say before Bismarck would interrupt.

"Nein." Bismarck would say.

"What?" Ironwood would ask.

"No, I have some others in mind if Herr Ozpin would allow it." Bismarck would say.

"It surely depends." Ozpin would say.

"Teams RWBY and JNPR. I'd like them both to stay here until we get back to watch over Akagi." Bismarck would say.

"I suppose we could allow it. Though if I may, I'd like Glynda to stay along." Ozpin would say.

"That is fine." Bismarck would say before she'd head out the door with Prinz, coming across Ruby on the way.

"Oh, Bismarck! What's up, is something going on?" Ruby would ask.

"I'm afraid so, and I must ask another favour of you and your friends if that is fine." Bismarck would say.

"I'm not sure..." Ruby would say.

"It is simple, please. I need your team and Jaune's to watch over Akagi while Prinz and I are gone." Bismarck would say.

"You're leaving again? Did they find another girl like you, Prinz and Akagi?" Ruby would ask

"Well... Sort of... But they might be from a fleet we were fighting against in my world so I must try and meet with them." Bismarck would say.

"Them? Is there more than one?" Ruby would ask, surprised.

"Apparently two capital ships and multiple escort ships are coming towards Vale." Bismarck said.

"Oh, alright. Well just be careful!" Ruby would say with a smile

"Is that a yes to my request?" Bismarck would ask

"Well I'll see what I can do, I'm sure Yang would be fine with helping keep an eye on Akagi, maybe Weiss, I don't know about Blake. I can try to get Jaune to come along too and with that Pyrrha maybe." Ruby would say.

"Thank you, Ruby. We'll be back after we've met with this fleet. Hopefully we won't have to fight." Bismarck would say as she and Prinz would continue on her way, Bismarck would only stop as she'd hear a girl with a familiar accent yelling "Please let go of my ears!"

Bismarck would stop, only to see a strange girl with tall rabbit-like ears, and she'd have said ears pulled on by a familiar gorilla of a "person", one Bismarck has dealt with before.

"What a disgusting man..." Prinz would say.

"I would nominally say you should give him an introduction but we have no time, and he is emboldened by his cowardly friends. Let's move." Bismarck said, beginning to run.

"Right." Prinz would follow as best she could..

Quite some distance away from Vale and Beacon...

"Forwards comrades, we're going to war, blood will be shed, there will be only victory. We'll conquer the world and more, from the pacific to the white sea.~" Aurora would sing as she'd travel alongside Chapayev who would still have Adam Taurus still chained up by her rigging.

Adam himself continued to struggle in the chains but he couldn't break free, he'd done it time and time again before this point, what was so different about this filthy human woman's chains?! How did she have him so well chained up he couldn't even barely move himself and Wilt and Blush to shoot her or strike at her?!

It would be then in the darkness, two figures would come back to Chapayev, it would be Tashkent and Grozny.

"Hmm? Welcome back you two.~" Chapayev would say to the two.

"We spotted a port city nearby but... It's not home." Grozny would say.

"How so?" Aurora would ask, curious.

"It's like a Sardegna port but.." Tashkent would say.

"Hmm.. Good work, but there was a "but" there." Aurora would say.

"It looked like a Sakura Empire carrier, and two Ironblood ships were there, there's also a few ships hanging in the air but they're neither Sakura Empire, Ironblood or Siren." Tashkent would say.

"That certainly complicates matters... If Ironblood is here with the Sakura Empire.." Aurora would say, uncertain.

"Then should we not use our superior numbers to crush whatever treasonous whelps of the Red Axis are there?" Chapayev would ask before along would come Sovetskaya Rossiya and her ship.

"Is there something to report?" Rossiya would ask.

"We came back to report we found a port but it seems to be under control of Ironblood, the Sakura Empire, and a third unknown force, not like Sirens." Tashkent would say.

"Hmm... A port town... And you're sure.." Rossiya would start before Chapayev would yell.

"My radar is picking up a new contact! ...No, wait. Two new contacts!" Chapayev would yell, holding her right hand to her right ear.

"Mine is as well... Get the human to shore and prepare for combat!" Rossiya would yell before looking to both Chapayev and Aurora.

"Признано! Let's go Avrora!" Chapayev's demeanor would change immediately as she'd head off to the apparent industrial district.

"My apologies, human. But we cannot waste time." Avrora would say while Chapayev would drop Adam in the cold water relatively near the docks before she and Chapayev would rush back to Sovetskaya Rossiya, Tashkent, Pamiat, Grozny.

Adam would angrily climb the dock closest to him and would let out a yell of rage... Before across from where he stood, he noticed something. If fate and vengeance were intertwined, then surely it showed that night as he saw, directly ahead of him. The ship which caused his capture by... Whoever those white haired foreigners were. That familiar ship which somehow even outside of normal range, destroyed a cargo ship with one salvo.

But his plans would be dashed as he'd notice, the ship started glowing a bright blue and broke up into seemingly hundreds of blue cubes which would stream in the direction of Beacon.

Left absolutely gobsmacked by this, Adam just stood there, not knowing just what happened, a second ship near the one which caused his recent troubles, did much the same, in the same direction.

Then not a few minutes later, he'd see two women, one with blonde hair wearing some strange rigging, skiing on the water, the second one did much the same however she appeared to have white hair, they were heading straight in the direction the white haired women went..

"Bismarck! They're close, look!" Prinz would yell, pointing at a formation at the mouth of Vale's bay

"Verdammt, I see them, it's the Northern Parliament." Bismarck would say, gritting her teeth.

"All of them...? How did they get here?" Prinz would ask.

"Nein, not all of them, thankfully. Hopefully we'll have a chance to ask them, they're not shooting at us yet." Bismarck would say, unsure...


"Why aren't they shooting yet? My blood is boiling with anticipation!" Gangut would yell, giving a quick lick to her own lips, she'd smirk.

"Perhaps they fear us returning fire while they're inside of the city limits... Or maybe something else." Rossiya would say, unsure.

"Something else?" Avrora would ask.

"Hmm... Bismarck would already open fire if their intention was to fight. And we are steadily approaching the point where Prinz Eugen would also be in firing range." Rossiya would say.

"Perhaps they wish to surrender?" Grozny would ask

"Perhaps... Or they wish to speak before fighting." Rossiya would say, accepting this was also a plausible answer.

"Should we not take advantage of the situation? It appears they are the only two Ironblood forces in the area, Akagi has not come out to support them and her ship is there." Tashkent would say

"You forget, it is in a drydock." Chapayev would say.

"True... Should we not blow up the dry dock then?" Grozny would ask.

"We're not savages. No." Rossiya would reply.

"Then what are your orders, comrade?" Gangut would ask.

"If they wish to speak, then we will hear their words, however, keep your guard up, spread out and cover them from all angles." Rossiya would say.

In unison, the rest of the fleet would reply with "Понял!". Immediately they would spread out, giving Bismarck and Prinz a wide berth to get to Rossiya who would let her ship transform into her rigging, she'd stand there with her cain/sword held, while Bismarck would stand a good few feet away with Prinz at her back.

"Bismarck." Rossiya would say, tilting her head back as if to look down her nose at the Ironblood ship.

"Sovetskaya Rossiya. Is the rest of your fleet coming along?" Bismarck would ask.

"This is the fleet. However you'd know that best wouldn't you? Back from the grave thanks to the Sirens no doubt." Rossiya would reply.

"Back from the grave, yes. But not in the way you'd think. You will find our situations. For Ironblood, and your Northern Parliament have changed." Bismarck would say.

"We have not received any word of any situations changing between us." Rossiya would say.

"And you won't. Because we. All of us. Are far from home. Our radios will never be in contact with our home ports again." Bismarck said.

"What trickery have you resorted to this time, dog?" Rossiya would ask, anger building in her.

"I have not done anything. However. I assure you I've not come to deceive. What I tell you now is the truth. We are not in our world anymore. We are in another. Surely you must know this." Bismarck said.

"Hmm... Perhaps. Our equipment seems to be functioning better than before. However we were in a mirrored sea before we came to this point." Rossiya said.

"I'm afraid this is not a mirrored sea, and I'm afraid, at the current time. I only have as much power here as you would. I ask that you disembark and follow me. There are those who can back up my claims, they are locals to this land." Bismarck would say while Rossiya would appear to be deep in thought.

"You said, we are not in our world anymore. ...You would not have happened to find any humans with strange appendages attached to them, would you? Appendages of an animalistic variety?" Rossiya would ask.

"We have. They are local to this world. If you will listen, everything will be explained. You have nothing to lose here. If you feel I deceived you in some way then you may sink me at your leisure. However I urge you to consider this. Would I truly extend a hand of truce to anyone against red axis if it were against not just my own interest but others?" Bismarck would ask.

"Hmm.. You wouldn't. You'd go down fighting as you reportedly did before." Rossiya would say, she'd out stretch her right arm and would motion for Gangut, Pamiat, Avrora, Chapayev, Tashkent, and Grozny to stand down... They would... Reluctantly comply, of course.

"Thank you." Bismarck would say before she'd motion to Rossiya to follow.

Rossiya of course would hesitantly follow Bismarck, Prinz, Gangut and the rest would follow...