Hey! Chapter sizes are weird because I'm trying to separate out the meaningful events into different chapters this time instead of squeezing them into one.

"ARGH!" Joseph Joestar wakes up with a start, pain flaring through his body, starting from his arm. He curls tightly in, clutching his prosthetic arm against his stomach, panting. Something was wrong. Something was so so so so definitely wrong. "I-I'm too old for this." He groans, pressing his head harder against the pillow, anything to distract his from the pain and the heat. But the hotel was cool and the fan was on! He kicks his blanket off, panting like a dog. It's still so hot! Is he sick? Did something happen to his prosthetic? Is it messing with his nerves? He bites down hard on his tongue, tasting blood. He rolls over to his other side, grating his teeth together. There is sunlight dimly streaming into the room. It must be dusk, then. He looks down at his prosthetic, and see's that blood is seeping out. He clams his other hand around it, but more pain just joins in. Is this Torture Poor Old Joseph Joestar week?

And then it increases. A hundredfold.

He squeezes his eyes shut, a scream building in his throat, but he never allows it to come out. He hears the snapping of stuff and the creaking of metal. There's immense pain in his arm, and his body is now covered with sweet and his arm with blood. The pain increases and increases. Joseph's hair tickles his temples and his feet rub against each other to try to distract him. But with the pain in his arm also emerges some sort of...tingling. Something that feels different. New. And with age, breathing has actually become harsher than it was before, but now he feels it becoming easier, his lungs moving easier and the air moving more smoothly through his windpipe.

He falls unconscious.