Last time

Mc got his rewards and some time pass so now he is on a mission

The crew download and recovered the data and parts of the ship, and found out a natural ship attacked the vessel , hoping to kidnap Lacus Clyne.

The Ship and crew flew back to the PLANTS.

The Council receive the data and footage and with that the neutral faction of the council decides to join the pro-war faction as the footage and data shows that the EA is willing to attack a civilian vessel for mourning the dead on the Bloody Valentine's anniversary.

The Council goes for a vote of no confidence with Chancellor Clyne as he still doesn't want to escalate the war ,then the Council selects Zala to become the new Chancellor.

Back with our Mc

Mc is busy cooking food base on this world's anime where there are some anime that are identical to his old world.

"I'm so bored ,but at least now I can cook good food and the dishwasher here is great "Mc

Mc starts eating his food ,then suddenly a ping

"huh ,so I'm getting a new mission, better finish my food "Mc

Mc begins running towards the mission Bay just in time for the briefing.

"Our mission is to take down or take over the Artemis base and push an offensive towards the natural's moon base and with the new machines and technology we obtain we can easily accomplish the mission " Commander

we begin to prepare to set out

Orb refugee zone

Athrun Zala has been trying for the pass few days to regain his friendship with the boy known as Kira Yamato

the boy known as Kira Yamato is facing his own demons one of which is him giving up on his second sortie as a mobile suit pilot cause ,as the natural known as Flair keeps screaming at him for not beating the coordinators. the rest of his friends who were with him on the ground keeps assuring him that he did that best he can do.

mobile suit testing facility

the GUAIZ which was supposed to be release a week after the fall or Heliopolis colony, got push back as to integrate the technologies of the Duel , Buster and the Strike for possible augmented equipment further down the line, the estimated timeframe for a prototype will be within a month or so while a finalize design will be built after further testing of the prototype on the field.

the GINNs and other mobile suits currently deployed will be outfitter with beam base weapons as soon as possible within the coming weeks as reverse engineering the guns and beam sabers will be far easier to do then compared to building a new mobile suit design.

the ships has arrive near the Artemis base

"Finally here ,so what are gonna do" Mc

"we'll wait for further orders as we need to figure out how long can the battery of the Blitz can last while being invisible" Nicol

the men walk down the to the briefing room

"Phase 1 of the Plan is launching the Blitz first to destroy the energy emitters then after which phase 2 will begin by launching the Astray and 4 GINNs to take down any mobile armor deployed by the base while the battle is going phase 3 is sending squads of personal to take over the base" Captain

"men time to deploy" Captain

the Blitz landed successfully with time to spare as it was launch with the help of using rockets attached asteroid help spend less battery life since most if not all the weapons the blitz are beam base ,which can take a toll on the battery. The Blitz began cutting down the emitters.

The Artemis base

" What, we're under attack, me sortie immediately now send everything we got push those god forsaken coordinators " Natural Captain

Mobile armors being launch in mass as 1 mobile suit can take down 10 or mobile armors while it takes 5 mobile armors working together to even take down a single GINN

"Finally, its time to pilot Red, but still why couldn't the higher ups let me play with Red in my off-time" Mc

Astray began shooting down the mobile armors, while the GINNs add cover fire to slow down and limit the movement of the Mobile armor.

The Artemis base

"we're in, repeat we're in" zaft soldier

the amount of staff in the base is lower then most bases as the Artemis base doesn't provide anything to the natural aside from knowing they got something over the coordinators and with the lack of any attacks recently most of the forces were move to more active points in the war.

The zaft soldier began clearing and taking down the naturals .since they are better built and faster then their natural counterparts.

back in space

Astray and the GINNs are doing their part in keeping the naturals too busy to notice that their base is already compromise and their commanders are slowly being taken down.

"that was quick, huh, so I still need to wait for more exiting battles this body and machine is already changing my mindset of fighting as before i would be to lazy to do anything, but now I'm pushing myself here to see how far I can go "Mc

the mission was over with little lost of life in the Zaft side.

the ship was tasked to now manned to the base for a time period so Zaft engineers can study the tech, thankfully not all the emitters were destroyed, which cause great sadness to the mc as he left food in his room back on the PLANTs

Back to the council

"we need a sure fire way to make sure the naturals stop trying to attack us" counsel member 1

"we can either build stronger mobile suits that can destroy an entire armada by itself or create a super weapon that can rival the nukes use on Julius 7" engineer

"are you mad we shouldn't stoop to the natural's level" counsel member 2

"no, we need to as the naturals can never by just talking look what they did to Julius 7 and their attempt in kidnapping Lacus Clynne ,its better we made these deterrents, but work first on creating the mobile suit first as it will be a better symbol to those naturals that we are superior to them, but still work on the designs for the weapon you have in mind" Chairman Zala

"are you serious Zala, this will bring the budget deficit higher then ever" counsel member 3

"I am, as we need a strong push to win the war by huge margin as winning the war without that margin will just give the naturals belief that they can beat us" Chairman Zala

"so be it, I agree with Zala as I was talking with one of our prisoners and they used children from another country to support them ,so we need to stop these naturals at all cost and it help bring my boy home" counsel member 4

"all in favor" counsel member 5

1,Zala,4,5 raise their hands

"all oppose" counsel member 6

2,3,6 raise their hands

the motion passed


I was busy reading stuff and playing to update anything ,but since I believe I'm the only one making story like this i should at least give an update and again to those who have read this you are far stronger then me or anyone as the pain would be to great