The morning after what happened to Jocelyn and the demon, Jocelyn is dead as well as the demon. Marley awaited a surprise, she didn't even want it. She walked down the hallway to the center of the institute as she saw an unfamiliar woman standing there with Aldertree. When she arrived by them, Aldertree saw her and told her. "Hey Marley, I want you to meet Alicia Ravenscar. She is new in the institute."

Marley eyes went wide as then she quickly recovered. "Uh.. Okay." Then she looked at her own mother that had abandoned her. "Hello, I'm Marley." She kept herself cool, hopefully she shows that on her face too. "Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you as well." Alicia told her, smiling.

Aldertree looked at them as then he said. "I hope you can let her see the institute, because I need to get back to the others." He looked at Marley.

Marley sighed, not wanting be with her mother, but couldn't really say no. "Alright."

"Thanks." Aldertree had a small smile as then he walked away from Marley and Alicia.

Then Marley turned to look at her mother as then she opened her mouth, but her mother was for her. "I know that you are my daughter and I know that you know your father."

Marley looked surprised her. "Of course you know, your my mother and that you threatened my father."

"Yes, that's right." Alicia nodded to her.

"Why?" She asked to her mother.

"Why what?" Alicia looked at her.

"You know damn well what." She replied angry. "Why give me up? And why threatened my father?"

"You are a freak and why I threatened Magnus, is my business not yours." Alicia told her sternly.

"You can get to know the institute by yourself." Marley snarled as then she walked away from her mother.

Not much later, Marley saw Izzy standing close by her room, she walked quickly towards her. "Izzy."

She turned around to look at her. "Marley, what wrong?" She saw the look on her face.

"My mother is here." Marley replied to her.

"Your adopted mother is dead." She said confused.

Marley gave her a look. "My birth mother, Alicia Ravenscar."

"Oh…" Izzy looked at her. "So, she's here?"

"Yeah." Marley nodded to her.

"But how can she be here, I mean last what you told me your mother didn't want this." Izzy gestured at the runes on her arms.

"Yeah." She nodded to her. "I know, but I don't know why she's here."

"Somethings going on." Izzy told her.

"Yeah, I think so too." Marley agreed.

Aldertree was speaking to all the Shadowhunters. "During the attack on the City of Bones, Jace Wayland fought bravely, and thus the Clave, in their wisdom, has exonerated him from all crimes. And the chief physician in Idris reports that Lydia Branwell's condition continues to improve."

"Out of the infirmary in record time. Looking good." Jace comment to Izzy as Marley stood next to her.

"I always look good." Izzy replied as then she looked at them. "Why isn't Alec here?"

Marley sighed. "He needs some space."

"We face a new threat." Aldertree continued to speak. "Valentine has the Mortal Cup and now possesses the Soul-Sword, two of the three Mortal Instruments. Our mission now is to find out what he plans to do with them, and when."

"I really hate that man." Marley muttered to herself, she was glad that she didn't see her mother there also. At least not right away, but she knew that she was there and ready to tell her secret to Aldertree.

Then Izzy asked to Jace. "You okay?"

"I'm fine." Jace replied to her as he looked around him, people looking at him in disgust. "But apparently no one else is, judging by the way they're all looking at me."

"Jace, I'm sorry for letting them take you to the City of Bones. I thought…" She was interrupted by Jace.

"It's all good, Izzy." He told her in understanding. "You saved Alec's life… and mine. I would've done the same thing."

"Tomorrow night's rite of passage will bring the total number of dead to 26 fallen Silent Brothers and three Shadowhunters." Aldertree looked at the Shadowhunters. "Take this time to grieve and plan for what lies ahead. Your orders will follow." Then he dismissed them all.

Everyone spreads out and went away as Izzy groans and grabs her shoulder. Jace noticed it as he asked to her. "Your shoulder still hurts, huh?"

"A little stiff. Uh, don't worry about me. Keep an eye on Clary." Izzy replied to him as then she walked away from him. Then he walked away from there as well as Marley sighed, not wanting to see her mother and went away as well.

Marley went away from the institute and went over to her father's home. When she arrived there, she saw him standing there with a drink in his hand. "Dad." She walked to him.

Magnus turned to look at her and saw her distrust face. "What's wrong, munchkin?"

"My mother is in the institute, you know Alicia." Marley replied to him.

"Ah, she has runes after al." Magnus comment.

"Yeah, but when you met she didn't, right?" Marley asked to her father.

"Nope." Magnus popped with the p. "She didn't."

Marley started to pace. "Why did she come know? With Valentine rising?"

"I was once keen with your mother, but now, I don't know, munchkin." Magnus told her.

"That's not really reassuring, dad." Marley stopped with pacing and faced her father.

"I know." Magnus walked towards his daughter and hugged her. "But everything will be alright in the end."

"When?!" She muttered in her father's embrace.

Marley noticed Alec sitting outside on the balcony as then she walked towards him, her father was still inside, letting them have a moment. "You okay?" She asked to him.

"I can't be in that Institute." He replied to her.

"Oh, Alec…" Marley began to say as then she was interrupted.

"I heard that Magnus turned in Camille." Alec asked to her. "How'd that go?"

"Honestly?" Marley replied to him. "I think it was awful. They had a lot of history, I'm sorry if that's weird to say."

"It's not weird." Alec told her. "You say what you think." Then he looked at his hands, a bit in pain.

Marley noticed it as she gestured at his hands. "Too busy to use the healing rune?"

"I'm fine." He sighed at her.

"No, you're not." Marley looked at him. "You're hurting. Badly. You hope the pain here will overpower the pain there." Magnus pointed to his heart. "I wish it were that simple."

"I let a demon in, Marley." Alec nearly snapped at her.

Marley looked sternly at him. "That wasn't your fault."

"I don't know what to say to Clary. I can't face her." Alec sighed.

"But you will." Marley reassured him. "Because that's what you do, Alec. It may take you a minute, but I've seen it up close. I went to your wedding. You'll blow up the very ground you stand on to make something right."

The next day, Marley had a call from Izzy that they needed to her help to find Clary and Alec. She immediately agreed to help. They walked up to Iris house, iris a warlock that Clary searched for and wanted her mother back, but something goes wrong and they went to find her.

"You take upstairs." Jace told the girls. "I'll take the lower levels."

"On it." Izzy comment as Marley nodded to him. Then they went to them as then they found Alec on the ground, Iris with a little girl. "Playtime's over." Izzy cracked her whip. Iris throws Izzy down the stairs with her magic as then Marley used her magic on Iris, putting her to the ground, she had her cat eyes, glowing bright yellow/orange. Then Izzy came to her telling her. "Marley, calm down, it's okay now."

Marley looked at Izzy, still with cat eyes. She nodded to her. "Alright." Moments later, her eyes went back to normal.

Iris stood up, completely in shock. She looked at Marley. "You are what I'm trying to make, how can you be here?"

"I'm a miracle, bitch." Marley snarled at her.

She overcame her shock as then she picked the girl up. Izzy snarled at her. "Put the girl down."

"Her name's Madzie, and she's better off with me than left to fend for herself in this cruel world." Iris told her sternly as then she opened a portal. "You can save the redhead, but she still owes me the favor." Iris goes through the Portal with Madzie and leaves Izzy and Marley behind.

"Izzy, Marley." Alec groaned weakly.

Then they hurried over towards him, they crouched down as Izzy asked to him. "Alec. You okay?"

"We have to find Clary." Alec replied to her, then they helped him up.

"But are you okay?" Marley asked to him, worried.

Alec nodded to her. "Yeah, I am."

Then they went to find Clary and Jace. They went downstairs, until to the basement. They saw a door and hurried inside to it, to see Clary with Jace, but the demon was dead. "There you are." Alec comment.

"Are you okay?" Izzy asked to her.

"Yeah. I'm, I'm fine." Clary replied to her.

A priest puts rose petals on each of the dead. Everyone is dressed in white, ready to say goodbye. then Alec and Jace walk in.

"You all right?" Jace asked to Alec.

Alec nodded as they find their place. Alec stood next to Marley, Jace stood next to Alec as then Aldertree walked up to Izzy. "Isabelle, you're looking well. Shoulder's healing nicely?"

"Yes. Thank you." Izzy nodded to him. "I don't see Simon or Luke. Clary asked if they…"

He interrupted her. "The Clave has enforced the order." Then Izzy nodded to him, saying no more as then he walked further.

Then Alec looked at Marley. "Are you alright? Seeing this is hard for you as well."

"Yeah, I'm alright." Marley nodded to him.

Then Clary comes in as Jace approaches her. "I can't do this, Jace."

"Yes, you can. Just don't let go of me." Jace told her as then they hold hands, walking forward.

Aldertree looked at the crowd. "Those remaining will take their place with the fallen." Clary and Jace stand next to Jocelyn's body. "Those remaining will say the names of the fallen."

"Brother Micah." Enoch spoke.

"Pulvis et umbra sumus." The crowd said.

"Brother Jeremiah." Isaac told them.

"For we are dust and shadows." The crowd said again.

Then it was Clary's turn as began to say. "Jocelyn…" She started crying. "Mom…"

Jace holds Clary as he told them. "Jocelyn Fairchild."

"Ave atque vale. Hail and farewell." The crowd said.

Then Clary and Jace go back to the crowd as Aldertree and the two Silent Brothers use steles on each one of the dead and raise their hands up. Then the 'souls' of the dead leave the earth.

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