Chapter 7: Fallout.

After that, Dash and Helen had nothing to say to each other. They wouldn't even eat at the dinner table together. Dash would always take his food to a TV tray and turn the TV to Dragon Ball Super or One Piece. They wouldn't even fight crime together anymore, which worried the other members of the Parr family. They couldn't stand to see such a strong bond torn apart like this.

However, over time, they began to feel guilty, but still wouldn't talk to each other. This worried the rest of the family even more, as they were being led to think they'd never reconcile and put the past behind them.

One day, Bob was sent to get Dash from school and had a talk with him in the car.

"Hey, Dash, think you can try to patch things up with your mother?" Bob asked.

"I don't know, Dad. She accused me of doing all that stuff I didn't do and even grounded me for it. It makes me mad at her, but I still feel bad." Dash said.

"Then why don't you apologize?" Bob said.

"(Sigh) I don't know." Dash said.

Meanwhile, Helen had just picked Violet up and they too were talking.

"Mom, you and Dash are usually so close. Can't you make up with him?" Violet asked.

"I don't know, Violet. What he said really broke my heart." Helen said.

"I know, Mom, but don't you think you may have jumped to conclusions a little too fast?" Violet asked.

"What do you mean?" Helen asked.

"Well, Dash is egotistical, but you have to question. With him knowing all there is about being a hero and knowing he can't just have or do whatever he wants, who's to say that the person committing these crimes REALLY ISN'T Dash?" Violet asked.

Helen looked surprised at that as she pulled into their driveway at the same time Bob did. When she and Dash got out of their cars, they looked at each other before they glared and turned away from each other with a "HMPH!" Bob and Violet sighed, really hoping this whole thing would be resolved soon.